13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Tape 5, Side A - full transcript

Hannah witnesses a traumatic event at a summertime party. Clay tries to reason with Justin, and Marcus warns him that the worst is yet to come.

I've got a question for you, Justin.

Not the one you think. Not yet.

- What's the best part of high school?

The great friends you make?

The romance?

- No.

We both know
the best part of high school...


is summer break.

It's the great reset button.

And after everything that happened
to me sophomore year...

I couldn't wait to start fresh...

to tear the rest of the pages
from my journal and forget it all.

♪ After the great flood, all washed away ♪

♪ I still stayed... ♪

Except I didn't get very far.

At work, my usual partner in crime

was spending the summer
with his grandparents.

His temporary replacement was
nice enough, but entirely too normal.


And I couldn't escape my past.

No, we didn't make a switch. You did.

- And you didn't discuss it with me!
- Listen, listen!

The way we do business
is making good decisions...

HANNAH: I needed a change.

I needed to be someone new.


Have you ever felt like that?

I wasn't going to be invisible anymore.

I was going to start brand new.


I was going to cut away the past...

and leave it all behind.

I was going to work harder.

Be smarter.

And be stronger.

Because you can't change other people,

but you can change yourself.

No, so now she's trying to punish me
by giving all of my stunts

to this 80-pound freshman.

Go ahead. You really think that
she can lift Melanie Opstad's fat ass

into pyramid formation?

She's fucking fat!

Really, good luck!

Your coach is such a bitch.

She's actually cool as long as people
show up to practice.

- Oh!
- JESSICA: All right.

It's cheerleading, it's not saving lives.

Anyone down for a little pick-me-up?

Oh, shit.


Is this vodka?

Since when do you drink at school?

Since when do you ever
turn down a drink?

JESSICA: Mm-hmm.

Come on, Zachariah.

There's no strawberry.

Uh, nah, I got a test in bio.

Don't be a bitch, Justy.

There you go.


- This tastes like shit.
- It's smooth.

All right.

I gotta go copy my Spanish homework
before the bell rings.

Adios, losers.

- See ya.
- See ya.


Hey, Jessica.


- I heard the tape about your party.
- Seriously? Haven't you figured it out?

Those tapes are bullshit.

- I don't think they are.
- Move on.

- Tell me why.
- Move on.


My God! Okay, fine. Come here.

Seriously, Clay?

Get over it.

It was you she was talking about, right?

- Because if it was, I want to help, okay?

We need to do something about it.
Tell someone.

That night did not happen
the way Hannah said.

Then how did it happen?

I hooked up with my boyfriend.


- With Justin.
- Yeah.

With Justin.

Hannah said you were completely out of it.

She said things happened.

If something happened, I'd remember it.

We were both pretty drunk,

so we basically just passed out after.

Justin told you that, or you remember?

I remember.


So back off.

Man, Jensen, you just can't
leave it alone, can you?

Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend.

- Let's go.
- Who was it, Justin?

Who did it?

- Did what?
- Fuck him. Let's go.

Mind your own fucking business,
you got it?

- Come on. I know.
- What the fuck is his problem?

Mr. Baker.

Okay, uh...

what can I do for you?

You say the school had no idea
my daughter was suicidal,

but you published a poem
in that school paper

that says exactly what she was feeling.

Okay, hang on.


Um... This isn't a school-sanctioned

This is one of the students'
independent art projects.

It's distributed on campus.

Teachers were discussing
this poem in class

when they should have been
getting help for the kid that wrote it.

Okay, to be fair,
this was published anonymously.

Did anyone try to find out who wrote it?

Or ask whoever it is that put it in there?

Mr. Baker,

this doesn't seem to be
talking about suicide.

Are you serious?

She talks about drowning
with stones tied to her feet.

She talks about being lost for good.

Mr. Baker...

a lot of teens talk about being lost.

Well, God help them if they come to you.

Mr. Baker.

MRS. BRADLEY: Good morning, everyone.

I have your results from yesterday's
personality questionnaire.

So let's see what we've got, shall we?

- Excuse me, Mrs. Bradley?
- Yes, Clay.

Um, about what I said yesterday,
about Hannah writing that note.

Well, I...

I wasn't trying to say it was your fault,

and I wanted to apologize for being rude.

