1993 (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Either you agree,
or nothing.

I'd never leave you to face the music.

Can you see us in a witness
protection program?

Living in a shitty house in Molise,
earning a million lire a month?

Fuck, Bibi. Things are just getting back
to normal for me in here.

You can't ask me to do this.

We have no choice.

I can't do it, I'm sorry.

September 13th.

The Milan D.A. has issued a warrant for Duilio Poggiolini,

general manager of The National Pharmaceutical Service,

and vice-president of the Anti-AIDS Commission.

He is accused of accepting bribes

from pharmaceutical manufacturers for years.

PASTORE: It's all written here,
in notes left by Antonio Vittoria.

Poggiolini has been playing
God for twenty years.

He raises the price of drugs,

and decides what goes
on the official drug list.

COLOMBO: Poggiolini was also on the list of P2 masons
that I seized from Gelli.

If we arrest him, we bring down
the whole healthcare fraud.

I don't know, Pastore.

It seems he's out of the country.
Who knows when he'll be back!

If he'll be back.


Hi, Beppe.
How are you?

- How are you?
- Fine.

As you know, I've had a lot
of rest and relaxation lately.

I wasn't sure how to broach
the subject..

Bad news, eh?

Miscarriage of justice, I heard.

- Luckily things turned out OK
- Good for you..

Can I help you?
Are you looking for someone?

Found him.

- But that's Alberto Muratori.
- Bye. See you soon.

- Alberto!
- Leonardo, already here.

- Sorry about the short notice.
- Don't worry about it.

- Let's go, it's late.
- Thanks.

On the phone he said that
he didn't remember you.

It was a long time ago.

I explained that you were a victim
of a miscarriage of justice.

And he trusts me.

- Alberto.
- Massimo.

So, is this your prot?g??

- He he is
- Honourable D'Alema.

- I'm...
- Leonardo Notte.

Alberto speaks highly of you.

That's some recommendation,you know?
He never speaks highly of anyone.

- Please
- Thanks.

Let me get this right.

You came to see me to suggest
putting forward Veltroni

as Prime Minister?

My PR experience tells me
that it would be

the most effective move
for the electorate.


Can I put it bluntly?

Occhetto is a puppet.

He only leads the party

because you and Veltroni
are at daggers drawn,

instead of working together
to win the war.

I told you that Leonardo
is intellectually brazen.

The PDS thinks it has won an election,

when there's still everything to play for.

You were the biggest communist
party in Europe,

but since the Wall fell,
you don't have the hard-core members,

your electorate has lost its way.

To convince them, you and Veltroni
will need to work together

one as party secretary,

the other as candidate for
prime minister.

Just one little hitch...

Italy is a Parliamentary Republic,

and the President
nominates the prime minister.

A formality.

With the first-past-the-post system,
things change.

Personality counts more then party.

Veltroni is young,
great at speeches, clean-cut.

and with a strategist
like you behind him.

he could be the only ex-communist
able to win the next election.

Win against who?

Silvio Berlusconi.

Of course.

I heard that he's making moves.

I advise you not to underestimate him.

He's unpredictable,
and has huge resources.

Right now, he's considering
which politician to back,

but sooner or later,
he'll decide to run himself.

The polls say the people love him

and he trusts the polls.

How do you know all this stuff?

Leonardo worked for Berlusconi,
you know.

I commissioned those polls for him.

Alberto is an intellectual with moral fibre,
there aren't too many of them.

When he asked me to meet with you,
I accepted willingly.

But now I really have to ask you,

what exactly do you want from us,

A long time ago,
when you led the Young Communists,

you asked me to join you.

It took me sixteen years to decide,
but if the offer is still on the table..

If nothing else, I know your opponent
at the next elections very well.

I brought you my mother's parmigiana.

- It's delicious, but if I bring you
things like this..

- You shouldn't have
- I should. You have to eat something.

Give it here.

So what's new?
Uncovered anything interesting?

