13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - The First Polaroid - full transcript

Five months after Hannah's death, the case against Liberty goes to trial, with Tyler as the first witness. Clay finds a troubling photo in his locker.

Hi. I'm Dylan Minnette,
and I play Clay Jensen.

I'm Katherine Langford,
and I play Hannah Baker.

I'm Justin Prentice. I play Bryce Walker.

I'm Alisha Boe. I play Jessica Davis.

13 Reasons Why is a fictional series

that tackles tough, real-world issues,

taking a look at sexual assault,

substance abuse, suicide, and more.

By shedding a light
on these difficult topics,

we hope our show can help viewers
start a conversation.

But if you are struggling
with these issues yourself,

this series may not be right for you,

or you may want to watch it
with a trusted adult.

And if you ever feel you need someone
to talk with,

reach out to a parent, a friend,

a school counselor, or an adult you trust,

call a local helpline,
or go to 13ReasonsWhy.info.

Because the minute you start
talking about it,

it gets easier.

[theme music playing]

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Calling the case
of Andrew and Olivia Baker

versus the Evergreen County
School District.

Are both sides ready to begin?

She was so beautiful.

And she was so nice to me.

[Dennis] Tyler, you testified that life
at Liberty High School was bad

before Hannah Baker killed herself.

How is it now?


[Tyler] It's worse.

["Love Vigilantes" playing]

[man] Hey! Watch it!

-[man 2] Whoa!
-[woman] Hey!

[Tyler] It's been five months
since Hannah Baker killed herself.

We never thought this trial would happen.

We thought we could move on.

But when I got called to testify,
it made me realize we can't just move on.

♪ Oh, I've just come
From the land of the sun ♪

Life is different now.

♪ From a war that must be won
In the name of truth ♪

♪ With our soldiers so brave ♪

What did we say about red lights?
You promised me.

I promise you a lot of things.

You got your ID?

"Cody Jantzen" from Texas.

And are you ready for this?

I am. I'm ready.

It's like you said, it'll help me
put that part of my life to rest.

-It shows I found closure--
-Yeah. Totally.

But I meant, are you ready for the needle?

-[needle buzzing]
-Breathe deep. Stay calm.

I'm good, I'm fine.

It's his first time.


So, the semi-colon,
it's for a friend of yours?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm sorry.


Half done.


Sweet. All right, cool.

Yeah, keep going.


[Tyler] The truth is,
everyone's still hurting.

Some more than others.


Oh, shit.

[Clay] It's a fucking comma.

[chuckles] So it signifies a pause.

As in, you paused getting a tattoo
in order to faint.

Even just getting the tattoo,
I fucking fail.


Hannah will forgive you.

Look, I'm not--
I'm not thinking about her.

-It's okay if you are.
-I'm not.

I haven't for months now.


And there's not gonna be a trial,
her folks are gonna settle,

Bryce'll get away with it,
and you know, fuck it all.

Fuck the world.

All I care about is you.

[Tyler] Maybe we try to convince ourselves
we're over it.

Maybe it works for a while.

Sure you're ready for this?

Are you sure you are? I've done it before.

Yeah, I'm ready, I mean...

I have been, and I am today. Ready.


-Is this okay?

-What is that?
-It's nothing.

-Keep going.
-Wait, those are cuts.

-You cut down there?
-I used to, a long time ago.

But those are recent.

You're supposed to call me
if you even just think about it.

Where are your rubber bands?
Have you been trying meditation?

Meditation is the most fucking
boring thing in the world.

Then we're going to take
a mindfulness walk.


I'm fucking serious, Skye.

I will do whatever I have to do.
I will text you every hour.

Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.

I promise I'll call.


[Tyler] I tried not thinking about it.

Some days I was able to shut it all out
and live my life.

Some days I wasn't.

But then I got home last night
and got news I wasn't expecting.

-[Lainie] How's Skye?
-She's good.

You should invite her in.

We haven't seen her since,
what, the seventh grade?

-She hasn't really changed.
-We'll have her over for dinner.

-Um, Skye doesn't really do dinner.
-She doesn't eat?

I mean, no, she eats,
just not in situations with parents.

