18 to Life (2010–2011): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Flushing Point - full transcript

When Tom accidentally leaves the toilet seat up and Jessie falls in, the newlyweds are faced with an age old problem -- if men and women are wired differently, is it possible to keep the peace?

Add six ounces Brandy.


You ok?

The toilet seat!

Oh, did you dunk your junk?

Why do you have to be such a guy?

Well, I just got attacked
by your panties.

Why do you have to be such a girl!

I have a right to dry my underwear!

Yeah, well I have a right
to void my bladder!

Why is the seat such
an issue with you?

Fire, fire!

Um, here.

The window!

Oh. Ah.

And that's what happens
when you leave the seat up.

Can't we find a way
that we could be together?

Is there any way
that we could be together?

And oh by the way,
baby, do you love me?

Yes, I do! Yes, I do!
Yes, I do!

Yes, I do! Whoo hoo hoo...

Why is the onus
always on the guy?

I mean, who says the seat
always has to be down?

I use it more often
with the seat down

than you do with the seat up.

More often?

What do you do with the seat up?

I Bob for apples.
You're missing the point.

The seat flipped up is
a statistical anomaly.

And drying fifty pairs of underwear

at the same time is a --

privilege you never thought
you'd have in your life.

Why can't men lower the seat?

I don't want to be this couple.

We're better than this.

We are. We have to be.

Well, then, I'll flip it down.

I can develop night vision.

No, I'll flip it down.
It's fine.

We're awesome.


I just got a call from
Connie eberhardt.

Remind me.

Connie and I were working together

on the foreign currencies department

when you and I met.

She said there's a position
opening in her department.

Well, do you think Wendy's prepared

to become a latchkey kid?

She's already at work on my resumé.

It's only a junior position,

but it might be the perfect way

to re-enter the workforce.

Whatever makes you happy, Judith.

A little job might be fun for you

now that the pressure's off.

You know, if I'd been
working this whole time,

then the pressure'd really be off,

because I'd be earning
five times your salary.


So what are we watching next?

Granny panties?
No way.


I love al Pacino,
but every time he says

"say hello to my leetle
friend," I lose interest.

He's talking about his gun.

Not the one you think.

Come on!
Guy-movie, girl-movie.

That's so outdated.

Yeah, I mean, aren't we past all this?

What makes you two so
superior all of a sudden?

Tom has agreed to lower the seat.

And yet I find him as virile
and masculine as ever.


No, Carter.

That's what makes our marriage great.

We're beyond sexist stereotypes.

In fact, I will go out on a limb

and say jessie and I are post-gender.

As in,we are no longer bound

by the clichés of
male/female behaviours.



You guys owe me for the pizza.

Uh, tom?
Where's your wallet?

Uh, Jess?

Uh, top shelf, left,
beside the cactus.

You know what?

I vote scarface.

Fire it up.


And the man drives the remote.

No stereotypes there.

So how did my wallet end
up on the bookcase?

You were cooking; You
took off your pants.

The wallet fell out.
You picked it up.

You wanted to look at a cookbook.

You can remember all that,
but you can't remember

the instructions for using the remote?

I don't like manuals.

There's no protagonist.

There must be some other
way that we are atical.

Hey, I do all the cooking.

Gordon ramsay.

Jamie Oliver.


You're good at math.

That's a very male thing.

It's a very male thing
for you to think that.

That's very female of you
to get emotional about it.

I was repeating what you said.

You said it a certain way.

You heard it in an emotional way.

Are you saying I'm a bad listener?

Now who's getting emotional?

Wouldn't that make me post-gender?

I don't know.

Hold me.

Am I sexist for wanting the seat up?

Am I sexist for wanting my
girlfriend to spank me?


Look, you be as liberal as you want,

but the toilet seat?

That's a no-fly zone.

No, it's a no-splash zone,
according to jessie.

Not our problem.

You have to assert
yourself and be the man.

I am a man!

No, no. The man.

Ok, not uh, duhh uhh.

But I told jessie I was fine
with the seat being down.

Dude. You have to stand tall.


It's not the seat;
It's what it represents.

All he has to do is give the seat

one little flick of his finger.

It's not gender-equality if you
don't put it back up, sweetie.

You think I can t an
eighteen-pound bird in here?

What did the eighteen
pound bird do to you?

I figured I could fry a
Turkey in a coffee urn

instead of a deep fryer.

That way your mom won't notice.

Mmm, Turkey-flavoured party coffee.

Good point.

I'll get the fryer and
I'll disguise it.

Dad, why are you lowering
all the toilet seats?

Funny girl.

A garbage can!

Nobody would make coffee in that.


The weirdest thing happened
with my dad today.

We were at the--

the seat is up.


I changed my mind, which
is my prerogative,

since we don't subscribe to
those sexist stereotypes.

Yes, but we agreed that--

yeah, but you said you were
happy to go the other way.


We are not that couple.

So not that couple.

What's this about your dad?

What's for dinner?

So we were at the hardware store

and I watched dad

walk through the plumbing section

and lower every toilet
seat in the aisle.