Maybe. I'm in to this guy
who knows the back-story

on Gardini's death.

He says it wasn't suicide.

- Too many things don't add up.
- For example?

The gun was nowhere near the body.

How could he kill himself?

In the D.A.'s office they're saying
that the Northern League

also received a bribe for
Enimont, 200 million.

And those assholes are always
moaning about the southerners.

- We'll get the last laugh.
- Yeah, assholes.

When are you coming back to the courts?
We miss you.

I don't know.

I called RAI earlier, to see if there's
a job. I don't know what to do.

Eat something.



The first night, he couldn't
have sex with me,

he was too nervous.

I liked seeing myself
through his eyes.

I don't know if I was in love
or if I just wanted to be.

Do you have a cigarette?

It's my last one.

It's a good book, well written..

I enjoyed it, it's just that...

- It's pure suicide, my girl!
- What do you mean?

You name businessmen,
newspaper editors,

directors, politicians.

I'm glad you did it,
to lighten the load in your head!

- What should I have done?
- What should you have done?

Veronica, if this stuff comes out,
your career is over.

It would be over in five years anyway.

In high spirits, eh?

Plus, I'm sick of this life.

What would you like to be?
A rocket scientist?

Let's not kid around here, you
chose your path.

Teresa, I made a deal.

If I want to back out,
how can I persuade him not to publish?

I'm sure you can find some ideas in here.


I was looking for Eva?

She's not here.
I've rented this place.

Know where she's gone?

No. Sorry.




- How are you feeling?
- Like shit, thanks.

The story about the infected
blood is going to come out.

I promise.

If it's the last thing I do.

It was good of you to come tell me.

To be honest... I was
really looking for Eva.

- Know where she is?
- What happened?

She's vanished.

I haven't seen her around here
for a while, sorry.

Take care.

I was expecting you in the office
an hour ago.

They're coming down heavy on us
about this healthcare stuff.

They'll get to Zenit, it's only
a matter of time.

You have to speak to your investigator
friend, Pastore.

Tell him we're ready to give Di Pietro
whatever he wants.

- Make sure they treat us with kid gloves.
- What does Di Pietro want?


- We know where he is.
- We?


Did you know that dad didn't kill himself?

Brancato killed him.
Antonino Del Re told me,

before they killed him too.

I know what you're going through.

No you don't.

Michele and I were like brothers.

We thought we could do anything together.

You know how he was, he made you feel
like you were above everything.

Above the law, too.

Bibi, I don't know if what
you've been told is true,

maybe Del Re was right,
what do I know?

But please...

don't mess with people like them.

Speak to Pastore.

What are you working on?

Election campaign material.

- Can I take a look?
- No.

Besides, what do you care?
You left!

I'm just curious.

I worked my ass off
for this project.

Well, if you'd rather work...

- "Candidate's Handbook".
- A Publitalia product.

So you really did end up
calling it "Forza Italia".

But a lot of people think that
was a mistake.

Even if they don't dare speak up.

- He's right.
- He's always right.

Mind if I lie down a bit?

Anyway, he'll make a public
announcement soon,

at a supermarket opening in
Casalecchio di Reno.

Then there'll be no turning back.

- What announcement?
- Top secret.

- It can be our little secret.
- No, you can watch it on television.

Can I keep this as a souvenir?

Yes, it'll be in the
public domain soon, anyway.

You've included everything I drafted up.

- Heavy night?
- I wish.

I had a dream.

I got so agitated that I couldn't
get back to sleep.

- What did you dream of?
- Primo Greganti.

He was talking to the D.A.

And they were taking away
Occhetto and D'Alema in handcuffs.

If it turns out they took money too,

you guys have won.

Ah, you're still alive.

Not even a hello?
What did I do?

Ask your girlfriend, what's her name?


- Wait.
- Can we talk a moment?


A moment has passed.

- Who is that, Davide Corsi?
- Nobody.

- So, what's this dinner?
- Some political thing.

But you and I don't have to
talk politics.

