101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - This is the Scariest Thing I've Ever Done - full transcript

Contestants are eliminated by being rolled down a ravine.

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eight contestants compete in
a game show like no other.

The question is...

- I don't know.
- Oh.

Choosing the correct answers
can win you $50,000...

What's up, baby?!

But choose just one
wrong answer...

The wrong answer is...

Oh, my God.

And you're gone...

See you later!


Oh, my God!




On "101 ways to leave
a game show"...

You've got to be
kidding me right now.

We're here.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hey.
- Welcome to my quarry.

I figured, no better place to
play the most insane game show

in the history of
television than right here.

One of you today is gonna go
home with the title "winner."

With that title,


Yep. And you know what?

We couldn't have made
the game more easy.

All you got to do is answer a question
correctly, you stay in the game.

However, get just
one question wrong,

we are going to eject you

from the show, and we have 101
different ways to do that.


Before we get started,

I'd like to divide you
guys up into two groups.

Back row, we're gonna
start with you.

Front row, why don't you guys go
on over there and watch the fun?

Good luck!

- Good luck.
- Yeah. Thanks.

To move on to the next round
and compete for the $50,000,

all you got to do is get
the next question correct.

If not, you're off the
show, and here's how.

Each of you are gonna climb

inside one of those giant metal
spheres right over there.

Pick the right
answer, you're safe.

You get to watch the fun.
Choose that one wrong answer,

I am going to push you down this
quarter-mile-long dirt road,

where you will pick up speeds
exceeding 35 miles per hour,

and you'll finish up somewhere
way down there in the pit.

I call this one,
the balls of doom.


I don't know if I'd
be able to do it.

I'm so glad that's
not me right now.


Before we get to that question,
I want to play a little game

to determine the order in
which you're gonna answer.

You're each gonna take
one of these pads

and write down a number.

According to the world
toilet organization...

Write down how many
times per year

the average person
visits the toilet.

Closest to that correct
number gets to answer first,

second, so on.

All right, let's flip 'em
over and see what we got.

Rick went with 1,500
times, Vivicca 701.


That one extra time could
be the difference...

Between a bladder infection
or having a kidney problem,

I'm just sayin'.

I was gonna say, between
going down the balls of doom

or being safe, but whatever.

Suzy went with 800,

and Paul 1,560.

Well, according to the
world toilet organization

the average human goes
2,500 times a year...

- Really?
- Yes! Yes!


Yeah! Or not.

Which... pardon the pun... that
would make Paul number one...

Whoo, whoo, whoo!
Rick number two...

Yes! Suzy's gonna go
third, and, Vivicca...

I know. You will go fourth.

All right, let's go get a
closer look at your balls.

Ohh. Of doom, I meant.

Jeez, get your heads
out of the toilet.

- You think they're nervous yet?
- Um, yeah. I think so.

A little bit?

Oh, I think... I think
Vivicca's sweating.

All right.

I'm gonna ask you the question, but first,
here are the answers, and they are...

The Harlem Globetrotters,

Tiffany & Company, United
Nations Headquarters,

and the Waldorf Salad.

Your question is,

which three of these are
originally from New York City?

- Paul.
- Yeah.

- How you feeling?
- Confident, relaxed.

I was raised right.
What can I say?

Speaking of being raises,

who's the most important
person in your life?

Oh, it's got to be mama, and
I owe everything to her.

- He's a mama's boy.
- You get off me.

You get to go first. Three of
those are right. One is wrong.

Avoid the wrong answer.

I'm gonna go with
Tiffany & Company,

and when I win the money,

I'm gonna go buy me
some jewelry, too.

Paul thinks that
Tiffany & Company

is originally from
New York City.

Rick, over to you.

Why are you the guy
to beat here today?

I have a wealth of
knowledge, Jeff.

Okay. He can put all his
knowledge in between his hands.

And I'm gonna get my ass
kicked in about two minutes.

Really? You're not
feeling too confident?

The balls of doom
scaring you that much?

Yes. Yeah.

Tiffany & Company
is off the table.

Well, I'm gonna go with the U.N.