Well, that's very...

'Cause people need to take responsibility
for their actions...

and face the consequences,
one way or another.

Okay. Thank you, Clay.

Uh, so, let's get to the rest
of these results. (CLEARS THROAT)

HANNAH: Hey, Helmet.

Sorry I'm late,
on gum-scraping day of all days.

Hope you saved some good ones.

You snooze, you lose.


What are you staring at?

Ah, nothing. Nah, sorry.

I saved you a particularly
gnarly piece with some hair in it.

Here I thought I was a flowers
and chocolates kind of girl.

So, uh, are you going
to that party tonight

at Jessica Davis's house?

Since when do you go to parties?

Well, since Jeff told me I had to come.

He's assured me it will be
the highlight of my high school career.

Why can't people swallow their gum,
like when we were kids?

- I never swallowed my gum.
- Of course you didn't.

The rest of us.

You know, the party could be
the highlight of your high school career.

Yeah, I doubt it.

Nope, it's part of my fresh start.

No more parties, no more slacking off.

That's crazy. Because this is the year
I'm gonna start slacking off.

You gonna start riding your bike
sans helmet?

I am.

Gonna turn in a project late?



No, I'm not gonna do that.

But I might half-ass a paper
now and again.

Whoa. Careful there.

You should come.

It might be cool to actually hang out

when we're not both
covered in chewing gum.

Don't be an enabler.

I made a deal with myself.

I'll watch out for you.

One beer, max.

Home by midnight, even if I have
to pedal you home on my bike.


I don't think so.


HANNAH: Part of me knew I shouldn't go
to Jessica's house that night.

But another part of me couldn't help
but wonder what...

or who...

I might be missing out on.

♪ Under your spell ♪

♪ Under your spell ♪

♪ Under your spell ♪

They're not gonna shut our power off
because of one late payment.

I don't like it.
We have to find another way to save.

Well, maybe we can get
Hannah to pitch in...

Hey, Mom.


I almost didn't recognize you.

Reminds me when you were little,
with those floppy pigtails.

Okay, so I'm gonna heat up
some leftovers.

I'm not really hungry.


Actually, there's this
back to school party

at Jessica Davis's house tonight.

But I don't have to go
if you don't want me to.

It's Saturday night. Go have fun.

I do have homework
I need to get done by Monday.

And I was gonna try and get ahead
on the syllabus.

Oh, Hannah, go, don't go.

I don't know. It's up to you.

I really think staying open later
will help us stay competitive.

MR. BAKER: It's not going to help at all.
We're not a Walplex.

We can't stay open...

So here I am, the brand-new me...


living the same old life.

Yo, Clay.

What's up?

How you doing today?

What do you want, Marcus?

Did you and Tony talk yesterday?

We sure did.

Okay, and you're just...

doing your own thing.

Oh, more than ever.

Okay. Okay, look, I understand

that you're going through
your own process or whatever,

but I'm worried about you, man.

I don't want to see you get hurt.

Yeah, I'm sure you don't.

Hey, I'm trying to protect you, okay?

But I can't if you keep
running your mouth.

I mean, what's your play here, anyway?

My play?

Like it's a game?


You threw rocks through Tyler's window.

What did you do for Jessica?

This is the second tape
where somebody committed a crime.

There's a criminal
walking around our school.

- Wait a minute.
- Don't touch me.

Look, maybe Jessica's managed
to convince herself nothing happened,

but if she's not gonna do anything,
I will.

Listen, no one knows
if those tapes are telling the truth.

And Jessica said nothing happened.

No court of law's gonna
listen to a case where...

I'll start with the school.

You don't know what the f...

You don't know what you're doing.

Okay? You haven't even listened
to your own tape.

I'm telling you, the worst is yet to come.

Yo, Alex.

Hang back a second.

We need to talk about Clay.

Haven't we already talked about that?

Is your stomach thing happening again?

- Hey, I said hang back.
- Just leave him alone, okay?

Hey, you're a part of this.

You're in it, even if you are
the pussy Hannah said.

Fuck you.

You're calling me a pussy,
after what you did, or didn't do?

- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.

Cut it out!

Whatever happens to us happens to you too.

If I kill myself, you die too?



God, what's with him now?

