13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's On Your Side - full transcript

Mr. Porter interviews students about Clay, who pleads his innocence to Mrs. Walker. Learning Porter counseled Bryce, Clay and Ani question his motives.

Are you...

afraid of me?

- Seriously?
- Clay...

What do you think I might do, huh?

- And you were searching my room, for what?
- I don't know.

Why were you asking around about me today?

Why didn't you tell me about that night?

With Bryce...

and the gun?

It was a stupid mistake,
and nothing happened.

What about Hannah?
You never told me about her.

Why would I? There's plenty of shit
you didn't tell me!

You really hated Bryce!

Yeah, I did.
I told you that. Multiple times!

You hated him enough
to point a gun at him.

- Uh-huh. Keep going.
- Why does nobody know where you were

on Homecoming night?

Jesus, how many people did you ask?

Justin said that you got in at 1:30,

Tyler said that you dropped him off
at 11:00.

- That's two and a half hours!
- You did a fucking timeline?

- Where were you?
- I was driving around!

Okay? Trying to clear my head!

Until 1:30 in the morning?

Yeah, my fucking heart was broken!

Just don't...

Don't shout at me.

You think I killed him?

I don't want to.

You think I could do something like that?

That I could... I could kill a person?

A human being?

I don't know.

Get the fuck out of here.




I was terrified.

I thought I knew him best.

But when I walked out that door...

I wasn't sure I ever did.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I had never met Kevin Porter.

Thank you for coming to meet me.
I thought it was safer than the house.


I have an appointment
with Sheriff Díaz this morning.

- I see.
- They want me to come in on background.

And I wanted you to know,
so you didn't think...

so you knew that...

what went on between you, me and Bryce...

I won't say a thing about that.

I wish you wouldn't.

- They're looking at Clay Jensen.
- They are?

- Wow.
- He always hated Bryce.

Threatened him
on more than one occasion.

There's quite a case to be made.

Perhaps you can help them make it?

But Kevin Porter knew Clay well.

So, you didn't see Bryce after that?

- Over the summer, this fall?
- No.

You had no contact with him at all?

No. No contact at all.

Never went over to his new house?

Threatened him again?

- No.
- Can you think of any other reasons

why the police would suspect you?

It's Mrs. Walker, she's out to get me.

Look, you have to believe me.
I didn't do anything.

Clay, we believe you. We just...

The more we know,
the better we can protect you.

There's nothing to know.

Dennis has agreed to represent you.

He started out in the PD's office.
He knows criminal defense.

- I'm not a criminal.
- We know.

Clay, we need to take action.
We need to protect you.

- So, what... what can I do?
- Nothing.

Dennis was very clear about that.

You don't wanna give the police or Mrs.
Walker anything they can use against you.

And we'd like you to see Dr. Ellman.

- Why?
- Just to check in. This is a tricky time.

It might be useful to... talk it through.

So, you think I'm, like, crazy?

- We don't.
- Mental illness might come up.

We don't! We just thought
it might be worth talking to him.

Right now, you boys have to get to school.

I wasn't sure
anyone truly knew Clay at all.

All I'm saying is
your folks are doing the right thing.

You need a lawyer,
even if you didn't do anything. Trust me.

What's it like?

- In juvie?
- Dude, you're not going to juvie.

No, I'm an adult.

Clay, you just got to chill out.
Just a little bit.

- It's going to work out.
- Like it did for you?

I have to go talk to Mrs. Walker.

- Why... why the fuck?
- At the sheriff's station

the first time,
I could tell her the truth to her face.

Your mom literally just said
do not do anything suspicious.

She also thinks I'm a crazy person.

I feel like you going to talk
to Mrs. Walker right now

kind of supports that theory.

They're getting me a lawyer
because they had to take action.

That's what she said.

Same for me.



Though we all knew
he didn't always make the best choices.


What are you doing here?

I'm actually...

If you're looking for my daughter,
she's at school,

where I think you should be.

No. I mean,

yes, I should, but...

I came to see Mrs. Walker.

She's not home.

Let him in.


stalking in our driveway wasn't enough?

You want to add trespassing to the list?

Mrs. Walker, I just...
I thought maybe we could talk.

