13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Angry, Young, and Man - full transcript

After Tyler admits he still has a gun, the group keeps tabs on him at school. But their worry deepens when they learn he had a motive to kill Bryce.

[theme music playing]

I mean, what does a killer look like?

I'm actually asking.

Because we had no idea.

We thought maybe Jessica had it in her,

but wanting Bryce dead
and actually going through with it

are two very different things.


Clay again. Um, I'm not sure
if you got my messages last night, just...

making sure you know
I'm picking you up today

and we can take care of everything.


I'll see you soon.

[Ani] It takes a certain kind of person.

But who?

Do the flowers make it seem
like we're trying too hard?

A little. Are we flower people?
I feel like we're not flower people.

We should just be us.

[door opening]

Hey, kiddo. You ready?


Justin's home visit.

The social worker is going to be here
any minute.

That's today. Awesome.

Do I have to be here for it?

Clay, it's very important
that we show them

that we're providing Justin
with a happy, healthy home environment.

Are you... You still feel good
about all this, right?

Oh, yeah. No, totally. I'm good. I...

just had something I had to do.
I'll figure it out.

Happy, healthy, got it. All good.

[Ani] Then the news bulletin went out.
You know the one I mean.

- They are particularly high strung today.
- Hey, Bryce was shot.

- What?
- Yeah.

The Evergreen County Register reported it
this morning.

[Ani] And suddenly,
there was only one person

who came to mind.


with a gun.

It's fucked up, right?

[stammers] Don't say anything to them yet.

- Believe me...
- I just...

have to, uh...

make a call real quick.

[door closing]


[Ani] One person, one student at Liberty

who'd had it the worst
and had been through the most.

And that was Tyler Down.

- Where's Clay?
- He had a family thing.

He said he was going to pick me up
and we were gonna take care of everything.

Well, I'm picking you up

and we are taking care of everything,

I mean, I thought Clay was coming.

Clay's not fucking coming, okay?
So where's the damn gun, Tyler?

I don't have it.

Look, I'll give it to Clay after school,
all right? I promise.

- You don't have it?
- Not with me, no.


So, where is it?




In a safe place.

Why do you want to get rid of it today?


I'm done with it.

And I understand that you're sharing
a room now? Any issues there?


I love having a roommate.

Brother-roommate type person is awesome.

Do you and Justin have any interests
in common?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.



We also like robots.

- Super cool.
- Yeah.

[Ani] So, we had to worry about Tyler
because, well,

we'd been worrying about him
for quite some time.

- Hey.
- Where's Clay?

He's still with the social worker.
What's going on?

Tyler came up to me last night
and said he had a gun

that he needed to get rid of.

And this morning, we find out...

- Bryce?
- Yeah.


[Ani] You don't think he would...
But he's been doing so well.

- [Tony] Well, we thought so.
- I just don't believe it.

Not Tyler.
I mean, what reason would he have?

Did he have a reason last time?

- What the fuck?
- I got this.

[Dr. Singh] Mr. Padilla?

Welcome back.

We haven't seen you in a long time.

Care to join me in my office
and explain why?

Don't let him out of your sight.

Why did we think Tyler had a gun?

Well, because it wouldn't
have been the first time.

You remember Spring Fling?

The false alarm?

[Ani] Yeah, there was nothing false
about it.

[Clay] So...

- I stepped in front of him.
- In front of his gun?


I asked him not to do it.

Clay, that is insane.

Yes, it was a really bad choice.


I think I'd make again.

Exactly the same way.

You're a madman.

I get it, you think it was wrong.

I think it was stupid.

And brave.

But it doesn't mean
you have to be the hero all the time.

It kind of does, though.

Until we know he's okay.

You've got to put on your own mask first.

When a plane loses pressure

and there's no oxygen,

you've got to put on your own mask first.

- Is yours on?
- Sure.

So, how can I help you with yours?

[Ani] Nothing happened back then,

and everyone, Clay most of all,
dedicated themselves

to helping Tyler get better.

But you couldn't help but wonder

what if Tyler had killed anyway?

What if he killed Bryce?

Hey, Tyler. Could I see what you got
for number nine? I missed that one.

