13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Smile, Bitches - full transcript

Tony opens up about his past. Sheri devises a plan to get into the clubhouse. Mr. Porter tries to help Justin. Zach and Bryce butt heads.

I've always been rough
around the edges.

Or at least that's what people think.

Maybe it's what I want them to think.

I hate you for making me do this.

No, you don't. Admit it, you love it,
and you love me for it.

But Hannah,
she saw right through all that.

Okay, what's going on?
You've been kinda bitchy all day.

Excuse me?
I don't have a bitchy bone in my body.

Okay, fine. There's a guy... at school.

I love this story already. Who is he?

He's... artsy.

- Artsy.
- And dramatic.

All code words for "too gay"?

No, no, it's not that.
He's just totally not my type.

Does this dramatic artist have a name?

- Ryan Shaver.
- The guy with the 'zine?


Holy shit.
Yeah, he's totally not your type.

- Is he into you?
- Oh, yeah. No question.

If you do say so yourself.

Look, he's always smiling at me,
he laughs at jokes that are not jokes.

And he, like, touches me
on the arm and shit.

And what's the stimulus response
when he touches you on the arm?

Part of me wants to say,
"Watch the leather, homo."

Other part of me wants to throw him
against the locker and kiss him.

Oh, dear Lord. You are in trouble.

- Yeah.
- You have to ask him out.

- Ah, no.
- Come on.

You need to restore my faith
in teenage male-kind.

- Well, not all of us are Justin Foley.
- Prove it.

She was the kind of friend
who challenged me,

whether I liked it or not.

Hannah and I had a relationship like...

well, we kept each other's secrets.

So, what do you know

that someone
doesn't want you saying in court?

I know a lot.

I've done a lot.

But you can't tell the cops?

- Or your folks?
- Nope.

- So, how bad is it gonna be?
- The school called me in, not the Bakers.

The school wants me to talk

about how Hannah blamed lots of people
and wanted revenge.

- They told you that?
- No. The Bakers' lawyer did.

He also warned me he would
have to make me look unreliable.

- Oh, shit.
- I could fuck everything up.

- For the Bakers?
- Yeah, for the Bakers, for my family.

For us.

Oh, so... we're an "us" now?

I mean, yeah, like...

- until I fuck it up.
- Oh, you won't.

Not us.

Look, don't you get it?
It has to be the Clubhouse.


- Are you high?
- Jesus.


- I can't bring that shit home again.
- I'm not.

I'm just tired.

So, if you weren't using, what have you
been doing the past 48 hours?

- I saw my mom.
- Your mom?

I thought you didn't know where she moved.

Well, turns out I lie sometimes.

- Wait, so you went home?
- No, I saw my mom.

She gave me some cash.

- She gave you that?
- Here. It's for you. Consider it rent.

- Till I can find something permanent.
- Keep it. I don't pay rent anyway. So...

If you have all that cash...
why'd you call me?

You said you needed me.

I'm just... I'm done
with doing fucked-up things.


I may need you to do
one or two more fucked-up things.

Me, I try to be a good friend...
in the way I know how.

He came back.


Eventually, you have to stop running,
I guess.

I'm sorry... about the other night.

You didn't say anything I didn't deserve.

I'm angry all the time, Hannah.

I have been since you died.

And I can't tell anyone.

You should tell someone.

Someone who's alive.

I tried to forget you.

I tried so hard.

Then I think of...

sitting on the roof of the Crestmont.

Or building towers of candy boxes.

Or going off about zombies,
or talking about Star Trek.

Star Wars more than Star Trek,
but sometimes Star Trek.

Or walking me home from work,
or having lunch together.

Or kissing you.

I can't forget kissing you.

I think maybe it was
the happiest I've ever been.

For, like, 15 seconds.

I'd give anything to kiss you again.

But you can't.


Then why are you here?

I sometimes let my anger
get the best of me.