I'm guessing
your parents don't know you're here.

- No.
- What exactly do you want to talk about,

- Clay?
- When we spoke at the police station,

you said Bryce had hurt me,

that we didn't get along.

And you were right, I hated Bryce.

But I didn't want him dead.

But you threatened to kill him.

Look, when you told me
he might be hurt, I...

Yeah, I hoped that was true.

Because he'd hurt so many people
in my life,

and if he was gone, I...

Maybe the hurting would... would stop.

And I...

I'm sorry your son is dead.

He was a human being
and he didn't deserve to die.

But you have to believe me,
I didn't kill him.

Mr. Chatham, please!
You have to eat your breakfast.

Will you excuse me?

One moment.

Don't fuck shit up
'cause you're still in love with her!

You have no idea

- what you're talking about!
- She's fucking scared of you, Alex.

What, so she sent you
to fight for her, man? Fuck that!

All right, Roid Monster!

- Take a fucking breath.
- Yeah,

I'm the monster.
What are you on today, Justin?

- Does she even know?
- Know what? Just move on.

- Just leave her alone and move on.
- Why, so you can let her get raped again?

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!

Hey, guys. Guys! Stop it! Stop!

What the fuck?

- Morning.
- Good morning, doc.

Thanks for coming down.

- Holy shit.
- Let's go right in.

What the fuck is he doing here?

Mr. Porter knew Clay's secrets.

Mr. Porter knew what Clay could do
at his very worst.

The superintendent indicated

he'd prefer it be done
with minimum disruption to the school day.

Yes, well, we're very happy
to cooperate, Sheriff.

We're just less interested
in exposing ourselves to the...

- liability of a former employee.
- Mr. Porter's here

as a friend of the department.

If you'd be more comfortable,
we could take the kids downtown

one at a time.

You'll be reading these kids their rights,

We'll let them know
that they're not under arrest

or even obligated to speak.

All right. I'm going to have
Vice Principal Childs join you,

'cause I'm needed off-campus.

Look, I'm telling you,
it was Porter with the Sheriff.

- Why the hell would he come back here?
- It's got to be about Bryce, right?

What if he knows about me somehow?

How could he? It has to be about Bryce.

Miss Adams?

Tyler Down is needed
in the Principal's office.

If this is about you
and they're starting with him...

We're all fucked.

Thanks for sending Justin
to smack me down.

Oh, my God.
I didn't send Justin to do anything.

Look, I'm sorry about yesterday.


Porter's here with the Sheriff.

Wait, who?


Counselor Porter? What the fuck?

- Why?
- It's got to be about Bryce, right?

But what would he know?

A lot about last year.
Didn't you talk to him about shit?

Not really.

Hey, Tyler. It's good to see you.

Come in and have a seat.

Should my parents be here?

Well, that's not necessary, Tyler.

It's nothing to worry about,

- we just want to have a conversation.
- About what?

Well, you're not obligated
to answer any questions

and we're not holding you.

We just want to ask you a few questions
about Clay Jensen.

Porter was part of the Hannah story.

A story I had just heard...

starring a Clay who was nothing
like the one I used to know.



So... because we can't kiss
that also means we can't talk?

Well, we're not... not talking.

We're not not not talking.

So, we are talking?


- Look, I have an exam in the next hour.
- Two minutes.

- Can we talk later?
- No.

Because you always say that, and it's
never later. Just 60 seconds. Time me.

Time me, starting...


Okay. Look, I get it.
It was a one-time thing.

You were momentarily overcome
by my natural powers of attraction,

and honestly, I don't blame you,
but we can get past it.

We can go back to us pre-kiss.

I can go back to not wanting to kiss you.

I didn't even know I wanted to kiss you
until you kissed me.

Or I kissed...

Or until there was a kiss between us.

Whatever. And that's over,
and I no longer want to kiss you


clearly we work better as friends.
Much better. And...

The thing is, I miss my friend.

My awesome, nerdier than me,

possibly even smarter than me,
very much platonic friend.

I'm sorry.

You're right.
I've been pretty... distant lately.

I've just been really busy
helping my mum out at the house.

So, it's not, like, in the main house?

Well, only in the kitchen.

