13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Box of Polaroids - full transcript

Threats against Clay and the others escalate. Tyler faces disciplinary action. Justin testifies about Bryce, putting his own future at risk.

Get him!

Yay, fight!

- Leave him alone!
- He called me a swear word.

He's wearing the same clothes
as yesterday and he smells.

You're a dick.

Hey, man. Here.

I can take care of myself.
You wanna go? Right now.


- Where's your lunch?
- Already ate it.

Out of the trash can!

Shut up! I did not!

Want a sandwich?


Marisa made turkey. I hate turkey.

Not hungry.

Come on, take the sandwich.
And I'll take half your Twinkies.

I don't got Twinkies.

Hey, those are mine!

And now they're his.

I don't need you to stick up for me.

I know. I just wanted a Twinkie.

Bryce and I have been friends
since the third grade.

And friendship,

it can be this really powerful thing.

- The fuck are you two doing?
- Just hold on.

He's gonna keep doing it.
We have to stop him.

- Not like this.
- I'm calling the cops.

Just shut the fuck up and hold on, Bryce!

It's never gonna get any better.
You were right to run away.

No, I wasn't.

That's why you came and got me,

- For Jess, for Hannah.
- Hannah wants him dead.

No, I don't think she does.

I don't think she wants
to keep seeing people get hurt.

I don't. Okay?

This is fucking ridiculous.

You're gonna go back inside

and you're gonna pour yourself
another glass of whiskey,

and you're gonna forget
that we were ever here, got it?

I heard they just filed
for another additional witness.

That wouldn't be you
by any chance, would it?

You should be more scared
than you are, Justin.

Bryce, I've got nothing left to lose.

That makes me the dangerous one.

What the fuck?

What is it?

We're being followed.

Are you sure?

We'll lose him.

- Dude, it's a Prius.
- And I'm a fucking awesome driver.

And friendship is complicated.

You find yourself doing things
you never thought you'd do.

We're clear.

What the hell was that?

Probably the person
fucking with all of us.

- Bryce.
- It wasn't his car.

Well, one of his boys.

Because you're testifying. Tomorrow.

You... You're really gonna do it, right?


Because friendship,
you commit to it.


No matter what.



What? I'm awake.


- Hey, guys.
- "Hey, guys"?

- Did you not hear us pounding on the door?
- I don't know. I must've fallen asleep.

Alexander Dean Standall.

What is this?

Do you know the damage
these things can do to your health?

The only damage they do
is to the roof of your mouth, Mom.

Well, we're back to a healthy breakfast.

Zach, you're welcome to join.

What's the big emergency?

This is what I woke up to this morning.

12:12 a.m. "Someone gave me a bullet."

12:13 a.m. "Someone gave me a gun."

12:37 a.m. "I figured it all out."

You can't fucking text shit like this
to a person and then fall asleep.

Okay, I couldn't explain more
because my thumbs got tired.

The last time you didn't respond
to my texts or calls, you...

I know.

So, what the hell is going on?

I know who's messing with us.

But I don't know where he is.

Good morning.

- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, Mrs. Jensen, Mr. Jensen.

What the hell happened to you two?

- It was a fight.
- Sports.

Mine... mine was a fight
and his was sports.

I told Dad yesterday. PE.

If someone's hurting you,
we need to know what's going on.

Wait, wha... What are you doing here?

Well, um, I want to apologize

that, uh, an argument that was largely
between your father and me

had the impact it did on the family.

And on you, Justin.

It wasn't fair.

I feel like I came here
and messed everything up, so...

- No. No, it's not...
- Justin, that's not what happened.

You didn't.

So, you just... You're back?

I'm back.

And I need to speak to Justin privately.

After breakfast.

I heard last night
that you're going to testify today.

And while I like Dennis Vasquez very much,
he does not represent your interests.

I wanna make sure that you understand
everything that's at stake for you

before you testify.

What do you mean?
What's at stake?

Clay, I don't want us to have secrets,
but if I'm going to help Justin,

that has to be between the two of us...
for now.

If he chooses to tell you after we talk,
that's up to him.

Can you trust me?

For now.

- Well, what did she tell you?
- Nothing important.

Just walked me through
how the day's gonna go.

- What did she say was at stake?
- Mostly everything you already know.

Damn it.

- Do you know how to tie a tie?
- Yes.

I'm just nervous, okay?

Oh, I guess...

...doing this sober
is a lot harder than I thought it'd be.