Well, your father is a
very fastidious man.


Yeah, compulsive.

Yeah, I'd like to know what you said

to make him compulsive,

because right now tom's
refusing to lower the seat.

Ah, you're losing the
toilet seat battle, huh?

When I got pregnant,

your father wanted to stop smoking.

Well, cigarettes anyway.

So he saw a hypnotist.

It turns out he was
highly suggestible.

You had him hypnotized?

No! I just had her throw
in a couple of extras.

I di't really expect
that it would work.

Does dad even know?

No. All he knows
is that he's happy

and we never argue
about the toilet seat.

In my country, women pee standing up.

Also, we don't have toilet seats.

There has to be another way.

Specialized in long-term investments

with a concentration in
human resources planning.

Or should I refer to the family

as ecosystem management?

Yeah, that'd be more "green."

Wily, Judith.

You're wily.

Of course, it's only
really work experience

when you're getting a paycheque.

But well done!


Could I talk to you about
a housekeeping issue?

Love you, honey.

Even if I leave the seat up?

Especially when you do.

In fact, I feel morally obligated

to love you even more,

since you could easily develop
prostatic hypertrophy

from standing up to pee,

and while it won't kill you,

it could lead to impotence

and complete urinary blockage.

And I want you to
remember that I loved you

before that and not just out of pity.

You're joking.

I wish I was.


Prostatic hypertrophy!

Prostatic hypertrophy?

Of course I've heard of it.

Although it's good to hear
that jessie's now on top

of male incontinence conditions.

I did some research and no
one has found a direct link.

Yet jessie says you have
to sit to avoid it.

Of course there's a link.

And sitting is a small price to pay

to avoid incontinence,
urinary blockage.


You're a sitter?

With the prostate of a
fifteen-year old boy

according to my urologist.

Well, it wouldn't be the prostate

of a fifteen-year-old
girl now, would it.

Did your urologist tell
you about the condition?

No, your mother did, originally.

How long after you were married?

Twenty three years, Judith!

There's no link between
whether you stand to deliver

and that condition.

There's no proof that
there's no link, either.

You never got it.

I just don't get the
debate at all, you guys.

Like I told jessie, we
each bear responsibility

for ourselves.

Yeah, exactly!

I have to flip it up

just as much as she
has to flip it down.

Actually, the up position
is a statistical anomaly,

if you think about it.


Why did I just do that?

I don't know.

Did I do it before?

Three times.


Get a hold of yourself, man.


Huh, huh, huh.

What did she do to him?

You see what we're
dealing with here, son?

Women are the German
army and we're Poland.

And we can't afford to
wait for the Americans.

I think you've been watching
too much history channel.

I am going to be marching
back into my home

and telling your mother what's what!

Yeah. Me too!

Well, jessie, not mom.

She's allowed to brainwash me.

You hypnotized me?

It's brought us years of
peace and harmony, honey.

You stole my free will.

You're exaggerating.

I'm taking it back, Tara.

And you can't stop me.


What did you say?



Dammit, I know the code
word's some kinda fruit.

You don't get to choose
when I'm the man

and when I'm not.

Do I get to choose if you're a man?

Because right now
that's up for debate.

Low blow, Jess!

Post-gender you wouldn't notice.

Despite the hair, I am not a Ken doll.

If you were, I'd donate
you to a toy drive.

thousand, six hundred.

Give or take.

That's how many times you
made me flip this thing down!

I'm taking it back, Tara.

I'm taxdng it all back!

Oh, no, no, no! I always k.

I just love the way you look
when you bring them to me.


Does this mean you won't
be killing centipedes

in the bathtub anymore?



It's on.

What this calls for, gentlemen,

is deep-fried Turkey.

To be eaten in our underwear!

Standing tall.

Welcome back, brother.

They won't last.

This is a spat, right?

Spats have a te limit of an hour.

Oh no, no, no.

This has been a long time coming.

Twenty-three years for me.

Tom and I had this figured out.

I don't know what happened.

I remember when tom was a toddler,

I bought him a doll.

He took one look at it.

And then he ran it along the floor

yelling "vroom, vroom"!

He loved that little pink truck.

But we don't have to give in to

these oppressive stereotypes, do we.

I mean, I remember jessie
went through this horrible

tutus and tiaras stage.

"The feminine mystique for
five-to-ten year olds"

took care of that one.

Hypnotism and brainwashing.


It was a beautiful bedtime story.

All this proves is
that we can't help it.

I was born to hate centipedes.

Tom was born to smash
them into a pulp.

Lose this battle, you lose the war.

Hear, hear.


No thanks.
I've got popcorn bloat.


Welcome back.


It's like a lawnmower.

You think everything's fine

and then suddenly it blows up.

All those times flipping
that toilet seat down,

and I didn't even know it.

See how long they n
make it without us.

Dad, you are aware of
what year it is? Right?

And that they have air
conditioning over there?

Son, we are different for a reason.

And they are going to find out
that they miss that difference.

Do I even like deep fried Turkey?


Let's get this sex and the
city marathon rolling,

shall we?