'Cause the U.N. has never been
anyplace else other than...

New York City!

- He's intense.
- Yeah, he is.

We're on over to... Suzy!

♪ Hey ♪

Suzy! What do you plan
on doing with the money?

Definitely gonna put
some toward school.

College... you got
a lot of friends?

I have some sorority friends.

Is that what that means?

It's how you know
something's cool.

Left on the table, we have

The Harlem Globetrotters
and the Waldorf Salad.

Well, in the sorority house,

one of our favorite
shows is "Gossip girl."

One of the title character's
last name is Waldorf,

so I have to give snaps
to the Waldorf Salad.

Okay, we can all
stop doing that.


Okay. You are locked in with
Waldorf, which leaves Vivicca...


- With The Harlem Globetrotters.
- Yes.

How you feeling
about that answer?

I'm feeling really good,

'cause my cousin is curly O'Neal
from The Harlem Globetrotters.


- So yeah, so...
- So the curly hair runs in the family.

The curly hair runs... although,
he's bald, but you know...

That's the irony.

Uh, so yeah, I feel pretty good.

Three of you are safe,

one of you is wrong, and it's now
time to find out who's leaving

"101 ways to leave a game show."

Everyone get in
your ball of doom!


- Ooh, it's tight.
- It is so tight.

How we feeling?

Not very good, Jeff.

- Not good.
- You guys look fantastic.

Paul went with
Tiffany & Company,

Rick went with the United
Nations Headquarters...

Oh, lord.

Suzy went with the
Waldorf Salad...

And, Vivicca, you went with
The Harlem Globetrotters.

- Safety goggles on!
- Oh, God!

I'm moving! I'm moving!
I'm moving!

Is the blood rushing to
your right side yet?

Jeff! Jeffy!

Who wants to find out
if they're safe?

I do! I want to know if I'm safe! Whoo!
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

You know what? The
wrong answer...


- Is...
- Don't do it, Jeff.

I thought we were going to commercial.
I'm sorry.

Oh, you're a dog!

The wrong answer... is...

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my
God, oh, my God, oh, my God.

Harlem Globetrotters.


So long!

Whoo! Bye-bye!

Say hi to curly for me!

Oh, my God.

Oh, she's picking up speed.


Oh, my God.



Oh, my gosh.

I might have been way off
on that 35 miles an hour.

Congratulations, guys.
You are moving on...


To the next level, for
your chance at $50,000!

That's the good news.

The bad news is, what we
have in store for you

is a lot worse than that.
Let's go!

Dude, that's a big truck.

Ooh-ee. Here we go.

- Seriously?
- Dude.

Seriously what? I haven't
even explaining anything.

Well, all you got to do is
get the question correct.

If not, you're off the
show, and here's how.

- What?
- Oh, my God!

It's gonna be good.

For who?

I bet you want to know
what you have to do

to stay in the game
for that $50,000.

- Yes, yes.
- Yeah, please.

Well, I told you before.

All you got to do o get
the question correct.

If not, you're off the
show, and here's how.

All of you guys will be in the
back of these pickup trucks.

Give me that one
incorrect answer,

and that truck is going to speed
towards the edge of this cliff.

You are then going to shoot off
this ramp, high into the air,

plummet 350 feet...

- What?
- Oh, my God!

Straight down, into
a fiery explosion.

I like to call this one...

What the truck?

Oh, my God.

So glad I'm not in this one.

Naturally, we have to determine

the order in which
you're gonna answer.

You're each gonna
take one of these.

You're gonna write down
a number on that board.

In February of 2011,

a couple in Thailand
set the record

for longest kiss in history.

Write down how long they kissed.

Closest to the correct number
gets to go first, second, so on.

All right, let's see what we got
for answers. Flip 'em around.


Feeling ambitious.

7 days, Catherine.

Did you take into consideration
meals or bathroom breaks?


Deondray... 85 hours.


The couple in Thailand...

Actually kissed for 46 hours,

- 24 minutes, and 9 seconds.
- Oh, my God.

- Oh, my goodness. Wow. Wow.
- Wow.

