vandi (2018) - full transcript


Sir, I'll talk to the
opponent advocate

- Please settle this amicably
- Ok

We shall get money from both parties.
What do you say?

- Listen to me, just lend your support...
- You listen to me!

One tea over here please

Hello! Where are you going?

To meet the hero?

In that case, come here

Our hero is amidst these vehicles

Yes, indeed

Such vehicles are a common sight
in all police stations

These vehicles didn't
make it here on their own

They are here because of silly
mistakes committed by us, humans

There is a story behind
every vehicles that is here

In fact, vehicles have more
experience compared to humans

Amidst all these vehicles...

stands this bike named 'Duttu'

Duttu's journey to this police station...

and the lives of people who
traveled in this journey...

is what we are about to witness

Though Duttu can't speak...

the whole journey from
Duttu's point of view...

will enable us to hear
Duttu's full feelings

The reason Duttu is here...

is because of an official
journey of three guys

Useless! Makes every ones
lives a hell!

Our fate!

He is Rafique

Works in a food van

He is the wake up alarm
for all the colony people

At times, even small kids
are terrified of him

Is it already 6 O Clock?

Stupid! Wonder what these
guys eat for dinner!

Stinky fellows!

It's ok my baby!

Only if I knew these guys toilet schedule,
I can put my baby to sleep at that time

The only thing he does sincerely is...

He chats with few girls and
talks long hours with them

And sleep in between

He toils hard and earns in the night

and spends all his hard
earned money on those girls

Because at least one day he
hopes to win over their love

It's his thoughts that
spoil his livelihood

He is Arun

Works at the two wheeler parking
section in the railway station

But he shows off like he is an
central government employee

Turn off the light!

I said, turn of the
light you swine!

Thank God! It was the back side

He is Krishna. Today, he works in a hotel

Even he doesn't have any idea about
where he'll be working tomorrow

Every problem that he faces because
of his sincerity towards work...

finally ends up at this door step

This is Swathi


Don't brush your teeth
if you can't buy paste

You better lend me some paste or
else it'll stink when I kiss you

Get lost! Like anyone's gonna kiss you!

With the hopes of starting a family
with Krishna in the future...

along with her current job, she
is also preparing for TNPC exam

Now, we're going to see the important
incidents which happened in their life

'Journey for job'

Don't spray it too much

Take a bath once in a while!


Why aren't you at work already?

Stop playing with the phone!

They are going to
celebrate birthday

Birthday celebration?
Whose birthday is it?

Rafique's girlfriend Manju's birthday

Check this out. This is the fourth time
they are celebrating her birthday this year

Why are you celebrating his
girlfriend's birthday?


Won't you ever change?

Do you have any idea how many
days you took off this month?

Lose this job and you have no other
option but to beg on streets

Have your breakfast and join me
quickly, if you are coming with me

That dinkus is in the toilet

He won't let me eat in peace

Do you have any glue?

- Rafique!
- What?

Are you done?

Why do you ask?

I wanna eat

Just eat your breakfast.
That should be enough



Just returning home, Raghava?


Time for Father-Daughter affection

There's your dad

Stop it, you 'Alert face!'

Looks like you are on time

Daddy, I have made Dosas
and kept in the box

Just cook rice for lunch,
Sambar gravy is already there

Ok dear

Time to replace gas cylinder.
Ask Krishna to do it.

The agency guy will
take long to get it

Why? Isn't Krishna working today?

Nope. He is at room

He has taken an off to
celebrate some girl's birthday

Who's that girl?

Daddy, don't you confront
him regarding that

He is anyway on off. Just tell him
to get the gas cylinder if possible


you could've told him yourself

Nope. He'll mistake that I'm asking
him to compensate for the food

He'll obey you

Fine. Did he have his breakfast?

- Ask him yourself
- I had

- See you, daddy
- Ok

Why do you exchange key
on the way, everyday?

All of you, out!

Janu, we need to leave early.
You! Go and bath quickly!

Useless fellows! Look
at the condition here!

You are usually late.
Why so early today?

If you want me to work according to your
schedule then pay me my salary first!

It's been three months!

If you don't pay me this month too...

wait and watch!

Stop giving me hopes

Err... nothing

Quick, leave. I need to
clean the house and leave

What's your problem if we are here?
Just do your work and leave

No need! I know where your
eyes will be if you are here

- 'Wait and watch!'
- Why are you laughing?

I meant you too

Are you planning to make a video
of mine and release it in Youtube?

Uh-oh! I didn't see that coming

These guys can't
even catch a joke!

Someone here seems
to like you a lot

Who's that? Show me

Show me, where?

Over here

Move! Let's go back!

Come on, now!

I am in Dhoti today

What if he attacks me?

You could've come in pants. One
must be expert to wear a Dhoti

One should take any risk
for the sake of love

In fact...One must!

Only then you'll have a result

Watch her get awestruck looking
at my dressing for her birthday

- Oh God, everything must go fine. Got it?
- Yes

We are crossing the
place Manju said


Please stop the bus. I need to get down

There's no stopping here

But I must get down here.
It's urgent!

If it's so urgent, jump off the bus!

Jump off the bus?

We can't stop according
to their wish

Yes buddy, jump off the bus

Remember, one must take
risk to get a result

You're right. Come on! Come on!

Come on, buddy!


Hey watch out! Your Dhoti! Your Dhoti!

My Dhoti! My Dhoti!

Ewww! Yuck!

Hi Manju

Happy birthday Manju

- Manju!
- Rickshaw!

Please stop the bus

Please, leave at once!

- Oh Jesus!
- Greetings sister

Uh-oh! It's so embarrassing!

Please stop! Stop! Get in!

No one's helping me either

Hey Rafique! Come here! Come on!

Stop! Stop!

- Where did you go, you fool?
- Hop in! Quick!

- Here is your Dhoti
- What's the use now?

Let's go

What happened to Manju?
Was she awestruck?

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

He said she will be awestruck...

but I never expected he'll
make her awestruck like this!

Well buddy, what was Manju's reaction?

Buddy, that girl...

she fled the place at once

Then all the reaction was
not on hers but his face

Yeah right! Enjoy the booze
I sponsor and mock at me!

So be it. Go ahead! Keep mocking at me

To hell with this messaging service!
Messages aren't going

Call up the customer care number and...

give them an earful

Then messages will start working

Whom are you going to give
an earful at this hour?

Have a seat

So, what's the celebration for?

Is it a happy news or sad one?

You didn't know?

Everyone else's knows around

- Today is his girlfriend Manju's birthday
- Damn it! Shut up or...

Stop it, Arun!
You're provoking me

I warn you!

Come on, Rafique!

There are people downstairs

Already, majority of them don't
like you guys staying here

Aren't you aware?

Ask them all to mind
their own business

It's not like they help
us when we need help

Indeed. You are correct

But we must do our job. Isn't it?

If you keep taking off in the name
of such celebration and parties...

then you'll lost your current job. Then
what will you do for a livelihood?

I met George today

He said he'll be coming tomorrow
to vacate the rent defaulters

I just came by to say this

To hell with that swine! He will
keep saying that all the time

Just forget it

Indeed, call him a swine...

but we must pay rent on time

Isn't that our duty?

What ever. Have a nice time
with your celebrations

I am leaving

Why the long face, Krishna?

Don't mind what I said

If not at this age then
when can you guys enjoy?

Continue your celebration.
Carry on, carry on

It's good night time for me

Good night

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

Buffaloes work faster
than these guys!


Listen you 'Manga!'
'Manga Mani!'

Work as if it's your own home

Got it?


can't you wait till they arrive?

After all he set out to collect money.
Isn't it?

Ask them to stop it, Charge

Please don't involve this

I got them here to put
an end to all the issues

that you've been trying
to keep me away from

Got it? So, stay quiet

Here they come

Why did you come down?

Go back and keep your things outside

Or else the same will be the
plight of your things too

Like there is anything in your home.

All you got is torn clothes and inners
and I can see them hanging

Instead how about I
strip you guys naked?

It would be quite embarrassing.
Isn't it?

Stop laughing! Like you
have seen us in that way

Mind you! What's your problem?
Come here!

Troublesome fellows!

Can't you guys pay rent on time?

We are paying on time

They never pay the rent on time

They keep paying the
rent like a chit fund.

They pay very less sum
and carry over the rest

Don't you call it rent

All together, 30,000
rupees of rent is pending

George, how can they arrange
if you ask all of a sudden?

Don't talk like this. I gave them the
home because you vouched for them

The paid rent on time
for first two months

And then then started following
this chit fund kinda payment

It's been months now. Wonder from
where they get such new techniques

I won't let go of them this time

Chief Vasu, he'll obey you

Please tell George not to do this


What about next month?

Vasu, don't fall for his words

- What happened?
- Nothing dear. I'll take care of it

- Are you sure? See you, daddy
- Ok dear


One more month...

One month?

Yep, next month

- Yes chief, next month we'll pay
- Listen...

if you guys fail to pay
the rent next month....

George won't come in
search of you hereafter

I'll, myself come in person and
destroy all your utensils and clothes

- Got it?
- Got it Chief Vasu


Aren't you going to office?

No, I must go soon

It's ok if it's a bit late. Start to work

Ok I'm leaving. Keep moving

George, see you

See you! See you!

