101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Indiana Jeff & the Temple of Boom! - full transcript

Contestants who answer incorrectly are eliminated in spectacular fashions.


Eight contestants compete in
a game show like no other.

The question is...

I don't know. Uh-oh.

Choosing the correct answers
can win you $50,000.

What's up, baby?!

But choose just one
wrong answer...

The wrong answer is...

Oh, my God.

And you're gone.

See you later!

Aah! Aah!

Oh, my God!




On "101 ways to
leave a game show."

You've got to be
kidding me right now.

All you had to do was call.

I would've sent Gustav
down with the tractor

and picked you guys up.
You didn't have to walk.

It's all good.

- How we doing?
- Good. Pretty good.

Great. Welcome to my ranch.

It's been in the family
for at least 300 years.

I figure no better place to
host the most insane game show

in the history of
television than my ranch.

By day's end, one of you
is going to be able

to put the title
"winner" on your resume.

And with that title, $50,000.

And the game could not
be more simple...

All you have to do is answer
the question correctly,

you stay in the game. However,
you get the question wrong,

you are going to be
ejected from the show,

and we have 101 different
ways to do that.

Before we get started, I'm gonna
divide you guys into two groups.

We're gonna start with
these guys up front.

Why don't you guys hang over
there and enjoy the fun?


To stay in the game and
compete for $50,000,

all you gotta do is get
this question right.

If you don't, you're off the
show, and here's how...

Each of you will
be standing inside

one of those giant snare
traps over there.

My family has used those
to catch trespassers,

bigfoot, and other mythical
beasts that roam the land.

If you choose the right
answer, you move on.

If you choose the wrong answer,
I am gonna cut the safety line,

you are gonna shoot
100 feet in the air,

and become food for the giant
vultures that live in the area.

I call this one
"nothin' but net."

- Oh, my God.
- That doesn't look good.

That does not look good.

Before I ask you that question,
I like to play a little game

to determine the order in
which you're gonna answer.

Everyone take one
of these boards,

pass it down.

Write down how many
letters are in the word


Closest to that correct
number gets to go first,

second... You guys get the idea.

All right. Let's see the answers.
Flip 'em around.

Ian went with 32, Gina, 28,

Robert, 45.

- And Jasmine, 22.
- It's a long word.

It's a long word!

All right. There are actually
34 letters in the word


which means Ian goes
first, Gina second,

Robert third, and
Jasmine fourth.

Everyone follow me.

Boo. I'm last.

I have a question I
want to ask you guys,

but before the question,
here are the answers...

Frozen steaks,

a magazine,

home security systems,

and finally, a university.


And the question is...

Which three of these has
"discriminating businessman"

three of those are
right, one is wrong.

Avoid the one wrong answer.

Ian, we're gonna start with you.

What do you do for a living?

I am a deejay.

You are a deejay. What's
your deejay name?

- Deejay Spectrum.
- Is that because of the glasses?

Yes, and because I have
different colored glasses.

Ah. So it's like spectrum
of color, specs...

Drop a beat.

This party may never stop.

There it is.

But, you know, we're
gonna put it on pause.

Very nice. We're
looking for something

Donald trump has
put his name on.

Frozen steaks... I
could see, maybe,

Donald trump getting
involved in that,

'cause he can use his catch
phrase, "you're fired,"

to cook the steaks.

His words are that powerful,

that it can cook a steak.
They are. It's great.

"You're fired. Medium-rare."

Uh, a magazine makes sense.

He's, you know, high luxury.

I'm gonna go ahead and
stick with magazine.

Okay. Gina, over to you.

Gina, what do you
do for a living?

I work as a concierge.
Do they pay a lot?

Robert, whose show is this?

All right, Gina.

For some reason, I feel
like frozen steaks

sounds like something I
might have read about

a long time ago.

I think you need to
go with university.

He's a big guy.

Oh, really? Is that what
you think I should do?

Robert's trying to
get into your head.

He's a big guy.
He's got influence.

Is that what you're gonna say.

If you don't, I am.

I'm gonna go with frozen steaks.

Robert, over to you.

He already kind of
started his mind games.

Well, I was trying... I was
trying to psyche her out.