And, you know, I'm gonna have to say stuff
about me and Hannah.

Stuff that you don't... you don't know.

We... We didn't.
We never had sex or anything like that.

There's just more to the story.

I don't want you to start hating me again.

Who said I stopped?

Just don't lose your shit, okay?

Man, you really freaked me out last night.

Where'd you get the gun?

I borrowed it from a friend.

Well, give it back.

Yeah. No, yeah, for sure.

Jesus, how do you not know how...?

I've seen you in a tie.
Last year at the winter dance.

Bryce used to tie them for me.

I never really learned how.

I like the way
you're taking care of Justin.

He really is just a sweet, injured boy.

Yeah, and girls are suckers for that.

You know, we're also suckers
for the angry, vengeful hero types.

I was gonna kill him, Hannah.

I was ready to.

But is Justin right?

Is that not what you want?

I want you to forgive me.

But maybe that's the one thing
in the world you won't do for me.

Your parents said we could drive together.

And they'll be right behind us
in one of the other Priuses.


Look, I promise you, there's no box
of pictures or anything like that.

This is just fucking Zach making shit up
to make me look bad.

- What happened that night?
- It was your idea to have an audience.

No one forced you to get stoned
out of your mind.

I even warned you not to hit that shit.

What about Hickman's Bridge?

- I thought that was our place.
- Is that why you walked out?

Jesus. Chlöe, seriously?

It's not like I grill you about every guy
you hooked up with before me, do I?

- Where's the trust?
- What was I supposed to do?

Not walk out. Not testify against me.

You thought that was gonna make you
feel better?

Do you really think
anyone's gonna trust you after that?

time for disciplinary matters.

If we're going to establish
a pattern of behavior,

your testimony needs
to contradict his claim

that he's never forced himself
on another student.


It all comes down
to whether the jury believes you, so...

Ms. Struhl is gonna do whatever she can
to discredit you on the cross.

She's gonna bring up everything.
Do you understand?

- Yeah, I understand.
- Justin, you can't do this halfway.

If you leave them
any room to doubt you, they will.

Bryce fooled them yesterday.

Yeah, I'll do my best, Mrs. Baker.

Has someone threatened you
about your testimony?

The bruises on your face,
did Bryce do that?


Are you afraid of him?

Not a goddamn bit.

- What the fuck did you do, man?
- Whoa, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

- This is wrong.
- What?

Now they'll know we're not weak.
It's totally punk, right?

It's not punk. It's... It's fucking stupid!

- We're in so much trouble right now.
- Who cares? Fuck the system.

"Fuck the..." My dad is gonna kill me.

He won't. Your dad's cool.

- Not with me getting expelled.
- Okay, so we'll get expelled together.

It doesn't have to stop us.

Stop us from doing what?

From bringing down the system.

Those guns? I have more.

We can really make shit happen.

Like you said,
we can end those motherfuckers.

Dude, that was just me saying shit.
That was just me talking, man.

Are you serious right now?
What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'll tell them it was all me.
I'll do whatever you want.

No, no, it's fine. We're good.


I think, you know, we shouldn't hang out
until this thing blows over.

Are we still friends?


Being friends with him,
it was about loyalty.

But it was also about fear.

And how would you describe
Mr. Walker's relationships with girls?

- Were they fear-based as well?
- Yes, sir.

They were like conquests to him.

He would always brag
about what he'd done with girls.

And then he'd call them sluts
for hooking up with him.

And did he ever mention
an "on again, off again" relationship

- with Hannah Baker to you?
- No, sir, because it never happened.

Maybe they hung out,

but there's no way he would've hooked up
with her and not told me about it.

Because he liked to brag, as you said?


How would you describe Hannah?

She was really kind and funny.


I liked her
from the first time I saw her.

We only had one real date,
but it was... it was nice.

Fuck you!

I walked her home,
then I went home.

But I couldn't sleep.

Yes, I got you. Okay.

Why don't you take care of that?
Why don't...

And I got in, like, a fight
with my mom's boyfriend.

Oh, yeah.

I texted Hannah,
and she said to come over.

Jesus. Are you sure
you don't want me to call someone?

Yeah. It'll run its course.

Seth will get sick of my mom.
He'll eventually take off.

They usually do.

And what if he doesn't?

Then it gives me more of a reason
to escape to your house, right?

- Thanks, by the way.
- Oh, sure.

So, uh, this is my room.

