13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Tape 5, Side B - full transcript

A distraught Hannah gets a ride home from the party. Jessica's behaviour grows increasingly erratic, and Clay learns the truth behind a tragedy.


things just happen to you.

They just happen.

You can't help it.

But it's what you do next that counts.

Not what happens...

but what you decide to do about it.

Please, my wife.

I was on the phone with my wife.

Where's my phone?

Sir, stay calm.
We're gonna take care of you.

But I've got to call my wife. Please.

And I've made some
very bad decisions in my life.

As you know.

What is it?

What are you thinking?

Just that, uh...

it's been a while since we
hung out at your place.


Since my party, right?


I guess I don't even remember.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Since the party.

That's a long time.

Could have come over any time.

Your dad hates me.

He does not.

He does.
Last summer he told me I was trouble,

and that I'd better toe the line.

That's just a thing he says to guys.

You got it way easier than Alex.

With the hair.

So, he didn't like Alex either.

Well, he kind of did.

Only because he was all
"yes, sir," "no, sir."

Where are you going?


I gotta go, Jess.


Come on, stay.

More cuddles.

Come on, it's cold tonight.

You always warm me up.

How about...

you cuddle with widdle Justin?

Little Justin!

You won him for me.

Yeah, I remember.

Best boyfriend ever.

I'm so not.

You take care of me.

Get some sleep, all right?

I will see you...


You don't have to go out the window.

Sweet dreams, Jess.

Only sweet dreams.

I told you there were more stories
about the night of Jessica's party,

so here it goes.


Hey, guys.


Dude, you're leaving?

Uh, yeah, I kind of am.

Looked like shit was
happening for you in there.

Did it?

Didn't it?

I don't know, man, I just...

I don't ever know...


That's why you got me, man.

I know.

Whatever happened in there...

just give her a minute.

Then go back inside and just find her.

I'm going home.

Just hang with me for a while, man.

I'm going on a beer run soon.

- Come with me.
- You're driving?

Coca-Cola, my friend.

Two beers, two hours ago. I'm good.

No. No.

Thanks, Jeff. I'm gonna...

take a long walk home and consider
the wreckage that is my life.

You're a funny dude, Clay.

So I've been told.

- See you Monday?
- Yeah.


See you guys.

Yo, Sheri,

you're blocking me in.
I've got to go for provisions.

Oh, shit. Okay, I'll be right out.
I've got to get home anyways.

- I don't want to make you leave.
- No.

I'm staying at my dad's,
which comes with a curfew.

- I'll get my keys and be right out.
- Thank you, ma'am.

I wanted to leave.

But where would I go?

And how would I get there?

I was too weak to walk.

Or just too weak to try.

And then an unlikely hero came my way.

Hey, you need a ride home?

Is it that obvious?

You don't look so good.

I mean, you always look good,

but you don't look so good.

Look, I can give you a ride.


How much have you had to drink?

Barely anything.

Okay, look, hold this.

All right, guys, excuse me,
pathway for Sheri, please! Hoo-hoo!

All right, ready?

Here we go.


Now, look, if I can do that,
I can drive home. Come on.

You got it?

Now I wonder if we would have both
been better off staying at the party.

Sheri, this one's for you.

No, I got it.

You sure you're okay?

You don't want me to grab you
a water or something?

I'm good, thanks.

Watch your feet.

I was expecting a lot more action,
you know?

I mean, first party of the year.

Like, some shit to go down.

Bryce and Zach,
every time they get together...

Take it easy.
We're just having fun, okay?

We're just having fun.

What are you...

What are you doing?

I kind of liked the music.
Did you like the music?



I have to tell you...


Something happened tonight.

What happened?

It's okay. I mean, you can tell me.

I got wasted.

My parents are gonna kill me.

Not if you tell them that you're
staying at my house tonight.

I like this plan.

Yeah, just sleep it off at my place,
and your folks will never know.

My phone's dead.
Do you have a charger in here?

Mi cell phone es su cell phone.

