xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) - full transcript

Extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) comes out of self-imposed exile, thought to be long dead, and is set on a collision course with deadly alpha warrior Xiang (Donnie Yen) and his team in a race to recover a sinister and seemingly unstoppable weapon known as Pandora's Box. Recruiting an all-new group of thrill-seeking cohorts, Xander finds himself enmeshed in a deadly conspiracy that points to collusion at the highest levels of world governments.

Subtitled by: william2568

You know how I came up with the idea of Triple-X program?

Skateboards and swimming pools.

Augustus Gibbons Founder of the XXX Program

Single-handedly Stopped World War 3

Skateboards used to be stuck on the ground, unless in transportation.

In 1977 habits.

A big drought hit southern California.

Got so bad that rich urbanites could not afford to fill their swimming pools.

That's when the light clicked on. Some kid figured it out ...

He could escape these empty pools and get some real nasty air

Dogtown and Z-Boys. Have you seen it? It is a movie.

Does not matter.

Anyhow, our hero starts doing things on a board ...

and no one had ever seen.

Things the world thought were impossible.

Now that kid needed it, that draught.

The world needed those empty pools.

That's why Triple-X.


Scored 100 goals by age 20

THOUGHT he was being recruting for THE AVENGERS

Do you feel safer today than you felt yesterday? I know I do not.

The biggest, most expensive military in the world ...

and we are still scared the shoes and tiny whitey bombs at the airport.

Why is that?

Beacuse the soldiers are built to take orders and fight in wars.

But we, my friend, are not at war.

We are at peril.

That's why Triple-X.

What's matter? You are on a diet? You're not hungry?

It's 7:30 in the morning.

So? It's lunch or dinner time somewhere in the world. Come up! Eat up!

You know who does feel safe? The man in charge. The world beaters.

The top chief par excellence ayatollahs with all the dollars.

And that's because those righteous bastard somewhere along the way ...

made a deal with the devil. They traded liberty for safety. And us ...

we the people

ended up losing both. That's why Triple-X.

While anybody else is stuck on the ground ...

we're doing shit on the board nobody's even seen before

Well, that's my pitch

I've always worked as spy better than a salesman

So, what do you say?

I'm not a hero. I'm just a footballer.

My bad.

So I leave you be there.

Who says that there is no such thing as free, meal

Down on the ground! Now! Give me the money!

Do not move!

Hurry up!


And you say you're no hero.

I gotta call bullshit on that!

You're exactly the kind of hero the world needs.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the same question ...

I've been asking my wife every Friday night for the last 20 years.

Do you want some of this?

Or you just gonna...?

Return of the Xander Cage


access granted

Okay you may sit.


This is the device that crashed the satellite and killed Gibbons.

Nerds in the lab had coined it "Pandora's Box".

My team backtracked satellite's last signal input to Miami.

Some assholes leading the high life at the Ritz-Carlton pentahouse...

thought he could hold the world ransom.

Three flashbangs, two bullets and one body back later ...

we took custody of the device.

We must have over hundreds redundancies in place...

to prevent some punk with a laptop from hijacking satellites.

And Pandora's Box can bypass them all of them.

With of a push a button, it can eavesdrop on secured communications ...

corrupt military software, transmit false intelligence or ...

crash a satellite out of the sky like a goddamn tactical warhead.

One of you is behind this.

I am not leaving until I find out who.

You fight me with a book?

Here you go, brother! Chapter 1!

Page One!

Sheer habits.

You were late!

Just in time, boss.

They busted in here, step on our throats ...

and take the one device that can cause a global power shift.

So how do we get it back

These assholes just took our best of the best like they were in a Sunday brunch.

We need someone who move like them, fight like them.

We need someone who can walk into a tornado ...

and come out the other side like it was a damn gentle breeze.

Do you know someone like that?


But Gibbons did.


Get down from there! What are you doing?


Gracias, senor.

And here we go! We are on the way!

I knew you would do it, Xander. You brought the world to us.