Guess that means... Which
makes Darrin first...

Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Ha ha ha! Yay.

Deondray second,
with 85 hours...


In third will be Angelina
with 3 hours, and...

Oh, whoo! Sorry!

No, that's okay.

Shockingly... 7
days, Catherine...

- I know.
- Is going to go fourth.

Oh, my God.

What do you say we get in
the back of these trucks?

Let's do it.

Let's rock 'n' roll.

Ah. Deondray, how you doing?

Uh, not so well.

Not so well.

No. No, not at all.

What's your biggest fear?



Yep. I-I get nervous 'cause I
live on the third floor of

my building, so I-I can't really
look out the window, so...

This is the equivalent
of 35 stories.

Just want to put
that in your head.

How about we talk
about a question

that could lead you to $50,000
or over the edge of a cliff?

First, the answers.

Let's do it to it.

They are... "Cocktail"...

Oh, jeez.

"Jerry Maguire,"

"A few good men,"

Impossible 2."

Dude, I've seen one of 'em.

The question is...

In which three of these movies

did Tom Cruise wear sunglasses?


Darrin, we're starting with you.

I understand you
got a big family.

I've got five kids, Jeff.

- Good Lord, you've been busy.
- Okay. Absolutely.

So what do you think?

Impossible 2" I've seen,

but I don't remember very well.

Come on.

You know what? I'm...

I'm gonna have to go with
my gut Impossible 2."

All right. Good luck
to you, Darrin.

Deondray, you seem excited.

I'm gonna kick some butt.

What makes you so confident
you're gonna kick some butt?

Got some trivia
knowledge going on.

You got the trivia knowledge.

- Really?
- Yep. Yep.

Let's see if that trivia
knowledge is gonna pay off.

I'm gonna have to go with,
uh, "Jerry Maguire."

He was, like, a player,

you know, like, with
the sunglasses.

All right. The men have
locked in their answers.

We're over to the ladies.


Tell me a little bit
about yourself.

I'm a mom. I have four kids.

Four kids. Okay, you,
too, have been busy.

We can set up some
play-dates maybe.

All right, so you
have "Cocktail"

and "a few good men."

It's "Cocktail."
It's "Cocktail"...

"Cocktail." You're
that confident?

He's a bartender,

and he goes and works on
the beach, and... yes.

Okay. Angelina's locked
in with "cocktail,"

leaving Catherine...


- With "A few good men."
- Yeah.

How do you feel
about that answer?

I'm feeling pretty lousy
about my answer. Um...

What are you gonna
do with the money?

Well, I just got married
in October, and...

- Congratulations.
- I would love to have a house,

so I would totally put a
down payment on a house.

All right. Well,
Catherine, good luck.

All right, three
of you are right,

one of you is wrong
and is going over

that cliff in one
of these trucks.

Darrin, you had
your first choice

and you went with
Impossible 2"...

Deondray, you went with
"Jerry Maguire"...

Angelina, you say
there is no question

that Tom Cruise wore
sunglasses in "Cocktail"...


And, Catherine, that leaves
you with "A few good man."

I say we find out who's safe.

Impossible 2" is correct.
You are safe.

You can climb out.

Oh, my God.

Those five kids... Can
breathe a sigh of relief,

at least for one
more elimination.

You guys feel a little better?


- Nope.
- No.

Not me.

- No change.
- Not feeling better.

Well, I'd like to make one
more person feel better.

I like to see that
kind of excitement.

Oh, my God.

Angelina, you are safe...

Whoo, whoo!

He's so scared.

Here we go. One of
you is right...

And one of you...

Not right.

I say we back these trucks up,

so we can really
get some momentum.

I think Deondray likes the idea.

Let's do it! Back 'em up!

I love it. Oh, my God. No.

Shut up!

One of you is going to go

speeding in this truck, over
the edge of that cliff.

How are you guys feeling?

Not so good!


Did I tell you guys
about the helicopter?

- What?
- What? No.

Shut up!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. This is the scariest
thing I've ever done in my life.

Oh, here we go. Here we go.

