13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Two Girls Kissing - full transcript

Courtney makes a brave decision. Clay's memories of Hannah drive a wedge between him and Skye. Someone trashes the yearbook office.

What's the truth? What's true?

I think we each have our own truth.

So let me get this straight.


You don't know why you're here.

You don't know how I'm supposed to feel.

You don't know why I haven't seen you

and have tried not to think about you
for months

and then you show up tonight.

Precise and accurate,

in true Clay Jensen style.

- You're still allowed to make fun of me.
- Allowed? Obligated? Who can say?

Are you real?

Do you see me?

Are you corporeal?

That seems like
a science-fiction question.

- Can I touch you?
- That seems like a loaded question.

- This is fucked up, right?
- Like, I'm seriously fucked up.

I don't think you're fucked up.
You're just... working through things.

- Things like seeing a ghost?
- And other things.

So you are a ghost.

Okay, does it matter what you call me?
I'm here.

- And you're here for a reason?
- I would think so.

- But you don't know what it is.
- I was hoping you would.

- And you're not going away.
- I don't think so.

I mean, not for the moment.

Well, that's just fucking great.



You're going to be late.



Are you all right?

Uh, sorry! I'm fine.
I'm fine. I overslept.

- You slept in your clothes?
- Yeah. Homework and stuff.

- But, um, everything's okay?
- Yeah, all good.

How was court yesterday?

Why don't you tell me?

I was just there to drop off some files.
How about you?

I was just curious.

Clay, I know you said
you don't think about Hannah,

that you don't care about her anymore,
but I am worried that that's not true.

Gotta get dressed for school.


- Okay.
- Okay.


- Nothing's going on?
- I have to go to school.

- And you don't care about me anymore?
- Look, I tried, Hannah.

I did everything I could for you,
and nothing worked.


And now you're back?
And there's still nothing I can do.

If that's true, why am I here?

Yeah. Exactly.

What the hell?

Shit. I gotta go.

"Hannah wasn't the only one."
What do you suppose that means?

Who gave it to you?

And why now, the day my trial started?

- You think they're connected?
- You think they're not?

I think that I need to get dressed,
and go to school,

and try to live my life.

Saddle up, partner.

Did we talk about you giving me a ride?

Did we have to?

I mean, no, but, um...

Should we talk about last night?

How about instead of talking,
we just ride?

We all have things we keep hidden.

Sometimes, keeping secrets
is how you survive.

Because in high school,

- one rumor, one picture...
- Yes.

...one incident, can define you forever.

You're doing the right thing, honey.

I know.

Now it's gonna be out there.
Everything I said in my deposition.

Look, what happened to Hannah
after that photo, it happened to you, too.

And that is not your fault.

You told the truth. And that's all
you're gonna do again today.

- Is that Mikey?
- Uh...

Aww. Todd, look.

Wow. Wow, he is a keeper, huh?

I guess he is.

And the truth doesn't even matter.

Barry e-mailed me last night.

He said it was Bryce's idea,
that Bryce asked you yesterday.

Asked me what?

If we want to use their lawyer.

I'm not gonna let you take the stand
without some guidance.

This kind of thing can ruin
somebody's life, even if they're innocent.

I know, it's just...
we can find our own lawyer. It's fine.

This is the kind of thing
your father used to handle.

At times like these, we need to benefit
from our associations.

- Who is it?
- It's, uh...

Bryce, actually.

He probably wants to get
some throws in before practice.

- I should go.
- Okay, honey. And tell him thanks.

- No, I wanna testify.
- But...?

It's just...

Tyler Down, who testified yesterday,

called out a couple kids,
and they weren't happy.

That's all.

Well, if anybody gives you any flack,
you tell me, and I'll handle it.

Thanks, Dad.

When rumors spread,
you can fight them or ignore them,

but they never really go away.

When you're the target,

you do anything you can
to protect yourself.

Jess! Hey! You wanna help?


Where else you want 'em?

You guys are ridiculous,
but sweet.