The world is big, but always fits in your heart.

Take it with you always

Now, go, go.

Of course Xander Cage could pay the satellite company ...

just like a regular guy


And line the pockets of some boardroom billionaires?

You know

These days, a regular guy can't afford to be a regular.

- Up. - Let's go.

Rule 1 Don't fall.

Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

Is the world getting smaller?

I know the feeling.

Running from your problems never works out.

You need a new plan.

I need a new map.

Do not say I did not warn you.

Oh boy.

Here we go again.

Get down. Do not move asshole

On your knees now, you son of bitch!

I want to comply, I really want to comply but you're confusing me.

"Do not move, asshole". "On your knees you son of bitch" Which is it?

- You have three seconds to comply! - You're not good at this.




Come out, Frankesnstein!

Gibbons! Gibbons?

Olly, olly, oxen free.

You really do look different, Gibbons.

Did you lose weight?

Augustus always had such...well

not excatly nice things to say about you.

When did you realize it was all fake?

You mean the clown show?

You had a guy over there wearing thousand dollars beats...

where you can buy a knock-off for half the price.

Or the lady that was running to catch a bus that doesn't leave for two hours.

Or the security guard over there buying a soda with foreign currency?

You know what the kicker was?

Clearence from "It's a Wonderful Life".

You know the nice old man who sat down next to me with the bag of bombs?

Just happen he knows I spoke English.

Go figure.

- Bullets could have been real. - And the body armour would have been real.

I do not know you, but I don't like to be tested.

Gibbons never believed you were dead. He never stopped looking for you.

- Hell of a friend. - Yeah. Well, the joke's on him.

- Because we were never friends. - Trust me, he is not laughing.

Nor will he ever again for that matter.

I had never seen anything like it.

This group is lethal, and they do not care who or what gets it their way.

I was hoping you will be interested in headlining the next five card.

30 feet across, 90 feet down.

3 inches security glass?

No ropes, no line, no parachute.

I bet they had a blast.

We ran facial identification on every database in the world. Nothing.

Not even a match on a speeding ticket.

They are ghosts, in a day and age where

that kind of thing's almost impossible.


You get that I do not work for suits.

What makes you think I want to ruin all my life for?


if you do not want do it for me ...

do it for Gibbons.

Your country needs you. Mr. Cage. The Triple-X program needs you

It's time to be a patriot.

By whose definition?

Last time I was patriotic, I got three strikes.

And there was only one man who believed in the underdog.

Patriotism is dead. There are only rebels and tyrants now.

So which are you?

I am Triple-X.

Welcome back, Triple-X.

Where are you going?

- London. - Why? What's in London?


And possibly a fur coat.

I have forgotten how beautiful the view is up here.

Oh, see you found your coat.

Oh you promise take care of it for me

And I did

I'm looking for someone.

Since when did we have a business relationship?

You know, I get caught even touching a computer, my hour is up for 20.

Name your price.

You know I'm good for it.

Information like this doesn't have a price.

Ainsley, everything has a price.

Now, if you don't think you can pull it off,

if you'd lost your edge, just tell me and I'll understand.

You know what it is, Cage?


I used to think you are the man

But now...

I do not know, maybe I feel that you're working for him

Come on

Nobody knows I'm here.

And you know how I am about keeping secrets.

So you say, but Interpol got these listening bugs.

I mean, they're practically invisible, real MI-6 kind of shit.

Disappear under your skin, underarms ...

tied around your balls like a Christmas bow.

unwrap me, then

You know, studies have proven that sexual consummation irrevocably ruins ...

nine out of ten relationships.

Lucky for me, you love to gamble.

Of course


My friends on the other hand, adores the ***


The things I do for my country.

Like finding needles in a stack of needles.

Even though you are shackled by the queen...

you're still the best of the world.

Thank you.

Do yourself a favor. Burn this.

The words that I hear out in the streets, these ghosts caused real kind of trouble

They got training and they got funding ...

and they've got no problem running over anyone who gets in their way.