You and I just need to have fun
and drink champagne.

- Hey, you still here?
- Good evening.

Pietro Bosco, my favourite barbarian!


Look who I brought you,
something much better than Bossi.

Professor, what an honour.

There are Ravagninis in Como too.
Did you know? Relatives, perhaps?

Your coat.

Right, that's why you're standing there.

Follow me.

Professor, there's a host of friends
eager to meet you.

A man goes to the doctor,
panting, out of breath:

"Doctor, you have to help me,
I'm a hermaphrodite".

The doctor says "That's very rare,
let me see."

Pull down your pants.

He pulls down his pants, and
the doctor says:

"You're a man, you only have a dick.
Where's the pussy?"

"Got pussy on my mind, doctor!"

I know perfectly well why you
called me, Veronica.

And believe me. I'm tempted.

But I won't decide not to publish
just for the sake of a fuck.

Of course, if you put it
on the table, I won't refuse.

But the contract is signed,
the book is in print.

- By the way. Liliana...
- Veronica?

Lucio. what are you doing here?

Nothing, I came to see tonight's
star celebrity, Professor Giuliano Urbani.

He lectures at Bocconi University,
my boss wants me to meet him.

But what are you doing here
with these bores going on about politics?

- I'm here with my publisher.
- Your publisher?

- Andrea Giubilini, a pleasure.
- The pleasure's mine.

Veronica is publishing a memoir
about all her secret affairs,

it's coming out with the next edition of
"VIP Mania", make sure you buy it.

Your publisher?

- See you later.
- Have a nice evening.

Everything OK?

Yes, fine, thanks.

A country where legal culture reigns,
ladies and gentlemen,

must allow for the possibility
to take the life

of those who commit crimes
of a certain nature.

Capital punishment?
Like in Roman times?

I thought you hated Rome.

Allow me to differ
on the issue of capital punishment.

Ah you fellows make such a
big thing about death.

You forget that since Earth
has existed,

80 billion humans have lived on it.

Life itself is genocide.


So, what do you really do?

This isn't your proper job.

University;.. political science.

At night I work in a restaurant.
Il Grottino.

We do the catering for
events like these.

You slave away pretty bad.

Something I can appreciate.

You can't stand these people, right?

Let's say it helps me
study politicians up close.

My thesis is on "Clean Hands"

and corruption in the party system.

Same for me,
I can't stand these people either.

So why did you come?

Because once they throw you into the water,
you have to swim.

Right, but it's one thing to stay afloat

another to swim to the other side.

Do you see me as being on the other side?



- What?
- No, nothing.

Do I disgust you too?

You vote communist?
Do I stink?

No, it's that I'm working.

Can I ask you about the League...

for my thesis, some time?

Sorry, but what does the corrupt system
have to do with the League?

We're anti-system.

Do you know what my grandfather,
a resistance fighter, used to say?

The ones who cried anti-fascism loudest
after the war,

were the fascists.

What do you mean?

That the League will end up
on the other side.

Fuck you.

You and your grandfather.

We're talking about a majority structure,

with a first-past-the-post system.
It would change everything.

We need to forget everything
that came before.

That's why. with 35 percent of the votes,

the left would get more than
400 parliamentary seats out of 630.

- 65 percent of constituencies.
- That would be Armageddon.

That's the majority system,
nothing you can do...

..apart from making right-minded men...

and women, of course, take action.

Just think, a parliament
dominated by Communists.

Over the past twenty years,
I've seen government culture innovating,

except on the Left.

Progress is coming from the Right,
from Reagan, to Thatcher.

The majority of Italians
have never been left-wing.

Forget the past.

Today, with first-past-the-post,

every election is a challenge.

Party lines won't count as much
as roots in the territory,

where the Communists have
next to none.

Or the candidate's ability

to penetrate the media.

Foe example, who should you choose,
between this gentleman,

and this charming young lady?

- What's your name?
- Veronica Castello.

Who among you would vote for
Veronica Castello?

Be serious.