Babe, thank you for helping me with this.

Come here.

Sometimes you hide.

Sometimes you fight back.

Anything you have to do.

There you go.

Thank you.

Good for you. Let's go.

Such a gentleman.

This doesn't mean I'm gonna put out
or anything.

What? Not even a handy?

- Oh, my hand doesn't really work...
- All right.

Hey, you know what?
Let's take the side entrance today.

- But it's way further, and I get tired.
- I can carry you. Come on.

Okay, you're not... Dude, you're not...

The whole reason I called you
was to avoid another scene.

Getting picked up by my dad in the cop car
was embarrassing enough.

Because the thing is, in high school,

everyone's watching you, all the time.

You have to be careful.

Get my note?

About dropping by the office?
I was hoping that we could chat.

- About what?
- About anything that you need.

Anything I can do to help
with what you're going through.

Really? You think you can be helpful
all of a sudden?

Yes, uh, I think I can.

Look, I know what you think about me,
you know, and about what happened,

but the most important thing to me
right now, Jessica,

is about keeping you safe.


Hey, where you been?
We still gotta celebrate, girl.

Uh, the squad made Jess a flyer yesterday.

- Wow, congratulations, Ms. Davis.
- Thank you.

- Think about what I said, okay?
- Yeah.

Asshole. You're welcome.

Do I know you?


Nina Jones.
And trust me, Porter's clueless.

It's better to keep your mouth shut
around him.

You have to protect yourself
any way you can.

So that's what I did.

- What's going on? Who are these people?
- They're all here for you.

My e-mail list of concerned moms
has over a thousand names in this county.

And moms do love a good craft project.

That's... That's her school picture.

Doesn't she look lovely?

We're putting a face on this trial.

She told me that her foundation wanted
to provide whatever support I needed.

- But she didn't specify a picket line.
- No.

You have to be careful, okay?

These pyrotechnics can be useful,
but don't forget this is still your show.

- I know that.
- And she's staying with you?

Well, I have a spare room.

Dennis, the house is empty. It is...

There's no reason for her
to pay for a hotel room.

Just... be careful.

I spread a rumor about Hannah
and I'm not proud of it.

And what happened
after you spread that rumor?

Boys asked me and Hannah
to have sex with them.

Or got physical. And they were aggressive.

And I couldn't handle it.

This was just a meaningless kiss.
All right? Girls do it all the time.

And what to your direct knowledge
did the school do

in response to Hannah
being sexually harassed?

Or the fact that a lewd photo
of two students

was being shared on campus?


The school did nothing.

Who did this?

Someone I talked about yesterday,
I'm guessing.

At the trial.

This is what happens
when you tell the truth.

Ask him.

Did you just come here to look
at the destruction that is my life, or...?

No. I was wondering, do you ever...

work with Polaroids?

Amateur hipster tripe.

- I'll take that as a no.
- It's retro analog bullshit.

- There's no negatives, what's the point?
- Unless that is the point.

So no one can make a copy?

No, you can make a copy of anything,
you just take a digital picture of it.

But, yeah, you want one print
to hold on to, take a Polaroid.

Do you know these people?

Tommy Shuster, Erica...

Charles, I think.
I shot Tommy a few times for baseball.

- So they go here?
- They did.

They were seniors when we were freshmen.

Do you think he knew Scott Reed?

Don't all those troglodytes know
each other? Why do you care?

I'm not sure I do.

Only have a second, coach.
I got a class waiting.

What's up?

Well, I understand you had a little chat
with one of my players yesterday.

I'd appreciate it
if you'd come see me first next time.

Okay, well, it's my job
to have a chat with students.

I can't be coming to you every time
one of them happens to play baseball.

No, sure, sure.

Look, I'm glad we're working on awareness,

and educating these kids about consent,
and everything you're doing. It's great.

I'm just looking for a little teamwork.

I give the right speeches,

give me a heads up if you've got
a concern about one of my guys.