- Yeah, totally.
- Good, I'll just...

- [Tyler] I got it.
- Oh, sorry.

- I didn't mean to...
- No, it's okay.

- Thanks.
- It's all right.

Clay tells me you're both into robots.

Yeah, totally.

Alien Robot Killers comic is...
It's awesome.

Well, it seems like
you two are getting along quite well.


for sure.

And Matt and Lainie are so happy
to have you.

They saved my life.

All three of them.


parental rights are being resolved,

but there was mention of a Seth Massey
in your file.

Has he been in contact?

Yeah, I haven't seen him
since I ran away last year.

We gotta stop at the ATM on the way.

What? No. Why?

Because Jessica,

she needs a fancy date after everything.

Dude, what is wrong with you today?
We have a free pass for once.

Tyler asked me and Tony
to get rid of another gun.

Because he was quote "done with it."
And we think he might have it at school.

- Fuck. You don't think that he...
- Look, I don't want to, but...

Jessica's watching him next two periods,
but we gotta get there.

[Ani] And let's face it,

it was easy to think those things
about Tyler

because, well,

Tyler was weird.

All those characteristics
they say killers have,

lack of social skills,

a fascination with death,

a deep-seated feeling of rejection
from the world...

Tyler had them all.

[Ani] You wouldn't know it
just by looking, but deep down,

Tyler had the ingredients
of that killer cocktail.

[boy] See that?

- [boy] Oh, hey.
- [girl] Hi.

[Ani] Angry, young, and man.

[boys chatting and laughing]

♪ You breathe out the colossal shine ♪

♪ Blow out the colossal sound
This lullaby ♪

[Ani] Tyler was unpredictable, you see.

He seemed primed to snap all over again.

♪ Respect the colossal shine, I say ♪

♪ Faster, she blown the lights, you say ♪

♪ Let the soul be here ♪

[Ani] I wouldn't find out why
until much later.

None of us would.

♪ Something's right over the clouds ♪

- Why would you even say that?
- It's not me saying it.

Both Clay and Tony think
he might've done it.

I don't wanna hear this.

It's not that hard to believe.

Tyler's my friend.
He's in a good place right now.

If you hadn't done such a half-assed job
with him all summer,

- you'd fucking know that.
- Jesus! Keep your voice down.

Jesus! Keep your voice down.

Okay, well I can't just bail you out
every time you think he's being "creepy,"

Jess. I'm trying to have an actual summer.

I know, okay?

I'm sorry.

Fine, I'll take him.

- Again!
- Thank you.

We could, you know, watch him together.
I could just hang here.

Um, I have to work.

Yeah. No, I know. I just, um...

just miss you.

- Alex, I...
- What?

Like, as a friend.

We could still hang out, right?


- You're fucking kidding me?
- What? I'm sure he's just seeing a movie.

Hey, Alex. What's up?

I'm just... seeing a movie.

What movie?

[stammers] It's called... um,
Unknown World.

- Yeah?
- [Justin] Mmm-hmm.

What's it about?

[stammers] It's unknown, so...

Okay. Fuck this.

Come on, Tyler.

[Jessica sighs]

How long are you going to
be mad at me for?

I don't know.

How long was I love with you?

At least that long.


- Look, Jess...
- No, Alex. Look.

And the day we learned Bryce was shot,

we all felt responsible.

But no one felt more responsible for Tyler

than Clay.

I haven't had chance to talk to him.
I just got here.

You don't think he could've done anything
to Bryce?

I don't know.

I just don't know.

- I thought he was getting better.
- But you think he's capable of killing?

Don't you? You thought he was yesterday.

I mean,
yesterday we thought Jess was, too,

but we were wrong.

[Clay] I know that at one time
he definitely was.

I saw it in his eyes.

But then he got better.
You know he did. I saw it, too.

[Ani] Clay needed to believe
that Tyler could be saved.

Otherwise, in a way,
Clay pulled that trigger, too.

I'm just saying, it's a guy,
with binoculars, watching people.

That's the whole movie.
How is that not boring?

That's what made it so great, right?
I mean, he is stuck behind glass,

in a wheelchair, and he still figures out
how to play the hero.