Unsuccessful trip here and
couldn't empty even one house

Unnecessarily wasted
money on these henchmen!

Tell me

Where are you?

- At work, in hotel. What do you want?
- Aiyo!

So, didn't you take an off today?

- Do you want me to?
- Well, I was wondering

You always look for
reasons to take an off

Did you call to say this?

Don't you have work over there?

I have got enough work

Fine, dad told me what happened

How are you gonna pay
the rent this month?

Why don't you help me?

Me? I don't have money

Fine, then do one thing...

give me your chain for now...

and compensate it while
paying me the dowry


But I am not gonna marry you

There are better choices available

Why? Do you doubt me?

Two Parottas parcel


Did I hire you to flirt with girls?

Turn that off and get on with work!

Hang up, now

Hey! Hello! Hello!

Mr. Burma Face! One day I'm gonna secretly
serve spoiled chicken to some customer

Wait and watch

I'll prove you that a waiter
can shut down your shop!

It's been long since I
placed an order for a Dosa!

You! What are you doing there?
Can't you hear that customer?

He'll come now

- 2 chappathi and a chicken curry
- 2 chappathi and a chicken curry?

2 chappathi and a chicken curry!

Please give me some gravy.
What's the delay?

Hey, serve him some gravy

In a minute

All I have got are lazy workers

I must blame myself
for hiring them!

Hey Krishna. You
are early today?

I'm done with my work

What would you like to have?

Where's chilly chicken?

It's over

There so much left and why
do you say it's over?

What's wrong with you?

Krishna, he is acting
strange of late

I wonder what's wrong with him

I guess he has gone crazy

Rani, four Idlis parcel please

One omelet

You swine! Can't you
eat where you work?

Pour him some Sambar gravy

That Burma face will
compensate my salary

And also, that food doesn't suit me

And this doesn't suit my wallet!

If you guys eat like this, I
hardly get 50% of my salary!

- Quick, an omelet
- Wait


Well, here comes rest of them to
finish of my remaining salary

Hello Rafique!

How are you , Mani?

Listen Malar, don't trouble
them when they are eating

- Don't disturb! Leave! Leave!
- Come here. Come here!

Here, have this. Come back later. Ok?

What do you want?

Pour him some gravy

Mr. Vasu, aren't
you getting down?

I wonder if you'll
eat from my shop

Rani, then why did I come
all the way to your shop?

No one can beat the taste of your food

Look, how my guys are
gobbling up the food


Get me an Idly, a Vada with some fish gravy


He isn't here for her Idly and Vada...

He is here to eat and compensate for the
dispute that took place today morning

Look, how his men are gobbling

Like pigs!

There goes my one week salary

Hey, get me some gravy.
What are you doing there?

- Give it over there
- Rafique, come here

Here, take this and give it to him


Handle this

- Omelet?
- Make it yourself

Give this to Chief Vasu


One half boil please

One half boil

Why don't you make it?

- How are you?
- Good. And you?

Who's phone is this?

Here, attend it


This is a food van shop and you are?

Salim Bhai?

Salim Bhai? Give it to me

Hello, Salim Bhai...

Tell me, bhai

Oh, it's Salim bhai's phone?

It was here in the car

No bhai, we just halted for dinner

Sure bhai. You will get the
phone tomorrow morning

Sure bhai

Ok bhai

I'm off to Coimbatore
it's an urgent matter


- I'll be back only tomorrow night
- Ok

- Ensure this phone reaches Salim bhai
- Ok

- Got it?
- Ok


Where can I find Salim bhai?

Go to east police station
and ask for Dubai Salim...

everyone knows him well

East that case, I'll give
it to him. He works that side

Over there

Call him


Come here

This fellow? Isn't he your friend?

Yes chief

Where's the third guy?

He'll be asleep in room by now

Krishna, this phone has to be hand over to a
person tomorrow. It's your responsibility

Whoa! Apple phone!


It's Salim bhai's phone. Do not hand
it over to the wrong person. Mind you!

Don't worry. I'll pass
it to the correct person

He'll do it

I'll inform Salim bhai. Hand
it over to him by morning


Ok chief


Remember about the
rent next month

Do inform that third guy too

- Don't forget. Now, you may leave
- See you

Looks awesome, isn't it?

One plate idiyappam

Sir, what would you like?

- 2 Dosai
- 2 Dosai?

- 1 onion uthappam
- 2 Dosa and 1 onion uthappam

Krishna, why don't you buy
a new phone like this?

I'll have to sell myself

You mean it's that cheap?

You think that was funny?

- Try some new joke
- Krishna!

What are you chatting over there?

- Customers waiting in family room
- Get on, he has already began yelling


Come in late and works like a lazy!
To hell with...

Madurai Muniyadi Vilas

There! Again playing
with the phone?

Go, take order before the
customer loses their cool

Come here and ask for Krishna


I must snatch his phone first

I will serve spoiled chicken
someday, Mr. Bruma Face!

They don't turn up regularly and if even
they turn up, they while their time away


Yes, Salim bhai?

At the Sait's Pan shop

Ok bhai

Bhai's new phone?

Ok bhai

Which hotel?


Make it fast

Can't you understand
their English?

They want to check the mobile

They'll delay it and
hand it over back

It's not delay it. It's delete!

Empty plate? Serve him some
bread and shut his mouth

Madam! My phone! Madam!

- What do you want, sir?
- I already ordered

Someone, attend him

Who's Krishna here?

Krishna, someone's here looking for you

- Is that him?
- That's Krishna

Are you Krishna?

- Salim bhai sent me
- Salim...

Don't you have Salim
bhai's phone?

Start the bike. Quick

Wait! Stop!

You chased away a customer and
now you leave. What's going on?

To hell with you Mr. Burma Face!

Like this is a navy job!

Even animals won't work for you, you
idiot, doofus, dinkus, crap, stupid

Don't you hit me!

Let's go! Come on

That was embarrassing

How did you miss the mobile?

A woman thought I was clicking
their photo and snatched it away

- Do you know which rickshaw?
- No

At least the registration number?

I didn't notice it

Neither you know which rickshaw
nor the registration number

How will you find them in this city?

Give me that mobile number

- Which mobile number?
- The one which you came to collect from me

Yes, Salim bhai's new number

Yes, that number

Kindly say it slow

Doofus! Unwanted headache

She cut the call

- This rickshaw?
- She switched it off!

What do I tell Salim bhai?

You leave. I'll talk to Salim bhai

Salim bhai asked me to
return with the phone

I know chief Vasu very well.
You leave

Do what ever you want!

"This is where the plot thickens"

"This is where the plot thickens"


You rascals!

Where's that stupid friend of yours?

Answer me!

Chief Vasu...well...

Where were you guys
roaming with the phone?

- Trust us, we didn't sell it. We lost it
- Lost it?

- I don't care! Get the phone
before I reach there tonight - Ok

I don't care what you do

He disconnected
the call, doofus!

What did he say?

He has warned us that we must
get the phone by tonight

What were you doing when
they snatched away the phone?

I let her go because of the Mr. Burma face!

Watch out! Phone!

It's switch off right

If I get hold of her, I'll take
some chilli powder and...

- I'll take that and rub it on her...
- Rafique!

I must rub
least on her eyes

Why abuse her? Why did he click her photo?

He thinks he is a
short film maker!

Upload whatever you recorded in
Youtube and whatever you earn...

use it to buy new phone
and give it to them

Swathi, clicking a
photo isn't a sin!

How can they snatch the phone?

That's not fair


I didn't click their photo

Then why did they snatch it away from you?

Photo isn't the problem here

The problem is him interrupting
them when they were romancing

He spoiled their good time
and she got pissed off

- Romancing?
- Well....

Step out you guys!

I said, step out you guys!

It's Chief Vasu

What do we do now, Raghavan sir?

You commit all the blunders,
they why ask him?

What can he do? Your chief!
Chief Vasu is here. Go!

You go talk to your chief.
Don't involve my dad

Daddy, don't you go. They'll invite
troubles and then ask your help!

Shut up and stop it! This is my
problem and I know how to solve it!

- You!
- Chief

Go get them

What is it?

It's quite dark. I'm scared

You're scared? You! You go!

Guys! Wait!

If all of you leave, then I
must be alone here. Wait

No one go there. Call
them out from here

- Step out!
- Guys, step out!

Please stop him. Please

Come here!

Chief, there he comes

Krishna! Listen to me!

Wait! Hold on! Stop!

I know what to do

- Please forgive me
- Me too

You rascals!

Where's the phone?

I swear, we didn't get it back yet

You didn't get it?

Call him!

Call him!


What do you mean 'whom?'

So, you don't know

Didn't I make it clear that
it was Salim bhai's phone?

Call him

Call him!

- What's the issue?
- No idea


troubling them won't
get you the phone back


I know how to get back
the phone from them

You, shut up!

- Manga, check him
- Ok chief

Check them thoroughly

Chief, this phone is quite loud.
It's the model that I have

Holy guacamole!

You rascals!

Where did you sell off the
phone worth 0.1 million?

I promise, we didn't
sell it off anywhere


I don't care if you sold it or not

I need that phone, now!


no one here has the guy to take
a phone from you and sell it

Poor guys, they missed
it somewhere by mistake

Give them sometime to
retrieve it back, Vasu


One week

I give you a week's time

I need the phone by then

Or else...