I'm pretty sure "cell phone" in Spanish...

Are you okay?

Yeah. What was that?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

Oh, my God, look, I wasn't drunk.
I told you, I wasn't drunk.

I know, I know.

My dad's gonna kill me.

The car is fine.

But we need to call someone
about the stop sign.

No. We gotta go.

My dad will kill me if he finds out.

We need to call the police. 9-1-1?

Oh, my God. Look, no way.
Hannah, get in the car.


When you do something wrong,
you can't just...


ignore it.

Hannah, get in the car.
I'll call when we get home.


- Come on!
- No!

Sheri, come on.


Oh, my... Are you ser...


I needed to find a working phone.

I wish I'd found it faster.

I need help. My phone's dead.

Chargers are right over there
by the beef jerky.

No listen. There's been an accident.
I need to make a call.

Sorry, we don't have a pay phone.

Give me your phone.

Give me your phone!

Okay. Okay.

- How long do you think...
- Shut up! Jesus.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

I, uh...

I want to report an accident.


At the corner of
Tanglewood and Bay Street.

Yes, ma'am, got it. It's gonna be okay.

We already have this call.
Units are responding to the scene.

- You got the call?
- Yeah. We have the call.


Was it a girl who called?

I can't give you that information, ma'am.

We have units responding to the scene now.

Okay, good. Good.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

No, that's all.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do you still want that charger?

So, yeah,
that's the terrible decision.

But it's not the whole story.

Excuse me.

- Excuse me.
- One second, man.

Goddamn it!

No I.D., no beer.

I don't want to...

I need to ask you if you were
working a few weeks ago.

The second Saturday of September.

I work every Saturday.

And I wonder why I'm still single.

Uh, yeah.

Listen, I need to...

There was a girl who came in
to call 9-1-1.

I don't think so.

You don't remember a girl?
She used to buy candy here all the time.

She borrowed your cell phone.

Maybe interrupted your game?

Yeah, that girl.

- Short hair. Super upset.
- Yes. Yeah.

Do you remember what the call was about?

I think it might have been,
like, a traffic thing.

I can't remember.

Can you try?

Mmm. Sorry, man.

Might have been stoned.

- Thanks for your help.
- Anytime, my brother.

I'm not your brother, dude.

All he said is the district lawyers
asked for a meeting this afternoon.

His guess is they want
to offer a settlement.

- They want to make it go away.
- Well, of course,

but we should hear them out,
maybe consider it.

I'm not going to consider
letting the school cover up

- what they did to our daughter.
- Doesn't have to be a cover-up.

Dennis said settlements
often include a statement,

and remedial measures...

What good will those do?

They might help the next kid.

We agreed that we were going
to fight this...

Hi there.

Be right with you.

Until the end.

We can fight this until the end,
until it bankrupts us,

when there's no guarantees we'll win.

- We're not settling.
- I'm not saying we should.

I just think we have
to think this through.

What if we lose this lawsuit?

Then the school walks away without
having to acknowledge they're wrong,

without changing the way they do things.

We owe it to Hannah...

to Hannah, to fight this.

And we owe it
to the next kid to make sure...

this doesn't happen again.

How can I help you?

Seriously, dude, that's bullshit.

He got suspended for three days.
That shit goes on his record.

Yeah, I don't really care.
At least we shut him up.

They kept him out for three days.
I don't think we shut him up.

You guys want to take him
on another ride?

'Cause that worked so well.

His credibility is shot.

No one's gonna believe anything he says.

Until he plays them the tape,
or until Tony does.

Yeah, what happened there?

I tried. Tony wouldn't budge.

He's got the tapes hidden somewhere,

and this medieval,
self-flagellating moral code.

- We have to do this another way.
- It's back to Clay.

If he's talking to Jessica
about her party, it may be too late.

Why are we defending Bryce?

Can someone tell me?
I mean, he's a rapist.

Jesus, keep your voice down.

I published a poem. He's a rapist.

Stop using that word.


What other word would you use?

