13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Drunk Slut - full transcript

Worried about threats against them, Alex and Clay urge Jessica to testify about Bryce. Clay enlists Tony's help to find a potential witness.

I'm still waiting for Hannah Baker.


Skye Miller. I'm here for Skye Miller.

She's still in recovery.
They'll move her up here in a few hours.

That's what the other nurse said
every hour for the past seven hours.

Kid, go home. Come back in the morning.

Will she be okay?
Look, I just need to know.

Go home. Come back.

I'm still waiting for Hannah Baker.

Clay, it's five o'clock in the morning.
What the hell is going on?

Skye is my girlfriend.
But we haven't had sex, although we tried.

She's in the hospital right now,
but not because she tried to kill herself.

Someone just ran me off the road
on my way home.

Random? Maybe. Who knows?

I can't explain any of it to you
because I don't understand it myself.

Now, does knowing all this
make this any better or worse for you?

Our agreement was
that we'd talk about these things.

When the house is on fire,

do you discuss the fire
or get out of the goddamn house?


I need a fucking car.

I don't blame Hannah for anything.

That's how it is for girls.

People judge you by the way you look,
the things they hear about you.

They put a label on you.

I just feel like boys
get to define themselves.

They get to choose their identity,
and they can hide behind it.

Well, most boys.

I think some know what it's like
to be afraid...

to feel like the world gave you
a certain label

that you have to live with
for the rest of your life.

But most boys don't know what it's like.
Every single girl does.

Your hair.

You always tell me how much you like it
when it's straight.

Oh, Jess, you are beautiful either way.

Honey, I know this is all
very frightening,

but you'll do right by Hannah
as long as you tell the truth.

- You are not on trial, don't forget that.
- Yeah, Mom, I know.

Even boys who mean well
want to tell you who you are.



I, uh, I saw your mom
heading for the cafeteria,

so I took my chances.

- I told her it wasn't your fault.
- Isn't it a little bit my fault?


I brought you flowers.

Which now seems, uh, like, a little wrong?

I don't know. Maybe I should've gotten you
a stuffed thing.

This place has a stellar gift shop.

What happened to your face?

Uh, stupid bike thing.

I tried to cut through some trees
in the dark. It doesn't matter.

You matter.

Are you okay?

My mom just freaked out.
It was not serious.

It was surgery.

It was stitches, mostly.

- We had a deal.
- It was a stupid deal.

You told me cutting didn't mean
you wanted to die.

I don't wanna die.
I told you that and you don't understand.

- Then help me.
- I can't.

Because I don't understand it either.

It's like I have all of these feelings,
and I can't control them,

like I'm a visitor in my own mind.

And if I don't catch my breath,
I'll burn up and blow away.

And I know you wanna save me from that,
and I love you for it, but you can't.

Then what can I do?

You can figure out your own shit,
and I will figure out mine. Apart.

Wait, you're... you're breaking up with me?

I'm sorry.

I love you.

I know. That's...

That's why I'm telling you to go.

- This isn't fair.
- We have to be done, Clay. I'm sorry.

I'm not just going to disappear
from your life.

You already do.

You... You think about Hannah,
and you disappear.

So just do it for real this time.

So we just start expecting them
to put a label on us.


Hey, gay girl!


- Lesbo!
- Lesbian!

And we just do it to ourselves.

Welcome to the team.

Don't start with me, Ryan.

Hey, it happens when you're ready.

I came out when I was five.
I didn't really have a choice.

Guess I was just born fabulous.

- I'm just glad you made it out.
- Yeah. Me, too.

If you start driving a Subaru and wearing
flannel, I will hold an intervention.

Be warned.

- Holy shit, Alex.
- Yeah.

Who's doing this?

- Hey, can you tell whose handwriting?
- Jesus, put it down.

Sorry. I just...

- I'm really sorry, Alex.
- So you're not alone in this.

Sorry I said that.
That was really shitty, I'm just...

