24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 11 - 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack takes Ted Cofell hostage after finding his name on the key-card and tries to get whatever info he has about the conspiracy which only amounts to the name of another conspirator, a one ...

Right now, terrorists are plotting
to assassinate a presidential candidate.

My wife and daughter have been kidnapped.

And people that I work with
may be involved in both.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer.

This, is the longest day of my life.

Secret Service thinks the photographer...

...may have been in on
the assassination attempt.

He hasn't been seen since the breakfast.

He was using the name "Martin Belkin."

Follow up and report back
to me in 30 minutes.

I promised Division a threat assessment
on Senator Palmer by noon.

Check with Secret Service.
I don't want any overlap.

- Still no sign of Jack?
- Nothing.

Cofell here.

It's Kevin. Something's come up.

Meet me at the Nordhoff garage.

That's inconvenient, I'm already
on my way to the airport.

This can't wait. Meet me there
as soon as possible.

All right.

Mark, I have a change of plans.

I'm meeting someone in the parking garage
at the corner of Nordhoff and Willingham.

You hear me?

Who are you?

Where's Mark?

What's going on here?

Stop the car.

Stop the car!

Give me the phone through the divider.

Easy. Now.

Get up against the door,
and sit on your hands.

Who are you?

What do you want? Money?

I don't have much with me,
but I'm sure I can find some.

Shut up!

My name is Jack Bauer. Since midnight,
my wife and daughter have been missing.

I have reason to believe they're being
held by a colleague of yours.

A man named Gaines.

Where are they?

I don't know what you are talking about.

Where's my wife and daughter?

For God's sakes, I'm just a businessman.

That's right, an ordinary businessman
riding around in a bulletproof limousine.

- Yes, for protection.
- From what?

People like you.

This is your last chance.

Where is my family?

I swear to you, I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're a very good liar.

But I've seen better.

You stay put.

It's Nina Myers.

Hey, it's me. Can you talk?

Let me open a secure line.

Okay, we're clear.

- Has Teri called back yet?
- No.

What's Green doing?

She's making herself at home in your office.

- She talk to you yet?
- Yes.

I told her I severed all ties with you.

From now on, I play on
the side of the angels.

- Did she buy any of it?
- Not a word.

I've got Cofell.

What do you mean "got"?

I've got him in the back of his limousine.

- Has he told you anything?
- I'm working on it.

In other words, you've kidnapped him.

He's the only link to Teri
and Kim that I've got.

You don't even know if he's
the right Ted Cofell.

Every time I talk to you,
you go further out on a limb.

From the second they were
taken, you tell me one thing...

...I could have done differently.

I don't know, I guess you're right.

But, Jack, I don't know how much
longer I can cover for you.

Nina, please.

Just focus and stay calm,
I need you right now.

Look, I don't think Cofell will be
easy to break. I need help.

You want me to put together an interrogation
profile in what? 15 minutes?

I'll give you about five.


If I can't break Cofell, I won't be
able to find my family. Do you understand?

I'll do what I can.

Thank you.

I'm gonna look for a place
to lay low for awhile.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Your father will find us.

If he doesn't, the people
that work for him will.

How? They don't know where we are.
We don't know where we are.

They were tracing the call, Kim.

Did they find our location before
the battery went dead?

We have to hope that they did, yes.

Sorry about the... phone.

Thank you for helping us.
We were hoping...

I don't want to know anything.

Trust me, it's better for you
if I don't know anything.

What do you mean?

Eli sent me in here to a get
information from you guys.

But, can't tell him what
I don't know, right?

Whatever's going on, don't tell me about it.

What's he gonna do to you?


- What'd they say?
- Nothing, man.

Dude, don't hold out on me.

They don't trust me.

I saw the way that kid looks at you,
she must have said something.

Who was the guy I talked to?
Was it her father?

- They wouldn't say.
- You're lying.

Stop it!

Leave him alone.

I was reviewing the report
on the passenger list.

There was an anomaly in first class?

Yeah, the manifest had been
altered to look like..

...there was an empty seat, but
we don't think there was one.

Who was actually in the seat?

The photographer, Martin Belkin.

So the real photographer
was killed in the explosion.

And the assassin took his
place at the breakfast.

He was enough of a look-alike
to fool security.

