13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

[theme music plays]

[Clay] It comes down to one question.

Will you survive high school?

Will I survive?

'Cause I know too many people who didn't.

We have said too many goodbyes,

grieved too long.

Liberty High has endured enough traumas
and tragedy,

and the loss of another classmate
senior year...

is more than children should be asked
to bear, but Liberty is not alone.

Too many high schools today are forced
to reckon with tragedy.

Too many of our young people
are not making it to graduation,

and we are doing too little
to make change.

And we must ask
not only how we can make change,

but what we have done
to shape their world this way.

How are we responsible?

What burdens are we placing
on our young people?

What tools are we keeping from them?

How did we get here...


[distorted music plays]

[sleigh bells jingle]

[choir vocalizes]

[ominous music plays]

[music intensifies]

[gasping] What? What the...


Put your clothes on.

We gotta go.

Where are we going?

Monty, he's still alive.

[metal scraping, keys jingling]

[buzzer sounds]

[chains clinking]

[footsteps approaching]

[Monty] What?

What the fuck do you want?

Monty, we're sorry.

We didn't think this would happen.
We thought...

I mean, we thought you were dead.

-We didn't think that...
-You wanted to clear your name?

So you set me up for murder?

We were trying to protect someone else.
We thought you were gone.

They carried me out like I was,

but, you know, 200 stitches
and a few surgeries, and here I am.

-We can work this out.
-No, we can't fucking work it out!

I'm going away for life.
What the fuck are we going to work out?

Well, there'll be a trial,
and we can testify...

Guys like me, they don't get trials.
And what about Bryce?

What about Bryce?

-How does he get justice?
-Bryce hurt a lot of people.

Yeah, and you're no better than he is.

You fuck with whoever you want,
ruin people's lives.

Bryce was a fucking rapist,

and so were you.

[chuckles evilly]




[Clay] I've been having these...
bad dreams,

like, every night.


It's pretty messed up,
but I'm good at hiding shit, so...

I don't think my parents have noticed.

[Mrs. Jensen sighs]

Clay, honey, um, you sure you don't want
to come with us to the facility today?

Might be fun.

When is anything called a facility
ever fun? [chuckles]

-Justin might like to see you.

I'll see him at home...

at the party.

Clay, your, um, first-semester grades
came in yesterday.

-How do you have my grades?
-[Mrs. Jensen] The school email.

As always.



I didn't...

I didn't do too well on my finals.

-Which is understandable.
-We're going to talk to the school.

-We're going to talk to them

about some allowances
for what you've been through,

but... [sighs] ...Clay,

you need to be thinking about college.

Have you finished your apps?

[voice distorts] We just want you to feel
like you can come to us for anything,

but if you don't feel
like you can come to us for anything,

then I think we need to start thinking
about starting up again with Dr. Ellman.

-[Mrs. Jensen's voice echoes]

[Mr. Jensen] Shit!


So, Clay, what do you think?

[stutters] About what?

About seeing Dr. Ellman.


I don't know.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Clay] Here's the thing, I'm basically OK.


I mean, as OK as you can be
a month out from being in jail for murder.

[phone buzzing]

[Clay] Hey, Tyler.


Did they say why?

OK, hey, just listen.

Just calm down, breathe,
sit tight, and give me a few minutes.

[Clay] But then a friend needed me,
and it was like I was alive again.

My girlfriend, no.

She doesn't need me.

Well, I think she loves me,
or at least she likes me. I think.

[Ani] Hey!

Hey, you're early.

Nice to see you as well.

-What is it?
-I was...

I was hoping we could talk about...

us and everything.

OK, I gotta go.

I... I'm... Tyler got called in

-to talk to the sheriff.
-What the fuck?

He's alone at home. His parents
don't know. I gotta drive him.

-Does he think it's about Bryce?
-He doesn't know.

-I'm coming with you.

You should stay
and help Jess set up for the party,

or she'll freak out.