It's time to find
out who's leaving

"101 ways to leave a game show."


I asked you guys

to name a movie in which Tom
Cruise wore sunglasses.

Deondray, you went
with "Jerry Maguire."

Catherine, you got stuck
with "A few good men."


The wrong answer is...

"A few good men"!

Oh, no!


I'm gonna say it.
I'm gonna say it.

You can't handle the truth!


Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! This is the scariest
thing I've ever done in my life!

Clap hands! Clap hands!
You're sweating.

Congratulations. You guys are
one step closer to the $50,000.


You ready to see what we got
for the next elimination?

Absolutely. Bring it.

Yeah. All right. Follow me.

I can't believe that
just happened to me.

All right.

Three of you here, the other
three right over there.

We feeling good? We feeling
nice and loose now?

Now we got the balls of
doom out of the way? No.

Truck over the cliff?

Truck was pretty scary.

I felt pretty fortunate
with the one we, uh...

Yeah. We got last time.

Oh, if you feel fortunate,

wait till you see what
we got planned here.

This is... this is
good stuff, trust me.

Answer the next
question correctly,

you move on to the final round
with a chance at $50,000.

Get it wrong... And
one of you will...

You're off the show,
and here's how.

All three of you
will be standing

in front of that flaming wall,

with temperatures reaching...


If you answer incorrectly,

I am going to blast you
with that fire hose,

through that flaming wall, and
over the edge of the cliff.

Aah! No way!

I like to call this
one flame out.

My flames are definitely
out at this point.

Rick. Yeah.

You're working up a lather.

I'm moist.

How you feeling about fire,
cliffs, fire hoses, falls?

I'm... I'm hoping for an attack

of appendicitis in the
next two minutes,

where I have to be
rushed to the hospital.

He's old enough.

I'd rather have surgery!

- Did he really just say that?
- Yeah. He wants surgery.

I'm just gonna declare I'm
not looking forward to it.

Like I said, "whoo whoo."

Before we get to that
all-important question,

we have to play a little
game to determine the order

you're gonna answer.
Now we do understand

the importance of this game, right?
I understand.

Yes. Mucho importante.

Vivicca and Catherine both
were in the last position.

We saw what happened to
them, so let's focus.

In 2010,

Bugatti built the fastest
production car ever.

To the nearest mile
per hour, write down

its official top speed. Closest
to that correct number

gets to go first, second, and third.
Flip 'em around.

Suzy went with 270
miles an hour,

Paul 295 miles an hour...

I don't know.

And Rick... 211 miles per hour.

The Bugatti car went
at a top speed of...

Two hundred...

Sixty-eight miles an hour...

Ohh! Oh, my gosh!

Which means Suzy is 2
miles an hour faster...

Yeah! Gets to go first,
Paul gets to go second,

and captain sweaty over
there gets to go third.


All right. I say we heat this up a little.
Everyone follow me.

If he loses, I become
the senior citizen.

That's true.

Well, now that we're
all in position,

we feeling any better?

- No!
- Just want to make sure.

Yeah, okay. I just wanted to make sure...
That's a wall.

- That that's not just paper.
- Oh, crap.

Well, before I give you
the question, of course,

here are the answers...

"Tiger beat" magazine,
members only jackets,

Swanson tv dinners.

The question is...

Which two of these products
are currently being made?

Suzy, how 'bout it?

Thankfully, I'm a large
Justin Bieber fan.

- So I happen to know...
- That does not surprise me.

He has graced the
cover of "Tiger beat"

quite frequently lately,
so I have to say

that I know for a fact
that "Tiger beat"

is being produced today.

So "Tiger beat" magazine
is off the table,

left we have members
only jackets

and Swanson tv dinners.

Well, I know members only
jackets were very '80s.


But I don't know
if they've decided

to kind of bring 'em back.

Were you a member
of members only?

I've never had a members jacket.

I've seen 'em, you know,
at thrift stores,

but I can't say that I've seen
them new on the rack anywhere.

Ugh. I really don't know.
This is a really hard one.

I'm gonna go with
members only jacket.