Okay. I got a concern
about all your guys. Heads up.

You know what, I'm sick of athletes
always being the targets.

Coach. Athletes have the run
of this school, and you know it.

I just don't want them to run kids over.

You want teamwork?
Check your boys, so I don't have to.

We've been talking about
how do you control your impulses.

Today we're going to do an exercise
that will help you think before you act.

Because you're gonna do the thinking
for someone else.

You're gonna be someone else's eyes
and their ears,

and guide them around the room.

- Or out of a window.
- Maybe, Cyrus.

But you'll be
switching blindfolds halfway through,

so don't do anything
you don't want done to you.


That means find a partner.

Or I'll find one for you.

You'd think they'd run these class names
by a focus group first.

"Ass Class." You're a pretty good artist.

Kind words from the master photographer.

That was you, right?

You won that photo contest
with that night vision picture

of the dog pissing last year?

Punk rock, dude.

Should we...?

Why the hell not?


We just shared a class together.
We weren't really friends.

But she didn't confide
in anyone else about her fears, correct?

I don't think so.

Not any other friends? Her parents?

I don't know, it could be a stalker.

A stalker?

I highly doubt that kind of thing
is going on in our neighborhood.

It's a real thing.

- Celebrities have them all the time.
- Oh.

- So we're a celebrity now?
- No. You know what I mean. Forget it.

Honey, no. Hannah.
Honey, I'm sorry. All right, I just...

Look, I think that you have
a little anxiety about this new school.

It's not anxiety!

Okay, I heard something out there
last night. Like clicking.

Well, maybe it was the wind.

Yesterday, your father was saying
he thinks the raccoons are back.

It's not raccoons.

Honey, look,
this is the safest neighborhood

that, you know, we could afford.

Your father checks statistics
on this kind of thing.

And I just know... I know that for me,
when I have a lot on my mind,

my mind takes revenge.

Yeah. You're probably right.

So, finding no help from home,
she enlists you.

Mom can't help, but you can?

Why you?

I don't know.

But like I said, I was there.
And she was always nice to me.

Nice to you.

Defense Exhibit C, Your Honor,
as stipulated.

Uh, I'm curious, Courtney, was Hannah
just being nice to you there, too?

Describe what you see, please?

There's, um...

more of Tyler's photos of Hannah and me,
from that night.

Now, you said before that
it was just a meaningless kiss, correct?


So, now how could it be meaningless
if there's more than one?

Or is that not a picture of Hannah
kissing you back?

- Hey.
- Hey, where were you this morning?

I was avoiding Chlöe.
And, like, everyone else.

What's wrong?

- Someone's trying to keep me quiet.
- What? What happened?

Not here. Come on.

Wow, that is seriously messed up.

Yeah, somebody is fucking with my head.

And my head's already
plenty fucked up all on its own.

Somehow I don't see Bryce
walking into a sex shop.

What about Chlöe?

I don't know, she's in smart classes
but she does stupid things.

I can't see her having any ideas.

- It's gotta be someone.
- Well...

whoever it is, it'll stop
if you just tell the truth tomorrow.

How does that make any sense?

Because they're doing it to protect Bryce.

And if you tell the truth,
then there's no protecting him anymore.

Yeah, that sounds easy and simple.

- Well, I think it's what you have to do.
- I don't think you fucking get it, Alex.

Every time I look at him, it's like...

it's like it's happening all over again.

Right now.

Like it's gonna keep happening
for the rest of my life.

Maybe this will make it stop.

- Clearly, I'm all alone in this.
- Jess...

Everything cool?

Uh... yeah, sorry.
That was just my mom being... motherly.

- Your mom's kinda the Gestapo, huh?
- Yeah.

I saw her watching from the window
the other night.

- You... You saw that?
- They do know about me, right?

Of course.
We've been friends since first grade.

Yeah, but I haven't seen them
since, like, seventh grade.

And I've grown. So have you.

Well, they know about you. They do.

