13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - And Then the Hurricane Hit - full transcript

The pressure of Clay's arrest leads his friends to make risky decisions, and the full story of the brawl that erupted at homecoming emerges.

[theme music playing]

[Ani] Do innocent people run?

They do,

if that's their only choice.

[Caleb, whispering] No fucking way
are you driving to Mexico today.

And you're definitely not taking Clay.

[Tony] He can stay at my family's
till things cool down.

- [Caleb] You didn't do anything.
- [Tony] Neither did he!

[Caleb] Tony!

You've got to start thinking
of yourself, Tony. Of your future.

That's exactly what I'm thinking of.

[Caleb] You let that kid drag you down.
You've done it before.

He's my friend!

And he needs me.

[Caleb] I need you!

[Tony] You're not the one who's wanted
for a murder you didn't do.

How do you know he didn't do it?

[Mrs. Jensen]
Do you have any idea where Clay is?

I have no clue.

When I came home last night,
he wasn't there.

And what time was that?

Around midnight.

When I woke up this morning,
his bed was still made.

I tried calling his phone,
but then I remembered the cops took it.

And he gave you no indication
that he intended to flee?

- No warning at all.
- Well, can you blame him?

The police just kicked down our door,
for Christ's sake. He's scared shitless.

Justin, I know that you and Clay protect
each other, but if there's something

- you're not telling us...
- I don't know anything.

I swear. I...

He clearly didn't want me to know.

[Ani] Justin was as good as his word.

He would defend Clay until the end.
Which was going to get complicated.

[Standall] Or Clay would defend Justin.

Or Tyler Down.

Or Jessica Davis. Or Zach Dempsey.

[Ani] As a fugitive,
Clay had one weakness.

He cared about other people.


Clay, what are you doing here?

I came to say goodbye. I'm...

I'm leaving.
I don't think I'm coming back.

But that's crazy.

- They'll find you.
- If I stay here,

it's not gonna get any better.

Think it through.
There's going to be a trial.

- Your lawyers will find things we missed.
- The cops have made up their minds.

- So, we'll unmake them.
- [scoffs] How will we do that?


I'll be your alibi.

I'll say that I was with you
and that I didn't come forward before

'cause of my mum,
and that you and I were together.

And that we kept it a secret.

Look, I'm not gonna point at Tony
or Justin or anyone else. I'm...

- And I'm sure not gonna let you do that.
- Clay, you have to.

I gotta go.

- Clay, please.
- Look, I love that you want to help me,

but you will get found out somehow
and you'll be in big trouble.

And I know your mom's
not speaking to you now,

but you're all she has
and you can't do that to her.

I really gotta go.


This isn't over.

[speaking in Swahili]

[speaking in Swahili]

He what?

Holy shit! Justin... [stammering] Wait.
So, he's just gone?

Yeah, if I see him, I'll call you,
but I...

Okay, yeah. Okay.

[Monty] Was that Justy?

He have an excuse
why he skipped weights this morning?

- Yeah, family stuff.
- [scoffs] He doesn't have a family.

Wait, who's gone? Jensen?
What the fuck? Did he take off?

What? Why would he do that?

Holy fuck, maybe he is guilty!

He's not guilty, that's insane.
There's no way he could've taken on Bryce.

You know what?
That would've taken someone who was,

I don't know, six foot, one-ninety,
nasty fucking temper.

Sounds like someone
I wouldn't want to fuck with.

Come on, Charlie.

[cell vibrating]

- Uh, hello?
- Hey, Tyler. It's Clay.

I wanted to let you know I can't drive
you home today. I won't be at school.

[Tyler] Oh,

you won't be at school?

[Clay sighing] Yeah.

So, maybe you can hitch a ride
with Alex or someone?

Okay, um...

but I mean, I was really hoping
you'd be here today.

There's this assembly.

Yeah, I just...

I can't, man. Okay?

Yeah, okay.

You're gonna be all right, yeah?


I just...

I was really hoping you'd be here.

Today of all days.

Why me?

What do you mean "of all days?"

Because I needed a friend.

[car horn blowing]


ah... [sighing]

Listen, I gotta run, but I'll try, okay?

Welcome, everyone. And a very special
welcome to our guests from Hillcrest.

We would like this to be a time...

to come together.