Don't worry about it.

What did Clay say?

He's freaking out about Jessica.

He says he's gonna do something,
maybe here at school.

If he tells Mr. Porter, or Childs...

MARCUS: We're all fucked.

We have to get to them before he does.

I thought maybe starting over

didn't have to mean
cutting myself off completely.

Maybe I'd been hanging
with the wrong people.

Maybe I could start over
with the right person.

But if I'd have known
what was going to happen,

I never would have walked
through that door.


is everything okay?

Clay listened to the tape about my party.

All that bullshit Hannah said.
Of course he believes it.

He said he wants to help me.

So, whatever Tony did didn't work.

Apparently not.

If Hannah had seen something,
she would have told me, right?


I mean, we both know
she made all that stuff up.

Did she?

Because that photo of her
on the slide with Justin was real.

The "Hot or Not" list was real, so...

maybe the rest was too.



Justin is your boyfriend.

Who are you going to believe, him or...

a girl who was jealous
because you were dating her ex?




Hey, um, Justin said
you might have a little herb on you?

- What are you, 21 Jump Street?

Since when do you smoke at school?

It's for a friend.



Come to my house after school.

Nah, I kind of need it now.

I mean, I can hook you up
with my guy here.

Come on, I can't buy on campus.
I'm the student body president.

I'm captain of the football team.

The rules are different for us,
in many ways.

You know it.


Come on...

Fuck. All right.

Come and see me after fifth.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You showed him the poem?


Why on earth would you do that?

He walked in here all self-righteous,

telling me we needed counseling,
as if we're delusional.

As if this whole lawsuit
is a big waste of time.

It isn't, we're not,
and I want people to know it.

It was our one piece of leverage, Andy!

You showed him our hand!

Hannah was crying out for help
right under their noses.

And under ours, too.

Uh... Andy, sweetie...

you don't win a chess match

by giving away your strategy, honey.

I'm trying to fight back here!

I thought that's what you wanted.

Not like this.


MR. PORTER: Hey, Ryan,
thanks for coming in.

I wanted to ask you a question
about this poem.


Do you remember where it came from?

Someone slipped it
into my locker last year.

- Hmm.
- Yeah, I thought it was well-written.

So you didn't actually find it on campus.

Isn't that the whole conceit
of the magazine?

Sometimes I get submissions anonymously.

Why are you asking me about this?

It seems that Hannah Baker wrote it.

Oh, my God.

Now her folks aren't too happy
it got passed out around campus.

I had no idea it was Hannah's.

Did you think maybe
the person who wrote this

was thinking about hurting themself?

To be honest,

this isn't the first submission
I've received like this.

Teenage angst, you know?
Perennially popular.

But just because you write something
doesn't mean you're going to do it.


But I'm afraid the administration

can't allow you to publish
Lost & Found anymore.

But I'm working on a memorial issue
dedicated to Hannah Baker.

I get that.

But with her parents bringing a lawsuit,

it's too sensitive right now.

That's unfair.
I built this magazine out of nothing.

It's the focal point of my college apps.

You may be asked to give testimony
about this poem.

That could affect
your college admission too.

I'm sorry.

Sucks to be held accountable.

Doesn't it?

Excuse me?





Hi, Mr. Porter. Um, you got a moment?

Sure. Do we have an appointment today?

No, Mr. Porter,
but it's actually kind of urgent.


I'm really worried about Clay Jensen.

TEACHER: "I am invisible,
understand, simply because

people refuse to see me.

When they approach me,
they see only my surroundings,

themselves, or figments
of their imagination...

indeed, everything and anything
except me."

What's the message here?

- What's the author trying to say?

What are you doing?

Hiding my contraband.

They're doing a bag check, obviously.

What for?

I don't know.

Drugs. Guns. Kiddy porn.

Okay, Vice Principal Childs
needs to check everyone's backpacks.

Stay seated, hands on your desks.

Study the quotation,
think about what it might mean.

Relax, I don't think you have
what they're looking for.

This is a complete violation
of our civil rights.

Do you have a warrant?

We don't need a warrant
on school property. It's for safety.

They're tarot cards.
Want me to read your fortune?

CHILDS: Okay, Mr. Jensen.

You want to protest your civil rights?

Here it is.