I can see you worry that I may get hurt.

I worry that you might get dead.

You know, I'm touched you can't imagine a world without me in it.

It would be less fun.

That's all I'm saying.

Your ghosts are hanging out in Philippines.

Figures they go to the Pacific.

Some jungle rave that's off the grid.

How the hell did you find them so quickly?

Undercover work.

Where is it? What did you do with Pandora's Box?

It's in a safe place.

That was not part of the plan.

After all these years, you are still shocked when I improvise?

No. But the mission was to destroy it.

It turns out there's a new mission.

I am not going to destroy the one thing that I can use to get what we want.

- The world is looking for us, Xiang! - Let them come!

You are worried about pawn sacrifice.

I get my eye on the king.

That's the problem.

You forgot the queen.

Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, United Kingdom

After your success taking down Anarchy 99, Gibbons was handed a blank check.

Which is the long way of saying ...

he got you a new ride

The world went to another place since your death Cage.

On board drones, anti-air countermeasures ...

and fuel tanks big enough to circumnavigate the globe three times ...

without even landing.

You can check your coat. I promise you no one will dare steal it.

I can guarantee it can't walk off on its own.

Wheels up in ten, boys! which means you are already 7 minutes behind.

Is she always so much fun or just on special occasions?

No wonder our country in debt trillions of dollars.

Do you really need all these gadgets to get the bad guys?

We do not need any of it.

But it make catching more fun.

Xander Cage! Holy shit!

Live concert in one night only. This is crazy!

I was at Coachella and Guns N'Roses got back together.

but this is way cooler

Well, I was not actually there, but ...

I heard about it, you know?

I'm so talking. Oh my God.

Sorry, it's a bad habit. I get started and then ...

- I can not stop and I can not ... - Breathe.

Take your time. I know mouth-to-mouth if necessary.

Are you kidding me with those guns?

You look like the fucking Terminator!

I'm not talking about the first Terminator ...

but the second Terminator goes back to kill the first terminator.

It is the liquid metal guy.

Agent Claridge worked closely with Gibbons. She will handle support for the operation.

And a guy like you needs a lot of support.

What are you like? 220? 230?

Be honest. 250 is the hardest max for my swing.

- Oh come on. - I'm kidding.

It's not like I have a safe word or anything, it is "kumquat".

I never really think about it.


What about you?

"Not safe" isn't in my vocabulary.

Touche, you're the Xander Cage.

Anything you need, Becky can source it within an hour.

Except for any sort of illegal drugs.

Those I'll have in 15 minutes.


But if you need a *** of purple ***, I'm not the girl to ask.

Okay, Cage, follow me. I'll introduce you to your ground team.

- Thank you, Becky. - Of course.


Here comes the Red Bull freak show.

Xander Cage, I want you to meet Paul...


Captain Paul Donovan.

I know you. I saw you on TV.

The president gave him a medal. It must be pretty cool, right?

You guys must have some seriously cool stories to tell.

must have seen a lot.

I wonder:

How many have ever pulled a free-style triple back flip?

On a BMX bike before? All of you?

No, we do not play on bicycles.

Oh, you do not play on bikes?

any of you ever carved an R4

On a snowboard ...

while an avalanche is on your booty?

We're soldiers, hotshot, not slackers.

Okay, but you all ...

have HALO jumps over Eastern Europe ...

using a standard-issued armor dempolyed parachute system. Am I right?


We're not all jack up on Mountain Dew and Red Bull, you asshole.

Where did you find this guy?

Oh there is the first time for everything.

What did you just do? I can not believe this shit.

I am not gonna have clowns watch my back.

I know I'm gonna regret asking you this, but who would you trust?

You know no one has this number.

So what do you up to these days?

Me? Moving in odds.




- Go in, go! - Show me your hands!

Get out of the car, now!

It was like that when I got here.

TENNYSON TORCH Stunt Driver 198 Lifetime CRASHES

Claims he has been abducted by aliens TWICE.