Maybe it was one of those
bitches who follows Hannah's mom.

The one with all the signs.

They'll have all this cleaned up
by game time.

So let's get our heads
back in the game, guys.

We can let this get to us,
or we can take the field tonight

and show these people who we really are.

And who exactly are we, Coach?

- Apparently, we're the rapists.
- I don't want to hear that talk, okay?

We got a championship season ahead of us
starting tonight.

Gonna to prove these people wrong.

How does winning a baseball game
prove we're not rapists?

Got something to say, Dempsey?

No. Nothing. You got something to say?

- No. I'll save it for court tomorrow.
- Okay, that's enough.

Ten minutes of long toss.
Let's go! Go, go, go!

Or if I don't...

it eats me up inside.

Did you sleep okay?


Do you feel okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, Dad.

What is he doing here?

You said he was gone.
You said he ran away.

Hey, he didn't...
What are you doing? Dad.

- What have you got to say for yourself?
- People are watching.

- I don't give a damn.
- I do! Hey!

Who do you think you're hurting right now?

- What this boy did to you...
- He didn't do it.

Dad, please, just get in the car.

When we act out of anger...

or fear...

You be very careful of yourself,
young man.

...we can hurt people
we don't mean to hurt.

After I hooked up with her ex,

she called me a slut,

a whore,

a fat bitch.

- And this was Lindsay?
- Yeah.

And, like, I could handle it
when it was just one-on-one with her,

but when the three of them piled on,
it was... it was too much.

And can you please name

all three girls who bullied you
at Ridgeview High?

Lindsay Patterson, Alicia Morris,
Hannah Baker.

They called me "Suck-Me-Sarah."

They created a Facebook group where
people posted awful memes about me.

They'd always find ways to accidentally
run into me in class,

or on the bus,

or in the bathroom, which is where
I ended up eating most of my lunches.

And did you ever tell anyone?

My mom.

She told the school,
and they were all suspended for a week.

Following this suspension,
did the bullying continue?

Yes and no. Lindsay, Alicia,
and Hannah, they left me alone,

but everyone else at Ridgeview hated me

for, you know, being a narc.

I knew it wouldn't get better.

It couldn't. Not there.

So I dropped out.

So you dropped out of school
as a result

of the bullying by these girls,
including Hannah Baker?


No further questions, Your Honor.

Look, we need to get in there.
We've got a plan.

What's the plan?

- Boom.
- Seriously?

That's the plan? Put those away.

- What? Why?
- Why not just break down the door?

- Because then the door would be broken.
- Yes.

What I'm saying is we gotta do it without
tipping them off that we were there.

And we do that how?

Let me handle this. I'll text you.

What do they think
that's actually gonna accomplish?

It's probably just some losers
who just wanted attention

and don't give a shit about who it hurts.

Who does it hurt, though?

I mean, you and me

and anyone who just wants our shit
to be ours, you know?

- Not, like, burned into a field.
- Right.

- But nobody really knows about you.
- You know what I mean.

Dear God, are these the two
most beautiful girls at Liberty High?

Hold on, hold on, let me see.
Just a closer inspection. Yeah. Yeah.

Uh-huh. The most beautiful.

And I believe one Damon Dawes
from Washington agrees,

seeing that he's been blowing up my phone
about this girl he met yesterday.

- Right? Right?
- Yeah, that's nice.

In fact, I've been deputized by Mr. Dawes
to invite you to his place tonight.

Yeah, I can't.

- My dad's, like, crazy on me today, so...
- Just think about it.

- And I'll see you at practice.
- Yes, you will.

This is me. I'll see you.

Hey, what's up, Ryan?

Still doing that Internet thing?

I'm sorry, we can't all bump
into hot boyfriends

every time we walk into a boxing gym.

Besides, aren't you testifying today?
Why are you here?

Yeah, I'm up last.

They don't let you in the courtroom
unless you've already gone.