The interruption of our Homecoming game

inflamed feelings on all sides.

And it was followed a few days later...

by the news of the tragic death

of a former Liberty
and recent Hillcrest student,

Bryce Walker.

Now, I've spoken at length

with the student leadership,
and Hillcrest administrators.

We agreed that it was time
to bring our schools together

for a day of accountability and healing.

And with that in mind...

Jessica Davis,

student body president
and organizer of the protest,

would like to offer a few words.


Thank you, Principal Bolan.
You're absolutely right

that at times like these,

people need to be held accountable
for their mistakes.

And after something traumatic happens,
it's important to focus on healing.

But the thing is...

how is anybody supposed to heal

if all we do is cover up the wounds
and hope that they'll go away?

We have to look at them
and recognize them for what they are.

We have to be honest

about who actually got hurt and how.

The protest I led was an attempt

to try to draw attention
to the rape culture in boys' sports

and throughout our school.

And yes,

I admit that
the way I went about it wasn't perfect.

I'm sorry for how it all ended up.
I really am.

But making mistakes is part
of being a survivor.

At first, you think you're, like...

permanently broken.

But then...

little by little,

you start picking up the pieces

and you start realizing
what you're making is a mirror.


the more of those pieces
that you put together,

the more you start to see yourself.

But maybe

we can start picking up those pieces
of that mirror together,

and we can finally see the truth.

If you think sexual assault
doesn't affect your life, you're wrong.

There are survivors all around us.

People you care about...

who you never knew
were suffering in silence.

Let them know that you're there to listen.

It's time for you to know

the survivors in your life.

To hear their stories
and to know that their voice matters.

My name is Jessica Davis,

and I'm a survivor.

[crowd whispering]

My name is Casey Ford,
and I'm a survivor.

[Ani] Jessica was fearless.

My name is Janelle Martin,
and I'm a survivor.

[Ani] And her courage spread.

My name is Maggie Kim,

and I'm a survivor.

[girl gasps]

[shakily] My name is Tyler Down...

and I'm a survivor.

[crowd murmuring]

My name is Lina Ochoa,

and I'm a survivor.

[Ani] It went beyond her group.

My name is Sarah Stern.

I'm a survivor.

My name is Robby Corman...

and I'm a survivor.

My name is Tanya Brown.

I'm a survivor.

My name is Justin Foley...

and I'm a survivor.

My name is Stephanie Rodriguez,
and I am a goddamn survivor.

[girl] Yeah!

[scattered applause]

[Ani] Jessica was totally fearless
that day.

She acted like someone who didn't care
about the cost of courage.

To those of you who are still seated,

I know a lot of you still have stories,
but you're not ready to share them yet.

And that's okay.

When you're ready, we'll listen.

And we will continue to fight
to make sure that no one

is assaulted, harassed or abused
at this school.

We will not sit down.
We will not be quiet.

We will not rest until that happens.


- [cheering]
- [indistinct shouting]


- [Jessica] I'm so proud of you!
- [Tyler] Thank you.

Hey, Jessica. Can I talk to you?

- See you.
- [Tyler] Yeah, see you.

[Robby] Um...

- hey, it's Tyler, right?
- Yeah, hey.

Um... nice to meet you, Robby.

Thank you for being the first.

I mean... first guy to stand up.

Yeah. I mean...

for sure.

Do you think I could be a part
of HO, too?

Is that... allowed?

Fuck, yeah!

It's more than allowed.
Everybody's welcome at HO.

Fucking everybody!

Even if some people were dicks to them
in the beginning.

Some people are sorry.

- Hey.
- Hey.

That was... incredible.

You were incredible.

Thank you. I was so freaked out, but...

I'm so happy I did it.

Seeing all those people stand up,
it was...

I loved that bit in your speech
about the mirror.

Is that from something, or...

Why, what do you mean?

Well, nothing, it was just...
It was really beautiful.

And I was just wondering
if it was... something you'd heard before,

or if it just came to you?

I don't know.
I guess it just kind of came to me.

- I should...
- Yeah, of course. Congrats.


[Ani] I guess I wondered where
that fearlessness might have come from.

I just, uh, I wanted to ask
if you were okay?

If you needed anything?

No, man. I'm good at the moment.
But thank you.

What happened to me
didn't... didn't happen today.

No. I mean, I know.


yeah, listen...

