13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You - full transcript

As the cops close in on Clay - their main suspect - violent confrontations at the homecoming game expose that everyone had a reason to kill Bryce.

At this point, you may think
you have put the pieces together.

You may think you have your man.

But you'd be wrong.

They took both our laptops.
Clay's backpack.

And my phone.

And what, if anything,
will they find on your phone?

A text to... to Bryce.



Saying I wanna kill him.

It was after Homecoming and everything,

and I came home and I was sitting here
and I was mad, that's all.

It was just words.


I deleted them, but...

I will...

talk to Dennis this morning,

and we will all sit down with him
after school.

And you talk to no one about those texts.

Or anything to do with the case.
Either of you.


did Bryce do something to you? Did he...

threaten you?

Did he say something to you
on the field that night?


Then why the text?

Clay wasn't the only one
without good answers.

I'm telling you,
the cops were looking through shit.

At Monet's.

They hit Clay and Justin's last night,

and this morning, they were in the back
at Monet's turning everything over.

So, they were just looking for anything
Justin might've had there.

If they hit Monet's, they could come back
to the garage. It's only a matter of time.

But what can we do?

I can sell.

I can sell for cash
and get the money to my dad.

You can't wire that much.

- I'll drive it down there.
- Tony, take a breath.

- They have no reason to look at you again.
- They have every reason!

I lied to Clay about seeing Bryce again.
You don't think he's gonna give that up?

I don't see why he would.

Because they're trying to frame him
for murder.

You don't need to tear up your whole life
when nothing bad's happened yet.

And when the cops ask you
where I was the night Bryce was killed?

You were here, asleep, next to me.

What if they find out the truth?

And there are secrets
that can't be kept any longer.

There are a few things I haven't told you.

About Clay?

About everyone.

Everyone had something to hide.

You don't really think it's Clay, do you?

Can't talk about an ongoing investigation,

I know. It's just hard to believe.

Is there, like, evidence?


- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Clay's a good friend,
of course you're worried.

Yeah, he just...

I can't think of how
he could do anything like that.

I mean, it's just not who he is.

We don't always know
what people are capable of.

Yeah, I guess.

So, you and Clay...

did you guys spend much time together
at the Homecoming game?

I saw him on the field in the fight.
That's about it.


Remind me again what you did
after the game,

after your mom brought you home.

Yeah, I was hanging out with Jessica.


Right, Jessica.

It was a short call.

He mostly wanted me to verify
where you were Homecoming night.

I told him after I picked you up
you went straight to bed.

You were home in bed, correct?

Dad, you tucked me in.

But why are you even worried about this?

Well, apparently,
Bryce sent you a text that night?

Yeah, I ignored it.
I think he texted a lot of Liberty kids.

They went through Clay Jensen's phone.

They found several messages
between the two of you that night.

Yeah, Dad, me and Clay text a lot,

and it was a crazy night,
so obviously we texted.

From right here, in my bed.


What do they think?

Well, from what I understand,

they're just trying to put together
Clay's whereabouts that night

after the game.


Maybe you shouldn't be texting him
so much anymore.

All right, partner, let's go.
You're gonna be late for school.

Jessica had good reason to worry,
it would turn out.

But so did Monty,

who truly felt like
his own life was on the line.

The cops called again.

About what?

Same thing as before.

Where you were Homecoming night.

- What'd you tell 'em?
- Same thing as before.

Is it the truth?

Yes! Yes, of course.
I was... I was at Charlie's.

You sleep there?

Yeah. A bunch of guys did.

Bunch of guys.

One phone call,

one question,

and the whole life
you've built out of lies

starts to come crashing down around you.

Mum, it's just paint.

We were doing a mural for history class.
I was gonna take it to the dry cleaner's.

You wore this the night
of the Homecoming game.

The night of that vulgar display
on the field.

How do you know about that?

It was the headline of the newspaper
that weekend.

Now I know you were there.

Fully participating.

- No, I didn't.
- You lied to me.

Not only did you lie to me,

you made a liar of me
in front of my employer.

You were there to spend time
with Bryce Walker.

What? What on earth...

I know...

the underwear in his room
was yours.

A mother knows when her daughter
has opened her life to a man.

- A mother knows!
- Mum, please!