I'll be back


I'll abduct you and your daughter first!


Start the jeep

One week!

One week is all you got

Mind it!

I need the phone before that

And if I don't get it...

I'll rip you guys apart

Let's leave

Krishna, who is Salim bhai?

What kind of a person is he?

How about we go and
talk to him once?

I tried talking to him.
Didn't work out

What happened?

Well, for sure we are getting bashed
but it has been postponed by a week

How are you going to
return the phone?

What's the guarantee
you'll retrieve it back?

If not, I must buy them a new phone

Really? That was funny!

How will you buy one? He talks as if
he is an IAS officer. He quit his job

Why do you even
vouch for him, dad?

One who lost the phone
must take responsibility

This is my problem! No one need to
intervene. I know how to solve it


- Same dialogue. Same build up
- Krishna!


It's because of such jerks, rogues
come here and create a scene

How do we even live here?

Next time the pest control is here,
I'll ask them spray in your mouth!

- Get lost!
- Rascal!

What are you looking at? Here,
take this and get inside

Why did you talk
to him like that?

How many times have I asked
you to control your temper?

Come on, now. Fine,
go serve the food

Keep supporting him always!
Get lost!


Krishna! Where are you?

Buried underground. Who is this?

Oh! You are still hung-over from yesterday

This is Raghavan speaking

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

Tell me

Come here at once


I have spoken with someone
regarding your job

What job?

We can discuss it in person

Start now

Better take an auto rickshaw

He will be leaving soon

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)



Spare me 150 rupees

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

Here it is

For what?

Ragavan told me to take
an auto rickshaw and come quick

I don't have the money

I have only 60 rupees left

I spent for the booze and food yesterday

Why don't you ask him for money?

I will pay for the bus fare to his place

How can I spend for Sheelu with this?

Where are you two leaving?

I don't care where you go

But give me an answer before you go

This is the third month for me

God! We are not responsible for that

It is your due amount. Who else
should I ask?

Janu! You'll get your
salary in two days

You are saying this for
the past three months

Hurry, it's already late

Guys! Please give me my money

I would have given it if I had

How long should I excuse you guys?

I have kids to feed

How will I manage?

Kids? Are you married?

Yeah! Some marriage it was

My husband went to booze with his friends
on the day of marriage

It has been 12 years, I have not
seen him since

The kids?

Give me the keys

They were God's gifts

We cannot deny it. Can we?

Janu! Is it true that two guys tried
to snatch your chain?

It's true! I was returning
from advocate Thamba

house after work... At
that time two thieves

came speeding to snatch my chain

Thank God I pushed them away or else
I would have lost my chain

Stay safe. There are lots of unemployed
crooks roaming around the city

How did you know about it?

Rama from downstairs told me

Guys! When will you pay the money?

We are going out to collect your money

You will get it in two days

Take this

Come here

You sure those guys
came to snatch your chain?

Sure! They moved their
hands to me like this

Like this?

I am not sure if they came
to snatch your chain

I don't have any money

Are you serious?

Don't keep your helmet on the bike

- I won't be responsible if you miss it
- Give me some money

I told you I don't have any

You better ask Rafique. He is
the responsible for this

If he had the money why would I come to you

He paid for yesterday's booze and food

You didn't care whose money it was
while boozing yesterday

Who boozed off?

I had only one round of drink

- You finished the rest
- Who finished the rest?

I don't know about it. I had
only one round of drink

Don't try to fool me. I
poured the drinks for you

First he had one, then another...

I remember perfectly

I left a few pints in the
bottle before I slept.

Both you and the pint were
missing in the morning


You know when I came to work?

- You rascals!
- Hurry up, soon

- Faster
- Guys! Pay for the parking

You filthy low life scum bags

- I don't have the change
- Take this

- I don't have the change either
- It's Ok

They didn't even get the parking receipt

She looks decent but
talks like a trash

Here take this. It's your lucky day,
they went without getting the change

This is not enough

This is all I have

If the owner knows
about this I am done

- Leave now
- Bye


Krishna! Are you here?

Yeah I am inside the complex now

I am at the hospital right now,
I will be little late

Hospital? What happened?

A minor accident in work place


How did it happen?

Don't panic! Nothing to worry about

You do one thing

There is a company named
'Trademark finance' in the second floor

You will find a person named Sundharam

I will get these medicines from the
pharmacy and wait for you outside

Meet him and tell my name

Shall I come there

Don't bother about me

- I am already leaving the hospital
- Ok


Don't talk about this accident to Swathi

She will panic and get scared



You desperately need a job now

Keep that in mind



I will call you later

How much did you
score in 10th grade?


You embarrassed about that?

Don't be. This is the
perfect score for your job

Vignesh! This is Ragavan's reference

Ragavan is not only my security,
I have known his since my struggling days

You know who Vignesh is?

He is everything here. He is the
manager of this firm

Then... what is the status
of the T.nagar client?

No shit man! They've been waiting their
bum for me downstairs

I was about to meet them but Uma
dragged my bum inside to meet yo

Ok you can leave but be
flexible with the client



Yo Sathish! Move your lazy bum!


What are you looking at?

That his dress and
accent are contrasting?

Will the behaviour of a rag picker change
if you give him new name and clothes?

Yes, I need men like him for my profession

Coming to the point, your
job is collecting money

All my money is spread in the form
of vehicle dues, finance and chit funds

You are responsible for collecting them.
Is it ok?

Do you have a bike? A vehicle

It is very essential for this job

I will give you the money for gas

If you impress me in the first two months,
I will buy you a new bike

Your salary is Rs 15,000/- . I'll pay
you incentives if you collect more


If you are ok with these conditions,
you can start from tomorrow

If not I'll find someone else

But I want you to decide right now

Because I am already
lacking manpower of late

If you are interested, come early
tomorrow morning

- Inform Ragavan about this
- Thank you, sir

- How much is it?
- 50,000 rupees

- See you
- Ok

The tablets made me a bit dizzy

Am not used to English medicine,
so I thought I would have some tea

Are you better now?

Nothing serious right

Nothing serious now. I
even started for work

but everyone compelled me to
rest, so I came back home

Have the tea

Sundaram spoke to me. He asked
you to join tomorrow right?

The job extracts a lot from you but....

using this job position we can ask
Sundaram to help us with the money

That money will be automatically
deducted from your monthly pay

I am not compelling you

It's not like that

I need a bike to take up this job

They have asked me to bring a bike

Why? Don't they provide the bike?

Yeah! After two months

Until then I would get only gas money

Buses won't be an option for this job

It may even cost you
more than a bike

Why don't you ask you
friends for help?

I have asked Rafique

Is that Rafique?

Alright! Arrange for the bike soon

Somehow you have to take up
the job tomorrow

You want the bike by tomorrow?

I have to join work tomorrow. It will
be better if I get it by tonight

What can I do in such short notice?

You know Jeeva right?

Which Jeeva?

The Jeeva who peddles
customs goods in Parrys

He has a bike. Check if it is available

I don't know that guy

Why don't you talk to him

Sorry dude! I not in
good terms with him now

I can't speak with him

It's not a big deal but he will ask
for a month's rent in advance

Shall we meet him?

Ok! I'll take care

Whose bike is this?

This is Kumar's

This is used for bringing goods to the shop

I will call you if I get a bike


Swathi! I think I have to
take a tablet before dinner

Bring me the tablet
and some water

You didn't need my help for anything.
Why don't you go take the tablet yourself?

You need someone only
to pass you the tablet?

My child...

Are you still thinking about it?

I already explained myself

You would have panicked and took a day
off, that's why I did not inform you

I won't panic or take day off anymore.
I won't care even if someone dies

The world will stop spinning
if I take a day off

Why didn't you inform
me about the accident?

Your dad asked me not to

Oh! Now it's my dad

So my dad is not related to you.
Is that it?

Swathi! I am already in
high pressure situation

Don't mess around now

I thought you considered
him as your dad too

Now I clearly see that you only
use him for your gains

Swathi! Is it Krishna?

Ask him about the job

He went for a bike, don't
know if he got one

I don't care about others matters.
You ask for yourself

She is crazy

She wants me to consider her dad
as my own dad

She finds new ways to start a fight

Ragavan! As your dad?


It's simple dude!

Ragavan has worked as security
in many places

So Swathi may have had a doubt. Isn't it?

Stop talking like a fool and think what
we should do next

Or else we all will be in a big trouble

What you expect us to do?

We have checked all our contacts

Jeeva will give his bike in three days.
What is there to worry?

To hell with three days

Why are you pissed off on me?

Ask him


Everyday hundreds of men park
their bike in the morning and...

take it only in the
evening right?

Some bikes will be left
unchecked for weeks too

Yeah, so?

If we get a bike like that, we can
manage these three days

You want me to steal?


It's wrong

It's not a theft, it's just
an adjustment for three days

Adjustment? Don't talk about this again

You want me to lose my job?

It's not some lame food
van business like yours

It's controlled by the
central government

Vasu will put us in trouble if
we do not return that mobile

What trouble? The person who
started it should end it

Vasu will not cause me any harm

Oh! So that's it


You are right

He has nothing to do with it

He has done nothing wrong,
why should he be in trouble

We will take care of it ourselves

Since we are friends, Vasu will think we
are all in this together

I will tell Vasu that you
are not involved in this

It's ringing

Chief Vasu! It's Rafique

You crook! Did you get back the phone?

