13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Smile at the End of the Dock - full transcript

Clay tries to figure out where the Polaroids were taken. Justin shows up at school. Zach's revelation about Hannah takes everyone by surprise.

Zach, I wrote you a letter.

I poured my heart out,
opening up about personal things

I hadn't had the courage
to admit to anyone.

How hard life was getting.
How lonely I felt.

I keep to myself mostly.

I don't always tell people things.
I'm not good with...


...like, drama.

You look good. Very sharp.

You ready for this?

Yeah, I'm all ready. Yeah.

I learned pretty early on
not to rock the boat.

- You'll do great.
- To stay in my lane.

You're a good boy.
The best son a mother could have.

Don't worry, Mom. It'll be fine.

Don't worry about it.

Okay? He'll be back.

He's sick as hell.
He can't go to the city.

He's got no money, no car.

Clay, I'm on your side, okay?

We'll figure this out.

Thank you.

- Can... Can I trust you?
- Always.

Do you have any idea where at school
these might have been taken?

No, I... I don't recognize it.

- Wait, is that...?
- Bryce.



I try not to be a bully.

Mr. Baker!

- I try not to be a victim.
- What do you expect from today?

We firmly believe
that our daughter deserved better

and that the school...
the school could have done more.

We don't let ourselves forget that.
That's how we keep ourselves going.

- We're in this together.
- Mr. Baker, one more question.

We're in this together.

- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.

Olivia, everything okay?

Just hope that dumb kid
tells the truth in there today.

Liv, this time, we have actual proof

that Hannah told the school
that she was hurting.

She wrote that note in class.
They did nothing. We're right on this one.

- It's a win.
- I agree.

And it is so good to see you both here.

Though, if I may say,

now that we're playing
you're a united front,

it is helpful to hold hands for the press.

We're not... playing at anything.

It's a tough line to walk.

So this bullying that you just mentioned,

do you feel pressure to join in
when you see it happening?

- Yes, sir.
- What type of bullying do you see?

Well, sometimes it's obvious
and sometimes it's not.

Sometimes a kid gets roughed up.

A lot of the times, though,

it's just stuff that people say.

Especially athletes.

So, what type of stuff do you say?

We brag about things
that we do with girls, like...

uh... sexually.

Even when they're not true.
And sometimes that can get around.

And who's saying these things?

Lots of kids.

It's a tough school.

Three weeks before you went
to the hospital, you received the tapes.

Do you remember how?

At school?

No, they were mailed to you.

On tape five, Hannah talks about running
into you and Jessica at the winter formal.

Remember what she said about you two?

That we looked good together?

No. You weren't at the dance with Jessica.
You just talked to her there.


- Did you... Have you been studying?
- Yes, I've been fucking studying.

Clay, I've listened to the tapes,
like, four times.

I don't even know if the doctor's
gonna ask me any of this today.

I went online.

Some doctors tested Marines that had TBI
with dates and memory questions

to see if they could continue serving.

I'm not a fucking Marine, Clay.
I shot myself in the head.

Mr. Porter is out this morning.

I'm Ms. Paul, and we're going
to be watching a very interesting film.

Human Centipede?

Well, no. It's not a nature film.

It's, uh...

It's about life after high school,
and how it gets better.

That's great, but what the hell
are we supposed to do until then?

I superglued the DVD player shut.

So now we wait to see
how long it takes her to figure it out.

Dude, come on, celebrate me.

My neighbor saw us shooting.

- So my dad's calling your dad.
- Shit.

But now he wants to take us shooting.

So, wait, we're getting in trouble
for shooting guns,

so they're taking us to go shoot guns?

Essentially, yeah.

Do adults think these things through?

- I know, but...
- No, dude, I'm there.

- Fuck, yeah.
- Yeah, cool.

All right.
Who is good with electronics?

- This silent treatment gonna last all day?
- What do you want me to say, Kev?

I was glad to bail you out of jail
and wait two hours at the impound?

