13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Valentine's Day - full transcript

[theme music plays]

[cell phone vibrates]

[Clay] Hello?

[distorted voice] One ring.
You need to pick up on one ring.

[Clay] Or what?
How do you have this number?

[distorted voice]
You'll find out. I'll see you in school.

[dial tone beeps]

[Clay] So, yeah, it's Valentine's Day.

They're calling the dance
"Love is Love," which, like...

Here's the thing
about love in high school.

Love does not thrive in an atmosphere
of complete paranoia.

So anyone who thinks Valentine's Day
at a high school is a genuine show of love

probably also thinks that airport security
actually has anything to do with security.

What the fuck with all the cameras?
They're everywhere. Look.

It's probably just the vandalism, right?

They didn't put any up
after the baseball field, that was worse.

Dude, most high schools
have security cameras now.

This is different. Something's up.
They know something.

Dude, you have been spiraling for weeks.
You gotta stop.

No, you've been ignoring shit

in your little "I'm happy,
I'm healthy" bubble, but shit is wrong.

-[cell vibrates]
-This is the third time this morning.

-Gonna answer?
-It's just a robocall.

-Why don't you block the num...
-They're calling from different numbers.

Why is a robocall freaking you out?

[tense music plays]

I gotta get to class.


[distorted voice] We talked about
what happens if you don't pick up.

-You know the rules.
-No, I don't know the fucking rules.

All I know is you've called me 15 times
since last night, and I don't know why!

Come on, you know.

No, I don't.

Well, you'll find out.

Who are you?

That you won't find out
unless you fail to answer when we call,

and then, shit rains down.

Why? What are you gonna do?

No, Clay, the real question is,
what are you going to do?

What do you mean?

Answer when we call, and learn.

[dial tone beeps]

I know what you're gonna say.

-Um... about?
-Valentine's Day.

I hate dances,
stupid hearts of paper, whatever...

-But here's the thing...
-Um, can you walk with me?

-Yeah, I can.

I'm facing the reality
that I may graduate from high school

without certain experiences

that at one time,
I thought I didn't need to have,

but now I'm thinking I might like to have.

I mean,
I've had some interesting experiences,

and some things
that would've been fine to miss,

but there are certain things
I don't want to miss.

You know, like normal things,
like... being asked to a dance

and going to a dance
with someone who... asks me.

I have to go.

-Um, in there, right now, alone. Sorry.

Um... but good talk. I'll see you, OK?

[eerie music plays]

[exhales heavily]

[cell phone vibrates]

Come on, Winston. I know it's you.

[distorted voice] Winston?
Who the fuck is Winston?

Don't you recognize
the fucking phone number?

Yes, but... who is this?

What do you want?

I want you to do what I say,

or I go public...

with proof that Monty is innocent.

-That's not possible. You don't have it.
-You think so?

Obviously, we have his phone.

What's on a phone, Clay?

Texts, emails, pictures.

That's bullshit. [inhales deeply]

There's no... He...
You're a fucking liar.

Clay, that hurts my feelings.

You shouldn't do that. Come on.
It's not a good idea.

-[dial tone beeps]

[lock clicks closed]

[Clay] Hey!


Hey, open the door!

-Fuck you! Open the door!
-[door rattles]

[breathing heavily]


[distorted sounds mingle]


-[metal rattling]

[eerie music plays]

[panicked breathing]

[gasps echoing] No!

Please, let me out! Please!


It wasn't me!


Clay, what's wrong?


I, uh...

I locked myself in.

Well, the lock's busted right now,

but, I mean,
I guess it gets stuck sometimes.

-What are you even doing in here?
-I was, uh...

I was looking for Winston.

You were?

Well, he's not here until fourth.

I can tell him that you're looking for him
if you want.


No, it's all good, man.


Everything's OK, right?

Yeah, man. Everything's good.

[Clay] No, I don't think total paranoia
is an overstatement at all.

I'm just saying.

I do think there is a thing where
the cameras make it safer around here.

It's an invasion of privacy.