No... I called you to
say about something

If you give me any lame
excuse, I will butcher you

It's not that

- My friend...
- Which friend?

- The cheat who lost the phone?
- No not him

It's about my friend Arun who
works near the railway station

What about him? Is he dead?


He is saying that if we
do not get the phone...

he is saying that you don't
have the guts to thrash us

- I never told so
- I will teach you brats a hard lesson

It was not us, it was him who said so.
You speak with him

You said I don't have the guts?

I didn't mean that

If I see you...

I will slaughter you

If I don't get the phone...

- I never told so brother
- You will die first

I don't have guts?

Do I look like a fool to you?

Why are you acting so cheap?

Are you not ashamed?

Rafique! What's happening there?

Nothing. Sit down

Who is acting cheap?

You used us for the food and booze...

and distance yourself if we are in trouble.
This is cheap behaviour

We are not asking for
your help to save us

Like he said, Ragavan and Swathi
should get into any trouble

We have a house to sleep today only
because of Ragavan. Don't forget it


I am not scared of Vasu

I am dead scared about that Mani

I am afraid that pig will screw us up
and ruin our lives

How will I get married then? Even
if I did, what about the kids

It's over

Just for three days right

I will see what I can do

It's ok. It is controlled by the central
government. Why should you bother yourself?

I can handle any government

Our future depends on this

You can't turn back now.
Let's hear the plan

In your parking, there will definitely be
some bike which can be unlocked with any key

You need to find a bike like that

Find it and call him

Every morning, drive that bike
away without raising any alarm

After finishing your work drop the bike
in its place at 5.30 pm every evening

If you can do this for three days, we
can get Jeeva's bike on the fourth day

Another thing. It is better
if that bike has an helmet

Police won't stop you and it
protects your head too


Will you be late to take it back?

Why? Are you going to charge me more?

You don't have to pay
more for late hours

- Then why is he asking
- He asked me too

What is happening?

Nothing serious

I just wanted to arrange late bikes
separately so you can take it out easily

People who are coming early are finding it
difficult to take their bikes out. That's why

If my train arrives on time,
I will also be on time


TN 02...



Bike is ready

The don't waste time. Don't be late

All the best



- Haven't you started?
- I'm about to

My friend has arranged a bike.
I'll take it on my way

Is it?

Fine, then have your breakfast
and start immediately

- It's ok. I'm not hungry
- Not hungry?

Then why did I toil hard and make it?

I'm keeping it in the bag.
Eat when you feel hungry

What about me Swathi?

- You starve!
- Rafique!

I haven't had my breakfast yet. We
can have it together at my place

That bike doesn't need a key.
That's just a dummy key

What, no key?

I searched and I couldn't
find a better option

I got only this one

Look yellow and yellow

What else do you need
for a good sign?

Fine, leave! Leave!

Be back by sharp 5:30

Or else I'll committed suicide by
jumping in front of 5:45 train

- Come here
- What is it?

If I don't reach by 5:30, don't
jump in front of 5:45 train

Wait for the train after that. Ok?

"Why does it feel like all
eyes are fixed on him?"

Sir, I'm coming from
Trademark finance company

I am Krishna. I have
joined here new

"Fears are all that is left.
Fear is all you got"

"What are you gonna do?"

Just ensuring it
doesn't cause traffic

"Fears are all that is left.
Fear is all you got"

"Why does it feel like all
eyes are fixed on him?"

"Why does it feel so?"

"He is running the race of his life"


I haven't begun yet. How
will I be done so soon?

"He keeps running"

"Fears are all that is left. Fear is all
you got. What are you gonna do?"

"Fears are all that is left.
Fear is all you got"

"Fears are all that is left. Fear is all
you got. Where will you end up?"

Promise, it's my bike

"Do you want to
forget your worries?"

"Then go ahead and party!
Party! Party!"

"Party and you can fly"

"So party hard! Party! Party!"

"Do not stop, keep pouring!
And raise hell"

"There is no person on
earth who is worry-free"

"So change your
thoughts and get high"

"Learn to fulfill your desires!"

"Time to play hide and seek"

"Come, give it a shot!"

"Chase away the fear"

"Come, let's touch the peak"

"Come, let us win over fate"

"Come, lets cross
all the hurdles"

"Come, lets bear all the burden"

"Lets take this new path"

"Will the fate favor us or betray us?"

"Did you try asking the God about this?"

"She has a heart full of love for
you; so do not push her away"

"She carries your burden too"

"She is the shadow that
keeps following you"

"So when will you hold her hands?"

"Do you want to
forget your worries?"

"Then go ahead and party!
Party! Party!"

"Party and you can fly"

"So party hard! Party! Party!"

"Do not stop, keep pouring!
And raise hell"

"There is no person on
earth who is worry-free"

"So change your
thoughts and get high"

"Learn to fulfill your desires!"

Today is the last time. I
can't help you after this

Come back as early as possible

Go, get on with your work

- I meant that. Come soon
- Move! I gotta go to work

This is why I don't help you guys

"Will the fate favor us or betray us?"

"Did you try asking the God about this?"

"Why does it feel like all
eyes are fixed on him?"

"Why does it feel so?"

"Fears are all that is left. Fear is all
you got. What are you gonna do?"

"Fears are all that is left.
Fear is all you got"


Where are you?

At office


I don't know when that
bike's owner will turn up

Don't irritate me. I'll come

Useless! Look at his attitude
changing once he is done getting help

Well, this gets over today!

Park there

What if asks again tomorrow?

Let him and see
what I do to him!

'Good times are here!
Good times are here'

'Deity Jakamma says!
Good times are here!'

'The deity is here!
Good times are here'

The bike will be back


- Uh-oh, you got me into trouble!
- Sorry buddy

- Are you trying to escape
- No sir

The bike skidded when
I applied the brakes

Stop buffing and go present
the documents to the officer

- Sir, I'm in a hurry...
- Park the bike now!

- Sir, I have an important work...
- You heard me!

Come with me


Alandur, sir

Take the RC book and
show it to the officer

Do we look like fools?

Stop! Stop!

I wonder where the RC
book for this bike is?

What's this?

Didn't you show the documents yet?

Sir, I'm unable to open this

Go say that to the officer

Go, meet the officer!

Just a minute, let me open it

I said move!

Sir, the original is at home.
I only have the photocopy

I asked you for the original!
You pot head!

Go, get me the
original documents

I said, leave!

Sir, chain snatching, attempt to murder...

that bike looks exactly like
the one missing in those cases

He is standing right behind you

My hands!

Damn helmet!

Were you born with this helmet?
Remove it!

You guys scold us either if we
don't wear and now if we wear it


You, son of a gun!

You thief! You cheeky thief!

- Sir my hands! My hands!
- You'll steal bikes....

then steal chains! Confront you and
you'll hit us with the helmet?

I am innocent, sir!

- Then? Then?
- Sir!

Sir, stop it. People
are watching us

It'll become a public issue

If someone records it and put it up
on social media, we'll be done for

Where do you stay?

Saidapet, housing board

Saidapet, housing board?

Do you know 'Nightmare' Vasu?

I am doing this job for his sake

There you go!

Sir! Rivet confirm, sir!

Sir, he works for Saidapet Vasu.
Hope you know him

So what?

Keep moving

Go to your bike

Is he a big thug?

Of course!

You leave it. I'll cool him down
and bring him to the station

Trust me, sir

No need. I'll bring him myself

Only then I can establish an
understanding with him on the way

You head to the station.
I'll take care of it

Ok sir

Come, let's go

Sir, why do you want me
to come to the station?

Come on! Police station
is for the public

Anyone can come and go

Police department is your friend

Come, pay a visit just like that

It's already 5:45!

Looks like I'll have to jump in
the next train as per his advice

What if someone would've
recognized the bike?

Sir, helmet?

Why would a police need helmet?

Attend the call

I love to hear other
people's conversation

It's ok. Just a friend's call

I haven't reached home and hence he is
messaging asking if bike ran out of petrol


There you go


I think it ran out of petrol

I only hear jingle sounds!

- What's your friend's name?
- Arun

Ask him to gulp hot tar!

Thank god, he didn't message
asking if you got hit by a truck!

Fine, push the bike. Come on

Sir, my hand is hurting

So, do you want me to push?

Yes sir

Sir because my hand is aching

Fine, at least help

I wanted to be a cop
like Surya in Singham!

And he made me push
the bike in streets

- There or here?
- This way

That way?

Park it this way

How much fuel?

How much should I fill sir?

For how much?

Your wish, sir

My wish?

For the bike you stole...

Sir, I didn't steal the bike

Fine, for a bike that
you didn't steal...

why should I spent money
and pay for petrol?

Well sir, I don't have change

No money?

I swear, not even a penny

Just wait. Look sir...

5 rupees

an it's torn

Why do you even use a purse?

Here, have it as a tip

Sir, we shouldn't
carry an empty purse

Sorry bro....

Fine, pour for 20 rupees

Sir, minimum is 50 rupees

Sir, minimum is 50 rupees

Kindly adjust and
pour for twenty rupees


shall I go check with
the manager, first?