Well, we have home security
systems and a university.

The rich people, they
need something to have...

Secure themselves in, and
do all of that stuff.

So I'm gonna go with the
home security system.

Okay, you're going with that.

Very good. Jasmine, over to you.

Jasmine, what are you gonna
do with the $50,000?

I am gonna throw
a birthday party

for chanel, my dog.

At the ranch! And I'm deejaying.

And you're gonna throw a
$50,000 birthday bash?


Wow! Let's talk out your answer.

Oh, wait a minute. You
don't have a choice.

You are going with a university.

You feeling good
about that answer?

Yeah, 'cause a university's
a big way to get your name,

like, out.

Let's be honest... he needs
to get his name out there.

Not too many people probably...
nobody knows him.


Everyone's got their answers.

- Oh, my God.
- It's time to find out...

Oh, no.

Who's leaving "101 ways
to leave a game show."


You look nervous.

I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna cry.
I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna cry.


Oh, my God. This knife is sharp.

I'm really afraid of you.

Uhh! Ian went with magazine.

Gina went with frozen steaks,

Robert, home security systems,

and Jasmine, university.

I hate heights.

- This might not be the stunt for you.
- I know.

You guys wanna find
out who's safe?

- Yes.
- Yes.

I don't. The wrong answer is...

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh, no.


Home security system!


Aah! Aah! Aah!

Oh ho ho ho!

Look at him! Oh, my God.

Oh! Aah!



What did we get
ourselves into, guys.

Oh, my God.

That was awesome.

The three of you guys
are moving on...

- Yay!
- For your chance at $50,000.

You guys wanna see what we've
got in store for the others?


Yeah! Let's go!


I can come down now.

All right, the three of you,

who are safe, can go in there...


And the rest of you
can follow me.

Oh, so you guys are protected here.
That's a good sign.

Yes. Safe.

- This is a real good sign.
- Great.

Robert's no longer with us.
Is anyone sad about that?

That was horrible. Says the
man in polka dot pants.

All right.

Anyone up for $50,000?


All you got to do is get
this next question correct.

If you don't, you're
off the show,

and here's how.

Meet my good friend, Twinkie.

- Oh, no.
- What?

To compete for that
$50,000, all you got to do

is get this next
question correct.

If you don't, you're
off the show,

and here's how.

Meet my good friend...


- Oh, no.
- What?

Oh, no.

He's half mastiff,

half pit bull,

and 100% hungry.

Choose the right
answer, you're safe...

You get to go into your
human kennel behind you.


If you are wrong... And
one of you will be...

He is going to attack and
drag you off the show.

What? I call this one,

"release the hound"!

Have fun with that one.

Oh, my gosh.

Ohh. Before we get
to the all-important

$50,000 question, gonna
play a little game

to determine the order
you're gonna answer.

Everyone, take one of these.

Pass it on.

In honor of my new cohost
Twinkie, this one's about a dog.

An Australian pooch named Bluey

holds the record as the
world's oldest dog.

Write down how long Bluey
lived in human years.

Closest to the correct number
gets to go first, second, so on.

All right, let's see those
answers flip'em around.

24 for Paige,

Joshua 23, Sean 22...

Lisa... sweet
mother of Bieber...

161 years.

You said the oldest dog.

In human years.


The world's oldest dog
lived to be 29 years.

- Which means...
- Whoo-hoo.

Paige is first... Wow.

Joshua second, Sean third, and 161...

Is going fourth.

All right, let's get
you guys suited up.

Well, you guys

definitely had a nice, e, quick change.
This works.

Uh... I don't know.

- How about we get to it?
- Yes.

- Let's do it.
- Do it.

I'm gonna ask you a question, but
first, here are the answers.

They are...

"Go ahead, make my day,"

"may the force be with you,"

"you talking to me?" And...

"I'm king of the world!"

And the question is...

Which three of these did the
American film institute rank

among the top 10 movie
quotes of all time?

Three of those are right.
One is wrong.

You want to avoid the wrong one.

Paige, what do you do
in your spare time?

I invent toys.

What's your claim to fame?

Uh, the spinning spaghetti fork.

That's yours?

