11.22.63 (2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Truth - full transcript

As questions mount about Jake, his double life begins to unravel, while the past interferes with the plans he and Bill have for Oswald.

Previously on "11.22.63"...

The point is, if I see
Oswald shoot at Walker

- and I know that he's alone...
- Kill him, and that saves Kennedy.

Could you save someone
else too? My sister Clara.

If you can go to other
times, bring her back.

I can only go back to 1960.

That's how it works. I'm sorry.

Right underneath, it makes
things a lot easier.

They still have no idea who we are.

Let's keep it that way.

People will want to know
that I stand for something.


George is the gun, he's the bullet.

- CIA's pulling the trigger.
- What do we do now?

I'm here because I love
everything about you.

You are a wonder.

Now, I don't think that we
have been formally introduced.

- I'm Sadie's husband.
- Why don't you give her the divorce

and then crawl back under your rock?

You two deserve each other.

Jake, are you here?

- Sadie...
- Who are you?

Ohh, Lee.


Sadie! Sadie, please!


Hey, are you all right?

- Sadie? Sadie.
- Don't touch me!

Sadie, Sadie, please...

- Don't touch me!
- Sadie,

can we just go inside and talk?

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Let go.

- It's not what you think.
- What did I just hear

on a tape in your basement?

What was that?

A drama, okay.

Those are actors, Russian actors.

Everything you say is a lie.

Look at me, and say it again.

- You can't.
- Maybe...

All I want from you is honesty.

Maybe I can't tell you because
I'm trying to protect you.

I don't need protecting from you.

Makes me sick that you can look
at me and lie to me like that.

- Stay away from me.
- Sadie...

Stay away from me, Jake!

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Odysseus is offered eternal life

with the nymph Calypso, but he declines.

Now, why do we think he would
choose to remain mortal?

All right. Put your books down.

Forget "The Odyssey."

Pretend you can go back in time.

You go back in time, and you
can change one thing...

One thing to alter history.

What would you do?

How would we travel back in time?

Doesn't matter. You have a time machine.

Bang, you're there. Now what do you do?

But are you talking about time travel

that actually utilizes
electromagnetic energy,

- or is it a magical...
- Glenn, it doesn't matter, okay?

The point is, you're there.

I'm looking for something
that will help humanity,

help the world. What would you do?

- Kill Hitler.
- Kill Hitler, okay.

No, kill Saddam Hussein.

- You'd kill Hussein over Hitler?
- How about we go to 1930

when Hitler and Stalin
met and kill them both?

- Hitler and Stalin never met.
- Okay, lots of killing going on.

Or we could go back and kill Homer

so we wouldn't have to
read this dumb book.

Yeah, just kill Homer, dude.

Yeah, which wouldn't
be hard. He's blind.

God damn it, Jake.

You were in a Dallas whorehouse.

Then you've got some
kind of recording setup

with some Russian filth.

I don't really give a damn what
your side of the story is.

Contract you signed has
a moral clause in it.

You're not the man I thought you were.

So, I'm fired?

It'll be easier for you to get
another job if you resign.

Deke, I'm the same guy that
walked through that door

every day for the past two years.

I-I got Mike Coslow to act.

I got Jim LaDue to memorize poetry,

Yates for Christ's sake.

Doesn't that count for anything?

It's why I've let you talk this long.

- I thought we were friends.
- We were.

And I wish things had
worked out differently.


I've got somewhere else to be.

Well, you better get there then.

Ms. Mimi's got your
termination papers ready.

He said you have a form for me to sign?

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry, sir. I thought I had it.

I can't... I can't
find the correct form.

It's okay, Ms. Mimi, just mail it to me.


Maybe it's for the best.

No, sir. I don't believe that.

Thank you.

Did you see Oswald shoot at Walker?

No. I...

I lasted till December 3, 1962.

If I had seen Oswald shoot that gun

alone with my own two eyes,

I would have taken the fucker out

and know it would've made a difference.

There it is, General Walker's.

Tomorrow someone takes a shot at him.

So all we got to do is see
if Lee was really alone.

Didn't we hear George tell
him to do it for the CIA?

Yeah, but sometimes I think

Lee's a patsy caught in a conspiracy.

Sometimes I think he's
just a lone crazy man.

The real litmus test
is if he's here alone

with that gun tomorrow night.

What's with the upside-down flags?

You went to that rally.
Walker's a fucking sociopath.

A so... Socio-what?

He's crazy.

Is it bad I'm rooting
for Lee to hit the guy?

Come on.

All right.

So, 9:00 tomorrow night
is when it goes down.

There's a church service
that gets out around then.

Right over there.