I'm sorry, man.

And I think...

I think you're awesome.

Yeah, Charlie. Thank you.

- Shit. I gotta go.
- Yeah.


You made it.

Tyler, listen, man.
I gotta take off. But, um...

I'm so proud of you.


Thank you.

Clay, where the fuck have you been?

I have to go.

- Are you fucking crazy? You can't run.
- [Jessica] Justin.

Was that real just then?

- Yes. Yeah...
- [Sheriff] Clay Jensen!

[door closing]

[Sheriff] Clay Jensen,

I have a warrant for your arrest
for the murder of Bryce Walker.

Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.

Clay! I...

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,

one will be appointed to you
by the court.

Let's go.

[Ani] The Sheriff was convinced
he had his man.

But you weren't so sure.

[Standall] No.


[Mrs. Walker]
So, why don't you give that a try?

[woman] Okay.

Yeah, I think you'd enjoy it.
Okay. Thanks.

[woman] Okay.


- Good morning.
- Morning, ma'am.

Is there news?

Well, the Sheriff is close
to having a case

he feels he can turn over
to the county prosecutor.

But there's just a few things I'd like
to confirm with you, if I may?

Of course.

Do you have any reason to believe

that Clay would purchase steroids
from your son?

I, um...

Not that I can recall.

But Clay did purchase marijuana
from Bryce once?

I think that was just a pretense.

To get into our home. To entrap Bryce.

Okay, other than that
and the incident in the driveway,

did Bryce ever spend any time with Clay
that you can remember?

Not that I knew of.

They weren't friends, of course.

Well, who did Bryce spend time with
in that time after he left Liberty?

Well, um...

Montgomery de la Cruz

was over a number of times last summer,

your son.

They seemed close for a while.


Yeah, I knew
they spent some time together.


Bryce really didn't have any friends left
these past months.

All he had was me, really.

[Mrs. Walker] Press down
through that left big toe mound.

Roll the chest open. Exhale. That's it.

Shoot that tailbone
towards your right heel.

Beautiful. How's that feel? Breathe.

Good. Come on down.

Does that feel better?

- Good. Thank you.
- Thanks.

Good class, Teach.


I'm still finishing my hours.

Still, that's some tough-looking shit.


Sorry. Sacred space.

Not sacred, but...

spiritual, I hope.


Don't laugh!

No, I'm not. I'm not.

It's really cool
this is all working out for you.

- You're injured?
- No, I'm just tight.

Practice was nuts yesterday.

Now I've got nerves on top of it.

- Tonight's the Liberty game?
- Yeah.

You know, I can help with all that.
The muscles,

- the nerves.
- No, that's okay, Mom.

What, you're not man enough for yoga?

[Mrs. Walker] Ready?

Now you're going to move
into downward facing dog.

[Bryce laughing]

Laughter is good, just keep breathing.

[laughing] It's just the names!

The names are descriptive,
but they also have meaning.

English is easier than the Sanskrit,
believe me.

Lift your hips up and back.

Stretch your heels to the floor.
Lift your sit-bones.

Your hamstrings are too tight.
Bend your knees.

It's more important
to have a straight spine.

Breathe. Every breath takes you deeper
into the pose.

[Bryce breathing deeply]

Okay, good.
Now we're going to move into pigeon.

- Sorry. [chuckling]
- It's all right.

On an inhale,
raise your right leg up and back.


As you exhale, right knee to right wrist.
Lay your shin down.

Good. Slide that foot forward.
But protect your knee.

Stretch your left leg back.

Square your hips.

Take a deep breath in, lift your heart.

[both inhaling]

As you exhale,
see if you can lengthen out over that leg.

Do that a couple times.


Good. This opens up your hips.


- [grunting] this is hard.
- Okay.

It's important to go slow
and respect the body's boundaries.

Wait till the body gives you permission

to go deeper, don't force.



[Mrs. Walker] Good.


You're shaking. Does it hurt?

Inhale. Lift your torso.

Oh, Bryce.

I don't know what...

I don't know what's happening,
I just started crying.

It's okay. It's good. It's okay.

- I don't know why I can't stop.
- It's okay.



They aren't mine.

Do I look like the kind of kid
who uses steroids?

Why hide them in your drawer, then?

I was holding them.

For a friend.

What friend?