- Totally agree.
- Thank you, Tyler.

I feel like
we just watched two very different movies.

I mean, the camera was cool.

Exakta VX. Classic.

It is not about the action, Clay.
It's about...

Help me out, Tyler.

Well, terrible things happen every day.

But we never really stop to notice,
you know?

If we spent a little bit more time

watching and listening, you know,

to... our neighbors,
to life around us, you know,

maybe the bad things
wouldn't happen so much.

Or is that, like, not what you meant?

That is exactly what I meant,
you brilliant, brilliant man.

[Tyler titters]

I’m gonna go get...

a free refill of popcorn.
To take home, so...

No, you're right.

What if after all we've done,
or I guess tried to do...

what if it's right back where we started?

I want to believe that people can change.

I know they can.

You're thinking of Bryce?

I'm thinking of people.
Not everything is about Bryce.

Well, it kind of is, though, isn't it?

- At this moment.
- [Tyler] Excuse me.


Thank you.

[door closing]

Could I also, uh... Thanks.



- [urine trickling]
- The hell! Clay?

What are you doing out here?

I saw you leave robotics
and thought maybe we could talk.

I didn't realize you were coming
all the way out here to, you know...

I don't...

like using the bathrooms.


Yeah, okay.
I mean, they're kind of gross, I guess.

What do you wanna talk about?

Well, I just wanted to make sure

that the plan was still
for you to give it to me?


Yeah, that's the plan.


all good.

Cool, okay.

But why'd you bring your bag?


I mean, if you just came out here to pee,

then why bring your bag?

Uh, just...

people steal shit...



[Ani] It was hard to know, though.

Was Tyler lying to us...

or just being Tyler?

Okay, if he has it and we get it from him,
what then? Do we turn him in?

First we make sure he doesn't
hurt himself or anyone else, and then...

we'll figure it out.

Do you think you can do that again?
Do you think you should?

Well, let's just pray it's a non-issue.

- Okay, but how can we know for sure?
- [Zach] Yeah.

How can we know?

And, um...

why aren't we calling the police?


- You told him?
- Dude, he's, like, part of this.

He's been pretty clear
he doesn't want to be part of it.


- We should call the cops.
- [Clay] Do you really think that?

Or is this your chance to do
what you wanted to do all along?

Look, forget about Spring Fling.
Forget about everything, okay?

Somebody shot Bryce.

- Tyler has a gun.
- [Clay] Look, I know.

But he didn't have any reason
to kill Bryce, did he?


he did.

[Zach] What are you doing here?

It's summer.

Um... waiting for Justin.

Oh, so it's Justin's day?

To babysit?

- We're hanging out.
- And he just lets you roam the halls?

He's in class. He knows I'm here.


what, you're all better?

You're, like...

safe now?

Why do you hate me?

Tyler, I don't hate you, okay?

I'm scared of you.

- And be honest, I don't trust you.
- Well, I don't trust you.

I don't trust you won't call the cops.



I'm not the one you need to worry about.

Wait, what's that mean?

Bryce saw what happened at Spring Fling.

He knows everything.

Why would you tell him that?

Because he was...

I don't know why.

[bell ringing]

[Ani] And then, Tyler caught onto us.

No cops.

[students chatting and laughing]

[overlapping students' conversations]

- [boy] Whoa!
- [girl] Hey!

[tense electronic music playing]

Hey, Clay.

Hey, Tyler.

You can look if you want to.

[door opening]

So, you still coming over to my house
after school?

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

[Tyler] Cool.

Can't wait.

So nobody's talking about Bryce.

I feel like a lot of people are talking
about Bryce.

- Not to me.
- Maybe not, but...

everyone's still talking.

About how he got shot in the head?

It's online!

- Tony.
- What?

You didn't call the police?

Is there a reason
I should've called the police?

- No, that's not...
- Because if we call the police,

we're all in a shit-load of trouble.
You... you know that, right?

Is that the only reason
why you didn't call them?

[Ani] We'd been there
for Tyler's recovery.

So, we'd seen first-hand
the darkness Tyler had inside.

You see?

It's pointless.