Clay, I need to talk to you
about the trial.

What? What trial?

Hannah's trial. It's moving forward.

[stammers] What?

-You told me it was settled.
-We thought it was.

But the Bakers rejected
the district's final offer today.

It starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow? How is that possible?

They were up against the trial date.

At the last minute,
the Bakers rejected the settlement.

So, I'll get to testify about Bryce?

Sonya did tell me
that you're not on either witness list.

Why not?

Clay, each side chooses witnesses
based on a variety of factors.

Bryce raped Hannah.

Why is nobody talking about that?
You heard his confession.

You heard everything,
before you dropped out.

I didn't drop out of the case.

I withdrew because your involvement
created a conflict of interest.

Well, I'm not involved anymore,
so can someone do something?

If we knew the girl on tape nine.

Mom, it's not my place to tell you that.

-If she would come forward--
-This is a fucking joke. He confessed!

Clay, I'm worried about your anger.

You're worried about my anger?
That's what you're worried about?

I'm not angry, Mom. I'm fine.

That's why you're never home?

We had a deal.

I've had perfect attendance, kept up
my grades, I get to have a life of my own.

The deal was that you would be safe.
You put a lock on your door.

Which you found out by trying to open it?

Clay, I know this is going to be
very hard for you.

It's not.

I haven't thought about Hannah in months.
So I'll just keep on like that.

[Tyler] This trial going forward,

it affects the whole town.

We have to think about it all over again,

how Hannah lived and how she died.

And how it changed all our lives.

-Hey, buddy.
-Hey, Dad.

So, your mom isn't too happy
about you going back to school tomorrow.

Well, I have to go back with Jessica.

We promised we'd go back together,
and she's going back tomorrow.

Okay, but we were thinking
more like a week, maybe two?

Dad, it has to be now.

-[clears throat] 'Cause of the trial?

And I know people have been
talking about me for months now.

-Who's been talking?
-It's a small town, Dad.

I can't even go outside
without people looking at me.

Or talking about what I did.

Or what Hannah did and I failed to do.
And I'm sick of hiding from them all.

You're not hiding from anyone.
You're recuperating.

I can still do that. Just out there.

And Hannah's trial means
people are finally gonna hear her story,

and I want to help tell it.

Okay. Well, you keep pushing ahead.

I'll tell the boss lady
you're feeling stronger.

Good work today, by the way.

You think I'll get to testify?

I don't know. I think that's up
to your doctors and the court.

Okay? Get some sleep.

I love you.

[door shuts]


Hey, what'd they say?

-I can go. How about you?
-They don't like it, but they said yes.

This trial has me freaked out.

What have people been saying about us?
What do they know?

We're gonna find out.


Look, whatever happens,
we're gonna stick to the plan.

I don't remember what happened to me,

just like you don't remember
what happened to you.


You feel okay about seeing Bryce again?

-Yeah. Totally.
-[gunshot echoes]

[Tyler] You hurt.

Worse, you feel... powerless.

I know some people don't want us
to talk about what happened...

but if we don't talk about it,
it's never going to change.

So it's important for everyone
to understand how it all happened.

The whole story, you know?

Because things at Liberty
are as bad as they've ever been.

Mom, it's gonna be fine.

No, I don't mind being the first kid
to testify. I want to be the first.

Yeah. I told the lawyers that. I know.

Yeah, I know.

[sighs] All right, look,
I'll be home soon. Okay? Bye.

And I don't want to be afraid anymore.

I don't want to be afraid.

[Mrs. Down] I don't know why this case
is going forward.

I don't why you need to be the first.

-The way these kids abuse you--
-That's why I have to be first.

They want me to talk
about how things are at school,

and somebody has to do that.

It's very brave of you, Tyler,
to want to do this for Hannah.

It's not just for Hannah, okay?

It's for me, and Alex, and...

and I have to.

Okay, your dad's on a double and they have
extra units outside the courthouse.

If you need anything, call me, okay?
I can get coverage if I have to.

Mom, did I leave a note?

Yes. You left a note.

I want to see it.

Alex, honey, I--
I don't know that you're ready to--

What? To know the truth?
Or know why I did it?

