24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 20 - 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack discovers a top secret detention center houses someone from his past. Tony takes Teri back to CTU as Kim finds herself in jail. Andre Drazen and his soldiers raid the detention center.

Right now, terrorists are plotting
to assassinate a presidential candidate.

My wife and daughter have been targeted.

And people that I work with
may be involved in both.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer,
and today is the longest day of my life.

Last night I received a phone call regarding
my son, Keith, and my daughter, Nicole.

That call has unfortunately set off a chain
of events that has culminated in a tragedy.

I'm your friend - you told me so yourself
- so you're gonna have to trust my judgment.

- Your daughter. Where is she?
- I don't know.

- What you gonna do?
- What do you think?

You're gonna rip 'em off.

- Where's the money?
- I got your money. All right, stand down!

- What you gonna do now, man? Kill us?
- Yeah.

You have the right to remain silent.

Arrest all of 'em.

- Where you headed?
- Saugus.

Alexis paid this guy to knock the power out
at a specific address. I wanna know why.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this day
basically boils down to a personal vendetta

against you and Palmer by the Drazens.


Any ideas on why the Serbs'd
wanna spend this much money

to turn the power off
in the middle of the woods?

Someone knows we're here.

Jack, I take back what I said.
It's getting dull.

- That helicopter made a flyby for a reason.
- Maybe, maybe not.

Come here and help me with this.

One, two, three.

There's nothin' here. We're wasting our time.

Alexis tried to pay a power-company official
to cut off the electricity at 7.20 for a reason.

There's something here that they want.


Excellent news. Half an hour. OK,
don't let anyone in or out until we get there.

Alexis Drazen just got out of surgery.
We ought to be there.

- You go ahead.
- Jack, we were fed misinformation.

The address in the file, the time
Morgan gave you, the whole thing.

- Look around. There's nothin' here. Nothin'.
- Maybe.

But you're gonna stick around anyway.

It's three minutes after seven, George.
I wanna be here at 7.20.

Look, you can send a car back for me, OK?
I promise I won't disappear on you.

I don't have time to argue with you.

Oh, my God!

Stay right here. Stay right there, Teri.

- Who the hell was that guy?
- I don't know.

Teri? Teri, it's OK. I'm right here.

It's OK.

Teri, listen to me, take a breath.

I can't. I can't!

I saw the car explode. There was nothing left!

Hey. Hey! Kim is alive.

She got out before the explosion.
I talked to her.

She was fine. She was worried about you.

Now, I need your help.
I need to get you back to CTU. Come on.

- Oh, my God.
- I need your help, Teri. Come on.

What did she say?
What did she say when you talked to her?

- Where is she?
- We don't know. She wouldn't tell us.

After the safe house, she didn't trust us.
I don't blame her.

- We have to find her! Tony, we have to...
- Believe me, we're looking. Get in the car!

Where's Jack?
Does he know what's happening?

He's out on an assignment.
I should hear from him soon, though.

- Myers.
- It's me. I found Teri at the Bauer house.

Somebody tried to kill her, but I took him
down. Send a team in case he's got backup.

- Is she all right?
- She will be.

She seems to have suffered some temporary
memory loss. She's got a friend with her, too.

- I guess a good one by the way he's acting.
- Wait. Are you sure? Who is this guy?

His name's Phil Parslow. She vouches for
him. Apparently she's known him a long time.

- He was hit, but not too badly.
- OK. Where are you now?

20, 30 minutes away.

Take him to the clinic. I'll send someone
to question him. Bring Teri here.


- Don't I get a phone call?
- Lock 'em down. Come on.

- Look, I need to talk to someone.
- Yeah, don't we all!

Don't listen to the bitch. She lies.

You're gonna get a chance for that after we
put you through. Come with me. You're mine.

They're gonna ask you about Frank...
and the deal.

I don't know about Frank or the deal.

Tell 'em that. You were just
at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I think I should tell them about everything
else, too. I mean, what happened today.

After the safe house,
I'm not sure if I can trust anybody.

- You trust me, right?
- Yeah, and look where it got me.

Yes, I trust you, and I know
you're trying to do the right thing.

OK, then listen to me. Tell 'em everything.

What happened at the safe house
has nothin' to do with this.

Whatever you tell them, I'll back it up.
Including my part in it.

- You're gonna get in trouble.
- Then I'll get in trouble.

It's about time I faced up to what I did.

All right.

You're up.