This friend buy them from Bryce?

He said he got them from some dealer
at City Gym.

Want something to drink?

All right.
Sheriff will be here in a minute.

[Ani] Clay's arrest
and the assembly where it happened,

it was about to change everything.

Everybody's staring at me.

Fuck, yeah, they are. You're a rock star.

- Tyler...
- What do you want?

I just, uh... Can I talk to Tyler alone
for a minute?

- No.
- Please?

- I need to tell him something.
- Hey, it's cool, you guys.

- I'll meet up with you at lunch.
- Okay.


We're so proud of you.

What is it?

Can we talk?

Somewhere private?


We can... we can talk here.



I heard Monty say it, what he did to you.

I mean, like, he admitted it
to me and Bryce.

Like, all of it.


And, I'm...

sorry that happened to you.

I'm sorry.

And I think Monty should pay for it,

and I'll talk to the police
if you want me to.

Why would you do this?

I mean, you don't even like me.

How can I not like you?
I mean, I barely know you.

Yeah, but you've... heard stuff.

Yeah. You've heard stuff about me, right?

Like I'm an asshole jock or whatever.

I mean, I guess so, yeah.


[door closing]

[coach] So, what's up?

I have to resign as captain.


just 'cause you're not on the field,

that doesn't mean that you're not integral
to this team.

I mean, look,
the way you led these guys,

- it gives me hope for the future.
- That's the thing, Coach, is...

I don't have a future.

And I just need to accept that.

Hey, don't quit on me. All right?

Look, you still got a lot to offer.

And if you stick around,
I'm sure you'll learn to see that.

I've made up my mind.

Thank you, Coach.

For everything. You've been...

This team, it means a lot to me.

And it, it...

It always will.

Well, uh...

[Zach] Bye, I guess.

Hey, you always got a home here,

Look, you can stop by anytime.

No, I don't think I can.

No, man. This is some rich kid shit.

Ask anybody, I sell cheap Mexican shit

at the gym.
It gets me a bigger cut.

So, to be clear, you have no recollection

of selling these steroids
or anything like them

to Clay Jensen or his friends?

This is some good shit.

Okay? I couldn't get my hands on it
if I wanted to.

He's still back there.

Probably gonna transfer him to County.


Are you okay?

You would tell me if you weren't?

'Cause clearly I don't always know.

When I was five...

my mom had this boyfriend.

This fucked-up guy
who would just get high with her.


she'd pass out, he would...

just come to my bed.

At first, he would just...

put his hands on me.

Then he started...

He started making me put my hands
on his...

And he would be hard.



[breathing shakily]

He'd put his fingers in my mouth
and start to jerk off.

He only lived with us
for a couple of years.

On and off.

When I was on the streets...

and I needed money...

I would do stuff...

to guys.

Sometimes, they would do stuff that...

we didn't talk about.

But that I didn't want to do.

I just felt like I was five again, and...

it was all my fault.


I'm so sorry.


And all this time,
you've been listening to me,

and helping me,
and letting me preach to you

- about recovery.
- You needed time.

For yourself.

You deserve that.

I want to be there for you so bad, Jess.

I didn't want my shit to get in the way
of your shit.

Your shit is my shit.

We share shit.

This is getting gross.

[both laughing]

I love you.

I love you.

Your lawyer will be here shortly.

I didn't do anything.

It's best we wait for your lawyer.

You guys just decided it was me.

Oh, we did? How'd you figure?

Mrs. Walker told you I hated Bryce
and that was it.

It was a little more than that.

We had a fight

and an argument, that's all.

Those things happen.

What exactly did you guys argue about?

You went to that Homecoming game
to confront him, didn't you?

No, I... I was there for Justin.

That's why I'm here.
What's your excuse? You hate football.

- Yes, but Caleb loves football.
- I played in high school.

- Please don't ask him. Oh, God.
- What position? Sorry.

I tell him one story, and now
he calls me "Glory days."

[band playing]

Hey, I thought Ani wasn't allowed
to come to the game?

[indistinct chanting]

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Kickoff's in five!

[indistinct conversation]

What the hell?

- Hey, you lost?
- I need to speak to Ani right now. Alone.

Hey, all good. I got it.
I'll be right back.

I'm sorry.

I should've called,
but my mum went to bed early

and I was able to sneak off after all.