My employer's son?
You have lost yourself!

- It wasn't anything like that...
- Do you understand

that by having relations with him,

you were endangering our livelihood
in this household?

And by lying to the police,

you are endangering our presence
in this country?

- Amorowat, do you understand?
- Mum, please. Look...

none of this has to get out.

Nora doesn't know.

And Bryce promised me that
he wouldn't say anything to anyone.

- How can you be certain he didn't?
- I just know!

How do you know?

What do you know
about what happened to him?

What else are you not telling?

Nothing. I...

It's just that Bryce promised me
that he would keep it a secret,

and... and Bryce wasn't a liar.

But my daughter is.

Amorowat, I can handle the laundry.

Let me just help with this before I go.

You need to eat. I can finish myself.

Good morning.

God damn it, Ani, I need you. No!

How is everybody today?

Fine, thank you.

I should head off.

You need to finish your breakfast.

Bryce, in a moment
I have to make eggs for your grandfather.

Would you like some?


I'll just... I'll grab something. Thanks.

We found some things of yours
outside by the pool.

- In case you were looking for them.
- Yeah, thank you.

And I'm sorry,
I think I had a little too much to drink.

Did you?

I'm actually...

Well, it's...

probably something
I need to do a little soul-searching on.

I tend to do stupid things when I drink,

which I regret later.

Yeah. Well, it's, um...
it's none of my business.

Aren't you running a bit late?

Bryce, your mother asked you
to stop by the studio before school.

Right, yeah. She's finally got it
up and running. I will. Thanks.

Breathe out.

She's just so focused. It's amazing.

Excuse me.

- Hey.
- Hi.


Didn't realize you were going
to have kids here, too.


Yes, it's very good for children.

Yoga teaches kids self-regulation,

to let emotions pass through their bodies
without attachment.

That emotions are just information for us
to understand ourselves more deeply.

Something I could've used
when I was their age.

I didn't know all this back then.

No, I didn't mean...

- It just seems nice, is all.
- Oh.

Who knows, maybe I can bring
my own kids here someday.

Your own kids?

I don't know.

You wanted me to stop by?

The dean at Hillcrest called me
this morning.

- Why?
- It seems your grades have recovered

since last year.

More than recovered.

He wanted me to know
that you'll make the Dean's List.

Do you think...

I don't know, I've had this kind of...
crazy hope

that maybe I could transfer
back to Liberty

for spring semester.

- But you're doing so well at Hillcrest.
- Everybody hates me there.

And I... I just...

I really want to play baseball
with those guys one last time.

I see.

- Well, it could be complicated.
- I know.

It's never gonna happen.

I just thought that maybe I could...

set things right somehow.

Anyway, I should...
I should probably get going.

Gotta keep those grades up.

Congratulations on the opening, Mom.

- The place is beautiful, really.
- Thank you.

Mrs. Walker made that phone call
a few days before Homecoming.

And it would set in motion a chain
of events that would lead to murder.

Hello, Sheriff.

You did?

And what did you find?

And when did he send those texts?

I see.

Now, what happens next?

Because everything affects everything.

They're coming after you.

- Maybe.
- You said

if Bryce knew about what Monty did to me,

it might give them reason
to go after Monty instead.

I know what I said, but...

But don't worry about that, okay?

But if I told what I know, like, my story,
wouldn't it help?

Not if it doesn't help you.

If you're in trouble,

if they have you under oath
or whatever,

- then you might have to tell them...
- I won't. I won't.

I promise.


I might not be around all the time.

You should think about...

if you wanna talk to someone else.

I feel like Jessica might understand.

And you... might not be around.


I just can't believe Clay Jensen.

- He seems like a good guy.
- He's a little asshole.

Yeah, but he wouldn't kill someone.

Cops think otherwise.

What do you think they have on him?

Cops think Bryce was killed
a few hours after the Homecoming game.

Clay's got no one that can vouch
for where he was.

Good thing I was getting shit-faced
at Charlie's house.



Where were you, Zachy?

I was with a friend.


None of your fucking business.

And as Alex said,

nobody's clean.


You don't think the cops are going
to talk to us again, do you?

Why would they?

Well, I mean,
seems like they're making a big deal

- about where people were after the game.
- So let 'em. We're cool, right?

