13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Second Polaroid - full transcript

Clay hides a secret from his parents. Concerned about his reputation, Marcus lies in court. Jessica and Alex skip school together.

My whole life,
my father told me people will judge me.

Justin, wake up.

People will assume
they know who I am by looking at me.

Justin, come on.

We got to get you to Mrs. Baker
and the lawyers before court starts.

And that the deck is stacked against me.

Justin, get up! Come on.

- I'm not so sure he got the message.
- It's disgusting.

- He stinks.
- No, the clothes stink.

He's been living on the street
for five months.

When you're faced with that,
when you're without power,

on the outside, you have tough choices.

- You're up early.
- Hi! Uh...

Laundry. Yeah.

- Is this new?
- Yes. It's, um, pre-distressed.

- Clay, is that your gym clothes?
- Uh...

- 'Cause it smells...
- Yeah, um...

I left them on the bathroom floor
last night, like I do,

and you know,
at night, my aim isn't so good.

Uh, your father had an early meeting,

so it's just you and me
for breakfast, okay?

Okay, great. Thanks, Mom.

It's easy to hide.
To give in to the pain.

Like Hannah did. She started to believe

that she was less than.


Tony, it was heroin.

I did, like, an image search
and it came up black tar heroin.

He... He had heroin.

To believe that a life
of privilege and position

was only for other people.

You're up early.

You got Rodin coming over
for a yoga lesson?

No. Just wanted to say good morning
before you went off to practice.



That girl's mother made a statement
in the press, apparently.


You haven't been following it?

Uh, Dad and Warren told me
to keep my head down,

so, you know, that's what I've been doing.

So school's been fine, then?

With all this drama?

Yeah, yeah. Everything's great.

You know, just gearing up for the season.

Let me know
if you need someone to talk to.

Dr. Pierce would be glad to see you.

Or your counselor at school.

What's his name? Mr. Porter?

No, thanks. I'm good, Mom.

- All right, honey. Have a great day.
- Yeah, you, too.

- Don't work too hard.
- Yeah.

But the truth is,
privilege is a trap all its own.

What the fuck? What are you doing here?

Tony told me to wait till your mom left,
then come through the window.

Did I mess it up?

Uh, no, the window's right,
but why did he send you?

- Well, he thought I could help.
- Help with what?

I've got some supplies.
How are you feeling?

Fine. Supplies for what?

When is Tony getting here?

He's not coming, Clay.
He's still on probation.

He can't risk getting involved
now that he knows about Justin.

What about me?

All right, so the thing is,
I was washing your clothes

and I found your shit
and I flushed it down the toilet.

And Tony thinks you might be an addict
and we might have to detox you.

Fuck this. I'm out of here.

Well, "A," all of your fucking clothes
are in the wash,

and "B," where are you gonna go?

We're gonna get you through this.

Look, Justin,
you want to help Jessica, right?

You can't testify if you're high.

- Okay?
- Justin. Justin.

Jesus, what happened to you?

You think Jessica will wanna see you
like this?


Shit. I can't miss school.

Go. I got this.

- I'll text you every hour.
- Why are you doing this, Sheri?

I spent the last five months
trying to make up for what I did.

And now that I'm out,

I realize it's actually gonna take
the rest of my life,

so maybe this is where I start.

I think I,
I think I ate too much breakfast.

Oh, fuck, Justin. That's my bed.

Do you know who might want
to intimidate you, Jessica?

I think it's pretty obvious.

It's the same guy
who assaulted her in the fall

and doesn't want her
opening her mouth in court.

So, okay, if he's worried
that you would call him out,

that means he thinks
that you know who he is.

Yeah, well, I don't.

Okay, even if you don't know for sure,
maybe you've got a feeling?

Or maybe someone else
saw something that night.

Because if you're scared to come forward,
for whatever reason,

I want you to know
that we're on your side.

You know, we can protect you.

And it's safe to tell the truth.

Honey, is there something else?

You can talk to us, baby.

And we're gonna get that bastard,
you don't have to worry about that.

And we do ourselves no favors
by keeping our heads down, by hiding.

You have to find a way
to hold your head up.

Say hi to Trish and the kids.

All right, last call, I promise. You good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Yeah?

Uh, yeah, you know,
I'm just, like, a little nervous, I guess?

