11.22.63 (2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - Other Voices, Other Rooms - full transcript

Jake finds an unlikely ally in his quest in local drifter Bill Turcote. He gets a teaching job in a small town near Dallas and discovers romantic sparks with school librarian Sadie Dunhill. Jake constructs a double life - spying at night on Lee Harvey Oswald as the potential assassin within Jake builds. Trailing Oswald takes Jake into the dark side of Dallas, where he realizes Oswald may not be the only threat Kennedy will have to face.

Previously on "11.22.63..."

What the fuck was that?

That was October 21, 1960.

Al, why did you show this to me?

I don't know whether Oswald
was the man who did it.

- Who's this?
- General Walker.

Ran for Texas governor.

There was an assassination
attempt on this man.

Same exact make of gun
that killed Kennedy.

Did you see Oswald shoot at Walker?

George De Mohrenschildt.

If Oswald had a handler, it was him.

Russian expat. Might be an informant.

Might work for Russia.

So on October 26th,
there's something there

you'll really want to see.

Lee Harvey Oswald.

The "past doesn't want
to be changed" thing...

it pushes back?

Things would happen.

I forget everything when I'm reading.

- "From Here to Eternity."
- Sadie Clayton.

Jake Ep... um, Amberson.

They were both random and violent.

You ain't going nowhere.

Frank was married to my
older sister, Clara.

He killed her 12 years ago.

It worked.

Hey, what the hell is this?

How the hell did you
have a paper dated 1963?

You said you knew things

and you know what was gonna happen,

and then you kill Frank Dunning,
and then I find this... hmm?

- I'm taking you to the cops.
- Great.

Well, then they'll arrest us both.

Hell they do.

You were in the house.
You'll be an accomplice.

I didn't do anything.

And what's this about, hmm?

I read all this shit. Baseball
games in 1962 and '63.

Newspaper stories that
haven't happened yet.

I'm here to keep the President
from being assassinated.

Someone's gonna kill Ike?

No. President Kennedy.

You come from the future when?


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So you're saying a guy's going to
kill the President in three years?

Why not take him out right now?

Oswald's in Russia right now.

What the fuck's he doing in Russia?

He defected. He comes back in 1962.

It's... it's complicated.

Prove that you're from the future.

Say something that's going to happen,

- something I can check.
- I can't...

Fuck, I don't know, uh...

What else can I tell you?
Look in that book.

These fights in 1962...

those are the winners?


If what you say is true,

could you save someone else too?


My sister Clara.

I want Frank Dunning killed.

If you can go to other
times, bring her back.

I can only go back to 1960.

That's how it works. I'm sorry.

Never mind.

Look, drive me to Dallas.
There'll be 100 in it for you.



Yeah, just take me there,

drop me off, and forget you ever saw me.

I could take that 100 off you right now.

Yeah. I guess so. You got the gun.


You got yourself a ride...

But I'm keeping this handy.

As Winston Churchill said,

"If we open a quarrel

between the present and the past"...


"We shall be in danger
of losing the future.

- For the world is changing."
- Aah!

"The old ways will not do."


- Oh, ah! I... Get off!
- I killed you!

I killed you!

I... fuck.

You get the fuck away from me...

- Sorry.
- All right?

You don't hurt me anymore!

Put that down, I...

I was having a nightmare. I'm...

Fuck. What I wouldn't give
for a minibar right now.

A what?

Never mind.

I'm sorry. I was just freaking out.

I'll be okay.

Man, if there's one thing I know
it's how to take a beating.

My daddy made sure of that.

We don't stop until we get to Dallas.

Here it is.

Dealey Plaza.

This is where

the assassination's going to take place.

About 2,000 books written about it,

and no one knows for sure what happened.

That's the book depository.

That's where Lee Harvey
Oswald is going to work...

and maybe he's the shooter,

or maybe it's a CIA
marksman with Lee's gun.

Maybe there's another
shooter over there.

Maybe sent by Russia.

And maybe another shooter... wherever.


And you think you can figure it?


I know more than people know here yet.