Yes. The way people all
over the world enjoy pasta.

You're a mother? I am, of...

How many kids? Two.

What kind of example are you
setting for them right now?

Uh, this is what not to do.

You get to go first.

Okay. I know this one.

It just seems so obvious.
Everybody loves the force.

So I'm going with that one.

You're gonna go right with
"may the force with you"?

"May the force be with you."

All right, well, good luck.

Joshua, over to you.

Explain the hat.

Oh, they call me the
rhinestone cowboy.

My mom used to dress me
up and take me all around

to the horse shows when we...
when I was a kid, so...

She'd walk me around and
make me wear shiny clothes,

and I looked funny, but...

Why are you the guy
to beat today?

I know pop culture, I've got
my lucky rocks in my pocket...

Your lucky rocks?

I don't understand what it is,

but my whole life, people
have been handing me rocks.

Sure. Um, all the way up until
now, my friends just always, like,

send me rocks randomly,

and nobody knows
other people do it,

but people always
give 'em to me.

Hmm. All right.

You have "go ahead,
make my day,"

"you talking to me?"

And "I'm king of the world".

I'm gonna have to go with
"are you talking to me?"

- I am talking to you.
- I'm talking to you. A...

Oh, that's the answer
you want to go with?

Yeah. Okay, do you know
what movie it's from?

That was a mafia movie, right?


I can't remember.

Sean, over to you.

Something about you says,
"I dress in the dark."

I think you're referring
to my beautiful

multicolored polka dot pants.

Those were the pants that I
wore on my wedding day, so...

And she still showed up.
That is a keeper.

Oh, absolutely. I want to know what
his wife wore on their wedding.

Left on the table, we have

"go ahead, make my day"...

And "I'm king of the world!"

I'm gonna have to go with...
"I'm king of the world!"

I believe that was Leo in
the front on "Titanic."


Did you know what the "king
of the world!" is from?


Spoiler alert... He
dies at the end.

Lisa, that means you have

"go ahead, make my day."

You second-guessing
that, uh, 161 at all?

I-I am now. I think... Yeah.

I overestimated.

Which answer would
you have gone with?

I... would not change a thing.

You would not change a thing.
So she is happy.

Time to put your helmets on.
Go ahead.

Oh, I like the looks of this.

Everyone's got their helmets.
You feeling comfortable?

You feeling safe?


Three of you are right,

one of you is wrong,

and you are going to be
chased by a very, very

big, angry, hungry dog.

It's time to find
out who's leaving

"101 ways to leave a game show."

You guys all look very serious.

Paige, you went with "may
the force be with you."

Joshua, you went with
"you talking to me?"...

Sean, you went with "I'm
king of the world!"...

And, Lisa...

"Go ahead, make my
day." It would be nice

if I could make your day and
tell you you're safe, right?

I can't do that. I'm sorry.

However, Paige was a force
to be reckoned with.

Paige, you are safe.
Go get in the kennel.

"May the force be
with you" is ranked

- Not feeling so...
- confident.

Hmm, there's three of you left.
Paige, what do you think?

Should we just blow this
whistle and find out?


Yeah, that would be fun.

You know what's even
more fun, though?

Is just having two people
and tormenting them.

So I'm gonna send
one more to safety.

- Lisa, what'd you go with?
- "Go ahead, make my day."

- I would love to make your day.
- Are you going to?

No, I'm not. Oh.

"You talking to me?"
I'm talking to you.

Well, guess what, buddy?
You're safe.

- Take off your helmet.
- Go in the human kennel.

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!


Come here, boy! Come on out!

Ohh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

One of you is right, and one
of you is about to leave

"101 ways to leave a game show"

via dog.


- Come here, boy!
- Come on out!

Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

He's definitely hungry.

I asked you guys to name a
movie quote that was in

the American film institute top
10 movie quotes of all time.

Sean, you went with "I'm
king of the world!"

Lisa, you went with

"go ahead, make my day."

One of you is right, and one
of you is about to leave

via... dog.

Those suits don't
look too appetizing.

Let's make this more fun for twinkie...
some extra steak.


All right.

You know what? This is not safe for me.
I'm gonna go in here.