My mom was just saying

that they want to have you
over for dinner, so...

uh, we should do that at some point.

- You sure that's a good idea?
- Did they know Hannah?


No. No, they didn't.

You never told them about Hannah
but you've told them about me?

All these secrets, Clay.

I mean, I told them about Hannah.

So you haven't told them about me
because you're still hung up on her.

- No, that has nothing...
- That's why you were in court yesterday.

- How did you know that?
- Tyler Down told me.

Because I asked him.
And I stood super close to him.

He got all nervous and told me the truth.

Yeah, um...

I'm not going back. It was just one time.

You keep saying that,
like it'll make it true.

- I'm not going back!
- Relax.

I'm messing with you. Here, eat.

- Ugh! That tastes like pasture.
- Meat is murder.


So is choking a person to death
with weeds.

I like her.

She makes you try new things.
That's good for you.

I'm serious.

Okay? You seem less afraid
when you're with her.

I like it.

And it also makes me kind of sad.

Is everything okay?


But you're not here with me.

I am here.


Honestly, that's the truth.
It was just a game.

- Truth or dare.
- Maybe.

Or... maybe it was more.

For Hannah.

Maybe Hannah suggested the game
to take advantage of you.

Take advantage of...


- Because she liked you.
- Objection. Relevance?

It goes to motivation, Your Honor.

I'll allow it.

Is it just me, or is this whole
locker room concept super antiquated?

Like, just 'cause there aren't guys around

doesn't mean it's not weird
to get naked in front of strangers.

Yeah, totally.

Isn't that why
she asked for your help?

- No.
- Really?

You said you're not a lesbian.
Can you be certain that Hannah wasn't?

Hey, do you wanna maybe proofread

each other's papers
for Mrs. Cusick's class?

I barely passed the last one,
saw you got an A.

Sure. Let's do it.

Courtney, you testified that when
this picture got around campus,

rumors were spread.

And these additional photos show
that Hannah kissed you back.

- Is all of that correct?
- Yes.

Then isn't it possible
that Hannah had a crush on you?

And when this picture got around,

she was the one that spread the rumors,
to put the suspicion on you?

Isn't Hannah the real bully here?


- No.
- But if Hannah was the aggressor,

doesn't it seem that she might have been
a lesbian, or at least bisexual?

And that she was using you?
Isn't that possible?

No, it's not possible.
Because it was the other way around.

I liked her. I was the one with the crush.


Maybe we should get back to the game.

- Sorry.
- No worries.

Like you said,
it doesn't have to mean anything, right?

Hey, what's wrong?

- I feel stupid.
- What? Why?

Because it does mean something.

To me.


Oh, I didn't, um...

Oh, shit.

It was my first kiss, see?
And I felt like it was ruined.


Maybe 'cause her own first kiss
had been ruined,

maybe because she just felt bad, but...

that's the real reason she kissed me back.

That's what's in those photos
Tyler took.

Proof. That she was a good friend.

And maybe that means I was bullying her
the whole time. I don't know, but...

that's the truth.

- No further questions for this witness.
- Redirect, Your Honor.

So, Courtney, you're saying, in fact,
that Hannah didn't bully you that night.

That actually she was kind to you.


Look, I didn't know Hannah that well,

but that night, she was my friend.

She was there for me,

and Liberty
should have been there for her.

What a day.

It was a big win for us. And for Hannah.

That poor girl, though.
That can't have been easy.

Well, she must have been carrying
that around for a long time.

It's what happens
when you bottle things up.

This room was always so sad and empty.

Do you know I've never lived alone?


I went right from my parents' house
to a college roommate, and Andy.

Oh, Olivia.



I'm so sorry. I...

I forgot, I...

I put this in here. I, uh...

This is the dress
I was wearing the day I...

I found Hannah.

I always meant to wash it,
but then I just couldn't bring myself to.

I'm so sorry. I...

I used to carry one of Tessa's socks
in my purse.

For months after she died,
I carried that sock everywhere.

- Do you still have it?
- No.