[Jess] Yeah, OK,

but maybe it'll stop bad shit
from happening.

Well, anymore.

And speaking of our safety,
I was actually thinking,

what if we went to the dance
tomorrow night as a group?


[Jess] Strength in numbers.

And it sends a good message, you know?

We don't have to wait around

for some guy
to ask us out on a date, right?

Who's with me?

[pop music plays quietly]

Wait, you guys all have dates?

I mean, no, that's good for you guys.


I don't... have a date.

Wanna go together?

What about Clay?

Not interested, apparently.

That's messed up.

This whole thing is messed up.

I'm the fucking president of the school.

I'm a female powerhouse,
and I can't even get a fucking date.

[sighs] Boys suck!

Yeah, but we already knew that.

It's kinda messed up,
like, they install the cameras

the day before Valentine's Day?

What is that about?

It's all performative, really.

You can't tell the difference
between true love

and a really good couple selfie.

-Sure, you can. A selfie lasts forever.

But, Alex, love is love.

Who knows what love even is?

It's love.

-It's on the poster.

I mean, we just waste so much time

going through these motions
of, like, romance,

and Valentine's Day is a whole day
that we're never gonna get back.

What would you rather waste your time
doing on Valentine's Day?

Well, I think Tyler mentioned that there
is some slasher marathon at Crestmont.

Maybe we could all go?

I wish I could,
but I'm obligated to document

dance-related lameness tomorrow night
for yearbook.

I could hang tonight, though.

I think that Tyler said
he had plans, right?


But, well, we could do something?

You know, just, like, the two of us.

I mean, unless you have plans too?


I mean, like, no. [chuckles]

I mean, like, yeah, I would be...
I'm cool with that.

OK, then.



Dude, where have you been?
I've left you, like, six messages.

Sorry, I have just been so busy.

-Chloe called me.

Because she's worried about you.

Apparently, you haven't been
returning her calls either,

so should I be worried about you too?

I didn't tell her shit,
if that's what you're worried about.

-It isn't.
-I can't tell anybody anything, ever.

-So, we good?
-[locker slams shut]

-You can tell me.

Justin, since when do you give a shit?

Look, there's this workshop, uh,
this afternoon with the whole team. You...

You should come by.

What for? You're the captain now, bud.

I'm just co-captain,
and it's just to help Charlie out.

Also, you know Kerba made us.


Zach, I wouldn't even be on this team

if it weren't for you taking the time
to give a shit about me when I needed it.


I'll be there.

Nope, sorry, hard pass.

What, even as friends?

Who literally never speak
until you need something.

You're really calling me out today.

Look, you're the one
who stopped talking to me,

and we had, like,
one week of Monet's after Thanksgiving,

and then you just completely dropped me.

I did not drop you. I just...

I can't think about it too much,
or I freak out.

Look, I get that.

-Of all people?
-I know.

I'm still not going to the dance with you.

Even as friends?

Do you already have a date?

No, and thanks for seeming shocked
at the possibility.

Why do you wanna go so bad, anyway?

Because... I'm the student body president,
and I should be there.

-So go alone.
-And I shouldn't have to go alone.

You know, what good is it
to have our lives back

if we can't, you know, live?

[Alex] Yeah.

I hear you.

[Clay] It's high school,
so somebody's always watching,

waiting for you to fuck up.

So, of course, you will.

[ominous music plays]

[cell phone vibrates]

[distorted voice] Wow,
you really are running scared, aren't you?

At least I'm not a coward
hiding behind a phone.

I'm not hiding.

I'm right here.

Well, there's an empty seat.

Why don't you join me?

Why? So you can come
and punch me in the face?

No, I think you should be the one
to take the beatdown.

So, I want you to pick a fight,
and you can't hit back.

You have five minutes.

Five... Wait, seriously?
How am I suppo...

-[dial tone beeps]

[tense music plays]

I know this doesn't make sense,
but hit me.

-I need you to punch me hard.
-What? No.

-Please? I need you to hit me.