Oh, my boy doesn't get nervous.
You're gonna be great.

Just tell them
what you told the lawyers last fall.

- The truth will set you free, right?
- Yeah, no, I know.

But, um...

But, Dad, like, what if they ask things
that they didn't ask before?

Like, what if they ask me to,
you know, name names?

- What names?
- I don't know, Dad.

It's just...
Some of the other kids, they, um...

they called out, like, friends of mine.

Look, son.
You've worked hard to get where you are.

Harder than other people
in the same position.

And relationships are important.
They're everything.

In any fair system,

they wouldn't be putting you
in a position to make impossible choices.

But it's not a fair system.

And I want you
to look after yourself first.

Yes, sir.

You're gonna be great, okay?

Justice for Hannah!

You have to find a way
to belong in this world.

You have to find a way to be strong.

Hey, man. Can I sit here?

I don't exactly have
the upper body strength to stop you, so...

Well, maybe if you showed up
for PT yesterday,

- could've worked on your left hook.
- Maybe I didn't feel like it.

Wouldn't you rather hang out
with your actual ambulatory friends?

Nah, no, I like my non-ambulatory friends.

Good for you, then.

- Hey, man, you okay?
- Yeah.

No. I just... I remembered something.

Or... I almost remembered it.

- We love you, Hannah!
- Justice for Hannah!

Oh, my God. Look at them all.

What did I say?

You spoke to them.

You showed them who Hannah really was
and they heard you.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Your statement
had quite the impact, clearly.

- I knew you'd be upset.
- I'm not upset.

They should hear from you
at the right time.

People need to hear the whole story,
Hannah's story.

- And they're not getting it in there.
- These kids are not on message.

These kids are kids, Jackie.

And they are the story.
We tell Hannah's story through them.

- This Marcus Cole...
- Is a little politician.

But he'd rather blame the school
than himself, and I can work with that.

When you're marginalized, powerless,

you have to find strength somewhere.

In friends.

- Jess. Jessica.
- Hey, Clay, what's up?

We have Justin.


Over the weekend,
Tony and I went down to Oakland.

But how did you know...?

You saw the postcard.
You fucking snooped through my room?

He wants to help.

He said he'll testify, he's, um...

- a little too sick at the moment, but...
- What do you mean sick?

From being homeless.

Look, he's at my house.
We're taking care of him.

- If you want to see him or...
- I don't.

Soon as he's better,
gonna take him to the Bakers' lawyer.

- He can back up Hannah's story.
- It's not Hannah's story,

and it's not his story, it's mine.

I don't want him telling it.

Jess, listen. Listen to me.

- Justin wants to help.
- Shut up, Clay.

I'm just worried about it. All right?

I'm serious, dude. No, I'm not kidding.

Ask your boyfriend for help with history.

Oh, wait. He's brain damaged.

You're just jealous
he had a brain to damage, Monty.

Guys, if I don't ace this test,
I might drop below a C, okay?

So play the dad card again.
Metcalf will let you slide.

It's not a card, dude.

No, I know. Fuck, sorry, brother.
You know what I mean.

If Chlöe hadn't stopped
doing study group...

I'm sorry, Zach.
I've just been so busy with everything.

Yeah, "everything,"
meaning doing Bryce.

Hey, well, it's Zach's fault.

- He set us up.
- Yeah.

I gave him your number.
The rest of it isn't my fault.

- Meaning what, exactly?
- Meaning I have to get to class.

What's going on there, Walker?

He's just got a lot on his mind.
I don't blame him.

When you feel left out,

when you feel like this high school world
is against you,

it can be lonely and frightening.

I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way.

Which is why I signed up
for Dollar Valentines,

and why I invited Hannah out.

And was there a reason
you chose Hannah in particular?

I knew that she'd had
some tough times at school.

It was her first year.

I wanted to show her
that there were good kids at Liberty.

Who'd you guys get? Anybody good?

Nope, not really.

I see what's up, Dempsey.
Just looking for a sure thing?

Yeah, not worth it, Zach.
Hannah Baker is a lot to handle.

Yeah, I heard she plays rough.

Yeah, like you would know, Marcus.

Yeah, aren't you saving it till marriage
or something?

Isn't Jesus your one true love?

I mean, doesn't mean
I can't cheat now and then.