Is this that you don't want me
to think about it

or you just don't want to talk about it?

It's my goddamn note, Mom,
I want to see it!

-What, did you throw it away?
-Of course we didn't throw it away.

Okay. How about I give it to you
the next time you see Dr. Ellman?

God. Mom, I promise you,
I'll talk to him about it. Please.

Do you want to talk about it?

[inhales] Um...

What does this mean?

"I could have stopped it."
What does that mean?

How could I have stopped it?

It just means
that you felt terrible guilt.

That you felt responsible, but that
is too much for any one person to take on.

You know that now, right?

"I could have stopped it."

[woman] Good morning.

[sighs] Are you ready for battle?

Is anyone ever really ready
for something like this?

You are. We are.

Thank you, Jackie, for being here.
Truly, it's above and beyond.

This is what I do.

I'll be the only one in that room
who truly knows what you're going through.

Remember that. I will be your strength.

I'm not afraid. I'm not.

I mean, for so long, I've... [sighs]
I've dreaded this day, but now I'm just...

-I'm angry.

-I'm angry. At everyone.

Hold on to that.

And your husband,
were you able to convince him to--?


[Tyler] Part of me didn't want
to come to court today.

But I knew I had to be here.

For Hannah.

For her mom.

For everyone who gets bullied

while Liberty still lets them
get away with it.

Guys like Scott Reed,
Montgomery De La Cruz, Bryce Walker.

-[Montgomery] Thought it was gonna settle.
-Don't worry about it.

-What, is that Cory Jensen gonna testify?

Don't know, don't care.

[grunts] Yeah, all that Hannah Baker shit

will get dredged up all over again.

My dad's got the trial covered.

We'll figure it out.

Now fucking Jessica Davis
is coming back to Liberty?

-Is that a coincidence or what?
-Again, man. Don't know, don't care.

Don't worry about the fucking trial, man.

[Olivia] I want them to hear
Hannah's voice.

-We've talked about this.
-But, Dennis, I want them to hear

-the pain she was in.

we'd have to argue best evidence
just to get the tapes admitted.

-But Tony gave us the cassettes.
-Yes, and if one goes in, they all go in.

We can't get Porter
without getting Hannah drunk.

Hannah taking her shirt off,
leaving the scene of a crime.

-All right, what about Bryce Walker?
-Again, we start with the school first.

It doesn't help to bring him
and his father's legal team into it.

He raped her. The school knew about it.

And unless there's corroboration,
it's his word against hers.

We have to establish a pattern of activity
that the school was aware of.

We're starting with Tyler Down...?

Because he can speak to the climate
of bullying at Liberty.

And because we had yesterday
to get subpoenas out.

I know. I'm sorry, Dennis.

Just, when they put the NDA
back on the table, I couldn't stay silent.

Hannah's story needs to be told.

And we're gonna tell it.

[Dennis] Each day in this trial,
you're gonna hear testimony

from students who knew Hannah Baker
at Liberty High,

from adults at Liberty,
from Hannah's own parents.

You'll hear about a girl in crisis,
a poisonous school culture,

and an administration

that could have averted a tragedy,
but didn't.

You'll hear about a beautiful,
innocent, sensitive girl

who was bullied to death.

And for every story you hear
about a precious girl that we've lost,

there are stories of the living.

There are lives in the balance.
Justice must be done.

For Hannah,
and for those who are still suffering.

[Sonya] There's more than one side
to every story.

The plaintiffs will tell you
what they believe to be Hannah's story,

but nothing is as simple as it seems.

No one is just a victim.

Her parents want to blame the school,
but there's plenty of blame to go around.

You'll hear the full story.
And you'll make up your own mind.

[indistinct chattering]

-[Jessica] See you later. Bye.
-[man] Okay. Bye-bye.


-You look beautiful today.
-So do you.

-I look damaged.
-It's a good look on you.

-See, everybody's checking you out.
-They're checking you out.

You're pretty and sad. People love that.

You have a cane and a scar.
All my scars are inside.

[scoffs] We're definitely going to hell
for joking about this.

Alex, my friend, we're in hell already.
I plan to look like I'm enjoying it.

