13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Tape 6, Side B - full transcript

Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents. The students are served with subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties.

[water bubbling]

- [panting]
- [Bryce] We're just having fun.

[shaky breathing]

[Bryce grunting]

[echoing grunt]

[water running]

You still drinking coffee?

You're still drinking coffee.

Yes. I guess we just hope
for more for our children.

We'll probably live longer, if that helps.

If your generation
doesn't destroy the planet first.

It's too late, I'm afraid.

Clay, about the Baker trial...

Can we just have one morning
without discussing that?

The subpoenas go out today.

Who's getting one besides me?

Sorry, Clay,
I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

The other day, you asked me
if a person could be prosecuted

if they hurt someone,
but the victim couldn't come forward.

You said it was hypothetical, but...

you were talking about Hannah,
weren't you?

I wasn't, actually.

Because if something happened to her

and you were involved in any way...

You think I hurt her?

- Lainie.
- I don't.

If I did hurt her, and I admitted it,
I could go to jail.

W-Well, this is a civil proceeding,
not criminal.

But it is sworn testimony.

So if I lied, it's perjury.

[doorbell rings]

Why would you need to lie?

If I knocked down a stop sign
and a kid got killed,

is that manslaughter?

Clay, what the hell
are we talking about?

I'm sorry, Mom.

I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

[knock on door]

It's... probably for me,
don't you think?

Morning. Are you the parent
or guardian of Clay Jensen?

I just don't get
why they're calling you to testify.

Did Hannah ever say anything to you
about bullying or anything?


No. We were friendly,
but we were never really that close.

They're probably just fishing.

Talking to every student who knew her.
It's probably nothing to worry about.

Just... have to tell the truth,
okay, and you'll be fine.

[Mrs. Dempsey]
I'm surprised at Andy and Olivia.

I'm sure they miss Anna.


Hannah, of course.

But this is a witch hunt.

I don't know.

They're wasting their time.

You didn't do anything.
You're not that kind of kid.

I know how kind you are.
I see you take care of your sister.

You're not going to jail, are you?

He's not going to jail.

How well did you even know this girl?

I asked her out once.

How many of these they got you
doing today?

I got another couple.

They got three of us out.

Something like this
sure gets the community talking, huh?

Sorry your kid's caught up in it.

I know. Helluva thing.

Helluva thing.

Can you believe we moved here
for peace of mind?

They're still talking.

Jesus! Fucking Hannah!

Yeah, fucking Hannah.

Fuck her for killing herself.

Dude, this is all gonna come out now.
Aren't you freaked?

No. I'm glad.



We're all fucked now.

We were fucked anyway.

[line ringing]

- Hey, it's Justin. Leave a message.
- [beep]

Hey, Justin, it's me.

Uh... Bryce.

Listen, man, I don't know
what happened last night.

I don't know what I did
to set you off all of the sudden,

and I just...


It's fucking killing me that you can't
talk to me about it, so...

talk to me.

Okay? Please?

I love you, man. Call me.

[bell rings]

- [teacher] Hey, Marcus.
- Hey, what's up?

The secretaries are all talking.

They got Porter, Bolan and Child.

I talked to Ryan and Zach.
Yes to both.

It has to be Clay.
How else did they get our names?

- He gave them the tapes.
- Could've been Hannah's phone, her texts.

We need to make a plan.

We need to stop texting. Seriously,
if they get our text records, we're done.

Oh, my God,
I didn't even think about that.

Spread the word,
we all need to meet in person.

Did you guys get subpoenas too?

Shut up! Jesus, Tyler!

What? It's public record now.
Everyone knows.

Nobody knows about anything.
You're gonna keep it that way.

I want in, on whatever you're doing.

I know more than anyone.

I know a lot more than is
on those tapes, and I have proof.

Proof of what?

What do you think?

What have you done around here
you don't want anyone to know?

I take a lot of pictures.

Listen, you creep,
you do not want to fuck with us!

What we did to Clay was nothing.
Back off!

And keep quiet.


Fuck you, man!

- You fucking cut it out!
- [Bryce] Guys, come on.

Whoa, Monty, come on, back off.

Get your fucking hands off me.

- You touch me again, I'll kill you.
- Jesus! Enough!