Lisa, "go ahead,
make my day," right?


I am gonna make your day.

Oh, my God! Good! You are safe.

"I'm king of the world!"
is the wrong answer.

Run, funny pants, run!

- Oh, no!
- No!

Get him, Twinkie! Get him!

He had the wrong answer!


No, dog! No!

Yes! Wow!

Twinkie is really
going to town on him!



You guys are all moving
on to the next round.

That much closer to the $50,000.

Why don't you guys all
meet me at the saloon?

I am very out of place.

I'm nervous.

All right. To stay in the game
and compete for the $50,000,

all you have to do is get
this next question correct.

If you don't,

you're off the show for
good, and here's how.

You might have been able
to avoid the snare traps

and possibly outrun
my guard dog.

However, you might not be
able to outrun these guys.


My good friends...

Shorty and Morty.

Oh, my God.

So if you pick the
wrong answer...

And one of you will...

Morty and Shorty are
gonna make sure

that you leave that $50,000
behind, as well as my bar,

through a plate glass window.

Oh, my God.

I like to call this one,

- no pane, no gain.
- Ohh, jeez.

Get it? Pane? Windowpane?
You see way I did that?

That was... you are so witty.

- Wordplay.
- That's...


Oh, man.

Gina, provided you don't
go through the window,

what are you gonna do
with the 50 large?

I really want to play in
the world series of poker,

and it's $10,000 to
play in the main event.

You pretty good at the pokok?

I do well. I mean, I'm
not a professional.

So you're not a professional,

but you'd blow $10,000 to
get into a poker game?

Well... Just... just
making that clear.

Know who... you know who's a
really good poker player?

Shorty, Morty.


Before I get to the
next question,

you guys know the deal. We're
gonna play a little game

to determine the order in
which you're gonna answer.

Take one of these
beautiful magic boards.

In miles per hour, write
down the top speed

of the world's fastest
roller coaster.

Closest to that correct number
gets to go first, second, third.

All right, let's see the answers.
Flip 'em around.

Jasmine did 100 miles per hour,

Gina with 108 miles per hour,

and Ian with 138 miles per hour.

Shoot. That's what I went with.

Well, the fastest roller
coaster in the world

is the formula rossa at
Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi,

and it goes one hundred...

- And forty-nine miles an hour...
- Yes! Ha ha!

Holy crap! Which makes...

- Ian first...
- Last again!

Gina second, and
Jasmine third...

Oh, man. So we'll just
stay right in this order.

I-I'm having deja
vu all over again.

All right, I'll take these.

Twice in a row, he got it.

- I'm so sick of winning already.
- Shut your mouth.

Are you seriously talking
that much crap right now?

Really? What? I don't...
what are you talking about?

- You want to go ride a roller coaster?
- Okay. Well, we'll see.

All right, Ian. The
$50,000 question...

You guys want to hear it?

All right. First, the answers.
They are...


barbed wire,

and dentures.


The question is...

Oh, my God. Which two of these

have an actual museum

in the United States
devoted primarily to them?

- Two of these are right...
- Oh, wow.

One is wrong. Avoid
the wrong answer.

Do it to it, Ian.

Okay. Pez...


Makes sense... lot of
colors, lot of characters.

Over the years, I'm sure
that people would want

to put them somewhere where
they can go admire all the pez.

- Okay.
- So I'm gonna go with pez.

You think in the United States

there's a museum
dedicated solely to pez?

Absolutely. You're not
throwing me through a window.

All right. Gina...

- My God, that stare is so scary.
- Well, I think...

It's coming over to you.

Left on the table, is
barbed wire and dentures.

I think that we have nothing
to worry about... really?


Because I think that pez
is the wrong answer.

- You think pez is the wrong answer?
- I do.

All right. Give it to us.
What's your thought?

I'm gonna go with barbed wire.

- Oh, my God.
- You are gonna go with barbed wire.

Jasmine not feeling good
about that one, either.

Let me guess. That was
your second choice?

- Actually, yeah.
- It was your second choice.

Well, I don't know, 'cause
barbed wire's kind of like jail,

so why would you want to
go to jail on a Saturday?

It's abstract.

