...ing (2003) - full transcript

Mi-na is a high school student living alone with her mother, dreams of having the perfect boyfriend. But can any man hope to live up to her image of the ideal partner?

Well, seeing you get angry
I think he must be real, Who is he?

I said there's nothing
to talk about

Anyway, good luck, Don't be too
difficult like you are with me

Be nice to him

I'm surprised
Hooking up with boys...

It's not like that!

Aquarius? Sorry, but you'll have
bad luck with boys all month

No way I've got
3 blind dates next week

Really? You know, I'm an expert
on juggling guys

Can't I go there
instead of you?

Why you?
I should go

Stop fighting What's yours?
Let's decide from the sign

I'm a Capricorn

You go! You've got
terrific luck with love

Of course!

- No way! It's the same sign...
- Hey...

Can I see the Zodiac too?

Lucky color- Orange
Lucky icon - Pink heart

Wow, your maid is
really a fantastic cook!

Did you take this picture yourself?

Yes, in Hawaii


I went there as an assistant
making a fashion catalogue

Hmm... not bad
It must be nice to travel

But Hawaii's a little stale

Hawaii is "stale"?

How about Europe, then?

I began to like Hawaii so much
after I visited there

So I studied about it, and now

I am an expert on Hawaii

I even studied
the Hawaiian language

Ohno means delicious

Thank you
is "mahalo"...

You always listen to
this song, don't you?

Yes, I like it

Don't you think the lyrics are
a bit too depressing?

Really? What do they mean?

Well, it's just...

Will Neil and Armstrong become
big like this turtle one day?

Hey, is this brain totally empty?
Hello! Anyone here?

This is a different species from them

Look here! Even where they live

This one lives in the sea but...
Neil & Armstrong live in a fish bowl

You're so ignorant

Then is that why you look ugly?
Because you're so smart?

Now I know why I liked him
a lot from the beginning

Is your father an alien, too?

Before the main shooting

I need to get some
rough cuts first

I'd like to take some pictures here
before rehearsal starts

Shall we?

- Wait a minute please
- Yes

Would you like to try this on?

- Oh, No thanks
- It's okay

You can try it

- Shall we start now?
- Sure

Now, hold this bar, and try this

















And move your foot like this










Now, shall we try?

Why don't you take
off your glove? It's slippery

Oh, okay, yes, holding the bar

Like this... One







Miss! Are you okay?

Mina! Mina!
What happened?

I don't know

Mina! Are you okay? Mina!

Look at me!
Someone call 911!

Mina! Mina...

Are you okay now?

Where am I?
The hospital?

No, you're at home

Then why is she here?

How can you speak so cruelly?

I came to see if you're okay

Are you going to put me
in the hospital?

She says you don't need to
Don't worry

The hospital is all full anyway
You wouldn't get in even if you begged

This IV is to rehydrate and give you
vitamins, Now go to sleep!

Misuk, why don't you go and work?
Don't stay home because of me


You can go now too

I'll pull this out after it finishes

Yes, let's leave together

I'll give you a ride

Yun- jung!

You think I'm wrong
for discharging Mina

from hospital like that?


The reason I let Mina stay
at home is because

I want to live with her

even if it was
for just one more day


When she was hospitalized
again last year

she cut her wrists

When I got back to her room
after admitting her

her sheets were all red


Don't blame me for not
doing anything for her

Ah, nice

You see?
Isn't it cool and fresh?

- Aren't you cold?
- I'm okay

I feel much better now

I was itching to go out
after staying inside all day

It seems that you enjoy going
out a lot these days?

Hey, why don't you stand up
and push me?

I'm a patient

Right, you stay there
and I'll push you

Weren't you thinking I'd say that?
Stop nagging and push me

- Is this why you gave birth to me?
- Yes

How did you feel wearing
toe shoes today?

It was okay

I think ballet isn't as elegant
as I thought before

It's very hard work

That's why I didn't want
you to do ballet

They say 30% of ballerinas
are in chronic pain


So don't work too hard

And don't skip any of your medicine
And if you're feeling a little anaemic

Boring, stop it

Okay, I'll stop

But please keep pushing me


If you push me, I will take you
to Europe next month

Next month?

- What about school?
- You can skip it

That doesn't sound like
what a mother would say

How about going to Hawaii
instead of Europe?

Why? Didn't you want to go to
a ballet performance in Europe?

There's something I want to see
more in Hawaii

Really? Then we could go to Hawaii
It'd be cheaper anyway

You know, I've been thinking
about it and...

I guess we don't want to go
as part of a tour group

Of course not
That's not our style

But it's dangerous for 2 pretty
young women to go by themselves

Especially as my beauty is so
well- known internationally

That's right

And if it's just us, we can't take
pictures of us together

Oh, you're right

Then maybe we should
take someone with us?


As a carrier and bodyguard
As a photographer and tour guide

Can you come with us?

- It would be an honor
- Not you

My pleasure

- It's done, now
- Thank you

You see? I knew
it would be great

That's because my face is pretty

- Now, your turn
- Oh, I'm...

Why don't you have
a seat anyway?

Please make it really pretty

I am a real genius to think of this

Such a great idea

It's the first time for you
to have a manicure, right?

Pedicure, It's for the toes

Give me a break

Whatever it is, this is the
first time for me too

Oh, my lighter!

I finally got it!

Hey, let me use it again
to light a cigarette

No way
Here, I'll light it myself

Where did you get that?