And, according to Secret Service, he
had a legitimate ID, not a forgery.

How did he get it?

That, we're still working on.

Myers? Hey, it's me.

Hi, Bill, can you hang on a minute?

It's Bill Warner, at the Bureau.

Shall I call him back?

No, I need to speak to him.

Let me have the phone.


I've got something you should
probably take a look at.

Tell Bill I'll call him later.

The hitter's connection to Germany
may actually lead to the Balkans.

All right.

Our sources say our guy is
probably a Macedonian...

Hey, I'm here.

- Bad timing?
- No problem.

I could have used a few more minutes.

I wish I had them. Give me what you've got.

The guy's flight originated in Croatia...

All right, he's the oldest
of three children...

...his father died when he was a boy.

That means he learned responsibility early.

In college at 16. Intelligent.

First in his class.

Vice-president of a company
three years later.

So he's ambitious, driven,
maybe too much so.

He has a heart condition.

I know, I've got his pills.

He's very organized.

No charities, no...

He's not generous with time or money. Anal.

I'm guessing he's passive-aggressive.
Control freak.

So make him sweat it out for a little while.

Assume control, and then behave erratically.

Yeah, one more thing.

A hunch really.

People this tightly wound,
the threat of pain...

...can be more effective
than pain itself.

Okay, I've got it.

This is all just guesswork.

I could have done more with a little time.

Nina, you did great.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Get up there! Now!

This doesn't have to take long.

It's up to you.

Do you know a man named Penticoff?

How about Alan York?

David Palmer?

Of course. He's running for president.

The attempt on his life has failed.

The perpetrators will be in custody soon.
You've already been implicated.

If you cooperate with me now,
I might be able to help you.

I can only repeat, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Your hands are sweating.

Of course, I'm scared.

Who are you meeting on your
way to the airport?

A man named Kevin Carroll.

Who is he?

He's a businessman, like myself.

He sells machine tools.

Why were you meeting him
in a parking garage?

It was his choice, I don't know why.

I told you everything I know.

Hey, it's me.

Run a background check on a Kevin Carroll.

Allegedly a machine tools salesman.

Probably an alias.


Let me show you something.

You ever hear about the Russian gulag?


A string of prisons in northern Siberia.

Russians didn't have a lot of
high-tech equipment up there.

So, they had to make do
with what was around.

Sort of like what I'm doing right now.

You probably don't think that I can
force this towel down your throat.

Trust me, I can. All the way.

Except I hold on to this little bit here.

When your stomach starts to digest it...

...I pull it out...

...taking your stomach lining with it.

Most people could take about a week to die.

It's very painful.

What kind of man are you?

I don't want to hurt you...

...but I will do everything I have
to do to protect my family.

I want to show you something.

It's in my wallet.

Open it, please.

I know you want to see your family again,
and I want to see mine...

...more than anything in the world.

Mr. Bauer, believe me, if I knew
something that would help you...

...I would tell you.

Mr. Drazen.

- Found Bauer?
- No.

But we're doing everything possible.
Scanning police frequencies...

...checking hospitals...

...and I'm still expecting to hear
from my contact inside the CTU.

And if Bauer comes here,
as you suggested earlier?

Then, we'll be ready for him.

For an American operation, we thought
we needed an American crew...

...perhaps we undervalued
our own capabilities.

- I'm pulling the plug on you.
- You can't tell me...

You were supposed to frame Bauer
for David Palmer's assassination.

But Palmer's still alive.

You don't even know where Bauer is, correct?

- No, but I..
- You've failed.

For over a year now, you've been
saying how important this is...

...now you're just gonna quit?


Of course not.

We have a contingency plan.

Bauer and Palmer will both be dead
by the end of the day.

You never said anything to me
about a contingency plan.

It doesn't involve you.

Just give me a little
more time to find Bauer.

Until...'til noon.

That's not even two hours.

I'll give you 30 minutes.

If you don't find Bauer by then,
I take over.

Your last task will be to kill his wife
and daughter, and pull your people out.

I like your education program,
but with all due respect...

...I do have one or two suggestions.

Well, that's why I'm here.

I'm not one to say that
teachers shouldn't...

...be accountable for
their performance, but...

Would you excuse me for just a moment?



Hello, David.