- This is just a lot.
- I get it. I know.

Wait, your hair is different.

- It's court hair.
- I don't like it.


What the hell happened to your face?

Someone ran me off the road last night.

Someone in what looked
like a black Range Rover.

- Bryce.
- You're not testifying.

- Does he know that?
- I don't think it matters.

Whoever it is,
they're coming after all of us.

This came in the mail for me yesterday.

- Jesus.
- This is nuts.

- We have to fucking stop him.
- How?

I'm a cripple and you'll get grounded
for life if you even speak to him.

Yeah, I promised my mom
I'd stay away from him.

But if he's coming after me,
then what can I do?

- What up?
- What's up, guys?

Are we even sure it's him?

Your boy keeps looking
at you, Zach.

- Does he need his diaper changed?
- Shut up, Monty.

Why don't you go take care of him?

it's normal for nurses
to fall for their patients.

Fuck off.
I don't even like him, okay?

Right. It's just your mom who makes
you carry his books and wipe his ass.

No, the ass he does for pleasure.

What if it's Zach?

That's crazy.
He's been helping you with everything.

Then why's he still hanging around Bryce?

It's Bryce or someone protecting him.

He doesn't want the truth to come out.

- Why are you guys both looking at me?
- Um...

Mostly 'cause you're sitting
across the table from us?

You can tell them what happened to you
in court.

Hannah's lawyers told me I'm just supposed
to talk about the Hot or Not List

and how it ended our friendship.

But you know that's not true
or it's not all that's true.

- And they know it.
- But it's not part of the case.

If you say it, it'll make it
part of the case.

So I just say it?

Jess, I...

Listen. I know it's not easy, okay?

Like, in no fucking universe
do I think that, but...

If you tell the truth when they ask you
about your friendship,

if you tell them the real reason
you stopped speaking to Hannah,

then the truth is out.

And this shit stops.
And Bryce gets what's coming to him.

- I gotta get to first.
- Jess...

You know, the truth doesn't
always make things right.

You should know that better than anyone.

Look, I need to remember what happened.

I need the tapes.
You have to stop protecting me.

- Skye's in the hospital.
- What? What happened?

I stopped protecting her.

Okay, fine. Then do this for me.
Get me a ride to court today.

- Alex...
- Clay.

Jessica! Wow.
Oh, my God, you look amazing.

- I love your hair.
- Yeah, thanks.

Oh, that's right, you have court today.
Good luck, you'll be great.

- Listen, about yesterday...
- It's fine. We're good.

Cool. 'Cause we girls have to be strong
together, you know? Own our own shit.

- I'm sorry if...
- No, no, no, right. I get it.

Okay. Well, we'll miss you
at practice today.

- Yeah. Thanks.
- Good luck!

Sometimes it seems like
no matter what you do...

What's going on?

...people still see you
the way they want to.

Who did this?

Hey, are you okay?

What? Why are you following me?
Just leave me alone.

You think she'll talk?

- Why would she?
- Why did you?

Don't you get tired of hiding, Marcus?

- Don't you wanna tell the truth sometimes?
- There's more than one truth.

No, I don't think there is.

- More press today.
- You know, you can talk to them.

I don't think so.

The longer you wait,
the harder it is to reclaim the narrative.

- It's not my style, Jackie.
- You can make it your style.

You speak for Hannah now,
and thousands of girls like her.

Jessica Davis will show up for Hannah.
She's a good kid.

And she's been very open
about the culture of sexism at the school.

Most importantly, she's Hannah's friend.

But even when things get really tough...

...all it takes is just one friend
to get you through it.



If you're lucky, you find more than one.

Toby, Eric, Chad, this is Tyler,

my fellow ASS-class colleague
and extreme outcast.

- What up?
- Hey, Tyler.

- Yo.
- You shoot film? Super retro.

Yeah. Uh...

I don't know. There's something to holding
a picture, like feeling it, I don't know.