It's my father's

He didn't give it to me actually
Misuk was hiding it and I found it

Was he in the navy?


What kind of man was he?

We never talk about him

Misuk and I... felt that
we would get too sad

Hey I think I will feel awkward
whenever I go to pee


Because you'll always see me


Cold! Too cold!

You'll end up an alcoholic
if you keep drinking like this

I am Okay, okay

You seem worried


Why would I be worried when
I have such a pretty daughter?

My Mina... Will you live well
without me?

Why? Do you want to
marry again?

Will you?

Worry about yourself
I'll be fine

Yes, you'll be fine without me

Well... do you like the
downstairs dude?

I don't know! What kind of
silly question is that?

Tell me I'll help you

It's not like that

Then what is it?

It's just... He's fun to be with
and he's nice to me

How nice I should thank him

Mina... have a great time in Hawaii

There's no way I can repay you

but I can reward Mina, so I'll do
as much as I can for her

So you must help me

Help our Mina to
only have happy times

until she goes to you

Help me...

Kang Mina!



Hey, Mina!


You... your eyes are puffy?

- I drank some beer last night
- Alone?

You drank alone, too

Wow What a nice surprise

Oh, right, it'll rain today
Hold on, I'll get an umbrella

Mina, your umbrella!

Hey, excuse me

Can you call Mina, please?

- That girl?
- Yes

Something happened in the class?

That poor guy is pathetic

Losing his love
being left alone

Being crazy because of love

He seems like a happy person
Not everyone can have that kind of love

And he'll live with his love
forever in his heart



If I lie here like this
I can only see the sky

I feel like I'm on an airplane

You've never taken a plane

Do you think I can?

We will go to Hawaii soon


Isn't there a regular customer

in this restaurant who likes you?

Didn't you know? All the guys who
come here, come to see me

I mean it, someone who's serious

Someone who's nice
who you could marry

Now, with a little make up
you look nice

But what will you do
after you get old?

Children are no use
when you get old

What? Now you have a boyfriend
You don't need mom anymore?

It's just...

I think you'll be Ionely

after I get married and leave...

Don't worry

I worry

If you insist

I'll find a nice man soon
a rich and kind guy

Are you sure you'll
call him dad?

No way! I even call you
Misuk, not "mom"

I'll just call his name
Hey, Bubba! Like that

No! Never!

You will call him, Leonardo!


Nice, the smell of dawn

Are you sleepy?

Of course
I just fell asleep

- What?
- This...

This is a present for a good kid
who got up early


Take these too

Why? Don't you like them?

I don't need hostages anymore

Now, I trust you

Let's take a picture together

- Now?
- Yes!

Because I'm very happy now

Right this moment

I want a witness who'll testify
that I was happy

You, Neil, and Armstrong
all in a picture together

But looking like this?

Now is the best you've looked
since I've known you

Hurry! Hurry!

Mina! What are you looking for?

A sea turtle

Where is it anyway?

Why? You'll go to Hawaii
to see one soon, anyway?

Didn't you say it would be hard
to find one, even in Hawaii?

Of course, not all people can find
a sea turtle, but I will help you find one

No matter how difficult
So don't worry

The sea turtles aren't on display
They're having their regular checkups

Why so disappointed?

I'll show you a real one soon

One not locked up in a tiny Aquarium

but one in the real Pacific...

Let's get something nice to eat

Mina! Mina!

Mina! Mina!

That poor guy is pathetic

Losing his love
being left alone

Being crazy because of love

Now, I trust you!

I want you to take this back

I should've noticed something
was wrong from the beginning

I thought it was a lot of money
just to spend time with your

daughter and take pictures of her

If I take this money, it means

I met Mina because of money

I can't do that

If I do that
I could never see her again


I am sorry really sorry, Young- jae

Unlike what most people think
Hawaii has distinct seasons

These distinctions are
clear to Hawaiians

It is summer when the ripe
mangoes begin to fall

and when you smell
ginger flower in the wind

The signs of winter are the rains

and huge waves
that surfers love

The people who live in cool places

such as Kauai and Maui Islands...

gather by the fire
around Christmastime

Hawaii has a warm climate all year

Rainy from October to March
Dry from April to September

However, the weather changes
only slightly between seasons

so you can enjoy sunny skies
most of the year

You can often find sea turtles

along the coast

And the turtles are waiting

for Mina to come

to see them

Why don't you get some rest?
I'll stay here

Let's go, Misuk

What are we going to
talk about today?

Oh, yes

We'll go to the west beach
and see the "green flash" sunset

You can only see it on totally
clear day

at the last moment when the sun
sinks beneath the horizon

Some say it will give you love

Some say it grants wishes

What is this?

- Is that a real human hand?
- It's creepy

Yeah, it's creepy
Let's go!

We've graduated

All the good seasons are gone

Now, what am I going
to do for living?

Whatever you do
just take care of yourself

Broken arms and broken legs...

So pathetic!

Should we commit some kind of
wild scam together?

- What?
- To make some money

I am so sorry

I know that I did
a terrible thing to you

Please understand it as a
selfish mother's love

and forgive me

And one more...


To my dear Youngjae who shared
the happiest time of my life

To my dearest Mom...

I know it must've been hard for you
to do this for me, thank you

I don't know how many
more days I have

but I'll be happy

I want to give this to you
as a present, before I leave

And I am really happy now