OK, are you freaking out?

No, I'm good. I'm...

-I'm totally good.
-Clay, look at me.

Look at me. Clay.

-This will be fine.
-Yeah. No, I know. I got this.

-[footsteps receding]
-[door opens, closes]

[Clay] Why do I take care of my friends?

Because they need me.

All right, just be calm
so you can think clearly.

If it gets rough, you stop them,
ask for a lawyer, and call me.

All right. Yeah, got it.

[inhales, exhales deeply]

Will you wait?

Of course.


-[door opens]
-[Tyler sighs]

Man, I thought this was over.

Me too.

[Tyler] Clay, why is this happening now?

I'm not sure...

but it's gonna be fine, OK?

You trust me, right?


[sighs, inhales, exhales deeply] OK.

[Clay] It's nothing in particular.
It's just high school nowadays.

You can never let your guard down
because it never fucking ends.

And friends have to rely on each other,
or bad shit might happen.

It smells like an ass wore shoes in here.

Like, ass shoes on a dead animal.

Is Clay all right?

Yeah... Yeah, he's fine.


Do you love him,
or are you just taking care of him?

Uh, don't we take care
of the people that we love?

I mean, he's been going through a lot.

[Jess] So you haven't told him
about Oakland.

Um... [Ani sighs]

Not yet.

I was meant to tell him today,

but we don't move
until after Christmas, so...

You've known for a week,

and you knew once you told him,
he'd go all Clay cray.


-No, I like Clay cray.
-OK, no.

Look. Honestly,
I was gonna tell him just now, but...

well, he had to take care of something.

-What, something about Justin?

All's good there.
He's still due home at four, so breathe.

[Clay] People have been relying on me,
so I gotta, like, be strong and stuff.

[tense music plays]

And the dreams, and anxiety and stuff,
makes me not strong.

[loud crash]

What the fuck?

[metal scraping]

-[ominous music plays]




[Monty giggles]

[yelling] Hey!

[pants heavily]



Hey, are you OK?

Yeah. Fine.

What happened?

They found the guns... [pants]

...in the river.


And they couldn't trace it
to anyone at first.

You know, there's no serial number,
no prints, but the bag...

they traced the bag
to the store I bought it from.

But I told them that I bought it,
but that someone else stole it from me.

And they believed you?

Well, Alex's dad was there.

He helped me out.

I think we're OK.


Let's keep this between you and me
for now.


-Yeah, for sure. Yeah. [sighs]

[Clay] I can't tell my friends anything
about what I'm going through

-because they count on me to be solid.
-[Jess] Car coming. Justin's here.

Come on, everyone, under the banner.
Let's go.

Jesus Christ, how fucking hard is it?
Under the banner. Let's go.

Hey, fucking smile, OK?

[door opens]


-Fuck's sake.

-Where's the cake?

I still need to get it.

All right, stand down.

[Clay] Things have been weird lately.

We got busy with finals,
then winter break.

We haven't exactly been hanging out.

[tires crunching gravel]

He's here!
Everyone under the damn banner. Come on.


[Tony inhales, exhales deeply]

[all] Welcome home!

Oh, I'm home! [mock shooting sounds]

No, I'm just kidding.
It's for Justin, I know.

You're late.

I know.

[Jess] And are you drunk?

I, uh...

may have pregamed.


Oh, my God.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

This is a dry party for a sober person.

Hey, get some mouthwash or something.
Come on.

-Oh, cookies!
-Chili powder, secret ingredient.

[Zach] Oh, so fucking good.

[door opens]

[Mrs. Jensen] We're here!

[Zach] Yeah!

Welcome home!


Hey, um...

welcome home. [chuckles]


Hope you kids brought your appetites.

Dig in!

What's up, man?

Hey, Jess.


He seems great, right?


[Clay] He's doing fine.

-Let's just talk about it later, OK?
-Are we screwed or not?