If Hannah's telling the truth,
but Jessica says she's not.

Really, Courtney? That's still your
position? Hannah is lying?

Come out, little girl.

Shut up, Ryan!

Okay, guys, look...

Tapes go out, we all go down,
no matter what we did or didn't do.

- Think people are gonna sort that out?
- Maybe not, but maybe Bryce goes to jail.

Do you really think he would?
Do you seriously think that would happen?

Maybe we should find out.

I don't want to.


We cannot let Clay
pass on those tapes, period.

Or talk to Mr. Porter, which is why
I wanted to buy us more time.

You kept him away from Porter,

but we don't know
what he's gonna do on his day off.

What are we doing after practice today?

Talking about practice.

Always cheer.


Do you have a minute?

I'll catch up with you.

- Okay.
- Bye, Sheri.

Aren't you suspended?

Yeah, so could we go somewhere
not in the courtyard to talk?

I can't be late to first period.

I just have a couple questions.

All right, let's go.

- See you.
- See you. Justy!

Coming to my place later? I'm...

procuring fresh weed
from that sophomore kid.

Nah, I can't. I can't.

Well, I can.

No, dude, you can't.
You've got recruiters coming.

UCLA, Arizona.

But that's all the more reason to relax.

- You've been tense as hell.
- I'm fine.

Hey, baby.

Hope you're not
letting these two corrupt you.

- Never.
- Good. That's my job.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

Where are we going?

It's a surprise.

No. I've got to talk to the guys.
Can we do this after third period?

We can't do this after third.

Hey, guys, do what?

If Justin doesn't want to find out,
I should show someone else.

Yeah, okay.

Okay, let's go.

Damn, man, give me a chance.


Are you gonna tell anyone?

We have to tell somebody.

- We have to do something.
- But it's over now.

It's not over for his family.

They still think he was driving drunk.

He was driving drunk.

For all we know, it wasn't the sign
that caused the problem.

You know that?

Or you just want to believe it?

This is why I didn't want you
to listen to my tape. I didn't...

You wanted to keep your secret.


Because I didn't want you judging me
for the worst thing I've ever done.

Other people, they know my secret.

But you're different.

- I'm going to the police station...
- Clay.

to register for
a drug diversion program

that I have to take because
your friends got me suspended.

I didn't know anything about that.
I think it was terrible.

Do you?

Why don't you stop it?

What can I do?

His family,

the man he hurt...

they deserve to know
how it really happened.

We don't know how it really happened!

I mean, yes, the sign was down.

- But he was driving drunk.
- He wasn't drunk.

You know that?

Or you want to believe it?

I made the biggest mistake of my life.

And I'm trying to keep it
from ruining my life.

Do you get that?

You should get to class.

I'm trying to make it better.

And I'm trying to make up for it.

Will you just meet me after school?


So that I can show you,

before you go tell the world what I did.

Give me a chance to prove to you

that I'm not like everyone else
on the tapes.

Fine. I'll come.

I'll text you the address.

Are you gonna be okay today?

Yeah. Fine.


You okay?

Hey, Alex, I'm...


Can't believe this fucking school.

They're already putting up
drunk driving posters.



He was driving drunk. It was stupid.

Yeah, but...

I mean, aren't you sad?

More pissed off.

You know, I think you can be both.

I mean, like...

right now, maybe it's easier
being mad at him than being sad.

That's cool. But...

I also think that maybe
someday you might feel worse

if all you were today was mad,
you know what I mean?


Sometimes you judge people...

I mean, we all do.

Sometimes you just...

live to regret it.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, no, I probably don't.

I usually don't, so...

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's cool.

You don't have to...

leave or anything.

It takes a tragedy like this one,

unfortunately, to remind us
how important it is to be safe...

to be sober...

and never drink and drive.


Can we...

Can we talk?

About what?

About what happened.

I need to tell you...

What are you crying about?
You barely knew him.


Clay, you don't understand.

I do understand.

Every drama has to be your drama,
or it doesn't count.

Somehow this is all about you.
It's incredible.