No, eventually,
I decided it was time to...

to move on.


No, that's...

that's probably what I should do, too.

Hey, so, um...

So, what's up with you
helping out Alex so much?

- Are you like his butler now, or what?
- Yeah, no. It's nothing.

My mom's making me help him,

because she's friends with his folks,
and, yeah.


So is he gonna testify?

I don't know if he can, because of the...

- I mean, he's crippled.
- Right, right, right.

Yeah. So when are you up?

Couple days. Oh, and my mom says
thanks, by the way, for the lawyer.

- Yeah, sure.
- She...

- She said that you had already asked me?
- Yeah, no, I meant to. I just...

I figured it was better to act fast,
you know?

Yeah, no, that totally makes sense.

But... so does that mean
they called you in, too, or...?

No. I'm just lookin' out for you.

- We're in this together, right?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna catch up with you at practice.
My mitt's in the car. So...

All right.

What's their deal?

I get that you're not called,
but I still could be.

I have to be ready. I need to know
what was on those tapes.

Maybe it's better you only know
what Jessica told you.

Why? Why is everyone protecting me?

- What the fuck are you two looking at?
- Hey, come on, buddy.

Come on.

- Alex, you need to calm down.
- You need to wake up.

You heard what happened to Courtney.

Who knows
what Jessica's gonna do tomorrow?

Okay? I can't... I can't fail at this, too.

It's not always easy to know
how to be a friend, but...

Hannah knew how and she was brave.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six...


Okay. That's okay, guys, um...

Everyone, take five.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Is, uh... Is everything okay?
- Yeah, fine.

Okay, look, it's... it's not.
And I'm just gonna say this,

because that's what leaders do, right?

Look, um, I messed up yesterday.

I should've talked to you about Bryce,
us dating.

I didn't realize how it might affect you,
on the squad and...

and I'd hate for that to be weird.


I know that you and Bryce
had a thing, but...

it's before my time, you know?
And it's just one night.

I really do think it's so brave of you,

coming back here
after everything that happened.

"Everything that happened"?

Yeah, you know, like,
what everyone's saying.

That you cheated on Justin

and called it rape, or whatever,
'cause you regretted it.

Which... Hey, look, look,
I totally... I totally understand,

because, you know,
I should know, he's my man.

But... I don't have a problem with it,

so there's no reason why we should
have to let that affect our work, right?

Oh, God.
Okay, Jessica, look. I'm so...

Don't touch me!

Really? This is for yearbook?
Don't you have windows to stalk, perv?

Off with you!

I'm sorry, Tyler. The decision is final.

What? What happened?

Mr. Kurtz just freaked out on me.

Apparently, I'm no longer allowed
to photograph female sports.

This is how our school has decided
to "respond" to my testimony.

By only letting you photograph
the jocks who bullied you.

This school is king of irony.

I don't really understand irony, exactly.

Yeah, no one really does.

Hey, so, um, did you make a copy
of Hannah's tapes?


I mean, I thought about it.

For insurance, or whatever, but...


Well, thanks.


Hey, um...

Those pictures you took of me
in the hospital...


can I see them?


Yeah. Of course.

It's, uh...

it's a lot to take in.


Why did I do this to myself?

You didn't do this.

Everyone else at this school did.

So, the credits from detention
transfer 50 percent.

Depending on what your teachers say,
you'll probably have to do summer school.

That's fine.


how does it feel being back?

How do you think?

I imagine it's been difficult.

But, um, I was hoping
that you would tell me.

If you want.

It's only been half a day. I mean,
everyone stares, no one says anything.


Thinking about going back to cheerleading?

- Are you kidding?
- No.

Don't you know about what goes on
at this school? Or at least have an idea?

Yes, I do. That's why I... I want to help.

I think we both understand,
too little, too late.

I hope it's never too late.


Why don't we schedule a check-in?

Nah, I'm good. But I'll be sure
to stop by though, if I'm ever raped.