Yeah. No, like, um, flipping
through a photo album

instead of swiping on your phone.

Yeah, exactly.

- Uh, I'm Tyler.
- Oh, I know. Mackenzie.

Quiet, freaks.

You find friends
who see through the labels.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

- Thanks for the ride, Tony.
- Oh, I'm coming in with you guys.

But you're on the witness list.
They check it.

No, I got my brother's ID.

I haven't slept in two nights.

I just wanna know
what I'm looking at in there.

What if you're on the list?

I'll just wave my cane and cry.
It works everywhere.

Wait. I bet there's
a handicapped entrance.

Don't think you're supposed to say

- Take my arm.
- Fuck you both.

I found those friends.

That list just messed up everything.

And was this list typical
of your experience at Liberty?


Hannah was already labeled a slut.
That list just made everything worse.

The truth didn't matter.

That's just what they do to girls
at our school.

I mean, I found these...

just this morning, in my math class...

Objection, these photos were not admitted
into evidence...

They take one photo and it defines you,

and then it becomes your job
to prove everyone wrong.

This is what they did to Hannah,
and now they're doing it to me!

Order! Order!

I can't believe he let them in.

Well, they're inflammatory,
but they're relevant.


She's the girl on tape nine.
Ask her. I know she is.

I can't ask her that, Olivia.
It's not relevant.

It's as relevant as the pictures.

It shows how the boys treated the girls
at that school,

and that the school knew about it.

But it didn't happen at school.
And Bryce isn't on trial.

All right,
both parties will allow these photos,

now Plaintiff's Exhibit 12, into evidence.

- Ms. Struhl.
- Miss Davis, did you report these photos?

- No.
- So you're telling me

that you expect the school
to take action to protect you,

but you don't tell them when an incident

they're supposed
to protect you from even occurs?

If I felt like I could trust the school,
maybe I would have.

Maybe Hannah would have. Oh, that's right.
She did, and look what happened.

Move to strike as non-responsive.

The jury will disregard
the witness's last answer.

Miss Davis,
did you report the Hot or Not List?

- No.
- Because, in fact,

it wasn't the list
that broke up your friendship, was it?

It was.

Do you know who put your name
and Hannah's name on the list?

- Yes.
- Who?

Alex Standall.

And isn't it true that Alex Standall
was your boyfriend

and that Hannah was jealous of that?

No. We were all friends... at first.

For a while, if you saw one of us,
you saw all three of us.

If you're waiting for, like, the perfect
moment to choreograph your first kiss,

you're gonna die a virgin.

- I just want it to be special.
- Your standards are way too high.

You need to lower them
like the rest of us.

Okay, wait.
Never have I ever never been kissed.

- Too soon. Too soon.
- Drink, Hannah.

- It's Sprite.
- It's fake Sprite.

- It's Twist Up, actually.
- Your mom is so cheap.

- That's so rude!
- What the fuck kind of name is Twist Up?

When did this become a game?

Okay. Never have I ever kissed
my best friend.

And I don't really like
this generic shit, so...

Well, uh, we're all best friends.

Our relationship started heating up.

- I swear...
- Oh, shit.

- What are you doing, crazy?
- I thought she was off Wednesdays.

But I tried to be sensitive to Hannah.

- Let's go to Monet's.
- Oh, my God, relax.

She's not into me, Jess.

Ever hear of girl code?
It doesn't matter if she's into you.

So, what are we doing?

I'll show up first,
you wait, like, three minutes.

And when Hannah tells you I'm inside,
just be like, "Oh, my God, small world."

- Okay?
- Seriously?

Ninth row. I'll see you in there.

- Okay, I get the aisle.
- You wish.

But of course, he didn't wait.

He didn't get what it would feel like
for a girl.

- Yeah, we're just, uh, hanging out.
- Together.

So I see. Ten dollars, please.


Hey, if you want, we can go
grab coffee together afterwards.