LONGEST RELATIONSHIP: his Rugby Mouthguard

Nobody gets in unless you are X-Games participant!

Do you hear me?

That guy got through!

What, Nyjah?

Ray and Burrito.

Chad, how are you, bro?

Roberta. I'll see you later.



SPECIAL SKILL fun to be around.

The good, the bad, the extreme...

and the completely insane

This is the team I can work with.

I'll make it easy for you.

These four assholes: very bad guys.

Pandora's Box: very bad thing.

You will land at Manila and you will requsition your own transportation to the island.

Why don't we just nuke this bitch in oil bean and car, eh?

Pandora's Box is one of a kind

It needs to be recovered intact.

Why? What does it do?

- Brainwave scrambler? - It killed Gibbons.

All you need to know. The rest is classfied.

Brainwave scrambler

Do you smell that?

It smells like the same shit in a different suit.

You think a dog knows how to work "Frisbee"?

The master says "fetch," and the bitch listens.

You'd look so sexy with a Frisbee in that mouth.

Sweetheart, this is not a game.

You're all my soldiers now.

- I'm not a soldier, I'm a parlour. - Do we look like soldiers?

Oh hell no.

- I drop your soldiers over Eastern Europe. - Why did you leave lassie behind?

This is my operation! You will listen to me.

The meeting is over.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln ... how was the play?

That's super strength body armor.

We got to tighten the belt ...

Over here.

I got this on.

What are you, my handler?

I am whatever you need.

I can handle anything.

And I got a tight grip.

And just for you know, I'm not a field agent.

I do not go out in the field. Ever.

That's where all the fun is.

Fun scares me.

People scare me, guns scare me.

People with guns really scare me, If I'm scared I can not do my job.

And if I can't do my job, then people die. And if people die, who does my tech supporting?

Literally no one.

But I'll make sure to keep you safe.

It ain't easy to keep me safe.

Yes, these badboys are my favorites.

They called Exogloves . *** new ground combat initiative.

pneumatic pistons drive the gears. qualdruple the speed, and power of the punches.

No no.

This is a multi-stage signal disrupter

It is very, very breakable

Can you tell me the real reason behind the crash?

Of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie?


You're one of them, right?

Hey easy. Rocky.

I wasn't kidding when I say it because the force of these badboys

to cut a hole in a fucking plane.

Keep walking around. What can possibly go wrong?

- That's my style, though. - Yes, good. glad to hear.

You know? Actually...

I would rather if you...

That's refreshing. You actually know what you are doing down there.

Yes, that's what she said.

Caramoan Islands PHILIPPINES

Let them pass.

Need something, man?

I heard this is a perfect place to disappear for a few days ...

for my crew, no questions asked

My home is your home, if you pay good price.



Figure you like this. I just happen to have the best *** in the South Pacific.

30% of the top gets you a finest hospitality package.

30% of the top? Can I get the girls for a weekend and two coconuts?

Ten percent.


I think looking the other island without laws, it happens all the time.

I'll tell you what to do. You turn around, go get your boat. You kiss my ass.

It's okay. Hanging on.

What do you think?

You talked me into it!

Eighteen percent!

You think this is a flea market?

You think we neighborhoods sell televisions and fake watches or something like that?

What's wrong with you, friend?

All right. 22.5%.

How do I give the half?

Twenty two...

and a half.

Hi man. Enjoy the party.

I like your style, man.

Stay on that boat, no matter what.

Adele, Nicks!

Well, guys, keep your ear bugs in.

Like always, Adele, you're my eyes in the sky.

Nicks, you are gonna show how we did.

You got this?

You just watch.

Can you keep this behind the bar, please?

What can I get you?

A cranberry club soda.

Make that two.

- Thank you. - You're welcome.

Stay focus.


Xander Cage. Back in action.

Did I ever leave?

Spot that clown.

Easier than we expected. Drinks all around.

That's him.

