eHero (2018) - full transcript

An up-and-coming video gamer faces his greatest challenge yet as he and his team must overcome a fiery gaming superstar, as well as their own battling egos, to win the ultimate video game championship.



90% WIN RATE, 8990 WINS

- Good game, almost got me.
- Is right.

There's a LAN tomorrow in Columbus.
Are you up for it?

- Perhaps.
- Jonathan Spencer will be there.

- Did you see him in Chicago?
- No, man.

Roo and I were destroying
children on the Bolivian server.

Yeah, I'm going to upload this. Here's the link.

Everyone was looking at
Chicago last weekend,

while 20 teams competed
at the Reflex Games Arena,

- after three days of intense...
- Do you know what I'm thinking?

I think it's time for you
to have your own home.

The lawyer handed over the papers.
It's officially yours.



This weekend Ohio's annual
Columbus LAN begins,

where local talent
is sure to shine.

We have an amazing video for the
event, made by the legendary community.

Frag-video editor, EnTeck. Take a look.


Players and fans welcome to
the third annual Columbus LAN.

- The only local network...
- Hello.

... that connects us to the center
of Arena Reflex. No pause, no excuse.

You are in my spot.

- Sorry, there was nobody here.
- A guy can't pee

without someone stealing your equipment?


- You are Tank. - Yes, so what?

I'm Pulse.

Damn, your voice is different on the microphone!

- We should face each other again.
- No way, man, I don't duel.

But listen, if you know of a team
that needs an attacker, let me know.

- Leave it to me. See you.
- Okay, take it easy.

This computer costs $ 4,250.00.

Venus water?

Venus water?

Venus water?

Venus water?

Ocean nutrients, the origin of life. One
sip and you will have everything you want.

I am convinced.

Leave it on your pants. They are free samples.

- Okay, let's start, guys. Come on!
- I have to go.

The main event of the night is a challenge
against one of the biggest players.

The Nefarious Dream Team is on site
selling their professional equipment,

including the new X Laser Mouse.
You can also purchase

a limited edition of the LED keyboard,
autographed by one of the professionals.

Now, without further ado,
who's ready for a heads-up

with Jonathan Phantom Spencer?
The time limit is three minutes.

Let's see what you're capable of, Phantom.

You, with the shitty keyboard.

- Go up, come on! - Come on.

Very well, congratulations.
Okay, what's your name?

- Tyler Conway.
- Tyler Conway, are you sure?

Okay, take a seat.

- Take it easy with him.
- Right.

All ready?

Here we go!

Hey, good luck.

Venus favors the bold.


GAMES, 96% WIN, 9346 WINS


That was awesome! Ladies and gentlemen,
Tyler Conway is our new champion

Play Against a Pro!
Will take home a new platform game,

thanks to sponsors
Good Game and Asus.

Not bad!

A little wild for my taste.
It caught me off guard a few times.

If it was a real game,
I would have done with you.

- Hey, congratulations. Impressive.
- Thank you.

Congratulations. I'm Kate. Do you live here?

Yes, I live upstairs in
my parents' restaurant.

So your parents have a restaurant?

They did.

- It's mine now,
it's called "Cantina Conway". - Chic.

- Yeah, but I don't know what to
do with it. - Could cook great food

and sell to people.

I mean, that's what I
would do if I were you.

You could have something.

I think I should go.

- Hey love. - Hey.

Attention, players,
the network will shut down in ten minutes.

Please disconnect your peripherals
and leave in order. Thank you.

Yes, the new equipment is incredible!
I can't wait to brag.

It is, especially to Jonathan.
You are kidding with me?

Well, congratulations. You are the
new official drink of Tine Nefarious.

And let's leave the empty cans on the table
for the camera to see, it will be beautiful.

OK Bye!

Can you work with me a little? You will
earn $ 200 just for wearing the hat.

I'm not going to use this, okay? Not even the
pants. The shadows are okay, but screw the pants.

- Jonathan, it's a business.
- Shut up, Steve.