Oh, uh, I don't want to intrude.

Intrude? Like you'd ever.

Jess, we're gonna miss the trailers.

Go. Enjoy the movie. I...
You know, we can catch up whenever.

you're always putting me on the spot.

Fuck girl code.
Hannah's above all that shit.

I guess.

- She seemed cool, right?
- Yes!

Can we just enjoy
our first real date, please?

Actually, Hannah was pretty okay with it.

Even though I chose a boy
over my friendship with a girl.

- Thanks.
- So, when did you two start...

Um, I don't know. Not that long ago.

After we all hung out at her house
that night, I guess.

So, after we all kissed,
you just picked her?

It's not like that. We just...
We have more in common.

So, what, are you trying
to have sex with her now or something?

What? No.
Why is that any of your business, anyway?

Well, because a few weeks ago, we were
best friends, sharing all our secrets,

and now, apparently, you guys have all
these new secrets that I'm not a part of.

Not everything's about you, Hannah.

I was wrong about Hannah
being cool with us dating.

She, like, lost her shit at the snack bar.
She's totally jealous, like, obsessed.

- Shut up, really?
- Yeah.

- What did she say?
- A lot. She's hurt.

But, Jess, I don't want to break up
over someone else's drama.


But we should probably just, you know,
back off until she gets over it.

- Shh!
- Yeah.

- Here.
- Thank you.

From that point,
Alex and I kept things cool.

But when Hannah found out that he made
that list, it was too much for her.

So you blame the Hot or Not List,
and the culture at Liberty,

but isn't it true
that it was Hannah's jealousy

that ended your friendship?

No. It was the list.

After you broke up with Alex,
did your friendship with Hannah resume?

- No.
- Because you started

- dating Justin Foley, correct?
- No.

So you didn't date Justin Foley?

- No, I did...
- Hannah was jealous of you and Justin,

just like she was jealous
of you and Alex, wasn't she?

- No, that's not true.
- How do you know?

- Jessica, how do you know?
- How do you know?

Jessica, isn't it true that Hannah Baker
was jealous, and vindictive,

- and that is why your friendship ended?
- No.

Well, the prosecution claims
that it was the Hot or Not List,

but it was simply Hannah's own jealousy,
isn't that correct?

There's no other reason, is there?


Jessica? Is there any other reason
that we haven't mentioned?

No. There's no other reason.

I see.

No further questions.

- I gotta go.
- You're leaving? She's not done.

I heard enough.

- Yeah, me, too. You coming?
- I'll leave when Jess is done.

Did you really kiss Hannah?

Yeah. It was a friend thing.

- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

No, Hannah was my friend,
I just wanted to help her.

You did, honey. You did.


Is there...

- Is there something you wanna tell me?
- What?

We've all been so focused on Hannah,
maybe we should be worried about you.

- No, no. I'm... I'm fine.
- I've listened to the tapes.

I... I've listened to the tapes.

I'm sorry, I... I should go.


I can't do it.

- What can I do to help?
- You can leave.

Hey, excuse me, I'm looking
for Skye Miller. I was here earlier.

- She's been transferred.
- To another floor?

- Another facility.
- What? Where?

Look, kid, I'm sorry.
I can't tell you that. Only family.

Why do you assume that her family
gives more of a shit about her than I do?

I don't assume that. The laws do.


- She's safe. It's a good program.
- Which you can't tell me anything about.

For what it's worth,
what she's going through isn't about you.

You're not the first boyfriend
to sit here all night,

wondering what he did,
when it wasn't him at all.

It's not your fault.
Give her some space, kid.

And give yourself a break.

You've reached Skye, leave a message.

Skye. Uh, it's me again. I...

I went by your house, but no one was home.

Where are you? Where did they send you?

Like, I just...
Please just let me know you're okay.

I promise, I'm not trying
to talk or anything. I just...

I need to know you're all right. Okay?


I'm sorry about Skye.