Seriously, I don't know what's going on,
but I'm not fucking hitting you.

Is it because of your leg?

Or did you promise your girlfriend Chloe
you wouldn't fight?

Sorry, Bryce's girlfriend Chloe.

Oh, come on. You were OK
with beating the shit out of Bryce.

Now you're a pussy?
Is that what you are, huh?

A pussy?


[Clay grunts]

Again, pussy.

[Clay groans]

[Clay coughs wheezily]

Well, Clay,
you've got to get your shit together.

[Clay grumbles]

You're one to talk.

No, see, I'm fucking up my own life.
You're taking all of us down with you.

Figure it out.

I don't care how.

[pained gasping]

[cell phone vibrates]

[distorted voice] I'm impressed.
Keep it up.

-[strained breathing]
-[dial tone beeps]

you flaked on me two weeks in a row.

So what's going on?


I mean, just busy.

Busy with what?

School. And my job.

You have a job?


Uh, where?

At the Ultimate Portrait Studio.

I have a life. I can't just be there
whenever you need me.

Yeah, OK, of course.

Tyler Down, you're wanted in the office.

-Is everything OK?


Just Dr. Singh, as always.

[Tyler] Thank you.

[door opens]

[door closes]


[breathing heavily]

Antonio Padilla, out of class.

-I have a hall pass.

-For the bathroom.
-Which you just blew past.

Let me see.

Come on, man.
I really don't have time for this shit.

And here I got all the time in the world,
'cause, hey, that's my job.


What are you gonna do with that?


Put that fighting instinct to good use.

Fight for me.

Fight for you?

-I don't understand.
-East County Pro-Am.

It's a little independent league.

Myself, some guys from the department,
firefighters, some talented kids.

Hey, Ted?

-Everything all right?
-Yeah, there's no problem, Deputy.

-Antonio here...

...was thinking about
maybe fighting pro-am.

I'm betting he's got the goods.
I'll be in touch.

I'll get you those details.

Is there something you need, Tony?

Uh... No, sir. I was, uh, just looking
for Tyler. He left his book in class.

Oh, he's in with Principal Bolan now,

He's with Principal Bolan?

Yeah, and I'm headed in there myself.
I could bring Tyler his book for you.


No, that's OK.
I'm gonna see him later. Um...

I'm gonna get back to class.

[Bill] OK.

[indistinct message over radio]

[Clay] But even under all that pressure,
we still try to be a human being.

We try to believe in romance.

So I'm an idiot.

I don't disagree,
but could you please be more specific?

You asked me to the dance earlier.

I was all up in my head,
and I need to get out of my head

and be a human being, so...

[Ani chuckles]

Well, you might be quite awkward
with your words,

especially when it comes
to attempting absolute honesty,

but... you do have a way
with your pictures.

[romantic music plays]

Doesn't look like I have
much of a choice though, do I?

Well, that was kind of the idea.

But like you said,
normal people go to dances,


will you be normal with me?

[cell phone vibrates]

[Ani] Clay?


[ringtone sounds]

Clay, what's wrong?

[ringtone gets louder]

[tense music plays]

[ringtone continues]

[exhales in determination]

Got you! I fucking got you!

[woman] Julie? Sweetheart, are you OK?


Sorry. Uh...

He just gets really upset when people
break the whole no-cellphones rule.

Come with me!

[Clay breathes heavily]

[shocked murmuring]

What the hell was that?

And don't say nothing,

because it's never nothing
and you know it.

-Someone has Monty's phone.

How is that even possible?

They've been harassing me for two weeks,

sending me FaceTimes as proof.
Last night, they started calling.

-They, him, someone.

-The voice is disguised.
-Then how do you know it's Monty's phone?

[voicemail] Hey, it's Monty.
Leave a message. I'll hit you back.

Jesus, why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't know
if it was a real thing.

What do you mean, "a real thing"?

I mean, I didn't know
if it was anything... important.

I just... Until they started calling me.

Last night?

And they said they have proof.

If I don't do what they say,
they'll make it public.

What have they asked you to do?