You said that I should use the time
that I have left to do the most good.

Take care of those kids.

And how is assaulting a drug dealer
taking care of those kids?

He all but put a price tag
on Justin Foley's head.

And what happened to the back window, hmm?

It must have happened during the fight.

- I mean, we'll... we'll get it fixed.
- It's not about the car.


Look, I'm proud of you, Kev.

Fighting for these kids,
doing whatever you can, I get it.

But, baby,
there's glass in Mason's car seat.

I want you to do you.

But what if someone from the school
finds out what happened and you get fired?

They won't, all right?

- And what if you get hurt next time?
- There won't be a next time.

I promise. Okay?


I'm obsessed
with this new life you're leading.

But can I ask you
about your old cheerleading days?


You ever heard of a place
called The Clubhouse?

It's a place where jocks hung out maybe.

No, it doesn't sound familiar.

Anything else you know about it?

Apparently, Hannah went there
with an athlete, possibly Justin,

- long after they broke up.
- Are you serious, Ryan?

You're really trying to dig up dirt
on Hannah?

No, I wasn't. I'm interested.

Yeah, well, your interest tends
to end up in your zine.

I would never. I... I was just...

You're right.

I'll drop it.

It is especially tough on girls.

It was for Hannah.

To your knowledge,
neither Mrs. Bradley nor...

any Liberty faculty took any action
once this anonymous note was read aloud?

Not to my knowledge, no.

So a note expressing interest in suicide
was read aloud in class,

and faculty members ignored it?

- Objection. Asked and answered.
- Sustained.

No further questions, Your Honor.

Hey, Kevin. How you doing, buddy?
How's that new class going?

- It's all good, thanks.
- Good. Glad to hear it.

Just helps keep your head down
and, you know, focus on work

when things get a little messed up,
you know.

Like last night.

I'm sorry?

I got a buddy I went to high school with,

and, uh, he's one of the lieutenants
at the station there.

- He called me when they brought you in.
- It was a misunderstanding.

You know, look,
we've all been there, you know?

And apparently, they got
that dealer guy there, like, once a week.

But, look, I vouched for you, and he said
that they'd all make it go away.

- I see.
- I'm just gonna keep this between us.

So, yeah, I spent the entire night
in my own bed,

and my dad only stayed for half of it.

Yeah, I mean, that is everything.

Too easy to get sucked back in
to old shit. I can handle it now.

Hey, what's up?
Uh... Do you know Michael?

- Hi.
- Hey. Michael.

- So what did your doctor say, Alex?
- I'm sorry, I tried.

- But they're not gonna let me testify.
- Shit.

Did the doctor say why?


Hey, Jess.

I missed you.

- Can we go somewhere else to talk, alone?
- No.

I came back for you.

It's the only reason why I'm here.

If you want me to stay,

I promise you I'm here for good.

Look, if you want me to go, I'll go.

Forever, this time.

- You said that before.
- I...

I tried to go away.

I tried to forget about you. I...

I tried so fucking hard.

But I can't stop thinking about you.

Yeah, I think about you, too.

And I wish you were dead.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt you more.



- Justin.
- Justin, wake up.

- Justin. Justin.
- Wake up. Wake up. Justin.


- Yeah, we gotta get him back to my house.
- No, I can't do this anymore.

- Okay? I'm out.
- What do you mean you're out?

- There is no "we," okay?
- What the fuck is up with you?

- We gotta get him out of here.
- Yeah.

Come on, Justin. Use your legs.
Use your legs.

Did you know he was back?

No, no, we really didn't know.

What does it matter to you?
Why do you fucking care if Justin's back?

Because, clearly, you do.

I don't fucking care.
You don't know how I feel.

Yeah, you're right. I don't.

Zach, isn't it true that Hannah
also reached out to you

to talk about her feelings?

- Um, yes.
- And did she write a note to you?

A note that was not anonymous?

Yes. Yeah, she wrote me
a letter explaining...

how sad she felt about everything.