- I told you this is stupid.
- Okay.

Do you remember

what was going on in your head that night
outside of the gym?

- [stammering] I don't.
- Do you remember the feeling?

Before. I mean, what got you there.

It's anger.

It's hurt. It's...

rage. Whatever, right?

It's all up here,
and it's not gonna go away.

I know, 'cause...

I got it, too.

- You do?
- Of course I fucking do.

And I'm telling you,
you can let it run you, or you can...

you can grab a hold of it.

You can...

own it.

Channel it.

You got all this shit inside your head
that you can't...

you just, you can't say, right?

Yeah, there's a lot of it.

Show me.

That's good.

Now get up. Do it again.

Did we help Tyler escape the darkness?

[Tony] Now, Tyler.


[Ani] Or was there never going to be
an escape?

[frustrated growl]


Where are you going?

What, you don't remember the spreadsheet?

It's therapy Thursday.

[Ani] We were just kids.

How could we help someone change?

[Dr. Singh] You're awfully quiet.
Any particular reason?

Well, Bryce is dead, so...

people are kind of freaked out about that.

Are you freaked out?

I guess I just, I feel like...

that's all he'll ever be now.

How do you mean?

[sighing] Like, maybe he was going to
do something terrible...

or hurt someone else... again.

But maybe not, you know?

And now we'll never know,
and I just think that's kind of sad.

Or maybe that just makes me weird
or something.

I think it makes you an empathetic person.

You would've hoped
he'd had the chance to change.

Well, no one thinks I can change.

I think you can.

I imagine your friends think you can, too.

I don't...

I don't have any friends.


No one?

I see you with friends.

Why'd you do it? Or... almost do it.


uh, I don't... I don't know.

But you must have had a reason.

Or if you didn't, is that, like, worse?

No, I did.

I mean, I had reasons. I...

I guess I just felt like

the only way to make the hurting...

stop was to make the people
who hurt me hurt too.

You know?

I do.

I do know.

But I feel like
you have to find your own way

to stop hurting.

You have to take back their power
to make you hurt.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What are you doing here?
- I just came to check up on you.

Because they told you to?

No, because I wanted to.

I didn't kill Bryce.

I know.

I believe you.

I'm supposed to go to an HO meeting.

I'll walk with you.


[girls chatting]

- Is it cool if I...
- [girl] Yeah, go for it.

[Casey]...and say the things
that nobody wants us to say

that have to be said.

- [girl] Watch where you're going.
- [Tyler] Hey, Jess.

What are you doing here?

[stammering] Um, it's your...
I'm supposed to hang with you

- this afternoon.
- Right!

Yes, of course.

Survivors and allies only.

Well, Tyler can be an ally.

Right, Tyler?

Yeah. Yeah.

Come on in.

Anyway, as I was saying,

welcome to the first meeting

- of Hands Off Our Bodies!
- Yeah!

[cheering and whooping]

The fliers say "Ho."

Yeah. It stands for "Hands Off."

Yeah, we're taking back the word.
Reclaiming it.

It's cool, right?

How about "Fuck Rapists
and Dismantle the Patriarchy?"

I mean, it's not all that catchy,
though, is it?

Okay, fair. How about...

"Stab all the jocks and watch 'em bleed?"

[all chuckling]

Still wanna be an ally?

Oh, I can get on board with that.

[Casey] Okay!

[Casey] I'm glad he's dead.

I mean, aren't you?

I mean, it's complicated.

Well, I think whoever shot him
did the world a favor.

[Casey] The only question now is:

how do we make sure
they don't turn him into a martyr?

I don't know.
I don't know what to think.

Well, look. Just because he's dead
doesn't mean we can't still make him hurt.

So, we think we should protest
Bryce's funeral this weekend.

It's genius, right?

I don't know, you guys.

I mean, Bolan is already on me
about Homecoming.

I don't think
it's the right time to start...

It's the perfect time!

Homecoming was just the start.
We have to go big or go home, Jess.

[girl] Yeah.

What, you all feel this way?

- Yeah.
- [girl] Definitely.

[sighing deeply]

[Tyler] I don't.

Sorry, but is dancing on someone's grave
really the way

to show we're the bigger people here?