Right. Yeah.

Of course.

You didn't talk to Bryce, right?

Like, that night after the game?

I told you I didn't.

Yeah, yeah, no, I know.

So, leave it alone. We're good.

After what happened at Homecoming,
you promised you'd tone it down.

I don't remember making that promise.

I warned you to stop the funeral protests
or you'd be held responsible.

So, I guess I'm here
to be held responsible.

I spoke with the superintendent
this morning and this is what we decided:

we're calling an assembly tomorrow.

In addition to our students,

the Hillcrest football team and coaches
will be in attendance,

and you will make a public apology.

I will?

- Or?
- Or the logical next step

is to remove you as president.

In the best interest of the student body.

Everything I have done has been
in the best interest of the student body.

Tell me, Miss Davis,

these stunts you pulled...

do you think they worked?

Are the students better off
because of them?

- I do.
- Mmm.

I think people are talking about it.

But beyond that, what?

Make the apology, move on.

Now is not the time in this town
to be the nail sticking out of the board.

Jessica had started
with the best of intentions,

but you know what they say
about the road to hell.

Principal Bolan, I was elected president

on the promise of ending boys' sports
at Liberty.

Canceling the game will send a message.

Yes, I know your reasoning.

My secretary transcribed 47 voicemails

from your supporters
and showed me your online petition.

The fact is Homecoming is a tradition.

- You just ignored everything!
- Homecoming is a tradition,

and is not in itself a contributor
to sexual assault.

And if this game gets canceled,

I promise you
no one will take it the way you intend.

That petition was signed
by over a third of the student body.

And are all of them fully aware of

your personal relationship
with Bryce Walker?

I don't have...

This isn't about Bryce Walker.

What if I told you I received a phone call
from his mother this morning

inquiring about re-enrolling him
for the spring semester?


You're letting him come back?

We've only just received the request,

He raped me.

And if he returns...

we will take every measure
to ensure your safety.

What about the safety
of every other girl at Liberty?

- It is our utmost concern.
- No, it isn't.

If it was, you would've canceled
boys' sports years ago.

He ignored everything.

- Such bullshit.
- No more wasting our time.

We need to do something huge.

- Yeah, we do.
- The Homecoming game's in two days.

We need to get in there
and get our message out.

Like, posters at the game?

- Fuck posters!
- Okay.

Bigger than that.

We need to show everyone
that we are done

being silent victims.

That they're going to face our anger
whether they want to or not.


- Okay.
- So, like,

we'll be out there
in front of all the football players?

In front of the whole wide world.


Love it when you get fired up!
This is why we elected you!

♪ Hey man, what are you doin' tonight? ♪

♪ How about me and you goin' for a ride? ♪

Are you gonna come watch me play
the Homecoming game?

Why do you always want to talk?

Seriously, Jess?

It would mean a lot to me
if you were there. You gonna come?


I'll... I'll be at the game, I'm just
not really coming to watch... exactly.

- Then what are you coming to do?
- I can't tell you.

What, like, you guys are going
to bomb the game or something?

You aren't going to bomb the game,
are you?

No, but we do have something planned.
I just can't tell you, okay?

- Why not?
- Listen,

this thing is bigger than me.

I need you to respect that, okay?

Why is the door locked?
Why are we even in here?

We're not a secret anymore.

Listen, I've been thinking
about my activism,

and what I've been putting people through
and what I've been putting you through.

And Bolan just gave me
this ultimatum, and...

I'm starting to feel like he's right.

This is a bad time for me to start
drawing attention to myself.

Why is it a bad time for you?

I told Ani that you and I were together
after Homecoming.

She was starting to get suspicious

and I just wanted to protect you.

- I didn't ask you to do that for me.
- I know, I know.

Okay? I panicked.

Really, I was home in bed,
and that's what my dad told the cops,

which is why
I can't be getting in any more trouble.

If they start looking at me,

if they start asking questions...

it could be really bad for you.

You need to get your alibi straight.

I just... I just don't understand.
Why did you lie to Ani?

Why are you just telling me this now?

Because there's a lot going on, Justin.
Can't you tell?

I'm just trying to help you.

Yeah, right.

Got it.


Jess. Jess!