How she felt really alone
a lot of the time.

So you told no one at Liberty High
that Hannah wrote you a note

telling you how alone she felt?

I didn't know how to.

But isn't it true
that you did reach out to her off campus?


The summer after sophomore year.

The summer after the note.
Did you have contact with her?

- Yes.
- And isn't it true

that you saw her more than once
that summer?

Um, yeah, last summer was slow.
Most people were out of town.

- You take them, okay?
- Sure thing.

Can I help you?

Hey. Yeah, can I get
a box of Mike and Ikes,

a box of Hot Tamales
and a Diet Coke, please?

No, you cannot have fucking
Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales

because you're not a fucking child.

- Actually, his mommy says he is.
- Okay. Fuck off, you guys.

Don't you get tired
of the mama's boy jokes?

Uh, no. No, we don't.

So I went to a lot of movies.

What can I get you?


just wanted to say that I am sorry...

for all of it.

The thing I said about your ass,
that wasn't...

And your compliments and, um...

I'm just really...

I'm really sorry.


- You're an asshole, but thanks.
- Yeah.

Mike and Ikes?


And Hot Tamales, too, please.

And... And a Diet Coke.

I mean, I guess I even saw movies
I didn't wanna see.

You see a lot of movies.

Yeah. Well, this 2001 thing
is supposed to be a masterpiece, so...

God, it's, uh... so boring.

- Oh, is it?
- Yeah, but at least it's long.

You should still see it, though,

so at least when pretentious people talk
about it, you can yawn really loudly.

Okay. Cool, yeah.



So, yeah...

that was painful.

Right? You're in space.
Why aren't you having fun in space?

Why does nobody talk?

Why is the movie so long
and nobody talks about anything?

I mean, at least talk about the fact
that, holy shit, you're in outer space.

Would you...

ever wanna watch a different movie?

- Like...
- Like with you?

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I meant with me,
as part of the...

the plan.

Except not at my house.
My mom doesn't let me have girls over.

So, you're inviting me
to watch a movie at my house?

I mean, they're never gonna make a movie
about Cameron taking a day off.

People underestimate
the Camerons of the world.

I mean, they can be surprising.

Everyone thinks when he falls off
the diving board that he wants to drown.

But I think he just wanted someone
to save him.

- I kind of get that, actually.
- Yeah.


- Shit. My parents are home early.
- Uh...


Uh, just hide. Like...

- Hannah, you up?
- Oh, fuck.

Honey, are you up?

No. To my knowledge,
her parents never found out.

So you told no one else about
the time you spent with Hannah,

- isn't that correct?
- Yes.

Then isn't it true that you were ashamed
of telling anyone?

No. No, I just...

That was the summer that my dad died.

And I was out of my mind,
and I needed someone that I could talk to.

Yes, but, Zach, didn't you send
each other hundreds of text messages?


Hundreds? I mean, I... Yeah, we texted.

I don't know how many times.

Who is it, Zachy?

No one. It's just my mom.

How's she doing? She okay?

She just needs me to come home.

How are you doing?

I'm good. I'm fine.

I'm not good.

My mom...

My mom doesn't even wanna talk about it.

She's acting like life is just,
like, going on.

And, I mean, I know that she's destroyed,
and she's worried about the future

and everything,
but she doesn't say anything about it.

My parents do the same thing.

We just...

We had things in common to talk about,

and things we didn't have to talk about,
things we just knew about each other.

That must've been exhausting,
keeping that a secret.

Yeah, I guess I, uh...
I just wanted to keep the friendship ours.

And in all that time you spent together,
all those texts,

you and Hannah never became
more than friends?

You never told
your fellow teammates about her,

as you've said they do?

- Bragged a bit?
- No. I would never do that.

Because there was nothing to brag about
or because you're not one to do so?

Because it wasn't like that.

What was it like then?

Mr. Dempsey, did something happen
between you and Hannah Baker

the summer before she took her life?