My mum had to take on some extra duties,
so I've been pitching in.

- So you do see Bryce sometimes?
- No, not really.

Not that often.


Well, it's just the other day
when I dropped you off,

it seemed like he knew you.

Well, he knows who I am.

We've met.


So, yeah.

I don't really want to speak to you
probably ever again, but...

you should probably see this.

- What is it?
- A letter.

From Mrs. Walker to her son

saying that she hates him
and that she'd be better off without him.

Clay, you don't actually think
Mrs. Walker has anything to do with this?

It's all in there. And it makes
perfect sense when you think about it.

Parents are always the first suspects,

but no one looked at Mrs. Walker
because, well, she's Mrs. Walker.

That's why she's had it out for me
this whole time.

She's trying to pin this whole thing
on me.

- Where did you get this?
- From her desk.


- When?
- This morning.

Clay, you went to...

Are you serious?

- Did my mum see you?
- She answered the door.

I told her I was there
to talk to Mrs. Walker.

Do you have any idea
the trouble you've made for me?

I'm sorry,
I'm about to go to jail for murder.

Can we save the cultural ramifications
of us knowing each other

until after I'm out from under this...

Okay, it's not a cultural thing, Clay!
My mum sat there with the police

and I said I didn't know you,
wasn't caught up with you.

So, that's your story now?
That you don't know me?

What's your story about Bryce?

You never went into the main house?
Your mother kept you apart?

- You're this sheltered little girl...
- You're being crazy!

You've been lying to everybody.
You fucked him!

What did or did not go on
between me and Bryce,

it does neither of us any good
if the whole bloody world knows.

Calm the fuck down!

Zach Dempsey, you're wanted in the office.
Get your things.

The Sheriff's in Bolan's office right now
with our old counselor Mr. Porter,

who I know is going to tell them
that I'm unstable

and that I act out when I'm angry.

And he's pulling in every one
of my friends to back him up.

I do not have time to calm the fuck down.

You're either with me or against me.

Mrs. Walker didn't kill her son.

How do you know?

Tell me, Ani. How do you know?

Clay was grasping for straws,

behaving like a desperate man.

And desperation is dangerous.

When Clay found out that you were
in a relationship with Hannah,

- did he confront you?
- Uh, I guess.

You guess?

Yes. Yeah.

So what happened?


well, he yelled at me,
but I totally deserved it.

Right, and when he yelled at you,
did he threaten you?

- No.
- Did he attack you?


All right, did he ever apologize?

No disrespect, Mr. Porter,
but why are you asking me this?

I'm just trying
to help the Sheriff understand

everything that happened here
over the past year.

With Hannah?
With what happened to her?

And how that impacted Clay.

Clay and I, we're not friends, really,

and there's a lot of stuff
that we don't agree on,


I respect him.

He is a good person

and he always tells the truth.

So, no...

I didn't need him to apologize to me,
because he was right.

I mean, look, it's high school.

It's hard to know who's on your side.
Even on a good day.

You remember in the audio

when Clay goes over
to Bryce's house to buy drugs?

He was lying. Clay doesn't do drugs.

You never saw Clay use drugs?

All right. In the tape,
he confronts Bryce,

accuses him of sexual assault.

Yeah, which was true. Bryce raped Hannah.

Then it sounds like
Clay escalated the conflict

by throwing the first punch?

Clay didn't go there for revenge.

He allowed himself
to get the shit beat out of him

so we would know the truth,
and I admire him for that.

For taking justice into his own hands?

Alex, he could've gone to an adult.

Hannah went to an adult!

Clay knew
that no one would believe Hannah

unless Bryce confessed.

It was never about hurting Bryce,
it was about justice for Hannah.

I thought Clay was just spinning.

Until I saw the Mr. Porter
they were talking about.

Bryce! Bryce...

You are out of your mind.

You choked me in the boys' room.
You fucking choked me!

I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable? Motherfucker!
You were out of your fucking mind!

Watch your language, young man.

- Fuck this!
- Hey, Bryce.


Mrs. Walker, due respect, I...

I don't think that this was the best idea.

Please, Kevin. I don't know
what else to do at this point.

I'm at my end.

