13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - If You're Breathing, You're A Liar - full transcript

After learning about Chloe's pregnancy, Clay and Ani pay her a visit. Chloe recalls how she leaned on Zach for support - and that Bryce never knew.

[theme music playing]

[jarring music playing]

[Bryce] Just shut the fuck up.

[Zach] Hold on, Bryce.

- [Bryce] Remember?
- [Zach] Bryce...

[Tyler] We could have done better.


You were shouting.

Thought the nightmares went away?

They're back.

Tyler again?

I don't know. I don't really remember.

[Ani] Everyone's a liar.

I made you chapati and tea.

Since when do you clean for them, too?

[shushing in Swahili]

At times like this things get tougher.
Let it go.

[Ani] If you're breathing, you're a liar.


Nora told you more about...

- Any news?
- Amorowat!

Mum, you're going to give yourself
a heart attack.

I'm skipping study club tonight
to help out.

I thought you had Mathletes on Tuesdays.

Yes. Sorry, my mind. Mathletes.

- I'll cancel it.
- Amorowat.

You do not belong to the chaos here.

Your only job is
to focus on your school work,

rack up all the scholarships you can
and get into a top college. Period.

- I just want to help out.
- You don't. You're nosy.

I know you.

Keep out of these people's mess.

Promise me.

Yes, Mummy.

I promise.

[Ani ] I'm a liar. No question.

The truth can be dangerous.

Lies are easier.

Until they aren't anymore.

[Ani] Zach Dempsey lied
about what happened at Homecoming.

[man] Mrs. Walker, it's still possible
that Bryce just left of his own accord.

He hasn't touched his bank accounts
or his credit card since Friday.

His phone goes to voicemail.

- Does he usually take your calls?
- I'm sorry?

Maybe you and Bryce had been arguing?

Was... was he happy at home?

- Was he happy?
- I mean no offense, ma'am.

Clay Jensen was lying to you all.

He knows something.

Something happened
at that high school homecoming.

It seems like a whole lot happened,

but until we know something specific,

we can't bring him in again.

Well, then talk to his friend. Tony.

They both had issues with my son.

[Sheriff] With all due respect, ma'am,
they weren't the only ones.

Clay Jensen, Sheriff.

There's a history there and you know it.

[Ani] Clay told me about Zach,

but I never told Clay
what I heard about him.

Like I told you,

I didn't know Clay that well.

[Ani] Though I know he was preoccupied

with Bryce having gone missing.

Clay. Hey, do you have some time
today to talk...


all of it?

Sure, um...

Maybe later?

Don't you have Dr. Singh today?

So, you can talk to her.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.
I was just... I was, um...

I was hoping that you and me could talk.

It's just it's kind of important.

Yeah, totally. Maybe at lunch?


[Ani] Clay was worried for himself,

where he usually was worried
about his friends.

[bell ringing]

How'd you sleep?

Better, I guess.

Uh, Alex stayed with you?
Tony gave you guys a ride?



Awesome. So...


how about making an appointment
to talk to Dr. Singh?


You know,
just someone to talk things through with,

who can help.

But I have you guys.

You do. You definitely do.
[stammers] It's just...

maybe she can help in ways
that we can't.

[Clay] I set up a schedule.
Who picks him up in the morning,

who takes him between what classes,

after school, nightly check-ins.

If we spread it around, it's not that bad.

I'll text you the URL.
It's password protected.

There's, like, the insanity
of us doing this at all,

and then there's the insanity of,
"Oh, my God, you built a website."

I didn't build it per se,
it's really just storage space.

[Alex] That's a lot of coordination.
My brain injury hurts.

- How long do we have to do this?
- Until he gets better.

So... forever.

People do get better.

They do.

I guess we get to summer
and see how he is.

And maybe senior year it'll all be fine.

[Ani] It wasn't even a deputy,
it was the actual sheriff.

She wants him to go after you

and Tony.

And she thinks something happened
at Homecoming.

I mean,

if we find out where Bryce went,

if we can point them in a direction...

You think he just left town?

Or he's hiding.

Or who knows?
Maybe he assaulted another girl.

Maybe he knew his luck
was about to run out.

Maybe Zach knows.

[Ani] Zach lied.

And Zach had a clear reason
to hurt Bryce.

Especially after the Homecoming game.

So, yeah, it was Bryce.

[Ani] After all, violence begets violence.