- I wasn't gonna wait at home.
- Aren't your folks going?

No, they're, uh... They're working.

Do you want me to go?

Jesus Christ, no. No. That is all I need.


Hey, I don't think it's gonna come up.

- Not here.
- No, I'm just saying...

Just fucking drop it, okay?


- I don't know about this.
- Why?

I don't know, I mean, look at him.
He's staring at himself in the mirror.

Like you don't use a mirror.

How much pomade does it take you
every morning to look like that?

That's not the point.

The point is, we're too different.

Different is good, okay?
Opposites attract and all that.

- Now go, do some attracting.
- No.

Carpe diem.
Seize the day before it's too late!

Okay, okay. Seize the day.
Seize the fucking day.

Seize the day.

Tony Padilla.
To what do I owe the pleasure?

I uh... I think you're cute...

um, and funny...

and you have a way with words
that I'm not entirely sure I understand...

I am flattered and a-flutter.

Yeah. My point is, I like you.

And I think you like me?

And I'm, you know...
Words are not really my thing,

so I'm not gonna
say anything clever or cute.

I just, um...

Wanna go to an art show with me?

You did your research.

What took you so long to finally
come to your senses and ask me out?

I'm "carpe dieming," apparently.

Seizing the freaking day.

I like it. You do realize that means
"pluck the day," though, right?

Uh... Saturday.

At 5:00. Text me your address?

- If this backfires...
- Yeah?

- ...I'm coming straight to you.
- Okay, I will be there for you always.

Good morning.

- Uh, I'll talk to you later.
- All right.


Gary, good morning.

Yeah. I wasn't expecting to see you here
this morning.

Why not?

Well, your employment record
is currently under review

- by the superintendent's office.
- Well, I'm aware.

I'm sure you'll let me know
what they decide.

All right. So, uh...

I mean, what... what did you think
was going to happen next?

I'm just curious.

I didn't game it out, Gary.
I spoke my truth.

So, you thought it was coincidental

that our field was vandalized
just hours after you spoke your truth?

The field was vandalized
for one reason only.

And he'll be taking the stand
and have plenty of time to defend himself.

Yeah, okay.

Well, until the superintendent's review
is completed,

I think it's best that you have
no direct contact with any students.

You understand?

You don't straighten a kid's collar
without consulting me first.

- Are we clear?
- Yes, sir, we're clear.

Even when you try to do
the right thing...

it can get you into trouble.

How did you guys even find this place?

Find? No, you don't find the Clubhouse...

- You're invited.
- Oh, shit. I just realized,

- I have a test today, fourth period...
- Sheri fucking Holland.

Never thought I'd see you here.

She came bearing gifts.

Oh, shit.

Juvie was good for you.

All right, ladies first.

High school can be messed up.

People can get hurt.

Hannah wanted people to know about that.

So you're saying she wanted them
to suffer like she was suffering?

- Objection. Leading.
- I'll rephrase.

Tony, why did Hannah want you to make sure
that people listened to the tapes?


To... So that they would understand.

Understand what?

What she was going through.

And what, to the best of your knowledge,
was she going through?

Uh, she was in a lot of pain.

And so she wanted the recipients
of those tapes to feel pain as well?

- No, I don't think that's...
- She didn't want them to feel pain?

I guess so.

And, in your experience,
is that what a bully does?

Uh, she wanted them
to be held accountable.

And she wanted you to make sure
that they got the message, correct?

- Yes, ma'am.
- In fact, you held onto the tapes,

stayed quiet for weeks

before you finally
gave them to her parents,

who ultimately alerted
the proper authorities, correct?

- Correct, yeah.
- Because it was so important

that you made sure that the individuals

got the message
that they were responsible.

Objection. Leading.

Tony, did Hannah ever blame the school
on her tapes?

It was the way the school was, that they
did nothing at all to help her after she...

Did Hannah at any point say,
"I blame the school"?