- No, you're not.
- I am.

Every day, it's something new with you.
Something I didn't know.

First it was the Tyler thing and now
you've kissed, like, half the school.

- Seriously, you believe that?
- Justin, Courtney, Alex...

- And you.
- Yeah, I remember, thank you.

So what, your feelings are hurt

and you're angry at me
and angry at Jessica,

you miss Skye,
and the whole fucking world is unfair.

That sums it up pretty well.

You're not the guy to sit on his hands
and wait for someone else to save the day.

What else can I do?

I got his fucking confession, Hannah.

And I had to go to the hospital,
did we discuss that yet?

The fact that I was shitting blood
the next night?

My mom wanted to go after him
for beating the shit out of me,

except I went to his house to buy drugs,
and I'd just gotten suspended for drugs,

so can't do that.

But that was okay,
because I had his confession. Right?

What's a little internal bleeding
when you can take down a rapist?

And then the school heard it,
and all the lawyers heard it,

and no one did a goddamn thing.

Because there's no evidence,
there's no DNA.

They just have your accusation,
and you're...

I'm dead.

- He's gonna get away with everything.
- But he doesn't have to.

Don't do nothing
because you're pissed off.

Okay? Or afraid. Or sad.
Don't let Bryce get away with it.

You'll regret it
for the rest of your life.

Look, Jessica is evidence
that the problem is getting worse.

Her testimony was strong. Trust me,
the jury heard me on the redirect...

You know what else the jury heard?
That my daughter is a jealous slut.

And that's just today.
You think they're gonna forget that?

Ms. Baker, Austin James
with the Evergreen County Register.

- We've been live-blogging the trial...
- I know who you are.

Yesterday you wrote that my daughter

is an "exhibitionist
with low self-esteem."

- Olivia...
- Let her speak.

Well, it sounds like that "exhibitionist"
had a rough go of it at Liberty High.

Sounds like she could have used a friend.
But that girl is not my daughter.

Okay, that is not
the real Hannah Baker, okay?

That is a character
that the defense attorney created,

a girl whose life meant so little,

that her classmates
can't even speak about her.

Hannah was not a liar or a slut
or a mean girl.

She was a good friend,
and she had her friend's back.

The problem is no one had hers.

I understand. Olivia, what about you?
Her friends didn't have her back. Did you?

That's enough. Come on.

Do boys have it easier?

I think so.

I don't know.

Motherfucker! You know his slider
fucks with me, Dempsey!

Quit calling that shit.

- That wasn't a slider, dude.
- You're fucking with me.

- Curve all the way.
- Really?

- The fuck is my problem?
- I think we both know, man.

No. This doesn't have shit
to do with her, okay?

My mom told me you got called
to testify for the school.

- My fucking mom...
- Why didn't you tell me?

Didn't want it announced
to your new best friend.

Alex and I, we're not tight like that.
We don't talk about shit that matters.

- Who else knows?
- My parents. Our lawyer.

Hey, if you guys want
to suck each other's dicks,

- there's a place for that, you know?
- Yeah. Monty's house.

Nobody else needs to know.
I got your back.

- Yeah. No, I know that, man. Thank you.
- Got you.

- You've had quite a year.
- Hmm. Yeah. You can say that.

- Two suicides.
- One.

One attempt.
And he's on the road to recovery.

Everyone around here
is watching that trial.

Parents holding the school responsible...

- We are responsible, aren't we?
- To an extent. But there are limits.

Mm. Yeah, there are always limits.

Have you considered holding off
on the job search until the trial's over?

Yes. But I have a family to support.

And I'm a heck of an educator.
And I care about kids.

Why not stay at Liberty?

I was hoping to...

...to do better.

Find a place where I can make
a difference, you know?

Make kids' lives better.

There's only so much
we can do, though, right?

We can't go online,
we can't go home with them every night.

We only have those kids for a few hours
a day, we can't be everywhere.