[Casey] I'm sorry, did you just tell

the only actual sexual assault victims
in the room

how we should be running our club?

- No, I was just...
- [Casey] Good.

Because, you know, allies are welcome
and all, but be a fucking ally.

All right, so it's gonna be
at that church on First Street.

[girl] Yes.

[Casey] I think I have a list somewhere
of who can drive, so we should carpool.

It isn't even a discussion, man.
This is a fucking murder case!

Why are you so hot about this?
You hated Bryce.

I didn't want him dead.

- You think Tyler did?
- Tyler had motive!

[Monty] What about Tyler?

[Zach] Nothing.

Man, you guys are obsessed
with that faggot.

- I see Justin with him all the time.
- [Zach] Shut up, Monty.

Is it a sex thing? What's the deal?

Holy shit! Did he kill Bryce?

You've no idea what you're talking about
and you need to shut your mouth.

No, he finally snapped and he killed Bryce
and you two dickheads are covering it up.

Don't be fucking stupid, Monty.

Well, it's either that or...

Zach's fucking him.

[boy] Oh, jeez!

[coach] Oh, shit! Hey!

- [boy] Come on, guys.
- [coach] Get off him! Back up!

[coach] Break it up!

It'll look suspicious
if you turn around and leave.

Mom thinks we're friends, so...

We are friends, I just...

We should take care of this now.


- [knocking on door]
- [Tyler's mom] Tyler, open doors.

- Sorry, Mom.
- [Tyler's mom] Bring the cans up, please.

[sighing] Two minutes.

Yeah, coming. Sorry.

[Tyler] I can explain those.

This isn't what it looks like.

- Really?
- Okay, Clay. Just...

Calm down, okay? Just...

Tyler, Jesus! What did you do?

[knocking on door]

Tyler, open doors.

Hi, Clay. It's good to see you again.

- Hi, Mrs. Down.
- [Mrs. Down] Dinner's on the table.

I'm hoping you'll join us, Clay?

Thank you.

[Mrs. Down] I just worry for you kids.

I mean, has the school done anything?

They made an announcement over the PA.
They're offering counseling.

Yeah, well, it's incredibly upsetting.

So, if you want to talk about anything...

I think...

you know, we're all still trying
to figure out how we feel.

And... what's true and what isn't.

[Mr. Down] Well, sure. I mean,

it's just so awful to think
that a kid could do something like this.

Well, do they know Bryce was murdered?

The paper says he was shot.

But, you know,
that also doesn't prove anything.

I mean, maybe...

he shot himself.

He was a troubled kid.

[Clay] Don't even worry about it.
I couldn't sleep either.

Why can't you sleep?


- crazy dreams, I guess.
- Yeah.

What are they about?

You really... you really want to know?


They're about you.

It's the same one.

The night of Spring Fling
and I'm standing in front of you,

just like it happened,


in the dream...

you pull the trigger.

And I know they say you never actually
see yourself die in your dreams, but...

it really feels like I do in mine.


That's messed up.


I'm sorry.

- Clay, I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, I know. It...

Dreams are dreams.


If I hadn't said what I said that night...


maybe if I'd said the wrong thing...

would you have...

shot me?

I don't know.

[Mrs. Down] Well, in any event, Clay,

I cannot tell you what a difference
it's made having you in Tyler's life.

[Mr. Down] Yeah. You and Tony and Alex,

you've just been such good friends.

You guys...

- you're embarrassing me.
- [Mrs. Down] Well, it's true.

After that frightening false alarm
last spring,

you've been so kind to him.

You kids look out for each other.
It gives me hope for the future.

I'm serious.

Don't laugh.

[Ani] Remember when I said
maybe Tyler was finishing what he started?

Tyler, listen. Look, it's gonna be okay,
whatever you did.

What, do you think I'm gonna, like...
stab you in my house?

I don't know. I just know that
whatever happened,

we can take care of it.

What do you think I did?

Say it.

Say it, Clay!

I think you shot Bryce!

I kept the gun because I thought
I might have to use it.

[Ani] Well, we were right,

in a way.

Tyler did want to hurt someone.