Don't you know everything?

No. Not everything.

That's what scares me.

I was never much for
all that Camelot shit.

I remember walking down the street.

I was just a kid,

and we'd look at each other
for a second, then we'd...

look away.

Some people were crying.

Some people just stopped in
the middle of the sidewalk,

'cause we all knew

something had been broken in all of us,

and it could never get repaired.

Supposedly, Oswald tried
to kill someone else

before Kennedy using the exact same gun,

- so I'm going to follow him...
- Wait, wait.

Who else'd he try to kill?

This politician named General Walker.

So if I see Oswald trying to do that,

and I can prove he's not part
of a conspiracy, then...


With who?

The people that really run things.

Maybe the... Look, the point is

if I see Oswald shoot at Walker,
and I know that he's alone...

Kill him, and that saves Kennedy.



I want to save him too.

No. Look, Bill, no. Just go home.

To what?

To Kentucky? I ain't got shit there.

It's just the place my sister
and her baby used to be.

You know, maybe you could use
somebody to have your back.

I listened to you. I believed you.

Fuck it.

Bill? Bill!

If you want to help... you can help.



Let's go save JFK, partner.


Jodie. Why here?

Because it's between
Dallas and Fort Worth,

and Oswald's gonna be
living in both places.

We just set up here,

and by the time Oswald
gets back from Russia,

we'll be moved into the
Fort Worth apartment.

We can start betting on games then too.

We still got to get a job.

I went to Amherst on the G.I. Bill,

and I've taught all over.

I like seeing a bit of the
country I fought for.

Why come to a little place like Jodie

when there's plenty of
teaching jobs in Dallas?

I didn't really take to the city.

Well, it is a shithole, all right.

When I saw your ad,

I realized I was more
of a small-town guy.


You got some?

Lot of substitute teachers,

they don't know how to make the kids

do what they're supposed to do,

so they just send 'em
down here to my office

like I got nothing better to do.

Well, I haven't had any issues.



You got references?

Yes, sir.

You ever read that book
"Catcher in the Rye"?

Yes, sir.

You think it ought to be in the library?



That book has prostitution in it,

among other things.

Well, Principal Simmons,

we do call ourselves
the land of the free,

home of the brave.

I think we can handle it.

Call me Deke.

All my faculty does.

Okay. Thank you, Deke.

Miss Mimi?

Yes, sir, Mr. Simmons?

Mr. Amberson here

had a pretty good answer
to your literary question.

But, of course, that Salinger book

is never going to be in the library.

Hell will freeze over before it is.

Get Mr. Amberson's paperwork
all squared away for tomorrow.

He can start part-time until
that idiot Phil Bateman retires.

Yes, sir, Mr. Simmons.

I suppose that was a little
bit indiscreet, wasn't it?

- Yes, Mr. Simmons.
- All right.

You watch your step
with Miss Mimi there.

Thank you.

Mr. Amberson, what is your address?

I haven't settled on
anything permanent yet.

Well, our physics teacher
has a house for rent.

I can introduce you.

Yeah, that would... That would be great.

All right, James Dean.

I got a job. Now it's your turn.

Hey, let's go celebrate
the new job in Dallas.

Dallas? Let's celebrate here.

Come on.

I've lived in a small
town my whole life.

Whoo! I love you!

Whoo, I love you!

Oh, you are killing me.

So gorgeous. Oh!

She is beautiful!

Fellas okay? Having a good time?

Yeah. Sorry.

I guess my little brother's

having, uh, too much of a good time.

Love to see people having fun.

- This is my place.
- Oh, nice.

Are you gonna vote for Kennedy?

Oh, hey, let's, uh, not
talk politics in here, huh?

You got a problem with Kennedy?


He's a great man.

Couldn't agree more.

Going to turn this country around.

Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby?

Yeah. Something wrong?

Look like you seen a ghost.

You know who else is a great man?


Little brothers, huh?

They, uh, have that hero worship.

Nah, not me. I hate my fucking brother.

Nah, he wants to do big things.

Okay. I think we should go.