I saw this picture
and I thought you should know, you know?


I mean, it looks like he did it
on purpose.

In this one, it looks like

you're looking at him,
but crazy night, I guess,

- so you didn't see him.
- Who took these pictures?

Well, everyone was taking pictures.

But it probably doesn't matter.

Your knee's gonna heal, right?
No harm done.

No harm done?

I had handwritten letters
from three different schools

coming into this year,
You think they'll wanna recruit me

after they hear my knee has two surgeries?
No! I'm fucking done.

But you didn't know he did it?

Or you didn't tell anyone?

Why wouldn't you have reported him?

I've been fighting with Bryce Walker
my whole fucking life.

Okay? Ever since Pop Warner
in the Fifth Grade.

[Zach] Now that he's gone,

more than ever.

[Zach] Monty, Luke, Taylor,
all those guys, they're Bryce's boys.

They wanted to do things his way.

I just wanted to do things better.

I didn't want my time at Liberty
to be about the clubhouse and...

girls getting raped, you know?

It's just...

I knew that we could do better.

[Ani] But Zach's anger at Bryce
was about more than football.

You see, Zach had a secret.

[Zach] If any of those guys find out
it was Bryce that took me down...

that he was the one
that took me out for good...

then he wins.

And I've worked so hard
to put Bryce in the past.

[coach] Liberty Tigers, listen up.

All right, gentlemen, let's circle round.

Come on. Let's go. Now.

All right, official spring workouts
begin on Monday.

Before we head out for the weekend,

the moment y'all been waiting for.


We counted up your votes
and the coaches weighed in.

Your captain for 2018...

Zach Dempsey!

[boy] Really?

[hesitant clapping]

Zach, come say a few words.

Wow, this is a huge honor and,
you know, I'm gonna take this seriously.

See, we've had...

a certain kind of culture here
on this team at Liberty.

But that's gonna change.
We're gonna change.

We're going to be better.

And we're going to win.

So, let's go. Who are we?

- Liberty!
- Tigers!

Come on!

- Liberty!
- Tigers!

- Liberty!
- Tigers!

That's right, we're taking State in '18,
am I right?

- Yeah!
- Yeah, we are!


You got this.

Coach? Coach, come on. I won the vote.

Everyone voted for me.

- This is fucking bullshit!
- Come on!

No, it's bullshit and you know it.
You know the whole team voted for me.

Not true. In fact, you know
it all doesn't come down to the vote.

- Lots goes into choosing a captain.
- Well, y'all chose wrong.

Listen to me, I get it.

Okay? But Zach's your captain now
and you can choose how to respond to that.

You can think about the team
or you can think about yourself.

It's not fair.

He'll cool off.


No, he won't.


[sighing] it's fine.

- [sighing] Hey, Bryce.
- Zachy.

Saw the Audi. Had to stop and say hi.

How's Hillcrest?

Oh, it's like a fucking country club.
I'm loving it.

How's your team?

It's coming together.

Yeah, Monty says
you've got some exciting new ideas.

None of them about football exactly,
but... exciting.

Yeah, just trying to heal things,
you know? Do better.


Better than me?

- Yeah.
- What are you gonna do

when things get tough, then?

When you gotta be a hard-ass?
I worry, man.

- You're soft.
- No need to worry.

Is your mom gonna help?

'Cause last I remember, she's the only one
with an actual dick in your family.

- You should walk away, right now.
- You want to take a shot?

I say let's do it right here.

Not worth it.

All that rage, man. You keep pushing it
down when you should be using it.

- It's not healthy.
- I didn't ask for your advice.

Nope, you're just gonna keep doing
like you do,

and fucking your whole team
while you're at it.

And me?

I guess I'll just keep fucking
your head cheerleader.

[Ani] We all knew Bryce and Zach
were at odds,

but Zach had another secret
he was keeping.

- Hey, number 85.
- Hey, there. What's up?

Well, I just wanted to let you know
that I am assigned

to be your official cheerleader
for Spring Workout.


for luck.

Lucky me.

Unlucky rabbit.

[Chloe laughing]

[Chloe] You are my new hero.

[Ani] Did you know
Zach got Chloe's number

for Bryce in the first place?


So, you're her hero,
but Bryce is still her boyfriend?

Man, shut up!

[Ani] I think Zach always regretted
that move.

You and Zach Dempsey?


Project partners?