That's not mine.

I need you to come to the office with me.

We can talk there.

But that's not mine.

HANNAH: If I'd known what would happen...

what that night had in store...

I might never have
walked through that door.

But parties have a weird magic.

They're like an alternate universe.


They can make you believe
that maybe anything is possible.

Hannah Baker! There she is!

ALL: Hannah! Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!

I like the hair. Looking good.

Thank you.

Keg's out back. Get on it.

Here you go.

Maybe you do fit in after all.

Oh, shit.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

Well, well, well,
look who decided to show up.

Fashionably late doesn't fly
when it's your girlfriend's party.

(CHUCKLES) Maybe I can make it up to you.

Maybe, if you're lucky.

I had to stop somewhere on my way over
because I realized what today was.



The day my parents went to D.C.
for some Air Force ceremony?

The day of the first fucking party
of junior year!


No, it's officially two months
since we've been going out.

Oh, my God, you are such a girl!

- Shall we commemorate the occasion?
- Yes.



You need a refill?

Uh, no, I'm good.

But knock yourself out.
Bryce picked up a ton of stuff.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, you and Justin?

Yeah, me and Justin. Why?

I mean, exactly. Why?

And, like, how?

Summer school.

Do I need your permission?

Do you remember what he did to me?

You guys weren't even technically dating.

How is that even the point?

Bryce is the one who sent the photo.

But Justin is the one who showed him.

I'm sorry. Look...

Ancient history aside, just...
be careful, okay?

You're so sweet, Hannah, but I'm fine.
I know what I'm doing.

But she didn't... did she, Justin?

She didn't know.

Ugh! I hate hard liquor.
Are you trying to corrupt me?

JUSTIN: No, we're celebrating, remember?

And people don't really change.

JESSICA: Oh, shit.


Welcome to your second tape, Justin Foley.

CHILDS: It's an automatic
five-day suspension, Clay.

Sit down, please.

I already told you, it's not mine.

Somebody must've slipped it in my bag.

Do you have any idea who?

Who told you to check my bag?
Start with them.

Your classmates are concerned about you,
and so are we.

- Concerned about me?
- It's been a rough couple of weeks.

But after what happened yesterday
with the exchange students, now this...

It's not mine!


Principal Bolan, hello.

I understand. Of course. Got it.

Thank you.

Principal Bolan feels,
given your spotless record

and your role in the school community,

that a three-day suspension will suffice,

as long as you sign up for the drug
deferral program at the police station.

I don't believe this.
You have no idea why this is happening.

Okay, tell me.
Why is this happening?

Who told you to check my bag?

Do you have something
you want to tell us?

Like who sold you the drugs?

Forget it.
You already think I'm lying.

Look, I'm sorry, okay?

About everything, all right?

Can I go now?


You can have a seat over there.

Your mom will pick you up shortly.

SKYE: Mr. Ramos asked me to get
more dry erasers for the white board.

They suspend you?

Three days.

I told you they were doing a bag check.
Why didn't you hide it?




Didn't realize you were
such a stoner, Clay.

I didn't realize you cared.

Excuse me.

Of course I don't.

Did you tell Zach I keyed his car?


You think I'm the type that would
rat anyone out about anything?

I don't know what kind of person
anyone is anymore.


What kind of person are you?

CLAY: Are you more of a beer person

or a beer person?

Hmm... Tough call. Uh...

I'll take beer.

Excellent choice, madam.

Tonight, it is being served lukewarm

in questionably clean cups
and devoid of any flavor.

- Cheers.
- Cheers. Delicious.

When I was saving your seat for you,
I had to fight off not one

but three drunk teenagers
playing Suck and Blow.

Good work.

I hope you called their parents
and notified the proper authorities.

Oh, definitely.

No fun on my watch.

Fun? At a party?

I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Uh, you look really nice tonight,
by the way.

Oh. This?

I just threw something on.

Well, you do, you look really good.

Wait, wait, wait, I want to play!

Scoot over, Clay.

I don't think there's any... room. Whoa.

Are you guys playing?

Uh, no.

So you guys just like to watch?

Yeah, only from an anthropological
point of view. You know.

Observing the millennial teenager
in its natural habitat.

Hey! You guys playing or what?

BOTH: Yes!