You're gonna lock it in
with members only jacket.

Oh, God!

How we doing down there, Rick?

Still a little sweaty.

It is what it is.

Now you are getting stuck
with Swanson tv dinners.

- Yeah.
- You feel okay with that?

I have no friggin' clue,

so I'm gonna go with
United Nations.

United Nations. Hey, it
worked for you once.

So, Rick, you are locked in
with Swanson tv dinners.


Two of you are moving
on to the final round

for your chance at $50,000.

One of you is going to get
blasted with a fire hose

as you go through
that flaming wall,

over the edge of the cliff.

Speaking of fire hoses,
I'll be right back.

- Aah.
- Aah.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- Tighten your belts.

These things are a lot heavier

than they lead you to believe.

You're really close, Jeff.

I am really close.
This is, I believe,

what they call
"point-blank range."

Who wants to drink
from the fire hose?

- Not me! Not me!
- Not me.

I asked you guys
to name a product

that is currently being made.

Suzy, you went with
"Tiger beat" magazine.

Paul, you went with
members only jackets,

and, Rick, you got stuck
with Swanson tv dinners.

Oh! Oh, my God, please,
please, please, please.

Can I hold the hose?

Enough talking!
Let me do my job!

Don't do your job.

So we don't want to find out
if maybe someone's safe?

- I want to find out if I'm safe!
- I'd like to know.

- You would like to know if you're safe?
- I do, too!

- You wanna know if Suzy's safe?
- No.

- Because Suzy is safe.
- Whoo!

"Tiger beat" magazine is
currently in production.

Will you hold that for a second?

Love to. With both of my hands.

Both hands.

No! I just wanna make sure
that the water pressure

is at the, uh, max position.

It's fillin' up! Whoa.
Did you feel it?

Yeah, I felt it. Yep.
This is the real deal.

Oh. Ooh!

Oh, God, oh, God, oh,
God, oh, God, oh, God.

The wrong answer is...

Don't do it...

Swanson tv dinners! So long, Rick!


Whoo! Whoo! Oh, my God!

Whoa! Whoa!


Look at him go!

- Yeah, baby!
- Congratulations!

You two are moving on
to the final round,

which is for $50,000. W!

Wait until you see what we
got in store for these guys.

Let's go.


Yeah! Whoo!


Ah, the birds are chirping.
That's always a good sign.


I just wanna ask real quick...

Everyone's having a
good time in my quarry?

- Great time, yeah.
- Yeah, wonderful.

You were definitely, uh,
on the edge of the edge

of that last one. A
little freaked out?

Very very freaked out.

Is it a heights thing? Is
it the edge right there?

- Yep, not turning around.
- Not gonna turn around?


Well, wait till you see
what we got in store.

You guys are feeling good?

- Doing all right.
- Yeah.

You guys were safe pretty
much right from the get-go.

Oh, that was a good time.

Well, in order to
stay in the game

and compete for the $50,000,

you're gonna have to get
this next question correct.

If not, you're off the
show, and here's how...

You're each gonna be standing
on the edge of the cliff,

right over there.

Attached to your back is...
Wait for it...

A space-age jet pack.


In order to stay in the game
and compete for the $50,000,

you're gonna have to get
the next question correct.

If not, you're off the
show, and here's how...

You're each gonna be standing
on the edge of the cliff

right over there.
Attached to your back

is... wait for it...

A space-age jet pack.


Yeah, well, not the
ones made by NASA.

These are the ones
that are made by me.

Get the question
right, you're safe.

Get the question wrong, however,

I am going to ignite
your jet pack,

launching you into the
air, off the cliff,

and down into the ravine,
far away from $50,000.

I like to call this
one "thrust me."

As in "thrust me", these
jet packs should work.


Before we get to
the next question,

we're gonna play a little
game to determine the order

you're going to answer.

Now I stressed to the
last group of people

the importance of this game.

Because what we're seeing is,

if you're getting stuck
with the answer,

you're getting eliminated.
So take one of these,

pass them down. Write
down the average salary

of a majorly-league baseball
player during the 2010 season.

