Äiti (2018) - full transcript

After being in jail for more than a decade, Eeva returns to her dying home town to find her grown-up daughter.

What happened?

Maria! What happened?





The number is not in use, please...

Maria Lindström.




You must be Lindström.

Will the city be giving you
a place to live?

I mean, I have an empty room upstairs.

You had some yard work to offer?

Yeah, I have this skinny
Estonian looking guy...

He picks up dog poop in the yard.

And he does grocery shopping.

You have a daughter.


Yeah, it got tongues wagging.

Some had heard this and some that.

I could...

Well, I mean...



How did it go when you
stabbed your husband?

Did you want to kill him, like,
I don't care what happens!

Or was it like planned?

Or did you have domestic violence?

Did you want to protect your daughter?

Was there...


It would be exciting if there was
that kind of abuse.

Such a classic case.

If you have no work, I think I'll leave.


You murdering whore!

Thank you.

Well, some of the form is not filled out,
but I think we can get something done.

Well, yes... Start with that.

He is here doing his civilian service.

- Hi.

Then you ask about her preferences.

Do you have preferences?


Yes, ask about preferences.

Do you have preferences?

What job is she applying for? Logistics,
decontamination work, customer services...

Decontamination work?


Alternative one, see.

This would have been easier
if you had been in contact earlier

So we could have already
made the job seeking plan

Because jobs do not turn up just like that.

I have agreed on some meetings
to get things started.

Yes, yes, but you
should have contacted us earlier.

Now you are at the mercy of employers.

Well I don't think we can help,

But I'll write on this bingo coupon...

This is our property maintenance contact.

You'd think they care for that
if they care for this.


Can I help somehow?


They gave me this.

A bingo coupon?

You maintain that
village school over there?


You don't happen to know
anyone who would know

if there were old
papers or binders there?

Strange question.

Old papers or binders...

Do you need binders?


I don't know.

Is something lost?


I am looking for my daughter.
- Okay...

So I thought there might be
some contact information.

Yes, so you don't have
any contact information?

What is your daughter's name?

Maikki Lindström, Maria Lindström.

So you are Maria Lindström's mother?
- Yes.

If I was able to help I would.
- Thank you.

But when we have no friends in common...
- Thank you.

Good luck with your search!
- Thank you.



Do you have any work?

Corridors, stairs, elevator and then this.

Here it is enough to just vacuum.

And there is no attic here.

Same thing with the other house.

You can leave your stuff in the closet.

These with the tag
are for stairs and storages

And the ones with no tag
let you into the apartments.

Then we need to get you clothes.

Hey, tomorrow!

Replacing the thermostats,
that's a good job for you to do.

I could show you that...

I could show you that right away.

I usually do so that I ring the doorbell,

listen for a while to see
if anyone opens the door

and if not, then we just go in
and now we hope that nobody comes.

The notice given says that -

”Residents must make
thermostats easily accessible”,

But nobody gives a shit and often
there's furniture blocking the way -

Then you just move it
and leave the furniture

so they get the message for the next time.

So, loosen here,
take out the old thermostat,

Put the new one in and tighten like this.

So this tomorrow.

And now we leave before we are caught.

- Hi.

Do you know what time it is?
It's a bit late for...

you just tell the right
answer and when -

And now we have a new caller on the line!

Hello there, who's calling?

Pena here.
- Well, hello Pena!

Before you answer,
tell us where you are calling from?

From Mantsala.
We are warming the sauna with my wife.

Pena from Mantsala, check!

And now, Pena from Mantsala, tell us -

What's the city in Finland
with two U letters?

- Hotel reception, good evening.

Is this Eeva Lindström?
- Yeah.

I need to ask you to leave the hotel.

Excuse me, what?

We must take into consideration
the safety of our guests...


Pack your things and leave.

You cannot enter my room
in the middle of the night.

The hotel has the
right to choose its guests.

And you will leave now.

I have the right to be here.

Hotel owners disagree with you,
so get out.


There, off you go.

Try to behave, Goddamn it!
An adult woman...

You know that your head is bleeding?




How's it I going?


I realised that...

With you we haven't done the inspection
we usually do when people start working.


And the question in this inspection is

Do you know how to smile?

Yes, she knows.

I am glad to note that
you have passed the inspection.

Just remember to use this skill out there.

Okay, thank you.

These are your work shoes.

I hope they fit you.

Thank you.


Keys to the van.

Thermostats are in the back.

You do have a driver's license?

There is a patio.

I saw your advert by accident
when I was looking for a trailer,

That you need a flat.


The tenants have come
and gone so quickly. It

would be nice to find
one who stays longer.