And it just so happens I got Hannah,
so maybe it's time to sin.


You know what?

I'll bet you a hundred bucks
you can't even get your hands in.

I'll take that bet.

Well, maybe we underestimate you,
Minister Marcus.

Maybe you do.

So I asked her out on a date.

Hannah Baker. Guess what?

Hey, Marcus Cole. What?

You were first on my list
for Dollar Valentines.

She seemed excited.
Grateful for the attention. A little sad.

Do you even like Hannah?
Or are you just trying to get with her?

Yes, I do like her.
And I made a bet with Bryce.

What is your deal?

Some days you're this serious person
with legitimate plans for the world,

and the next,
you're, like, this stupid guy.

Like, one day you're Hillary,
the next day, Bill.

Yeah, and which one was president?

You do what you gotta do
to get on in this world.

Especially if you ever want
to get something done.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean
you have to be friends with Bryce.

Yeah, it does.

We met at Rosie's Diner.

And at first it seemed like things
were going really well.

What are you doing?

I mean, she seemed
like she was having a good time.

- Come on.
- No.

And so, at some point,
I tried to hold her hand.

But I guess she took it the wrong way.

- And why do you say that?
- She yelled at me.

Don't touch me! Get off!

- Pushed me out of the booth.
- Hey, what the fuck!

- Because you touched her hand?
- Yes.

I mean, if a young woman yells at you
and physically pushes you off of her,

don't you think she might have felt
threatened or unsafe?

Objection. Speculation.

Withdrawn. I'll rephrase.

Marcus, did you at any time ask Hannah
why she pushed you out of the booth?


I was confused.
I left right after that.

And in the days that followed,

did you talk to anyone
about your date with Hannah?

I was hurt after I got rejected...

Come on, dude.

...so I vented
to some of my friends about it.

- You couldn't keep it up, Marcus, huh?
- Oh, shut up, dude.

I never should have said anything.

Nah, nah, man, look.

She wants everybody
to think she's DTF, man,

but she just likes the attention, dude.

Hannah Baker is a cocktease, man.
Plus she's, like, batshit crazy, too.

I should have known
people would twist my words.

I feel terrible.

Remember when she bum-rushed
the boys' locker room

when that list came out? Oh.

Yeah, man. Now that was crazy.

- Hannah Baker, Hannah "Blue Balls."
- Hannah "Big Butt."

Because that's the thing about gossip.

Once it starts,
it's hard to get away from it.

- Jess! Jess, hey.
- Hi.

Good job yesterday.

- Good job?
- Yeah, in court.

I heard they've been really tough
on people,

but you stood your ground
and told the truth.

- That's fucking brave, you know?
- Right. Yeah, thanks.

Hey, listen, um, there's this thing
this weekend at Bryce's,

and I have, like,
three different guys I want you to meet.

It's time to get you an upstanding,
legit boyfriend, right?

I'll see you at practice.


Hey, guys. What are you doing right now?

- Do you wanna ditch with me?
- Definitely. Is everything okay?

Yeah, totally.
I just need to get out of here.

- Guys, I cannot skip this class.
- Zach, we need you!

- You need my car.
- Both!

Look, if we can't have you,
can we... maybe...

- Okay, but only if Jess drives.
- It's an automatic. My right foot works.

- Jess drives.
- Thank you, Zachy.

This car is so insane.

Shouldn't we steal it
and do a road trip across the country?

Yes, running from the law,
like Thelma and Louise.

Yeah, if Thelma had a bum leg
and boy parts.

It sounds so sexy
when you say it like that.

- I mean, I am pretty sexy.
- You totally are.

I love the movies on a weekday.

No lines. No waiting. No people.

Wow, you're in a crazy good mood.

- It's possible I'm just crazy.
- Well, I'm good either way.


I haven't been to a movie in so long.

I'm having all the popcorn.

So are you trying to have sex
with her now or something?

What? No.
Why is that any of your business, anyway?


- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm just tired.

No, not just tired.

That night that we came here,

- and Hannah confronted me?
- Hmm.

I said that she was obsessed with me,

and we should stop
being friends with her.

- Yeah, but that's not your fault.
- Yeah, but I fucking lied, Jess.

She was just hurt,
and then she called me out on it,

and I got embarrassed, and I said
we should stop hanging out with her.