How are you feelin'?

I'm fine, Daddy.

Relieved, actually.

I think that maybe... living with a secret
is harder work than I thought.

I'd be lying to you if I told you
the hard work was over.

You're gonna be asked some questions -
we all are - that we'd rather not deal with.

But if we stick together, we'll get through it.

Would you give your mother
and me a few minutes?

I'm sorry.

I, uh...

didn't mean to interrupt your... celebration.

You could've joined it.

Well, I'm not in the mood to celebrate
the end of your campaign, David.

- You just gave your concession speech.
- That remains to be seen.

Do you really think people want a president

who acts like some guest on a bad afternoon
talk show, confessing his sins publicly?

It's always possible
that they want someone honest.

- Mike seems to think I still have a shot.
- It's his job to tell you what you wanna hear.

Mine... is to tell you the truth.

You're not qualified to tell me the truth.

It took 13 minutes for you to tear apart
everything that it took us 25 years to build.

Why don't you just let me
mourn that loss, OK?

Fair enough.

I only hope your conscience comforts you
when you finally realise this is all over.

You mean the campaign or us?

- Confirm, Alpha One.
- This is Alpha One.

- Bauer's gone below.
- Positive it was Bauer?


- What's he doing here?
- He wasn't invited, that's for sure.

- My name is Jack Bauer, and I work for C...
- CTU.

I know who you are. I checked you out.
My name is DeSalvo. DOD.

Whatever this place is, it's obvious
that no one's supposed to know it's here.

Well, you seem to have found it OK.

This is a prison facility - class-three detention
centre. So what the hell are you doin' here?

At 8am this morning there was
an assassination attempt on Senator Palmer.

I'm the lead investigator. I was following
a thread. The thread led me here.

I need more than that.

The people that want Palmer dead
bribed someone from the power company

to shut down the electricity
to the grid you're hooked into.

They were ordered to do this at 7.20.

Something's gonna happen
here then, isn't it?

Mr. DeSalvo, you better listen to me.

The people that are behind this
assassination attempt are ex-military Serbs.

They work for the Drazen family.
They've killed a lot of people today,

and they'll kill a lot more unless we do
something. So, sir, I will ask one more time.

What is happening here at 7.20?

- A prisoner is being delivered by chopper.
- Who?

His identity's classified even from me.
They move him every few weeks.

What do these... Drazens
want with him, anyway?

It's hard to tell
unless I know who the prisoner is.

They might wanna kill him,
they might wanna set him free.

Either way, you got about five minutes.
You'd better call for backup.

- Backup can't get here in five minutes.
- Call anyway.

If I'm wrong, you've gone through
a little trouble. I'll take the heat.

If I'm right, you've potentially
saved every life in this building.


Yeah, have Wykoff call me ASAP.

Thank you. What's your personnel here?

Three guards,
plus a maintenance man, two technicians.

- Are they weapons-trained?
- No, the civilians have never fired a weapon.

The Drazens don't know that. Issue them
full service gear. Have them stand by.

- To do what, exactly?
- To make this place look more secure.

At least until backup arrives.

It's almost time. Three minutes.

- You still haven't heard from your brother?
- No.

He didn't verify meeting the man
from the power company.

If there was a problem, he would've called.

You seem anxious, Harris. I thought
professionals didn't get anxious.

Professionals get very anxious
when a plan goes off the tracks.

- There's nothing wrong.
- Then what's Bauer doing here?

Just get your men ready. It's time.

Hey. Come here.

- No. Like this.
- All right, let's get moving.

Keep your stock in tight, keep your
weapon down. You're gonna be all right.

- Any word on the backup?
- They're lookin' into it.


- We good?
- Yes, sir.

- Let's go.
- All right.

Put your men in front of the lights
so they can be seen!

Form a line right in front of the lights!

Look like you're ready for somethin'.

45 seconds.

You said there'd be a warden and three
guards. I count eight, including Bauer.

- They're expecting us, Andre.
- Doesn't matter.

The power's going down in 25 seconds.
The sudden darkness will disorient them.

- What if there is no darkness?
- There will be.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Eight more seconds.

Five... four...

three... two... one.

- The perimeter lights are still on.
- Dammit!

- All right, we're still going.
- No. Security is twice what we anticipated.

The lights are on. We'll be cut to pieces.

- Get ready to move.
- We have to stand down.

- My money, my decision.
- My crew. They'll obey my orders.