Yeah, I used to think that,
but I don't think that anymore.

I think we can try.
Thank you for your time.

I told you we should've
pulled her from that school.

Then what?
Keep her home for the rest of her life?

We can't rely on the school.

If we can't trust our own daughter
to come to us when she's being harassed,

how can we protect you, Jessica?

- Jessica?
- What?

Honey, why didn't you tell us
that you were being harassed?

I don't know.

What about the group?

Can you talk
to one of the other survivors?

God, Dad, I hate that word.

Survivor? I'm just me.

I'll get it.

I was flashing back to the police station.

When my dad made me go,
after I told him about that night.

And I told them
I couldn't remember who did it.

I couldn't tell them it was Bryce
because I knew they wouldn't believe me.

But that's not true. We believe you.

If you go to the police,
we can back you up...

You can't. You weren't there.

Hannah's gone, and she was
sweet and sensitive and white.

Look at what they're doing to her.
Don't you get it?

I'm not the right kind of victim
to go against Bryce Walker.

- Not when it's his word against mine.
- What if Justin were here?

What if Hannah were here?
She's dead, and Justin might as well be.

Have you heard from him?

I'm tired of talking about this, Clay.

I'm tired of thinking about it
every second of every day.

- I know.
- No, you don't. You have no idea.

I'm tired of staring at my closet,
wondering what people are gonna think.

Wondering what I can wear
that'll cover the most skin.

What I can hide in.

Oh. I need a finer dice
on those onions, Tyler.

Sorry, my mom usually does this stuff.
I don't really know what I'm doing.

Give it, give it, give it.

Huh, huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh.

Mothers who baby their sons
raise men ill-equipped for life.

It's a patriarchal tragedy.

No, what's tragic
is Liberty fucking High School.

- Right?
- Today we had a sub in ASS-class

and she took your copy of The Lottery
because it "glamorizes violence."

What? She must not have read it closely.

That's the thing. She hasn't read it.

- What?
- It's the Liberty way.

Yep. Ban books, and celebrate guys
who can hit a baseball real hard.

I went through the same bullshit.


- Scapegoating, mob mentality.
- Yeah, I should've fought back.

Kinda hard to do when you have no power.

Who says you have no power?

- The world?
- Well, don't listen to the world.

If you don't fit into one of their boxes,
they wanna punish you, but don't let them.

- Real heroes fuck shit up.
- Mm.

More like resist. But yes.

- Hi.
- Oh, glad you could join us.

Oh, bite me, Cy-Cy.

- You're on salad duty.
- Okay.

- Hey, Tyler.
- Oh, hey.

- Sorry I'm late, Dad.
- That's all right.

- Oh, wait, so you're...
- Chronically late. You'll get used to it.

Some are calling this lawsuit
a witch hunt,

but I have faith that our son
will bring the same integrity and honesty

that got him into Harvard
into that courtroom tomorrow.

Dear Lord, please be with Marcus
during his testimony.

We believe you will stand strong with us.

- We believe...
- Thank you so much, Dad.

Now let's get back
to stuffing those envelopes. All right?

Election's less than two weeks away!

A prayer? You don't have to worry, Dad.

I'm not worried about you.
I know you, but I also know how things go.

They can turn a victim into a villain,
a monster into a martyr.

I promise. It won't affect
the election, Dad. Really.

This isn't about the election, son.
It's about protecting you.

Look, the rules are different for us.

Look, just be smart, all right, be humble,

and don't let them put words
in your mouth.

- Just be you. All right?
- All right.

You still gotta breathe.

Fuck you.

If you can curse, you can breathe.

Hey, hey. You still got ten minutes.

You're not just cheating yourself,
you're cheating me.

And, you know, your probation officer.

- I'm sorry. I gotta... I gotta go.
- Hot date?

- That's funny.
- Why is that funny?


- Because I got dumped last month.
- You? Got dumped?

Believe it.

What kind of foolish woman
would let you go?