- Hey, you okay?
- No!

The fuck, man?

I'm sick of this shit.



What the hell, Justin?

I'm sorry. I needed to see you.

I'm gonna scream.

- I texted and I called.
- I'm gonna call the police.

Jess, please,
I was trying to protect you.

Protect me?


I thought if you didn't know,
if no one found out...

What? I'd be fine? I'd go about my life?

You and I would get married
and live happily ever after?

That's what I wanted, was for us to...

to be together.


You let him.

- You let him.
- No, I was drunk.

And I was scared.

- So was I.
- Bryce was at the...

- Don't say that name!
- I'm sorry, it's just that...

Every time I was thrown out,
when my mom was fucked up,

one of her boyfriends
was fucking with me...

he was there for me.

When I had no money,

when I was starving,

his folks bought my shit for school.

Okay, when my mom
was busted for possession,

he got his dad to bail her out.

They do that shit so they can own you.


Okay? Last year, I couldn't afford
new shoes for basketball.

I went through four pairs that season.

When we got to playoffs,

they just had, like, holes.

Bryce didn't offer to buy me new shoes.

- He pretended he had an extra pair.
- Justin.

Are you seriously trying to make
excuses for what you did?


I just want you to understand...

And I want you to understand
what it's like to be raped.

But I truly hope you never will.

[doorbell rings]

- Jess.
- No.

I'm gonna go get that, and you're
gonna go back out the window.

[ringing continues]


[Hannah] Here we are. Tape 12.

If you've listened this far
and haven't heard your name,

well, I bet you know exactly
what's coming now.

Or maybe you don't have any idea.

Could that be true?

Could a person be that sick?

Let's find out.

But first we have to start
at the beginning

of the worst day of my life.

I guess I just thought that
Mr. Geris would be more understanding.

Apparently he's not.
This is a letter of intent to evict.

[Mrs. Baker] Yes, I know. I mean...

I don't know, maybe I can get
on the phone and explain to him.

[Mr. Baker] What's to explain?
He wants money, we don't have it.

You can use my college savings.

- [sighs] Hannah.
- What?

If we have money problems,
I want to help.

These aren't your money problems,
they're ours.

Use it now. I can take out a loan.

And I can take a gap year.
I'd be fine with that.

Plenty of kids do it.

It's not the worst idea.

My brother took a year off.
He's a dentist. Didn't hurt him.

Okay, I cannot even believe
you're considering

jeopardizing our daughter's future. No!

If it's my future,
don't I get a say in it?

No! That money stays in the bank.

I'm going to go over and talk
to Mr. Geris and convince him...

[sighs] ...to put us on a payment plan.

We have no leverage.

We have my fucking charm!

Hard to resist.


- [laughter]
- You're right. It's worth a try.

Oh, shit, I was supposed to take
the bank deposit in today.

It's due. It's due this afternoon.

I can do it,
if you need it done today.

That would be a big help. Are you okay
with Hannah making the deposit?

I don't... I don't see why not.

Do I look okay?


All right.

- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

- Go.
- I'm going.

Love you!


[cell phone chimes]


Um, hey, Helmet.

Yeah, I know, I just got your text.

Well, I... I don't know...
I just called.

Oh, uh...

Actually, I can just come by
and pick it up.

I'm running errands today anyway.

It's not a big deal.


[engine starts]

- Thanks.
- I could have mailed it.

I was going to the bank anyway.

And I wanted to come see you.


Just to say hey.


I mean, uh,
haven't seen you in a while.

You see me at school.

Smells like someone
burned the popcorn last night.

Yeah, it must have been the new girl.

Wow, that was quick.
They already found my replacement.

Well, there's no replacement
for Hannah Baker.

Clay, I'm...

I'm really sorry about Jeff.

I heard his funeral was beautiful.

Sounds like the whole school
was there.

Thought I might see you there.

My parents needed me to work.

I wanted to tell Clay everything.

How could I tell him anything anymore
after that night at the party?

I should go. I got toilets to plunge.

Get the new girl to do it.

I lied. I am the new girl.

Well, uh... see you.

Yeah. See you.

Oh, wait. Uh...

I'm supposed to tell you
to turn in your uniform.