Theory is, Lee planned it

so that he could disappear
into the crowd, all right?

9:00, Walker's there at his desk.

According to history, the bullet
goes through that window.

It's a pretty easy shot.

Yeah, except Lee misses.

Walker gets some shrapnel
in the arm, that's it.

So, if you're gonna shoot someone

through that window, where would you be?

- And we're here.
- Yeah.

So tomorrow, we're gonna
have to find a spot

where we can watch and not be seen.

But even if Oswald's here alone
to kill General Walker,

how's that prove he's gonna
kill Kennedy in six months?

Because he's using the same fucking gun

with the same fucking bullets
that blows Kennedy's head off!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but doesn't
General Walker hate JFK?

Why would Lee try to kill both of them?

I don't know, Bill. It doesn't
matter why he shoots.

All that matters is if he shoots.


Come on, come on. Let's go.


You need to stop speaking
Russian to the child, honestly.


Here you go.

Junie doesn't need to have
other children thinking

that she comes from a country
that wants to kill us.

But Lee wants June speak both.

She can learn Russian when
she's older if she wants to.

- Bill?
- But right now,

- she needs to learn...
- Get over here.

She's tough.

Marguerite never lets up on Marina.

Have you checked the
spares on both cars?

- Mm-hmm.
- What about the sparkplugs?

The sparkplugs?

Bill, we're going up against the past.

Tomorrow anything can
happen, and it will.

All we can do is try and be ready.

That means check everything...

Batteries in the flashlights,
extra car battery,

tools in case we get
a flat tire, everything.

- Diapers?
- Trust me.

Everything's fine, okay?

- We're good to go.
- Okay.

After tomorrow, what happens then?

Well, I guess I kill Oswald,

anyone involved, and hope
I don't get arrested.

You haven't talked much about how

you're gonna do that part.

Well, maybe I don't
want to think about it.


Look, we can talk about
that later, okay?

If we pull this off,
which I think we can,

I'm gonna go back to Maine,

I'm gonna go into the rabbit hole,

come out the other side,

see what America in 2015 looks like,

and hope we made it better.

What about me?

Do I come with you?


I'll leave you Al's book.

You can... you can make the rest
of the bets and buy a house.

What happens tomorrow if you get caught?

We're not gonna get caught.

I'm gonna fill these up.


All right, so if George shows up...

I follow George. You stay with Lee.


All right, now.

Here, you take this
till I see you, okay?

I got to go back to Jodie.
I'm gonna sweep the house.

Jake Amberson the teacher
needs to be erased.

What about Sadie?

I was fooling myself thinking
I could be with her.

I came to the past for a reason, right?

- Right.
- Okay.

Today's the day.

All right.

- Hello?
- Hello, Jake.

Do you know who this is?


I have been thinking a lot
about what you said to me,

and I would like to, you know,
continue our little chat,

so why don't you come over?

Where are you?

Oh, Jake.

You know the address.

You've shaken the bed frame here plenty.

Jake, don't come!

Johnny. Johnny!

Johnny. Johnny!

Hello? It's just you. I can't be there.

What, Jake?

Bill, forget the plan. I
can't make it to Walker's.

You're gonna have to do this alone.

What are you talking about?



We're back here.

There he is. You got here fast.


- Have a seat.
- Okay, okay.

Just stop, please, all right,
we can all walk away.

- We won't say anything.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.

- Please, we can work it out.
- Shh! Jake!

Jake, I'm gonna be the one
doing the talking today, okay?

You can speak up when
I ask you a question.

That seems fair, right?

Oh, no, no. No. Hands.

Hands in your lap.

Yeah, like a lady should.


You're curious to see what
she looks like, right?

Jesus. Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, oh, oh, Jake, I don't
remember asking you a question.

She's not gonna be pretty anymore.

Have you ever been married, Jake?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

Oh, well, then you know. Marriage.

It's all about compromise, yeah?

That's what makes a
healthy relationship.

So when... when Sadie left,

I thought that she could...

She only needed some time
to sort things out, right?

But when I finally found her,

I noticed that something was different.

Well, she had dirtied herself.

Oh, yeah. Dirty little bird.

But, you know, hey,
stains can be cleaned.

Right? Or so I thought,

until you told me what she told you.

Personal details that should
stay between a man and his wife.

So, you did this.

You did this!

Mr. Jacob Amberson cock boy!

You turned my wife into
your dirty bird whore.

Sticking your thing into her wormy hole!

Please don't! Look...

- We didn't have sex.
- If you are gonna lie to me, Jake,

then I'm just not gonna
let you talk at all!

I-I-I'm not.

I listened to the rutting.

Squealing, you're just like little pigs.

Do you... do you love her?