Nice. Dude, your, your balance
is totally better than last week.

One more big push. Let's do this, come on.

- What's going on, man?
- My legs don't work.

And my brain doesn't work. My arms hurt.

- I'm a worthless piece of shit.
- Dude, come on.


Okay? It's true, man.
I can't help Jessica.

- I can't remember shit.
- Your memory...

Everyone that could
help me remember won't.

- Your memory will come back, just...
- You're a fucking doctor now?

How do you know that?

What the fuck do you even know
about what I'm going through?

Why are you even here?

Go hang out with the rest
of your dumb jock fucking rapist friends.

I need a lift out of here.

- Ask your doctor.
- What is this?

Some twisted physical therapy test?

Yeah, okay, I don't know exactly
what you're going through.

But I know what it's like to feel
like shit's never gonna get better.

Every time I come home to my empty
fucking house, I remember that feeling.

Zach, I forgot.

And I come here every single day
because I remember last summer.

- It was PT that helped me get through it.
- I'm really sorry.

You know, I could still really use
a lift out of here.

- Jackie!
- Hmm?

- You had no right! No right!
- Olivia, I'm sorry, I thought you said...

Well, I didn't say! Okay?
This was all I had left.

Everything else is in evidence,
or donated, or gone.

Andy wanted to fucking get rid
of everything. And he did it.

And, Jesus, the clothes he wore that day,
he washed them,

and he wore them again!


My daughter's blood.

Oh, God. Olivia, I am so, so sorry.

- I thought this was what you wanted.
- No! Don't!

Just don't, don't...

I never would've dreamed, honestly. I'm...

We were talking about that girl,

on the stand, being bottled up,
I just wanted to help.

You can't help with this part, okay?
Because I'm not...

I'm not... I'm not that girl.

And this part I have to do on my own.
I do.

Whatever's going to happen, I have to...

I have to do it in my time, in my way.


I should...

- No. No. No, I...
- I should go.

Instead of facing my fears
and clearing up all the rumors,

I let Hannah take the fall.

I was afraid of what people might think
if they knew.

Courtney, some people might wonder,
if you didn't tell the truth for so long,

how do we know
you're telling the truth now?

Because it was time.

And because I owe it to Hannah.

And I guess we all have things
we try to hide.

But they can't stay hidden forever.

- That was brave.
- Sorry?

I read that blog. What you did today,
at court, it was brave.

- I don't know about that.
- No, it was.

- You helped Hannah.
- Yeah, but I hurt her first.

I told lies about her
and I messed up her life.

You weren't the only one.

Did anyone threaten you
before you testified?


Why? Did something happen to you?

No, no, I...

Was it hard... to tell the truth?


But it was time.

And I think this trial...

this trial is going to force
a lot of people to tell the truth.

For better, or for worse.

Not a fan of the gluten free?

Uh, hello? Mom?

Hey, kiddo. Your mom's
still at work. We're in here.

It's like gluten-free pasta.
It's like moisture-free water.

Sounds delicious.

- Guys, what's going on?
- We're making hand-rolled pasta.

Your dad taught me. Wait, check it!

- When it's done, it'll stick.
- Okay.

And why are we hand-rolling pasta?

Skye said she liked Italian.
Figure it's the least we could do.

It's our first dinner together.

Your mom's thrilled, by the way.
Big points scored.

- Our first dinner.
- Clay, this was your idea, remember?

- We talked about it at lunch.
- Um, yeah, that's not exactly...

- Skye, I think this might be ready.
- Yeah. Okay.

You wanna try again?

- Ready?
- Yeah. Try not to...

- Ooh, ow.
- Okay.


Oh, my God! Yes!

- Bella, bella. Molto bene!
- Totally sticks.

That is graphic.
I don't know if I approve of this game.

Let's go again.

Dad, what is this?

What? No, I wanna learn.

Well, at this rate,
that's gonna take years.

Besides, I heard you on the phone
with the school, earlier.

So, what's up?