Seriously, they really want that back?

I know.

Oh, shit.

[breathing heavily]

[engine starts]

[tires screech]

[bell dings]


Good morning.

- [sighs]
- [register keys beeping]


- [coin clatters]
- Whoops, sorry.

Do I know you?

Not really.

[bell rings]

I gotta tell you, the perfect disguise
for Clay Jensen is not a hoodie.

Did you bring it?

As requested.

I knew you'd have one.

Mind telling me why the switch?


I'm sorry.

I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

We had a deal that we would
do this together.

You said when I got to the end,
we'll do what we have to do.

Are you at the end?


Are you going to pass them on?

You and I both know Hannah
wanted them to get to number 13,

but if I give them to number 12,
that's the end of it.

- Just give me a day. I have a plan.
- Clay.

Do you trust me?


Hi, Mr. Porter, do you have a minute?

Sure, sure, come in.

Have a seat.

What's going on, Sheri?

I, um...

I heard about people getting
these subpoenas today for court,

and... I... [chuckles]

I just... I wanted
to talk to you about...

Hannah Baker?

Yeah. Well, I...

I just... I guess... I don't really
know anything about that.

I think the subpoenas today,
they have me a little worried, that's all.

Hm. Okay, listen.

If you get one, what matters most
is that you just tell the truth.

Yeah. Yeah, right, right.


And if you remember anything
or hear anything,

you come tell us first, okay?

I will.

Thanks, Mr. Porter.

- Shutterbug1337?
- Yeah.

- You're late.
- Sorry, I had a thing.

You ready to do this?

- It's all there?
- Mm-hmm.

Jesus, not here.

- How do I know?
- Just hold it.

That thing's got a kick.

All right? You gotta use the right grip.

Yeah, I'll Google that. Thanks.

The first thing we need to do
is find out what they know.

Or the first thing we need to do
is tell the truth.

I'm with Alex.

I don't think it's as easy as you think.
What exactly is the truth?

Profound, Marcus, truly profound.

And bullshit.

Oh, my God, how did you find us?

- I deserve to be here.
- No, you don't.

Because you don't like me?
'Cause I embarrassed you?

- I'm getting it worse than any of you.
- Let him stay.

How did you get to run this meeting,
anyway? It's not the dance committee.

- I sit, or I start taking pictures.
- Sit down.

And calm down.

I think it's clear what they know.

Look around.
What do we all have in common?

We don't know who got the subpoenas.
Sheri didn't.

Or she didn't get one yet.

I told her to come anyway. Maybe she's
hoping she'll avoid the whole thing.

Your dad must know something
from the other deputies.

My dad's more of
a "sweep it under the rug" kind of guy.

Works for me.

I don't think he gives
a shit about you.


9-1-1. How can I help you?

Yes, hi. I would like to report a...

Well, I would like to report
something I did

a few weeks ago.

If we don't get our stories straight

before these depositions,
it's bad for all of us.

[Alex] But what is the story exactly?

[Courtney] Hannah was a liar.

She was jealous and needy
and emotionally unstable.

She thought everyone
was out to get her.

Aren't you describing yourself?

We tried to be her friends. We did.

She blamed us when things went wrong.

But she was the one with problems.

[Zach] That's the story?

- [Courtney] Yeah.
- What would you say it is?

It doesn't matter what I say it is.

'Cause there are three people
who aren't here

who are likely to say
whatever they want.

Where are Jessica and Justin?

They weren't at school.

Either of them.


Justin went to Bryce's last night.

He freaked because Jess
was flirting with Bryce.

So he called Bryce a rapist,

and told Jessica that everything
on the tapes was true.

No fucking way.

[Zach] Monty and Jamie
and a few other guys heard everything.

[Courtney] Wait, wait, wait. They...

They heard?
They know about the tapes?

[Zach] Well, Justin didn't go into detail
about the tapes, no,

but they heard him call Bryce a rapist

and that Hannah was telling the truth.

Good for Justin. And Bryce is a rapist.

If you believe Hannah.

Seriously? You are the only girl here
and that is the position you take?

- Hannah lied. We know this.
- [Ryan scoffs]

I don't know it.