Spring Fling had always been
a suicide mission.

[breathing deeply]


[Ani] And when that didn't work out,
he went looking for closure in other ways.

I want an apology.


I want you to say you're sorry.

For what you did.

[scoffs] No idea
what you're talking about.

Say you're sorry

or I'll take you down.

And Taylor and Kenneth.


What about Bryce?
Are you gonna take him down?


Come on, you remember.

No one did anything at this school
without him saying go.

You think you're going to get an apology
out of him?

[stammering] He told you to do it?

And he's gone, right?

Out of your life.

Ty-Ty, nothing happened to you
that hasn't happened to a hundred guys.

It's nothing.

Get over it.

[knocking on door]

- [Bryce] Yeah? What?
- [Tyler] Open the fucking door.


[closes laptop]

- [Tyler] Get back!
- Jesus, Tyler!

- Shut up. Get back!
- Dude, what the fuck is going on?

Did you know?

- About Monty, did you know?
- What about Monty?

He said nothing happened at Liberty
without you knowing.

- Is that true?
- Not anymore.

What did Monty do to you?

Jesus, Tyler, what did he do?

He said he didn't do shit
without you telling him to.

Monty did a bunch
without me telling him to.

He went off the rails last year, dude.

The trial, the whole Hannah thing,
it all freaked him out.

What is this about?

You know about Spring Fling, right?

You saw what I almost did?

Are you gonna tell anyone?

The police?

I talked to the police that night.
I didn't say anything.

- And I'm not going to.
- Why?

Why wouldn't you?

- Why would I?
- Because you hate me!

I don't hate you.

Justin helped you.

And I have hurt Justin enough
in this life.

So, I'm not gonna narc on him now.

- So, it was for Justin?
- Those guys saved you, man.

That's decent.

Maybe I'd like to think
someone would do that for me.

No. No, we're not the same.

You hurt people. I didn't.

Aren't you here to hurt me now?

[Bryce laughing]

So, do it, man.


If it'll make you feel better, go ahead.

You'd be doing me a favor.

You don't want to die.

Come on, dude. You could kill the monster.
This town would celebrate.

You're right, I hurt people.

I don't get to start over.

'Cause no one's gonna let me.

So, go ahead. Shoot me.

[Ani] So, yeah, Tyler did confront Bryce.

But we were wrong
about almost everything else.

I had the chance to kill him.

And I didn't.

But you have the pictures.

Because I found him.

In the water.

I'm the one who called the police
and told them where he was.

- You told the police?
- Anonymously.

Because I knew how it would look.

Why were you at the bridge
in the first place?


I was...

gonna jump.


I knew things
were never gonna get better, and...


no one was gonna come to my rescue.

No one really believed
that I could change.

But I do.

I do believe it.

You didn't today.

I didn't either,

for a long time.

I thought I'd never be able to get away
from who I was.

Who I've been.

From what hurt.

So, I climbed the bridge, and...

And I looked down, and I saw this,
like, flash of purple, like a jacket.

And somehow, I just knew.

So, I went down below the bridge.

And I saw it...




Cold, like...

Like, gray. Like, not a...


And I thought...

"That's it.

He doesn't get to be anyone anymore.

It's over...

for him."

And I knew right then
that I didn't want to be dead.

I want to live,

and keep getting better and be stronger,

and that's...

that's why I want to give the gun away.

Because I didn't need it anymore.

It hasn't been fired.

I've kept it over a year
and it hasn't been fired. You can tell.


the backpack...

all day?


An Exakta VX camera.

Like in Rear Window.

You thought it was cool, remember?

This one doesn't actually work,

'cause, well, that'd be too expensive,
but it's a...

It's still cool to look at.



I have a chance to be someone else...

because of you.

Because of all of you.

["Sweetness" playing]

♪ Listen here, my sister and my brother ♪

♪ What would you care
If you lost the other ♪

[Ani] How's Tyler?


How's you?

You okay?

Not yet.

Can I hug you?


♪ Oh, sweetness follows ♪

♪ It's these little things ♪

We should go inside.