I don't think so,
but if people see us whispering,

I don't want to freak everybody out.

What the fuck is up with Tyler?

Jesus, what?

[Ani] So that's why we had Charlie
take Tyler home. Look...

I don't think we have much to worry about.


How do we know he told you the truth
about what happened with the cops?

Why would he lie?

To save himself.

Yeah, so I got him home safe.
He seemed pretty calm.

How the fuck is he calm?

Tyler doesn't want the truth to come out
any more than we do.

He did the best he could with the cops.
All things considered.

[Tony] Let's say he's telling the truth.

Just because he thinks he fooled the cops
doesn't mean he actually did.

-What if they're watching him now?
-What if they're watching all of us?

[Charlie] That's what I don't get.

Even if the cops didn't believe Tyler
about the guns,

how does that lead them to us
or anything about Bryce?

Tyler knows about Bryce.

Tyler's in trouble for the guns.

Tyler turns all of us in to save himself.

-He'd never do that.
-Are you sure?

Tyler called Clay when he needed help.
I think we can trust him.

Thanks, Cookies,
but it's not that fucking simple.

Some of us are accessories
after the fact to murder.

Hey, I planted evidence. I'm an accessory.

-We all are.
-Not me.

Alex, you know
Tyler wouldn't want to hurt you, right?

-Or any of us.
-[Tony] With all due respect,

you don't know him well enough
to say that.

Actually, I feel like I do.

I mean, us three, we've been hanging out,
like, every night. He's our friend.

I believe Tyler.

So does that mean that we do nothing?

There's nothing we can do.

So I say fuck it.

Just let it play out.

[inhales deeply] It's out of our hands.

Jesus, Zach, dry out.

Alex, you could talk to your dad.

Get a feel for whether or not
the cops actually bought Tyler's story.

-I could try.
-You guys, stop.

We can't suddenly be going around
asking questions.

Clay's right, we have to act normal.

[Clay] Everyone just needs to stay calm,

keep their shit together,
and do not do anything stupid.

OK? Look, Ani and I, we'll handle this.

[Clay] I wanted people to listen to me.

Ever since Hannah and the tapes,

I wanted people to wake up
and pay attention.

Well, I guess I have their attention now.

["For a While" by Fenne Lily plays]
♪ Leaving it all unsaid ♪

♪ Keeping it quiet instead... ♪


-Where's Clay?
-We have a new system.

Kind of like
a sock on the door type of thing.

So I can finally do this.

-Jess, wait.

What do you think I've been doing
for the last month?

But I can't...

do this. I...

I can't be in a relationship.

You're not serious.

I have to make myself...

[sighs] my...

my sobriety...

the priority right now.

It can be my priority too.

I can help you.
We can figure this out together.

It doesn't work like that.

This, us...

it's not good for me.

-I'm not good for you?
-This isn't about you.

-It's about me.
-Kind of always is, isn't it?

I'm sorry.



Merry Christmas.

[door opens, closes]


[indistinct chattering]

-Hey, Andy.

The Standall session with the Achola girl
the day before Thanksgiving.

There's no tape.

No, he didn't think
anything was gonna turn out, so...

They were in there for five hours.
He didn't turn on the camera? His phone?

[chuckles, stutters]

Just the written statement,
as far as I know.

You want me to grab Bill when he comes in?

I mean, he's got a memory
like a fucking sponge.

No, thank you. It's not important.

I'll just...
I'll pick his brain when he comes in.

[suspenseful music plays]

[knocking, door opens]

Morning, buddy.

Merry Christmas.

You ready to come down
and, uh, open some presents?

Yeah, sorry, I'll be right there.

Just don't take too long, though.
Your mom made breakfast. Yeah.

[Alex] Hey, Dad?

I heard about Tyler.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Bill sighs]

What'd you hear?

-He said everything was fine.
-And it is.

OK, that's not something
you have to worry about.

You kids just keep doing
what you're doing.