- Damn, Justin, get in there!

Okay. Personal space!

- Love that personal space.
- Yeah.

Shit, I guess I lost!

Yeah, you fucking lost.

- Yeah. You good? Sorry.
- No, I'm fine. Are you okay?

- CLAY: Oh, great.

HANNAH: That night,
for the first time in a long time...

I didn't feel invisible.


I mean, they get along fine. It's just...

I don't know.
It seems like they're bored or something.

Like the only thing they even have
in common anymore is me.

Parents always think
we don't pick up on that stuff. Like...

Not only do they not see me,

they don't see me seeing them.

I'm never getting old.

Yeah, me neither.

I was nervous, 'cause I felt so good,
and I didn't want to screw it up.

I was trying to act normal.

But I didn't really know how anymore.


Yeah, this is getting ridiculous.

Come on, I could use a refill.

I think we could both use
something a bit stronger?

Sure. Absolutely.

CLAY: Okay. All set.

HANNAH: There are three stories
to tell about that night.

I'll tell this one first.

How did I end up in that bedroom?

That's another story.

But for now, Justin,

you'd been with the same girl all night.


But I'm not gonna call her out by name.

Even though, if you were at that party,
you already know.

JUSTIN: You're so hot.

I can't keep my eyes off of you!

JESSICA: Or your hands.


I realized two things in that moment.

Number one, I was drunk.

JESSICA: Hang on. Please.

And number two, so was this girl.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I just...

You need some water?

But I figured you'd just give up
and leave her alone.

I just need to close my eyes for a second.


At least, I hoped you would.

Well, come on, you don't want
to mess around for a little while?

I know what you're thinking.

Maybe if this girl
hadn't had so much to drink,

what happened next
never would have happened.

But it was a party.

Everyone had too much to drink.

And besides, how can you blame someone

for something that happens
while they're unconscious?

Mom? Look, I know you're mad right now
and you have every right.

Honestly, Clay, I'm not mad at you.
I'm at a loss.

Look, Mom, will you take me
to the police station before we go home,

to sign up for that program?

You have a week to sign up.

I know, I...

but I need to get it out of the way.



Get in.


Thanks. See you later.

- BOY: I can give you a ride.
- GIRL: Okay. Sure.



- Are you out of your mind?
- Okay, chill out.

We had to send Clay a message.
He was threatening to go to the school.

- Shit.
- Yeah.

So, me and Justin and Zach,

we figure we gotta show him
who's really in control around here.

He's already acting up.

How do you know this won't
just piss him off more?

At least we bought ourselves time,
kept him from talking.

LAINIE: I'll wait right over here.



Can I ask you a legal question?

Like, uh...

Like a hypothetical?

You want to ask me
a legal question now? Really?

I just...

If someone hurt someone...

but the victim won't come forward...

Clay, who's hurting you?

No, it's not me.
It's a hypothetical. Just...

- It's a hypothetical.
- All right.

Hurting them how?

Let's say, uh...

an assault.

But there's no actual evidence,
'cause it happened a while ago.

This why you keyed the car?

No, Mom. Just listen, okay?

Just listen. All right?

Let's just say that the one person
who actually witnessed it...

isn't around anymore.

Like, if they moved away or something.

Could the person who did it
still be prosecuted?

To be honest, that sounds
like a tough case to prosecute.

If the victim won't talk,

the witness won't talk,

there's no evidence to prove it...

There's basically no way to press charges.


Okay, you need to tell me
what is going on right now.

Just forget it, Mom, it's...

It's pointless anyway. We can go.

What about the police?

Well, I am sorry. You do not get
to answer me with a shrug anymore.

You do not get to shut me out.
You are my son.

Do you hear me?

Wait, wait, Mom, hey.
Hey, Mom, what are you doing?

I need to find out what happened.

If I can't get you to talk,
then I am going to find someone who can.

I'm trying to help you,
but you are pissing me off.



I lied.

Um, I did know Hannah Baker.

We worked together all the time
at the Crestmont.

We had classes together.


She was my friend.

And I miss her...

really fucking bad.

Oh, honey.

I didn't know how empty it would feel.

There's this big part
of the world that's just...

just gone, and everyone else
just keeps moving forward.

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

The worst part is, there's...

there's nothing I can do.