Would it...

Would it be possible
to pay the deposit in instalments?




You're in that kind of situation.

I don't really know,
it's a bit iffy with instaliments.

Though I have made exceptions.

Sometimes exchanged payments for work.

That could be good alternative.

For example cleaning my home
could be one thing.

If you could wash my dishes once a week?

That could work.

I am usually there.

Could you be naked?

Wash the dishes naked?

Just lightly,

With a good mood.

That way we could come to an agreement.


Are you...?


Are you on holiday?

Or can you leave just like that?

I got pardoned.
- Right...

Is Leena home?


How is life for you?


Here it goes.

I am looking for Maria.

Oh, OK...

They were good friends with your daughter.

Yeah, I don't know.

I thought that if you could ask your
daughter if she knows something?

I assume I can...

make a phone call.

Hi, I have one thing to ask -

Are you still in contact with Maria?

OK, that's a pity. Bye then.

They are not in contact anymore.

Thank you.

Yeah, I should get back to things...

It was nice to see you.

Yeah, thanks, likewise.

And you, have a really nice summer!


I want to speak with your daughter.

You said that she is no longer
in contact with Maikki.

I would like to hear it from her.

Can I have her phone number?

We are actually eating right now.

Let's not let that ruin
our pleasant evening.

Let's have a drink.

Have a good summer everyone.
- You too, thanks for inviting us.

Damn it!

Leena, come away.

Should we call the police?
- Let's see if she leaves.

We should probably call, just in case.

There she goes.


I quit.



I never changed the thermostats.

I've been sleeping in stairwells.

Last night I slept in an apartment.

Had a bath in the morning.

I cannot stay here.

And why was it you came here?

To look for my daughter!
- Did you find her?

- And now you are leaving?!





Reverse is in the right top corner,
lift up the lever. Handbrake is here.

The tank is now full, return it full.

Any questions?
- No.

Drive safely!
- Thank you.


This is from the central hospital, Kalle there?
- Yeah...

- Yes.


I am sorry to tell you that -

your mother died.

She jumped from the balcony...

I am terribly sorry.

I guess you expect to get paid
for these days?


The situation is that right now
I don't have money to pay.

Let's do so that I will find you
a place to sleep -

And you stay for one more week
or until I can get the money.


Hello, hello...

Eeva, this is my dad. Dad, this is Eeva.

I tried to call you.

Wanted to ask if you want
garlic bread or herb bread.

Your list says "flavoured bread”.

Who would ever want herb bread?

Eeva will be staying in the room upstairs for a while.
- No she will not.

I have promised Eeva a place to sleep.

I am Finland's best detective.

Fuck you lesbian, I know what's going on!

And no name calling then, behave yourself.

Do you have a list?
- I do.

I cannot stay here.


Need a cup of coffee.
- Thank you...

Dad, make some coffee!

I will not!

I read once an article.

That said that...

Family murderers have had...

Low blood sugar...

When they have decided
to kill their family.

Should you...

Have eaten...

A chocolate bar?

So that nobody would have died.

But you didn't kill your whole family...

So maybe that doesn't apply here.

Have you thought about this?

How is Maikki?

She has had a fairly good life

- without you.

It would not be right

for you to impose on her life now.


I have no idea where my child is.

My own child!

We were...

We were 17 when we had...


I even planted that cherry tree -

After your wedding.

Could I at least call her?

Excuse me.

Does your mother's name
happen to be Eeva Lindström?


Your name is not Maria?
- Sorry.

It's just that you look exactly like her.


You cannot be so selfish that
you won't go and see her!

What do you want?
- That you go see your mother.

She has been looking for you
and she wants to meet you.

You can go see her.

She's been in prison for about
a hundred years!

And you won't go and see her?!

Maybe you don't want her to be your mother,

But you are her child.

She killed my dad.

If you have an opportunity like this -

you will take it.
- Fuck!

You will now get your
fancy butt into the moody hospital -

And introduce yourself to her.
- You go and fuck yourself.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Was I abused?

You two were fighting...

I wanted to help you...

But you told me to run.

And I did.

And then I never saw him again.

By the way, Hasse died.

Had a blood clot in the heart and died.

I told...


That I would take Maikki and go.

I will take Maikki and go”

”You cannot do anything”

”And you will never see her again”

It was my fault...

I was so angry.

Mikael strangled me and...

Maikki stabbed him.

Back, neck...

I took the knife away...

She had such small hands.

I'm sorry.

Why don't you say anything?

Why don't you say anything?

Can't you speak?


Are you alright?


There you go.

If you thank me, I'll take it back.

Translation for the subtitles: Jaana Shelby