Stop. Just stop. I don't want
to hear any more of your excuses.

Why him, Ani?

Why Bryce?

I mean, why would you...

How could you kiss him?

It's... it's not what you think.

You said you didn't know him,

that you didn't speak to him,
but you're, what, you're friends?

- More than friends?
- No.

No, we're not.

I was just wishing him luck
at the game, and he...

He misinterpreted my intentions.

And it was an accident.

It was a mistake!
Bryce means nothing to me!

So, do you regret it?

Do you regret kissing him
like you regret kissing me?

Clay, this has nothing to do with you.

Of course it has to do with me!

Why, because I only exist
as a function of you?

- Because I thought we were friends.
- We are!

We were.

Clay, wait.

[Ani] I won't lie to you,

at that moment, in his eyes

I saw...


Hatred. But not for me.

[crowd cheering]

[Ani] For Bryce.

Over the first half, the anger
and the hatred only burned hotter.

By half-time,
he was ready to go after Bryce.

[air horn blaring]


[Ani] He was about to get his chance.

[protesters] Hey, hey. Ho, ho.
Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey...

- Did you know she was gonna do this?
- No idea.

[Jessica] Jocks are the bullies,
criminals and rapists of Liberty!

Well, she's got their attention now.

...go unpunished.

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

- [protesters] Rape culture has got to go!
- Holy shit.

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.
Rape culture has got to go!

It seems unwise.

[protesters] Ho, ho.
Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey! Ho, ho!
Rape culture has got to go!

What the fuck?

[Caleb] Seems like it's gonna go wrong.

- Oh, hell no!
- [Caleb] Things just went wrong!

[coach blowing whistle]

- We're going,
- Yeah, we're so going.

- Tony, sit down.
- My friends are down there.

I know, but third strike,
your life is over.

Tony, he's right. Just stay.


[Ani] And yeah, Clay went after Bryce
in that fight.

And lots of people saw it.

But there was something
they didn't see,

wasn't there?

- [Justin] Clay! Listen!
- Get off of me!

- I'm gonna kill him!
- Let's go.

I'm gonna fucking kill him!

- You're gonna get crushed out here.
- Get off!

- Fuck! Where'd he go?
- [Justin] Clay!

Where the fuck did he go?

[Ani] That wasn't the last of it.

I lost Bryce in the crowd.

I saw they were starting to pull out kids,
so I ran.

Justin didn't need a ride home,
so after I dropped off Tyler...

I went to talk to Bryce.

Just to talk.



Fuck this!

"I'm fucking going to... kill you."

Do you recall sending that text?

Yes, but...

And you were at his house
when you sent it?

- Yes, but he wasn't there.
- Mm-hmm, but he replied, right?

"Buddy, let's talk."

Sounds like he wanted to meet up
and you wanted to get your hands on him.

- Don't put words in his mouth.
- After that, you texted back.

"I don't want to talk. I want you dead."

Bryce died within an hour
of receiving that text.

Seems like quite a coincidence.

It is a coincidence! When I said that,
I swear I didn't mean it.

If you didn't mean it,
then why did you delete the message

after we found his body?

I was scared!
I knew this was gonna happen.

We're cutting class to lift weights?

Did you just trick me into a PT session?

[stammering] I...

I wanted to talk to you alone.

What's up?

- Maybe you should have a seat.
- Okay.

I have to tell you something, but I'm...

God, I know I should've said something
or I should've told somebody

or done something earlier,
but I... I have to now.

Zach, what is it?

I, um...

I killed Bryce.

That's... Don't say that.

- It's the truth.
- No.

- Don't fucking say that to me.
- I can't let Clay go to jail for this.

- I have to go to the cops.
- Listen to me. Listen.

Let it play out. They don't have anything,
they're bluffing.

You don't know that, Alex. You told me
you don't know that. You don't...

But if you were in trouble,
they would've come to you.

They have no idea.

Clay will get off.
You can walk, it'll be fine.

Alex, I killed...

I killed somebody.


I don't believe that you did.

And even if you did,

after what Bryce did to you,

and to everyone, how would it be justice
if you went to jail?

And how is it justice if Clay does?

Well, I'm leaving now.

Not that it matters,

since you've decided
I'm no longer your daughter.


You know, it is possible

to be both a devoted daughter
and a loyal friend.