I'm... such an asshole.

We're both assholes.

I got up there in court
and tried to help the Bakers,

but I just ended up
making everything worse.

I just kept remembering all of this stuff.

I don't know, I just wish I could wipe
the slate clean and start over.

No, you don't.

It fucking sucks.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
- No, I know.

Will you help me up?

And did the school provide
any oversight or follow-up

for this Dollar Valentine's Day program?

No. Nothing like that.

Incredible, so in other words,
Hannah suffered

thanks to a misguided,
if not outright dangerous program,

sponsored by
a grossly negligent administration?

- Objection.
- Withdrawn. No more questions.

Hey, what the hell, Tony?
You didn't ask me about Sheri.

Yeah, 'cause I knew you would say no.
But she came through, didn't she?

We can't just go telling everyone
about this. It's fucking dangerous.

Oh, I'm aware it's dangerous.

That's why I can't be
a part of it anymore, Clay.

That's why you can't be part of it?
Or is it more than that?

Why are you so worried
about your probation?

You said it was no big deal.

Yeah, that was when I thought
this case would settle.

Before I had to testify or help clean a...

help clean a fucking junkie up
so that he could.

Jessica doesn't even want him to.
She just wants the whole thing to go away.

If that's what Jessica wants,
it's out of our hands.


Please, please just...
I'll give you some cash,

just please go get me like half a gram,
that's all I need.

And then I'll go to court
and I can testify,

and you'll never have to see me again.

And why do you think
I'd know where to buy drugs?

Well, apparently you know
how to detox someone from drugs.

I had a roommate.

Two roommates in a row
who went through this.

I'm so fucking cold.

Then stop throwing this off
and do what I say.

Here, take this.


Look, we don't have time
to play games, Justin.

Do you want to help Jessica or not? Huh?

Okay, if you do, stop being such
a little bitch and get yourself better.


I've never heard you say "bitch" before.

I've never had to babysit
your crying ass before.

You're welcome.

So Hannah became physically violent
at the diner,

when all you did was try to hold her hand?

I mean, please explain to the court
how this makes logical sense.

Could you, Marcus?

I mean, well,
there was more to it than that.

She was only being nice to me at first
because she wanted a favor.

She had a crush on another guy,
and she asked me to set her up with him.

And you know, I was hurt, and confused,

and I tried to take her hand
to reconnect with her.

That's when she pushed me.

So after agreeing
to go on a date with you,

Hannah used it as an opportunity
to score a date with another guy?


Marcus, this is the first
we're hearing of this.

Can you please reveal to the jury
who Hannah was asking about?

He's a friend of mine.

Bryce Walker.

I don't blame Hannah
for being interested in someone else.

Like I said, when you're on the outside,
you look for a way in.

And Bryce Walker
is the king of our school.

Any girl would want him.

- Shit. Sorry.
- Hey, man, it's cool.

- Sorry.
- Are you okay?

I'm fine. Why?

You don't look so good.

What do you know about it?

Just that you don't look so good.

Look out for yourself.

Hey, Kevin. Got a minute?


I'm on my way to do
the conflict resolution seminar

- for freshmen...
- So good, all those extras you're doing.

It really gives added value
at a very, very challenging time.

Well, whatever I can do, Gary.

Okay, along those lines,

I understand that you made
a little house call.

It's good sometimes
to take things out of a formal setting.

- Huh.
- Contact with the parents is important.

Yeah, of course. Of course.

Uh, and you know...

...I very much admire
that you take such big swings.

But we're all under a microscope here.

And I think we should discuss
what the best strategy is,

especially in regards
to getting parents involved.

- Hmm.
- You know?

So you mean all parents?

- Or just the Walkers?
- Well, I know.

We'll see if we can make it through
the next few weeks,

then we'll reconvene
after the trial, okay?

- I wanna make sure we keep our kids safe.
- Absolutely.

- You know?
- Yeah, good work.

This fucking trial is a fucking joke.

Marcus said Hannah was in love with Bryce,
which is a fucking lie.

I tell the truth, I get endless shit.

Marcus does his politician thing
and blows back in

like the fucking returning king.

What a motherfucker.

What the fuck, dude?
Why'd you bring my name up in court?

Let's do this later, all right?

I'll let you guys talk.