If a pretty face were enough..

A pretty face is not enough,
but it helps.

You know what they say: Politics
is the Hollywood of the old and grey.

Congratulations, miss,
on your unanimous election.

I like this electoral law.

On the subject of pretty faces,

Publitalia is choosing the candidates
for election with TV auditions.

Is that true or not, Mr. Dell'Utri?

Excuse me.

Gaetano! Finally!

Excuse me...

How are you?

Still not poisoned by all this
blue blood?

Let's talk about you...
How is it with the Christian Democrats?


I feel for the future generations

unable to vote for them.

Anyway, how did you end up
with that old scoundrel Miglio?

What scoundrel?
Miglio is the true soul of the League.

He's the only thinker in the party.
Everyone knows that.

Forget Bossi.

Maybe.. but I hear Bossi is making

a deal with Berlusconi.

With Berlusconi?

If a deal is struck it means that

Bossi will be part of the government.

So all that rubbish about secession
will be put on the back-burner.

And I bet the Professor will be, too.

If you think about it, Hitler

only made a few errors of style...

I'm referring to the
institutional style...

Here's our celebrity.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Prince Ruspoli.
- A pleasure.

Veronica, listen, I'm in your book too.

That can't happen.

I've talked to Giubilini,
but he says you have content approval.

I was forced to write that book.

If I could have gotten out of it,
I would.

I understand, but take my name out of it.

I'm not famous, no one gives a toss
about me. Please!

Tell me how much this favour will cost me?

I'm serious. I beg you.

Is it true that Berlusconi is holding

auditions to select candidates?

- What has Berlusconi got to do with this?
- Is it true or not?

Yes, it's true.

I want to audition for it.

You want to go into politics?

You wanted to know how to get
your name out of the book?

Now you know.

- Excuse me, shall we go?
- Yes.

- Good night, Lucio.
- Good night.

That's not true, I don't believe it.

I love being in the countryside.

Excuse me please, just a second.

What's Bossi doing here?

Pietro, you didn't seriously believe
you were the only ace up our sleeves?

Good night then.

- What's up, are you tired?
- No.

I'm curious about something...

how many times have you
re-watched my video?

Not coming up?

Did you understand what I said earlier?

Yes, that you'll publish anyway.

Coming up or not?

See? It only took a second.

Something to drink?

No, not for me. You?


The zipper.

No one can ever know about this.

Of course, it's our little secret.

Go into the bedroom and get undressed.

I'll be with you in a moment.

Are you ready to do anything
I say?

Absolutely, yes.

19th September.


We need to talk.

Just when we're closing in
on the pharmaceutical firms.

Do you want to hear what
I have to say, or not?

It it's to obtain leniency for Zenit..

No thanks.

You don't get it.
I'm the one doing you a favour.

- And I want nothing in return.
- What favour?

Giovanni Lini, make a note
of that name.

Giovanni Lini?
Who's that?

Poggiolini's alias.

He's in a clinic in Lausanne.
It's all here.

You're welcome.

I get it, I already know that


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Still talking to me?
- What else? You're in front of me.

Go on, I'll see you inside.

Let's go to a cafe.

I'll buy you a sandwich,
you're thin as hell.

What are you doing at RAI?

The board wants to meet with
the Broadcasting Commission.

- You're on the Commission?
- You work it out.

- Poor Italy.
- That's what I say.

So. you're in Rome?
Weren't you a court reporter in Milan?

They offered me a TV job.

It runs in the family.

A talk show.

They offered it to get me off
my investigations

RAI offered you a job
to take you off another?

Are you for real? Screw you...

Stop playing the clown.

Know what I heard from the D.A.'s office?

- No.
- They're investigating the League.

A bribe.
You guys are mixed up in it too.

What the fuck

- What bribe?
- Two hundred million lire.

And you, going around,
waving that noose.

Excuse me, I'll be a moment.

Bosco, why the glum face?

What's wrong?

I left a message for you.
Have you spoken to Locetra?