Secret online gamer pals?

- D, none of the above.
- He's hot.

But he's too hot.

- I don't trust too hot.
- You don't, huh?

Do you trust me?

Oh, you trap me, but I escape.
Everybody trusts you.

Not everybody.

That's not what I see. I see the hero
that holds everything together.

Why do you say that?

No, it's just an observation.
I meant it as a good thing.

It's a beautiful thing, to be so trusted.


maybe I'd like to trade it
for hot someday.


[bell ringing]

Look, Zach's gym bag.

Always at his side.

Why do athletes think
a gym bag is an accessory?

The rabbit's foot, it's gone.

- It was there this morning.
- He lost it maybe.

No, he took it off.
Chloe gave it to him last spring.

Bryce's girlfriend, Chloe.

I think Chloe's at Sacred Heart,
but we don't talk anymore.

But you two seemed pretty close
after Spring Fling.

Yeah, friends come and go.


Just like that?

Were Chloe and Zach ever anything?

Just friends.

Chloe had major Stockholm
when it came to Bryce.

So, you don't think Chloe
and Zach had any secrets?

I know Chloe had secrets.



she was pregnant.

By Bryce.

- What the fuck did you do?
- Nothing.

[stammering] What do you mean?

Guess where I spent four hours last night?

The Sheriff station.

Standall had lots of questions
about what went on here last year

before Brycey left.

What'd you tell him?

I swear, nothing.


'cause I'd hate to have to teach you
the same lesson twice.

[Ani] Everybody at Liberty had secrets
they had to protect.

[panicked breathing]

[water running]

[Ani] Secrets bring more secrets,

and violence, more violence.

Leave Tyler alone.

- Or what?
- Or I'll hurt you.

[laughs mockingly]

Haven't we done this already, Standall?

What are you going to do?
You gonna run to daddy?

No, I can take care of myself.

Why do you fucking care about Tyler?

Oh, wait...

Are you actually fucking?

If you speak to him again,
I'll open you up and watch you bleed.

- You're a crazy motherfucker.
- Yeah.

So leave.

It seems like you've had a rough day.

Those happen, don't they?

Perhaps we should focus on the progress
you've made this year, right?

It's real, we've both seen it.

But there'll still be bad days.

What if they're all bad days?

But they're not, are they?
Haven't we seen that?

- Maybe they're going to be.
- No.

Change, especially positive change,
happens so slowly

it can feel it's not happening at all.

That could well be
what you're feeling today,

but change does happen over time.

There'll come a day you'll look back
and you'll see it clearly.

You don't have to believe it now.

I can hold on to the hope for both of us.

[car door closing]

Morning, Sheriff. You got something
the boys in the county garage can't fix?

Shouldn't you be in school, son?

My future is here, sir, so...

How can I help you?

I need to ask you about Bryce Walker.

I see.

Are you aware he's been missing
since Friday night?

I've heard some talk, yeah.

You've had some run-ins with him
in the past.

I haven't, actually.

Bryce and I have always been very...
um, friendly.

- But you're not friends?
- I don't have many friends.

- I find that hard to believe.
- I have high standards.

And Bryce doesn't meet them?

Sir, with all due respect,

I haven't seen Bryce in months.

So, why are you talking to me about him?

Well, come on, son.

You're a convicted felon with two strikes
who's missed 22 days of school.

You're exactly the kind of person
I should be talking to.

Fair enough.

Were you at the homecoming game?

I was.

- Were you part of that fight?
- I was not.

Can anyone confirm that?

I was with my boyfriend.


I really wish you'd go to school.

Every kid should graduate.

[chatting and laughing]


- I'll talk to you later.
- All right. Bye.

Clay, what are you doing here?

Did you hear about Bryce?

What? What about him?

Well, he's missing.

I haven't heard,
but we broke up, like, months ago.

- [Chloe] So...
- Do you have a minute to talk?

No, I really don't.


Did you ever tell him?

That you were pregnant.

Not here, okay?

[Ani] Chloe had a secret
that led right to Bryce.

Did you tell Bryce?




Look, Clay, I know what you think...


I really felt like I loved him.

- Thanks for coming.
- Sure.

It's good to see you.

It's been, what, like...

over a week?

Yeah. I'm sorry.
I've just been really busy.

No, things haven't been right between us.

Something's changed.

- No, that's...
- I'm losing you.