Nothing yet.
I'm trying to get ahead of it.

Listen, there is no way they have proof.

There is no proof for them to have.

So just don't let them play you,
all right?

We'll figure this out.

Look, I don't have to tell you guys

that you set an example
for how boys at this school behave.

-I don't have to tell you...
-So don't tell us.

-[guys laugh]
-Dude, come on.

Show some respect.

What? She said she couldn't tell us
anything we don't already know.

Well, considering you don't know shit,
Luke, you might wanna rethink that.

[jeering, laughter]

Come on.


Guys! Everybody just shut the hell up,
and listen to the lady.

What I can tell you is this.

Courage on the field doesn't mean shit

unless you have the courage
to stand up to each other

when you're being fucking dicks.

Or when you're bragging about that
hot chick you were banging last night.

Or calling us "lady"
like you're a gentleman, but really,

you're just trying to diminish us.

Standing up to that kind of bullshit,

that's what it means to be a man.

Of course I'm taking her to the dance.
She fucking wants it.

Luke, buddy. Come on.

I mean, she consents to wanting it.

You... That was...

You're awesome, as usual.

I mean, at this. I...

I mean, you're good at this.

How are you?

Are you going to that stupid dance?

No, I don't think
it'll be a good scene for me right now.

Are you going?

Oh, yeah, I'm definitely going.


Me and Charlie are going to the dance.

We... uh... what?

Yeah, we talked about it, remember?

No, but...

OK, uh, yeah.


Shit, Justin, I didn't mean to...

I can tell her I can't go.

I'm just, like, really afraid of her.

Dude, it's fine. [chuckles]

You should go.

Are you sure?
I was sort of hoping you'd tell me not to.

Good luck, man.

[Justin] I just thought...

that if you reached out to him,
he might actually listen.

I'll see what I can do.

Hey, good looking out.

It's been a hard season for everybody.

How you been doing lately?

Yeah, I'm, um, I'm all right.


You've been going to meetings?

Yeah, I was going to this one
at this church, by the Jensens' house.


It was full of old guys.

They didn't really think a high school kid
had much to complain about, so...

There's a church near my house
that does meetings, I think.

East County Baptist.

I always see guys hanging out
in the parking lot afterwards, you know?

Seems like a younger crowd.
Might be worth checking out.

[distorted voice] School's over,
but our game's not. Don't tell Tony.

[dial tone beeps]

Clay, where the fuck have you been, man?

Look, I'm sorry, man.
I got, er, held up. I, um...

-Did you find Tyler?
-He's still not here.

His mom said his shift started at 3:30.
It's now after five.

So he lied to her?

He's been lying to all of us, man.

Standall knows something, I swear to God.

Why would Tyler be talking to Bolan?



What is up with you?
We have a problem here.

I think we might have a few problems.
Oh, shit.

Hey. What are you guys doing here?
My mom said you guys called the house.

Yeah, well, we called you first,
and you didn't answer.

OK, well, my phone was off.

Where've you been since after school?
Are you late for work?

No, my shift's not even till 5:30.

What do you care?
What's the big emergency?

I just needed to ask you if you would
help me DJ the dance tomorrow night.

Why would I help you DJ the dance?

Dude, you helped me
set it all up on my computer. I don't...

OK, well, I can't.

-Why not?

I need to get to work now.

Where I'll be for the next five hours,
just in case you guys are keeping track.

[Tony sighs]

[R&B music plays]

[Winston] OK.

If I had known you were so good
at this stupid game,

I never would have agreed to it.

Yeah, you know,
it's kinda like a lower-class sport.

I think that's the problem.

You wasted all your time
at Hillcrest learning, what, polo?

And cricket!


[Winston sighs]

After being there, I guess
Liberty must seem pretty boring, huh?

The opposite, actually.

I mean, I never saw anyone melt down
over a phone ringing at Hillcrest.

[Alex] Yeah, that was, um...

It was definitely not boring.
I'll give you that.

You're pretty close to them, right?

Clay, I mean, what was that about?