I was kind of saving it
for our third or fourth date, but...


I usually try to save
the whole "my mom's an addict" thing

till the fourth date, too, so...



You got...

Here, let me... Let me get you a washcloth.

Oh, my God.

- Amazing, right?
- Mmm.

Feel free to pass out.

You know, the body, after stress,
just sometimes shuts down.

She just let me sleep there
all night.

She slept on her own floor.

Coast is clear.
Front door, bottom of the stairs.

- Okay. Sorry.
- Yeah.

Do you wanna do this again sometime?

- Call it date five?
- Sure.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Why no ride this morning?
- What's up, man?

I figured I'd walk.

You're walking
from the completely wrong direction.

Whose bed did you wake up in?

I knew Bryce
wasn't gonna leave it alone.

- Justin.
- Get off me, man.

I knew I'd have to tell him something.

I don't know why that was more important
to me than doing right by Hannah.

- Picture's worth a thousand words.
- Oh!

Friendship, I guess. Being a man.

Wanting him to think
I was more than I was somehow.

- Oh, yeah, we're sending that shit around.
- No, no, Bryce, stop. Seriously, hey!

Maybe Bryce sent it around
because he was jealous.

Or maybe because he's just cruel.

I don't know.

I don't know why people
send around photos like that.

Bryce did shi...
stuff like that all the time.

What is the one thing
I told you about that place?

The one thing.

Be responsible.

You represent this team.

The team is my priority.

Now, I got lawyers talking to me
about a search warrant

and that drugstore being vandalized
a couple nights ago.

You wouldn't know anything, would you?

No. I never go near that store.

This lawyer thinks there's a whole box
of these Polaroids out there somewhere.

I don't wanna know if that's true.

I don't wanna know why you would take
the goddamn pictures in the first place.

I just don't wanna hear any more about it.

Are we understood?

We are.

Tell me what you saw when you went back
into the room that night.

We'll renew our objection.
Irrelevant and inflammatory.

We're establishing that Bryce Walker
engaged in a pattern of behavior

and that the school was aware.

The defense claims no such behavior
took place. We have a right to respond.

Witness will answer.

I went back into the room.

Jessica was passed out

and Bryce was standing over her,
and his... his pants were unzipped.

And she had her panties off
and she wasn't moving.

Her eyes were closed.
It... It was like she was dead.

I tried to pull him off,
but he shoved me out and locked the door.

I just sat there listening.

Listening to him...

and her. It...

It sounded like she started to wake up.

Did you think of calling the police
or calling for help?

I did. I...

- But I was afraid.
- Afraid of what?

I don't know.

Afraid of losing my best friend.

My girlfriend.

My entire life.

Which I guess I already lost.

I'll regret this forever.

- What's up?
- So... they don't know about yesterday,

but he missed
the first three periods today.

- How'd you get that out of Ms. Douglas?
- It's the cane, dude.

Told her that he was supposed
to help me with PT.

But I help you with that.

Clearly it was a lie, Zach.
Oh, my God. What's next?

We need Clay and Tony.

So, you were intoxicated at this party,
is that correct?


And you would regularly get drunk
at parties, isn't that true?

Yeah, I guess, sometimes.

And you're a habitual user of heroin,
isn't that correct?

Objection. Relevance?

Goes to capacity and reliability,
Your Honor.


Justin, you're a heroin addict,
isn't that correct?

I wasn't then. I'm in recovery.

And on the night in question,
you brought Jessica upstairs

with the intention
of having sex with her, correct?

I thought it might go there.

And you never actually saw Bryce
and Jessica during intercourse, correct?

- I heard noises.
- Noises that could have been sounds

of two very drunk teenagers
having sex, correct?

No. Jessica was passed out.

She couldn't... She couldn't speak.

She couldn't speak when you left her.

I literally just left the room.

And when you entered the room,
you saw Bryce standing over her,

not on top of her, correct?

- Yeah, but he shoved me out.
- Mr. Foley,

isn't it true that you never saw Bryce
assault anyone?

- No, that's not true.
- Isn't it true

that you concocted this rape story
to save yourself

from the embarrassment
of what really happened?

Your girlfriend cheated on you
with your best friend.

- No.
- Objection.

And isn't it true that you left town
rather than face the truth?

- No.
- You didn't leave town?

I mean, I left town,
but it was not to avoid any...

And wasn't the heroin
also a way to avoid the truth?