[Alex sighs]

They're looking at you more.

-They're looking at you more.

Which one of us is more tragic?

Ryan should do another one
of his stupid polls.

-I'll take that.
-I can carry my own books.

Well, clearly you can't,
so let me help, don't be a dick.

-And welcome back.
-[Jessica] Thank you.

I meant to ask you guys about my note.

-What note?
-My suicide note.

-Jesus, put that away.
-It's not radioactive.

No, I know, it's just...
we're not allowed to talk about suicide.

Or you. Or Hannah.

-Says who?
-Says the school.

They made a rule the day after you...

after that day.

And if you talk about it on campus,
you get suspended.

-That's so fucked up.

-Oh, shit.
-[Tyler] They find you in the hallway...

[Zach] Let's go. Who do you have
first period? Mr. Wood?

Yeah. I can't turn that fast.

-What are you running from, Zach?

Hey! Jess, Alex, welcome back, you guys.

-'Sup, Alex? Jess.
-Seriously? "Welcome back"?

Alex, stop. I'll see you guys after third.

I'm gonna take the long way.
It's gonna be a good day.

-[Scott] I told you not to do that, man.

[Tyler] They act like they own the school.

[laughter echoes]

Hey, man. You okay?

[Tyler] They get in your head...

I'm fine.

People tell lies about you,
and other people believe them.

And it gets to the point where...

the lies might as well be the truth.

[Dennis] And did people tell lies
about Hannah Baker?

Yes, they did. All the time.

[Tyler] And another girl I know,

she had something happen to her.

She had to leave school for a while.

While she was gone,
the story got totally twisted.

They know Justin accused Bryce
of raping her.

But after Justin left
and Jessica stopped coming to school,

Bryce just spun the whole story.

He said they that hooked up
and that she, like, wanted it.

Then why would Justin say all that shit?

Bryce said Jessica felt bad
for cheating on Justin with him.

Such a fucking asshole.

With you guys coming back,
maybe it's best that we...

just don't poke the bear, you know?

-Let's try to get things back to normal.
-I don't think there is a normal anymore.

[phone buzzes]

[man] Be seated, please. Two minutes.

[Sonya] Tyler, in your deposition,
you said you took pictures of Hannah.

Yes, I did.

And it upset her
and I felt terrible about it.

But isn't it true that Hannah actually
enjoyed having you take her picture?

-Defense exhibit B.


did you take these pictures?



[stammers] Yeah, I did. I did.

And was this before or after
Hannah was allegedly bullied?

I guess, before.

-And how did you come to take them?
-I, um...


It was the first day of school.

Sophomore year.

I was the Student Life photographer.

I was trying to get candids, you know,
everyone still in their summer tan.

Hey, guys. Hey, uh, yearbook?

-Yeah, fuck it, whatever.

[Tyler] Football team. Looking good, guys.

[camera shutter clicks]

-What? They were special memories.

-Thanks, guys.
-It's bad enough we gotta--


-That's that new girl.
-Yeah, Hannah Baker.

She's fucking hot.

-Smile, girls.
-Gross. Tyler, go away.

It's for yearbook.

Hey. Shoot me.

-Shoot me and the locker that won't open.

-Yeah. Yeah, all right. Um...
-[camera shutter clicks]

[Tyler chuckles]

Uh, here, I can actually help with this.

I'm Hannah.

I saw you at Kat's party, actually,
which I think was at your house.

-Yeah, it was.
-Sorry, this is just-- Cool.

-Thank you.
-Yeah. No worries.

-And your name is?
-Oh, um, Tyler. Tyler, yeah.

Uh, would you ever want to, I don't know,
do a photo shoot or something?


I told her to come camera-ready.

[Olivia] Whoa. Isn't that a little much?

-You want to have a light touch. Classy.
-It's for a photo shoot.

Where, in a brothel?
Just take it down a notch. Okay?

Don't want people getting the wrong idea.

I could tell she had been crying.
I wasn't sure why.

She didn't need the makeup anyway.

She was so beautiful.

And she was so nice to me.

I'm sorry, I'm not camera-ready.

Sure you are. It's good. You're good.