[Marcus] We can contain this.
We have to control the narrative.

[Ryan] You're deluded. The narrative is,
Jess knows Bryce raped her.

You guys would make
shitty chess players.

We're two moves from being checkmated.

[Marcus] Not necessarily.

Not if we bring Bryce into it with us.

Bryce. The rapist.

- Alleged rapist.
- Fuck off, Courtney.

Or we turn him in.

Bryce is dangerous. I don't get
why we're still protecting him.

- Thank you.
- [Marcus] We're not!

We're protecting ourselves.

I applied early admit to Columbia,
Zach's got scholarships.

Ryan, I know you've got big plans.

Courtney? Alex?

I've got no plans.
I'm good to tell the truth.

Just 'cause Hannah fucked up her life
doesn't mean she has to fuck up ours.

[Tyler] Hear me out.

If Clay gave the lawyers our names

and Justin is running around saying
everything on the tapes is true,

then it's only a matter of time
until we're all screwed.

- But if we can get ahead of it...
- What do you mean?

What if we confirm
Hannah's stories about Bryce?

What if we give the school
their scapegoat?

They have someone to blame.

The Bakers have
someone to charge with a crime.

Then whatever we did
doesn't matter as much.

So you want to sacrifice Bryce
to save your own ass?

Yeah. Of course.

The Bakers are broke, right,

and Bryce's family has the money
to make this all go away?

Nothing we did compares to what he did.

- You're fucking joking, right?
- Are you gonna defend Bryce?

No, but aren't you?
You've been doing it for weeks now.

Fuck you. No, I haven't.
I just didn't want this to blow up.

Well, boom.

Justin let Bryce do it, then lied.
Justin will go to jail too.

Justin is my best friend. You think
he gives a shit about me right now?

Don't you give a shit about him?

What about Jessica? Doesn't she get a say?

She should have answered when I called.

My God, Courtney.
You should fucking listen to yourself.

I can't imagine Jess
won't want Bryce in jail for life.

Wanna know what's worse
than being a rapist? Hiding behind one.

Fucking justifying a fucking rapist,
that's worse.

You want to get the story straight?
We all know the story.

Everything Hannah
said on the tapes is true.

You're gay. So what?

Tyler, you're a stalker.

Ryan, you're an arrogant asshole.

Zach, you're just an entitled idiot
who does cruel, stupid things

even though you probably
have a decent heart.

And Sheri's a fucking coward
who got a kid killed.

- Alex, that's enough.
- No, Marcus.

You'll do anything to keep up
your perfect reputation.

And, yeah, I'm a fucking weak,
pathetic loser

who ruined the one good thing
that I ever had

because I wanted a rapist
to think I was just like him.

Hannah was my friend.

And we should tell the truth about her.

Because I know that if I had
still been friends with her...

if any one of us had still been
friends with her, she'd be alive.

So we tell the truth.

Truth doesn't just land on Bryce.

[Ryan] So let the truth land on us.

I published a poem.
A fucking good and meaningful poem.

I didn't mean tell the truth
about everything.

[Zach] Why not, Tyler?

You got more secrets
you're trying to hide?

You can do whatever you want.
No one's going to believe you.

People'll just laugh at you,
like they always do.

They won't.

Hannah's truth is not my truth.

No way.

[Mrs. Baker] I'm so sorry.

We should be getting more in stock soon.

[woman] I'll check back.

Tony, um... thanks so much for coming in.

- Sorry I didn't come before school.
- It's okay.

This is my friend Brad.


Hi, how are you?

- Great.
- Uh, is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine, I just wanted
to talk to you about... something.

Wanted to show you... something.

I'll do some shopping.

Here, uh...


I found something
in Hannah's closet, hidden away.

- Okay.
- I thought maybe...

you could help me understand
what it means.



Do you know or recognize
any of these names?

I... I think they're kids at the school.

Yeah, I mean "Clay"
I think is Clay Jensen.

And some of these other names
I recognize from Hannah's phone

and her Facebook page.

They're actually going to be
subpoenaed for deposition.

The lawyer said the papers
went out this morning.

Yeah, I heard that at school.

But why are they all connected,

and why is "Bryce" circled so many times?

And why... why are you on there?

I don't know.