All right. Well, let's
talk about dentures.


'Cause that's what
you're going with.

George Bush's dentures
could be in a box.

- George Bush had dentures?
- I don't know.

Were you maybe thinking
of George Washington?

That's what I said.

No. You said George Bush.

Sorry, I'm just really
scared right now, 'cause...

- Is it those guys?
- My life is at risk.

- But you know...
- Oh, you're right.

They probably have all the
famous people's dentures.

The old people's teeth.

Well, two of you are right
and one of you is wrong,

and it's now time to
find out who's leaving

"101 ways to leave a game show."

Oh, my gosh.

Ian, you went with pez...

- I was confident.
- Not anymore.

Gina, you went with
barbed wire...

Jasmine, you went with dentures.

Two of you are right,
one of you is wrong,

and that one of you

is going through a
plate glass window...

Oh, my God. Just tell us.


Those guys right there,

and they look thrilled.

Oh, ho ho.

There is a museum
for this item...


It is in the state
of California...

And it is a museum...

That features...

Barbed wire.

- Pez.
- Yes!

Ian, you are safe...

- I hate you.
- Oh, my God.

- Come on back here.
- Yes.

High five, guys. Come on
behind the pine, my friend.

- Look, I don't want to do this anymore.
- Come on behind.

Have a victory pickle.

Oh. Fantastic.

Why is he getting close to me?

These guys are moving in.
Moment of truth.

Down to the two ladies.

Oh, my God.

Denture museum...

Barbed wire museum.
You guys loose?

You guys stretch out? Don't
want any pulled muscles.

They're ready. They're close.


The wrong answer is...


Don't... don't tell us.

- Denture museum!
- Ohh, thank God!

So long, Jasmine.

Gina, you are safe.

No, no, no, no! I'm
the wrong person!

Right against the wall.

See you later.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no!

Ohh! Oh, my God! Are
you kidding me?

Oh, my God!

No, no, no, no!


Oh, my God!

Are you kidding me?

Congratulations! You guys are
moving on to the final round,

for a chance at $50,000.

I didn't think that he was gonna
pick her up and toss her out there!

You guys want to see what we
got in store for the others?

Yes, absolutely.

- Yes.
- All right. Follow me.

Barbed wire, baby. Barbed wire.

That was insane.

You got an 8?

Go fish.

While we're coming down here,
watch out for snakes...


- The two of you finalists...
- Yes.

- Whoo!
- Can go right on over there...

- Thank you, thank you.
- Okay.

And the rest of you, line up.
All right.

That brings us here,

to the mine. Do you have
any idea what's happening?

You're gonna ask us questions,
I'm gonna get them right.

Whoa. She's already one
step ahead of all of you.

- You got to watch out for her.
- Who's the biggest threat here?

Paige. Keep in mind,
he's got lucky rocks.

Show me the lucky stones.

These are the last ones
that were give it to me.

Who gave you those?

An older lady at a
church I was at.

I just... I'm really finding
this story hard to believe...

That people are just
giving you rocks.

I know it sounds crazy, but people
just give me rocks. All right.

Well, I hope those rocks are
gonna bring you some good luck.

What are you gonna
do with the money?

I get $50,000, I'm
go to Nashville.

All right. I love country music,
love playing music, love singing.

Give us a little taste.
Drop a beat for me.

One, two, three.

Ohh, ho ho!

That was not a dirty line.

She was just saying
she took my stuff.

Okay, okay.

Very nice, very good.

If this was a
talent competition,

these guys would have
somebody to look out for.

However, it is not.

If you want to join Ian and Gina

in the finals, all
you have to do

is answer this next
question right.

Yep. However, if you are wrong,

you are off the show,
and here's how.


If you want to join Ian and Gina

in the finals, all
you have to do

is answer this next
question right.

However, if you are wrong,

you are off the show,
and here's how.

You're each gonna be standing at
the end of this mining track.

If you give me the right
answer, you're safe.

However, if you give me
the incorrect answer...

And one of you will...
I am going to ignite

that dynamite from
that box over there,

setting off a huge explosion,
sending that mining car

crashing into you, sending
you over the edge

and far, far away
from the $50,000.