Look, the whole point is to capture you
as who you are, okay?

Yeah. Okay. Cool.


So, should we...?

[Tyler] I wondered who made her cry.

Who made her feel like that
when she only ever deserved to be happy?

-Yes. Okay, keep that up.
-[camera shutter clicks]


Wow, you're... you're really amazing.

-Thank you for doing this.

-Thank you for asking.
-Of course.


[Tyler] But like I said,
the picture's only part of the story.

[Sonya] From these, it seemed that Hannah
liked having her picture taken.

Well, I mean, that day--

You didn't tell us about that day.
What else are you not telling us?

-[Dennis] Objection, argumentative.
-[Sonya] Withdrawn.

Tyler, isn't it true that no real bullying
resulted from any of the photos you took?

No, it's not true.

I spread around a picture of Hannah.

And then Clay Jensen did the same to me.

But how could that be bullying
if Hannah liked the attention?

I mean, she... she liked it then.

But when Justin and those guys
sent that picture around...

it told a story that wasn't true.

-Oh, hey, Hannah. What's up?
-Hey, can I talk to you?

[Tyler] I wanted to let her know
I'd been there too.

I wanted to tell Hannah
I saw her for who she really was.

Hey, Hannah.

[sighs] What? What do you want?


Look, I just, I mean, I know
that there's this picture going around--

Yeah, there is. Thank you.

Look, I just wanted to say to you, um...

you're the most beautiful girl at Liberty.

If you want to do another photo shoot--

Are you out of your fucking mind?
Get away from me.

[Tyler] I knew I had said the wrong thing.

I always say the wrong thing.

I printed out all the best photos
from the shoot,

so she could see how beautiful she was.

Even if kids at school wanted to see her
as a slut or whatever.

And I wanted to give them to her,
as like, a gift.

[indistinct chattering]

[Tyler] But she was with... a boy.

And then I got shy, and I hid from them.

[Clay] Have a good night.

[Tyler] I took out my camera,
just so I could get a better look.


-[phone camera shutter clicks]
-...I started to take pictures.

Hoping the pictures would make sense
of what I was seeing.

[camera shutter clicks]

[Sonya] What did you see?

Hannah was doing more
than chatting that night, wasn't she?

-What did you see?
-She wasn't just texting, okay?

She was sexting.

And, like, showing herself off...

to some guy.

After everything she went through,
I just...

didn't understand why she would do that,

why she would share
that special part of herself

with just... some guy.

Someone who didn't care about her,
who didn't know how special she was.

So isn't it true that Hannah
opened herself up for a reaction,

and therefore, is in many ways responsible
for what followed?

Isn't she actually responsible?

What about you, Tyler?

Are you in no way responsible
for the things that happen to you?

Hey, Clay.

-Hey, Zach.
-Were you at court this morning?

I couldn't take Tyler's lies, so I left.

So how is this gonna happen?
Is everything gonna come out?

How the fuck would I know?

Well, when do you testify?

I don't.

Why would they call me and not call you?

I don't know and I don't care.

How can you not care?

I care about my girlfriend and I care
about my grades, and that's plenty.

When you're under oath,
they can ask you anything, right?

You stole a fucking note.

Not like you raped her.
What are you worried about?

What about the tapes?
What about the tape you made?

Why are you still hanging around
with Bryce? What does he have on you?

I'm not hanging out with Bryce, okay?
I just-- I have to play baseball with him.

And I was just hoping that this trial
wouldn't fuck up everybody's life.

Well, too late.

I mean, it's not like it goes both ways.

There are the people who get hurt,
and the people who do the hurting.

Mr. Walker.

I was wondering
if I might have a word with you.

Kind of in the middle of something,
Mr. Porter.

[scoffs] I'll wait.
Your hair looks good. Get to class.


What's up?

Jessica Davis is back today.

Wanna let you know I got my eye on you.

You and a dozen college scouts.

I don't know
what that's got to do with Jessica.

Listen, you little shit.

I know everything
that I need to know about you.

You go near the girl,
you look in her direction,

and I will fuck up your life.

[gags] I don't think
you can speak to me that way.

I didn't.