She was probably trying
to protect you, right?

But now she's totally changed her story.
I mean, she's saying she was in bed,

but I have five, like, missed calls
from her that night.

- Did she leave you messages?
- Yeah.

Just "Call me back," but it wasn't like...

"Hey, I'm in bed.
Come sneak in through the window."

It was like,
"Call me back. I need something."

The other day, did the cops ask you
about where you were that night?

Kind of. Just...

I told them that I was at home.

Should we tell them
that we were together?

And did anyone see you that night?

Just the dealer I bought from.

So if we lie, and then...

the cops pick him up at any point,
then our story falls apart.

Tell the police everything.

About me and Bryce,
about why you texted what you did.

I won't do that to you.

Mum already knows everything.

- I think maybe she always did, so...
- She does?

- What did she say?
- A lot.

And then nothing.

So, when you texted
and said you wanted to help,

it's just because your mom found out?

No, it's because I believe you.

And I believe
you're in a very dangerous moment,

and I think you should tell the police

everything you know about everyone,
starting with me.

No. Look, I'm not gonna do that.
I'm not gonna ruin people I care about

- when they didn't do anything.
- How do you know they didn't?

Did Jessica tell you she was with Justin
the night of Homecoming?

Yeah... why?

Justin says that isn't true.

He was alone,
scoring drugs and getting high.

And you believe him?

I mean, it fucks up a lot for him to
admit that, so I don't know why he'd lie.

But why would Jessica?

Jessica wasn't angry with me
because I ditched her at Homecoming.

She was angry because...

Bryce told me to leave, and I went.

- Have you talked to her about it?
- Not yet.

Watching what Clay went through,
I thought...

"It's surprisingly easy
to make an innocent person look guilty."

He didn't act like an innocent person.

Do you blame him?

We pulled all the data
that the police will have.

We need to know what they know.

Now, after you sent the text messages
to Bryce,

you received a phone call
from Mrs. Baker.

- You didn't pick up.
- I was driving.

She left you a voicemail.
Which the police will access.

She was drunk.

She was... at Hannah's grave,
and she was drunk and she was sad.

And did she talk about Bryce?



talked about wanting him dead.

Why aren't they looking at her?

I assume that they have.
Maybe they still are, but...

can you give us anything more that might
make Olivia Baker a credible suspect?


Clay, do you understand
how cell phone towers work?

- Yes.
- Okay, good.

So you understand that
when you place a call,

your phone pings the nearest tower
to give you the best reception?


This is the tower
that your text to Bryce pinged

and the range that it covers.


This is Bryce Walker's house.

were you at his house, Clay?

Your missed phone call from Mrs. Baker

pinged this tower, which covers this area
along the waterfront.

Why were you near the waterfront?

- I was just driving randomly.
- Yeah, so you said.

But this location,
well within the range of this tower,

is where Bryce's body was found.

That... that doesn't make any sense.

We need to start making it make sense.

Because I imagine
that the prosecutors already have.

I've never seen that before.

I don't juice.

I've passed every drug test.

- He's telling the truth. He's clean.
- Yeah.

- Right. So they belong to Clay?
- No.

No, that's not possible.

Look, son, we found these buried
in a dresser drawer between your beds.

So, either you put them there or Clay did.

Which is it?

Maybe he's holding for a friend.

What friend?

But here's another question for you...

How does a guilty person act?

How about an innocent person?

Dude, I thought we said
we'd keep it light.

This is light!

Hey, Alex! What are you doing?

Working out, Dad.

- Well, get the hell out of there.
- In a minute!

No, not in a minute!

Right goddamn now. Stop it!
What did I tell you? Come here.

I said in a minute!

- I'm sorry, he said it was okay.
- Come here. What are you doing?

Hey! Stop it! Stop it!

- Let me go!
- Stop it. Stop it!

- Stop it!
- I fucking hate you!

Calm down.

Calm down!

What in the hell are you thinking, kid?


One bad hit and you never walk again.
You never speak. Is that what you want?


You don't mean that. Come on.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

Let's go home, buddy. Okay? Come on.


Come on.

- Hey.
- Hey!

Are you going to HO?
I just need to pack up.

That's actually why I found you.


you should probably skip today.

I'm gonna be pissing everyone off
in a big way.