I know you think it's either or,
but it's not.

You refuse to trust anyone.

But I'm not willing
to live like that anymore.

So, I'm gonna go help a friend
who needs me right now...

and I hope you have the same privilege.

Some day.


Do I have anyone here for Diego Valdez?

You here for Valdez?

No, um...

- Is Deputy Standall around?
- He's off-duty right now.


Can I help you with something?

I'm here to make a confession.

To... confess.

Okay. Hang on.

Let me get someone out here.


I didn't know you were home.

These yours from the hospital?

I don't normally bring supplies home
from work.

Are they the same brand
the hospital uses?

No, this is a consumer brand.
What's going on?

[cell ringing]



Okay. I'll be there in 15.

- They need me at the station.
- Tell me what's going on.

It's gonna be fine.


[Standall] You okay, Zach?
You want water or something?

I did it.

It was me.

I killed Bryce Walker, the night

- of the Homecoming game at the pier.
- Okay. Slow down.

What exactly happened that night?

Start at the beginning.

My mom, she... she drove me to the game.

My dad used to, before he...

She drove you to the game.
It's Homecoming.

It's a big night
for the team captain, right?

And we were fired up, you know?
We had a lot to prove. I...

I had a lot to prove,

and I knew that there was gonna be
a lot of people watching.


[Ani] Zach told you that it all started
before the game,

in the tunnels.

[Chloe] Hey, number 85!

Hey, what are you doing here?

Still your official cheerleader, aren't I?

- Wouldn't trade you for anyone else.
- [Chloe laughing]

Uh, I gotta go,
but I'll see you out there.

Hey, Chloe. Wait up.

[door closing]


It's nice to see you.

- I should probably get outside.
- Whoa, hold up.


[stammering] You seem great.

- Yeah, I'm doing really good.
- Good.

It's nice to see you happy.

You've always had this... spark.

And I'm just glad that
after everything I put you through,

you still have it.

Not that I could take anything away
from you. I mean,

you're one of the strongest people
that I know.

Bryce, you should know I was pregnant.

It was yours.

I had an abortion.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.


Are you okay?


I'm so sorry
you had to go through that alone.

I wasn't alone.

I had Zach.

He was with me.

Through all of it.

Good. Good, good.


I... I should go.

[player] Come on! Let's go, let's go!

Hut 90. Let's go!


[whistle blowing]

[Bryce] Nice block in the back.
Is that your strategy?

- Cheat and hope you don't get caught?
- It was clean, unlike you.

You stole my girlfriend, buddy.
You don't think that's for free, do you?

- [player] Watch him!
- [Zach] Let go!

- [whistle blowing]
- [players shouting]


- Fucking asshole.
- How's the knee, Zachy?

I didn't steal Chloe, I supported her.
Which is more than you ever did.

- What the fuck do you know?
- I know enough.

I'm gonna fucking throw you
into next week!

- [referee] Hey! Don't.
- [whistle blowing]

[referee] That's enough!
Back to your sides.

We're letting them hang around.

They think that they can play with us?
They can't fucking play with us!

Fucking Hillcrest, man.

They want us to think
that we're the losers.

That they're gonna get this win

just like they get every other
fucking thing they want in this world.

But they will not get it.
We will not let that happen!

Because this is how they do it.

For the rest of your lives,
this is what's gonna happen.

They're gonna look at you,

and they're gonna come at you.

They will make you feel
like you do not belong.

They will make you feel
like you can't have what they have.

And they will keep leaving you out
and they will keep pushing you down

until you say,
"Fuck this, I belong here."

Some of you

think I'm soft.

Some of you think I'm a narc
or I don't know, whatever.

Honestly? I don't give a fuck.

'Cause I know who I am. Do you?

Do you?

Because winning
at the cost of who you are,

winning at the cost
of becoming someone that you hate,

means nothing.

I would bleed for any single one of you.
I would.

I would lay down my life.

No lie.

Because that's a promise that I made.

What will you do?

One half left.

Let's show 'em who we are.

- [player] Yeah.
- Let's get this win.

- One time, who are we?
- [all] Tigers!

[Ani] And then the hurricane hit.

[rock music playing]

- [Justin] Clay!
- [Clay] I'm gonna kill him!

I'm gonna fucking kill him!