Well, I feel like it could get ugly.

Maybe it has to.

And that changed everything.

Clay released the tapes,

Bryce got off...

Porter got fired.

Porter was part of the damage done.

- He was hurt.
- Hey, Tyler.

Like so many were.

The man in Bolan's office
with the Sheriff,

that's the Mr. Porter
you were talking about?

Yes. Why?

I know him. He's been to the house.

He and Bryce argued.

I believe... I believe Bryce said
something about the man choking him.

And then Bryce left,

and he, Mr. Porter, said to Mrs. Walker,
"It could get ugly."

- What could get ugly?
- I don't know.

Ani, Porter's in there
trying to bring me down.

- Can you remember anything else?
- Or maybe there's more at the house?

Clay, I can't... I can't
just go looking around.

Yeah, right. No, I know.

Your mom, the house...

But you did manage to fuck Bryce
at the house, right?

Was he grasping at straws?

Suspecting Mr. Porter or Mrs. Walker?

Didn't you take a look at them, too?

You're not obligated to answer
any questions and we're not holding you.

We just want to ask you a few questions
about Clay Jensen.

And Tyler Down.

- Okay.
- Are you still friends with Tyler?

- Not really.
- Why not?

I don't know. He changed.

We just... drifted apart.

Changed how?

I don't know exactly.

Then what can you tell us
about Clay Jensen?

He's a good guy.

He's always been really nice to me.
Feels responsible for people.

And he wants to do the right thing.

Tell me about that fight in the hall
last semester.

I started that fight, not Clay.

Bryce lied in court about Hannah.

- And did that make you angry?
- Yes.

- And did it make Clay angry?
- We were all angry.

Things just got out of hand.

Do you think
that Clay took that opportunity

- to attack Bryce?
- No.

He was beating the shit out of me.
Clay tried to pull him off, to protect me.

It feels like Clay went after Bryce
more than once

- in the past year?
- Didn't you?

- We're not talking about me.
- Maybe we should be.

Well, maybe we should be
telling the truth about Clay

and how he brought you back to Evergreen
against your will.

No, he got me off the streets.

He took revenge on Tyler, on Courtney.

No, he tried to get people
to own up to what they did.

- Including you?
- Yeah.

- Including me.
- He acts out of emotion.

He goes after people.

He doesn't "go after people."

He tries to do the right thing, always.

You know that! I don't know what you're...

He's a good person.

And if he acts out of emotion,
it's because he fucking cares!

Which is more than most people
in this fucking school.

He saved my life.

But would Porter
really go after Clay?

He sent around a picture of Tyler
and keyed Zach's car.

He wanted people
to feel the way Hannah did.

- But did Clay ever confront you?
- No.

When he heard my tape, he told me
he'd burn the tapes if I wanted him to.

But then he published Hannah's tapes,
violating your privacy?

No! He asked me first.

But then he put pressure on you

to go to the police and to testify?

He believed I was strong enough
to tell my story even when I didn't.

- But he put pressure on you?
- So did you!

And look, if I never tell my story,
Bryce never gets arrested, so...

So, what? The ends justify the means

and what he did is okay?


it makes it not black and white.

You want to paint him as this bad guy,
but the fact is, he's not.

History between two people
can be an explosive thing.

Five more minutes.

Well, if I stay any later,
I'll turn into a pumpkin.

And then where would we be?

But you got here so late.

You didn't even have time for poker.

We barely even got a chance to talk.

Well, you didn't seem to mind the whole
not talking thing last night, as I recall.

So, then,

let's not talk some more.

I know.

But it's laundry day.


I have to get the clothes in the wash
by the time my mother is up.

Just tell her you slept in.

Tell her the washing machine broke.

I don't know. She always believes
whatever lies you make up anyway.

My mother trusts me

because when I say I'll do the laundry,
I make sure that the laundry is done.

No, I know.

I just mean that...

you always worry about your mom,
and then you figure it out.

- I didn't mean anything bad by it.
- I know you didn't.

So, stay.

I need you.

You shouldn't.

So, what went on
between Porter and Bryce?


Mr. Jensen, I think we should talk.

Why should I talk to you?

Hey. Maybe I can help.

You're trying to set me up.