Bolan's making me apologize.

In front of an assembly,
and Hillcrest is coming.

- You're kidding?
- Sadly, not kidding.

Anyway, Casey and everyone else
will lose their shit when I tell them,

and I know you've only been going
to those meetings to support me.

And that means so much to me,

- but I'm now a total failure, so...
- No, you're not!

You're sweet.

In the end,
I didn't change a goddamn thing.

You changed a lot.

You changed me.


Well, I made you an ally.
I guess that's something.

I, um...

I'm... more than an ally.


What do you mean?

It's just...

Do you remember last summer
at the Crestmont?

You asked me why I...

Everything that happened at Spring Fling.


Can I...

Can I show you something?


And then they dropped me on the floor,

and left me there in the toilet water
in my own blood.

And that was that.

That was the worst of it. But...

But it feels like I've been hurting, like,

cut and bleeding

every day since I was 12.

I feel rejected.

Not just alone, but rejected.

Like I am nothing.

No one.

And my life is meaningless.

I don't think
it's ever going to be any different.

That school is never going to change.

I'm sorry I have so much rage.

I wasn't born with it.

To everyone I love...

I'm really sorry about all of this.

Mom and Dad...

you've been great parents.

You really have.

You did your best.

I'm sorry.


thank you for being the only one
who was ever nice to me.

To everyone hearing this...

I did what I had to do.

That's it.

I'm sorry.



I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry that this happened to you,
and I'm...

I'm so, so sorry that I didn't know.

It's okay.

How would you know?

That kid...

That kid's not you anymore.

You see that, right?


Yeah, I'm... I'm getting better.

Like you.

Yeah, just like me.

I mean...

I should've seen the signs,
you know? I should've...

Maybe they're different for guys.


Have you told anyone else?

Um, I told Clay.


I might tell Dr. Singh.

She's... she's pretty good at her job.

She is.

You should tell her.

I told...



Why... why would you tell Bryce?

Um... well, at first I thought
that he told...

told Monty to do it.

But then,

he... he wanted to help.

What are you doing here?

I came to talk.

I took a guess
that you'd be in the yearbook room.

I'm sorry.

About the motel. I was in...

Dude, it's okay. It's okay.

But... but that's why I'm here.

You said that Monty did something to you,
and tried to blame it on me.


- It was... Really, it was nothing.
- Tyler, you almost shot me.

I'm really convinced it wasn't nothing.

Did it have anything to do
with Spring Fling?


- With what you were gonna do that night?
- I don't...

I kind of just want to forget about it.


This may be impossible
for you to believe, but...

I'm on your side.

I'm trying to set some things right

that I made wrong,
and one of those is Monty.

I can't...

talk to you about it.

I can show you something.

I did what I had to do.

That's it.

I'm sorry.


I have to do something.

Please don't say anything.

To Monty or anyone.

It'll only make things worse.

Because you have to go to school
with him every day.



What is that like for you?

I mean, I'm doing better. But...

every time I see him,

it's like part of me is...

is back there.

I mean, at first,

it was all I could think about.

It was just replaying over and over again
in my head.

Now, I can get my mind on other things.

But if I have a minute to drift...

the memory...

it's always there.


- We have to tell the police.
- No!



- Please don't make me tell anyone.
- Okay.

I get it. I get it.

What if I could make it
so you're not afraid anymore?

I mean, look,
I can't take those memories away from you.

And I can't get rid of Monty.

But I think I can make it better for you.

I can make it so you're not afraid of him
ever again.

Tyler, it's Bryce. Walker.

Listen, that thing we talked about,
I'm dealing with it.

You're all good.

Take care of yourself, man.

So, what if he told Monty?

And Monty did something to him?

We don't know that's what happened,

But they'll have to look at him.

And it'll help Clay's lawyers.

It'll be like an alternate theory
of the case. I looked it up.

Are you ready to tell the police?

I don't know.


you only tell your story
when you're ready.


And when you are,

I'm here for you.



You say Clay was acting
out of character.

Well, he wasn't the only one.

Hey, man. What's up?

Hey. Is... Is Alex here?

No. I think he was here earlier,
but I haven't seen him. I just got here.

- Okay. I thought he might be working out.
- No.