Closest to that correct
number gets to answer first,

second, so on.

All right, let's see
what we got for answers.

Flip 'em around.

Deondray went with $850,000.

Darrin went with $1.7 million,

Angelina, $1.5 million.

Thanks to players like
A-Rod from the Yankees,

who made $33 million himself,

the average salary
was $3,014,572...

Oh, shoot! Oh.

Yes! Which makes Darrin very
good at this little game.

♪ We like baseball! We like... ♪

Angelina will pick second
with $1.5 million,

Deondray, who's
terrified of heights,

is going last.

I figure, we're gonna
have jet packs on,

we need to get you guys
into some jet pack suits.


So why don't you go
over there and suit up?

This is gonna be so much
better than I thought.

This is gonna be really good.

I want my mommy.

All right. Two of you are going
to move on to the final round

for a chance at $50,000.

But before we get
to that question,

here are the answers...

Atlantic City,

Ellis Island,

and Casino Royale.

The question is...

Which two of these are
actual Las Vegas casinos?

Two of them are
right, one is wrong.

Darrin, we're starting with you.


El... Ellis Island.

- Why do you think Ellis Island?
- Because I've got no clue.

Because you are
literally flying blind.

Punfully intended!

Oh, jeez!

- Oh, no.
- No, seriously, that...

Seriously, that's it.
That's my guess.

Angelina, over to you.
Left on the table

we have Atlantic City
and Casino Royale.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God.

Um... I... don't know if I
should go with Casino Royale,

because that could be the
obvious, with "casino."

Aah. I'm gonna go with...

- Casino Royale.
- You're gonna go with Casino Royale...

- Oh, my God, yes.
- As an actual casino in Las Vegas.

Is there any message you wanna
give your kids right now?

Please don't try
this at home, no!

All right, Deondray,
we're over to you.

Hello. You have Atlantic City.

I sure do. You seem
pretty happy about that.

- It's all a front.
- It's all a front?

Yep. I have no idea. I've
never been to Vegas.

I'm just gonna be confident
that one of them got it wrong.

Who do you think up
here's going home...

Via jet pack, in
a silver suit...

- Really fast?
- I don't know.

Casino Royale just doesn't
sound right to me.


Oh, I'm sorry. That doesn't
make her feel any better.

I know, I know, I know. God.

All right. It's time to find out

who's leaving "101 ways
to leave a game show..."

- Oh, no. Please, no.
- Via jet pack!

Oh, no!

- I'm feeling nauseous.
- You're not gonna throw up, are you?

I'm fighting it.

No. No. Here it comes.

- Get away from me!
- I'm good.

Yeah, you think so.

You feeling a little better
now that you released

- some of the...
- Yeah, I feel a bit more confident.

You know what's gonna make
you feel really good?

Know what's gonna make you and
your family and your kids

- feel really good?
- Talk to me, please.

Knowing that...

Angelina answered correct
with Casino Royale.

- Aw, son of a gun!
- You are safe.

Oh, my God! Yes! Aah!

Why don't we get you
out of that jet pack?

Please! Oh, my gosh!

- That's not good.
- I'm sorry.

- You're not sorry.
- No.

Well, gentlemen, it's
the moment of truth.

Time to find out...

You know what? Before we do
that, let's make a trade.

I'll take the glasses,
you take this tissue.

Slightly used.

Oh. I hope the jet
pack is fueled.

You ready? You ready?

- Okay.
- Oh, no. Oh, no.

All right, gentlemen.

No, no, no, no, no.

- Oh, jeez.
- We ready?

- I am totally ready for this.
- I'm sure you are.

The wrong answer is...

Atlantic City.

Oh, no!


Aah! H! Ah! Aah! Aah!

Oh ho ho ho!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!


Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!


Oh! Aah!

Congratulations. The four
of you are moving on

to the final round for
a chance at $50,000.

- All right! Yeah!
- Let's make our way to the tower.

- Follow me!
- The tower!

The tower! Whoo!

Yeah, baby! Whoo!

Oh, no. Oh, this is
getting extremely high.