Well, I was wondering
if maybe we should, um,

transfer you to... another school.


But... how would that look for colleges?

Well, I really just want to make sure
that you make it to college.

But, I mean, what about my friends here?

- I have Alex. He needs me, Dad.
- I know.

But Alex,
he's recovering from a traumatic...

and I don't know
if it's the healthiest thing for you.

- So, I can't hang out with him anymore?
- No, but...

Is there no one else, you know,
that you have a connection with?

No, I do.

- Actually, yeah, no.
- I... totally forgot.

Uh, Cyrus, in Mr. Porter's class.

He's like an amazing artist.
And, you'd... um, you'd like him.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

- Great! Bring him over.
- Cool.

We'll play some vids.

No one calls them that.

I call them that.


All right, here we go. Yes.

Desert Hearts is supposed to be a classic.

The Kids Are All Right,
Blue is the Warmest Color...

- Maybe we wait and watch this one last.
- Wha...

Isn't this just very binary thinking?

Movies and shows are a wonderful way
to open up a dialogue.

So we're screening one about a man
who breaks up a lesbian couple?

- Oh, God. I forgot about that part.
- Yeah.

At least the lesbians
aren't serial killers or policewomen.

And the male gaze makes
Blue is the Warmest Color very suspect

as fodder for positive conversation.

Good Lord, you overanalyze everything.
Probably why she didn't tell us before.

- Are you saying that it is my fault?
- It's nobody's fault.

- Or it's my fault.
- Oh, no, no, no. No.

Honey, honey. Aww. Hey, sweetie...

Everyone takes the time they take.

Why are you crying?

It's nothing, it's...

You're just amazing, and...

- I'm so lucky to have you both.
- Oh.

Come on. Come here.

We love you.

The truth can free you if you let it.

So it's graffiti?

It's a... It's a mural, Mom.
It's called street art.

It's very popular.
It's one of the oldest art forms.

If you think about it,
cave paintings were street art.

- Yeah. Yes.
- That's... Thank you, Dad.

And, um, how long have you two
been making this art?

- Couple months.
- Not long.

Months! This must be some mural.

- Well, we don't always paint.
- No?

You don't? You're gone for hours, Clay.
What else are you doing?

- Yeah, what else do we do, Clay?
- We, um...

- We hang out. Mostly.
- What does that mean?

I never know. Is that slang for sex?

- Mom!
- That's "hook up," honey.

Hook up, yes.

Well, if you two are, um, hooking up...
I just hope you're being careful.

We, uh... aren't. Hooking up, I mean.
We're, uh... So... all good.

- Yep.
- Okay.

Um... should we... can we be excused?

What's gotten into you?
We're in the middle of dinner.

- Nothing, I'm just full.
- Yeah.

This pasta is filling.
Yeah, it was so good, though.

- So good.
- So thank you, guys. Appreciate it.

- Yeah. Thank you.
- Thanks for dinner, guys.

- Bye.
- You guys are the best. Thanks.

Jesus, what is your...?

Holy shit.

Don't forget to breathe.

- I am breathing.
- You're not, so much.


That's some hard hits today.
You got something on your mind?

Nah, I don't. I just need you...

to sign this form
for my probation officer.

Right on.

Six more sessions left. Not bad.

Think your anger's been adequately
managed in our time together?

Huh. I'll let you know.

We gotta get in the ring
before you're done. You and me.

Uh... I don't think so. But thank you.

She washes one dress
and it sets me back five months.

I swear, I was ready to kick her out
right then and there.

But I think she might be a friend,
and I don't have many of those right now.

- Present company excluded.
- No, I get it.

Friends who aren't in high school.

You know, Andy...

Andy used to tell me, when I'd listen
to the tapes for the umpteenth time,

and I would call you with new questions,
he would say how inappropriate it was

that I was spending time with you.

Really? You didn't tell him
that I don't play for your team?

What happened to that boyfriend of yours?

The handsome guy?
I haven't seen him around in weeks.