Chloe, we've never talked
about the trial...

about the Polaroid.

Yeah, 'cause all that's over.

But is it, though?

Is it over for you?

Because I feel like it isn't.

I don't know what you want me to say.

- You told me you loved me.
- I do.

I do more than anything.

Chloe, I fucked up.

[stammers] I'm fucked up.

I betrayed your trust.

I gave you every reason to destroy me.

But when you had your chance on the stand,
you didn't.

I told the truth.

You lied.

For me.

I think you believed I could change.

And that's why you went to Spring Fling
with me.

That's why you stuck by my side
when my parents split.

I want to change, Chloe.

I want to be better for you.

Just please don't give up on me now.

And now I'd like to introduce
our next candidate for Liberty president,

Jessica Davis.

My name is Jessica Davis.

I'm running for president
because I want change.

I don't mean better dances
or new cheer uniforms...

[boy] Sexy!

- [boy] Yeah!
- [girl] Seriously?

[crowd murmuring]

...new cheer uniforms or healthy choices
in the vending machines.

I mean real change.

[Monty] Bitch!

[boy] Oh, shit!

You know what?

Fuck you, Monty!

[laughing and heckling]

Fuck all of you jocks.

- [boy] Ouch!
- [clapping]


[boy] Seriously!

I was raped

by the king of the school
and I stayed silent.

I protected the jock
who raped me because...

I don't know.

Because I thought it would hurt more
to speak up...

because I thought
it would ruin my reputation.

But I am no longer staying quiet.

No more.

So, here's my promise.

If you elect me,
I will take down the jocks at this school.

- [girl] Yeah!
- Put an end to their bullshit.

I will not tolerate
the ones who protect them,

and I will demand that
their victims no longer remain silent.

[girl] Go, Jessica!

Because their silence destroys us all.


[Ani] Zach hides his pain well,

which is why he saw Chloe's so clearly.

And why he wanted to do what he could
to make hers go away.

[Chloe sniffs]


Are you okay?


I don't think anyone knew
what Jessica was going to say.

- I mean...
- Zach, I'm pregnant.

Oh, shit, Chloe. God, are...

Are you okay?

I don't know.


["Tired" playing]

No. I don't know what to do.

Does Bryce know?


And I'm not going to tell him.

Jess, she knows, but...

she lost patience with me over Bryce.

So what are you going to do?

I have no idea.

[Ani] It's impossible to know everything
that went through Chloe's mind,

but, let me just say,

I can imagine.


- [Chloe] Hi.
- Hi.

Ultrasound looks good.
Exam went well.

So, why don't you tell me
why you're here today, love?

Um... I think I need to get an abortion.

But I can't afford it.

So, I heard there were, um, programs.

There are. We have access to a lot
of funds that aid expectant mothers.

Let me show you some literature.

California makes it easier
than most states to end a baby's life.

No parental consent needed even.

So, we want to make sure that mothers
understand the choice they're facing.

Wait, you...

You don't provide, or you're not a...

We're a counseling
and resource service, dear.

We're here to help you
make the right choice

and give you as much support
as you need.

[voice fading] You and your baby can go on
to have full and wonderful lives.

[Zach] I'm so sorry
that happened to you, Chloe.

I can't even...

imagine that.

- Do you think I'd be a good mother?
- I think you'd be an amazing mother.

Chloe, if that's what you want to do,

I'll help you.

We could...

tell everyone that it's mine.



think about that.

No, I know. I mean...

I'll raise it with you.

I'll help.

What, and you'd just give up football?

And I give up cheerleading. I...

I couldn't go away to college,
couldn't go full time.

- Right.
- But, you know, I...

don't ever want to be a cheerleader again.

And I don't want to be a mom.

Not now.

Maybe not ever, just...

Maybe someday, just not now.

[Chloe sighing]


- You think that's bad?
- No.

No, uh-uh. No.

I think it's right.

You'd say that to whatever I decided.

Yes, I would.


So, do you know how far along you are?


about eight weeks.

Can you explain to me the circumstances
around this pregnancy?

Um, I...

had sex

with my boyfriend.


I was on the pill
but I'd forgotten a couple of days.

Okay, and your boyfriend
didn't wear a condom?

He's not my boyfriend. And no.

I'm going to explain the procedure to you,

and then we'll go over some paperwork
and you will come back Saturday morning.

When you return on Saturday,

we will take your blood pressure
and administer a very mild sedative.