Bullshit, Tony.

Look, you've been very, very kind to us...

but I don't think you're telling us
the whole truth, and you need to.


Hannah had secrets, Mrs. Baker.

Hannah's secrets are what killed her,

and they do not get to stay that way.

Do you understand?

I mean, clearly she was trying
to work something out here.

There are names crossed out:
Kat, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Antilly.

And you're on here. Why do you think?

I don't know.

Yours is the only name
with a question mark. Why?

I don't know why my name
is on that sheet.


I think you do.


if you won't tell me,
maybe you'll tell the lawyers.

You always introduce me as your friend.

You are my friend.

I'm your boyfriend.

Yeah, well, boyfriend is so...


That's not what I was going to say.

It's just...

Ryan always used to say,
"This is Tony, my boyfriend."

Like I was some sort of possession.

I get it.

But I'm not Ryan.

I know.

I'm not gonna judge you, but you
have to tell me what's going on.

Or I can't be your friend
or boyfriend or anything.

I had a friend.

Her name was Hannah.

She killed herself.

She left a job for me.

Secrets to keep.

I tried, I tried to honor her memory.

I tried to keep those secrets,
but I don't think I did the right thing.

Her parents are hurting.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I just...

- I wanted to take care of Hannah.
- Come here.

[Mrs. Baker] You lost it?

[Mr. Baker]
Are you sure you didn't drop it?

I looked everywhere.

I retraced my steps.
Someone must have taken it.

Generally that's what people do

when they find a bag of cash
laying on the street.

I'm so sorry, okay?

[Mrs. Baker]
I just convinced the landlord

to work with us to pay the back rent.

I don't know what to say.

I thought you were more
responsible than this.

- We trusted you!
- It's a few hundred dollars.

It's $743.

You can have my last check
from the Crestmont.

I have $200 in the bank.

I can start babysitting on the weekend.

Hannah... it's fine.

[Hannah] It seemed like no matter
what I did, I kept letting people down.


I started thinking how everyone's
lives would be better without me.

And what does that feel like?

It feels like nothing.

Like a deep, endless,
always blank nothing.

And for those of you who will now be
looking for signs everywhere...

- what does it really look like?
- [Mrs. Baker] Mmm.

Hey, Hannah, you still up?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Oh, honey.

[Hannah] Here's the scary thing.

I'm gonna take a walk.

[Mrs. Baker]
Okay. Don't be out too late.

Take your jacket.
It's starting to get cold out.

[Hannah] It looks like nothing.

It wasn't a short walk.

I walked forever that night.

Through my old neighborhood,
where the houses were nicer

than the one we lived in now.

All the way up to the hill
where the rich people live.

Where you live.

- And from blocks away, I heard it.
- [music and chatter]

The music.

The murmur of voices.

The siren call of a party.

You'd think I'd know better
than to follow that call

after Jessica's party.

But my feet followed it.

My mind and heart were
still in the big, blank nothing.

[doorbell rings]

Jensen. The fuck do you want?

Hey, Bryce, um...

Listen, I was wondering...

if... I mean, I was hoping
you wouldn't mind...

Look, I know it's weird,
but I was hoping to buy some weed.

It's kind of an emergency.

You want to buy some weed.
From me.

Yes, I do.

If you wouldn't mind.

Why would I mind?

Come on in.

So you need some weed, huh?

Yeah, um, I do.

'Cause you got yours confiscated
the other day.

- You heard about that?
- [laughs] Yeah, everybody did.

Any time one of the squeaky clean kids
gets dirty, it's pretty big news.

That's... interesting.

I'm gonna hook you up this time
'cause you seem desperate,

and I happen to have shit on hand.

And, you know, 420 brotherhood.

But I'm not a dealer, okay?

If you need a regular thing,
I can hook you up with my guy.

You keep it on the coffee table?

My parents are in Ibiza.
They won't be back for a week.

So, what do you want?
Like, an eighth?


Indica or sativa?

Um, hybrid.

Hybrid. I concur.

Gotta say, man,
I did not take you for a stoner.

Yeah, well...

I guess you never know what's going on
in someone else's life, right?

I bet you have some great parties
out here, huh?

[Bryce] Fuckin' legendary.