What? Shut up.

After that, we went on Space Mountain,
and I threw up all over her.

And after she broke up with me,
I took a long walk through Toon Town.

Yeah. How about you? Any bad breakups?

Kind of hard to be broken up with
when you've never had a boyfriend.

What? Really? I thought you and...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...

Everyone thinks I've done a lot of things
with a lot of people, but...

Hey, because I'm a guy,
people give me shit

because I don't do enough, so...

And what have you done?

- Are you seriously asking?
- I am.

Uh, yeah, nothing. I'm a virgin.

It's weird.

You know, 'cause of my reputation, like,
people calling me a slut and everything,

it made sex seem bad,
like this negative thing.

But I don't want it to be.
I want my first time to be how I want it,

not how everyone says it's been.

Yeah. I actually get that.

Feels like
there's no one good left in this town

to even wanna do that with, though.

So, um...

It's just, I...

It's just you are a good person,
and I like you.

I like you, too.

Sorry, what's happening?

I wanna lose my virginity,
and I want it to be great.

Like I wanna do it on my terms
and with someone that I like.

Would you be interested in having sex?

Oh! Yes!

All right, man, so, who is this girl?

She's, uh... She's from another school.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

So what do you wanna know?

Well, what exactly do I need to know?

Well, I'm very happy you came to my office
for this chat to...

No, but, seriously,

it's hotter when a girl likes
what you're doing and she feels good.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to, um...

begin this...

...thing that we're doing.

- Is that me shaking or you?
- Maybe both. A little bit of both.

- I... I hate my body.
- What?

- Why? It's beautiful.
- Okay, you have to say that.

No. I look at your body every day,
and I think it's perfect.

Mm. Mm-hmm.


Okay, yeah.

- Does it hurt?
- Uh...

Just... pressure. Keep going.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Was that, uh... Was that okay?

Yeah. It was good.

I could probably do it better
if you wanna try again.

We could try again.



- What?
- Yes.


We had sex.

- Just once?
- No. We...

It was all summer.

But it wasn't just the sex.

We really cared for each other.

It was amazing... I think.

I don't know how Hannah felt about it.

So, I've been practicing.

- Practicing what?
- Figuring out what I like.

I had to get past the initial

"This is wrong. God's gonna punish me
and all women" feeling of shame.

Which wasn't a joke, but...

now it's like, literally,
the only thing I wanna do.

- Holy shit.
- Right?

- This is all starting to make sense now.
- Right?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, do you think
we're doing this too much?

Do you think we are?

No. I mean, do you think so?

- Are you okay with all this?
- I'm good.

- So should we...? Okay.
- Yeah. Yes.

I, uh... I'm gonna meet with Dennis.

- Damage control.
- I'd like to come.

Fine. We're meeting at my house.

I don't want you
to feel alone in this, Liv.

Well, that's nice, Andy.
I'm honored by your concern.

Can you not give one inch?
I'm trying here.

Is there not one goddamn ounce
of forgiveness somewhere?

Some... Some kind of understanding

that not everybody else
is as self-contained as you are?

Forgiveness for what? For which part?

- The leaving or the not fighting?
- This is you, though.

This is our whole life together.
Not just this trial, not just Hannah.

You have never forgiven weakness,
or imperfection, or struggle.

I forgave...

every weakness, every imperfection,
every mistake that we made

in parenting our daughter.

I guess I'm just surprised
that's all we had.

I lied to you.
I am living with Valerie and her daughter.

I know.

Clay, are you home?

- What the hell?
- Aah! It wasn't me!

Who the hell are you?

"Frequent sexual intercourse."
That's what it says.

I never told anyone because...

Well, I thought I was protecting Hannah.

Maybe I was just protecting myself.

What the fuck?

I mean, what gives, Dempsey?

You cash in on your v-card,
and you don't tell your best friend?

- What the fuck, Bryce? What the fuck?
- It's a joke. Lighten the fuck up.