- All right.
- Plans have changed. Stand down.

- Sit down.
- My father is Jack Bauer.


He's the director of
the Los Angeles bureau of CTU.

- Counter Terrorist Unit. Have you heard of it?
- I can't say that I have.

Do you want the number?

Look, what I want is
information on Frank Allard

and his plans to buy and distribute
1,000 hits of ecstasy. That's it.

I don't know him. I met him
for the first time a couple of hours ago.

Do you know that someone tried
to kill David Palmer this morning?

- Yeah.
- Aren't you curious how I know about it?

I don't know. Maybe because
it's been on the news the last 12 hours.

I didn't realise. I was kidnapped. By the same
people who were tryin' to kill Senator Palmer.

I know this sounds crazy,
but they kidnapped my mother

and tried to get my father to help them,
but he rescued us.

Then he dropped you off at Frankie's so you
could earn spending money dealing drugs?

No. No. They brought us to a safe house,
but it was attacked,

and I think they captured my mother again.

OK. You know, she told me you had
an active imagination. She wasn't kidding.

- Who?
- Your friend. The one we picked you up with.

- Melanie?
- Mm-hm.

No! No. She's not my friend.
She thinks I'm after her boyfriend.

You can't believe anything
she says about me.

I'm gonna stick you back in the holding cell.
Maybe it'll convince you not to screw around.

Call this number. Tell them that I am
Jack Bauer's daughter and that I'm here.

Ask them if they think I'm screwing around.

Come on.

Wait. Just because they haven't attacked yet
doesn't mean they're not going to.

Maybe. Maybe this is a crock
and there's nobody there.

Drazen's crew is out there.
They didn't get the power to shut down.

They're working on their contingency plan.
Trust me, I know these people.

- There's not much else I can do.
- There is. Let me talk to that prisoner.

No. Access is something I can't give. My
orders are explicit. I can't even speak to him.

Everything happening here is connected to
the assassination attempt on Senator Palmer.

If you do not let me interrogate that prisoner,
you're putting the senator's life in danger.

Listen, Bauer, you are welcome to go over
my head if you want, but I can't help you.

Now, I gotta process this guy.

- Wait. You said you work for the DOD, right?
- And?

Can I borrow your phone?

I wanna clear every interview Nicole gives.

Yes, personally.
Whenever possible, I wanna be there.

Let me know.

So, is it as bad
as Sherry said it would be?

...predicted a sharp drop in Senator Palmer's
numbers, it's not turning out that way.

Instant polls indicate that the senator's base
of support is holding steady in most areas,

and in some cases it's actually increasing.

When asked if his disclosures made them
more likely to vote for him in the election,

less likely or made no difference at all,
60 per cent said "no difference",

22 per cent said "more likely",
while only 18 per cent said "less likely".

Looks like you were right, David.

...seemed to indicate that voters
approved of Senator Palmer's honesty

before a national television audience
a little more than a half-hour ago.

Senator. It's a Jack Bauer. He says it's urgent.

Thank you. Jack, it's me.
Did you get anything from Alexis Drazen?

No. He's coming out of surgery now, but
I did follow up a lead we got from his hotel.

- I'm gonna need your help.
- Go on.

I'm at a class-three detention facility.
It's a prison that doesn't exist,

- and neither does its new prisoner.
- Who's the prisoner?

That's where I need your help.
This is run by the Department of Defense.

- You want me to pull some strings?
- I need access to the prisoner.

The facility's in Saugus
at the address you gave me.

The warden's name is DeSalvo.
He's a reasonable guy, but his hands are tied.

- I'll do what I can.
- Thank you, sir.

Come on, you son of a bitch, turn around.

- That prisoner's identity is classified!
- I need to know who that prisoner is.


That's impossible.

You recognise him?

- That's Victor Drazen.
- Who is he?

The man I killed two years ago.

All right, listen, Bauer. You're asking me
to risk my job, maybe go to jail.

I need some quid pro quo.
What's your connection to this guy?

What I'm about to tell you
is secured information.

Two years ago
a congressional subcommittee

decided Victor Drazen was
the key threat to the peace in Bosnia.

So they authorised a mission
to take him out. I led that mission.

When we got there, things went wrong.

Today I found out that Drazen's wife
and daughter were killed in the attack.

I thought we'd killed Drazen,
but apparently I was wrong.

So now his sons wanna break him out.

And they wanna exact a revenge on me.