- He is going to do big things.
- Yeah.

He is going to stop bad
things from happening.

Okay. Bill, shut up.

He came from the future.

All right, here.

Bye, sweetheart.

There you go. Thank you.

All right, wake up.

Wake up.

All right, what's the story?

- What story?
- Our story.

How do we know each other?

- We're brothers.
- Mm-hmm.


You were born in Maine.

Later we moved to Kentucky.

You... you went to college in the East.

That's where you lost your accent.


Look... our parents died,

and we sold the farm.

- That's it.
- Never, ever change the story.

You almost fucked up
everything last night, Bill.

I'm sorry.

I'm real sorry.

All right. Come on, now.

You got to drive me to school.

I got to get to work.

May I help you, Mr. Coslaw?

Miss Mimi, can Bobbi Jill
change her section of Home Ec?

- You let Mike talk for you now?
- Yes, ma'am.

Miss Mimi, can I pour you a cup?

No, sir.

No, thank you, Mr. Amberson.

He's helpless.

Fortunato has walled him in

brick by brick.

Edgar Allen Poe has trapped you.

No one will hear you scream.

No one will find your body.

You can see it happening,

but you cannot stop it,

so how will you get out of there?

I have to read all these?

Well, if I do my job
correctly, you'll want to.


One, two, three. Testing.

Mr. Amberson?

Bobbi Jill, hi.

Miss Mimi wanted to speak with you.

- Hey, Coach.
- Amberson.

Looks nice, huh?

Miss Mimi, hi.

Oh, Mr. Amberson... good.

"From Here to Eternity."

That's original.

Mr. Amberson, this is Miss Dunhill.

- Yeah, we've... we've met before.
- Have we?

In Dallas, about two years ago.

- You...
- I left my bag.

- You left... yeah.
- Oh, how funny.


Miss Dunhill is our new librarian.

Oh, great. Hi.

I was reading, and I left my bag,

and he so thoughtfully
returned it to me.

I'm just glad your
husband didn't kill you.

No husband.

No, yeah, you had a ring,

- and you made a joke.
- No husband.


Mr. Amberson, we had two teachers

scheduled to chaperone
the dance this Thursday.

Mrs. Squillace has a sore throat,

and Mr. Martin's mother is ill.


Ms. Dunhill has volunteered,

but it's not possible for
her to chaperone alone.

Will you help?

This Thursday?

Oh, I-I hate to say no.

Then don't.

I have a commitment.

Oh, the hell you do.

Pardon my French, Miss Dunhill.

No, that's what I was going to say.

I knew we made a good decision with you.

Reschedule your commitment, son.

Uh... hell.


Come with me.

I'll get you a set of keys.

You can thank me later.

Fort Worth will be your home base.

I'll stay here part-time.

The important thing is
we'll have eyes on Oswald.

This neighborhood smells like crap.

Yeah. Thank God Oswald only
lives here for six months.

Come on.

All right.

This a mixed race neighborhood?

Yeah. Jesus, Bill, who cares?

I ain't got a thing in the
world against niggers.

It was God who cursed 'em
to their position, not me.

Can you give us a minute?

Talk amongst yourselves.


That's where
they're going to move in.

Oswald arrives back in a few days.

We're going to live here for six months?

Well, what's it going to be, fellas?

A place like this not
gonna be empty long.

All right. We'll take it.

Get out of here. I
said I can't help you.

Miss Mimi.

Mr. Amberson.

You okay?

I just ran out of gas.

I walked 12 blocks to this station.

Told this gentlemen my predicament.

He just informed me that
I cannot buy gas here.

Hold on.

'Scuse me.

- Can we help you, sir?
- I need some gas.

Oh, let me finish it up for you.

Uh, no, I need it in a can.

No. I don't think so.

Are you kidding me?

Niggertown is a mile across the tracks.

She can buy her gas there.

Like it's supposed to be.

What the hell are you... hey!
Put that down, that's my...

Hey, why don't you shut
your fucking mouth?

Excuse my language, Miss Mimi.

I got the equipment all lined up.