I like to call this one,

Indiana Jeff and the
temple of boom!

And of course, before I
ask you the question,

we have to determine the order
in which you're gonna answer.

According to guinness
world records,

write down the greatest
number of piercings

one person has ever
received in a single day.

Closest to that correct number
gets to go first, second, so on.

All right, let's see what we got
for answers. Flip 'em over.

Lisa went with 120,

Joshua 138,

and Paige 501.

A man by the name
of Chris Elliot

spent 6 hours and 15
minutes getting...

- 3,100 piercings...
- Oh, my gosh.


Which, of course,
makes Paige first,

Joshua second, and Lisa...

- Again.
- Third.

All right, everybody.
Let's get into positions.

Protect those stones, cowboy.


I'm already scared.

Anyone interested in
finding out the question?


All right. Well, first, the answers.
They are...



and arm wrestling.

The question is,

which two of these were
once olympic events?

You want to avoid the wrong one.

Paige, you have honors.

Oh, my gosh.

Croquet. It's, uh... absolutely
makes sense. It seems olympic,

- because it's old-school...
- Mm-hmm.

And polished, and, um...

I'm gonna... I'm gonna
go with croquet.

Okay. Very good. Paige is
locked in with croquet.

We're over to Joshua,
the rhinestone cowboy.

- Yoo-hoo-hoo! Yee-ha!
- Give me a "how-dy"!

- How-dy!
- All right. There we go.

You were gonna make me look like
a fool if you did not do that.

All right. Croquet
is off the table.

- You had to take that one, huh?
- I...

You have arm wrestling
and tug-of-war.

All I can remember is
Sylvester Stallone

- arm wrestling people, so it's like...
- Sure.

Stuck in my head, but... seems
like tug-of-war would be

more of a team sport, so I feel
the most safe with tug-of-war.

I'm going totally
on a limb here.

You're going out on a limb?

Yep. Uh...

Poor choice of words, my friend.

Oh, jeez.

- Poor choice of words.
- I am totally aware of that.

All right, Joshua. Lisa...

- Yeah.
- Here we are.


We have made some poor decisions
in our life, haven't we?

Yeah. Couple.

So you are stuck
with arm wrestling.

I'm doing arm wrestling.

How are you feeling about that?

Uh, I'm really nervous.

What would you have gone with?

I would have gone with croquet.

All right. What do
you guys think?

Who do you think's going home?


You think Paige is going home?

- Oh.
- No.

Unanimous decision.

I got an idea.

What do you think?

Let's see who's leaving

"101 ways to leave a game show."


Paige, you went with croquet...

Joshua, you went with...

- I got the rocks.
- Tug-of-war.

I'm rubbing the rocks.

And lucky Lisa...


You are getting stuck with...

- Arm wrestling.
- Arm wrestling.

I'm gonna press the detonator.


If an explosion goes off and
the cart comes rolling down,

knocks you off,
obviously, you're done.

- Here we go.
- Okay.

Oh, my gosh. Ohh.

- Oh, gosh.
- Oh, my God.

Three, two... Oh, my gosh.

- One. - Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God! Oh, my go...

- Oh.
- Oh, wait.

- Oh, my God.
- Wow. I'm sorry.

This is really unprofessional.
This wasn't even plugged in.

- Cruel and unusual.
- Everybody giggle.

Ow. Aah.

Ugh! It tastes like stinging.

Hoo-hoo! I'm so nervous!

Oh, okay. Yeah. That looks good.


Carefully. This is
where it gets tricky.

Wanna just be really careful.

Oh, my gosh.

Okay, that's enough.

Oh, no!

Just to summarize...

- Oh, God.
- Oh, gosh.

Here we go.

Can we do the thing where
you say who's right?

Oh, you wanna find out
if someone's safe first?

- Yes.
- Yes.

- I don't. The wrong answer is...
- Oh, gosh!

Really? Aah!

Arm wrestling!

- Aah!
- See ya, Lisa!


Oh, my gosh! Aah!




Whoo! Paige, Joshua,

you guys are moving on
to the final round...


Where you'll team up
with Ian and Gina...

Whoo! For a chance at $50,000.