His people kidnapped my wife and daughter.
We got them back. They're safe for now.

But if Drazen escapes, I lose any leverage
I've got of keeping his people from my family.

- I'll make another call.
- We don't have time for calls.

We need to take this prisoner
and move him ourselves now.

I said I'll make a call.

- We still need to cut the power.
- But your brother hasn't contacted us yet.

He would have called by now...

if he were alive.

We should assume Alexis is dead.
There may be another way, though.

The substation for this sector's
a half-mile from here.

A few ounces of C-5 should be sufficient.

To save time, we'll go in through the front.

The idea is not to attract attention.

The idea is to get my father out of prison.

This is the best chance we'll ever have.

- These don't match.
- Uh-huh.

Hold on. Where's Jack?
I thought he was with you.

- He opted to stay in the field. Literally.
- In Saugus?

- Yeah, the address from the Drazen file.
- Why didn't he come back with you?

I don't know. He's a stubborn guy.
He insisted on staying.

Meanwhile, Alexis Drazen came to at the
hospital, so I headed there to interrogate him.

I cut off his morphine supply, so
he should be pretty chatty in about an hour.

You didn't tell Jack about his family,
did you? What are you doing?

What are you doing? The last time I checked,
it wasn't in my job description

to have to explain myself to my subordinates.

Now, unless they've called off
the hit on Palmer's life,

you should be working on securing
his agenda for the rest of the day.

Looks like he's going to be
our next president.

Senator Palmer has carried New York,
and with polls closing shortly in California,

it now appears that Senator Palmer
will maintain his lead...

Hey. Everyone's outside
celebrating the latest poll.

Come on out, sweetheart.

What is it, David? What's wrong now?

Before, when you said it was over,

and I asked you what you meant,
the campaign or me...

What I said came out of wanting to protect
my family, wanting to protect you.

You can't hold that against me.


you're an amazing woman.

Smart, determined, sure of yourself.

You always know what you want.

But you don't want me, not really.

I don't think you've wanted me
for a very long time.

- That's nonsense.
- Is it?

Maybe if everything with Nicole and Keith
never happened... but it did happen.

And you kept the truth from me
for all these years.

I don't think you could've done that
without pulling away.

And now...

now I can't help thinking
that I don't trust you any more.

And if I can't trust you...

how could I love you?

Well, David...

you may not love me,
but you will never leave me.

You take all the time you need
to get yourself together

and then you come out
and you greet all the people

who have given up every day
and every night of their lives

for the last year to put us in office.

- Us?
- Yes.

That's right. Us.

Because come January, David,

when you're being sworn in,

make no mistake about it,

this woman here will be
standing right next to you.

Open up two.

Move away from the door. Now.

OK, Martinez, settle down over there.

One thing I don't get - if Drazen was
the target, then what's he doin' here?

Someone thought he was
better alive than dead.

By "someone", you mean one of our people?

He's probably been feeding them intelligence.

Then why put you through
the charade of tryin' to kill him?

Because they wanted the rest
of the world to think he was dead.

My mission was set up to fail from the start.
I lost every man I went in there with.

DeSalvo. Yeah, he's right here.

- I understand.
- We got permission to move Drazen?

No. That request is still working its way up,
but DOD says you can interrogate him.

- Good.
- Bauer.

Five minutes.


My name is Jack Bauer.

You'll have to pardon my surprise.

I saw you die.

I watched you enter a building.

Nobody could've survived that explosion.

Our intelligence told us the building
was empty when you entered.

Your fight is with me.

Not my wife, not my daughter, but with me.

Please... leave my family alone.

Mr. Drazen, you have already lost
your wife and your daughter.

You don't need to lose your sons, too.

My sons are soldiers.

Then they will die for nothing.

We know about the rescue plan.
It was scheduled for 7.20.

We stopped it. We've called in for backup.
If they try again, sir, they will die.

Then you have nothing to worry about.

- Call it off, Victor.
- How can I?

The same way you've been
communicating with them this entire time!

Call it off or your sons will die!

All right. We'll move him.

Is there another way out of here that's not
on the schematic? A fire or flood egress?

- Yes.
- Good.

- I'll get my men ready.
- Have them armed like we did before.

Get up.

Get up!

We're evacuating the prisoner.
Have all personnel convene in quarter C.

Yes, sir.


- Move out.
- Let's go.

Get against the wall.

- The power's down in the west quadrant.
- Copy that.

They are here.