- Objection.
- And aren't you lying now?

- No!
- Asked and answered.

No, I'm telling the truth, I...

He raped her.

I'm telling the truth.

The jury's not buying it.
We have to go after him.

And we need those pictures.

- Who would know where he is?
- And why would they tell us?

Two minutes.
Two minutes, please.

I know who to ask.

In the first few years of life,
children rely on their parents.

But there comes a time when every parent
must share their child with the world,

with a school.

In the hands of the faculty
at Liberty High School,

Hannah Baker was bullied and harassed.

And she asked for help twice.

First, anonymously through a letter
read aloud in class

but ultimately ignored by her teacher.

And then Hannah did what most students
who are suffering do not.

She went to her school counselor.

And she suggested that she had been raped
by a fellow student.

She went to a mandatory reporter for help.

And yet again, her cries were ignored.

Hannah may have been a complicated girl,
as the defense has suggested,

but this case is simple.

Hannah Baker asked for help,

and Liberty High School
failed to provide it.

We've already spoken
to Cyrus and his father.

Did he tell you it was his idea?

He said he was worried
you might do something more serious.

- What's more serious than this?
- Tyler is a good boy.

Well, yes, he has been, Mrs. Down,

but he's also been very involved
in a number of our challenges of late.

This is about those tapes?

No, no. It's about felony vandalism.

I understand it's difficult
to hear these things

when your child has not shown a tendency
towards rule-breaking in the past,

but this is the reality
that we find ourselves in now.

And I think our best hope
is to address it head-on.


We've decided to refer Tyler
to a diversionary program.

This is a program for kids
who need a kind of behavioral guidance

so that they don't end up
in legal trouble.

And once he completes
the program satisfactorily,

he of course will be welcome back
at Liberty.

What about the other boy?

Cyrus is gonna be suspended
for a period of time.

- How is that fair?
- He did come to us voluntarily to confess,

and he's been very forthcoming.

Well, Tyler will be forthcoming.
Tyler, tell him the truth.

He's not interested in the truth, Mom.

If he did, half the jocks would be
at his stupid diversionary program.


They just beat the shit out of kids
in the hallway and nothing happened.

No one does anything.

Many factors contributed
to Hannah Baker's suicide.

Some of which we may never know.

But here is what we do know.

She never reported
any of her conflicts with students

and she never said she was raped.

Her parents never reached out
to the school for any reason.

Hannah was a troubled girl
with issues at home,

a family history
of mental health concerns,

and evidence of low self-esteem.

This was a tragedy.

A promising young life lost.

But school faculty
cannot go home with their students.

I'll leave you with this question.
When do we hold the parents responsible?

So no one has seen that fucking box?

Guys, if those pictures end up
with the wrong person,

I'm-I'm done.

We're all fucking done.

Dude, some of those pictures
are just like partying or whatever.

You think that fucking matters?

We're all in this together now.

The truth is
Bryce was never my friend.

Because he doesn't know
what friendship is.


Don't talk to my son.

- Look, Tyler is a great kid.
- Yes.

And he managed to stay out of trouble
until he met your son.

His anger needs to be dealt with.

Now, both of my kids
have seen a therapist since the divorce.

Aw, you see a shrink. How punk rock.

- Shut your mouth. You know nothing.
- Cyrus.

- I know you're a sellout and a narc.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.

- And a fucking poser!
- Hey!

- What is your problem?
- Let's go!

Mom, they're calling him
a drug addict.

All they keep talking about
is how he went missing

and him and Bryce had a falling-out.

They're not even...

God, they're missing the point.

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

I know that you had high hopes for Justin.

- But he's a troubled kid.
- We're all troubled kids.

Oh, I know.

Should he try talking
to the police as well?

- There's still a criminal case to be made.
- No. No, that wouldn't do any good.

Because you still don't remember?

Mom, you've seen what they've done
to Hannah in that courtroom.

And look what happened to Chlöe.

I... I don't wanna end up back in there.

I don't wanna be on trial.

There should be some things
more important than friendship.

Things you just won't do for a friend.

- Hey, Scotty.
- Bryce is looking for you.

You didn't tell him about this place,
did you?

No, I told you, I never would.

But who are you hiding from this time?

My dad's on a fucking tear, man.
Came after me with a hammer.

So, a few days in the hobo hotel.

- And how come you're here?
- I'm not a rapist, Monty.


And I'm sick of people assuming I am.