Since you fired me from your staff,
I assume this is a social call?

I need to talk to you, in person.

Why is that?

I got a very disturbing call today,
a little while ago.


I was told that George Ferragamo's
life may be in danger.

Who told you that, Frank Ames?

You know what an old lady he is,
just don't pay any attention to him.

I need to talk to you, now.

It's a pretty busy day for me, David.

I know a few things about you, Carl.

Things you don't want spread around.

Are you threatening me?

Is that what it's come
to after all these years?

It's come to whatever it takes to
get you over here now.

Where are you?

Grant Elementary, in the Valley.

I'll be there by 11:00.

- Nina Myers.
- Hey, it's me.

You got anything on Kevin Carroll yet?

Yeah, I show six Kevin Carrolls.

One does in fact work for
a machine tool company.

It's a cover. It's gotta be.

There's another possibility.

Maybe he's the wrong Ted Cofell.

No, he was implicated in Jamey's file,
along with Gaines.

That file was partially erased.

We can't rely on its information.

I think you're making a mistake.

There's something about this guy,
this is not a mistake.

Jack, I know you think he's all you've got,
but maybe that's affecting your judgment.

Okay, thanks.

We're going to see
your friend Kevin Carroll.

It looks like they're getting
ready to leave.

Mom, what's wrong?

It's nothing, honey, I'm all right.

Will you stop saying that,
you're not all right.

- What did he do to you?
- Nothing.

I've been having this pain in my stomach.

How bad?

It comes and goes.

I can manage.

- I should go tell somebody.
- No.

- Mom, you need help.
- I said no.

Your father is coming. Until then,
we have to be strong.


Thank you.

How's the food?

Oh, better than what we used to eat.

You two went to the same elementary school?

Oh, we've known each other all our lives.

And still as much in love as ever.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

I am due at another school, but it's
been wonderful to meet you...

...and all those great kids.

Thank you.

- Would you excuse us a second?
- Of course.

I need to know if you've talked to
Carl since I fired him.

Yes, I have.

What did you talk about?

I asked him if he could find a way
to stop Maureen Kingsley...

...from airing the story about Keith.
He said he would.

What did he say exactly?

As near as I can remember,
something about...

...taking care of the evidence
against Keith.

And you didn't think...

...that was worth mentioning to me?

I wasn't sure what he meant, David.

I'm trying to believe that when
you deceived me seven years ago...

...it was a one-time thing.

This isn't making it any easier.

That is so unfair.

See you later.

I don't know if it's important,
but you asked me to check...

...on Jack Bauer, the guy at breakfast.

Yes. What did you find?

Typical agency file.
A lot of gaps. Classified.

Was one of those gaps...

...in the summer about two years ago?

- How'd you know?
- We'll get into that later.

Right now, we've got other things
to deal with.

Move up to the other seat.


An average businessman, with a
Microtech Halo in his car?

What did you just say?

Say it again...

...or I'll break your other wrist!

This is not Cofell.

You speak Serbian?

What are you, from Belgrade?

You got family there?

You deserve everything
that's happening to you.

What do you know about
what's happening to me?

There's only one thing that
you need to know, Bauer.

You will pay.

You will pay.

Who are you?

Who are you!

What's the matter? Is it your heart?

I got your medicine right here.
All I want is a little information.

Where is my wife and daughter?
Where is my family?

I'll give you the medicine!
Tell me where my family is!

Take the medicine!


No! No!

No! No!


Where's my family?

Please, where is my wife
and daughter? Please!

Don't die! Don't Die.

Hey, listen to me, okay?

It's not your fault. There's no way
you could have seen that coming.

How am I going to find Teri and Kim?

The man he's meeting, Kevin Carroll,
maybe he knows something.

If he shows up, he's already late.

Nina, there's something very wrong
about this whole situation.

This is not just about David Palmer.

This is personal, they're coming after me.

What's the connection
between you and Palmer?

- Or you and Cofell?
- I don't know!

Look, this is what I want you to do...

...I want you to dig deeper
into Cofell's background.

Check out his extended family.

I also want you to access
my field assignment files.

- They're classified.
- I know, find your way in.

I want you to check out an assignment
two years ago. I was in Belgrade...

...then Kosovo.

It was called Operation Nightfall.