Yeah, it is.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

Oh, my God.

Welcome to the final level.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my gosh.

Now you know why
it's worth $50,000.

Mama Mia.

This is it... the final level.

- Wow.
- In a few short moments,

one of you is going
to be walking away...

Key words... walking away...

Good word.

$50,000 richer.

Whoo! For the rest of you,

you are going to be testing
the laws of gravity

in a major way.

- Yeah.
- Gonna get to that in a second.

Because this is the final round,

and there is $50,000 at stake,

I do want to tell you
about a rule change.

This time, I'm still gonna
ask you a question.

I'm still gonna give
you the answers.

However, three of those answers
are going to be wrong.

There's only gonna be one
correct answer this time.

So if you like money,
and I think you do,

you're gonna want to find
that one right answer.

Just one.

Let's talk about eliminations.

Imagine, if you will, you are
just resting comfortably

on one of those
ice-cold metal slabs,

with nothing more

than that tiny ledge to rest
your feet on right there.

- Oh.
- Oh, boy.

Then, all of a sudden,
it tilts forward,

and you plummet headfirst...

Oh, my God!

Ten stories down.

Oh, my God.

Three of you won't
have to imagine that,

because it's going to
be a reality for you.

No, that's not good.

I like to call this one
"flop till you drop."


Of course, before we get

to that all-important
$50,000 question,

we're gonna play a little
game to determine the order

in which you're going to answer.

Game faces focused. Here we go.

Three of you are moments
away from plummeting

into this giant tank
of ice-cold water.

And just for funsies,
we've added sharks.

- Great.
- I'm only kidding. No sharks,

'cause that would be really
cruel to the sharks.

Anyway, I digress.

According to the international
shark attack file,

which is a real thing,

write down how many
unprovoked shark attacks

happened worldwide in 2010.

Closest to that correct
number gets to go first.

Second, so on.

Let's flip 'em around
and see what we got.

Suzy went with 88, Angelina, 80,

- Paul, 26...
- Lucky number!

- And Darrin 14.
- Oh, wow!

One of you is one shark attack
away from the right answer.

- It's not me.
- Oh, my God.

The correct answer
is 79 shark attacks.

Oh, my God! Aah!

Angelina is first with 80,
Suzy, with 88, goes second,

Paul, with 26 shark
attacks, goes third...

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

And Darrin with 14 goes fourth.

Pass your boards down.

Oh, my God, you just
tossed it over.

Oh, my God.

All right, everybody go get
on their ice-cold slabs.

Oh, my gosh let's get
the party started.


Oh, my God.

Ah! A lot of closed
eyes up here.

Lot of white knuckles.
Definitely white knuckles.

But you gotta admit, it
is a beautiful night.

- Not at all, Jeff!
- No!

- Let's make this snappy.
- Okay, let's make this...

Snappy, shall we?


Here is your $50,000 question...

But first... the answers.

They are...

Housework, sports & exercise,

caring for children,

and finally, personal grooming.

The question is...

According to the U.S.
department of labor

2009 survey, which one of these

did Americans spend the
most time doing each day?

And we're talking about normal
civilians, age 15 and over.

- Angelina?
- Yes?

Since you were one
shark attack away,

you get to go first.

- Oh, my God.
- Get it wrong, Angie!

Shush, pauau

Oh, my God. Everybody
lives in their house.

Everybody's gotta pick up.

Um... I'm gonna go with..


Angelina, is it safe to say

that you are locking
in housework?

Oh, my God, yes.

Housework is off the board!

We're moving on to Suzy.

We need to find out
what your answer is.

Well, it's not
sports & exercise,

'cause everyone
knows we're lazy.


Not everyone's got kids,
everyone's got themselves.

I'm gonna go with
personal grooming.

You're gonna go with
personal grooming.

Paul, we are on to you.

Now I noticed when
Angelina said housework,

I saw a little...

Was that a good... like, I'm glad
she gave that answer, or not?

- Kind of.
- Yeah?

I thought for sure
a mother of four

was gonna go with child care.

When babies are born,
it's a 24-hour job,

and I'm definitely confident
with my answer of...