Let's just try to enjoy Christmas.
Can you do that for me?

[woman] Winston,
can we please allow the maid in here?

The dust is biblical.

I get one private room per the agreement,
which you are currently sort of violating.

I heard back from my friend at Cho.

They'll take you spring semester,
no questions asked.

No questions except:
"When are you sending the check?"


[tense music plays]

I'll be fine going to Liberty.

As public schools go, it's not the best.

I know a few people there. [sighs]

It'll be nice to get closer to them.

[Winston's mom sighs]

[door closes]

[Justin] Holy shit!

-Sorry, but these are the brand-new ones!
-[Mrs. Jensen giggles]

Pre-loaded with all the hot apps.

I had a Mac Genius help me.

-Merry Christmas.

-["Silent Night" plays]
-Thank you, guys. Merry Christmas.

You guys really went all-out.

Well, it was Justin's first holiday
with us, so...

And now we're broke,
so that's it till college.

Actually, there is one more... thing.

Honey, we were on a budget.

Oh, I know,
this is just a little surprise. Go on.

Oh, is this the picture
we took on Thanksgiving?

Yeah, it turned out pretty good, right?
Given everything.

Uh, I love it. [chuckles]

As requested, a picture of the four of us.

[Mrs. Jensen chuckles]

[Mr. Jensen]
Well, let's go find a place to put it.

[Clay] The truth is, this kind of thing
has been happening for a while.

It started after Hannah died, off and on,

but then in the van
on the way to county jail,

it was like this weight crushing me.

[distorted sounds swell]

[echoing] Hey, you OK?

[Clay pants]

Yeah, no, I'm fine. I, um...

I think I just stood up too fast.

[Clay] It's like I can't breathe,

like my heart's gonna beat out
of my chest, like... I'm gonna die.

[ominous music plays]


you should move in here.

Sorry, uh...

what? [chuckles]

Well, my mom and my brothers leave
the day after tomorrow.

Her job starts on the 28th,
so they're in Seattle for good,

and my dad's transfer won't go through
for at least six months,

so we're keeping the house.

Empty bedroom.

But I can't just move in.

Oh, my dad would love to have you here.

-He thinks you're a good influence on me.
-[Ani laughs]

Oh, well, that's sweet...

...though misguided.

Don't think my mother would approve.

Well, you won't know until you ask, right?

I sort of think I do.

Look, I don't have anyone.

Come on, what would I do without you?

I don't know, um...

not strip naked at football games
or go to sex shops.

Is this what you do?

Just come in
and save everyone's lives and leave?

Like you're some superhero
who's, like, above it all.


I need you.

Clay does.

Ani, we all do.

So you just talked, mostly, in rehab?

Yeah, I mean,
after all the puking and the night sweats.

-Yeah, I remember it well.

Yeah, we mostly just...
did a lot of talking.

And, like...

projects and hikes.

[sighs] Did you... talk about Bryce?

Yeah, I mean, I...

I had to.

Just not about that.

Just about the...

the kind of person he was...

to me,

and him being gone, so...

So the...

the talking, it...

it helped?

I think so.

I hope so.

So, anyway, as I said,

these boxes will be gone
in a couple of days.

Then we can redecorate,
whatever the girls would like to do.

We want it to feel like home.

[Ani] So, Mum?

What do you think?

I think it still feels very sudden.

It is, but like we talked about,

this way I can finish my senior year
at Liberty with my friends,

and then I can come see you
on weekends, right?

-You won't.
-[Ani] Yes, I will!

I promise.

You have to check in daily.

-And she'll have a curfew?

Oh, absolutely.

Same as Jessica. Home by ten.




Colonel, I'll need your contact details
in case of emergency.

Aye, aye, Captain.

Just right this way.

[Jess] It'll be fucking great.
I'm so sick of boys.

I mean, for me.
You and Clay, that's great.

And now you don't have to do
the long-distance. Huge relief, right?