- No, Clay!
- Please, just don't, okay?


Sheri, stop.

I don't want to talk about it.

It was our intersection.

The accident happened
at the same intersection.

I said I don't want to talk about it.

I thought you called about the stop sign.

We don't know that's what caused it.

We don't know it didn't!

- Hannah...
- Sheri, Jeff is...

You two okay?

Yeah, we're okay, Mr. Porter.

I mean, considering what happened.

All right. Hannah,
how are you holding up?

I'll be okay.


If anything changes and you need to talk,

my door is open.

Keep your mouth shut.

You speak of this to anyone,
and we both pay the price.

And it's probably best if...

we just stay away from each other.

I just needed to be alone.

This was starting to be more
than I could live with.

Wait. What about drama?

No more drama.

All good.

No, drama class.

You're thinking about drama class?

If they walk in during first period,
it's going to be awkward, no?

We'll tell them we're
rehearsing a love scene.

They're theater nerds.

It would help them to know
what actual sex looks like.

All right, we should go,

we should go.

I should show my face in first period.

You're just scared we'll be caught.


Yeah. You are.

But if they can't see us,
we can't be caught.

Come on.

Where's the fucking switch?

Here's the switch.

Hey, Jess, what the fuck?

Let's see who can break it first.

Like, break the light bulb?
What are you, six?

It's just a stupid light bulb.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

When did you become such a pussy?


- Hey, why are you acting crazy?
- Why aren't you?

Cut it the fuck out.

- Throw it back.
- Jess, stop.

Jess, what is happening with you?

Nothing. Nothing's happening, right?

Fuck this.

I'm out.



Hey, I saw you talking to Clay.


How did you even see that?

Long lenses.

Is he turning you in?

- We shouldn't be talking about this.
- Is he turning you in?

He didn't say.

You like Clay, don't you?

Of course I do. I always have.

I always liked him too.

He was always nice to me before.

Tyler, what do you want?

Let's talk to him. You and me.

The other kids want to bring him down,
but we could talk to him.

He might listen to us.

Sheri, is this freak bothering you?

- No.
- No, Monty, he's fine.

Just think about it, please.

- I gotta get to class.
- Wait, Sheri.

No, you leave her alone, freak.

Got it?

Fucking leave her alone.

These are thousand dollar cameras.

I'll break 'em on your face.

Jesus, Montgomery, leave him alone.

- You want to go again?
- Do you?

Didn't you just get back from suspension?

Fuck you, Alex.

No thanks, Monty,
you're not man enough.


I suppose you expect me to thank you.

Actually I'd like it
if you never spoke to me again.


Fuck! Jess!

The fuck?

You can't sneak up on a guy like that.

I didn't know that kid was a dealer.

Yeah, as a sideline.

My usual guy does house calls,

but I gave my last bag
to Marcus yesterday.

Is that bag for now or later?


So you're a stoner now too?

What is it with the best
and the brightest?

Are you looking to have some fun, or what?

Where's your boyfriend?


We can meet up with him after.

- Why aren't you at practice?
- I'm still benched.

Seriously? That's fucked up.

This school is fucked up.

Don't disagree.

So, are we gonna smoke or what?

In the parking lot? Are you insane?

Maybe a little.

We can go back to my place.

My folks won't be home for a few hours.

Or we can go back to mine.

Mine won't be home for a couple of days.

You're not gonna get me
in trouble, are you, Jess?

Maybe a little.

Maybe a little.

The district feels the settlement
is in the best interest of both parties.

Then why isn't the district here?

I think they felt this would be
a preliminary discussion,

and once we got to finalizing terms...

Which we won't.

The offer's an insult.

Two hundred thousand dollars
for the loss of a child,

for the suffering of her parents?

We can all agree no amount of money
can equal Hannah's life,

but it is an attempt to further healing.

And to be frank, it's more than
a public school district can afford.

That's not our concern.
They have insurance.

The district is self-insured.

Every dollar spent here
comes out of the classroom.