We extend,
he is angry that he was defeated.

- Beginner's luck.
- No, that Conway is not a beginner.

Ten thousand hours, 98% victory rate.
He's not playing scrubs

- to get these numbers.
- Maybe I'll learn something from him.

I know what I'm doing.

Well, he certainly doesn't have his
27 years of experience as a base.

Look, in case you forgot, I attract fans.
Without me, you don't have a show.

Know what? I want a thousand
dollars a day to use that crap.

And be more of a man, asshole!

Pulse, where have you been, man?

- Out there, in the real world.
- Reality sucks.

Who else is online? Crock, are you there?

Shit, he's AFK.

Game update.

Server is not ready
yet, I can't connect.

It's over.


- Hello?
- Tyler Conway? Richard Brixton.

We need to talk.

I understand the emotion.

Walking through strange
worlds, chasing your enemy,

choose the right weapon,
make a clean kill.

It's incredible, I was lost in that.
I never had much skill,

or whatever it is, I don't know.

But I was always able
to recognize a talent.

You represent Jonathan Spencer.

There is a new generation in the city.
Children playing Playstation

before they can walk.
Sounds familiar?

It was Xbox, actually.


So, what do you think of
someone making games for you?

I have no problem finding a game.
I am in several pictures.

I'm not talking about
your neighbors' LAN,

where you get a $ 15 voucher to use
at your local electronics store.

Or in great equipment.

Great equipment.

I'm talking about sponsors.

Partnerships, airline tickets,
hotel stays, paid registration.

And then you play, and if you
win, we split the profits in half.

Who do you think makes these deals?
Who do you think brings it all together?

- You? - IT'S.

I think I can get you.
At this stage in your career,

need someone with contacts,

that you can call and say, "hey,
you don't know who I'm talking about,

but he will be the next
sensation, Tyler Conway ".

So you're going to make me a legend?

I'll turn you into a professional.

The money is in the tournaments,
and to compete in the tournaments,

have to be on a team.

If I decide to take the conversation forward,
I can put you in one of the best teams.

- What? - Nefarious.

- It's Jonatham's team.
- It was Jonatham's team,

had some setbacks.

What do you say? Partners?

Need an attacker?

- Dave, my brother!
- What is happening?

How are you?

- Good. So this is the place.
- Yeah, we're getting better.

- Richard Brixton is signing the check.
- Brixton.

- Brixton.
- That guy fluctuates a lot.

Let's enjoy it while we can.
Where do I get?

Down the hall, up there. There.

- Hi, you probably don't remember...
- Water Venus.


Yeah, come on in.
We haven't opened yet, we may never open.

We have tuna.

Not me...

Jonathan fought badly with the
aide, and destroyed the hotel room.

I live outside the city, and I
remembered the name of your restaurant.

And I know you don't know me,
and that you can be a serial killer...

- But I was wondering if I can sleep here.
- Yes.

- Yes, no problem. Feel free.
- It will only be for one night.

Kate, you can stay as long as you want. But
if you're going to kill me, be quick, right?

Hey, man, I wanted to know...

Kate, Dave Foreman. Dave, Kate Valery.

So, Ty, when do the others arrive?

They must be coming.

Tyler Conway.

Yeah man! Yeah, I was on the
LAN when you destroyed Spencer.

My God, you were like...

And I was like "damn",
and Jonathan was like "damn it"!

Man, thanks for pissing you
off, and for making you give up.

Don't mind, man, Jonathan is an asshole.

I was ready to give up, anyway.

Right. Do not believe me.
Got it man, I'm listening to you.

In fact, I'm Cranked. Or Steve, whatever.

Right. I'll post 15 tweets a
day, ten on Facebook,

and on Tumblr for 250 a week.

Right? Are we agreed?

Okay, very good. I send you the
bio, the photos and everything else.

Ego, we finally met.

Do me a favor, man.
Call me by my real name, Wayne.

We are a trend.
I think you really broke up with Spencer.

I would get a bodyguard
if I were you.