Okay? It will help relax you.

The doctor will come in and insert
a very small tube into your uterus.

It is connected to a suction device.

That suction device will dislodge
and remove the uterine content.


[Ani] Chloe kept a secret from Bryce.

Although his mother had seemed to guess.

I apologize for my son.

Sounds like Hillcrest is...


Well, we'd like to think so.

- [clattering]
- [Ani's mum] Mr. Chatham, please.

- [glass shattering]
- [Ani's mum] Please calm down.

My father doesn't like taking his meds.

He says they cloud his mind.

I'm sorry.

Well, it's a mind already clouded
with old age and bitterness...

and what turns out to be
a fairly virulent strain of racism

that he no longer sees the need to filter.

I bet he was a really nice man
before he got sick.

He wasn't.

But you're sweet to say so.

I'm sorry to be blunt, Chloe,

but I've lost the capacity to lie.

- I understand.
- Do you?

Men are cruel to prove they're not weak,

but they doth protest too much.

I was raised by a cruel man,

and I escaped him by marrying another.

The only difference was Dad used his fist
and Barry used silence.

And neither of them
should have been fathers.

My son is no different, Chloe.

In fact...

I think he may be worse.

[man] Hey. Hey, stop right there!

[man 2] Think about what you're doing!

[man 1]...pray for you and your baby!

- It has a heartbeat!
- Hi.

- Let's walk you past the crazies, huh?
- Thank you.

Are they always here?


Sometimes it's just them,

and sometimes
they bring ten or 15 friends.

- This is hard enough.
- Well, it should be hard.

Killing is a sin.

But it's not too late.

This is the moment where you decide
the fate of two souls. Choose wisely,

or you'll regret this day

- until you die. Take this...
- That's enough. Back off.

[shocked gasp]

- [man 1] You pray with us!
- What is wrong with you?

- Please, pray with us.
- Come on.

Take Jesus into your heart.

[man 3] If this boy's making you do this,
he doesn't love you.

- [man 1] Come pray with us.
- [man 3] Jesus loves you and your baby.

You'll feel a little pressure here.

[surgical instruments clinking]

[metallic rattling]

Now you're going to feel a pinch.

You're doing great.

- [nurse] You're going to be fine.
- [deep sighing]

[instruments clinking]

[motor humming]

- [sobbing]
- [suction motor whirring]

- [suctioning continues]
- [strained breathing]

[humming stops]


[instruments clinking]

["Otherside" playing]

♪ Even your going ♪

♪ Let it ♪

- [bell ringing]
- ♪ Find you ♪

♪ Even in hiding ♪

I didn't think
you'd be back at school today.

What else am I going to do?

How are you feeling?


That's good.

Yep, that is...


That is good.

- And I'm going to pay you back.
- You don't ever have to.

I'm going to.

Well, I wish you wouldn't.

I'm not coming back to Liberty next year.

I need a...

new start.




I see that.

And I'm breaking up with Bryce.

For good.

That's good.

Can I...

Can I see you

this summer?

See me?

Yeah, you know, just like, hang out...

or whatever.

Just to hang out?


[Zach] So...


we hang out sometimes.

And you didn't tell us earlier because...?

It's not my place.

Bryce never found out?



- What about when she broke up with him?
- She didn't explain.

She just broke up with him. I guess
he was pissed, but he left her alone.

- How pissed?
- How am I supposed to know?

Look, I gotta go to practice.

[Ani] Was Zach telling the truth?

Yes and no.

But we'll get to that.

[Tony] Gloves up, Tyler.

Gloves up.
Don't leave me any openings, okay?

[Ani] Because Zach wasn't the only one
thrown by Bryce going missing.

[Tony] That's it, stay with me. Good job!

Faster now. You ready?

Come on, Tyler. Gloves up!

[Alex] Oh, wow, you landed that one!

[Tony] Fuck me.

My bad, Ty.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I think so. Sorry.
- [Tony] Where's your head, buddy?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

- [Tony] Stop apologizing. Come here.
- [Alex] Let me have a go.

- You got a doctor's note?
- I'll just defend.

Oh. You saw how
that worked out for Tyler.

I just...

I missed one.

[Tony] That's okay. Jump some rope,

focus, we'll try it again later, okay?

[Tony] Yeah?

[Monty] Alex Standall...

I think he's a fucking homo.

Yeah? Why?