No football today?

Oh, no, only so many practices
you can stand around and watch.


feel free to work out on anything.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Hey. Crazy shit...

about, um...

about Clay.

Uh, yeah, it's crazy.

Yeah, I just, I mean...
Did he say anything to you about it?

We haven't talked in a bit.

Yeah, me either.

Not that we really did, but...

You don't think that he actually did it,
do you?

No. I know in my heart he...

never could.

Yeah. I know.

I know in my heart, too.

But anyway, so... Thanks.

I'll see ya.

See you.

Hey. You okay?

I don't think so.

I think I'm not okay, right?

We're gonna get through this,

My search terms.


Dennis is trying to catch up
with the cops.

He had me run my search history.


This is some really dark stuff, dude.


Don't ever tell anyone this.
I write fan fiction.

You have to kill a character sometimes.

- Okay, why don't you just tell them that?
- They can put me at the crime scene.

- I've got no one to say I wasn't there.
- Fuck it. I'm saying I was with you.

- They'll find out the truth. They will.
- No, they won't.


Hey, Monty.

- What the fuck do you want?
- What's your deal?

What do you mean?

What's your deal?

Why do you hurt people?

- Is this about football?
- No, it's about you.

Why are you so cruel?

I'm not cruel.

There's something seriously fucked up
about you,

and I really wish
you could tell me what it is.

I had a bad childhood.

Yeah, maybe that's part of it.
But what else?

Or were you always like this?

Look, what the fuck?

- What do you want?
- I think I just want to understand.

- I think I never will.
- You're a crazy bitch.


And you should fear that.

And so the locker room is perfect,

because if we confront the jocks
in their precious sanctuary...



I'm not here to ask for my place back,
I'm just asking for you to hear me out.

It's important to make a mess,
to make noise, you're right.

But I don't know.

I worry sometimes that the louder we get,

the harder it is for someone
to even find their voice.

To tell their story. And that's the
first thing that needs to happen, right?

People need to be able to speak
before they can shout.


What are you getting at?

I need your help.

All of you.

All right,
who's the keeper of the banner?

- Got it.
- Great.

And the paint?

Right here.

Okay, great. Just make sure you hide it
when we go outside, okay?

And the megaphone?

No idea. Can't find it.

This is gonna be the biggest
fucking wake-up call Liberty's ever seen.

Right, phase one, let's go!


Hey, can you pass the black marker?

Um, I forgot my towel's in my car.
I'll be right back, okay?

No, I need a black one.
Does anybody have a black sharpie?

This way, gentlemen. Field house
and visitor lockers this way.

How fucking dare you?

- I wanna give you something.
- I don't want anything from you.

I'm leaving.

Wait, it's not what you think.

What do I think?

I just wanna give you something.

- Then give it to me.
- Well, I wanna explain what it is.

- Like, where it comes from.
- Some time today, Mr. Walker.


Could you maybe meet me
outside the field house in ten minutes?

Where the whole school can see us?

You know, I shouldn't even be talking
to you here.

Okay, um...

What if...

maybe after the game,
we could meet at the Navy Pier?

Where we all used to drink back when.

You want me to meet you
in the middle of the night, alone?

Out on Navy Pier
in the middle of the river?

Yeah, I hear that.


Listen, come, don't come.

Bring someone with you
if it makes you feel safer. I just...

I'd really like to give you something.

Either way, Navy Pier,
that's where I'll be.

I hope to see you there.

What's up?

Yo. What's up, man?

- Hey. Y'all go crush it.
- Hey, Bryce. What's up?

Hey, guys.
I need to talk to Monty for a minute.

Everything okay?

No, so you should probably take off.

No, he can stay.

What you have to say to me,
you can say in front of him.

All right.

I'm here to talk to you about Tyler,
and how you raped him in the bathroom.

He told you that?

I didn't rape him, that's fucking insane.

You didn't violate him
with a broom handle?

Yeah, dude. That was a joke.

You shoved a broom into his asshole
and made him bleed.

Explain the joke.

Okay, it was like hazing or whatever.

That's not hazing, that's rape.

What, you're gonna teach me
about what rape is?

Like what you did to a dozen girls
at this school?

No, I'm not gonna teach you anything.

I'm just gonna tell you this.