Okay, boys. Make yourself at home.

I didn't even know she was part of the deal.

Yeah, if I were you,
I'd get two bodyguards.

What are you doing?

Hanging up my stuff.

Should I put it elsewhere?


Take a deep breath.

Exhale, squeeze the trigger calmly.

Security lock.

Okay, buddy, try again.

Hey, are you okay?

It looks like you saw a ghost.
This place is not haunted, right?

No more or less.

I grew up here, helped out in the
kitchen, loaded tables, family business.

So, where were you living?

I have some friends and
Die-Hard Diablo Nuts.

I was staying with them and
sleeping at my uncle's house.

Is that come back...

It is no longer my home.

So make it be.

Hey, isn't it weird to be
playing in a restaurant?

It is not a restaurant,
it is the Conway Games House.

I tweeted this, posted it on Instagram,
and we already have ten thousand followers.

- Did you turn off the cell phone location?
- I will do that now.

Too late, man. Once on the
internet, forever on the internet.

Wait, what's our name like?
Time Cantina?

- What do you think of Shadow of Fire?
- It looks like a horse's name.

Do not wait.


- Isn't it kind of dark?
- Steve, we're like robot killers.

- Yeah, what about Heavy Bombs?
- Okay, I prefer Omen.

Yes, Omen, I like it.

Richard wants me to be the team leader.

Yeah, it seems.

- Is there a problem with that?
- Yes, I don't leave Jonathan's team

to obey another sensation of the moment.

I've always been part of the team,

now I should be the team leader.

Is there a problem with that?

Okay, Steve.

- You can lead. - Thank you.

If you beat me one-on-one.



Lucky Strike.

- Wait a second!
- Dude, I'm just getting started.


What is this thing, from the 1960s?
Damn man!

Best of three?

I think it's decided,
Tyler will give the orders. According?

It looks like a joke to me.

- Who do you think is to steal my team?
- Who left the door open?

- Any trash can get in here.
- Jonathan, get out.

Nice play.

So, you took everything.

- Seriously? - Hey!

Wayne, turn off the location!



Right, thanks. Nice.

Yeah, I played a little,
but it was at Team Fortaleza.

- Not as heavy as Reflex.
- How did you start playing?

I was bored and had a computer.
I was not a very sociable child,

everyone made fun of me,
people thought I was ugly.

Hard to believe.

Do not know. At Team Fortaleza,
I could be a doctor, a soldier.

It brought me power. I was really good.

Do you still play?

No, I was in a European league for a
while, but the time zone

and sleepless nights
practically killed me.

My avatar's name was Mirage.

Thank you Richard, components and everything.

Shit, speaking of the Devil.
Hey, guys, listen up!

Detroit is in two weeks.
The Midwest Conference.

Win and go to Las Vegas.
Lose, and you will die on the beach.

There are almost a million at
stake, don't screw it up.

let's play Montreal SleepyBoyz.

It is a unique chance.
If we don't get rid of them,

we don't stand a chance in Detroit.


53% WIN RATE, 227 WINS

39% WIN RATE, 3657 WINS

Dave, let's get their flag.

No, the carnage
power-up is coming,

- We need the destruction boost.
- They're coming. Tyler, left, on top.

- Shit, it's coming with carnage.
- Aim at him.

He took!

Let's go!

- Steve, coming in.
- Where is he?

At the top of the screen.


I'm officially mad.

Are you kidding me?

He will take the flag,
get ready to stop him at the exit!

My God, it was the easiest.

- I'm after him, get ready!
- Okay, I see him.

Stop him!

Dave, move!

I'll take the flag and push it out.

Are you kidding?

Shit, was it really us?

- You used me as bait, don't do it anymore.
- I didn't use you as bait, it was an ambush!

Okay, and Wayne,
shouldn't you be covering for him?


Steve, what happened?

- I don't know, man, I left the area.
- You left the area.

- Did you leave the area?
- Seriously? What's up man!


Attitude? What attitude? It is the
largest convention in the country.

I did this for three years in a row.