- No further questions.
- It's not fair. You don't understand

- what she was going through...
- Nothing further.

You wanna break her in?

It's a new pipe.
Do you want to do the honors?

Oh. Yeah, but I have papers.

Oh, come on.

Hit that shit, girl.

Come on.

What the fuck is that? Really?

You call that a hit? Come on. Hit it hard.

Be a man.

- Again.
- All right.

Atta girl.

Oh, shit.

- That's a good hit.
- Here.

- No, I'm pitching tonight.
- What?


Okay, fine. Here, Scott.

Uh, and these two idiots are also playing.

- Come on.
- Seriously?

- Fuck. Come on.
- Guess you're on your own.

Picture time.

No, I look like shit.

Come on, it's tradition.
No one leaves without taking a shot.

Come on.

And you couldn't look like shit
if you tried.

All right. Yeah, get a little closer.

There it is. Smile, bitches.

They put my picture in this box
with, like, a hundred others.

- Like... Like trophies?
- Insurance.

What happens in the Clubhouse
stays in the Clubhouse.

We have to get those pictures.
We'll go during the game.

- You go. I'm out.
- Wait. Why?

I can't go back there.

Yeah, I get it.

- Nina! Hey.
- Hey.

Can I talk to you for a sec?

Yeah. Um, I mean,
Michael's waiting for me

'cause we try to get in a few miles
at lunch, but... what's up?

Yeah, about that.

Did, like, something happen
between you and Garrett?

No. Why?

Come on. You're the person
who tells me the truth.

Well, I mean,
nothing happened, really.

It's just, he's just been
getting on my nerves lately.

He wants to go all deep
and talk about our feelings all the time.

It's exhausting.

Your feelings?

He's been asking questions, okay?

Just based off some stuff that happened,
like, physically with us.


Shit. Okay. I get that.

But, I mean, most guys don't even bother
asking questions.

Maybe it's a good thing.

I don't want to talk about that with him.

Well, you talk about it with me.

Yeah, because you understand it.

- How do you know he won't?
- It'll just get in the way.

So you just start up with Michael?

And what happens if he starts
asking questions, too?

Well, you just started up with Damon,
and that seemed to go all right, so...

It didn't! It was a big mistake.

I freaked out and I started sleeping
on my parents' floor again.

Well, then you gave too much.

I feel like maybe you haven't dealt
with all your shit after all.

Oh, so you're gonna tell me now?

While you walk around staring at Justin
like you're still in love?

I mean, what's that about?
Deal with that shit.

You know, I was just trying to help you,
J, but maybe that was a mistake.


Come on, let's talk.

I can't really...

As long as you don't miss
any more of the semester

and you sign up for summer school,

I think I can help you
get you the credits you need

so you can graduate
with your class... barely.

- Thank you.
- Can you get your shit together?

- Can you get the grades?
- Yes.

Spoken to your mother
since you've been back?

- I don't know where she is.
- Bullshit. I visited her last week.

And I know she's staying at the house
her boyfriend used to cook in

till he had to take it out of town.

How do you even know about...

I know that you're staying
with Clay Jensen now.

So, what is your plan, long-term?

I'll find a job, find a place.

I'm used to being on my own, okay?

And how has that worked out for you,
being on your own?


I'm not gonna be at this job much longer.

And whoever replaces me is gonna want you
back at your mom's house.

- I've got it handled, Porter. Thanks.
- Sit.


This is gonna be hard for you,
and you need to let people help.

And you need to let go
of your past wrongs

and figure out what can you do right.

You understand?

Justin, take care of yourself.

Yes, sir.

I will.

My anger is so powerful sometimes,
I don't know what to do with it.

Isn't it true you're currently enrolled
in a program for anger management?

Yes, sir.

And this program
is specifically designed for people

who struggle with physical violence
and aggression, correct?

Uh, yeah, that's correct.