You think that's what I'm doing?

So they won't look at you or Mrs. Walker.

They've already looked at me
and Mrs. Walker.

And I think they decided
that they have their man,

and that's you.

But they don't know about you
and Bryce, at his house, do they?

What do you know about that?

I know that you and Bryce were in contact.

I know that you talked to Mrs. Walker
about what to do about him,

and a few weeks later, he's dead.

I imagine you have some questions.

I'm at the family counseling center,
doing field work for my degree.

Call me when you want to talk.

You know, I thought...

even after everything,
I thought you were a good person.

I thought you cared about kids.

What the fuck happened to you?

Porter was trying to help him.

What? How do you know?

I saw Porter with a journal.

Bryce had one just like it.

It's not a coincidence.
Porter gave it to him.

What does that prove?


Till you read it.

- What's it say?
- It says Porter got him to keep a journal,

for therapy.

And I should warn you,
there are...

There are things you won't like in there.

About you?


And about Bryce.
About who he was becoming before he died.

What about the letter?

I don't know.

Maybe Porter does.

Why are you helping me
if you think I'm a murderer?


I don't know what to think.

You can believe the best of Bryce
but the worst of me?

I'm afraid I believe
we're all capable of the very worst.

Including you?

Of course I wanted to believe
that Clay was innocent.

Because if Clay did kill Bryce...

he did it because of me.

So, you were counseling him?

After I left Liberty,
I went back to school,

for my Master's in social work.

I was doing intern hours
at the family counseling center,

like I told you.

Mrs. Walker, she tracked me down there.

You specifically?

Why not a real therapist?


Bryce had been to three already,
and fooled them all.

And she knew he wasn't gonna fool me.

And I guess
we both had something to prove.

- And the journal? You gave it to him?
- Yes.

We met here, as a matter of fact.



I want you to keep a journal, day by day,
while we're working together.

- Like a diary?
- It doesn't have to be.

Just thoughts, things that you notice.

Take inventory of your feelings,
what you would like to work on.


I don't know, it's got a maze on it.

It's a labyrinth, not a maze.

It's a sacred pattern.

A maze, you get lost.
A labyrinth, you find yourself.

I'm curious, Bryce.

Last time I was at your house,

you made it pretty clear

you had no interest in talking with me.

What changed?

I... I wanna do better, I guess.

There's this girl.

She goes to Claremont Prep.

She's incredible,

and I'm already fucking it up with her
'cause I don't know how to be...


- a human being.
- I see.

And is this true
with your other relationships?

How are things with you and your mom?

Some days she acknowledges my existence,
some days she doesn't.

And you think this is all on her?

She didn't really want to help him.
I mean, not if she hired you.

Yeah. Well, thanks for that.

- I mean...
- Yeah, I know what you mean.

But she did.
And she wanted him to get better.

No, but...

But she wrote this.

No, she didn't.

But... the letter is from her,
about how much she hated him.

"He was always a bad kid.

Always tracking mud on the white carpets.

Or having temper tantrums
in the middle of our dinner parties.

Or wetting the bed
when we were on vacation

in some five-star hotel.

Or throwing all his new toys
in the garbage

and telling the maid
that he was running away.

And now
he's made a total mess of his life.

His father doesn't want him.

His classmates hate him.

The rest of the world
thinks he's a monster.

But I'm his mother,

so I'm supposed to put aside
his terrible behavior

and take him in
even when no one else will.

But the truth is, I've never loved him...

because he's never been anything
but a burden and an embarrassment,

and my life would...

...would be better off without him in it."

Talk to me
about what you're feeling just now.

It made me...

feel sad, I guess.

Growing up,
my parents weren't around much.

Or ever. Everyone thinks that's so cool
when you're in high school,

'cause you can have parties
whenever you want.

But when you're a kid,
it's fucking lonely.

Bryce, it might be beneficial,
at some point, to bring your mom in here,

now that you've written
from her perspective.

And it might seem daunting...

but would you be willing
to share some of this with her?

Aren't you violating, like,
doctor-patient confidentiality?

Well, he's dead. And...

I'm not a doctor.

And you have his journal

and the letter that he wrote.