Sergeant Pete's bringing it over.

Shut your cakehole, Rafael.

Oh... that one's the man.

- Hey, hey, hey...
- Wetback son of a bitch!

- Maricon!
- Hey, shut up!

- Pinche joto!
- Shut up!

Get in the car. Just get in the car.


That guy is bad news.

We need to take care of guys like that.

No, what we need to do
is stay under the radar.

You got it?

- Lee! Oh!
- Ma, Ma!

Oh, my darling, I did not
think that I would ever

see you again as long as I lived!

I thought you were going to stay

- in that God-forsaken country.
- Course I wasn't.

Oh, you look so...

Ma, let me say hi to Bobby, please.

You look so good! Oh, you
say hello to your brother.

How are you? Good to see you.


Does she speak any English?

Uh, a little.

Where are the reporters?

What reporters?

For the homecoming of the only U.S.
Marine ever to defect.

Now, Lee, don't start
talking like that now.

There's no need. Give me your hand.

We are going to go home,

and we're going to go home as a family,

and we're going to have fried chicken,

and we're going to have collard greens.

Lee is back.

He lives with his mother for a week,

which means we have to get
his place bugged tonight.

We need to find out when
Oswald starts talking about

General Walker and who he
starts talking about him to.

And the Kennedys have opened up America

to Communist infiltration.

Yep... just like that.

- Sounds like General Walker.
- Yeah.

Prayer is not enough to deal
with traitors like these.

Rise and...

You a fan?

Served with him in WWII.

Love the man.

So what do we got?

Voice-activated surveillance.
New from Japan.

You can aim this outside.

You catch everything they
say walking up, right?

Now, look over here.

Wireless microphones.

You got to love these babies.
Got your long-range.

Got your short-range.

Ya put 'em behind pictures and such.

They get their power from a
transmitter I've wired here.

Like the tenants just
left their old radio.

- Copy?
- Yeah.

That's it.

Goddamn shame the Japs
pulled ahead in electronics.

We bomb 'em to shit,
they're in first anyway.

We gonna come back though.
God bless Texas.

God bless.

Hey, you boys going to
the rally next week?

General Walker's having a rally?

I can introduce you.

He has men over his house once a month,

and we all blow about
the crisis in America.

Yeah, maybe. Sounds interesting.

Good luck bugging your wife's place.

You get yourself that divorce.


See you, Bill.

Bye, Sarge.

Hey, so, uh...

I'm gonna go back to Jodie tonight.

I'll be back by 10:00.

Everybody's doing

a brand-new dance now.

Come on, baby, do the loco-motion.

I know you'll get to like it

if you give it a chance now.

Come on, baby, do the loco-motion.

How's it going, partner?

- Made a bust.
- Whoa. Ha ha ho.

Can we smoke what we confiscate?

Yeah, although I think
we have bigger troubles.

That's Jim LaDue, quarterback.

Danny Parsich, and Phillip Gardener.

Master criminals.

Let's get 'em.


How's it going?

Got anything for me, guys?

- Nope.
- Uh-uh.

Come on, cough it up to the lady.

All of you. Come on.

Get out there and have some
clean fun, why don't you?

Yeah, maybe we should
go inspect this punch.

Grab a couple cups. Come on.

Let's go! Let's go.

It's going to be hard

to settle the issue of what's in this...

Gin or vodka?

I'm sure it's a very subtle mix,

so don't jump to any judgments.

I'm sorry I brought up your husband.

I have thin skin. It's okay.

People in Texas...

They're not exactly
welcoming to a divorcée.

Yeah. In Maine neither.

That's why I left.

Hmm. You're divorced?

It's different for men.


From here to eternity

and to starting over.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- Mmm.
- Mm!

That's a lot of something.

So you're from Maine?


It's so pretty. I visited
my cousins there.

They're from Lisbon.

- That's where I'm from.
- Please.

I'm not kidding.

I think I had the best milkshake

of my life in Lisbon.

How long ago were you there?

Two years ago.

Wow. We just missed each other.


to timing.

To timing.

It's Madison time. Hit it.