No, right, that's...


You won't even have to tell him
that you were gonna leave.

Sorry, um... where are we exactly?

Oh, Dad used to take us here for cookouts.

And we're here now because...

To deal with this.

Is that Bryce's?

Last remaining copy in the wild.

Jess, what are you doing?

Starting a fire.

Are you sure?

It's his last words.

Did you want to hear them again?


No, of course not.

[Ani sighs]

[Jess sighs]

Toast? To Bryce?

No, thank you.

You wanted to leave, didn't you?

To get away from all of this?

I didn't want to.

Then why didn't you tell anyone?

I told you.

[flames roar]

[shrieking, sobbing]


[Jess pants] Oh, fuck!


So, everything still good?

With Tyler?

[Clay] Yeah. I spoke to him every day
over break. Story hasn't changed.

What does Alex say?
Does his dad think that...

What the hell?

[students exclaim in shock]

[guard] All right. Go ahead, step through.
Backpacks on the table, please.

What the actual fuck?

-Keep coming.
-Don't lose your shit.

Well, I haven't lost it yet, have I?

-[guard] Have your backpacks off.

[guard] Your bag, please.

[scanner buzzes]

Backpack on the table.

Knock yourself out.

[scanner buzzes]

-[scanner beeps rapidly]
-[Jess sighs]

-Please step aside for a screening.
-It's probably the metal wire in my bra.

We'll see.

Step aside for a pat-down.

I sure as shit hope
you have a female officer to do it,

'cause you and your boys
aren't putting that anywhere near my body.

[guard] Young lady,

step aside now.

[chuckles lightly]


Hey! Get back here!

[Ani sighs heavily]

Think it's a coincidence
the school installed metal detectors

less than two weeks
after the cops talked to Tyler?

Bureaucracies don't move that fast,
like, ever.

They know. They have to know.

or the school's just covering its arse

after being ground zero
for a high-profile murder investigation.

[Clay sighs]

Just take your own advice:

-stay calm.
-[breathes deeply]

[school bell rings]

[Jess] I'm not gonna apologize.

If you're gonna turn Liberty
into a full-on police state,

then at least show your female students...

Police state's a strong word.

Then at least show your female students
some respect

by hiring actual female officers
to do the so-called screenings.

You're absolutely right, Ms. Davis.

Uh... you have my sincere apology.

-I do?
-And moving forward,

I'd love to get your input
as we implement these new measures.

[chuckles] You're trying to keep me quiet.

Oh, when have I ever been able
to keep you quiet?

Look, we want the same thing.

To make kids feel safe, to protect them.

You believe me, don't you?

-I guess.
-Then will you help me?

Help you how?

Tell me the truth in confidence,

and if there's anything
that you're worried about,

if you see anything going on,

you come to me first.

[Clay] The future fair.

They changed it from college fair

because there's this new thing
that not all kids should go to college,

and they threw in, like, clubs and firemen
just so no one felt left out.

Look, it's all a fucking joke.
This planet has no future.

So Bolan didn't reprimand you?

He just wanted a chat?

Crazy, right?

What, and he didn't ask you for anything
or to do anything?

Or not do?



Good turnout this year, right?

Is it? [scoffs]

[suspenseful music plays]

[Ani] I, uh...

I'll be right back.

Where are you going?

[Jess] Ani!

Hi, um, I'm Estella.

I know who you are.



I just wanted to say
I really admire what you're doing.

Trying to change the culture
of the school?

Oh... thanks.

[Estella] I know you've been through
some shit, and you're so strong.

I guess I'm just asking if I can join HO.

And I know because of everything,
it's really complicated,

but I'd like to join,

if that's OK with you?

Of course.

Of course you can join.
It's a safe space for everyone.


Well, have you thought
about the service academies?

It's a great four-year education.

Nah, just enlisting.

Look, I think any of the services
would be lucky to have you as an officer

after you graduate college,

but just enlisting
after you finish high school

is a waste of your gifts.