You and I both know that's bullshit.

Tell them to fire a few administrators.

Starting with Gary Bolan.

I don't think that's within
the scope of the agreement.

Let's start with the NDA.

- Standard.
- It's a non-starter.

I don't know how far we get without it.

You want to keep this quiet.

You want Hannah's story hidden away.

The district will continue
its anti-bullying efforts

and will commit
to a suicide prevention program

to be in place by the beginning
of the following school year.


Why wasn't it in place already?

There was a policy in place.

There will be a better one.

Well, that's nice.

We all want to ensure that this
doesn't happen to another child,


The financial means of the district
will affect its ability to assure that.

Well, that's cold thinking.

We all want a solution
that's fair to everyone, Dennis.

I know your son.

- I'm sorry?
- Clay.

He visited the house.

And the store.

He's the one who gave us the magazine.

I see.

We probably shouldn't be speaking...

He was close with Hannah.

Did you know that?

He, um...

He told me that, yes.

He misses her very much.

That's nice.

He seems like a good kid.

He's a very good kid, yeah.

Tell me, how much
is his life worth to you?

Mrs. Baker,
we shouldn't be having this conversation.

Don't you think it's exactly

the conversation that we should be having?

My son is worth everything to me,

as I'm sure Hannah is to you.

And if I lost him...

felt someone had taken him from me,

I would pursue any remedy possible.


But I don't know any amount
of money would suffice.

Would you settle for, say...

two hundred thousand dollars?

I think I would only
settle for the truth...

whether I liked it or not.

What the hell?

No way.

Were you just on the phone
with your husband?

Who are you?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

My name is Clay.

Well, what happened?

Your husband was in an accident.

He's alive. The paramedics said
an officer would come tell you,

but your husband wanted you
to know right away, so I came.

Was anyone else hurt?

- Yes.
- Oh, Lord.


Hi, um...

Mrs. Cantrell,
I don't know if you remember me.

Clay, of course!

From the night of the accident.

Of course!

Sheri said a Clay would be dropping by.


Hey, look who's here!
He knows Sheri, did you know that?

Clay! Hello, how are you!

Hi, Mr. Cantrell.

Hey, Sheri.

Hey, Clay.

Let me help you to your chair.

I can do it. I can do it.

I just love that you know each other.
Come on in.

She's our little angel.

What a small world!

It really is.

The first time I came here,
I tried to tell them.

I stood on the front porch and I just...

I couldn't get a word out.

I remember Miss Cantrell saying,

"Well, don't just stand there, come in."

The next time I stopped by,
they invited me for dinner.

The next time after that,
I helped hang pictures,

and now I just spend time with them,

help around the house.

They seem to like you.

Yeah, they're cute.

They remind me of my grandparents.

But they don't know the truth.

You didn't tell them about the accident.

What good would that do?

Mrs. Cantrell says
he still has nightmares about it.

What about the other family?

Look, I can't. I...

I just...

I can't face them.

And what they might do?

Look, I will tell them. I will.


You have to tell them now.

- Like, today.
- Why now? Why today?

- Because every day hurts.
- How do you know?

Every day they live not knowing the truth.
They need this, Sheri.

- They do, or you do?
- They're hurting.

How do you know that?
Did you go see them?

That's not the point.

You can't keep this secret anymore.

It's my secret, not yours.

- Am I high?
- What?

I think I'm high.

Jess, you had two hits.

Two is a lot!

Well, it's more than one.

What's in the safe?

If my dad knew I can get into this,
he would flip his shit.


I know, right?

Dad's packing.

- This one's my favorite.
- Jesus. Fuck.

Jess, is that thing loaded?

Of course not.


I guess it was loaded. My bad.

You should not be handling a gun.

I know what I'm doing!

This is a Glock 19.

Holds up to 15 rounds. Single action.

Perfect for self-defense.

Cool, I'll take your word for it.

What, don't you like a Glock?

I'm not really from a gun family, okay?

We ski.

Try it.

I'm good.