- Brad.
- Brad.

Yeah, we broke up.

Oh. That's too bad.

- He was pretty.
- Yeah.

He didn't talk much,
but he was very pretty.

What happened?


He didn't want to date a kid anymore.

Wanted bigger things.
He was tired of the high school bullshit.

Here I am, bringing you more
high school bullshit, huh?

No, never. I'm here for you, always.

God, I sit in that courtroom, Tony,

and I feel like I never knew my daughter.

She kept all these... secrets.
Why did she have so many secrets?

I think, uh...

I think, sometimes, we aren't keeping
secrets to hide from other people.

I think, sometimes, we're keeping them
to protect those people.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Okay, just stop.
- Wait, I...

Stop. Just...

- Are you ashamed of me?
- What? Skye, no. I...

Then what the fuck is going on here, Clay?

I mean, why didn't your parents
know about me?

Because they're my parents. They meddle.
Honestly, it has nothing to do with you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It doesn't have to do with the way I look?

Or that I have,
like, tattoos and piercings

and, like, cuts all over?

Jesus, Skye, no.
I don't care about that stuff.

You know that.

- You don't care. Of course.
- Wait...

Skye, hang on. Let's just...

That's not what I meant, okay?

What I mean is, I like the way you look.
I like you.

Really? Because your body
is kinda saying the opposite.

Maybe my head's still scrambled

from you trying to jerk me off
in front of my parents.

Well, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry for trying to be
fucking spontaneous!

You could've talked to me, you didn't have
to just show up at my house.

It was weird!

You still
being in love with a fucking dead girl.


- Don't say that, please. That's not true.
- Really?

You freaked out at our spot last night
the day that her case is going to trial.

Then you freaked out at lunch today
because I brought up you going to court.

It's like, wherever we go, she's there!

No. That's not...

that's insane.

Is it?

It's all about Hannah, Clay,
and it always will be.

How am I supposed to compete with that?
She's perfect. And she's dead.

- Really, Skye. Can we sit and talk?
- I don't wanna fucking sit down!

Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you love me.

Tell me you're over her, then.

I... I love you. I...


And you're over me.
Clay, it's okay, just say it.

- Clay?
- I can't!

I'm sorry, but I can't say that.

You have been lying to me,

you fucking liar!

Skye! Skye! Shit.





- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna go after her.

- You sure that's a good idea?
- No. I think it's a terrible idea.

But a worse idea is staying here
and discussing it all with you, so...

You think that's what she wants,
for you to chase her?

Are you serious right now?
Are you fucking serious?

"Part of me was saying, 'Don't go.'"

Remember that, Hannah?
Your words. My tape.

- "Part of me was saying, 'Don't go.'"
- I remember.

Well, there you go.

She's not me, Clay.


No one is.

I think it projects strength
and confidence, don't you?

Maybe we can pull your hair back a little?

Something like this?

Sure, Mom. Whatever you think.

Want to sleep in your own bed tonight?

- You must be getting tired of our floor.
- No.

No, I'm not.


Or fear of the truth
can keep you trapped in your secrets.

In discovery, the plaintiffs found
that your date book was missing a page,

which seems to be the page

from the last date
of your meeting with Hannah.

- Hmm.
- I'm not gonna ask you

why that page is missing.
Not now, not in court. But they will.

Well, I heard you made Courtney Crimsen
come out on the stand today.

That's... that's messed up.

I didn't make her do anything.

I just asked the questions I had to ask.

They're kids. They're children.

They knew what they were doing.

Did you?

And someone who's keeping a secret...

who's desperate to keep that secret,
and desperate to stay hidden...

can hurt everyone around them.

There will always come a time
when we're forced to face the thing

we're most afraid of.

No, no, no. No.


Skye! Wait, Mrs. Miller! What is she...

- What happened?
- Nothing that hasn't happened before.

- I didn't mean to upset her.
- She's not upset. She's ill.

Please, just... just go home.

You really do have a thing
for complicated girls.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.