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Hey. Hey! Same team, same team.

Chill out.

What's going on, you two?

It's nothing, Coach.

All right.

If it's nothing, I don't wanna see
that kind of behavior in here again.

And I don't wanna see it out there.
Hear me?

That goes for all of us. Okay?

I don't care
who the hell you are out there.

You step into this room,
you step across that baseline,

you are the Liberty Tigers.

The end. Yeah?


Olivia, I just don't think
we should call him.

I mean, Sonya will tear him apart.

They must know everything
about the kid, right?

And we don't.

Lainie did recuse herself, but that's...

Somehow, I'm not concerned
about a mother knowing her son's secrets.

That tends not to be the case
these days, it seems, with mothers.


Our daughter...

I mean, she...

becomes a woman, and we missed it?

But is this the right response?

We put another kid on the stand
and hope for the best?

There's a reason
why we kept him off the list.

Clay was devastated
when Hannah died, okay?

He was in love with her.
He thought she was perfect.

The jury needs to hear that.

All right, we'll have to prep him tonight.

Go ahead and fill out the paperwork.
I'll talk to him first.

What the fuck did you do?

Why would you say all of that?
You just made everything worse for her.

I didn't mean to.

Clay, I swear to God, it's not a lie.

- I'm sorry.
- So how come no one knew about it?

- You were out of town last summer.
- It wasn't on your tape.

She put everything on your tape?

You didn't deserve her.

I know. I'm sorry.

Fuck you. You just go to hell.

- Clay, come on, man.
- Get the fuck out of here!

You have something you wanna say to me?

Hey. I've been looking for you everywhere.
It's called The Clubhouse.

- Wait, what?
- The place in the Polaroids.

It's called The Clubhouse.

Jesus. I don't care anymore.


- How do you go from...?
- Look, I don't fucking care, okay?

I'm done.

I have to take this.

So, I'll see you.

All right, put your guns down, guys.
Guns on the table.

We're gonna put in a fresh clip, okay?

Cyrus, look at this.

We're going to eject the old clip
like that by pressing that button.

Roll in the new clip like so.

Rack the slide. Okay?

- You guys try it.
- Cool.

even if there's no clip in there,

always treat your guns
as if they're loaded.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

All right. Give it a shot.

I really appreciate this.

My wife didn't think
it was appropriate to call,

but we don't know anybody else
we could ask,

and Alex has been a good friend to Tyler.

Oh, well, I'm happy to do it.
Tyler's a good kid.

You know, we can't change the past,
but we can be better, right?

Dude, what the fuck? I've been waiting
outside for, like, 30 minutes.

I'm plateauing.

- Plateauing?
- Yeah.

Apparently, that happens
when you shoot yourself in the head.

After, like, six months,
no matter how much work you put in,

your body just settles
into being broken forever.

Come on. You had a rough couple days...

It's not a rough couple of days, Zach.

This is my life now.

My doctor said so.

Pretty sure your doctor didn't say that.

Well, I can't testify.

I can't help Hannah, I can't help Jess.
I'm useless.

Well, maybe that's for the better.

What is that supposed to mean?

After what happened to me today,

- maybe you don't wanna testify.
- Don't tell me what I fucking want.

- Alex...
- Man, at least you can do it.

And at least you can walk and fuck girls.


- Alex.
- Fuck you!

- Alex, don't...
- Get the fuck off of me!

Fuck my leg
and this fucking hole in my head.

And then fuck Justin
for coming back for Jessica.

- And fuck Jessica, too!
- Look, man, just...

- No! Get off of me!
- Come on.

Alex, stop.

- Fight me! Man, fight me!
- Calm down, Alex.

- Just... I'm not gonna...
- Fuck you!

- Whoa! Stop, stop, stop!
- What? What's wrong? What's wrong?

I, uh...

I, um...

Man... Uh, listen. It's probably just...

like, from the physical contact and, um...

Are you okay?