Is there a KFC around,
because I smell chicken.

Fuck you.

Take it.


Yeah, so just like...

Only actors in Hollywood hold it that way.

Yeah. Right.

Here, let me show you.

- Twist that.
- Mm-hmm.

Take this hand.

So, just relax. Shoulders back.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Then you shoot.

Clay, we're just so glad
to finally meet you.

Jeff was so fond of you.
You helped him so much with his grades.

It kept him playing ball,
as a matter of fact.

Well, he did that himself. I just, um...

helped him with punctuation
and word choice and stuff like that.

You know, research techniques and...

Well, we sure are grateful.

You were a good friend to him.

How come we haven't met you before
if you're such a good friend?


No, it's okay.

Um, I'm fine. Thanks.

Jeff and I...

we were just friends at school, I guess.

But he was older than me,
and on the baseball team and everything,

and I wasn't really anybody.


you were to him.


He was really nice to me.

So, Clay, what brings you here?

Well, I, uh...

I was hoping another friend of Jeff's
would be here with me, but she, uh...

She couldn't come.


There's something you should know
about the night of the accident.

What about it?

I was the first person to get there.

I was walking home...

and I heard the crash.

I found Jeff.

I found him.


Oh, my God. Jeff, can you hear me?

Wait. Hold on, Jeff, hold on!

I thought maybe I'd try CPR.

Something. I don't know.

Come on!

Hey, hold on. Hold on one sec.

It was me.

I'm the one that called 9-1-1.

So, um...

So you were at the party with him?

I was there.
I saw him just before he left.

And I...

I don't think he was drunk.

You don't?

No. He told me he wasn't,
and I believed him.

I mean, until...

Fucking beer everywhere.

It wasn't Jeff's fault.

The stop sign on the corner had been
knocked down earlier in the night.

I don't know. The cops thought
it was Jeff's fault, I guess.

But it was already down.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

How do you know this about the stop sign?

Did you knock it down?

No. No.

Then why are you apologizing?

I've been angry at Jeff since he died

because he told me he was sober,

and I thought he lied
and did something stupid,

and I hated him for leaving that way,
and I was wrong.

I was wrong.

I walked by their house
three times the week after Jeff died.

I even got their phone number and called.

And didn't leave a message.

I wanted to tell them.

I couldn't.

I know it was guilt I was feeling.

And anger.

I think lots of anger.

Anger at the whole fucking world
and the way it works.

But mostly anger at myself.

For what I could have had,
and never would.

That's terrible decision number two.

That's up next.

That's another sad and stupid story.

There's so much wrong in the world.

There's so much hurt.

I couldn't take knowing I'd made it worse.

And I couldn't take knowing
it would never get any better.

I thought you'd be here.

I think I will join you.

I found Jeff.

I was the first person at that accident,

and I found him.

In his car.


Jesus, Clay.

Why didn't Hannah tell anyone
about the stop sign?

Maybe she was afraid.

I was so pissed off at Jeff.

And at Hannah,
for making it all her drama.

I didn't know.

Well, now you do.

And this just gets worse, right?

You afraid?


I'm gonna listen anyway.


You don't have to hang with me.

I think maybe I should.


Because it's your tape.

- I can't do it.
- You can't?

After all this, you can't?


Jesus, Tony.

Death, and rape,
and what the fuck is next?

What did I do that Hannah
thought was worse than that?

Don't you know what happened?

No, clearly, I don't.

So tell me.

You know I'm not going to do that.

Tell me this, then.

Tell me the truth,
and I'll listen to the tape.

Did I kill Hannah?

We all let her down.

That's not what I asked.

Did I kill Hannah Baker?

No, she took her own life, Clay.
That was her choice.

But you, me, everyone on these tapes,

we all let her down.

We didn't let her know
that she had another choice.

Maybe we could have saved her, maybe not.

It's impossible to know.

Answer the fucking question.

Knowing what you know,
believing what you believe,

knowing me, knowing her,
and what's on these tapes...

did I kill Hannah Baker?