Take your time, Mrs. Walker.
That's a...

lot to process.

I know things have never been easy
between Bryce and myself.

But I had no idea
he thought I felt this way.

Would you like to tell him
how you do feel about him?

Your father and I...

we always tried
to give you the best of everything.

That's how we showed you
how much you meant to us.

I suppose it's how I was raised.

- So, it's all Grandpa's fault?
- Bryce.

You're listening now.

Go on, Mrs. Walker.

I suppose growing up...

I never really pictured myself
as a mother.

In part, yes,
because of the kind of parents I had,

the house I grew up in.

It was such a difficult pregnancy.

I wasn't prepared.

I guess I just wanted the baby to be born,

to get it done.

And after the baby...

After you were born...

I just fell into a depression.

And by the time I made my way out,

it was like you didn't need me anymore.

Like somehow you rejected me.

And all the fears I had
about being a terrible mother...


I know... I know it's ridiculous.

A little baby boy...

who I should have held and loved.

And I just didn't know how.


how does that make you feel?


I... I don't know.

It's okay not to know.

And I didn't really care
about the...

fucking white carpets,

and that's what you remember?

It breaks my heart.

Bryce and his mother broke through.

You mentioned a girl from Claremont,
I think?

I, uh...

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

She's a really great girl.

I just don't want to hurt her.


You don't want to hurt her physically
or emotionally?

I don't know, I just... I don't want
to do anything wrong with her.

I want to be better for her.

But you're still having
these intrusive thoughts?

We've had sex a few times.

She wants to be on top,

which is cool, but I...

Um, I... It's...
We're doing it,

and, yeah, I just,
I can't get these thoughts out of my mind


being on top of her,
forcing her down or...

or choking her.

Which, I promise, I didn't want to do,
I would never.

I just...
I can't get these thoughts out of my mind.

It's so fucked up.

Bryce, I don't think
that you should be dating right now.

Or having any kind of sex.
I don't think that you're ready.

But... but this girl, she's different.

She makes me better.

No, she can't do that.

Only you can.

We need to get you in a program.

There are some emotional issues
that you need to deal with,

cognitive behavior therapy.

And I can get you some referrals.

So, I'm...

I'm fucked...

forever, right?

I'm going to be a rapist
for the rest of my life.

I'll never get better.

I don't believe that's true.

I gave him some referrals

and, to the best of my knowledge,
he never went.

Did he break up with her?

The... girl?

I don't know.

That was the last time I saw him.

So if you've got nothing to hide,

how come you're helping the cops
set me up?

I'm not, Clay. They wanted me
to help them make their case.

But I know you,

and I believe that I know your heart.

So, I called kids
who I hoped would stand up for you,

and they did.

And I'm just supposed to believe you?

- That you're trying to help?
- That's up to you, Clay.

Now, I know from experience
that it's hard to trust anyone,

but there are people
that are on your side.

And there's one other thing.

When I spoke to Tyler today,

there was something different about him
since I saw him last year.

Yeah. He's, uh...

He's been through a lot.

But have you seen any sudden change
in behavior?

Did you notice anything like that?

- Sudden change?
- He's been through trauma.

And I bet you money Montgomery de la Cruz
has something to do with that.

Just watch out for him, okay?

I will.

I promise.

I just told them the truth.

I mean, not the whole truth,
but the truth.

That... you're a good person.

Thanks, Tyler.


How about you? How are you doing?
Everything okay?

Pretty much, yeah. Why?

Look, I'm sorry
that I haven't been around much lately.

You've got some stuff going on, so...




did Monty do something to you?

What? What do you mean?

I think...

you've been through something

you haven't told anyone.

Maybe last spring?

No. No.

I mean, not... not really.
Who have you been talking to?

Mr. Porter...

noticed some things today.

But I've noticed some things, too.

You don't want anyone to touch you.

You won't use the bathrooms.

You wanted to die.


Tyler, what is it?

I... I can't.

- I can't.
- Okay. Okay, you don't have to.


But you can tell me.

You know that, right?

You know I care about you.

And at this point,
you can tell me anything.


I was...

I was in the bathroom...

when I got back from my diversion program.

Monty came in and he...