I heard the message, but
I think he's on holiday.

Nowhere to be found?

- He's not been arrested, has he?
- Not as far as I know.

Shit, he must have bunked.

What's this about?
What's going on?

No, I'd better not.
Thanks all the same.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You're early.

Didn't you wonder why I accepted
your invitation?

I want the truth.

I don't give a shit about
scallops au gratin.

What do you want to know?

How did you know Rocco?

He was the colleague of a
policeman I worked for in Bologna.

A long time ago.

You worked with a policeman?

It's a long story.

Turn off that thing, eh.


That's why you accepted my invitation.

- I'll keep this.
- OK.

Now tell me the truth.

I used to deal heroin for him.

But I began using too.

To make me feel less guilty.

Just that...

my girlfriend started using too...





What the fuck have you done?

What the fuck have you done?

Bianca! Shit!

Fabrizio, come quickly.

Something's happened.

She died?

Involuntary manslaughter.
It was my gear.

I ran away, made a new life.

Then, last year, Rocco...

showed up with an envelope
full of incriminating evidence.

So he was blackmailing you.


I gave him 100 million lire.
That was the end of it.

You didn't kill him?


How can I believe you?

I just told you something
I never told anyone else.

Why me?

I've had a lot of women.

But I never gave a shit about
any of them.

I came to you for the
wrong reasons.

But it was the only thing
I did right in all those years.

We can choose:

keep reflecting on the past

or move forward and do the
things we really want.

But what do we really want?

I hate you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- You were right,
- Shit!

You scared the hell out of me.

What was I right about?

I'm the same as all the others.

Actually, I'm worse.

Because I'm the one who was
waving the noose around in parliament.

- Why, what did you do?
- I accepted a bribe.

I did it to help my father,
but that's no excuse.

Why are you telling me?

You don't even know my name.

You're the only decent person

I've met in the two years I've been here.

So now what will you do ?

What can I do? Wait.

I can't sleep any more.

I can't get the image out of my head
of the police coming to arrest me.

You said you did it for your father?

So go and tell the D.A.

Don't just wait for things to happen.

Take control of the situation.

And go to prison?

- What is your name?
- Alice.


Good luck!

Backward, going really, really fast.
I swear, my head wasn't functioning.

I jumped, didn't see the bump.
Face first into a tree.


- I'll go.
- Wait a bit.

No, I'll leave you to talk.

You make a nice couple.


- Bye.
- Bye.

Maddalena is nice, I like her.

I should thank you, if it
wasn't for her...

I see they arrested Arnaldi..

That was me.


I've changed my mind.

Let's do this thing...

Let's come forward.

- Hello?
- I'm looking for Lombardi.

I was supposed to meet him
two hours ago.

You've not heard?
Franco is dead.

- what?
- Yes.

My God...

- I only spoke to him yesterday
- None of us can believe it.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Giulia, come on in.

See, everything's fine.

Sorry to have bothered you.

The photo of my mother.
They put it back upside down!

- Who did?
- It's a warning.

They went through my things
and left their mark.

Come on, enough, You're not well.

You're going through a bad patch.

Gardini's death...
I feel shit about it too...

but all this drama, investigation,
paranoia, it's getting to you.

Maybe you don't understand what's going on...

They killed Lombardi, my informant
and made it look like an accident.

Look like one? It was one.

Three drunken morons, and hit and run.

What is it with you?

You're making me paranoid too.
So I called a colleague in Rome.

They handed themselves in an hour ago.

How can you be sure?
Who told you?

Listen to yourself.
I called a colleague in Rome.

Do you know how many they've killed
for this whole story?

I get it, you think I'm going crazy,

imagining things, being paranoid.

What are you still doing here?

I'm worried about you.

Get the hell out.

Here. Take your keys back.

The parties are all in trouble,
some deeper than others.

Because, as is just.

illicit financing has ended.

public funding has been reduced,

so they no longer have the cash

needed to maintain their
mammoth structures,

those organisations that in the past years,
let's speak plainly here...