Yeah! Let's head on over to...

The tower!



Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my God.

Welcome to the final round!


Oh, yeah.

This is really high, dude.

It's Jeff. It's all right.
It's all right.


Yo. I don't like this.

Oh, my gosh.

In a few short moments,

one of you is going to walk away

$50,000 richer.

Key word there
being "walk" away.

The other three of you are going
to get up close and personal

with my good friend gravity.

There is a little bit
of a rule change

that I wanna tell you about.

Uh-oh. I'm still gonna
give you a question.

I'm still gonna give
you all the answers.

But this time around,

three of those answers are
completely and utterly wrong.

And there's only
one right answer.

Find that one right answer,

and you will line your
pockets with the big bucks.

Oh, my God.

Now, I'm sure you wanna
know what's going on.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

And I would love to tell you.

Imagine sitting in one of
those chairs right there,

10 feet above...

totally shaking.

This 10-story tower.

When all the sudden,
it lurches forward,

and you go head-first,

and plummet off the edge,
dropping 110 feet below.

Oh, my God.

I like to call this one

"now you seat me,
now you don't."


- I'm scared to death.
- Scared to death?

I'm not lettin' go of this bar.

Do you have your lucky
rocks with you?

I do have my lucky rocks.

And you know what? Not
to be left out...

It got that for you.
Random rock.

Aw, yay.

You want me to hold
on to it until after?


Yeah, your hands... everyone
looks a little preoccupied.

Just... Aw.

The rock!

Oh! That's awful.

Okay. Well, of course,
before I ask you

the final $50,000 question...

Oh, I don't like these.

- We're gonna play a little game...
- No.

To determine the order
you're gonna answer.

Take one of these boards, p.

Three of you are about to
take a pretty big plunge.

My gosh.

Speaking of big plunges...
How appropriate...

According to the United
States Parachute Association,

write down how many people
died from skydiving accidents

in the U.S. in 2010?

Closest to that correct
number gets to go first,

second, third, and fourth.

All right. Let's see those answers.
Flip 'em around.

Gina went with 15...

Oh, God. Ohh!

Paige went with 13.

Interesting, Joshua.

I don't know if it's the fact
that you're about to throw up,

or that you went with zero.

I didn't hear of any.
Didn't hear of any.

Okay. And Ian went with 6.

Well, the correct answer is...

- 21.
- Yes!

Which means that Gina
goes first, Paige second,

- Ian, third...
- That is the worst!

And Joshua, with zero,

you get to go last.

Dude, I can't believe
I guessed zero.

All right, how 'bout we get
everybody in their chairs?

That away.

- Okay.
- Oh, my God.

I can't believe I put zero.

I can't believe I put 6!

I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Me, too.

How's everyone feeling now?

I don't like this, Jeff.

- Whoo!
- You don't like it?

- Not one bit.
- You know... you know what I'm gonna do?

I wanna relieve a little
of the pressure for you.

Get 'em into position!

Aah! Aah!

- Stop it!
- Oh, my God.

You're such a jerk.

Am I?

Oh! Oh, my God!


I'm gonna fall!

And let's get Paige
into position.

Okay. Cool.


Here comes the
rhinestone cowboy.

Oh, my God.

He is shaking like
a scared puppy.

Are you shaking 'cause
you're nervous,

or shaking 'cause you're cold?

I'm scared half to death.

All right. The $50,000 question.

But first, here are
the answers...


Las Vegas...


And New York City.

Oh, my God.

The question is...

Which one of these cities
have I not been to?

I'm kidding! I'm kidding.

I was like "what?"

The question is...

According to "Forbes,"

what was the most visited
city in the U.S. in 2009?


Remember, three of
those are wrong.

Only one right answer.

- What?
- Find it,

you got yourself $50,000.

Gina, we are starting with you.

Oh. Um...

Good luck on that one, homey.

Oh, my God. I want to cry.
I don't know.

If you're gonna cry, at
least cry us an answer.

Oh, I'm gonna say New York City.

- Oh, God!
- New York City.

I'm wrong! I know I'm wrong!

Locked in.

Oh, it's just New
York is so big!

Everybody goes to New York!
You can drive there!