- Then kiss her.
- What?

Stick your tongue into her
whore mouth, cock boy.

No! Kiss her!

Okay. All right.

Get ready.

Can I please just bandage her face?

Oh, uh, no.

No, don't you worry about that.
We're almost done.


- Have a drink.
- What is... What is that?

Well, that there is Westover Bleach.

That is the best darn
bleach that money can buy,

and I should know, because
I sell it by the gallon.

Every door I knock on ends up closing

on a happy customer holding
a bottle of that bleach.

Cuts through any stain.

Makes your whites bright
as the day you bought 'em.

No, even brighter.

It cuts through anything.
You'll see, yeah.

Yeah, take a sip.

- I'm not gonna drink that.
- Oh, yes you are.

Yes you are, cock boy.

You'll drink that whole glass,

because if you don't,
well, then Sadie dies.

I'm sorry, Johnny.

- It was an accident!
- No.

You know how I like things.
You did that on purpose.

Johnny, please don't.

No! Sit down, Jake!

There are bad people in this world,

people who would seduce a man's wife,

and someone has to do
something about it.

I'm from a different morality,
product of another time.

No one understands what I need
to do for the greater good.

There's nothing funny here.

Well, sure there is.

All this because I told him
your dirty little secrets?

Well, I didn't even tell him
about your grandmother.

She liked to wash you, didn't she?

She washed you real good.

Sadie, Sadie, don't.

How old were you? 12?

- No, 13.
- No... don't...

They took her away
because of you, Johnny.

- No.
- Yes, they did, they took her

- away because of you!
- Shut your mouth!

- Shut your mouth, now!
- Yes, they did, Johnny!

Shut your filthy mouth!


Sorry to bother you.

Lee's sleeping.

I know. I mean, I figured.

Bill, no, I-I can't.

Sure you can.

Come on. Take it.

It's not gonna kill you.


What the hell happened to you?

I-I tried to make a pie.

My sister Clara, she used to make
strawberry pie for me when I was little.

I'd eat so much, I got sick.

So you have sister here in Texas?

No. She died.

I'm sorry.

- You miss her?
- Yeah.

Well, why don't you fold it?

Who are you?

I live downstairs. We're neighbors.

I didn't mean to bother
you none, I just...

I came up here to ask if you had ice?

Our freezer's broke.


Well... see you.

I hope I didn't wake you
up. I... not that...

If you were sleeping.

Have you ever read any Karl Marx?

Can't say that I have, no.

You read it, and then we'll talk.

Is it any good?

It tells the truth.


Jake, be very careful.

Mr. Amberson.

Mike, Bobbi Jill.

Ms. Dunhill won the spring raffle.

We brought over her prize.
What are you doing here?

What? I'm just... Um...

I-I'm just fixing her sink.

I can help. My dad's a plumber.

No, that's okay. I got it. Um...

Uh... she's not feeling well,
so you should just get out of here.

You can leave the basket there.

Call the police,
go, go, go, go, go, go.

Would you please lock it?

If I hear sirens, 'cause you just

told those two kids to call the police,

I am gonna cut off her nose
right in front of you.

- I didn't.
- Well...

that's good then, isn't it?

Can we just... can we just...
Let's just finish this up.

It's just a very simple drink.

Either you drink that entire glass,

or Sadie gets a bullet to the head.

How do I know that you won't
kill her after I drink it?

Because she's my wife.

The vow is in sickness and in health,

for richer, for poorer,

till death us do part.

You drink that, and she will live.

Do it. Save her, Jake.

And there's no cheatin'!

Just drink.

Aah! Aah!

I tried to do this nice, you shits!


Oh, you...

I hear you.

I smell you.

Bellies on the ground, like vermin.

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, Sadie.

Sweetie, you okay? Sadie, Sadie?

She's lost a lot of blood.

Sadie, can you hear me?
You're gonna be okay.

Shouldn't she have an IV?

The nurses'll do that at the hospital.

At the hospital?
Why don't you do it now?

- Aren't you paramedics?
- Aren't we what?

Look... Hey, talk to me.

- Hey, where are you taking her?
- Go to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Parkland, of course.

Jake Amberson?

Deputy Stephens. We need to talk.

Look, I can't right now. I-I
need to get to the hospital.

There's a dead man in there.

I know, I killed him.

It was self defense, okay?

He was gonna kill her,
and he was gonna kill me.

Self defense or no,
I'm gonna need to take

- a statement from you right now.
- Sir, I can't right now.

I need to be with her.

You need to tell me
what happened in there.

Dan Stephens. Is that you?

I swear it seems like yesterday

that you threw that Hail Mary
pass against the Panthers.