Okay fine.


- What is the problem?
- Venus water fired me.

This is crazy,
I would buy anything from you.

It was Jonathan, he burned me.

You know, you don't need them.

Do you collect pictures of cupcakes?

- Only the ones I do.
- You did it?

- Yes. - Can I see?

They are very, very good.

- Thanks. - You could sell.

- Seriously? - Yes.

Dude, we need to talk.

Okay, let's say you're the quarterback.
They hit the ball, the defense is coming,

and the receiver is free.
What do you do? You run up to them,

and then you explode with the
team for failing to cover you?

Is that your strategy?
If so, it sucks.

Okay, and what's yours, Dave?
Block me instead of covering me?

- Dave, the team was all over the field.
- Tyler.

You don't have to prove anything to us.
We know it's good,

but so are we.

- So who are we going to face?
- Foraz da Lei, with "Z".

- Copenhagen. - Damn Europeans.

Thank God it's just a game.


70% WIN RATE, 393 WINS

Okay, guys, let's aim in the middle.

Nice shot, Wayne.

The other guys play for a long time.

- Dave, are you ready for the carnage?
- Wait, don't jump so soon.

We can handle it.

- He is coming back.
- I'm jumping!

- Carnage is coming!
- Roger that.

Follow me!

I got the first one,
taking the flag now.

- Two on me! I'm on the flag.
- Good help.

I caught him!

- Good! - Returning now.

We all know it was luck!

Yes! Good!

Yes, that's what I'm talking about!

That was very good!

What was the first game you played?

The first game?
GoldenEye, when I was five.


- Do you remember Spore?
- Yeah, crap.

I almost went back to playing Haze.

Dude, Quake?

- Doom. - Yes, Tomb Raider!

- Hey, she's hot.
- She's so hot.

What do you think Richard played?


- Why don't we play again?
- Why don't we have a party?

- No, a retro game party.
- Wayne sends the invitations.

Guys, only two pieces left.

Playing, getting drunk, it will be too much.



Do you want a piece of my heart?

- I forgot the appetizers.
- Never mind.



- Need help? - Not alright.

To new beginnings, for both of us.

No hard feelings?


- How do you call it?
- Control-Alt-Delete.

You know, it's weird,
at parties, people ask me

what do I do. The last thing I
would say is that I am a gamer.

- But today, we're all gamers, man!
- IT'S!

Did you see Kate?

It's ok.

- Guys, have you seen Kate?
- She's with Jonathan.

- Come on Kate, take one more with me.
- I'm feeling bad.

- Wait, what are we doing here?
- You said you wanted to talk about us.

I did not speak.

Let's take your clothes off,
so you can breathe better.

Jonathan, don't touch me!


Are you alright?


- Hey, can I? - Yes of course.

Do you want tea?


- How are you feeling?
- A little dizzy.

What happened? I remember the party,

- but we...
- No, nothing happened.

Kate, what were you doing with Jonathan?

- He told me he wanted to go back.
- Is that you?

Is playing?


So, this is your old room.

Yes, I was sitting right there
when I played Quake the first time.


I know what it's like to feel helpless.

It was after we closed.

Someone was hiding when
my father locked it.

It's all right.


Look, there's nothing here.

Please don't hurt him!

Let's go!

- No! - Dad!


I couldn't save him.

My dad taught me how to shoot.

As if I had predicted it, or something.

But when he needed me,

I crashed.

You were just a child.

My mom couldn't cope.

She stopped eating.

They are together now.

Yes, they are getting ready.

Of course I'm with them,
it's called customer service, buddy.

As? What do you think of a limousine?

That's how we do it, friend.
Unless you want to send a jet.

We are ready.

Remember to show the logo, right?
Make our sponsors happy.

Well, get ready.

- Finish them.
- We will do our best.

Understand something about Jonathan, right?
Talent is not enough.

This guy doesn't just want to beat
you, he wants to end you as a person.

Look at me.

If you want to approach
him, when the time comes,

talk about his father.
He had a problem with gambling.