You're gonna stay the fuck away
from Tyler.

You're not gonna touch him.
You're not gonna look at him. Anything.

You have a class with him, transfer.

Pass him in the halls,
take a different hall.

I'll check in with him every week

to see how he's doing.
If I hear one fucking thing about you,

if I hear that you even looked
in his direction,

then the cops find out
about Tony's car...

about the gun you gave Alex...

about the time you tried to kill Clay...

They get everything.

What the fuck, man? We're brothers.

Why are you doing this?

Have a good game...


By half time, there had been plenty
of hard hits on the field,

but nothing compared
to what Jessica was about to do.

It was going to change everything.
For everybody.

And that concludes our halftime show,

taking us into the second half!

Liberty leads, 14-10.


Come on!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

♪ It is, the world is ending now ♪

♪ Let's dance ♪

Go get your bitch off the field.

Monty, shut the fuck up and chill out.

Jocks are bullies!

♪ Don't just stand there
Why don't you follow me around? ♪

♪ My truth is lacking use
My voices are unsound ♪

♪ It is, the world is ending ♪

It is way too cold
for those girls to be naked.

Dude, seriously?
That's your fucking focus right now?

♪ We're going to hustle all night ♪

♪ Need a weapon, need your love ♪

♪ Need a weapon, need your love ♪

Ho, ho. Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.
Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Ani, you gotta get off the field.
It's about to get real bad.


Rape culture has got to go!

- Hey, hey. Ho, ho.
- Shit!

- Jess. They've got police.
- So what? We're not trespassing.

But we're gonna get hurt.

People have already been hurt.
Ask your friend Bryce!

Go on, go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.


Just get off the field! Let's go.

Ho, ho.

- Rape culture has got to go.
- Hey, nice ass!

- Nice tits!
- Fuck you!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

What the...

What the fuck?

What the...

Hey, stop!

Is this what it takes for you to see us?

Then get a good fucking look,
'cause we're not going anywhere!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!

Hey, hey. Ho, ho.

Rape culture has got to go!


We made a statement tonight.

I don't know.

Okay, everyone, listen up.
Game's over.

You're all free to leave
once a legal guardian comes to claim you.

Sign outs are with me.

If you engage in any further fighting,
you will be arrested.


- That would be my mom. I gotta go.
- Okay.

- Bye. I'll see you.
- Mm-hmm.

- Be safe.
- You, too.

- Bye, y'all.
- Bye.

Come on, Justin.

Before that fight was over,

at least three different fates
would be set in motion.

I'll get to the rest in a minute.

But first, Jessica.

You told me that, after the game,
you went off with Justin.

Now Clay says
that you said you were home alone.

I went home and went to bed.

Ask my dad, he tucked me in.

So, why did you lie earlier?

Because I wanted to protect my boyfriend.

No way Justin did it,

and he didn't have anyone
to cover for him, so I did.

And because it's none of your business.

It is, though.

Because Clay is my friend
and he's in real trouble.

Clay is my friend, too.

- And maybe we're all in real trouble.
- Why'd you say that?

Where were you that night?

Also at home in bed,
though no one tucked me in.

- Have you ever been in court?
- No.

Someone's gonna go down for this.

And odds are good
they'll take all of us along.

So, you and Jessica
both had an alibi?


And Clay didn't.

The truth was,
no one's alibi seemed super solid.

You got balls,
asking for a meet-up.

What the fuck do you want?

I want to make a deal.

I sell for you,

for as long as you want.

And in return, I...

I need a favor.

♪ There are some great neighbors
Who found me ♪

- I need your help.
- Jesus, Clay. If the cops see you here...

Tony, I really am sorry, I just don't
have anyone else I can turn to for this.

If that's the case,
I really don't wanna know.

Please hear me out.



I need you to help me disappear.

♪ Things come unhanded ♪

♪ Off the rails some ♪

♪ I knew you I need you too
You're trying ♪

♪ No reason to ♪

♪ Let them come crash it ♪

♪ The party's over ♪

♪ The season can hang beside it ♪

♪ The party's over ♪

♪ So it ends and so it ends
I'm going in ♪

♪ I'm going in ♪

♪ And so it ends and so it ends ♪

Well done, Ed, well done.