Look, we've been taking care of Bryce
for too long, man.

- Come on, enough's enough.
- Okay, so what do you want me to do?

Give us the Polaroids back.

- What the fuck, Scotty?
- They told me what you've been doing.

Wait, you're the one who fucking narc'd
about the Clubhouse?

Nope. I did.

Oh, right. Of course you did.

Fuck this. I'm out.

What's the matter, Monty? You scared?

We know what you did.
Running me off the road?

- The target.
- Dead rat.

- My fucking car.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

Give us the pictures and we'll let you go.

You'll let me go?

Or what, you're gonna hit me
with your cane again?

- Oh, shit.
- Whoa.

Hey, Alex.

- Alex, where'd you get that gun?
- Monty gave it to me.

Okay. All right.

Yeah, I'll give you the Polaroids.

And then I'm clean. That's the deal.

Fine. So hand them over.

- I have to get them. They're not here.
- I'll go with you.

- Alex.
- No. I go with him.


So, uh, the district
has completed its review,

and, uh, they've decided
to terminate your employment.

Effective immediately.

Anything else?

If there's anything I can do...

Well, that's very nice. Thank you.

You know what you can do?
You can do more.

These kids, they deserve better
than what we're offering.

- Well, our per-student spending, it's...
- Save the talking points.

You pay that fucker, Coach Rick,
two times more than you pay any counselor.

I made a mistake.

A terrible, tragic mistake.

And maybe
I wasn't trained well enough

for the job that I was asked to do.

Maybe I didn't fit in here either.

Well, I'll take the blame.

- But who's gonna take the blame next time?
- I hope there won't be a next time.

I hope so, too,
but there's always a next time.

These kids, I flagged as most critical.

They need your attention every week,
if not every day.

Or there will be a next time.

I held onto my friendship
with Bryce

because I didn't think
I had anything else.

You went a long way for Bryce.

He'd sell you out to save his own ass
in a heartbeat.

- You know that, right?
- Know what I got, Alex?

I got my friends, I got the team.
That's it.

I don't get to be all sad.
Boo-hoo, my friend died.

I'm gonna put a bullet in my head
so the world feels sorry for me.

Jesus, you wave that gun around
like I give a shit. I don't, man.

If I sell out Bryce or lie,
either way, my whole life falls apart.

I got no one else on my side.

I can't run home. That team's my home.

Going to playoffs, winning state,
being an athlete,

that's not about fun for me.

It's about survival.

It's all I got. It's everything.

So you wanna shoot me? Shoot me.

- Where are the pictures?
- Man, I don't know. I don't have them.

- What?
- I said what I did to get out of there.

'Cause you're not gonna shoot me, Alex.
You can't even shoot yourself.

Fuck you!

By the time you get anywhere,
I'll be long gone.

Is he really worth it?

You're the one with the hole in your head.
You tell me.

I thought Bryce was all I had.

I've texted you, like, 20 times.


Missed it, I guess.

I just got a warning.

I told them I should get suspended.

That nothing was your fault.

Are you okay?

You feel safe with me, right?

Of course I do.

And you believe me?

- Bryce...
- Do you believe me? Yes or no?

I believe you.

I'm... I'm a good person.

I know you are.

Do you?

- You really think that?
- Yes. That's why I'm here.

You know I love you, right?

I know.

Tell me you love me.

I do.

I love you.


But real friends
will give you the bad news.

- Okay, don't freak out.
- Don't start that way and I won't.

- Monty doesn't have the pictures.
- What?

And he lied to us and he ditched me.

And I'm so sorry.

I so wanted the pictures to be the answer.

I tried, Jess. I really tried.

I only wanted this to be okay for you
and to never have to think about it again.

I know.

And this is not our place to say.

I get that.
And... And we shouldn't even be here.

But, look, it's different now.

With those pictures out there somewhere,

all those girls need someone
to stand up for them.

We don't have the pictures,
so we need you.

And we get that you're afraid
that people won't believe you

or that they'll come after you,
and that is so fair.

But we just wanted you to know
that we'll stand by you.

We believe you.

All of us.

Six months ago, I told you
I'd burn Hannah's tapes for you,

and you told me not to.

Because you knew
her story needed to be heard.

And so does yours.

And you don't have to be afraid anymore.

And as lonely as it is,
you'll never be alone.

I told him not to say that
because it's cheesy.

But the point is...

whenever you're ready, we are, too.

If I do this, everything changes.