He lost everything, the car,
the house, his wife abandoned him.

But Jonathan's ego is a wall.
In fact, he is very sensitive.

See, you have what it takes.

Go get them.

- Right. - Tyler, are you ready?

- F9. - You got it.

You are excellent at this.

No, I just know how you work.
I've seen you play many times.

I bet the Venus Water has a mascot.
Maybe they'll hire you again.

- Mascot, what a respectable job.
- Hey, any woman who can

sell a car for $ 500,000 wearing
only a bikini and spike heels

deserves my respect.

Don't mind him.

When Jonathan started on the Reflex circuit
he wanted me close to him, and it made sense.

Be his mascot, as if he were stupid.

- Yes, but you have talent,
you are a gamer. - Not like Jonathan,

- he broke up with me in Copenhagen.
- Wait, did you play against him?

Yes, he was a freshman from Team Fortaleza,
in the final, about two years ago.

I spent all my money to go,
there was no way back home,

and he paid for my return ticket.


Dave, take this off...

- Jesus! - That's how you
lose an athlete's scholarship.

I was a quarterback in the competition
that would take place in Washington.

The Miami team came
like a runaway train.

I can still hear the crack.

That's not what hurts me.

It's the...

It's my father.

And the fact that he
can't look me in the eye.

Look, boys.


God, it's like the sun has thrown up.

Let's look like FIFA cheerleaders.

Motor City is returning to host the
Arena Reflex do Oriente Conference.

Twenty teams will battle
for the next three days,

and the winner goes to the finals in Las Vegas.

Who wants? IT'S!

Look that.

Very tasty, note eight.
Maybe ten, if she's in the shower.

See you at the game, nerd.

Members of the Nefarious and Omen
teams, please come to the main stage.

Tyler, did you do your makeup
on Wendy's drive-through?

Shut up, Wayne.

Dude, see me a combo number
three with extra ketchup.

Nice uniform!

I will end this clown.


88% WIN RATE, 7283 WINS



Let's take it easy, guys.
It is the first match of three.

Ty, did you see anything?

- I heard him coming from the right.
- It's Jonathan.

- I'm going after him.
- No, calm down.

- Come get me, asshole.
- You asked for it, idiot.

Tyler, stop!

- Ty, you're leaving us without cover!
- Tyler, what are you doing?

Are you kidding?

They had the power of
carnage, they are coming now.

Get them, Chucky!

Kill them all!

I'm on his tail.

You are terrible. Good game.

- Was it a strategy?
- No I'm sorry.

I just received a message from Nurv.
Through the miracle of streaming,

they got the first row
for whatever it was.

They were not impressed,
you are almost finished.

Go home, asshole!
You are obviously not professional.

- Delete that photo.
- It won't be cool,

- You already have a million downloads.
- What photo?

People are cheering up
looking at your curves.

Seeing how you like gossip,
I thought you would like the exhibition.

You asshole!

- Erase! - What?

- Get off the site!
- It never left my cell phone,

it was just a montage, you idiot!

Team Omen was disqualified for the
fight in the Detroit competition.

Taking Richard Brixton to take
Conway and the rest of the team.

Team Spencer won the stage,
and went to the finals in Las Vegas.

Okay guys, look.

Detroit was just an obstacle, right?
We will learn and improve.

Detroit was not an obstacle,
it was a reality check.

So yes, I'm going to go back to
what's left of my shitty life.




How are things, folks?
I'm building a team.

Any gameplay links I can see?

I can take you to the stratosphere,

but I will not talk about the hotel.

I'm Counter Strike.


I’m Counter Strike.

I just left,
so I have a lot of time.

Give me two weeks,
and I'll be the guy at DotA.

We're playing Reflex.

I was born to play, it's in my DNA.
In my past life, I was a CPU.

- So, wait for your call?
- That's okay.

Who was?

A guy I met online.
He wants to join my team.

Your team? You already have a team.

Seriously? Well, where are they?