Foolish guy?

Yeah, guy.

Well. That is one foolish, foolish guy.

Why the fuck would I know anything

about how to find someone in the city?

I don't know, I mean, your brothers.

- I just thought...
- What?

You'd ask your brown friend for help
navigating the streets?

What? No. I mean, not entirely.

I mean, is that racist? I'm not racist.
Am I racist?

Okay, don't go into your Clay-hole.
I'm not in the mood.

Look, I know we haven't,
like, talked much these past months,

and it felt like this whole thing
was gonna be over.

But it's not over.

Okay, you wanna find Justin.
How do you know Justin wants to be found?

He reached out to Jess.

- Really?
- Yeah. He sent her a postcard.

She doesn't know that I know,
but if we find him, she'll have a witness.

And she can report Bryce.

And then what, we just deliver him
to Mrs. Baker so he can testify?

- Yeah. I mean, that... that's the goal.
- And is that what she wants?

How many times did she ask us about Bryce?
About tape nine?

She would've gone after Bryce
if lawyers hadn't talked her out of it.

Yeah. Okay, I can talk
to my probation officer.

He deals with homeless kids and runaways
and shit like that.

- Yeah, see? I knew you'd have a way.
- Oh?

I'm just saying.

I don't recognize the face.
You try the city shelters?

Been to five already.
Are you sure you haven't seen him?

He might've been wearing,
like, a blue varsity jacket.

- Um, he went to Liberty High School.
- Wait, jacket kid. Okay, yeah.

He was just here a day or two,
couple weeks ago.

Had an incident with one of the girls,
we asked him to leave.

Can we... Can we talk to her?

You can try.

He got a bed night one,
which never happens,

but he went out and brought some cocky
skater asshole from a squat back with him.

He started giving hassle to these
two friends of mine who are together,

calling them faggots and shit.

I got Lewis to bounce the skater kid
for being overage.

We told Jacket he could stay,
but he was loyal and he took off.

Haven't seen him since.

Any idea where the kid skates? Or squats?


- People actually live here?
- Apparently. Come on.

Excuse me.
We're looking for a friend of ours.

Have you seen this guy?


- All right. Thank you.
- Sorry.

Excuse me.
We're looking for a friend of ours.

Excuse me.
We're looking for a friend of mine.

This guy. Have you seen him?

Tony. We look like narcs.


Can you help me?

- Tony.
- What?

Can you spare some change?

Incentive. We need to offer incentive.
What do you have?

I fucking drove.
You don't have cash?

No, I'll pay you back tomorrow,
with interest. Come on.


Have you ever seen this kid here before?


Will $10 help you remember?

I think 20 would help me remember more.

- There he is!
- Justin! Yo, Foley!


- Hey! Where'd you get that jacket?
- What was that?

You heard him, the jacket.
Where'd you get it?

Goodwill. The fuck is it to you?

- Don't fuck with me, man.
- Okay, Tiny.

Whoa! Check it out!

- Who the fuck do you think you are?
- Tony!

Waste my time and I will fucking end you,

- Tony, let go!
- Where is he?

He was sparing change on BART
a couple weeks back.

- When's the last time you saw him?
- Yesterday, in Chinatown.

- Damn!
- That's our friend that belongs to.

- Tony, come on, let's go. Let's go.
- What the hell?

- Where did that come from?
- Take the jacket.

Wait. Wait, wait. I think that's him.

- Jesus, that can't be him.
- Justin.

Wait! Justin! God damn it!

Fuck. Just...

You fucking kids!

How many times do I have to tell you?

Doing your drugs in my alley.
This is private property!

I called the cops!

Justin. Justin! Jessica wants you back.

- Fuck you.
- No, she does.

- I just talked to her yesterday.
- She hates me, okay?

- No, she doesn't.
- She wants you to come back.

I will leave both of you
if you don't get in my fucking car now!

Good evening.