Maybe it needs to change.

How could you tell
he was assaulting her?

I could tell
because he was standing over her.

- He was just standing over her?
- No.

Well, you gotta be clear about this, son.

He was on top of her, and his...

his penis was out and he was hard.

She wasn't moving.

I, um...

I remember...

seeing him on top of me.

I remember feeling his body crushing me.

I remember him holding me down
and forcing himself on me.

I remember his face.

It was... It was Bryce Walker.

I'm so proud of you.

Thank you.

I never liked you.

- I know.
- And I can never forgive you.

Dad, be nice.

Despite everything,
I thank you for your courage

and wish you children of your own someday

so you'll know what it's like
to wanna save them from the world.

The thing we're all
most afraid of is losing our friends,

is being all alone.

I couldn't wait for the verdict,
so I came to help you with the store.

You know, I didn't realize that,
ah, these things move.

They flipped over everything.

All the shelves,
the computers in the back.

Still, everything's done
and pretty much back in place.


I wonder how long it's been back there.

It still smells like her.

The jury's gonna do the right thing.
I know they will.

No! No!

Not you!

Not my beloved bride!

I'm sorry!

This is a zombie movie.


You hate zombie movies.


But I couldn't just sit around
waiting for the jury to come back.

And it was this, or a romantic comedy,
or a cancer movie, or something French,


We used to judge people
who came to the movies alone.

Well, I'm not alone, am I?

I think zombies
just really wanna be loved.

That's ridiculous.

Zombies wanna eat brains. That's it.

Period. No deeper meaning,
no metaphor for human existence, nothing.

Except the dead come back to life.

I can't forgive you, Hannah.

I can't ever forgive you.

I was just gonna walk away,
so you didn't have to.

What made you think
I was gonna walk away?

- Don't you think you should?
- No.

I mean, the man was in a coma. For days.

I know.

When I saw him the other night,
I panicked and ran away.

I'm done running.

And if you're gonna know me,
then you need to know all of me.

Yeah. Well, thank you.

My dad got me into boxing.

And I was a fighter
long before I figured out I was gay.

After I figured out I was gay,
I was glad I was a boxer.

I hear that.

And I was glad I was past the point that
my dad could scare the shit out of me.

'Cause I didn't ever
wanna be scared again.

Especially of someone that I love.

It's a backup date?

It's the verdict. I gotta go.

All rise.

The Honorable Judge Martin Campbell

Be seated.

Bailiff, bring in the jury, please.

Madam Forewoman,
have you reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

What say you?

We the jury, in the case
of Andrew and Olivia Baker

versus the Evergreen County
School District,

find the defendant not responsible.

Come to order.

Thank you, litigators,
and thank you, jury,

for your patience, deliberation,
and service during this proceeding.

This court is adjourned.

My daughter wasn't the perfect victim.

There's no such thing.

Hannah was a beautiful young woman.

Full of life, and dreams, and passions,
and fears, and failings

like any other teenage girl.

And we let her down.

And people wanna point to the parents,
but we didn't allow her to be bullied,

and we didn't send her away
when she came and asked for help,

and we didn't send her back to class
with her rapist.

Boys bullied her and adults allowed it.

You know, I don't know...

a single woman who hasn't faced
sexual assault, abuse, or worse.

Not one.

Many survive.

My daughter didn't,
and that's not her fault.

Obviously, we are very disappointed
with today's verdict.

We presented a case that we believe in.

But despite today's outcome, we hope
we've sent a message to all schools

that they must do better...

...and that this cannot happen again.

- Students deserve to feel safe.
- Fucking Bryce.

We hope in the near future...

- Bryce Walker?
- Yes, sir?

You're under arrest
for felony sexual assault.

- Excuse me...
- No. You can see him at the station.

- Clear a path, please.
- Clear a path.

Let's go, folks.
We need to get through.

You're making a big fucking mistake.

- Justin Foley, you're under arrest...
- What?

...as an accessory
to felony sexual assault.

Clay, what's going on?


Mom? Mom?

Justin! Wait, no.

- Jess, it's okay.
- What?

It's okay.

Friendship is about sacrifice.

- Mom, they-they arrested Justin.
- I know, honey.

Justin knew that was a risk,
going on record about what happened.

Mom, he... He saved my life.

All right? We have to help him.

We will.

I promise.


We got him. We got Bryce.

But they got Justin, too.

What do we do?

You keep fighting.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.