Yeah, I am.

My dick works.


We need you to talk about your friendship.

About what you two meant to each other.

Her kindness.

Will they ask me...

about kissing her?

They probably will.

But it was just one kiss.

It's important that the jury understands
who Hannah really was.

Dennis will ask you
what you two talked about,

the hopes and dreams
that Hannah shared with you,

her good qualities.

This trial...

I mean, I've learned things about Hannah
I guess I didn't know before.

I understand.

Me, too.

I feel like I didn't really know
who she was.

Can you put all of that
out of your mind, though, and...

focus on who Hannah really was to you?

I couldn't move.

He got on top of me,
and I couldn't move my arms.

Or if I did,
he'd just push them back down.

He just kept pushing everywhere.

He wouldn't listen.

I can still feel his hands
taking off my underwear.

I just feel him all the time.

If I kiss someone, I can feel his breath.

If I touch someone, I just remember
trying to get him not to touch me.

God. So it's really fucking stupid
that I'm worried about Justin

when he's one of the goddamn reasons
why I'm dealing with all of this shit.

You fool yourself into thinking
that by keeping things hidden,

it makes it easier for you to get by.

...people looking at me right now,
facing the other side,

and the twos will be
with their backs to me.

Let's face our partners.

Let the ones be aggressors,
let's have them grab at the neck.

The twos break the grip, throw the palm,
grab the shoulders, throw the knee.

There you go. Speed it up.

Here, Lucas, you can switch
with Selena for a second.

Thank you.

All right? One more time.
You're gonna grab my neck.

We're gonna break the grip,
we're gonna throw the palm,

throw the knee.

All right? We'll switch,
and this is with the sound.

Ready? Grab my neck.

- There you go. You good?
- Yeah.

Get back in line. Selena, switch over.
The twos are the aggressors.

Even though you know you'd feel
a lot better if you just came clean.

Don't drink it so fast.
That's a one-way trip to barf town.

- Sounds fun.
- Not so, my friend.

It is done.

You hacked Zach's iCloud account
in two minutes?

His password was "zachattack," so...

Isn't that the girl that died?

Yeah. That's weird.

What's that?

Marcus! Marcus! Marcus! Marcus!

- Holy shit.
- This is incredible.

- We have to send this everywhere.
- No. No, no, no.

No, let's fuck with him first.

No, I mean, I think... I think
you're really brave to talk about Justin.

Is there anyone else you wanna talk about?

- Bryce maybe?
- Bryce?

What do you mean?


I've been the girl
who's avoided her rapist in the halls.

Mine was a senior named Mark Perry.

And it's a story for another time, but...

I'm choosing to say his name to you
even though I didn't turn him in.

You wanna know why?

Because it's my fucking story to tell.
No one else's.

And you should be so proud
that you told yours tonight.

- I am.
- Good.

You know, just know that you can always,
always talk about it with me.

I get it.


Look, I was trying to help Hannah's case.

By hiding Justin here?

In the home of a lawyer
whose firm is trying the case?

Do you have any idea how that could look?

It's not just appearances
we're worried about.

Matt, I'm an officer of the court.

Justin failed to respond to his subpoena.
He's in contempt.

Look, I was hiding him here because
I didn't have any other options, okay?

What about the option
of coming to talk to us as promised?

I had nowhere to go.

That's why he had no other options.

My mom is a junkie.

And her boyfriend is...

He's a dealer and not a very nice guy.

I knew that they wouldn't take me back.

Clay and Tony, they found me...
and saved me.

He didn't tell you guys

because I was too ashamed
for anyone to know.

And he's sick with the flu,

which is why we were waiting for him
to testify.

You can stay as long as you need, Justin.

But I will need to report you being back
to the lawyers.

- I'm sorry, it's the law.
- That's okay. I understand.

Thank you, Mrs. Jensen and Mr. Jensen.

Now... who's hungry?

You threw up on his favorite boots.