That's a good point.

I don't know, we'll see.

-[recruiter] Think about it.
-[Zach] Appreciate that.

-Community college?
-Consider it a stepping stone.

After a year,
you can transfer someplace else.

[scoffs] Well,
I appreciate the thought, really,

but I don't really think I'm...
college material.

Too bad. I was told you were the type
never to run away from a fight.

Not too bad,

but I'm kind of a Nikon Nazi,
and all you got here are 5Ds, so...

I don't really think I could partake.

-[shutter clicks]

[chuckles] I'm kidding.


Hey, you were at the homecoming game,
right? November?

God, I was there for Hillcrest yearbook.

Oh, yeah, right.
I thought I recognized you. It's, um...

-Winston, right?

Pretty wild night, right?

-I'm sure you got some good stuff.

-[Tyler] Hey, Ani!

Uh... Sorry. Winston,
this is my friend Ani. Ani, Winston.

Yes, we just met, actually.

Hey, Ani.

Winston, you wanted me
to introduce you to the Mathletes?

Right, sure. Yeah.

[Winston chuckles]

Catch you around.

[Justin] Where are all the nerds?

Thought you guys were saving the future.

You know what? I may or may not
have been telling people

that there, in fact, is no future, so...

What's that?

Uh... It's... Dr. Singh.

Guess she heard
that there's an admissions officer

that was interested in me?

At Occidental?

They liked my essay.

I guess if you have, like,
life circumstances

and a good story or whatever.

it's not like I'm gonna get in, so...

don't worry.

Why would I worry?

You should go if you can,
it's a great school.

[Ani] What do you mean you go here now?

I transferred.

[Ani] Why?

I got expelled.

That kid Bryan Chu got caught
hacking the school servers

and ratted us all out
to save his sorry little ass, so...

bye-bye, Hillcrest and Princeton.


[Winston] It's kind of a relief, really.
Getting caught.

I don't have to live
with that secret anymore, you know?

That shit can kill you.

[sighs] Besides,
I think it's growing on me. Liberty.

I think I could make a future
for myself here.

We can contain this.

Nobody here even knows who Winston is.

Except Alex.

Who we absolutely shouldn't tell.

I don't get it.

Monty beat the shit out of him.
Why would Winston go back?

Fuck if I know.

Why would Jess go back with Justin?

All I know is
that they were together that night.

So then, why hasn't he done anything yet?
Why aren't we all in jail already?

Maybe he doesn't have any proof.

Maybe that's why he's here.

To get proof.


-And you said everything was handled.
-You said that Tyler's guns were handled.

They are.

But you don't really believe that, do you?

You knew about this since Thanksgiving,
and you're telling me now?

I was hoping it would go away.

Why didn't you tell me
you were moving to Oakland?

What the fuck?
Why don't you tell me anything?

Because you were falling apart.
Because you were a fucking mess.

Well, I'm fine now.

I'm fine.


[distorted sounds]

[exhales] I, um...

I gotta...


[gasps, sighs with relief]

[Luke] We had 'em made for today.

-[Luke] No, you gotta put it on.

-Maybe later.
-[jock] Come on, Estella.

You gotta wear it.
It's the only tribute he's gonna get.

It's sweet, guys, but...

-I'm just gonna wear it at home.
-No, you gotta wear it now.

It's for today.

Come on, guys,
she doesn't want to wear it.

Of course she wants to wear it.
It's her brother.

Unlike you, she's sad that he's dead.

Yeah, I'm sure she is,

but I don't think
you get to say how she feels.

Or how I feel.

So, maybe back off.

That's right.

She's my sister.

Now back off.

All you guys.

Or what? [sighs]

[suspenseful music plays]

Fucking take those jerseys off.
You're honoring a fucking rapist.

Fuck you, Jensen.
He took the fall for you, man.

No way did he kill Bryce.

Everyone knows that.