Why do you wanna disturb
the manager for this?

Pour for fifty rupees! Useless!

Sir, please open the tank

Open the tank!



One key for all the bikes?

Looks good?

Ask your manager to start a credit
account in the name of Somasundaram

Go! Get lost!

Sir, the manager will scold me

Why so late, sir?

Did he create any problem?

Nothing of that sorts

Useless! A short fellow embarrassed me
at the petrol bunk by asking me to pay

What is it? If it's that friend
then attend and talk to him!

What if he sends a message
and jinx things once again?

- Hello
- Hold the bike

The police caught me

Can you come to Mylapore
police station?

Bring Rafique also

Now, what was that?

All that hand twisting
was unintentional

Why are you calling your men?

Sir, they are my friends. Only if they come,
we can explain you what's the reality

So they are coming just
to explain!

What are you looking at! Move!

Move you Mr. Chilly nose!

- Come, let's go in
- No sir. I shall wait here

I'll come once my friends are here

After all this is a silly issue

Let's talk it out

Why troubling them?

The police department is your friend.
I am here! Don't you worry! Come on!

Why are you so innocent?

This case is definitely going to be a
pain in the head of Somasundaram sir!

That's how Duttu ended up
in this police station

Duttu might stay here
and rust to death

Or else Duttu can tell us what happened
earlier in his life and escape

Until then, time for Duttu to rest

I agreed to this fearing that Manga Mani!
Looks like now the police will take over!

Keep your mouth shut till we get there

You started blabbering without
knowing what happened

Come closer

How will the police know that we
stole the bike from railway station?

They won't?

Then why did they catch him?

Even if you wear helmet and have all the
bike documents, police will catch you...

for very silly reasons like side mirror

You are right

That bike does not have a side mirror

We have no right to beat him in the
middle of the road?

What if someone record and upload it?

Pay him

I don't have any

- This is the bike
- This one?

What is your case?

Violence, theft, rape....

We are not here for that

We are here to meet a friend



Oh! The vehicle case guy


Come in

Let's go in

Inspector is interrogating inside.
You wait here, I'll inform him


Will they beat you up
just for a side mirror

Sir! Did he confess?

He didn't

He is very stubborn

He is replying only in Hindi

- Don't you know I hate Hindi
- Sir, he is a Bengali

- Bengali?
- Yes

Get up you bangla

You are not from here

What if you are a Bengali

Won't you learn to speak Tamil?

Even Tamil people are refusing
to speak in Tamil these days

How can we expect him to

it's better if you learn Hindi

What the...

I am a Tamilian

I failed in class 10 several times
because of Hindi

His friends have come for him

Ok. Inquire them and let him go

Sir! I was talking about his friends

This guy here is an orphan

Bash him up!

You won't speak Tamil if you are an orphan?

Hereon you should hear only Tamil anthem

Kolaveri song?

It's an urgent call from the shop


I can't come. You finish the deal

Butchering is enough

Cut only the leg

It's his friend

Don't call me for such petty issues

Can't you talk quiet?

Why are you bringing these guys
inside the police station?

Sir! He was talking about chicken legs

- Chicken
- Chicken?

He is working in a roadside eatery

Call that chicken in

Call him in

Call him

Come in

Stand here


Who is working in the road side eatery?

It's me

Don't you speak for your stature?

You talk and behave like a hit man

What are you doing?

In railways...

Railway superintend

No, in railway station bike parking

Sir! He must be the master brain
behind the bike theft

I am not like that

Then what are you?

We did not steal

It was a small adjustment

Shut up you....


Adjustment my foot

Did you call the person
who filed the complaint

The mobile phone of the woman who
lost the phone is switched off

The person who came with
her was an honest man

I gave him missed call, he returned my call

He is on his way here

Sir! We did not get any information
from the east police station

I gave them several
missed calls but no reply

You gave missed call to a police station?

You are talking like it
is your wife's house

You fool!

Why didn't you call them
with the station's phone?

Outgoing calls are not
working in that phone


The man who gave bike
complaint has come

I told you about a honest guy who
returned the missed call right

It must be him

Show him the bike and helmet and
see if he can identify


Get the helmet you clown

Move fast

The man you beat up when stealing has come

It was not us

We will decide that

If he identifies you as
the culprits, then...

Sir! One of the bike has no records

Let them in

Come in

They have parked in a no parking area
near our station

They have no records or helmet too

What sort of hairstyle is that?

Like birds nests

How can they wear
helmet on this?

You catch easy targets like no
parking and fill up your pocket

You fool

Get 500 rupees and let them go

Move on

Thank you sir

Look at them laugh

He has identified the bike and helmet

- Is it so?
- Yes

Call him in

Let him see them

- Ok sir
- Let him come

Come in

Krishna! Rafique! What are you doing here?

Sir! What did they do?

What is he telling?

He is asking me about it

They hit you in the head
and stole the jewels


They are not the thieves

I know these guys.
They are genuine guys

You told that he identified
the bike and helmet right?

Yes sir

Yes, I identified
the bike and helmet

But it was not them

They confessed that they stole the
bike from the railway station

- Yes
- Then what?

We did not steal it

It was a small adjustment


I explained you
everything about it

I don't believe you


Let it be what...

If they are really the
thieves like you think...

they should be punished

I agree with you but...

they did not beat and steal the jewels

Please let them go


Are you saying I am wrong

You are saying that I could not find the
real thieves and putting the blame on them


I did not mean like that

If they are book under suspicion...

their future will be spoiled

They are just kids. Please show mercy

What shall I do? You know
the missing bike 'Duttu'

A missing case has been registered
on that bike in east police station

Adding to that we have two
more cases including your's


You can take back your
complaint since you know them

But what about the
other petitioners?

We should answer them also right

None of the petitioners
saw the thief's face

But under these circumstances, what
if they identify them as thieves?

We can do one thing

We should find the criminal

We should start by finding the person
parked the bike in the railway station


Sir! The bike was parked in the station...

I can identify those guys

How did they look?


I don't know about that but I can
definitely identify them if I see


You remember the day when you came
to get some money from me

Look at the inspector while speaking

Two days before

Two guys parked that bike

I asked them for parking money

They gave me 100 rupees and ran
away without getting the change

Sir! Can you do anything now?

What can I do?

We don't know anything about those guys

If I know their whereabouts...

I will catch them right now

I will do one thing

I will let you bail them out

But they have to come to the station
everyday and sign the ledger

Whenever I call, you should come here

Ok sir

If they don't show up

Make sure to lock him in and beat him up

I will

Complete the formalities and let them go

Go on

Thank you sir! Let's go

Let me know if you get any
information about those guys

- Ok sir
- Move on

Like the policemen said, in this case...

the petitioner takes the final call

Then why do we have this court
and legal system?

Be practical

You think the legal system is fair?

A single case will eat
up half your lifetime

Why are you saying them these things? They
don't seem to understand the seriousness

If we can get the address of the lady
who bought the jewels, we can talk to her

What about people who have filed the
missing bike complaint

First we shall meet the lady,
then we can think further

Being sad is not going to help anyone

We shall talk about this tomorrow

Now leave

Have dinner and sleep

You have made me jobless now

Are you happy?

You still have the job, stop whining

It's almost gone

You guys have ruined everything

Yeah, we did everything
to make you jobless

As if you are a government employee

Why are you getting angry on me?

You speak as though we did
everything with bad intention

Police checking the
bike is a usual thing

How do I know about
that bike's history?

He is right. Why did you
give that bike to him?


I gave him the bike?

Yes you did

How do I know about
that bike's history?

I am asking the same

Stop complaining and start
thinking what should we do next

Get lost

Krishna! Arun! No use in talking like this

We have only one way to get out of this

My Lord!

Will you please stop giving ideas

We had enough already

We are in this situation
because of him

Ok, I won't give my idea

Ok tell me about your idea

For now, we all...

will have two beers


At this time?

We need to drink beer to cool down

We will booze off and sleep, we can
think about the rest later

Does this look like
a joke to you?

This is not a simple issue
to cool down after a beer

He is right. Beer
will not cool you now

Buy some hot drinks


Ok! Give me the money

We will finish two rounds and talk later

Give him

I have only 100 rupees


(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

1 half brandy and 2 beers

We are closed

Please help me out brother

Please help me

If I help out everyone,
when will I close the shop

I should also go home

Shanmugam! Give this man
alone and close the shop

What do you need?

2 beers and 1 half brandy

Where are your eyes at?

Why are you driving so rash?

Bhai! Is that you?

I thought someone
was fooling around

You don't recognize me?

We went to your shop.
Are you on leave?

You would have been a goner if I
had not pressed the brakes

He is looking at the girls. Let's leave

Ok see you

Well, looks like you are going for a ride

We are going to be like this for
the rest of our lives

We are not going to get back the phone

- It's gone for good
- The phone is ringing

Who is on the line?

- Who is it?
- The missing phone


What happened?

- She is hanging up the call
- Give it to me

I will put her to shame

No, I will put her entire family to shame

Rafique! Calm down

- Hello!
- Hello!

It's some guy

Give it to me

- Hello!
- Hello!


The mobile you are using is mine

I did not record you
kissing your wife

You would have checked it


Please return my phone


Alright! Where should I come?

Where you want me to come?