All right!

Whoo! Go, Jim!

You're looking good. A big, strong line.

When I say hit it, I want you
to go two up and two back

with a big, strong turn
and back to the Madison.

Hit it!


You're looking good.

Now, when I say hit it,

I want you to go two up and two back,

double cross, come out
of it with the Rifleman.

- Hit it.
- Well, hey.

Well, come on.


And hold it right there.

Now here's something
from back in the day

when our chaperones Mr. Amberson and Ms.
Dunhill were young.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Chicken, huh?

- All right.
- Yeah, Mr. Amberson.

How do you know how to do this?

My ex-wife made me take lessons.

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

- Wow...
- We're a good team.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Guess we better do some chaperoning.

Okay. Right.

Look, um... I...

I have an emergency.

An emergency?

Yeah. I have to... I have to go.

I will be back in one hour.

- Two hours tops, okay?
- You're leaving?

Yeah. I'll be back.

Okay? I'll be back.

You're sure they're not gonna be here?

They're staying with his mom right now.

What the hell's that?

It's them! It's them!

You said they were at his mom's!

Come on. Finally, some privacy.

You like?

Turn that off.

I did all right, hey?

Papa did all right.

I-I thought... it would be

a little bit nicer.

You want nice?

Well, I got nice.

Oh, that's not playing fair.



Come here!

- I love you.
- Oh, Marina.

Come on.


- Oh! Aah! Aah!
- Shh!


Who the fuck is there?

Huh, you want to mess with me?


Come down here and face me!

That's right!

You run, you fucker!

Now, you come back,

and I will nail you to the fucking wall!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scream.

I just...


We're getting closer to Oswald.

It's the past pushing back.

It felt like spiders.

Thieving sons of bitches.

You have no right coming here!

They think that they can
come into your house.

- Voice activated.
- We did... we did it!

- It worked!
- All right, listen.

We need to get as much tape as possible.

If he says anything
about General Walker,

we have to hear it.

I'm not in the mood, okay?


Give me a few, okay?



Ah, shit.

Sadie, hi.

I'm so sorry.

For what?

For leaving.

Oh, did you leave?

Yeah, I had no idea...

Yeah, yeah. Your emergency.

Things happen.


I'm sorry.

All right.

Good morning, Coach.

You left Miss Dunhill
to chaperone alone.

It was an emergency.

That is very disappointing.

Miss Mimi, I'm really sorry.

Apologies are like dandelions, Mr.

They're pretty enough,
and they sprout up fast,

but they don't have much substance.

What have I told you about
smoking in this house?

We have a baby right here, Marina.

I go to work all day long,
Marina, and I come back.

- I would like...
- He's in a bad mood.

What do you do all day, Marina?

I have been changing diapers and...

I never got much time with your pop

before he was taken from me.

I work all day long, and I come
back, and I would relax...

You two should appreciate
all the time you have.

We're getting nowhere. All
that guy does is complain.

Comfort her. Pick her up.

Why don't you do it?

Where's my book?

- She misunderstood.
- No, no, the other one.

Understands more than you
give him credit for.

This is what I can afford, Ma.

I go to store, darling.

- Who's defining the terms?
- Did she sleep today?

Ma, can you just mind the baby?

Never mind. June needs
brothers and sisters,

so dress how you like.

I no... slut.

I did not call her that.

What did you say?

I told her to be careful
how she dresses.

I feel for Marina. I really do.

Oh, man.

That night... they went
on and on and on and on

about her dress.

She dresses nice, you know?

I mean, not like a nun, but nice.

Lee's mother ought to be happy

that her son's got such
a nice-looking wife.

I tell you, I...

Surprise! The welcome wagon is here.

- Oh, my God.
- What is it?

It's George.

- He's CIA.
- You're shitting me?

No, that's George De Mohrenschildt.

I saw him in Dallas two years ago.

We have to hear if
shooting General Walker

is George's idea or Lee's.

This might be the start
of the whole thing.

But let's not leave Marina out of this.

Are they going to talk about Walker?