[Luke] You're the real criminal.

-[jock] What the fuck are you doing?

[students clamoring]

[girl shrieks]

Get the fuck off me!

[jock grunts]

So much for staying calm.

SROs think they started it.

They're getting detention, not me.

Oh, that's lovely.

What happened
to not doing anything stupid?

You heard what they were saying,

that he was innocent,
that we covered up Bryce's murder.

-What if they know?
-They're just making things up

'cause they don't want to believe
Monty would kill Bryce.


what happened?

Even before the fight...

you... went away.


So basically,
the darkroom is first come, first served.

Um... unless you're on a deadline,
and then you get priority.

-Dude, these are really good.

For a yearbook layout, or...

student leaders?

No, uh...

those are for a thing I did
with my friends.

For an exhibit.

You're friends with Ani and Clay?


Wait, do you know them?

Uh... sort of.

Ani showed me around the future fair,
and I saw Clay on the news last semester.

OK, well, don't believe the news,

'cause Clay's a really great guy.

I mean, he's always been there for me,

and Ani too.

Hey, could I borrow
the last couple of years' yearbooks?

I want to get a sense
of your style and formatting.

Yeah, of course.

These are the last couple of ones
I've worked on.

-Of course.


Is it true he took on, like, a dozen guys?

He was just pissed off.

He must have been mental.

Yeah, well,
we're all dealing with our own shit.

-Are you dealing with it? 'Cause...

...you seem, like, not the slightest bit
bothered by anything.

Well, isn't that
how we're supposed to be acting? Normal?

You said we should be the kind of friends
that tell each other stuff.

Well, there's nothing to tell ya.

[sighs] Look... it's either bullshit
from the football team,

or somebody actually might know something.

Either way,

we can't do anything about it, right?

So what does it matter?

It matters to me.

[Zach] Let's go!

Do something.

[engine starts]

[engine revs]

Tony. Tony!

-Hey, hold on. Can you hold on a minute?

Hey, let's talk.

There's nothing to talk about.
Last appeal denied. We're fucking done!

"We regret to inform you that
Arturo Padilla's application for EB5 Visa

has been denied
due to insufficient proof of funds."

-But we can line up more money.
-They said no, Caleb,

after all that hard work.

Come on, Tony.

There must be something we can do.
An appeal or something.

You just don't get it, do ya, huh?

The only way my family is coming back now
is... [speaks Spanish]

...to hire a fucking coyote.

-Can you imagine my mother...

Why the fuck not?
Probably gonna go to jail anyway.

What? Why would you say that?

That pro-am league you fought in,
was there an entrance fee?


-You're not fighting.
-Why not?

-I got nothing to lose.
-Tony, come on.

[thud resonates]

You expect us to believe you got that
from an accident in gym class?

I have really bad hand-eye coordination.
You know this.

Justin, were you present
for this sports-related injury?

He got in a fight.


-Who did you get in a fight with?

No one.

A few guys on the football team.


It was nothing, stupid.
I don't need anything.

Really? Nothing?

[Clay sighs]

Since when do you start the fight?

[spoon clinks on bowl]

[Mrs. Jensen sighs]

[distorted laughter]

Clay! Clay!



You graduated.

Hey, man, you don't look so good.

Come on, let's get you some water.

[suspenseful music plays]

You can't save everyone.

You can try.

You have to put your own mask on first.


[exhales sharply]

Dude, you have been...

talking in your sleep all night.

And screaming.

At some point, isn't it, like...

enough is enough?

What are you trying to be?


Not insane.

What about you?

[Clay] See...

I never used to care about my dreams,


I guess I didn't have dreams
about anything that mattered.

What do you mean, "mattered"?

Like, related to anything.

[Ellman] What are these dreams related to?

Are they related to the panic attacks?

When we first met all those years ago,

you were having nightmares.

I've had panic attacks,

or something like that,

since the fourth grade.

And I never told anyone,

and now...

they're getting worse.