Mr. Simmons, I'm in the middle
of an interrogation right now.

Jake teaches at my school.

I need to ask him my questions.
This is a murder scene.

Well, you go solve the
goddamn murder then.

Jake and I are gonna go to the hospital.

You want to meet us there, you can ask

all the questions you want.

Don't leave the hospital.

Let me ask you something.

Did you kill that son of a bitch?

- Yeah.
- Good.



- What?
- Where are you going?

To the library.

You all here for Miss Sadie Dunhill?

Yes. Is she okay?

I'm Dr. Jones. She's
in surgery right now.

How long?

Well, it was a very deep cut,

and she's lost a great deal of blood.

It could be all night.

Okay, but she's gonna be okay?

It goes beyond cosmetic.

She's in critical condition.


I can't make any promises.


But we have our best surgeons on it.

Well, we all want to donate blood.


All right, everybody who's
donating blood, y'all follow me.

Right now, let's go.

I understand Ms. Dunhill ended
her relationship with you?

Yeah, she did.

You two had an argument in front
of your house a couple days ago.

I mean, did you... Did you see her face?

There's got to be some
fingerprints on the knife.

I mean, Jesus Christ.

Look, I just want to get the truth.

You give it to me straight,

we can sort this whole thing out.

We had an argument,

and she broke up with me because
I kept things from her.

That's the truth.

She was open,

and she trusted me, and...

and I couldn't do that.

And I don't deserve her.

Then that crazy fucker came and cut her,

and he tried to kill her and me both.

So the truth is yeah,

it felt fucking great
when I cracked his skull,

because he deserved it,

so you can put that in your book.

No need.

My prayers'll be with Ms. Dunhill.

9:00 is when it goes down.

There's a church service
that gets out around then.

Where are you at, Lee?

Good night, Clara.



Clara? Clara!



Clara? Clara?

Oh. W... You... you were my sister.

Excuse me?

Uh, I thought... I thought
you were my sister.

I'm sorry.

The hardest part about
living in the past

is that everything you tell
everybody will be a lie.

It's possible to forget
who you really are,

and you'll want to reach out,

make a connection.

I made that mistake.

If you get too close,

you forget what you came for.

General Walker, please slow down.


If I could just get a
look at your arm...

If it's a gunshot wound...

If you can slow down so I
can get you a wheelchair...

I don't need a wheelchair.
It's only damn shrapnel.

- Sir?
- Tell 'em I'll be fine.

Doesn't need it, but you
should let 'em check you.

Fine. Just make it quick.

- Hello?
- Hey.

I-I saw Walker. He's at the hospital.

What happened?

Where were you?

Bill, what happened at Walker's house?

Was Lee there? Did... what'd you see?

I... I missed it.

- You missed it?
- I never saw Lee there at all.

I missed everything.

I saw my sister.

Nobody ever found Clara's body,

and so I hoped she was still alive,

even though I knew
that that wasn't true.

I saw Clara.

She was there, and then she was gone.

Then I heard the gun.

I screwed up, Jake. I'm sorry.

I'm s...

Mr. Amberson?

Has the nurse found you?


I wanted to say how sorry I am.

Sor... Sorry? W-w-why?

I thought we'd be able to do much more.

No, no, no.

No, no. Please, no.

No one at this hospital,
including myself,

has encountered a facial
wound of that severity.

I don't... I don't understand. What...

What happened? Blood loss?

We just don't have the
technology available.

Sadie died because you
don't have the technology?

Oh, my good God. No, she's not dead.

- What?
- No, no, it's her scar.

I'm talking about the scar on her face.

It'll be severe. There
will be permanent damage,

but she's not dead.

Mr. Amberson, she'll be all right.


You're alive. You're alive.

Sorry. I don't want to hurt you.

I'm sorry.

If I look as bad as I
feel, I must be a sight.

You've never looked better.

You saved my life.


You saved mine.

I can't do this without you.

Do what?

I lied to you.

And I'll never do it again.

I have to tell you something.

I-I know. I think I know.

Just let me say it.

I'm from the future.

I was born in 1978.

Don't. Don't make me laugh.

You're not joking?

You're from the future?

That's not what I thought
you were gonna say.

Are you really an English teacher?


Where are you really from?

I'm from Lisbon, Maine.

That part's true.

Where are you from?

I grew up in East Texas.

Where'd you go to school?




I love you.

You don't think it's too soon for that?

I mean, we just met.

Well, it's good to meet you.

It's not too soon for me.

I love you too.

Did you always know that you
wanted to be a librarian?

Oh, I just like the books.

What's your favorite?

Let me guess.

"From Here to Eternity."

No, that's too savvy for me.

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