-I was just checking in on you.

Thought you may be a little upset,
with the trial starting and everything.

-You've got more to lose than I do.
-Do I?

We'll find out.

[slams door open]

-The day so far, not great?

Why didn't you tell me they outlawed me?

-What? That never happened.
-I mean, talking about me.

Or talking about me trying to kill myself.

-Shit. Did they?

[sighs] I kind of stopped listening
to morning announcements.

And teachers. And people.

You had a question for me?

Yeah, um, so you know
that I left a suicide note?


-Why didn't you tell me about it?

Well, I-I didn't...

I mean, I didn't think it
was the kind of thing that you talk about

with someone who's like,
recovering from it.

Look. What do you think that this meant?

You have it here?

Yeah, they can't suspend me
for talking about me.

"I could have stopped it."

What does that mean,
"I could have stopped it"? Stopped what?


I don't know. I mean...

You probably thought
you could've stopped Hannah.

You felt guilty. We all did.

I don't think that's it.

There's something more.


[Tyler] No one likes the kind of attention
Hannah got.

Or I got.

Or that I'm gonna get
when I leave court today

and have to go back to that school
where no one looks out for us.


-The hell?
-I never laid a hand on you.

Never. I saw other guys fucking with you,
I told them to back off.

So why are you talking about me in court?

Jesus, how did you know that already?
Did Clay tell you?

Never mind, just tell me why you talked.

'Cause your little darkroom threat
didn't scare me.

What "darkroom threat"?

You can fuck with me all you want,
I don't care. You'll pay.

Mr. Walker?

Listen, if uh...
if Bryce hassles you again,

you come and tell me.

And I want you
in my new special skills class.

-No, thank you.
-It's not optional.

I spoke to your folks.
You can start tomorrow.

[Tyler] I mean, Hannah took sexy pictures,

but that doesn't make her guilty
of anything.

One picture never tells the whole story.

[Tony] Clay.

Hey, Tony.

What the hell, man?
You told me this case was gonna settle.

-[scoffs] We thought it was.
-Well, they called me to testify.

I-I wouldn't worry about it.

The Bakers know you did what Hannah asked.

The Bakers didn't call me.
The school did. Why?

I don't know.

My mom said each side calls

whoever they think will help
tell their version of the story.

How am I a part of the school's story?

You didn't do anything wrong.

You don't know everything I did, Clay.

Hey, Tony.

What, um...

What do you know about Scott Reed?

Uh, the baseball player?

He plays baseball
and he's friends with Bryce.

That's what I know. Why?

Uh, probably nothing.

[man] Okay.

So, we live
in an "affirmative consent" state.

That means you must have
an actual affirmative

from your sexual partner
in order to engage in intercourse.

Silence or lack of resistance
does not demonstrate consent.

Consent must be given in words
or in actions.

-Does a scream count?
-[all chuckling]

[Mr. Porter]
You want to be a comedian, Mr. Reed?

Or you wanna play ball this year?

'Cause I can arrange
that you take the season off.

I didn't think so.


So, affirmative consent.



-It's good to see you, too.

Oh, I'm sorry. "Hi, Ryan. How are things?

Really? He is a bitch.

You should dump him. You deserve better."

That about cover it?

They called me to testify
at Hannah's trial.


Me too, but we're not
supposed to talk about it.


Everything she wrote about that day.

All of it.

I'm not gonna say anything...

that could hurt you. I promise.

Thank you.

[Tyler] Pictures keep secrets,
just like people do.

[girls] ...four, five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six...

-Jessica, hi!
-Hi! How are you?

-You look good.
-I am good. Thank you.

-Hi, I missed you.
-Oh, God, I missed you.

-Hey, Chlöe.

Jess, it's so good to have you back.

And just in time. We're starting
our routining for summer competitions.

-And I want you to be a flyer.
-Wait. Wait, what?

-I thought I was supposed--
-You have the athleticism and focus.

And hey, it's work,
but you're ready, right?

Totally. I'm totally ready.

All right.
Well, let's start marking it out.

Jess, this one's new,
so maybe watch first time around.

Okay, cool.