If they do, then we'll know
that Lee wasn't acting alone.

The English language...

It remains popular in
this country, you know.


She's right.

What do we do if they
keep speaking Russian?

Fuck! Shoot me right now.

We could have spent the last two
years learning fucking Russian.

I couldn't learn any Russian.

Should we walk?

Should we follow 'em?

No, they'd see us.

All right, look, we need to get a
Russian-to-English dictionary.

That'll get us started at least.

- They make those?
- Yeah.

They might have one at
the school library.

I can get in there now.

Look, they're going to come back.

You just stay here.

Make sure the tapes keep running, okay?

Record it all!

Hey, Bill, I got the dictionary.


Bill! Hey, Bill.

Bill, Bill!

Hey, hey.

You all right?

- Ah...
- Huh?

What happened?

- Rafael.
- What?

He and some guys pushed in here.

Stole the stuff.



I told you you shouldn't
have let him call us homos.

- FBI! Hands up!
- Where's our stuff?

Shit! This is all useless now.

We're going to have to start all over.

- No way you jotos are FBI.
- Yeah?

You compromised a federal investigation!

- None of this can be replaced.
- Hey...

Do you want me to fuck with
you, huh, surveil you...


God damn it. All right. Come on. Get up.

You're helping us put it back. Let's go.

Okay, okay.

Let's go.

Hey, let me help you.

That's okay. I'm used to
doing things on my own.

Right. Listen, can I make a real apology

about the other night at the dance?

I had no idea how rough it would
be for you to chaperone alone,

and, look, I was an ass.

And I-I really didn't mean
to leave the whole night.

It was just a mistake.

So... if there's anything I can do,

I really just want to make
things right with you.

- Okay.
- I like dancing with you.

Me too.

Take me out to dinner this weekend.

Definitely. Um...


Saturday's good.

Pick me up at 6:00.

I'll... I'll be there.

I don't see any need for
us to waste our time.

Do you?


Oh, and, Jake...

don't ever do anything
like that to me again.

You left me alone with 200 kids.

It was embarrassing,

and I practically broke my back

trying to put all those chairs away.

You understand?

Yes, ma'am.


You said that Oswald said
he was gonna be here.

Yeah, I heard him tell Marina.

The values our fathers died for,

our grandfathers bled for,

all the ideals the Sisters of
Southern Heritage stand for,

are being trampled
underfoot by the Kennedys.

Yes, sir!

John and his little brother Bobby

don't appreciate how the poll
tax preserves Southern culture.

I'm free to name the
Civil Rights movement...

- Oswald.
- The Communist conspiracy

- it is.
- He brought George.

- Or George brought him.
- Yeah.

And now the Kennedys...

So, does the CIA want
to get the General?

Want to integrate the
University of Mississippi.

I don't know.

- Are we going to stop them?
- Yeah!

Will you come with me to
Mississippi to stop 'em?


Why would George bring him here?

It's time to move. We
have talked, listened.

He's baiting him, getting his blood up.

And been pushed around far too much

by the Antichrist Supreme Court.


It's now or never!

Great speech, General.

Oh, I'm glad you boys came.


Interesting. Really interesting.

Oh, hey, I can introduce you.

No, we got to go.

- What?
- Yeah. Thank you.

Okay, okay. All right, Bill.

- Take care.
- Come on, Bill.

General Walker?

General Walker?

It was great, really.

Do you know what a fascist is?


No, I just want to ask you.

Have you ever picked up a history book,

'cause Hitler would
be real proud of you!

Hey, stop!

Get back!

- Down there.
- Right there!

Racist son of a whore!

It was like this in Munich!

- Okay!
- Get him out of here!

It was like this in fucking Berlin!

Okay. Okay.


I told you, stay back!

Calm down.

- All right.
- Aah!

Go on, get!

You like the General, huh?

You think that the
General is a great guy?

You think that that fascist
has something to say?

I have something to say!

I have something to say!

Wake up!

All right.

Stay down!

Wake up, you fucking fascist!

Wake up, or I will kill you!
I'll fucking kill you!