Isn't it true that the court ordered you
to take part in this program, Tony?


It's a condition of my probation, yes.

And isn't it true that this probation
stems from an arrest for assault?

- Two arrests, yeah.
- Two strikes.

One more and you could be sent
to juvenile detention, correct?

Uh, yeah.

Isn't it true that in the first assault,
you jumped a man from behind?

I caught him breaking into my car.

And in the second, you and your brothers
ganged up on an innocent man, correct?

He wasn't innocent. He was a drug dealer
and he was selling drugs to my sister.

But he had no record, is that correct?

No, he didn't.

You can't help but lash out
when provoked, can you?

You know that horoscope stuff
is bullshit, right?

You really think a planet
billions of light-years away

can affect your lotto numbers?

You know, Scorpios
are very skeptical by nature.

But luckily, I'm a Leo,

- which means I can handle you.
- Yeah?

We're both emotional, though,
in completely different ways,

which means we'll probably wind up
killing each other at some point.

Well, that's encouraging.

But in the meantime, the sex is going
to be, like, mind-blowing.

- Oh, you think so, huh?
- I do.

I've had a really nice time today,
which means my horoscope was right.

What, so, you like me, but you don't
want to kiss me in public?

- It's not that.
- Is that it?

No, I just, uh... I think I should
take things slow for once.

Besides, if we're gonna end up
killing each other,

we should make the most
of our time together.


What did you just say?

Which one is the wife?

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Just ignore him.

It's the 21st century,
you fucking asshole.

Fuck you, faggot.

- Huh?
- Whoa.

- Say it to my face.
- Tony. Tony. Tony, let's go.

- You should listen to your bitch.
- Whoa.

- You should shut your mouth.
- Don't touch me, faggot!

- Tony! Tony, stop!
- Get off.

- Tony! We have to go!
- Get out of here!

Call the police.

Nine-one-one? Yeah...


Where I live...

sometimes you gotta
take matters into your own hands.

So you follow your own sense of justice,
is that correct?

Yes, sir.

So shouldn't we regard
your testimony today

as coming from your own sense of justice?

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

Tony, when Hannah left the tapes
at your door,

did she say anything?

Uh, no. I didn't talk to her.

And what about a note?
Did she leave any written instructions?

No, just the tapes.

So when you stated earlier

that Hannah blamed the people
she named on the tapes

and wanted them to suffer,

you were making an assumption,
isn't that correct?

I don't think I was making
an assumption that...

Mrs. Baker...

Hannah asked me to keep secrets for her.

I wanted to honor that.

Yes, I was.
Yeah, I was making an assumption.

An assumption not based
on your knowledge of Hannah

or her intentions, isn't that correct?

- Yes.
- And isn't it true

that there's no particular reason
why Hannah chose you

- to receive those tapes?
- Yes.

So isn't it true you have no way
of knowing why Hannah left those tapes?


We're brothers.

All of us. I mean, we're fucking family.

There's been... there's been a lot of shit
thrown our way recently.

There are a lot of people
who are trying to tear us apart,

but family stays together.

Look, you guys, they can burn our field,

but they can't change the ground
beneath it.

That ground out there is sacred.

That ground is where we make our stand.

The world is divided between people
who get that and the people who don't.

And I also just want to say that

I'm proud to be sharing the field
with each and every one of you...

because we're all fighters.

We're winners. And we stand together.

I fucking love you guys.

- Aww!
- We love you, too, Brycey!

All right, all right.

Let's get out there
and let's fucking do this!

Strike him out, Bryce! Let's go!

Come on, Bryce!

Strike three!

I can't explain how she was feeling

or what exactly she was trying to say.

But even if I can't say
how she was feeling,

I can still tell you
the kind of person she was.

I can tell you she was brave

and loyal...


...and always tried to do
the right thing, even when it wasn't easy.

- I wanted the change-up.
- I wanted to throw the heat.