[whistle tweeting]

[coach] All right, Walker, all right.
Let's try that slider again.

That's right, guys, get it together.
Let's talk it through.


[girls] Five, six, seven...
One, two, three, four...

-[Zach] You all right, man?
-Yeah, of course. Why?

Well, that's three I had to chase.
I already did wind sprints today.

Yeah, the breaking shit isn't breaking.

[girls] One, two, three, lift,
five, six, seven, eight.

-One, two, three...
-Hey, it's all right. You got this.

[boy] Maybe you can throw something
he can hit?

I'm just picking grass out here.

I'm not gonna make the obvious joke
about Mexicans picking shit.

All right, let's go, Walker.
The infields are trying to be funny,

-and that never works.
-Oh, you love us, Dempsey.

[coach] Last batter, Walker.

Then you gotta ice that arm.

[girls] ...set, one, lift, three,
up, five, six, seven...

So, you're sure
your dad's not gonna come up?

-Yeah, he visits as little as possible.

Anyway, he likes you.

Yeah, we bonded
those first few weeks I visited you.

-What'd you bring?
-Okay, so...

Cool Ranch Doritos.

-Sour Patch Kids.
-Yes. Fucking amazing.

So this is really, like, illegal?

Yeah, my mom has me on all like,

organic whole-grain macrobiotic shit.

-So good. You want?

Uh, yeah, but I should probably
wash my hands first.

[Alex] That's where it went.

The bullet. That's where it went.

Yeah, I had never shot
that kind of gun before,

so it was heavier than the other ones,
and I flinched.

And the bullet went up, and then
in and out of my skull and into the wall.

That's what they told me.

You don't remember?

No, I don't remember anything
of like, a month before that.

So, the tapes?

I know about them.

And I know we all did shit, but...

I don't remember listening to them.

I took pictures of you...

while you were in your coma.


Because I knew you were gonna get better.

So I wanted to like, document...
how far you had to go.

I'm sorry, I...

I-I don't care.

Could I see them?




Concession stand is almost done.

We're gonna be putting finishing touches
on the outfield fence.

The new scoreboard's going up there,
we're gonna re-line the fields,

and get all the details done
before Thursday.

All right.

How about the naming?

Oh, well, it goes on top
of the scoreboard,

both dugouts and the concession stand.

-But all the plaques are up.
-And we don't think this trial...

we don't think this trial
will be a distraction, do we?

No, no, no. No, no, no.
We have everything very well contained.

-We're protecting our students.
-Good. Good.

How's the team?

Oh. Uh, well, despite the tragic loss
of Jeff Atkins,

I'm told we still have the best team
in years. Since your time, even.

[both chuckle]

[Bryce] Hey, Dad.

How's the arm?

One hundred percent.

[chuckles] Okay.

See you later. Bye.

-Hey, Bethany,
-[Scott] Right there.

That dude got demolished.

-Oh, hey.

[Bryce] Hey, Jess. Jessica.

-Hey, Jess, wait up.

-Hey. Welcome back.
-Thank you.

So, how you doing? Okay?

-Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good.
-Good. Good.

I mean, it's good to have you back.
We missed you. The squad did, for sure.

-Yeah, well, I'm back.

Hey, let's grab a drink sometime.
Catch up.

-Let's grab a drink?

Whatever. I'm late for dinner.


-Hey, baby.

[Jackie] Thanks for having me over.

I'm happy to have the company.

The DoubleTree does free wine
in the evenings,

but it's all software salespeople
and Rotarians, and...

-I'm just glad you're not sick of me yet.
-No, never.

Today was a good day, Olivia.

Tyler was believable,

and the jury will remember the bullying
more than anything else.

What are you working on?

Oh, um...

-I asked Dennis to send over...

...some of the discovery
that came up today.

I always thought these pictures
were so beautiful.

-Ooh, that's a good one.

That's not your best angle.

-That's good.

No, too much chin.

[sighs] Don't worry.
I'm deleting all of them.

I'm never taking another picture again
in my life.


A picture can be twisted,
used against you, and haunt you forever.

My dear Hannah. Such drama.

Why didn't I just tell her she was pretty?

Why didn't I just say she was perfect?