[inhales deeply] And I...

I guess that's why I'm here again...

to be more in control.




Does anyone have control of everything?

I guess I mean I just need...

I need to be calm.

Do you have reasons not to be?


Such as?

You know, like, school...

[breathes deeply]

...friendships, and parents and...

Are those things
you feel the need to control?

[Clay] Yes.



I need...


...I need to control myself.

Why? What happens
if you can't control yourself?


I might...

People might get hurt.

I might let people down.

[somber music plays]

[Clay] When I lose control, it's not good.

It's ugly.

You have to let go
of the shit you can't control,

or it will kill you.

You have to make yourself forget.

Am I helping you to forget?



-Oh, shit!


[both breathe heavily]

[Zach laughs]



-Wow, uh...

Wait. Shit. I'm so sorry.

No! Alex, no, seriously, man. Look, um...

[Alex sighs]

I don't...

-Uh, I mean, I'm not into guys. Girls, I...
-I know.

["Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea"
by Missio plays]

Listen, man, I, um...

You know that I care about you, right?

No matter what. Always.

-You hearing me?

Yeah. I should go.

No! Come on.
We're hanging out tonight. Seriously.

[Zach giggles]

[Clay] I don't know
who catches me if I fall.

Holy shit. [giggles]

[Clay] I don't know who I can trust,

and I've done some bad shit.

All right, good night.

[clears throat] Good night.

Hey, this Tyler Down kid.

You really think he can help us?


Yeah, I do.

Why don't you know who you can trust?

You know, I mean, 'cause, uh...

'cause it's high school.

That's a very non-specific answer
from a very specific young man.

Clay, we talked about this
when you were in middle school.

The body's incredibly intuitive.

It will create
all kinds of physical stimuli

that force you to address
a psychological problem.

These things you're feeling,

they're your mind telling you
to pay attention.

[tense music plays]

Are you ready to pay attention?


["Harm" by IO Echo plays]
♪ Come, turning truth to suit the need ♪

♪ That nothing that you did meant ♪

[laughter inside house]

♪ Dread is never far, far away ♪

♪ From the ones who best hide it ♪

[Bryce] And I didn't care how you felt.

Justin tried to stop me.

I wish I could tell you
that there was a tiny voice in my head

telling me that what I was doing to you
was wrong, but there wasn't.

I never had one of those before.

That's not an excuse, it just is.

I raped Hannah Baker.

I raped seven or eight other girls.

Some of them were my girlfriends
at the time.

I'm broken. I know that.

I'm a person in 1,000 pieces,

but I'm seeing a counselor.

It's a long, hard process, but...

little by little,
you start picking up the pieces.

And the more pieces you put together,
the more you see yourself.

[Clay] What the...

[breathing heavily]


[panting, grunting]

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, hold up! Hey, what the fuck?

[Mrs. Jensen] Clay? Clay!

-Clay, are you OK?
-Uh, yeah.

Hey, Mom, I'm fine.


[Clay] Yeah, I'm so not fine.

["Fear for the Future"
by St Vincent plays]

[Clay reads text]

♪ ...I'll run for you ♪

♪ Run for me too ♪

♪ When the war rose and fell ♪

♪ And the oceans are swell ♪

♪ I'll run for you ♪

♪ Run for me too ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Just give me an answer ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Now I need an answer ♪

♪ I won't be gone with the goners ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Just give me the answer ♪

♪ I fear ♪

♪ The future ♪

♪ When the club come and go ♪

♪ To the top of your skull ♪

♪ I'll run for you ♪

♪ What can I do? ♪

♪ When the war start anew ♪

♪ In our bed, in our room ♪

♪ I'll come for you ♪

♪ Come for me too ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Just give me the answer ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Now I need an answer ♪

♪ My baby's lost to a monster ♪

♪ Come on, sir
Just give me the answer ♪

♪ I fear ♪

♪ The future ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.