He's gay for Tyler, at least.

I mean, he's always been crazy,

but he graduated to full psycho
after not shooting himself in the head.

I mean, how do you fuck up that shot?


- What's up, gimp?
- Coach wants you on the return team.

Fuck, seriously?

- Yep.
- Sweet!

I'm gonna bash some heads!

You know about Alex, right?

He shot himself in the head and missed.



maybe don't get
your psychological insights from Monty.

That's like...

getting your clothes from Walmart.

I get my clothes from Walmart
all the time.

What's up, Justin?

[coach] Charlie! Get in there.

[coach] Hut!

He's not a bad kid.

Yeah, well,
wait till Monty's done with him.

Who's the creeper?

Seems like he knows you.

- [whistle blowing]
- [players shouting]

Not a clue, man.

[Ani] Bryce disappeared,

and we all felt the tremors.

[cell message]
Tyler, it's Bryce... Walker.

Listen, that thing

we talked about, I'm dealing with it.

You're all good.

Take care of yourself, man.

[Ani] And nobody knew
if the earthquake was coming.

[cell message]
Tyler, it's Bryce... Walker.

Listen, that thing we talked about,

I'm dealing with it.

You're all good.

Take care of yourself, man.


[Ani] Clay didn't believe Zach's story.

He was certain Bryce knew
about the abortion...

and took it out on Zach's knee
at Homecoming because of it.

If Bryce didn't know then it can't have
anything to do with anything.

So you're convinced Bryce didn't know?

I'm sure he didn't.

How? How can you be so sure?

Chloe didn't tell him.

So she says.

- No, I know she didn't.
- How do you know?

How do you know?


Did you ask him?

Jesus, did you talk about Chloe,
his girlfriend?

We talked about Chloe
when she broke up with him.

You've been lying to me for months.

No, I...
I just haven't told you everything.


You've been lying to me
since the first time I drove you home.

You live...

This is, like, an intersection.

Yeah, perfect.

But you told me you lived on Manor Ridge
not at the bottom of Manor Ridge.

I can walk up the hill.

Or I can drive you up the hill.

Well, for such an A student,
you are crap at following directions.

You don't want me to know
where you live.

- You think I might be a stalker.
- I think you're the opposite of a stalker.

That first day at lunch,
you ran away like you were ill.

I didn't run, I...

deftly avoided.

You are not deftly avoiding right now.

My situation is... complicated.

I tend to thrive in complicated.

It's at the top of the hill.

The Chatham house.

The Chatham house?

Isn't that where Bryce Walker lives now?

- You live...
- In the guest house.

My mum is a home health care aide.

She takes care of his grandfather.

You have to get out of there.

I can't get out of there,
it's where I live.

But... do you know his story?

I know enough. It's all online.

It's not all online.
They don't tell you...

- who he hurt.
- Look,

it's not like we're friends or anything.
I don't even live in the house.

It's not safe there. Okay?

I'm not some pretty princess locked away
in the rich kid's house.

I take care of myself.

You don't know the whole story.

You're going to tell me everything I need
to know and save me from the monster?

I mean, I hope so.

Wow, how have I survived without you
for 17 years? I just can't imagine.

Thank God you're here to save me
from the wilds of Evergreen county.

- Come on...
- Thanks for the ride.

I'll see you at school.

[Ani] To Clay,

Bryce was a monster.

And I understood why.

But the Bryce I saw
seemed very much broken.

Vodka martini, very dry, please.

Is that for you to drink with your mother?

Mmm, funny.

Didn't know you drink.

Yeah, I only recently started again.
I stopped for a while.

Condition of my probation.

Thought I'd see if I could make it stick
but it's hard to fight genetics.

You know, right?

About my probation.

Yeah, basically.

And why I'm at fucking Hillcrest now.

Not great, is it?


It's fine.

It's what I deserve.

I knew he was having a hard time
at his new school.

He told me all about it.

[Ani] Was it one of those boys?

[boy] Walker, get over here.

[Ani] One of those other young men
of great privilege?

- Magic gummy?
- [Bryce laughs]

I don't partake, but thanks.

Give it a few weeks. You'll need it.

- [Dean] You've been here what, a month?
- Mm-hmm.

How's the adjustment?

Hillcrest sure isn't Liberty.

No, it's not.
And honestly, man, I'm loving it here.

- Yeah. The downside, no girls.
- [Bryce] I guess.