Uh-uh. No, whatever you got to say,
just go ahead and say it.

I mean, we're all brothers here.


Right. Yeah.


Look, I saw an opportunity
to do you a favor, so I took it.

A favor? You think dragging me
into this is a favor?

No, I planted a seed for you.

See, now if you get called up,
they already think Hannah liked you.

And if she came on to you,
and you let her down gently,

who knows what kind of lies
she might've made up?

Well, fuck me. Yeah.

That's some high-level Jedi shit
right there, buddy.

- Hey.
- Hey, beautiful.

Fucking hypocrites.

I say we do this today.

I'm ready.

- Hi.
- Hey there.

We just wanted to say hi, I guess,
and just see how you're doing.

Uh, I'm doing okay.

Thank you. I...

I mean, some days are better
than others, I guess.

But I'm so happy to see you both.
How are you, Alex?

I've been thinking about you
since I saw you at the deposition.

Yeah, it's just like you said,
some days are better than others.

But I'm meeting with the doctor soon.

And hopefully, they'll clear me
to testify and everything.

So, just trying to remember anything
that might help.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

That means a great deal.

I'm sorry for running away
the other day, at court.

No, Jessica,
I'm the one who should be sorry.

I just... I seem to be saying
all the wrong things lately.

It's okay.
It was just a misunderstanding, obviously.

Hi, Liv.

Hi, Andy.

So, anyway, sorry,
we just wanted to say hi, Mrs. Baker.

- Was nice seeing you.
- Nice to see you.


- Hi, Mr. Baker.
- Hi, Alex.

- Hey.
- Jessica.

He's a good kid.

I think they both are.

I saw you on the news the other night.

I thought what you said
was beautiful and brave.

Thank you.

Although they still managed
to use my own words against us in there.

Uh, yeah, that woman you're working with,

maybe she can afford to spend
her whole life fighting...

She's not the one fighting, Andy. I am.

Can we stop with the contest, please?

I'm tired of the game
of who suffers more...

Are you tired? I'm sorry if you're tired.

Okay, I'm sorry if this isn't moving along
quickly enough for you

so you can get some rest.

You know,
not everyone can move on so easily.

Nothing was easy.

- You're a coward and you're afraid.
- Of course I'm afraid!

I'm afraid of losing the case,
the store, our livelihoods, everything!

We already have lost everything!

There is nothing left worth having,
except justice for our daughter.

And Jackie is the one that's been there
every day, making sure I get it.

I'll buy you out of the store...
when we win the case.

- If we win.
- We will win.

Okay? Even if you're not there to see it.

Are you living with her?

No, Liv. I'm not.

- Hey!
- Hi, sweetheart.

- You're out early.
- I took the early shift.

- Can I take the Jeep out later?
- On Valentine's Day?

- Is this a, uh, date-type thing?
- Maybe.

- Yeah?
- It's a hangout, really.

- So, can I take the Jeep?
- Sure.

We're just about to close up.
Maybe we can all ride home together.

- Great. I'll warm it up outside.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, would you like to take
some Valentine's chocolate

on your non-date hangout type thing?

Mom, nobody takes chocolate on dates.
It's not 1950.


I thought you said it wasn't a date.

Hannah was a troubled girl,
kind of a loner.

I reached out to her, she didn't respond.

And I guess it hurt a little,
to be honest.

Hey, Marcus. Wait up.

You know, I don't have a lot of time
to talk right now, Hannah, so just...

Oh, it's okay. Uh, this won't take long.

She used me to get to someone else.

Heard you're disappointed
with our date the other night.

Look, I don't know
what you thought you heard.

- But...
- No, I know what I heard.

But, um, then I thought,
maybe I should give you another chance,

see if we can try things your way
after all.

- Hey, what the hell are you doing?
- Isn't this what you wanted, Marcus?

Isn't this turning you on,
to be grabbed like this?

Doesn't it make you want
to tear off your clothes

and do whatever you told your friends
you were gonna do to me?

Or was it just one big put-on, to pretend
you're something you're really not?

But you won't tell your friends
about this, will you?

I'm the student body president.

Part of my job is to reach out,
set an example, lift people up.

To look for those kids
who feel like "the other."

Like they're on the outside.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Damn!
- All right.

All right! That's... Okay, you got me.

Very funny.