Oh, that...

It's just Clay being Clay.

He can be pretty intense sometimes.

[ball rolls down lane]

[Winston] Ha! Come on.

All right, guess I'm buying dinner.

Yeah, OK.

So, I was thinking, um...

about the dance.

You know, since you're gonna be there
already anyway,

I thought maybe, I don't know,
like, I could keep you company?

I don't know. We could make fun
of all the people dancing.


Yeah, we could hang out.


I mean, just 'cause
the whole thing is bullshit

doesn't mean
that we shouldn't still go, right?

Like for social commentary purposes?

Uh... I guess, as friends?






[Alex gasps] I'm sorry.

I'm not.

I've been waiting for you
to do that all night.

-[guard] All right, let's go.
-[scanner whirs]

[cell phone vibrates]

You still getting those calls?

Uh... No, this is just... This is Ani.

Look, I, um, I gotta take this.

I'll catch up with you later.

[tense music plays]

What? What do you want?

[distorted voice]
You tell Justin Foley about me?

No. How do you know Justin?

You tell your girlfriend?

[distorted laughter]

You did.

So what?

She's your alibi, right?

She says she was with you
the night Bryce was killed?


But she wasn't, and we can prove it.

Look, I can't fucking do this.

OK? Just tell me what you have, or...

There's no way you...

I didn't kill Bryce.

I didn't, OK?
So just tell me what you have, or...

Or fucking do whatever you want.
All right? Just do whatever.

You know what?

Maybe you're right.

Maybe you have been through enough.

Look, if you want Monty's phone
and everything on it, you can have it.

All right? It's yours.

[suspenseful music plays]

All you have to do is go get it.

Where is it?

It's in the place on campus

where girls go talk shit
about guys like Monty

just to get attention.

[dial tone beeps]


[phone rings]

[breathing heavily]

[distorted voice] Clay, Clay, Clay.

You didn't really think I'd give you
Monty's phone after all of that, did you?

What the fuck do you want?

Don't tell anyone anything.
I'm your little secret.


Because we're not done yet.

When are we done?

At the dance tonight.

Answer when we call,
and you'll get Monty's phone.

Why the dance?
What happens at the fucking dance?

Because everyone likes to dance, Clay.
See you there.

-[dial tone beeps]


If you don't wanna go, why are you going?

Because my girlfriend wants to go.

But you don't love your girlfriend.

Still not sure I believe in love.

Have you ever been in love?


That's my point.

What about Hannah?

Yeah, for a long time,
I thought I was in love with her.

OK, so what's the difference

between thinking you're in love
and actually being in love?

I didn't know who she was.

I didn't know what love was.
I still don't.

[Ellman] You don't know what love is,

but you're confident you can say
that it's a lie.

OK, maybe not a lie. Maybe a...

[sighs] Like a fantasy?

When you see people
for who they really are,

the fantasy goes away,
and then so does the love.

So love is just some ideal.

Which means that
no one can ever truly love anyone else,

and no one can ever truly love you.

So do you think I'm just avoiding?

And no fair saying,
"It doesn't matter what I think,"

because I'm tired of that tactic,
and it does matter to me...

what you think.

I think...

I wonder...

if you do believe in love,

but then you love so fiercely
that it hurts sometimes.

And you're afraid of that hurt,

as anyone would be.

[gentle instrumental music plays]

If you love someone,

you're going to lose them.

Sometime, somehow.

Yes, quite possibly. [sighs]

But we... love anyway.

Don't we?


So what exactly do you believe in?

[Clay] I believe we're all alone,
and that no one can save us but ourselves.

[Mrs. Jensen]
Look at you so dapper in your suit.

-Ani is a very lucky girl.
-What do you want, Mom?

Well, I was cleaning out the basement,

look what I found.

Mr. Poopers! [chuckles]

You used to take him everywhere
when you were little.

He always cheered you up,
so I thought that...

Mom, I'm not five anymore.

You're never too old for a little comfort.

Yeah, isn't that covered in, like,
old drool and snot?