Think everything is fine

You decide the place

You come to the restaurant
where we first met

What is the name of
that restaurant?

Madurai muniyandi vilas

- Where is it?
- Near east police station

Ok, we'll meet tomorrow morning

- Ok
- Your name?

Krishna Kumar

- Ok
- Thank you

Why are you calling him
to that restaurant?

I thought he would know the place
but he seems to have forgot it

Thank God!

Our path is clear now

If we get those thieves all
our loops will be closed

Wherever they are,
I will catch them

"Dragged in to a complex mess,
looking for a easy way out"

"I am looking for answers in the
a place that isn't my forte"

"Times are tough and
may the Lord save me"

"I will divert my attention only
after I find an answer to this"

"Only after find an answer!"


- Looks like some programme
- Come, lets groove in

Is this really necessary
at this hour?

Look at him

We must enjoy when the tides
are against us! Come on!

Hello. Won't you pick my calls?
I was worried

I was attending a programme.
Didn't hear the ring

Can't you call back
seeing the missed call?

You guys create all the issues and
left without giving any information

Won't I be worried if you
don't attend calls too?

Fine, tell me what's the matter?

Where are you?

- Nearby. Why?
- Did you get them?


Those thieves

Of course. The found us and
begged us to catch them

We got confused and then caught them

They are in my pocket. I'll
come there and show you

Don't worry. You are innocent

Everything will be fine soon


Who was that? Swathi?

I have always been a trouble to them...

never have I ever did
something useful for them

Yet, just because I didn't attend the call,
she gets worried and calls me over and again

Why do they love me so much?

That's how some people are, Krishna

They unnecessarily drag
trouble into their lives

But you are lucky fellow, Krishna

The reason Swathi scolds
you and fights with you...

it shows her love for you.
Now, that's real love

This ain't like the
crap digital era love

- Understand it
- Feelings! Feelings!

Indeed! It's love feelings!

You must fall in love to
understand such feelings

Yep! Like this is the right
time to fall in love

I am wondering, how will I tell my parents
that I am soon going to be behind bars

And you talk to me about love

Tell them you were on a foreign trip

Stop kidding, Rafique

Welcome sir

If you keep taking off like this
then I'll have to hire someone new

Hire if you want. I don't
have a problem with it

What happened to you, Rafique?

I was just kidding. Why
are you getting upset?

What do you want? Parotta or Dosai?


Make it fast


How was the programme? Awesome?

We saw you there

Where are your friends?
Did they leave?

They are over there

Oh. Ok. Ok. Carry on

4 parottas, 4 chappathis
and chilly chicken

Puli, help him with the parcel

In a minute

You got beef?

Don't you want me to run this shop?

Remember I told you that I saw
two girls near the liquor shop?

They are in that car. Check it out

Don't turn at once.
They might get alerted

They look awesome. No?

What's so awesome about it?

- They could be lovers
- Indeed, yeah!

My foot!

I'm telling you, they
are just a set up

Look there, those two guys
who came with them...

see that beard guy?
He is waiting to buy the food

Those guys are small time gangsters.
They always roam around with such girls

Even a fraction of their fate
would've brought us some good times

What are you looking for?

Krishna, isn't that him?



The guys who left the
bike in the parking

He is one among them

Arun, you must be mistaken.
It can't be them

I swear, it's him!

I hope it's hot

It's indeed him!

Krishna, stop! Stop! Wait!

Arun, stop him!


We are wandering looking for you
and you are have a nice time?

Who are you man?
What's your problem?

I'll tell you my problem! You jerk!

I don't get it

Arun! Stop it!

Hello boss! Why are
you hitting him?

- They are from rich families
- I don't care who they are!

It was them! They left the
bike at the railway station!

It's indeed them! Catch them!

Arun, catch them!

- Hey, who the hell are you?
- Shut the heck up!

Stop that accent and speak
your mother tongue!

Your cases aren't free today.
So, get down and get going

Or you guys will suffer
along with them!

"Everything will come
to light one fine day"


"Justice will prevail
over injustice!"

"Everything will come
to light one fine day"

"Justice will prevail
over injustice!"


Get up! Run!

Get them!

Don't let them escape

Blow properly!

Sir, he is not drunk

Then let him go

Go! Leave!

And he calls himself police!
Useless fellow!

Ready sir

Listen, do not miss those
who drink and drive!

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

Why so raw?

Take that

This was kept for prayer offering
and now we are eating it with booze


no one seems to
come in this route

Those guys that you got now...

they would've gone further and must've
alerted everyone on their way

Krishna! Arun! Don't let them escape!

What's that noise?

Looks like a plan to kill you!

Remember the guy whom you
bashed up in the bike case?

He is coming down with
his men and weapons

Disloyal guys!

What are you waiting for? Start the jeep!

What are you doing over there?
Come here!

Come on! Come on!

Sir! Catch them! Don't let them escape

It was them who left the
bike at the railway station

Hey, don't let them escape!
Catch hold of them!

Come on

"A Twist happens in the story"

How dare you mess
with the police?

Sir, not me


Sir they thrashed me!

Lift him!

How dare you raise
hands on the police!?

Beat him

He looks like an chameleon
with a sprained neck

Come to the station
tomorrow morning


that person who took
you out in bail

- Raghavan
- Yes, Raghavan....

- Bring him along
- Ok sir

Now leave. Run!

Get in!

It's burning!

Sir, they are refusing to come!

What's your problem?

Police department is your friend

Don't be scared. Come in

Come in and we'll
treat you real nice

You! Move!

Do you wanna know who they are?

Wait, I'll explain

Even though Duttu made his way to police
station with the three guys earlier...

but all the charges on this bike are the
results of what these two have achieved

'Adventures journey'

Yeah, I know man. Sorry, I am coming

Ok baby

You're really hot

Hey, it's too late man


Last night I was so tired.
You know, she was really hot

- Oh! Really?
- Yes, of course!

Your bill sir

Sir, sign please

Thank you, sir

Your taxi is already waiting, sir

Yeah. Thank you

- Anything else, sir
- Let's go

Hey, come on, man!

Hello bhai, this is Shaukat here

After delivering the stuff, will
there be a delay in cash pay?

No, I am about to collect it

Will deliver it in two days


Told you. Bhai dealing
will always be correct

I know

But it's risky if the delivery
gets delayed even by a bit

I need some cash to give at home

Mom has been calling me
for the past two days

What happened?

I am stuck in a traffic

It's getting late

I'm on way there

Here you go

I'll come with the
cash in two days

- It's ok
- It's ok, keep the change

- It's ok man. Take it
- Thank you, sir

To OMR please

Sure. Please have a seat

- How much?
- 420 Rupees

What? 420 rupees?

Stop it you fraud! It's not like
you brought us in a flight here

From T Nagar to here
costs only 300 rupees

It's the usual

That, if we took the Alandur route

But I took the
Madhiya Kailas route

Who asked you to take that route?

The road's are bad elsewhere

Just take 300 bucks. This ride
was worth only this much

If you are so smart then you should
have fixed a price before getting in

Here you go

There is just 350 rupees in it

- Obviously! Did you expect 3,500 rupees?
- Get lost!


These rickshaw guys are a pain in the head

They'll keep squeezing through
the places they can't go through

Many a time I had a close call

Forget it man

Tell me

I was busy


Fine, I'll let you know

Ok, shall I hang up now?

Who was that?

Sathya from the Rickshaw place

It seems they need us to
race for them in a mud race

He is asking if we can help

How much will we get

He says 30k for two people


One mishap and that won't
suffice even for our maintenance

- Are you going?
- What do you mean?

Going with them means
dragging trouble!

This generation kids...

are so updated that they take
birth with the knowledge of bikes

Ride with them and...

not just mishap...

we won't even win the 30k!

First, switch off that phone!

Or else they'll keep
calling and trouble us

Looks like she'll grab
everyone's attention!

Dickson, check this out

Why don't we get
such good stuffs?

People are watching. Quite!

She is losing her control!

Check it out

Oh God!

If these guys catch us,
they won't spare our lives

First, let's go from here

Let's go somewhere else


Isn't it the same girl? Look!

He must be a cheapskate!

He is got her to a shopping mall!

- Hello! I'm talking to you
- Just five minutes please

Which one do we lift?

Are you sure?

How did you know?

I'm talking about bike

Oh, you meant the bike?

Same issue every single day!

How many shows run per day here?

How many shows per day?

How many shows?

No shows are running here. Just leave

- This isn't a theater
- But they said so

Who told you?


- Start the vehicle
- Hey, stop

Catch him

- Catch him! Catch him!
- Sir! Catch them!

Looks like an awesome
ride, isn't it?

Doesn't look bad

Only the pull is a bit on the low side

Otherwise it works well

Hey, look at that

- How much?
- 100

To home? So are we

Doesn't look so. Why
don't you hang a board?

- Quiet!
- Look at her!

She is unique

How about wooing her?

Hey, now come on

Enough. A little more tight

Why are you messing with it?

It's not opening

Take your hands off for a minute

You! Don't pierce a hole in me!

As simple as that

Now, what if the tank doesn't lock?

It will get locked. Wait and watch

How about that?

Take that helmet also. We might need it

Thief! Thief!

You doofus! Because of you I'm
gonna rust in a police station!

- Thief! Thief!
- Look at her screaming!