Oh, Olivia. You did.

I know you did, thousands of times.

I don't know if I did.

Or I didn't enough, or...

or not in the right way.

Every morning, I would tell Tessa

she was the most beautiful girl
in the world.

Then she would go to that school
where kids called her "ugly,"

called her "worthless,"

called her "slut."

And she believed them, and not me.

This is what it's gonna be like, isn't it?

They're going to paint this picture
of some girl I don't even recognize.


But you're going to have to stay strong.

You know who Hannah was.

What if I don't?

I didn't know who took these pictures.

I didn't know she had a stalker.
What else don't I know?

You know how special she was.

And how that school
let her be taken away from you.

[Tyler] You have these pictures of Hannah.

And you say they mean one thing,
but you don't know.

Just because you have the picture
doesn't mean you have the truth.

[Clay] Why'd you lie about Hannah?

I didn't lie.

Why would she be sexting,
after what happened?

I don't know, but it was the truth.

[scoffs] Then who was it with?

-I'm not afraid of you.
-What's that mean?

-The darkroom last night? Come on.
-What about the darkroom?

-Someone's trying to keep me quiet.
-Yeah, well, it wasn't me.

Then I bet they'll come after you, too.

I don't fucking care.
Who was she texting with?

I don't know.

Fuck this.

I know you thought she was perfect,
but she wasn't.

I bet I'm not the only one who knows that.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[soft rock music plays]

I like the color.

Wal-Plex locked up
their spray paint again,

so I had to jack it from the True Value.

I love how the Wal-Plex locks up
spray paint but not their ammunition.


Hey, can we, uh...?

Can we try this thing again?

Yeah. Let's do this thing.

[both chuckle]

Jesus! [groans]


Uh... Sorry, I just, uh--
Sorry, I don't know what happened.



Oh, my God, you're shaking. What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm... I'm fine.

Okay. Clay.

This is gonna be okay, you know?
You're gonna be great.

Yeah, no, I know.
I mean, I don't know. I mean, that's not--

Okay, shut up and get naked.

[Clay chuckles]

What the fuck?

What is wrong with you tonight, Clay?

I can't.

-You said you loved me.
-No, I--

Look, I do. God, I do.

You don't want to touch me,
to be with me.

No, I do, I just...

I can't tonight.


I'll see you tomorrow, then.

[Tyler] Unless you were there,
you don't know what really happened.

We'll ask the court
for a medical exception.

I hear that Standall kid
might not have to testify.


your mother and I don't like this.

We read about what happened to Tyler.
They can ask anything up there.

But I have to do it.

For Hannah.

Okay, let's talk about it in the morning.

Get some sleep.


-[wind chimes tinkling]
-[faint thump]

[tires squealing in distance]

[wind chimes tinkling]


[Tyler] Just because you have the picture
doesn't mean you have the whole story.

[Hannah] What are you gonna do about that?

So you talk now?



["Love Vigilantes" playing]

[man] For help finding crisis resources,
visit 13reasonswhy.info.

♪ Oh, I've just come ♪

♪ From the land of the sun ♪

♪ From a war that must be won ♪

♪ In the name of truth ♪

♪ With our soldiers so brave ♪

♪ Your freedom we will save ♪

♪ With our rifles and grenades ♪

♪ And some help from God ♪

♪ I want to see my family ♪

♪ My wife and child waiting for me ♪

♪ I've got to go home
I've been so alone, you see ♪

♪ You just can't believe ♪

♪ The joy I did receive ♪

♪ When I finally got my leave ♪

♪ And I was going home ♪

♪ Oh, I flew through the sky ♪

♪ My convictions could not lie ♪

♪ For my country I would die ♪

♪ And I will see it soon ♪

♪ I want to see my family ♪

♪ My wife and child waiting for me ♪

♪ I've got to go home ♪

♪ I've been so alone, you see ♪


♪ When I walked through the door ♪

♪ My wife, she lay upon the floor ♪

♪ And with tears, her eyes were sore ♪

♪ I did not know why ♪

♪ Then I looked into her hand ♪

♪ And I saw the telegram ♪

♪ That said that I was a brave... ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.