OK, I'll put him in
with the stuff for Goodwill.

Wait, Mom, um...

I'll keep him, whatever.

So did you get a Valentine's Day card
for Ani at the mall yesterday,

or do you kids
not get each other cards anymore?

No, we don't.

How did you know I was at the mall?

Oh, I thought you mentioned it.
Or maybe Justin said something.

Anyway... say hi to Ani for me,

and, um... have fun tonight, OK?

[Clay] We're gonna have fun,
it's your first dance.


My first dance.

And those calls?

Yeah, no. They stopped, so...

So we can enjoy the dance?

Yes, we can.

["Batgirl (Edit)"
by Kahikko & Kantola plays]

Do you want to dance?


Can you get me some punch?

Is that... Do they even have punch?

-Is that still a thing?

-I will go, and I will find out.

What do you want?

Permission to stand next to you?

You're amusing. Permission denied.

Hey, I stood up for you at that workshop.

That should get me one dance.

I don't need you to stand up for me.

I know, of course you don't. I just...

Look, I think the shit you do
is really good,

and even when
you go batshit crazy on people,

I get what you're doing, and it's right.

I just happen to think
you look mad sexy when you do it.

Is that wrong?

Yes, it's absolutely wrong.

And I'm here with Charlie.

Well, only to get back at Justin.


But you chose the wrong guy, you know.

Charlie's, like, gay or bi or something.

Well, of course you'd think that.

Just because he's the only guy
on your team that's decent and kind

and doesn't hate women,
you guys think he's gay?

That's fucked up.

No, it's not like that.

Charlie's our guy.

He's our quarterback.

I mean, maybe assuming

that calling someone gay
is automatically an insult...

maybe that's the fucked-up thing.

Maybe you're not as woke as you think.

Well, if I need to get more woke,

I'll make sure to come to you next time.

Sounds good.

I don't hate, not on gays.

And I definitely don't hate women.

So if you really wanna
make Justin jealous,

you know where to find me.

Sorry, I couldn't find any punch,

but I got, like, three different kinds
of Diet Coke.

["Can't Stop Your Lovin'"
by Poolside feat. Panama plays]

Hey, you can assign the faders.

You made it.

You can assign the faders to hot keys,

so you don't even have to use
the trackpad, here.

I'm sorry about yesterday.
I've just been working a lot.

It's been...
it's been really busy, it's stressful.


I appreciate your friendship.

Me too.

And it's all good now.

All right. So all I gotta do
is move this trackpad this way.

So, remind me
why two cripples are at a dance.

Can you stop being a dick for two seconds?


It's our last semester.
We should be doing high school shit.

Hm. Well, in that case...

[howls] You want some?

[shutter clicks]

-Um, no, I'm good.
-Dude. Whoa, where are you going?

-Ditching you.

-You're kind of cramping my style.

-Are you serious?
-Yes, you will be fine.

Go work that Dempsey magic.

Oh, you mean
a little of this Dempsey magic?

Oh... Ah!
Oh, you got a little salsa dance going?

Oh, look at these two lovebirds.
They're just dancing it out on the floor.

[group] The courage
to change the things we can.

And the wisdom to know the difference.

I see we have a new face.

-Would you like to introduce yourself?
-Hi, I'm Justin...

and I'm an addict.

[group] Hi, Justin.

[Kerba] Hey, Justin.

[indistinct chattering]

Didn't talk much tonight. [sighs]

Uh... Yeah, my shit's just...

kinda like... [chuckles]


It'll stay that way
if you keep it a secret.

I'll try, I promise.

Hey, you're already trying,
I can see that.

Just don't forget to be a kid too.

Isn't there a dance tonight?

Yeah, but it's almost over.

It's never too late.

[message alert pings]


["I'll Come Too" by James Blake plays]

♪ With you, with you, with you ♪

♪ I'm in that kind of mood ♪

♪ I'll go ♪

♪ Under your wing ♪

♪ I'll slot right in between... ♪

You, uh...

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

You look quite handsome.

You don't have to say that.