Somebody help! Somebody help!


Aiyo! Somebody help!

I have spoke to someone
here regarding your job

Come here, at once

We can discuss that
over here, Krishna

Get ready and come
here immediately

Listen, take a
rickshaw and come soon

He'll be here only for few hours

My bag! My jewels!

Thief! Catch them!

Go! Go! Don't stop!

Security catch them!

Aiyo! My bag! I have
my jewels in it

Somebody catch them! Catch them!

"A Twist happens in the story"

Stop driving your rickshaw
like it's a bulldozer!

- Why do you always take the wrong route?
- Guys! Why are you torturing me!?

Thank God! It was a close call!

Rascals! What do you
think about yourselves?

- You idiot! Fool! Swine!
- Keep going

Pay for the token!

- Listen, sorry
- I don't have change

I don't have change

- We'll get it when we come back
- Shut up, lady!

Come on!

(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)

I am so sorry

- Actually...
- Get me a drink!

Hot or cold?

Surprise me

I'll make you hot

Then do it

Hey, come on. Let's go


Here you go

170 rupees

Why you buying from this cheap place?
Aren't we going to a hotel?

Is it good?


This is tasty!


- Is it?
- Yeah man


It is really delicious

Crap delicious!

These girls do the home chores and...

they yearn for costly food
from star hotels! Duh!

We take you to star hotels
just because we fear raids

Or else you don't
need a star hotel


- What did you say?
- Nothing

Are you blind?

Didn't you get any other
car to jump in front of?

It's bhai

- Bhai?
- Bhai, sorry we didn't notice you

I thought it was a drunkard trying
to put us in a mess for money

Don't you recognize us?

Are you on leave today, bhai?

We are just returning from your shop

If I hadn't applied brakes on time...

- you would've been a goner
- He is observing

Come, let's go

Ok bhai. See you

Who is this?

Who is this cheap fellow?

Why? Do you want him?

- Ewww. No
- No



Dickson! Open!

What is it?

Dude, I have an exchange offer

How about we swap?

Get lost

Hey, listen to me! Listen!

Well, thought why
to waste the offer

Fine, let's get on with our work

I am bit busy here

A programme? What programme?

Ok, we'll meet tonight

Yeah, bye

(smoking is injurious to health)

What do you want? Parotta or Dosai?


How about we buy food from here?

- Yeah man. It's rocking
- Yeah!

To hell with your 'rocking!'

When they got no money, they'll
just eat anything we feed them!

Make it fast!

Bhai, how was the programme? Awesome?

I saw you there, bhai

Where are your friends?
Did they leave?

They are over there

Oh. Ok. Ok. Carry on

4 parottas....

4 chappathis...

Hey, are you really a bike rider?



Then why didn't you ride today?

Then who will ride you?

- What?
- Hey, nothing

The prize money is too low

It's a shame just to take part in
the competition for 50,000 bucks


We are wandering looking for you
and you are have a nice time?

Go, check what's the issue.
It'll bow up if police turns up

You rascal!

I don't get you

Hello boss! Why are you hitting him?

It's him! Hit him!

They are from rich families!
Leave them!

I don't care who they are!

It was them! They left the
bike at the railway station!

Hey, don't let them escape!
Catch hold of them!


- Krishna?
- Who's this?

I am waiting near the hotel you said

- Sir...
- I have got the phone

Sorry sir, I am at
the police station

I am here for a compromise

Sir, I called you but
it was switched off

Sir, please don't mistake me...

can you wait there till I come?

Which police station? I'll come there


It's ok. Tell me, I'll come

Sir, Mylapore police station

Sir, call me once you arrive,
I'll come out


- What happened?
- No idea

He is at Muniyadi vilas.
He's got the phone

- He called because he didn't find me
- Now, what?

Should we go there now?

No, he said he'll come here

Is it?

Looks like a decent fellow

He is decent, but it's the lady
that came with him who was a witch!

If I catch hold of her....

- There they are
- The bike case?

What are you doing over there? You
can check it later. Come in, first

Now, we are going to witness the
last dispute related to Duttu

In order to understand this, you must
know about Duttu's another journey

Though this journey isn't as spicy
and racy as the earlier ones...

still this journey is also a
reason for Duttu ending up here

'Journey for Love'

Hello Rita...

Today I am not free actually.
How about some other day?

I really came to see you Deepak

If you can't understand that...

it's ok. Just leave it

Rita, hope you understand. How
can I avoid my work and come?

Don't say that Deepak.
You know my situation

I have overcome all
that just to meet you

Well, if you don't like it, ok...

Ok! Cool. Cool. I'll manage

But my bike is at the service station
and I'll get it only in the evening

No. No. No bike. Get a car

That would be more comfortable

Ok then

- Then, I'll be there
- Ok darling. Bye

Hello. Hi

I am stuck in traffic

No. No. I'm on my way there

So, where are you?

Ok, wait outside the station.
I'll come pick you up

Ok. Ok. Bye

There! Signal is green

Quick Mustafa! I'm already late. Quick!

- Drive!
- Ok! Ok!

Ok. Ok. I'll call you

None of our guys
have a car to rent

Everything is out,
booked for rides

What do we do now? He
had high hopes from us

I can rent you a bike for now

- Does that sound good?
- I don't have anything else at this hour

Or else hire a cab


Give me a minute

He is taking his lover, right?

I hope nothing fishy

No way. He is a good friend

You can't trust anyone these days

Bike sounds good


Chief, he is fine with the bike

Wait, I'll go get the bike key


I have to go to Salem, it's urgent
or else I would've given my car

Here, its the original RC book.
I don't have the photocopy

Just one day right. Keep it safe

Wait, I'll get the bike

Buddy, careful with the RC book

There is an ignition issue in this bike

Any key will work on this bike

- So, be careful
- Ok buddy

Hello Rita. I have reached

I'm waiting outside

Where are you?

Hi Rita! Turn left!


Wow! Is she going to sit on me?

Nice figure!

Is this the bike?

Shall we?

No helmet for me?

- Why does the pillion rider need helmet?
- Just for precaution

Why would you need precaution
when you're with me?


- Shall we?
- Yep!

Look at her bending

- Dickson, check that out
- Hey, come on

- Wonder why we don't get such girls
- Rita, people are watching

Public's watching us. Quiet

What's going on? Why are
you behaving like this?

What's there to be afraid off?

Calm down. The signal will
turn green any moment

Hands off me

For how much, sir?

100 rupees

- I said, people are watching
- So what?

Won't you obey me?

Here, keep this
in your bag first

Careful, it's this
bike's original document

Is it?

- They are looking at us
- So what?

- How much?
- 200 rupees

Thank God, their love fire
didn't burn up the fuel station


"Filled up in my heart"

"My heart is filled up with your love"

"Shall I come along?"

"Shall I come along?"

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Sir, please park in the parking lot.
Not here

Just five minutes

Please, don't park here. Listen to me

Wait, I'm coming

Excuse me! I'm talking to you!

- We'll be back in five minutes
- Park in the parking section! Not here!

- It's not allowed
- Just for five minutes

Sir! Oh come on!

Sir, why can't you
just follow the rules?

So, what plans after shopping?

Why are you asking me? You tell me


Where shall we go?

Sir! Sir!

- Someone just stole your bike
- What?

Sir, isn't that yellow bike
at the entrance yours?

Two guys just stole it. Quick, come on

How did you get hurt?
How did they steal it?

- Need some water?
- You!

- Where's the bike?
- Some two guys stole it

What the hell were you doing?

Excuse me, what can he do?

They man handled him
and took the bike!

We've informed the police.
Let's wait for them

Police? Isn't this
their responsibility?

And that is why we asked you
to park at the parking lot!

You park as you wish and how do you
expect us to take responsibility?

Whose bike?

It was his

What's the model?

Yamaha RX135

Vehicle number?

TN 02 H 4937

- Color?
- Yellow

Security, call for a rickshaw

Ok sir

Fine, please do file a
case in the local station

I'll inform the control
room right away

Plaza corner, reporting sir.
A bike missing, sir!

TN 02 H 4937

Not the police station, please!

Wait, we'll decide that


is it a must to file a
case at the station?

Haven't you already
informed them?

Only if lodge a complaint,
legal actions will be taken

Not just that, many bikes
are getting stolen of late

So, go lodge a complaint first

Rickshaw is here

Carry on

The station is quite close by


Where are you, Mustafa?

Tell me, buddy

I'm at Alwarpet. What is it?

Buddy, well...a small
issue has come up

Someone stole the bike


From where?


Myself and Rita just stepped out of the
police station after lodging a complaint

Which station?

I'll be there at once

I can't understand Deepak!

Why are you hiding like this?

Aiyo Rita, I have never
faced such a situation

First time in my life. I'm scared if
Shaji goes to my office in search of me

I took an off claiming that I am sick

Just two days, Rita. We'll
get a good solution by then

Please try to understand

So, should I go now?

That's what you want?

I'll call you back, Rita

You liar!

You haven't been
calling me of late

All our plans got doomed

Go shopping now. I'll help you out

I'm not here to go shopping, Deepak.
I don't want anything

I just want you

- Sorry! Sorry!
- Hey! How dare you?

What's the problem over there?


- Sorry madam
- What happened, madam?

- Who is this fellow?
- An employee here

Do you have such dirty
people working for you?