- You can have a "staycation."
- You can drive everywhere.

We're going over to Paige. New
York city is off the table.

Paige, you have, like,
a kung fu death grip

- on the back of that chair.
- I do.


Look at the position
you've put yourself in.

Aw, what was I thinking?

Left you have Chicago,

Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Can I call a friend?

I'm not sure I get
service up here.

All right. All right! All right.

Okay, my fate is sealed.


Why Orlando?

I'm leaning towards the
mentality of that, like,

feel-good vibe.
Going for Mickey,

and family-oriented fun.
You know, the mom.

All right. Paige is
locked in with Orlando.

Oh, gosh!


Over to Ian.

Left you have Chicago

and Las Vegas.

I was living in Chicago in 2009.

I know they changed the
name of the sears tower.

They put a big glass
box over the edge

so you can look straight down,

we got the cubs, we got the sox,

and we were also an olympic
candidate in 2009.

So we had a lot of people coming
through for the Olympics.

And so, uh, I'm gonna... I'm
gonna rep my home city.

- I'm gonna say Chicago...
- So nice.

And go with it.

Ian is locked in with Chicago.

Chi town! I love you, Chi town!

That leaves us with Joshua.

I'm stuck with the Vegas.

Are you much of a gambler?

Nope, and I'll tell you why...

Every time I try, I lose.

Ugh. That does not bode
well for you right now.

No, it doesn't.

I'm leaning on hope
right now, that's all.

All right. Joshua
is locked in...

Oh, my God.

With Las Vegas.


Gina, you went with
New York City.

Paige, you went with Orlando.

I did.

Ian, you went with Chicago.

And you left Joshua,
the rhinestone cowboy,

with Las Vegas.

It's time to find out...

Oh, my God.

Who's leaving...

Oh, my God! Wait!

"101 ways to leave a game show."

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my God.

Safety off!


This is worse than
the dog, isn't it?

Yes. This is worse than
everything we went through.

Once I press this button,

it is going to send
your chair forward,

launching you head-first.

Please, God...

- You know...
- Oh, gosh!!

Oprah retired this year.

I think it's time to retire Ian.

Chicago is wrong.

- No!
- So long, Ian

No! What?

No, please, Jeff!


I'm sorry! Oh! God!

Oh, God! Aah!

Please, Jeff! I'm sorry! No!




Oh! Eeh!


His form was spectacular!

It was really good.
He, like, did a dive.

He looked great going down.


I'm talkin' like
Greg Louganis great.

You guys wanna see
someone else go down?

I do.


I asked you guys

- according to "Forbes"...
- Oh, my gosh.

What was the most visited
city in the U.S. in 2009?

Gina, you went with
New York City.

I did. I did.

- Paige...
- Mm-hmm.

- You went with Orlando.
- I did.

And, Joshua, you got Las Vegas.

Happy trails, cowboy.

Las Vegas is incorrect.

See ya!

Oh, friggin'... My
goodness gracious!

Aah! Whoa!


His hat stayed on the
entire way down!




It's down to our two ladies.

It's been good.

One of you is about
to win $50,000.

That would be fun.

The other one

is about to go "whoo!"

Oh, my gosh.

- Splash.
- Really?

It takes a while to get down.

- That's why I waited.
- Oh, gosh.

Gina, you had your first choice.

You went with New York City.

Paige, you went with Orlando.

I did.

The wrong answer is...

Five... Oh, gosh!




- Ah, wait. Sorry.
- Uhh!

I gotta take this call.
Hold on two seconds.


Nah, I got time. What's up?

Oh, hey, hold that thought.

You wanna hear something funny?

Stay on the line.

The wrong answer is...

New York City!

So long, Gina!

Paige, you are correct
with Orlando!

- Aah!
- See you later!

Aah! Hoo!



Congratulations, Paige! You
are now $50,000 richer!


And that is the way
to leave a game show.

I'm gonna try and clap. Aah!

Paige, what are you gonna
do with that $50,000?

I'm going to Disney World! Whoo!


- Have a victory pickle.
- Ah. Fantastic.

- Anyone interested?
- No, thanks.

Want a pickle, guys?