***. douche bag hunting season.

my favorite.

It is too early in the evening to slay someone.

- Let me fix it. - Oh come on.

The *** doesn't deserves a bullet? I think he does.

Is this a party or a funeral?

Either way, somebody is going to hang up tonight!

Told you he was fun having around.

At first I thought Special Forces.

But your inks all wrong.


They would send in a drone to bomb us to hell.


You are not kind of subtlety they prefer

You know the men who come to this island. They're on the run.

Hiding from the world.

But not you.

You are not here to hide.

You're looking for someone.

Who says I haven't already find it?

Do you want to scare me?

a little tremble will be nice.


considering one tremble to make you run away from here...

I'd say I'm close enough.

Does this means you're not making any breakfast in the morning?

I'd say a couple of inches off.

Bit of a stalemate.

Not if you drop the gun

I'm not the bad guy.

I don't believe in good guys.


Who is he?

We just met.

But we got along famously until somebody ...

decided to interrupt

stick to the path

Here honey

There are a lot of unmarked graves on the island.

And I'll bet whoever sold you that shirt is one of them.

How long do you intend to push a look?

Until I get what I came for.

which is what exactly?

A damn stiff drink.

So, let's be real and talk about what we all really want.

I am only here for that.

In my minds, you guys can walk away nicely. unless you want to continue our foreplay?

Power like that doesn't belong in anyone's hands.

Just improvising.

Seriously? A grenade? What is this? Eastern Europe in 1990s?

Next, he's gonna send you a fax.

So you are willing to kill?

Just to keep that for yourself?

That's a wrong question to ask.

What's the right question?

"Are you willing to die for it?"

One grenade, three people.

I like the odds.

Two grenades, three people.

I'm loving these odds.

Have you never bled so much that when you open your eyes, all you see is red?

When you have fought in wars on every continent.

Come on X, just say the word, Let me put both these two arseholes out in the pasture.

Except death.

Our bodies are such fragile.

Let me shoot him.

Death sometimes just...

sneak on you

It's been a while since I played hot potato.

I'm in a hospital bed.

I'm barely conscious, delirious. Drowning in my own blood.

And all I can hear myself to think is "Today is the day"

"Today is the day you die"

I'm touched.

Can I have my jacket?

There is a man comes along, tells me the story ...

about a drought in California.

About skateboards and swimming pools.

About a man named Xander Cage.

Oh shit. He is Triple-X.

I heard he was dead.

Is he?

We are all Triple-X.

We just have different agenda.

She wants to destroy it.

I'm going to use it.

And I will be damned if I am gonna let you take it back to NSA


Now it's a party.

Shit's about to go down.

You think that is for fun?

Turn off the music!

Stop it!

Everybody hands up!


On the floor!

First person to move, first person to die!

I moved.

I moved again.

I am still alive.

Shut up, "hero"!

All right.

Let's do this.

Do not move!

Well, I actually have what you want.

Pandora's box?

I got it right here.

But you're wrong though.

You take it from me, and you die first.

Then Lieutenant Leningrad, thinks he got you back

Then the two Ivans by the door.

Moscow Mule by the bar.

Then Igor on the stairs.

See where we are going with this?

But none of that matters.

Because like I said ...

if you take this from me, you die first.

I will take it from you, dead or alive.

If you hold it too tight, they cut your arm off.

Suit yourself.


Hello Ivan.

The other Ivan.

Goodbye, Moscow Mule.

Igor. It's another one you owe me. X.

Read between the lines.

Tennyson! Some back will be nice.

Some back will be nice! Come on man!

X says I stay on the boat.

That was before the goddamn Russian invasion takes down ,man!

X says stay on the boat.

Do you want to play?

That doesn't belong in anyone's hands.

If you want it. Come and get it.

Was that necessary?

It's what Gibbons would have wanted.



It happened again. Another satellite fell.

How's working as a team?

That's what Gibbons would have wanted.

You in?

An explosion inside the Olympic Stadium rocks Moscow

Seven workers are now confirmed dead.