No way the guys are
having this much fun.

It smells funny.

That's how it's
supposed to work, dude.

It's gonna be awesome!

Yeah, well, you might
not even like it.

I mean it's probably
programmed right out of you.

But you know, Tara really did have

your best interests at heart.

It's true, Judith bamboozled me,

but I really do have the prostate

of a fifteen-year-old, you know.

What about Judith going back to work

and rubbing your face
in her higher salary?

Well, the truth is a
little extra scratch

wouldn't hurt.

We can't let them win!

We'll never hear the end of it.

I miss my bed.

Hey. Look.

What's that blue glow?

They're trying to watch a DVD.

Ho ho ho ho.




My thighs gave out.

That water is cold.

Perhaps we should retrieve
the toilet seat, huh?

It's gone.

Good lord.

Who would take a used toilet seat?

I better not be
late for my interview.

You've still got time to not wa.

I wonder if they miss
their toilet seat.

Hey, sleeping beauty!

We managed to get to channel three.

We're modern women.

Why can't we figure this out?

Maybe each sex excelling
at certain things

is what makes it work.


We're just as capable as men.

Says the hypnotizer-brainwasher.

The quickest way to end this...

We can't look like quitters.


We create a list of demands.

Include more than you want,

so they feel they can take
something away from you.

Even if you don't really need it.

Then they can feel they're
being magnanimous.

Could use some help cleaning up.

Cleaning up what?

All this garbage?

The bottles?

The Turkey shrapnel?

If this keeps up, I'm
bunking with the women.

Dad! Seriously!

I could never not see this.

It's everywhere!

It needs picking up.

It's great that you're
here to do it, too.

Jessie and I were right.

We're not that couple.

Because we're not old.


And I don't care about the toilet seat

because jessie and I,
you know, we're equal.

That's how you brought us up.

That must have been your mother.

I'm heading over there.


I prefer to call it giving up.

You can't let it end like this.

We've got to hold on to our dignity.

I can help you with that.

Our demands.

So what have we got?

"Accept use of word "thingamijig"

to refer to all tools."


What the heck is a mansc-oh.

Was it terrible last night?

There were some dark hours
when we realized you guys

weren't giving up on the DVD.

Oh, I figured it out.

I just coun't take another
sex and the city marathon.

I love you.

So how was it?

Did you run out of chocolate?

It was actually more of a
popcorn and wine spritzer

kind of night.

Sounds better than beer
and burping the anthem

between Turkey chunks.


I couldn't believe how
stubborn they were.

Well, it's probably
that time of the month.

I mean how else would
we get into this mess?

Joke! So a joke.

Jokes are funny, tom.

I'm an idiot.

It's innate.

The offer has expired!

Don't you see that it's a
male-dominated industry

that contributes no real
value to the economy.

Sign me up.

Just hand them over.


We're having the who's on
top argument with the guys.

Not each other.

And the fight must go on.

Thank you.

Let's face it.

You put two people together
regardless of gender,

they're going to wrestle
over something.

The truth is it's more fun
wrestling with the men.

So. Now what?

I'm back!

What we need is a closer.

Something they can't say no to.

What happened to the living room?

Hey, sweetie.

How was the sleepover?

It was ok.

Everybody talked about boys.

It's hard to believe
they're that compelling.

I know.

Then there's all the
stuff you do witboys.

It's pretty confusing.

You don't even like poker!

You hardly need a poker night.

So we'll make it risk night.

No! Fifty percent of
Tara's carrot harvest?

I want to give the deep
fryer another shot.


What's orgasmic?

Ask your mother that one.

She says to ask you.

No. She is much better
able to answer that.

She says she has no idea.

Tara, neither.

And that's my cue!

Is there more coffee?

Your daughter had a question.

What? What question?

Is there more coffee?


Oh my God.

I take it the o-bomb has landed.

Nicely played.

Thank you.

So I guess recycling's gender-neutral.

Can we go back to being
the couple that we we?

The couple who wants to
do things for each other?

Yes! And all that
nice gender mingling.

Please will you help me and
not take my friends away

They've got nothing to do

so that was kind of a low blow,

sending Wendy over
like a trojan horse.

And what about your low blow?

That I haven't had a real job?

Oh, come on honey.

There's not enough money
in the world to pay

for what you've done.

Kids are proof of that.


Mm. Starter child.

How do I look?


Go get 'em, tiger.

What were we thinking?

The way I see it, this whole
hypnotic suggestion thing

means that nothing's
really my fault. Ever.

That's right.

Free will is overrated, honey.

You know what I've been craving?



I think you need a foot massage.

I do.

Connie says they went
with someone more junior.


Is that an insult, or a compliment?

You'll get the next one sweethe.

But in the meantime...

Let us eat cake.

Was this in the treaty?

Oh, absolutely.

Under the section entitled "foreplay".

You ok, sweetie?

I miss him a lot.

Daddy's not really gone, honey,

not if he's still in your heart.


You think he's watching over us?

Dream on!

It's popcorn bloat.

Now I really am crying.