Um, Mrs. Walker, I'm Kevin Porter
from Liberty High School.

I know who you are.
I didn't realize you made house calls.

I would like to talk to you
about your son,

and his interaction with girls
at Liberty High School.

My husband isn't home.


Come in.

- Can I get you something to drink?
- No, thank you.

And I left a few messages at your house

until your mom picked up
and told me to stop calling. So...

Anyway, um...

Look, I hope I find you.

And I won't call you back again.

- I mean, I might call you back.
- I'll probably call you back.

Okay. Bye.

In my experience,
a girl who doesn't call you back

- is a girl who doesn't wanna talk to you.
- Really?

You're gonna tell me
about your experience?

Look, all I'm saying
is that Skye Miller is a piece of work.

She's fucked up.


I think you should stop talking,
like, for the foreseeable future.

Good. You're alive.


- You're welcome.
- You'll feel much better after a meal.

- And a shower.
- Fuck you.

Your mom still live in the same place?

- Shit, I can't go back there.
- What? Why?

I took some money from her boyfriend
before I left.

If he finds out I'm there, he'll kill me.

So what the fuck do we do with him?

Friendship is a complicated thing...

especially between girls.

And it gets even more complicated
when there's a boy involved.

But I can tell you one thing.

Hannah's totally
Single White Female-ing you right now.

I blame the boy more than I blame Hannah.

Does that work if one of us is brown?

- Just ignore her. That's what I do.
- Oh, shit.

- Here she comes.
- Good luck with that.


- Hey.
- Hey.


- You were pretty drunk the other night.
- Me and everyone else.

Fucking Jeff Atkins, I seriously cannot
believe he would do that.

Yeah, well,
maybe there's more to that story.

What do you mean?

I just...

Uh, listen, Jess, I, um...

I saw something...

- when you and Justin went into...
- Jesus, Hannah, seriously?

First Alex and now Justin?
Look, I'm sorry, all right?

I'm sorry that I'm making it work
with Justin and you couldn't.

It's not my fault. Okay?

- I'm...
- Jesus, some party.

Yeah, some party.

- It's so fucked up about Jeff.
- Yeah, it's all fucked up.

- But, Jess and I had a good night, huh?
- Mm.

- What are you...?
- Hannah, enough, all right?

Can you just let me and Justin be happy?
Don't be a bitch.

Yeah. Okay. Sorry.

There are all different ways
boys mess with girls.

And some of those ways,
well, we let them do it.


There's something we'd like to talk
to you about. Outside.



Clay, um...

We, uh, recognize that, um...

most kids, many kids your age
in our area have cars.

Even though public transportation
is excellent in this county.

We also recognize that riding
on county highways may be safer from...

a car.

- No way. Wait, this is mine?
- That's...

- That doesn't make any sense.
- Agreed.

We want to show you
that we trust you, Clay, to, uh...

to do the right thing,
to be a grown-up, to make good choices,

and to involve us in your life
when appropriate.

Yes. Yes, 100 percent.
I'm... I'm hearing you.

Though, it's even easier to sneak
around in a Prius. They're silent.

No more sneaking around.
No more secrets. I promise.

Make a sound, we're both dead.

Yeah, we're gonna connect that
to the detonator.

- Yeah, just go... Just like... There we go.
- Oh, shit.

- Is that supposed to happen?
- Yeah. Yeah.

I think the kind of friends you have

say a lot about the kind of person
you are.

Oh, fuck, dude.

No, keep going. Shit. Shit.

- Hey, whatcha guys doing?
- Jesus. Get out!

Working on a science project.

- Can I help?
- Get out!

If Tyler tells me to go, then I'll go.

Uh, uh, I, um...


Fine, assholes.

Close the fucking door.

And Hannah, she was a true friend.

Better than I deserve.

We all want to be strong.

We all want to be the kind of people
who deserve good friends.

But I guess, at the end of the day,

none of us are as strong as we want to be.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.