He was mad about the field and he... he...

smashed my head on the mirror
and on the sink.

And then, he and... Taylor and Kenneth...

they held my head in the toilet.



he got a mop, and he...

He pulled my pants down, and he put it...

in...in me.

And he...

pushed it in

my hole, and...

and in and out, until I was...

bleeding, and they...

And they left me on the floor.

Oh, God!

Oh, Jesus. Tyler.

Tyler, I am...
I'm so sorry that happened to you.

I feel like...

I feel like I want to hug you right now.

Would that be all right, if I hug you?


It's all right, man.

It's all right.

It's okay.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Tyler, do you want to tell someone?

An adult?

I told Bryce.

- Bryce?
- Yeah, he...

came to see me a couple weeks ago.

He wanted to know

what Monty did.

I finally got up the guts to tell him.

He was shocked.

He was actually upset.

And he asked if I wanted his help.

Bryce offer... offered to help?

He left me a voicemail

just before he died.


It's Bryce... Walker.

Listen, that thing we talked about,
I'm dealing with it.

You're all good.
Take care of yourself, man.

Tyler, if he went to Monty about this...

and threatened to turn him in...

- we have to tell somebody.
- No!

No, please. Clay, I can't.


No, of course not.


You don't have to tell anyone
until you're ready.

But please...

ask for help when you need it.






Didn't they arrest you yet?

No, but I hope they'll be coming for you.

The fuck does that mean?

Where were you after Homecoming?

Did Bryce talk to you after the game?

Did something happen?

What are you talking about?
I was with the boys all night.

We got shit-faced at Charlie's.

Cops already checked into it.
I'm all good.

You're the one who's in trouble.

But I didn't do anything,
and I know you did.


Well, what the fuck did I do?

If you're trying to clear your name,
you need to look a little closer to home.

You know Bryce and Justin
went at it that night?

You don't know what you're talking about.

You think you know him,

but he's playing you,
like he played Bryce.

It's what he does.

And he's going to play you right to jail.

You are so full of shit!

Your boy Justin,
he shaves with electric, right?

I think so. Why?

Then why has he got a can
of shaving cream in his bag?

Ha! You should check that shit out.

Who to trust? Who to believe?

Well, they pulled in Tyler, Jessica...


It's a dirty way to do it.

Mr. Porter said
most of the people defended me.

He said he was trying to get them to say
good things about me the whole time.

Who knows if it's true?

Shit! It's true.

He kept trying to get me
to get angry at him,

and then he smiled and nodded at me.


couldn't figure out why,
but that's why.

Look, they may have tried
to defend you, Clay,

but any statement they made
about your history with Bryce

can still be used against you.

They're building a case against you
and they're moving fast,

- so, we need to be talking next steps.
- What does that mean?

Well, in the absence of another suspect,

we need to focus on a strategy
for your defense.

This is just to be prepared.
That's all, Clay.

Montgomery de la Cruz.

They need to be looking at Monty,
he had something to do with it.

Why do you think so?

I can't...

I can't say, but I know.

Why can't you say?

Clay, if you know something, anything

about anyone who might be implicated
in this,

now is the time.

Someone did this.

It wasn't me.

Then who?

So, Clay was back at square.

But not quite.

He knew Monty had a motive,

that he was caught up with Bryce.

But Monty wasn't the only one.

♪ Caressing bent up to the jug again ♪

♪ With sheaths and pills
Invading all those stills ♪

♪ In a hovel of a bed
I will scream in vain ♪

♪ Oh please, Miss Lane
Leave me with some pain ♪

♪ Went walking through
This city's neon lights ♪

♪ In fear of disguising
My warping seething ♪

♪ Pressure lines among confidant heirs ♪

♪ Intangible of price
Trying so hard to find what was right ♪

♪ I came upon your room
It stuck into my head ♪

♪ We leapt into the bed
Degrading even lice ♪

♪ She took delight in taking down
My shielded pride ♪

♪ Until exposed became my darker side ♪

♪ Puckering up and down
Those avenues of sin ♪

♪ Too cheap to ride they're worth a try
If only for the old times ♪

♪ Don't go waving your pretentious love ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

♪ Dark entries ♪

Well done, Ed, well done.