Hey, Giulietta.

Why are you still up?
Go and brush your teeth,

Come on sweetie, time to go to bed.

Go on.

"Knowledge for understanding,

understanding for action,
action for victory".

"He who knows himself,

is halfway to victory."

He who knows himself and
his opponent

is one step from victory".

You find it funny?

A real curtain, isn't it, Beppe?

Re-read the part about
the pyramid of success.

Hold on, there's a bit that's
even better, where is it...?

"You need to be on your guard

against the infiltration

of elements of the opposition".

This is on you.

It's proof the Berlusconi takes the matter
seriously, don't you think?

Who wrote this stuff, come on!

It's a guide for a door-to-door

not the manifesto for a new
political movement.

And that name...
"Forza Italia".

Sure, it's shameless,

but it appeals to a feeling of belonging

we all share for our national team.

It's optimistic, easy to remember,

and it doesn't mention the
word "party" at all.

Know why it's not mentioned?
Because it's not politics.

This is lower than populism,
it's a stadium chant.

- Can we speak in private?
- Sure.



I remember the first time
we met now.

Obviously, I knew your father.

He was your classic party stalwart.

Loyal, understated, conventional.

But his son was the most brazen

of the young activists.

I was surprised, and my instincts told me
I should try and bring you into the fold.

I'm the son of a party official too.

People like us...politics
runs in our veins.

As long as I can remember,
I've never thought of doing anything else.

I was in the Communist Youth.

I was elected representative
when I was nine.

I wrote a short speech
and read it out in front of Togliatti.

Do you know what he said?

- That you would go far?
- No.

That I wasn't a kid,
I was a dwarf.

He was right, I was never a kid.

I've loved politics since
I was knee-high.

I was wrong.

You should be Prime Minister.

A communist heading the Italian government.

An ex-Communist.

The booty from the healthcare scandal

in a bank account in the name of,
Pierr Di Maria, the wife of Duilio Poggiolini

the ex-manager of the pharmaceutical
department at the Ministry of Health,

arrested in Switzerland after
being on the run for some time,

but now behind bars in
Poggio Reale in Naples.

During a search of Poggiolini's
house in Rome,

police found paintings
and jewelry worth a fortune,

probably the fruit of bribes.

Poggiolini is accuse of being part
of an organized crime ring

which, with the complicity of
the former Health Minister Di Lorenzo,

requested kickbacks from various
pharmaceutical firms in exchange for raising

the price of certain medicines
or including them on the official list

"SEARCH WARRANT Dulio Poggiolini"


I never knew I was so rich.

Thank you. Gentlemen...

Why are the tables so far apart?

Let's cozy up, defense and prosecution

We've a lot to talk about.

Counsel Nava.

Sir, I need some names now.

So, are we going to sing this song?

A decisive moment in
the infected blood case,

a riveting revelation...

in the healthcare investigation.

Yesterday, Minister Caravaglia
annulled the Poggiolini memorandum

which, by allowing the sale
of untested blood,

may have caused a multitude
of infections of Hepatitis C and HIV

Though the items will be destroyed,

the number of infected persons
may be in the thousands

in Italy and abroad.

These people got rich
gambling on the health of Italians...

But with all we've thrown at them,

they'll think twice
before doing it again.

Well done, sir!

We worked our asses off

and part of the credit goes to
this bastard right there.

Bravo, Luca!

Go, Pastore, go!

There's a reason
why I put so much into this case...

I'm ill.

because of them...

I have AIDS.

I caught it from a transfusion.

Zenit Farmaceutica.

Sorry for not telling you sooner,

But I wanted to give this investigation
my all.

And now you know why.

Di Pietro is fast-tracking
your trial,

and now you'll be taking the stand
against everyone.

It's a disgrace, Sergio.

With the excuse of trying me,

he's trying the entire First Republic.

But I'm not going to court.

He wants to put on a show?

Okay... he can do it alone,
without my help.

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