What were you guys drinking?
'Cause he is out cold.

Uh, he said it was his special recipe.

What were you guys even working on?


You got a little...

There you go.

He's gonna hate me.

Why? I'm not telling him what happened.

You don't have to either, you know?
It could just be our secret.

Like just me and you.

Okay. Thanks.


What are we paying the Walkers' lawyer for

if you're just gonna keep secrets
from him?

And this was happening all last summer?

- No, I wasn't ready.
- And... save.

No, I'm not ready.

I don't wanna go back to school.

Junior year's like the only year
that counts on your transcript.

Oh, Bryce is back and wants to party.

If you want, we can hang with him later.
I don't have plans.


I don't want my friends
to know about this.


I just kind of want this to be ours,
you know?

Um... yeah, okay.

Why would you keep this from me?

- 'Cause that's how we do things, isn't it?
- What does that mean?

I don't even know
how you feel about Dad dying.

I don't know how you feel about anything.

What if I felt like Hannah did?

Because I have, Mom. I actually have.

- What would you do?
- Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey,

that is enough. Don't say such things.

- Why not?
- This trial...

That girl has put thoughts in your head.

You do not feel that way. You're fine.

Yeah, exactly.

I'm fine.

Well, what about Jessica's party?
I mean, you didn't talk to him there.

He was drunk and stupid
by the time I showed up.

So why didn't you put it on his tape?

Maybe I was keeping it private
for me and him.

- Or maybe you were protecting yourself.
- Yes. I mean, maybe I was.

Maybe it hurt that it meant something
to me and not to him.

If I had been in town that summer...

would it have been me instead?

You thinking about Zach?

What? No.

I read that stupid blog.

I have to tell hundreds of people tomorrow
what I loved about Hannah,

and all I can think about
is how she lost her virginity to Zach.

I mean, Zach.

Then, like, a month later,
she hooked up with me,

and then she freaked out.

But she didn't freak out
when she hooked up with Zach? I mean...

What the fuck are you saying, Jensen?

I mean, do you know how many girls
I've slept with?

Like, a lot.

Classifies me as, like,
a player or something and...

my best friends used to think
I was the fucking best.


Hannah, she sleeps with one guy.

She has a crush on another guy, being me,
and she kisses a third, being you.

And it's whatever, it's all fine, right?

All of a sudden, she's a slut?

All of a sudden,
you don't know who she is?

- You're a dumbass.
- I'm not a dumbass.

You're dumb. You're an ass. Dumbass.

I'm not the dumbass
who got locked out of the house today.

Clay, I didn't get locked out today.

Someone broke in. I...

I didn't see who it was,
and I didn't tell your parents.

What the fuck?

I mean, who the fuck
have you pissed off lately?

Bryce. It has to be Bryce.

Did he leave anything,
or did he take anything?

Fuck. I don't... I was downstairs
with your parents this whole...


- What is it?
- Wha...?

Nothing. It's... It's good.

Everything's here.

Hannah had nothing to be ashamed of.

I made her feel like she did.

Because I don't tell people things,
like I said.

Five tickets for Sudden Descent, please.

Hey, are you still wearing
that lacy, black underwear?

Yeah, come on, show us.

Oh. Miles and miles of skin.

- All right, ladies. Enough.
- What? It makes me feel free.

Yeah, just keep the change.
Thank you, sweetheart.

So, yeah...

Shit. I forgot my wallet, guys.

- I'll meet you out there.
- All right.


Sorry about earlier.

I didn't want them
to make fun of you or anything.

They made fun of me anyway.

Right. I'm sorry about that.

Can I make it up to you,

uh, sometime?

Uh, you were right before.

Maybe it's best if we just keep this thing
between us.

You know, if we end it now,
then it stays good. Not complicated.


Yeah, no, that sounds good.

Okay. Cool.

Hannah didn't tell me
how she felt either.

But now... I guess I know.

And I'll be ashamed
for the rest of my life.

And shame burns.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.