- He's catching up to you.
- Not yet, he's not.

Just give me the change-up, okay?

Come on, guys!

Strike three!



- What are you doing?
- That's 5 Ks in a row with the fastball.

- Why fuck that up?
- Why didn't you shake me off?

Why don't you just catch
what I throw and be happy?

It's when you start thinking
that shit gets fucked up.

You just gave a whole
fucking speech about teamwork,

- but that was bullshit, too, wasn't it?
- Fuck is your problem?

You're my fucking problem. We both know
that Hannah didn't lie on those tapes.

Zach, come on, man.
We leave this stuff off the field, right?

Sorry, Coach. I can't anymore.

Dempsey. Dempsey, come on!


You'd think they'd know better
than to just leave this shit lying around.

Except then they'd know better
than to take pictures in the first place.


- What are you doing in here?
- We know about the Clubhouse.

We know everything,
and we're not the only ones.

Oh, you know everything? I don't think so.

We know enough.

- Hey, just back off, Dempsey.
- Or what, Justin?

Gonna come at me?

I wasn't scared of you
even before you fell apart.

Do what you want, Zach.

I've had the shit beat out of me
once this week already.

It's not gonna stop us.

- Really?
- Yes.

'Cause it's gonna keep happening, Clay.

To you, too, Justin. It doesn't stop.

You can't take shots at the top
and expect to not get hit back.

I'm not afraid.


You already have three of these.

There's the rest.

Wait, wait.

It was you? Why the big mystery?
Why couldn't you just talk to me?

- Tell me what was going on?
- 'Cause I'm a fucking coward.

And you're not.

I try to do right by my friends,
to be strong.

To be true... like Hannah.



mixed up two prescriptions.

Well, nearly. It was a disaster. It...


But sometimes a friendship
can't take the truth.

So you find yourself
trying to be someone you're not.



Excuse me.

Just... very sorry.

Asshole! You're just in time.
The set's about to start.

Should we try and find a spot
closer to the stage?

Yeah, let's go.
The boys are already up there.

- We should get going.
- You never...

I mean, they're all here, too?

Of course. They're not gonna miss
a good show. Let's go, come on!

All right, coming through.

- Move, move, move.
- Sorry.

- Hey!
- What's up? You made it.

- You all ready?
- Yeah! Let's do this shit.

All right! Here we go again.

Get the party started.

It's rough out there tonight, huh?

- Oh, my God, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Okay. Can we talk?

Because you've been avoiding me
for, like, two days straight.

- No, I wasn't. I mean, I...
- No, it's okay.

Look, I know what happened at the movies.

- I don't know what you think happened...
- Don't have to be embarrassed.

I even read that it's totally normal.
It's not even a thing.

- Seriously, it happens...
- I know, but just shut up!

Okay? Look, I...

I don't know what you think happened,
but I left because you're fucking...

boring and...
'cause I don't like you like that.

What the fuck? Tyler?

Okay, wait. No, hold on.

Cyrus, just let...
No, let me explain real quick...

No one fucking talks to my sister
like that.

Get the fuck out.

Get the fuck out!



Get the fuck out!

You must think I'm pretty messed up

after hearing all that stuff
about me today, about my past.

Obviously, it's not anything I'm proud of.

Tony, we've all done things
we're not proud of.

And they seem to find out
about the one thing...

you wish they wouldn't.

Actually, they didn't.

Hannah didn't trust me with the tapes
because we were friends.

She trusted me because I owed her.

- Hannah...
- Shit, Tony, are you okay?

I did something stupid.
The cops are coming.

What? Why? What happened?

Look, I can't get busted again.
I could get locked up.

Please hide me.

There's no time!

Oh, shit, okay... uh...

Go down the hall to the back office.

I'll take care of it. Go!

Can I help you?

Miss, we're responding to an assault.

Oh, my God. An assault?