- What did you do?
- I didn't do anything

I just went in to take
their order and...

Can't you knock the door
when you come inside?

You people don't have manners at all!

Why didn't you knock the door?

I thought, why to disturb them and hence...

What happened?

- He recorded us
- He recorded you guys?

He can record her but
why did you record her?

You thought the door is
locked and so let's shoot?

I didn't record anything.
I promise, madam

You did! I saw it!

Then call the police, madam

I beg of you. Please quiet down

- Please calm down
- No need of police. I'll manage it

I want to check your phone. Give it to me

I didn't record you guys, madam

Give your phone!

No madam. I didn't shoot anything

You didn't shoot right?
Then why are you afraid?

Let her check. She'll then return it

Give me the phone! Here madam.
Check it


I'll check it. If it's clear, I'll give it
back or else collect it from the police!

Didn't you understand what she said?

"A Twist happens in the story"

Madam, phone! Madam
please return the phone!

"A Twist happens in the story"

Why did you snatch his phone?

You could've checked
it right there, no?

It'll create problems, Rita!

Why don't you get it?

I don't need his phone!

I'll check it and give it to you.
You hand it over to him

No, thanks. You
handle it yourself

I have enough problems already

Ok then, I'll manage

Let him wander
desperately until then


Hope you understand my situation.

Bye, take care

Sorry dear. I didn't
expect this to happen

- Bye
- Bye, see you

Shall we?

I'll call you then

What do we tell Shaji?

Tell him, I need the
bike for two more days

Here, have it

Have it

Nothing will happen. I'll
take care of everything. Ok?

See you

Nothing good will come out
if you keep hiding like this

What you did was crazy!

Who rents a bike when going
out with his girlfriend?

You could've asked me. I
would've arranged a car

It's been a week since you are hiding here

Turn on that phone and
see what's the situation

Or else it'll blow out of proportion!

Even I have had

What if someone
wants to come home?

I should say 'Sorry'...

to you


Message from Rita

So many calls?

Oh my god!

Two missed calls
from my madam also

I have got call from the police station
where I lodged the missing bike complaint

Call them back. There
might be some progress

I'm sure they would've
called your office

Which is why your
madam has called you

I have only given this number

I have provided them with my native
address and not the local one


East police station?

Yes and you are?

Sir, it's me, Deepak. I had lodged
a missing bike complaint last week

What's bike model?

Sir, Yamaha RX135. TN 02 H 4937



Where did you go missing
after lodging a complaint?

How many times
should we call you?

It's not just enough to
lodge a complaint...

You must call and follow it up

- Sir... well..
- Stop it now

If you don't want the bike, then
it'll rust in the police station

We don't have a problem with that

Sir! Sir! Sorry sir!

- I was out of station
- Whatever man!

Fine, the bike is at
Mylapore police station

Ok sir

Get the original documents. We can go
cross verify it and retrieve the bike

Ok sir. Ok sir. Thank you

The bike is at Mylapore police station but
they want me to bring the original documents

Rita has those documents

I forgot to collect it
back in that chaos

Leave it, man. Say you lost it

What will I tell Shaji?

Then call Rita. Explain
her and she'll understand

Don't think too much

This is important. Call
her and go to the station

Today bhai. Only
today we got to know

Bhai, I'll call you later

Ok bhai


If the bike has any damage...

then wait and watch

If I catch hold of her, I'll...

That 'bike' case?

- Wait here. I'll go check inside
- Ok, I'll wait here

What are you doing over there? You
can check it later. Come in, first

Greetings sir. I am coming
from the east police station

This is the case file
of that missing bike

Why is he here?

So you know him?

The woman who took my mobile...

he was the one with
her at that time

Is that him?

He said he'll call me from outside

What's with secret tone?

Sir, this is another case

Damn it!

Another case!

Who lodged the complaint?

Sir, it was him

Then who is he?

Sir, the missing
bike belongs to me

Why did you lodge a complaint
for his missing bike?


These guys are jobless, I think!

He borrowed the
bike from him, sir

You look educated. Why would you
borrow bike from some doofus?

Sir, I hired it for rent

Yeah right!

Hired bikes are quite useful
to commit crimes. Isn't it?

Go, get those fellows

To hell with him
and his neck band!

You! Get those two criminals!

Come on!

His head injury...

Robbing your jewellery...

These guys have agreed to
have committed the crimes

But the problem is that...

they sold the stuff and
spent all the money

They will give the full details about where
they sold it. We have bashed them enough!

There they are, fools!

Go, stand there! To hell
with their looks and inners!

What's the use of stealing so much?

Can't you guys buy a brand
new inners and wear them?

It stinks!

Head constable...

you don't know the youth
fashion these days

Today's youth wear
only torn stuffs

Do they look like they care?

What do you say?

How dare you laugh?!

So, madam...

Have a good look and tell us...

Was it them?

Since they were wearing helmet...

I doubt if it was these two guys

You fool!

I told you to get them with the helmet
on and you go them with the inners!

If you keep saying stories like they were
wearing helmet and you can't recognize...

then the case will be
dismissed in the court


So, what I am suggesting is...

tell us whatever you know
and that too clearly

Got it?

Sir, a lady is here with the documents

Ask her to come in

Come in

Why so late?


this lady was there with him,
when he lodged the complaint

How come he is here?

Witch! She is there
everywhere I go!


she is really hot. Isn't she?

Doofus! She is the one who snatched
away Salim bhai's mobile from me

Is that her?

I wanted to abuse her but drats,
we are at the wrong place

She is the one who
snatched the phone

- Head constable!
- Sir?

Check it and settle this.
Carry on

Ok sir

- Head constable
- Sir?

While pressing charges
on the charge sheet...

take all the unsolved
bikes cases and...

- put it on them!
- Ok sir

These 'inner wear' boys must never
set foot out of prison for life!

- Got it?
- Sir...

No matter what we do...

there will be many dinkus out
there to bail out such doofuses!

They will come, deal it smoothly
and take these guys away

Listen you guys!

Like how you confessed here...

you must confess in court
the exact same way

Got it? If you screw it up....

you guys won't have
knees to kneel down

It's chief Vasu.
Ask them the phone

First let this get settled

After going out, I'll get the phone
from here and the see what I do to her


What's with the
secret tone again?

Sir, like I said, this is another case

What's that case? Tell me!

Keep saying that simply
and I'll file you

under a case and sent
you to prison for life!


well nothing...

this lady took his mobile under a
small misunderstanding circumstances

The mobile is the root
cause of all these issues

If we can get back that mobile then...

If we don't get the mobile,
it'll become a serious issue

Listen lady...

if you have his mobile, why
don't you just return it?

Don't you have enough people
to buy you mobile phones?

Sorry sir, I lost that mobile

What the hell? If I don't
get that mobile...

What happened? Calm down

Sir, she has the mobile!

He just called me few minutes
ago saying he'll get the mobile

Hello! I called you? I didn't call you

Sir, I didn't call anyone

No sir. What I said is true

I have lost the phone

Accent? Huh!

Where did you miss the phone?


Who is Krishna here?

It's me

Isn't this the phone you were looking for?

- That's the one
- How did you get it?

Don't you feel ashamed to invade
others privacy and shoot them?

Sir, I didn't do any such thing

What's going on?

Don't you settle
disputes when I am here!

Who took away your phone?

It was that lady

What's with that tone?

It was that madam

Why did she snatch it from you?

She misunderstood that I recorded them
when they were intimate at the hotel

Ah...Ok! Ok! I get it

So, you recorded them when they
were romancing in the hotel

No sir

And so she snatched
it away from you

Then he delivers the phone that
she snatched it away from you

How did he get the phone?

Same doubt

Thank you...

for saving my life

Thank you, sir

Excuse me

What's going on?

How dare you slap her in front of me
and that too in my police station?

Who are you?

She is my wife

- Wife?
- Sorry!

Was my wife!

Woman like this are
different cases

Not within our limits

All she deserves is
one tight slap!

Get lost!

What are you looking at?

Get lost!



All the cases linked to
Duttu comes to an end here

At the same time, all of them
continue their life's journey

Rita's life could end in divorce

Or else...

Mahesh can forget everything
and take her back

Well, he has a
Geetha if not Rita

If not Duttu then some other bike

But no matter what...

he always has a girl
riding with him

After this, these guys are
presented in court and sentenced

They will learn their
lesson and change for good

If that's what you thought...

then that's a blunder!

Though they stole for a good reason...

There is noting good about stealing.
Stealing is stealing!

After this, he got an exact same
phone that created all this mess...

he is paying for it in installments and he
works at a proper job, like a responsible man

After this case, Arun become more strict
in his job and committed no blunders

Rafique? Still continues to work in the
same food van to spend on girlfriends

Somasundaram is quite happy

Because he has never closed any
case properly during his service

See you, sir. I got it

- Listen...
- Sir?

At least hereafter when
you rent out the bike...

- be careful. Got it?
- Ok sir

Or else you'll reduce weight running
back and forth to the police station

Duttu's journey from here...

is with this handsome hunk!

Because he is the real
owner of this bike

I don't think I'll have to
bear this fatso for long

I am very sure that soon someone
will turn up to steal me again

I don't care who it is

But he must have a
girlfriend like this one!

That's all I wish for!