[pop music playing over speakers]

- Hey, Hannah.
- Hey.

[girls shrieking]

[Jessica] I am starving!
Can you please grab me a slice of pizza?

Hey, Hannah.

Hannah! Hannah Baker!

Hey, Jess.

Can you do me a huge favor
and grab me a slice of pepperoni?


[Zach] Hannah! Me too!

Get me, like, two slices.

[Hannah] I was surprised to see Jessica
at another party.

Hannah Baker's here to save the day!

- Whoo!
- Hannah! Hannah!

Baker Pizza at your service.

Oh, my God, you are amazing.

[Hannah] But then, I was surprised
to see myself at another party.

Yes, thank you, Hannah!

You're gonna get grease in the water.

Think of it as a moisturizing
spa treatment.

I read that pepperoni oil
reduces cellulite.

I read that too, except it
only works mixed with cheese.

And tomato sauce.

[both laugh]

Have you been here all night?

No, I just got here.

Oh, just when everyone's leaving.

I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah. This party is far from over.

Hannah, don't just stand there, get in!

I didn't bring a bathing suit.

So? Wear your underwear.
Everybody else is.

Just like a bikini.

Oh, my God, don't be such a pussy.
Get in!

Whoa. No, okay, okay. Stop.

- Okay.
- Yes?

[Zach] Whoo!

[Hannah] And I can't explain it...

but sitting there under the stars...

I felt at peace
for the first time in days.

[girl] Oh, my God,
are they gonna do it right in here?

[Zach] Nah, there's, like, eight rooms
in that house. [chuckles]

Shit. Sorry!

- [laughter]
- I'm so sorry, Hannah!

[Hannah] No worries.


Wait, are you guys leaving?

- Don't worry, they're not going far.
- [giggles]

[Clay] Yeah, looks like
a great house for a party.

Oh, let me get my cash.

How much is it?

Most people pay 60 bucks
for an eighth. I pay 40.

You know what, buddy, fuck it.
Just bring some to my next party.

We'll call it even.

Yeah. Sure.

Hannah Baker told me
about one of your parties.

Hannah Baker.

Sucks what happened to her.


[Bryce] She was such a beautiful girl.

[giggles] Hey, Zach,
remind me which way to the bathroom.

Here, why don't I show you myself?

- It's like a maze in there.
- Yeah. [laughs]

Thank you.

[jets turn off]

I can't believe Hannah Baker
finally came to one of my parties.

Well, it looks like it's almost over.

No, not at all.
This is the best time of night.

The drunks are all passed out,
posers are gone.

Only the cool people are left.

And I qualify as "cool people"?

Hell, yeah, you do.

Coolest chick in the junior class.

And the hottest.

Well, uh, I'd better get going.

My parents are probably
super worried by now.

You just got here.

Sorry, I gotta go.

Don't go.

- We're just having fun.
- Bryce!


You and Hannah...
you had sex with her that night.

Did I?

Yeah, I might have.

Did she want you to?

[chuckles] I assume so.

Hannah and I...

Well, she was a very special girl.

We had a thing, off and on.

You raped her.


You fucking raped her.


Don't talk about
what you don't know about.

Why did you do it?

Thank you for coming.
Get out of my house.

Not until you admit it.

- Seriously, Jensen.
- Say what you did.

- Say it.
- What business is it of yours?

- She was my friend.
- She's dead.

- What does it matter? Say it.
- Calm the fuck down.

I need what I need,
for you to admit what you did.

Here. Right out there.

A week before she slit her wrists
and died at home, you raped her.

She came to my party.

Mine. She got in the hot tub with me,
without a suit on.

Right? And she made eyes.


I know that's hard for you to hear,
that your crush wasn't pure and clean.

But she fucking wanted it.

Now, why'd you have to do that?



All right, come on.
You're okay, you're okay.

Come here.

- [Bryce] No, no, no, no.
- [grunts]





She wanted me.


She was practically
begging me to fuck her.

If that's rape, then every girl
at this school wants to be raped.


[Hannah] The way I see it, there are
two different kinds of death.

[Hannah groaning]

If you're lucky,
you live a long life...

and one day your body
stops working and it's over.

Please, Bryce.