I look tired and messed up.

You look just as handsome
as the first day I met you.

I was tired
and messed up that day too.

♪ Oh, you're going to the brink? ♪

♪ I'm going there ♪

♪ Why don't I come with you? ♪

♪ You don't care what they think ♪

♪ I'm getting there ♪

♪ I could get there too ♪

♪ I'm gonna say what I need ♪

♪ If it's the last thing I do ♪

♪ I do, I do, I do ♪

♪ I'm in that kind of mood ♪

♪ I've thrown my hat in the ring ♪

♪ I've got nothing to lose ♪

♪ With you, with you, with you ♪

-♪ I'm in that kind of mood... ♪
-[cell phone vibrates]

[ominous music plays]

[breathing heavily]

Hello? Hello?

[distorted voice]
Having fun with your girlfriend?

Kiss her one more time
before it's too late.

[dial tone beeps]

Clay, what's going on?

-[breathing shakily]
-Just tell me.

Tell me, please.

-Because they told me not to say anything.
-OK, "they" who?

-I don't fucking know.
-But you trust them more than me?

No, I don't trust them, Ani.
That's fuck... That's crazy.

OK, then, why didn't you tell me?
How am I supposed to take care of it?

What if you can't take care of it?
What if there's nothing you can do?

And what if that's all we have?
Or ever had?

The fucking disaster,
and then cleaning it up.

What if there's no fixing it?
What do we have then, you and me?

What do you want, Clay?

I just want it to be over.

I wanna live a stupid, boring life,
and I wanna fucking sleep at night.

I do too, OK?


[cell phone vibrates]

Don't answer. Just don't, Clay.
Just let it be over, don't answer.

["All Da Way" by Allday plays]

[cell phone vibrates]


[distorted voice]
Get the fuck out of there, now.

♪ Not a dollar to my name ♪

♪ I just put an album out
And I don't wanna break ♪

♪ I came up outta nowhere
And I'm going all the way ♪

♪ This is for my brothers here
And brothers gone away ♪

["Maybe in the Summer" by SASSY 009 plays]

-[gasps] Oh, shit.

This is my song.

-Oh! [chuckles]
-Come on and dance.

You wanna dance?

OK, then let's dance!

-[both groan]

[both giggle]

Hey, guys.

I'm gonna grab you now, OK?

-[Zach groans]
-You good? Yeah?

-OK. Come on!


Dude, maybe you should sit this one out.

-What? What the fuck you talking about?
-Dude, seriously, there are, like,

two chaperones
with their eyes on you right now.

So what?
Are they gonna bust me for having fun?

-Don't fucking...

Don't fucking touch me.


You know, I think
you should take care of your own shit.

Your boy Clay is going a little crazy.

Your girl's making out with Diego.

Jess doesn't belong to me.

Well, then she belongs to Diego.

♪ Maybe in the summer, ah
I'll be clear ♪

Jess, what are you doing?

Excuse me.

No, this is not a good idea!

Really? Is he not good for me?

You know what I mean.

Bro, maybe you should walk away.

Bite your own dick off, bro.

Wow, that's...

Justin, get out, OK? What gives you
the right to walk in here like this?

Why are you doing this? Why him?

Maybe I'm lonely.
Do you have a cute comeback for that?

♪ Don't look out for me
Don't look out for me ♪

♪ Yeah, you underestimate
The fact that I was yours ♪

♪ And now I'm afraid to say... ♪

["Losing It" by FISHER plays]
♪ I'm losing it ♪

Everybody make some noise!

[yelling, cheering]

All right, you ready? Next track.
Here you go.

Oh, sorry, one second. Lemme...

Shit, I really gotta take this, I'm sorry.
Can you take over?



Shit, right now?

Fuck, OK. Um...

No. I'll be right there.

-Yeah. Bye.
-♪ Losing it ♪

Hey, I really gotta go take care
of something real quick.

But I'll be back, I think.

You think?

[suspenseful music plays]

Well, they keep asking me, checking on me.

They don't trust me at all.