With at least 25 others injured in this senseless act of violence.

A source inside the Pentagon says ...

a rouge satellite may have been used as a weapon.

This means that Pandora's Box is not exactly classified.

In a new video, released just moments ago, an anonymous group ...

is claiming to have the ability to use satellites as weapons. They claimed

quote "The violation of civil liberties of all citizens of the world ...

It is an atrocity that must be stopped "

Disable and dismantle all the world spy programs within the next 24 hours ...

or I will do it for you one satellite at a time.

There are 30,000 satellites orbiting the Earth at this moment.

I will drop one satellite every 24 hours until my demands are met.

eyewitnesses in Moscow ...

- Was this always part of mission to you? - Of course not.

We were a new Triple-X team Gibbons created.

We discovered a high-level intelligence officer who was trying to manipulate satellites.

And even before we could unmask him

Gibbons was killed.

So you knew they were Triple-X all along

I needed you to retain a sense of objectivity.

I don't understand. If I destroyed Pandora's Box. What happened in Moscow?

If I am right, which I am ...

this box only had the ability to control one satellite.

What does that mean?

It means we have been chasing a prototype.

- And these guys have the real one? - Yes.

Serena played us like fools.

betrayed us.

This is not about Serena. This is a war.

And either we stop today or we watch the world burn tomorrow. can't lose focus on that.

Where were you have you been? You stopped ***

Your mom says hi.

tracker on board? Nobody saw you?

- No one ever sees me, boss - good.

These suits control every spy satellites in the sky.

But, how often these seven men all sit in the same room together?

Almost never

And if you needed retinal scans ...

cellphone data dumps, biometrics of all the superpowers in the world...

Who would you target?


Who has that kind of power to actually set that in motion?

You're pissing up the wrong tree, Cage. I came looking for you, remember?

Oh, asshole. We are going to have problems?

Oh no problem. How was your trip?

I'm just doing the maths.

Oh yeah? What maths?

Air velocity divided by distance.

So when I stuff you down the toilet, the search and rescue...

know where to find you between China and North Korea.

keep talking shit, man.

Hold that thought, GI Joe.

Roll it back

A little more.


A little more. stop.

Okay, when Xiang broke the window ...

He is the only one that did not flinch.

I need the president on the phone immediately

That's not gonna scrub off. You know that right? It was a quantum screen!

It seems that the director of the CIA has been trying to destroy the world for years.

We have carte blanche to track this son of bitch down

Do any of you know how to do it?

The same way Xiang and I found Pandora's Box in New York.

Pandora's box needs to be reconnecting itself because of the satellites orbit.

Excuse me.

All what we need to do is to track down the main signals.

and then we can approximate its location within a 20 mile radius.

Of all the places in the world ...

this fruit choose Detroit?

The blasts did take place in Moscow, but they were felt around the world.

In the morning, *** the death toll of Moscow's tragedy has rised.

Let me guess. Everyone's jumping at the chance to dismantle their spy program.


The world is too stupid to realize that Moscow was a bluff.

Okay, Triple-X, you will base at an NSA safe house.

Becky will coordinate your bug communications, and have the signal disrupter on standby.

Mate, when I crashed the boat on shore to save your life ...

Whatever bro

Do you think that counts as crash #199 for me? You know, officially?

Officially, you're deranged


We will set up a triangulated signal tracking system around the city

When Becky locks in its exact location, we make our move.

What about you? How did you get involved in all this?

I dangled the skyscraper, and go to a year jail for it.


Seems excessive.

The *** was 30 storeys tall.

Two million hits on YouTube.

And I served only half the sentence.

Let me guess. Gibbons to the rescue.

He said a lion like me doesn't belong in any kind of cage.

I got mine after I left NSA.

- What about that one your wrist? - London.

In 2009 climbed the Millennium Wheel.


- Naked? - Yeah.

High school.

Oh no!

We all have our embarrassing moments.

What about that sexy one?