[Bryce roaring]

[sickening crunch]

[roaring in pain]



Hey! What the fuck? Zach!

Your fucking leg. Charlie! Charlie!

All right, man.
We're gonna get you up, okay?

[Zach] The team doc knew it was my knee.

So, he put me in an ambulance.

My mom met me at the hospital.
The doctors looked at my leg.

Did a few X-rays...

Put a brace on me
and then sent me home.

But... [sighing] I didn't stay home.

Before we go any further, I want
to bring Sheriff Díaz to hear the rest.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Kid, I gotta ask you,
you want to call your mom?


No, sir.

- Maybe a lawyer?
- No, sir.


[door closing]

I'm ready.

I want to do this.

Tyler, what you're doing is so brave.

We'll be right here waiting for you.

You're not alone in this.



[Tyler] Excuse me. Um...

I would like to file a report.

Hey, Zach. I've filled Sheriff Díaz in
on everything you've told me so far.


why don't you go ahead and continue?
Tell us what happened next.

Okay. So, I knew the Hillcrest bus
would take them back there.

So, I waited for Bryce.

And I followed him to the pier.


Didn't expect to see you here.
What's up, friend?

- Fuck you!
- Or not friend.

Walking pretty well there, actually.
What happened to your knee?

- What the fuck?
- I should fucking kill you.

- Okay. Look, I deserved that one.
- You're going to hell.

Well, I'll see you there.


- [bone snapping]
- [Bryce screaming in pain]

Please stop!

You ruined my fucking life!

[Bryce coughing]

[Zach] Big man!

Scary fucking Bryce.

What the fuck?

You took away my future tonight.

You took away mine.


You did that to yourself.

[roaring in pain]

[Bryce] Did you fuck her, Zach?


Did you fuck her? How many times?

Did she scream for you
like she did for me?

[Bryce laughing]

Chloe's my friend.

Sorry you never had a friend in your life.

She didn't fuck you
'cause you're a pussy-ass bitch!

- [bone crunching]
- [screaming in pain]


Fuck! Fuck you, Dempsey!

You fucking pussy-ass bitch!

Fuck you!

[screaming in pain]

[Bryce coughing]

- [splashing]
- [frustrated roar]


You fucking pussy-ass bitch!

Fuck you!


They're closed.

You wanna go to Rosie's?

Sorry. Yeah, it took longer than I thought
to put on my...

brace and everything.

Does it hurt a lot?


Yeah, it kind of hurts an awful lot.

Oh, Zachy.

[Sheriff] You beat him and drove away
and left him on the pier?

In the middle of the pier,
just laying there?

Was he conscious?


Yeah, mostly, he was yelling things at me.
He was in and out.

- But immobile? He couldn't stand?
- No, sir.

No, I broke his leg pretty good.
And one of his arms, I think.

So, you're here to confess
to his murder?

Yes, sir.


Well, thanks for coming in, Zach.

But what you did was assault and battery.

Given the damage to the body,
it would be...

pretty impossible to tell
where the injuries came from,

whether it was from the football game,
the fight,

or the rocks in the river.

Look, son...

Bryce Walker was found
with water in his lungs.

Okay? That means he was alive
when he went into the water.

You didn't kill him.

Bryce Walker died by drowning.

["Into The Fire" playing]


[grunting in pain]

What the fuck are you doing here?

♪ Into the sky, into the sun ♪

♪ Opening out, opening up ♪

♪ Into the rise, into your eyes ♪

♪ Open your mouth, spit out the sky ♪

What the fuck? What's the fucking charge?

Sexual assault in the first degree.

And maybe murder.

♪ Into the fire ♪

[Standall] So, we got about a dozen kids
who could've done it.

It's all about Homecoming night.

Everyone was there.

Everyone had their reasons
for wanting to kill Bryce.

At the end of the night,
one of them would've followed through.

I'm going to tell you about...

one of the worst things I've ever done.

♪ Open your mouth, spit out the sky ♪

I have to tell you.

I slept with Bryce.

More than once.

I had sex with the boy...

who raped you.

And it kills me to say it to you,
but I'm telling you as my friend.

The worst thing I've ever done.

That's the worst thing I've ever done.

Do you wanna tell me yours?

[music crescendo and ends]

[theme music version playing]

[man] Well done, Ed, well done.