And I'll keep reaching out.
There are more kids like Hannah.

And I want them to know people care.

- Oh, shit. Oh, my...
- Holy shit.

- That was awesome!
- Yeah!

What do we, uh... what do we do now?

Have you shot a gun before?

Hey, man, almost forgot.
You know that midterm you got tomorrow?

I talked to a buddy
who took the class last year.

He said Metcalf always uses the same test.

Shit, man.

- Thank you.
- I got you. Always.

And I know Bryce feels the same.

It's up to us to be the good guys.


- Isn't your mom home?
- She might be.

Doesn't matter.

I thought I'd go introduce myself.

- Since you haven't.
- Hey, get back here.

What, am I not the kind of girl
you can take home to Mom?

I hope not.

You know what? I'm offended.
This isn't happening right now.

- Oh, it's happening.
- Get away from me.

"Get away from me."

You just take whatever you want?

You're damn right.

I remember when they said
you would never walk again.

Or talk.

Or even be you anymore.

Well, the jury's still out on that one.

I just feel like...
I have this body, you know?

And every day it gets up
and puts on clothes

and gets me from point A to point B.

But it's like it's not mine anymore
or something.


It's like you're living
in a stranger's body.

And mind, sometimes.


Come on.



- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No, no. Keep going, keep going.

- No, please!
- Sorry, I'm...

- Jess, I'm so sorry.
- No, no. It's not you, okay?

It's just... It's not you.


Justin's back. Did you know that?

Clay and Tony went out to find him
and he's at Clay's house right now.

What the fuck?

Clay says he wants to help me.
Can you believe that?

- What are you gonna do?
- No. Nothing!

Fuck Justin, okay?
I never wanna see him again in my life.

Come on. It's late.

- Sheri, what the hell?
- Oh, what's up, Clay?

- You were supposed to text me every hour.
- Oh, shit. I'm so sorry.

Look, I got so
into these Alien Killer Robots.

The way they draw these robots
is kinda sexy.

- Wait, did you...?
- Don't worry, I only took out the comics.

- Jesus.
- "Studded and ribbed."

- Skye's a lucky girl.
- Yeah, she's not, actually.

She's gone. Fucking ran.

Fuck you, Justin.
You don't know anything about it.

I don't know anything
about fucking running?

I'm like a fucking ex... Oh, shit!

- Fuck!
- It's the stomach cramps.

Are you good to take over from here?

I'm supposed to be home
right after school.

I got it. You can take the stairs.
No one's home.

And make sure you keep him hydrated.
He's gonna have a lot of fevers.

He may talk a lot of shit
but don't let it get to you.

He's just in a lot of pain.


Thank you.


Did you talk to Jessica?


Yeah, she, uh, wanted me to thank you.
She's happy you're here.

- You... You didn't tell her all about...?
- No. I told her you had the flu.

That's good.

So we're gonna do this?

- We're gonna take down Bryce?
- Yeah.

We are.


In 72 to 96 hours.

I thought maybe the sign in my yard
was just about my dad's campaign.

- But somebody is targeting me.
- That's terrible.

And you have no idea
who might have done it?


You can't think of anyone
you may have hurt?

Or anyone that may have...
a reason not to like you?

Hey, I'm... I'm the victim here.

Marcus, let me, uh, ask you something.

Your father,
he's a churchgoing man, right?


What do you think he would say
if he listened to your tape?

What would your wife say
if she listened to yours?

Oh, I already told my wife everything.

And I've taken a long,
hard look in the mirror.

Have you?

Just find out who did this.

Marcus, I am on borrowed time here
at Liberty and I know it.

But as long as I am here,

I'm gonna make sure that the kids
who actually need my help get it.

And those that need something else?
That they get that, too.

Holy shit.

I thought you were talking about BB guns.
What do you use these for?

Just, you know, shooting cans and stuff.

But if you don't want to try it,
we don't have to.

Oh, hell yeah, I want to try it!

You have to teach me how to do it.

Yeah, of course. Here, just let me.

This one's got a bit of a kick to it.
Okay? So just be ready for it.

Yeah, hold the gun
with your dominant hand.

Keep your finger outside, okay?
Until you're ready to shoot.

Use your other hand to cradle
the gun underneath, it keeps it steady.

This shit's heavy.