Child care.

Paul is locking in
caring for children.

- Darrin?
- Yes?

This has not been a
good position all day.

Last person's gone "adios."

And you are left with
sports & exercise.


How is that feeling?

For the sake of
my wife and kids,

I probably would have
picked caring for children.

But I-I feel okay with
sports & exercise.

Yeah, baby!

I'm not givin' you a high
five up here in the air.

What you talking
'bout over there?

Darrin is locked in
with sports & exercise.

All right, let's bring
in the stunt doubles!

Oh, that'd be fun.

Oh, I'm sorry. We
blew the budget

on exploding trucks
and jet packs.

- So, no stunt doubles tonight.
- Great, great.

So you guys are cool
staying where you are?

- Yes.
- Yeah, I suppose.

- Great, okay.
- Yeah, I don't wanna leave this spot.

For the final time tonight,

let's see who's leaving...

"101 ways to leave a game show."

Oh, God, oh, God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Safety off!

I asked you guys... according to the U.S.
department of labor's

survey in 2009, which one
of these did Americans

spend the most amount
of time doing each day?

- Oh.
- Angelina?

- Yeah?
- You chose housework.

Uhh. And...

Please don't. Oh, my God!

- No, please! Please!
- I didn't even press the trigger.

I just wanted to see
if that worked.

- Oh, God. Dump her!
- Please!

Don't. Paul, wow.

Dump her.

- Oh, my God.
- Angelina...

Please don't.

We're gonna get back to you.



You went with caring
for children.

I have four buttons on this.

I'm really curious to
see what this one does.

- It's a little joystick.
- Don't touch it.

Don't touch it! Oh, God!

Oh. It does that.

Oh. Oh! Oh-ho-ho.

Not so much trash
talking from Paul now.

I know.

Darrin, Suzy, why don't you
take a look at this water?

- No, sir.
- Beep!


Oh, jeez!

Oh! There it is.

Oh, Jiminy!

Now that we're all in
the ready position,

is is where it gets
very exciting.

One of the wrong answers is...

Oh, my God!

Sports & exercise.

- Yes!
- So long, Darrin!

No. No! Aah!

Oh, you!

Wow! He hit that water hard!

No, no, no!

Aah! Oh, you... oh, you...



The three of you are
this much closer

to the $50,000.

Let's find out who
else is wrong.

Another one of the
wrong answers is...

The three of you are
this much closer

to the $50,000.

Let's find out who
else is wrong.

I asked you guys which one
of these did Americans spend

the most amount of
time doing each day?

- Yes.
- Angelina?

- Yes?
- You went with...

- Oh, my God.
- Housework.


Suzy, you went with...

Personal groomin'.

Paul, you went with...

Caring for children.

Angelina, mother of four...

- Please don't.
- Had your first choice.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.
Please don't.

Went with housework.

Please don't. Please don't.

And you're incorrect.

- So long!
- Oh, my God!

Aah! Aah!





She had a really strong grip!

Did you see? I mean, she
hung on for a good second.

And that was kind of funny.

Just go, "ooh! Ooh!"

One of you is going
to win $50,000.

Please, please, please,
please, please, please...

One of you is gonna go
headfirst into the drink.

Suzy, you went with
personal grooming.

And Paul very confidently went
with caring for children.

Before we do this, I just
gotta check my notes.

I wanna make sure
I got everything.

Come on, Jeff!

Come on, Jeff!

Final question till we're
numb in the face...

- Oh, whatever!
- Read notes for a gag...

That's very predictable...
Okay, we're good to go!

Here we go!

Please, please...

The wrong answer is...

- Caring for children!
- No!

Sideways ejection!
So long, Paul!

No! No!



Suzy is right on the
personal grooming!

I'm the champ! In yo' face!

You, Suzy, are $50,000 richer...


And that is the way
to leave a game show.


Congratulations, Suzy!
Double snaps up top!


Gotta do the
obligatory gauge tap.

Thank you.

Make sure these are
all fueled up.

I see this done in the
movies all the time.

Yep. That's good.