This? The phoenix out of the ashes.

18 hours in a chair in Mexico.

drank my body in tequila to get through it.

It is the most important one actually

It is when I decided to change the world instead of ...

rage against it.

We found him. We found Pandora's Box.

Xander, do you copy?

We are here. Okay, send Tennyson.

Looks like East 404, Congress streets. He is on the top floor.


I'm sure activity with Pandora's Box. I can jam signal

but only a few minutes, so hurry.

You got to get there fast and take this guy down.

Not if we find him first.

Red light!

You know traffic signals are invented by big oil to waste fuel, drive up profits.

If I say "yes", would you please slow down? Look out!


Is this the part where you anticipate, then you got your eye on me, you don't trust me?

Welcome to the moment.

Everyone needs back up.




A gridlock.

There it is.

If you run into trouble ...

dial nine.

It is an old Gibbons fail safe.

You crashed my party! stole my dance partner!

I will crash yours.

Have fun.

This is not a party. This is a race.

- What the hell think you are you doing? - building a ramp.

Go go go.

out of car! get out!

- What are you doing? - Let's go!

He is trying to reconnect.

Guys, I can only jam the signal for so long before he chooses another satellite. You have to hurry.

I have a plan.

Hold on!

"Hold on" is no goddamn a plan!


Are you looking for someone?

That's 200!

Haha, come on.

No! Xander, you guys have to got to the top floor. He is trying to engage another satellite.


fish in the barrel

45 U.S.P

12 round mag.

five left


What the hell is going on out there?


I got Xander in! Find the target, light them up.

Gibbons thought you'd be back.

To be the hero we needed.

you take the box to NSA

we are right back to where we started.

This is touching.

Gibbons would be proud to see you two working together.

walking out of here, Xander.

you wanna know secret?

You forgot to put deodorant on?

I killed Gibbons because he was a self-righteous prick.

Do you have a shot?

Adele, do you have eyes on the target?

I am switching to the thermal.

I was never going to stop downing satellites

no matter what happened, you know why, because this world has turned ...

Please, please tell me you have a shot

Damn it.

He has turned the heat up. I can't see shit

X, can't see you guys. thermal is not good.

- Right? - I lost them in the heat.

you want to see what's going on in this world?

- What are you gonna do about it? - easy.

X. Keep him talking. I still don't have a shot

We made it that way, people like Gibbons and two of you. And me.

We made it that way.

What's the point of getting up in the morning if you're not gonna reboot the world

right, okay, easy

There's a war out there, a world war for our survival.

You don't see it? Millions of people have died for nothing!

Read between the lines.

- Come on, isn't it right? - I'm going to be honest with you.

What has been bugging me this whole time

is you have got something stuck in between your teeth.

- What? What the hell are you talking about? - I'm serious.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Right ... there.

Nice shot.

Was it ever a doubt?

Yes, I confess I had my doubts.

That's for talking shit about my friend Gibbons.

Xiang! Get on your knees! On your knees!

Hands! Hands!

On your knees! Now!

Just in time.

Watch out. Cage. keep this up, people might mistake you for one of the good guys.

Hey, Suit.

You got what you wanted.

We both know that he is not the bad guy.

You know who would we blame for Moscow?

Better a living terrorist than a dead company man.

See what I'm saying?

Let's go.

Back on the plane. I want wheels up in twenty.

Let's go boys.

We recover Pandora's Box.

They will send an extraction team to pick you guys up.

But they are taking Xiang.

And Serena ...

you don't hear from me, remember, dial 9.

X takes care of its own.

You gave it back to Marke, didn't you?

nice place. spacious, expensive.

Shut up.

Thank you, sir.

Yes, minimal casualties. Triple-X performed ...

beyond any reasonable measured expectation.

Let me guess.

That was my invitation to the Oval Office.

10 minutes ago, the Triple-X program was officially shuttered.

All active agents should be erased from record, and considered enemies of the state.

It is just never a good idea to point a gun on me.