♪ Live your life
Filled with joy and wonder ♪

♪ I always knew this ♪

Okay, I've got precisely 90 minutes
for my fictional Summer Biology Club,

and I just spent 30 of them on a bus, so,

what's the urgent thing?

Well, I've decided, gentleman that I am,

that I can't let you walk home at night.



- You got me a bicycle?
- Oh...

not just any bicycle.

My old bicycle.

Recently repaired,
but she still rides like a dream.

You hate it.

It's lame.

No, it's... Or it's too much. Or...

- Wait, are you crying? I didn't...
- I love it.


I mean, no one has ever done
something like this for me before.

[choked sob]

So, can I...

Now, just a few things
you should be aware of, um...

this brake is worthless,
the downshift sticks a bit,

and when you're on a downhill,

you may want to take it,
like, a little slow.

- Okay.
- Yeah, and maybe I...

- Should I have gifted you a helmet?
- Not if you're never

actually going to give me the bike.

Yeah, right.

[dithering] You... you know, maybe...

- maybe I don't wanna...
- I see.

[Clay] Think I'll just keep it, actually.

Tony and I will get rid of the gun.

Because we just believe him?

We believed you.

So, where's Alex?

He's on a ride-along with his dad.

Guess it's the only time
they get to spend together nowadays.

Yeah, okay. See, this is the thing, guys.

This is a murder investigation.
And we're hiding Tyler

- and his gun...
- Bryce wasn't shot.

There was a hole in the back of his head.

So the papers guessed it was a gunshot.
They were wrong.

It's saying he was beaten.

- This... This is fucked up.
- [Justin] Zach...

No, you know what?
You guys do whatever the hell you want.

I don't want to know about it.
Not anymore.

They think it might be blunt force trauma
and they're looking for the murder weapon.

They're dragging up the river
on both sides of the bridge.

Oh, shit!

The river? Let me guess, is that
where you guys dumped Tyler's guns?



new plan needed for this one then.

Give me the gun.

I'll deal with it.

[dishes clinking]

[Amara] And who was that dropping you off?

Hello, Mum.

Jessica Davis.

We were just studying for a Spanish test.


I worry, Amorowat.

And on a day like today.

I fear for this family.

I thought we were supposed to be

- staying out of their business.
- You should be staying out.

Me, I work here.

I live here. Let me help.

You will not.

My job will never be your job.

You have to remain on track.

Our place in this country
is not guaranteed.

You don't enjoy the same privileges
your classmates do.

If something like this could happen
to these people, imagine what could...

[anguished sigh]

Mum, I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to...

Everything a mother does,
she does for her child.

If she loses her child,

she loses everything.

Mum, you won't lose me.

I promise.

["Never Coming Back" playing]

[Ani] When you judge someone
by their past...

it can make that past
impossible to escape.

And it can make you miss something

that's right in front of you
in the present.

How much you get, kid?

It's not as much as Bryce gave you,
but enough.

How do I know you won't come back?

Well, you don't.

That's kinda how this works.

You pull that trigger...

and there's no going back.

[Ani] Because maybe the person
you're looking for isn't so obvious.

Maybe there's someone
you haven't even thought of yet.

Because we all have a past.

Your dad'll be along in a minute.
Sheriff just wants to talk through it.

All right. I'm good. Thanks.

[Sheriff] All right, everyone, listen up.

We've got blood on the ground
and a dead man's car.

No more leaks.

That bullshit in the Register
took our whole day.

This is officially a homicide.

It's gonna be a long night.

You know what to do.

What have you got?

♪ And the flames get higher ♪


♪ I'm never coming back ♪

♪ I'm never coming back
Never coming back ♪

♪ And I get so low ♪

♪ And I get so high ♪

♪ And it takes my charm ♪

♪ And it takes my mountains ♪

♪ And it takes me heart
For myself to warn ♪

♪ But the dress is cold
I'm the seventh son ♪

♪ And it fills the bills
And it takes me down ♪

♪ And it takes me up
And it takes me down ♪

♪ Never coming back
Never coming back ♪

♪ Never coming back
Never coming back ♪

♪ Never coming back
Never coming back ♪

♪ Never coming back
Never coming back ♪

♪ Never coming back
Never coming back ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.