- Like that?
- Yeah.

- Safety?
- Yeah.

Pick a target.

And when you're ready,
okay, turn the safety off...

put your finger on the trigger...

and squeeze your hands together like this.

Ha! Woo!


He thinks he can just walk in here,
giving me advice about Jackie,

the trial, after everything
he's put me through?

- I'm sorry.
- But again, maybe he has a point.

Think I had this fantasy that I was going
to tell Hannah's story to the world.

Make them understand.
Certainly aren't getting it in court.


Although, Jessica...

I think she did her best. Don't you?

Yeah. Yeah.

I think she did.

She's the girl on the tape,
isn't she, Tony?

She's the one on tape nine?
Is she afraid of Bryce Walker?

Is she afraid no one will believe her?
Why won't she come forward?

Yeah, I have to ask you.
Why do you need her to?

She only knows what happened to her,
she doesn't know what happened to Hannah.

'Cause Hannah isn't here to speak
to what happened to her.

I mean, you're right, it may or may not
help our case against the school.

But Tony, it could help build
a criminal case against Bryce.

The cops, they already have the tapes.

They won't act on anything

unless they have a living victim
to tell her story.

And it's gotta come out in court?

Dennis says we need a witness
who can speak to a pattern of behavior.

It could lead to an arrest, Tony.

Bryce needs to pay
for what he did to Hannah,

to Jessica,
to who knows how many other girls.

I want it to come out.

In court, in a sheriff's office,
I don't care where.

And Jessica is the only one who can speak
to what happened that night.

And Justin.

Do you know where he is?

I can ask around for him again.

I mean, I have a friend
who might be able to track him down.

- I'm sorry, okay?
- Sorry isn't gonna cut it.

You haven't even been back less than
a week and you're already skipping school.

Okay, Bill, every 17-year-old kid

skips a couple of classes now and then.

Well, if he's ever gonna be
a normal 17-year-old kid again,

he's gotta put in the work, that's all.

I'm sorry I'm not fucking normal!

- Language!
- I know that's hard for you.

That's not what I'm talking about, kid!



You need to ease up on him.
He's trying, okay?

Well, he needs to try harder.
'Cause he's got to get better.

He has to get better.

If he doesn't...

If this is as far as he gets,
you've got to stop blaming yourself.


It was my gun.

Fuck! Fuck!

Come on, Clay.

Too many kids still feel powerless.


Marcus Cole turned
into a nice surprise today, didn't he?

Yeah, I am not sure why Dennis thought
he would be good for them,

with that kind of story to tell.

Do you think he had that story to tell
before today?

I think he was quite credible.

Well, hearing Bryce's name sure took
the attention away from the school.

Yeah, it's great for us.

These kids, Sonya, teenagers,
they, uh, they have secrets.

They know more than they say,

and they're very good at telling you
the story you want them to.

I've examined teenagers before.

But you haven't lived with them.

- In case you need any advice...
- A witness is a witness.

But thanks, Lainie. I appreciate it.

Good night.

Hannah made a bad decision.

She acted out of sadness. Anger.

And I just don't want anyone else
to get hurt.

Are you sure Alex should hear the tapes?

Odd question coming from the person
who made them.

You were trying to protect him.

If he can remember enough,
they might let him testify.

- Testify about what?
- About Bryce.

The trial's not about Bryce.

Well, it should be.

That girl's unconscious.

You should show these to someone.
Turn him in.

And say what? "I found this Polaroid
in my locker, arrest him?"

I got his confession and they did nothing.

- Find the girl.
- We can't see her face.

Find the room.
The couch is the same in both pictures.

Nothing I do is going to make
any difference.

Someone has to say something about Bryce
that makes them pay attention.

Jessica couldn't do it,
they won't let me, maybe Alex can.

Or maybe it will destroy him
all over again.

Was Marcus lying?

Tell me. If he was lying,
we need someone to tell the truth.

Things like this
are gonna keep happening, Clay.

You heard my story
the way I wanted it to be told,

but there's always another side
to every story.

How do I know what's true?

You know me, right?

I thought I did.

Then do the right thing.

I am.

But I believe we're turning
a corner. It's getting better.

Hey. It's Hannah. Hannah Baker.

Don't adjust your...
whatever device you're hearing this on.

It's me, live and in stereo.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.