I can't save her, I can't...

I can't bring her back. I'm...

I'm completely fucking useless.

No, you're not useless.

You don't know, you don't know.

I know that you're a good person...

with a big heart.

I know Hannah was very lucky
to have you as a friend.

She wasn't, though.

She wasn't.

Clay, your question about the assault...

that have to do with Hannah?


Not really.

Even if a crime can't be prosecuted,

it shouldn't stay a secret.

- Shh...
- Stop!

Mom, I'm sorry, but I've got to go.

What? Clay, no.

I'm sorry, okay? I've got to go.

- I will be home later, I promise.
- Clay!

JUSTIN: Are you okay?

You need some water?

No, I just...

I just need to close my eyes for a second.

You don't want to mess
around a little bit?


BRYCE: There you are.
We're doing beer pong out back.

Come on, dude.

- JUSTIN: I'm fine.
- BRYCE: What?

JUSTIN: I'm good.

BRYCE: You got someone in here?

- JUSTIN: I'm sticking around for Jessica.
- BRYCE: Oh.

What happened? She's in there now?

JUSTIN: I don't know. Just...





HANNAH: I had to do something.

I had to make him stop.


The fuck out of here, man!



But I couldn't get my feet to move.

It was dark in there.

And the music was loud,
but I saw his face.

And I recognized his voice
as clear as day.

And so would all of you.

But this tape isn't about him.

It's about you and me, Justin.

You called him a friend.

- But your girlfriend needed you.



I'm sorry.

That girl had two chances that night.

But we both let her down.


How do I live with that?

How do you, Justin?

How does she live with what happened?

Uh-uh. Elijah, you know the rules.
Gotta wait for Daddy.

MAN: That's not my concern, Sergeant.

I want it on my desk first thing tomorrow.

I wouldn't let your father see you
doing that at the table.

Hmm! Mmm!

Something smells good.

I don't know how you do it, Noelle.

Well, I put a bunch of stuff
in a crock-pot and I forget about it.

That's my secret.


Jessica. How was practice today?

Great. Coach Loftin says I'm
one of the best on the team.

She's giving me extra stunts to perform.

Ah, she's testing you.

Remember what I told you.

It's not enough to earn it once.
You gotta keep earning it day by day.

Yes, sir.


Did you get that grade
on your spelling test?

Yes, sir.

Let's say grace.




He can't be prosecuted, okay?

- What are you doing here?
- I know it was Bryce. All right?

- Jesus.
- She said he was your friend.

All right, get in here.

You have to tell her.

- When the fuck will you give up?
- I get it.

Trying to protect your friend,
you lied to Jessica

- and told her Hannah made it up.
- I did?

I guess it's my word against Hannah's.


The one witness is dead,
Bryce will get away with it

and you can stop protecting him.
It's legal fact.

Did you talk to somebody?
Tell me what the fuck you did.

Are you listening?
I just told you, I can't go to the cops.

What do you want from me?

Tell Jessica the truth
about what happened to her that night.

She knows what happened.

- Go ask her.
- I did.

She repeated whatever lies you fed her.

But she knows something's up.
She's messed up.

She was drunk at school today.

- She's fine.

She's fucked up.

And so are you.

Jessica deserves the truth,

and she's never gonna believe it
unless it comes from you.

BRYCE: There you are!

SLURS: Hey, we're playing
beer pong out back.


- Hey, dude.
- You want to go?

No, dude, I'm all right.

I'm sticking around for Jessica.

- She's so wasted!
- Oh, yeah?

I'll bet you had some fun with her,
didn't you?

Let me see.


She's my girlfriend.

Come on, she's, what,
she's your summer hook-up.

What's mine is yours, right?

Didn't happen the way Hannah said.

I've heard that before.

- Tell Jessica the truth.
- I already told her.

It's bullshit, and you know it.

We hooked up.

That's what happened.

She wanted it, and we hooked up.

There was no other guy.

There is no other story, you hear me?

So whatever Hannah thought she saw,
she lied about it on those tapes

because she's a crazy drama queen
who killed herself for attention.

I'm sorry, man,
I know she was your friend.

And you were her first kiss.

So she said.

Whatever happened...

whatever Hannah thinks happened...

how does that help Jess now?