Now, I want you to crosscheck everything
that you find out from that...

...with Cofell's file.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

Okay, do it now.

Come on, Jack, come on,
pull yourself together.


- What's this?
- Nothing.

Just act like you're interested.

Look, Alberta probably thinks
we're already helping Jack, right?

She can't prove it.

Why don't we just come clean,
tell her what's going on?

Jack says no.

Maybe you should stop
thinking about Jack...

...and start thinking about yourself.

It's Jack's family, so it's Jack's call.

After what happened with Jamey...

...we don't know who we can trust.

All right, come on.

Green may be a hard-ass but I
don't think she's dirty.

I agree. But she does things by the book.

If we tell her what's going on,
she'll call Division. Before you know it...

...there's gonna be 30 people in the loop.

If just one of them is another Jamey...


Kim, honey. Wake up. You can't fall asleep.

- Come on. Hey.
- Why?

Because if Dad comes, we might
have to move quickly.

- Come on.
- When we need to move, I will.

- No, Kimberly, come on.
- Mom, I'm tired.

I know you're tired. You've been very brave.

You just have to stay that
way a little while longer.

Kimberly, we can't miss our chance.

Are you okay?

Take it.

It's Dan's, he left it in the van.

It's loaded.

It's all I can do.

You know, I'm sorry about
getting you into this.

Sorry about...

I'm sorry about everything.

What are we supposed to do,
shoot our way out?

They're gonna kill us.

This time they mean it.

Oh, God... no.



Kimberly, listen to me, we're alive.

Come here.

We're alive.

As long as we're alive...

...I'm not giving up and neither are you.



Sorry I'm late.

I had a couple of calls to make.

Hello, Alan.

Or is it Kevin?

Where's my wife?

I want you to check this out.

Wake up.

- Where's my wife?
- She's safe.

- And my daughter?
- Safe.


Don't make this any harder
than it has to be.

I was just about to say
the same to you.

But I'm the man with the gun.

If you kill me, how are
you gonna find your family?

Who said anything about killing?

I'm pretty good at withstanding pain.

But if you don't get there
soon, it may be too late.

Since you are no longer
any use to us, Jack...

...there's no reason to keep
your family alive.

So, we need to come to an agreement.

I'm listening.

You let me go...

...I tell you where they are.

As soon as I know they're safe...

...I'll let you go.
You got my word on it.

Your word. That works.

We are talking about my family,
do you understand me?

All I want is to get them back.

So, as soon as I know they are safe,
I will let you go.

That is the agreement.

If I say no?

We'll find out how good you really
are at withstanding some pain.

Drive the car.

Your half hour's up.

Kill Bauer's wife and daughter.

Our contingency doesn't involve them.


Tell the drivers to make
their final preparations.

Then kill the women.

I'm well aware that all too often these
days, you have to be surrogate parents...

...as well as teachers.

What can be done about that
at the federal level?

That's a good question.

One that Mike has become an expert
on in the last few years...

...haven't you, Mike?

I've been in charge of preparing
our position paper on education...

...and I've reached some conclusions
I think you'll find interesting.


Studies have proven that
parental involvement...

What's this about Ferragamo?

What difference does it make,
as long as you're protected?

What difference does it make,
that someone may be murdered?

I didn't say anything about murder.

You didn't deny it, either.

Okay, I deny it. Satisfied?


Power has a price and that price
has to be paid. Always.

Spare me the civics lesson.

I will not permit anyone to be harmed
in any way in the name of my candidacy.

You don't permit or not permit anything.

Don't you understand that by now?

These are very serious people, David.

They didn't put all this time
and money behind you...

...to let things fall apart now.

They'll find someone to do
what they need done.

I can't believe you used to work for me.

I never worked for you.

You and I have have always worked for them.

You maybe.

Not me.

Information. How can I direct your call?

Yes. Give me the number on a
Dr. George Ferragamo.

Just put me through immediately, please.

Dad isn't coming, is he?

I don't know, baby.

I guess your time's up.

Don't worry, I'll make it fast.


Whoever knew he came in to kill
us was expecting two shots.

That was the second shot.

What do we do now?

We hide the body.

Come on.

Turn left here.

Where are we headed?

Where are we headed?

Just drive straight.

I'm taking you to your family.