No distractions from playing ball.

- You got that right.
- [Dean] Don't worry, man.

We got plenty of girls over
at Claremont Prep when it's time to party.

Good girls, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, totally.

You got a girlfriend?

I'm focusing on my game right now.

Come on, man, a guy like you?
What are you into? I can hook it up.

- I'm good.
- [Dean] Dude, those Claremont girls,

they're under strict instruction
to lock it down with one of us.

Family connections, right?

- I got a girl there.
- So you're locked down then?



But I'm having a good time.

I can't say the same for her,
but it's not really my problem, is it?

I mean, it's hard for a guy to know.


I feel you, brother.

- But will you feel her?
- What do you mean?

I mean when she passes out at a party
and you fucking rape her.

- [man] Dude...
- Get the fuck out of here.

[Ani] Did they hate him so much

that they might hurt him?

[Dean] Walker! Hey, you okay?

Yeah, fine.

Hey, listen. You're a great target
over the middle, man.

I'm sorry about Carter, he just,
he gets excited, you know?

Yeah, or he's too stupid
to know what "no contact" means.

- Could be.
- [Carter] Look out!


What the fuck?

[jeering and joking]

All right. Hey!

You wanna fight, let's fucking fight,
but do it right here!

Come on, let's go!

[door closing]

So, these are the two new ones
for before breakfast.

Jesus! God!

I need gauze,

the large pads and my medical tape. Sit.

[Mrs. Walker]
What the hell happened to you?

Just some spirited hazing, Mom.
Nothing to worry about.

You got in a fight?

This is your chance for a fresh start.

Are you not even remotely capable
of trying to straighten yourself out?

Sadly, Mom,
I think the answer's clearly no.

I need a bandage for this cut, it's deep.

Thank you, Amara Josephine,
I appreciate the concern.

[door slamming]


Not our job.

[Ani] Like Zach,
I hide my pain quite well...

which is why I saw Bryce's so clearly.

[door closing]

[glass smashing]


That is some violent redecorating.

Shit, I'm sorry. [heavy breathing]

I thought it was just me and the old man.
So many fucking vases in this house.

Is everything okay?

Why, doesn't it look okay?

Chloe just broke up with me.

I'm sorry.



I don't know.

She, um...

She was the only one who stood by me.

For a long time.

I thought she believed in me.


I'll give you some privacy.

Could you maybe stay for a second?


[Ani] And some might say
he deserved to be in pain.

And how do you argue with that?

Bryce Walker did hurt a lot of people.

Zach and Chloe, certainly.

But I soon realized
the one he hurt most...

was Jessica Davis.

[Ani] Violence begets violence.
It just doesn't always look the same.

[Ani] Some suffer in silence,

desperate to escape their pain.

[Ani] Some of us do violence to ourselves.

Some try to break the pattern.

[Zach] Do you ever think of it...


[Chloe] Every day.

Sometimes it's fine.

Sometimes I feel ashamed.

No, do not feel that.

I know, you're right.

Shame is what other people put on you.

And they make it like you have to own it
or something, but you don't.

Let it go.

Homecoming night, you...

came to me straight from the hospital,



I was there for more than an hour.

Yeah, right. I had to stop by my house
to get my brace and some stuff.

Yeah, right.

Of course.

They're gonna find him.

Don't you think?


For sure.

[police sirens]

[Ani] Maybe Bryce was trying
to break the cycle within himself...

and Jessica found him
before he got the chance.

["Slow Dancing
To This Bitter Earth" playing]

♪ The weather is changing ♪

♪ Dialogue is stagey ♪

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visit 13reasonswhy. info

♪ We speak of purity ♪

♪ Haircuts an atrocity ♪

♪ A reminder that every scene's a bore ♪

♪ You can wave the red flag ♪

♪ Decorate your handbag ♪

♪ But even the dead ♪

♪ Think consistency's a chore ♪

♪ My favorite feelings are joy
And contempt ♪

♪ In you, in you, I met my match ♪

♪ My strongest feelings are joy
And contempt ♪

♪ In you, in you, I met my match ♪

♪ We speak ♪

♪ Till we're slow dancing ♪

♪ To this bitter earth ♪

♪ My favorite feelings are joy
And contempt ♪

♪ In you I've met my match ♪

♪ My strongest feelings are joy
And contempt ♪

♪ In you I met my match ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.