NSA extraction teams normally armed like they invading Fallujah?

No, generally not. Watch the boys.


Oh, it's happening, isn't it? They're going to shoot at us, aren't they?

- Let's go!

It's showtime.

I guess we are on the same team now.

Give me one.

You know me. Wind me up, pointing the right direction.

Let's go!

That shit is getting real! Does this happen when shit goes real?

What do we do?

Just with bullets on.

Sadly, the terriost activated Pandora's Box ...

one last time before we could stop him.

you and your entire team lost in the blast along with the device itself.

If the world thinks Pandora's Box has gone

then they won't know we are using it to spy on them.

You're just another tyrant.

No. patriot.

Let me educate you on the difference.



They say it is the last great adventure, cage. Be sure send me a postcard.

- engines hot! - Oh right let's go!


Xander Cage!

- Go, go! - Everybody spread out!

Take cover! Move!

There, take cover!

What a rush.

Damn, Becky, that's a body armor.

Hey, I told you that you got no manners.

Did your mother ever teach you how to zip up your pants?



We're a bit busy now!

Marke has got Pandora's Box. She is gonna drop a satellite on top of you.

She is going to drop a satellite on us!

Not if I jam the signal!

I need a power source!


Over there? By myself?


Cover me!

Hurry up! Over there!

I'll go low.

I'll go high.

See if we can find G.I. Joe.

Are you getting signal interference?


Everyone needs back up, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Let's do this.


- I got a plan. - No!


Listen, from now on, I make the plans, you act ***!

Oh shit.

Oh my god, this is fucking awesome!

What's wrong asshole? Why do you come back?

No, I just finally figure out that maths problem.

It's gonna take two flushes.

Oh shit, way too many. Let's get out of here.

Get back

Oh shit

I don't want to die

Forward, push!

This is all we've got.

I am out of bullets! You got any?

No, nothing.

I am empty!

We go on three.

What's up?

Rock, paper, scissors ... grenade launcher.

Darius Stone.



Spent last 11 YEARS WAITING FOR SOMEONE to Dial 9

Triple-X since 2005.

Thanks for the assist!

X takes care of its own.

You got to be kidding.


We failed.

Xander, Marke activated the satellite and it headed towards us.

I'm gonna have to take it to kamikaze style.

Do not do it. It is suicide. Nobody could survive that fall.

Tell Nicks have that camera ready.

Low alto free fall, no chute and a big fireworks

They say it is the last great adventure.

Make sure send a postcard.

I live for this shit



I hope you got that on camera.

If it ain't no video, it did not happen!

Oh, yeah. Hall of Fame right here, bro.

- You know, I could have done that, right? - Bullshit.

What happened to Marke?

The ground broke her fall.

Still you do not believe in good guys?

It is okay to feel a little bad.

How bad?

Now, that right there...

that was a hell of an entrance

That's a hell of car.

Gibbons told me to keep an eye on it.

He said I would know why when I need to know why.

now I know why.

It is exactly the way I left it.

took it on a date or two

X takes care of its own.

That's why I figured you'll come through.

To get a chance to work with the legendary Xander Cage?

Where do I sign up?

You know you pissed a wrong damn picnic

The whole world will be looking for us

I wouldn't have any other way.

We thought we could end with Augustus' favorite song.

That's an impressive trick.

Think you are the only one knows how to play dead?


It's pretty surreal to be on my own funeral.

And I think to myself:

What a wonderful World

I love that song.

And it could be a wonderful world ...

if we stop doing bad shit to it.

If you wanted me out of retirement, you could have just asked, man.

You've always responded to less subtle motivation.

now what?

You keep being a rebel the world doesn't know it needs.

Watches the watchers, fight the enemy within.

Damn, that's so complicated.


Let me simplify for you.

kick some ass

Get the girl.

And try to look dope while you are doing it.

You can do dope, can't you?

Sure you can.

Junior, let's go!

I will see you there, X.

I can definitely make that work.

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