[Bryce] Just relax, just relax.


[Bryce whispers] We'll go nice and easy.

[Hannah] But if you're not lucky,
you die a little bit...

[grunting and groaning]

Yeah, that's good.

[Hannah] ...over and over...

[Bryce panting]

until you realize it's too late.

[Bryce grunts]

I know some of you might think
there was more I could have done,

or should have done.

But I'd lost control.

And in that moment, it felt like...

it felt like I was already dead.




Jesus, Jensen.



So she wanted it.

She got in the hot tub with you.

And that means she wanted it.


She did.

But she didn't tell you so.

She didn't have to.

Girls play games.

She didn't say
she wanted you to fuck her.

She never said no.

And that's not rape?

Why do you care so much?

I just need to hear you say it.

Jesus, Clay.

I mean...

are you a virgin?

What does that matter?

I'll take that as my answer.

Go get yourself laid a few times, or try.

And then come back to me,
we'll talk like grownups.

Did you rape Hannah Baker?

You wanna call it rape, call it rape.

Same difference.





Whoo! [chuckles]


What the hell is this?

- None of your business.
- It is my business.

I got commerce to do here,

which does not work
with the sheriff's department

banging on my door, understand?

No, I don't understand you,

because that's not your fucking door!


You are no fucking good for anybody,
you hear me?

[choking and gasping]

You act like you're above it all...

but you're in deeper than anybody,
it seems like.

No good for your mother,
that girl of yours, not anybody.

- Seth.
- Back.

[Justin gagging]

So, take your shit and go live
with that rich buddy of yours.

Please, the woman next door
will call the cops.


We're done.




["The Killing Moon" playing]

♪ Under blue moon I saw you... ♪

[Hannah] I thought maybe I could forget
about what had happened.

♪ Up in your arms
Too late to beg you or cancel it... ♪

But thanks to you, Bryce...

♪ It must be the killing time ♪

I'd finally lived up to my reputation.

♪ Unwillingly mine ♪

And I knew there was no way
I could ever live that down.

♪ Up against your will ♪

But I thought at least maybe
I could set the record straight.

So I started making a list...

trying to piece together just exactly
how my life had gone so wrong.

And the names that came out.

Life is unpredictable...

and control is just an illusion.

♪ In starlit nights I saw you ♪

♪ So cruelly you kissed me ♪

♪ Your lips a magic world ♪

♪ Your sky all hung with jewels ♪

♪ The killing moon ♪

♪ Will come too soon ♪


♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

[Hannah] And sometimes all that
unpredictability is overwhelming.

[Courtney] Dad, there's something
you should know.

It's about Hannah.

It's about me and Hannah.

Okay. Tell me.

And it makes us feel small and powerless.

♪ Under blue moon I saw you ♪

- [phone vibrating]
- ♪ So soon you'll take me ♪

♪ Up in your arms
Too late to beg you... ♪

Who was it?

No one.

♪ I know it must be the killing time ♪

♪ Unwillingly mine ♪

♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

Room's looking good, kid.

Thank you, sir.


So, I was talking
to a lawyer friend of mine

about these depositions,
and he seems to think...

we'll know more on Monday...
but he seems to think that, uh,

we may be able
to get you out of having to go.

And it's not that I don't have sympathy
for these parents, kiddo,

but you didn't have anything
to do with this,

and shouldn't have to be put through it.

Thank you, sir.

You're a good kid, Alex.

I'm proud of you.

- Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah.

Good work.

♪ Under blue moon I saw you ♪

♪ So soon you'll take me ♪

♪ Up in your arms ♪

♪ Too late to beg you
Or cancel it ♪

♪ Though I know it must be
The killing time ♪

♪ Unwillingly mine ♪

[sirens passing]

♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

[song fades]


Matt, wake up! Matt!

- What?
- [sighs]

What is it?

Clay's not here.
He never came home.


Mercy One, Unit Three, to repeat:
We're en route.

We've got a 17-year-old
with a gunshot wound to the head.

Heart rate 120, respiration's 40,
BP 90 over 60 and falling.

[Hannah] And once I took a look back...

and I finally understood
how everything happened...

I decided that no one
would ever hurt me again.

[soft music]