Yeah, suspect is a Hispanic male,
late teens or early 20s,

last seen fleeing on foot in the area,
wearing a black leather jacket.

Have you seen anyone come in here
matching that description?

No. No, I haven't.

All right.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to drag you into this.

I went too far, I know I did.

I know you think I'm this sweet,
nice girl, but...

I was an asshole to someone
at my old school.

I was trying to fit in with these girls,
and they were ganging up on her.

And I thought, better to be
one of them than to be her.

So, what ended up happening?

A bunch of stuff went down,
and, uh... now I'm here.

I just... I wish I could take it all back.

You know?

Hannah was a friend to me
and she kept my secrets.

I wanted to do the same for her today.

Thank you...

for telling me that.

I'm glad to know
that Hannah kept your secret.

And I understand why she wanted
to protect you. I just...

I wish I could've done that
for you today in court.

No, it's my record. That's on me.

Not you.

I guess we're all carrying
stuff around, right?


No, you didn't.

Fucking Marcus.

Tyler, we need to talk.

What happened to you?

Nothing. I was at a concert with Cyrus.

Uh, I'm fine.

Listen, Tyler, Marcus Cole's father
was here a little while ago.

He says that you and Cyrus
are blackmailing Marcus online?

Okay, you guys, Marcus is a liar
and a creep, okay?

He goes around and acts like this
great guy, but he treats girls like crap.

- Did you hear what was on his tape?
- Whatever Marcus did is beside the point.

If you have a problem with someone,
you tell us or a teacher.

You don't just go around
trying to settle the score.

Honey, it's just not like you
to do something like this.

Did Cyrus pressure you into doing this?


He said it would teach Marcus a lesson.

I don't want you spending time
with him anymore.

Okay! Fine! Whatever. I won't.

Good. But that doesn't mean
you don't still have consequences.

We're gonna confiscate
all your electronics,

starting with your phone.

Okay? This behavior stops now.


And your cameras.

No. Please... Mom...

Sorry, Tyler.

But, I...

Hi. I don't know if you know who I am...

No, I know who you are.

I understand your anger.

I do.

I know you wanted
to get on that stand today

and tell everyone
who you thought Hannah was.

So did I, but I failed.

And I'm here to make it right.

She was a good person.

She was a great friend.

And what she did to you,
there's no excuse for that.

I know she hurt you.

She knew it, too.

Now, I'm not asking you to forgive her,

but you need to know she was sorry.

She told me how sorry she felt.


This is she.

Oh, my God.


Hi, I'm Olivia Baker.

So I promised myself that
the next time things get tough for me,

the next time I find myself struggling
or being tested...

I'm gonna think about the example
she set for me...

and hope that I can find the strength
to do the right thing.

These photos go back, like, years.

It's no wonder these fucking baseball guys
are so fucking tight.

I mean, they're all covering
each other's asses for this shit.

These poor girls.

That's the thing I don't get. I mean...

Why are these girls getting themselves
into this situation in the first place?

Seriously, Clay?
You're gonna blame the girls?

No, I just... Look, I mean,
this girl's laughing.

Like she's having fun.

Oh, my God. This is Nina,
that girl on the track team.

She's Jessica's friend.

Shit, really?

Clay, you don't know
what was happening in this photo.

And you don't know what happened after.

But clearly, no one's forcing her
to be there.

Look, girls don't just "get themselves"
into bad situations.

Guys make the situations bad.

You don't know what that feels like,
to be a girl in that room.

Uh, yeah, no. I guess you're right.

- I'm just saying it's complicated.
- Yeah.

Shit. Shit, guys. Look.

Oh, my God.

Wait, that's... That's Chlöe.

He did that to his own girlfriend?

- This is how we take him down.
- What do you mean?

She's unconscious in these pictures.

He's fucking raping her.

If we show her these,
maybe we can get her to report it.

Maybe we can get her to turn against him.

You think she will?

I think we have to try.

For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.