What she needs, what we all need...

is for this to be done with.

How can she be done with this
if she doesn't know what it is?

Dude, come on.
Leave her alone, get off her.

- Get the fuck out of here!
- Hey, hey! Dude, dude!

You can get me suspended.

You can ruin my fucking life
if you want to.

It won't change what you did.

And sooner or later,
people are going to find out.

People are not gonna find out.

Why are you protecting Bryce?

What does he have on you?

I'm not protecting Bryce,
you little fuck!

God, I'm protecting Jessica!

I care more about Jessica
than I do about Hannah,

than I do about you,
than I do about anybody else.

All right? So just get the fuck out!

I want my bike.

Your bike?


Yes, you fucking asshole,
I want my bike.

It's out back, behind the building.

Go knock yourself out.




- Hey.
- LAINIE: Hey.

Did you find him?

I drove around for an hour
since I called you.


Where could he be going?

This point, who knows.

And the weed?

Maybe we've been looking
at the wrong warning signs.

Maybe we don't have a suicidal kid,
we've got one with a drug problem.

I really don't think so.

I teach potheads.
I know what that looks like.

It's not Clay.

He's quite good at hiding things.

He said he didn't know her.

He said he didn't know her well.

Clearly, he knew her very well.

He is devastated.

He feels like he's responsible somehow.


Was she his girlfriend?

Did he do something to her?

Jesus, Lainie...

what are you implying?

I am defending a lawsuit
brought by two parents

whose daughter was so damaged by something

that she took her own life.

What if our son was part of that?

He's not capable of it.

How do you know?

I know.

I have to give up the case.

I can't take it to trial.

To protect Clay?

Or you and me?

To protect all of us.

Quitting the case
wouldn't even do that, would it?



- Where's Justin?
- Shh, shh.

Shh. Don't worry about him.
We're just having fun, okay?

- What?
- Take it easy.


What are you doing?


Oh, my God!




Sorry I didn't...

didn't text you back.

Can I come in?


We should probably talk, huh?



Hey, Tony.



Your dad said I could come find you.

You okay?

I just talked to Justin about Jessica.


How did everyone...

how did you...

just listen to that,

and, like, ignore it?

I don't think anyone ignored it, Clay.

Why is everyone protecting Bryce?

Why are you?

I'm doing it for Hannah.

Fuck that, Tony! Fuck that!

Jessica got raped!

And Justin's got her brainwashed.
Everyone at school is covering it up.

- That is beyond fucked up!
- You don't know the whole story yet.

What else do I need to know?

You're brainwashed like the rest,
but I'm not, okay?

And I'm not gonna sit back and do nothing

like you and everyone else,
including Hannah.

You need to calm down.

She let everyone intimidate her
over and over and over,

until she just disappeared.

Well, not me, no. I am not giving up.

- You're upset.
- Fucking right! Why aren't you?

Why isn't everybody?

Just take a breath, okay?

Fuck you, Tony.

- Fuck you.
- What the fuck are you doing, Clay?

Come on!

Fuck you.

Fuck all of you.


Goddamn it!



What happens if the tapes get out?

Let's say we try and get
some justice for Jessica.

What then?

It's his word against a dead girl's.

Open season on Hannah Baker
all over again.

What if we got one person
to tell the truth?

- I mean, just one of them.
- All right, okay, I'll make you a deal.

Listen to the tapes, all of them.

And then we'll talk.

We'll do whatever we have to do.

And you'll help me?



♪ A thousand regrets rush right by ♪

♪ They strike like a last goodbye ♪

♪ There's no other weight this kind ♪

♪ If only I could press rewind ♪

♪ Painting with tears from my ♪

♪ Eyes ♪

♪ Wondering ways I'd have ♪

♪ Climbed ♪

♪ Open my orchestral ♪

♪ Mind ♪

♪ Cartwheeling back through my ♪

♪ My life in rewind ♪

♪ As sand in the eggtimer slides ♪

♪ Now twisting and turning ♪

♪ Reversed inside ♪

♪ You made me swim to the parts ♪

♪ That are dark and resigned ♪

♪ Now wishing I'd just changed my mind ♪

♪ I'm winding up blaming my type ♪

♪ Reflecting in spite, I tried ♪