Well, try to hold on, buddy.

I mean, in time,
they'll all know it's for the best.

You do still want to help us,
right, Tyler?

I don't have a choice.

You always have a choice.

[tense music plays]

[distorted voice]
Pretty serious back there with your girl.

Everything OK?

No, fuck you.

I'm here. I did everything you asked.
What now?

Now, we meet.

I mean, you do want to meet, don't you?

-What I want is Monty's phone.
-In the showers.

Come find me.

And don't hang up.

[ominous music plays]

Keep coming.

Don't be afraid...


Are you...

Are you here?

All the way in.

Now, imagine this.

You're in the county lockup,
accused of murder.

You know what that's like, right?

But this time, no one cares,
and no one believes you.

-You're all alone.
-[shower running]

One day, you take a shower,
you look down,

you see blood running down the drain.

Your own blood.

What the fuck?


Before you even feel the knife.

Wonder what your last thoughts might be?
I wonder what Monty's were.

I thought...

I thought you said we were gonna meet.

Go to the football field, now.

Don't hang around.

Doesn't look good for you, Clay,
at the scene of the crime.

[dial tone beeps]


[Clay coughs]

[screams] Help!

[panicked screaming]



-Is this OK?
-Yeah, it is. Um...

I just... I've never...

You know, I'm not really sure if I'm...


You're Alex, right?

Well, yeah.

[chuckles lightly]
That's all I care about.

You wanna stop?

[Clay] OK, I'm here.

Where the fuck are you?

Easy, tiger. You're almost there.

Meet me on the field.

That's it.

You're getting warmer.


I'm just ahead.

Ding, ding, ding.

You found me.

-[dial tone beeps]

Hello? Hello?

[breathing wheezily]

Oh, shit. Oh, God.

-Help me.
-Oh, shit.

OK. Uh... [gasps]

Oh, God. OK. Wait, let me see.

You gotta let me see, OK?

Oh, shit. Oh, fuck!

-Oh, my God!

It's OK. You're gonna be OK.
All right?


Somebody help!

-Oh, God!
-I don't... I don't wanna die.

You're not gonna die, OK?

It's gonna be OK.

I need to go get help.
Just put your hands here.

Apply pressure!

Don't leave me alone.

Monty, OK.

I don't wanna...

[strained gasping]

I'm right here. OK?


[whimpers] Monty?


Oh, God!


I'm sorry.

[sobs] I'm so sorry!

[Bryce] Wow.

Who's the monster now?

Am I right? [chuckles]

[snorts, sighs]

This does not look good for you, buddy.

But what are you gonna do?

Kill me now?

Jesus, put the fucking knife down, psycho.
It's over.

No, what... What's over?

Shit. [laughs]

Were you crying? Over that?

It's fucking fake, obviously,

so chill the fuck out,
and put the thing down.


Give me Monty's phone!

You mean this?

[breathing heavily]

[cell phone vibrates]

Give it.

This one?

Or that one?

[cell phone vibrates]

What the fuck?

We own you.

Anyone that freaks out like that
at a fucking prank,

that guy's hiding something.

We know you know something,
and this is just the beginning.

[ominous music plays]


[Clay] The truth is, you're right,
I have been in love before.

I've done a lot of what I've done out
of love, and where's it ever gotten me?

[footsteps receding slowly]

[Clay] Love has made me
angry, paranoid, afraid.

Love has made me a monster,
more than once.

["Maze" by Juice WRLD plays]
♪ Stuck in a maze ♪

♪ I'm not going in
My brain is going everywhere ♪

♪ I'm tormented every day
Mama, I'm losing my mental ♪

♪ The sorrows that I've been through
Story to be continued... ♪


What the fuck happened?

I don't know.

[Clay] Love has only fucked up my life,

has made me question my relationships,
my closest friends.

Jesus, Clay.

You're right.

I can't fix this.

[Clay] And God knows, love has made
my closest friends question me.

So you know what?

Fuck love.

["Riding" by ESKMO plays]

[Zach reads text]

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.