They are out there.
I could have just apologized,

explained that he stepped on the
ball and they will still be here.

Wait, did I step on the ball?
No, they were unable to continue.

Tyler, you had a strategy
and you were out of balance.

I ended up with Jonathan's asshole!

I'm surprised that he doesn't support me,
maybe I like to lower his pants for him.

Don't you dare say you did it just for me.

He did this out of his own pride.

Worth it? Did you fix anything?

Tyler, it's just a game!

It is more than a game.

You know, I know why you worked
so hard to be a good sniper,

but you are not responsible for
what happened to your father.

You need to learn to trust yourself,

because until you do that,
you will not trust anyone.

You will not trust your
team, you will not trust me.

I think I'll find a place for myself.

Good luck, Tyler.
I hope you find your team.

Tyler, it's Roo. How are you, buddy?

Krok here. Ty, are you up to playing?

Friend, are you playing? I have to
prepare for the Western Conference games.

Let's get out of here,
he still hasn't recovered from Detroit.

Yes for sure.

Wait, are you going to play at the
North American West Conference?

Yes friend.

- But you are Australian.
- Technically, I'm from California,

I was born in Malibu.

- Then you are eligible.
- That's right.

I reviewed the Detroit game,
and it was hard to watch.

You took us there and I blew it.

We were disqualified,
we lost the Conference.

But I think we still have a
chance to play in Las Vegas.

It will be much more difficult to
get there, but I know we did it.

I am...

I'm begging you to
give me another chance.

I'll be here at eight pm on Friday.
I hope to see you there.

You better do what you say, friend.

I dismissed two models for that.

- Wayne, come have a drink.
- Not so fast, stud.

Damn it.

The Omen.

Back from the dead.


So, what is this about?

- Dave, you're from Washington, right?
- Seattle, born and raised,

I'll be back next summer.
Assistant coach in Washington.

- Congratulations.
- Well, that's it.

We register the team in your
name, it will be our entry.

- Wait, entrance for what?
- For the Western Conference.

- Yes, but Washington is in the top 20.
- No, the Arena Reflex Conference.

- We won and we're going to the final in
Vegas. - Dude, we did badly in Detroit,

- we will go bad in Los Angeles!
- No, I did badly in Detroit.

And it won't happen again.

Because Dave, I want you to lead the team.
I want to change positions.

I do not know, dude.

- Wow, man, what the hell is this?
- What?

- Steve. - Such a decision

needs to be talked
to the Holy Trinity.

My dad is going to kill me.


The main story
remains Team Omen,

relocated to the Western Conference
after a humiliating departure in Detroit.

Rising from the ashes,
Omen was restructured,

with Dave Foreman replacing
Tyler Conway as the team leader.

The strategy seems to be
working, as Omen is standing out,

defeating the other 20 teams
and breaking records this season

as one of the most impressive
of the tournament games.

The destruction of Korea's FonNgPO
means that they are almost reaching

the Western Conference if they
beat the notorious Time Freakzoids.

He plays loudly,
I can hear him from a distance.

Release the rockets, catch him off guard.

Hey, Jonathan, what's up?

All official leagues,
go to the administration, please.



Watch out for this Leader,
I heard he's crazy.

Lie. As...

He has the power of carnage,
the other attacker is not with him.

He's down.
Damn, it's on my tail.


- Dave, we need to do something!
- IT'S.

Great strategies.

Omen misses the first game
of a match with three games.

Let's talk about Leader’s performance,
it was absolutely violent.

There is no way he could have fired the shots.


Excuse me, hey!

- Yes?
- I think one of them is cheating.

He's using an aimbot.

See, did you see how the aim attaches
to the target? You can't go wrong.

It is a flaw in your video.

- Would you like? - No.

What a...

There is only one thing to do.

Raise the level of our game.

Let's get into that carnage fast!
Ty, are you with me?

Yes, let's do it!

He is here.

I'll get him. Shit, one more.

That's how it's done.

Dave, find me on their flag!

Turning the corner, pushing now.


Don't worry, I'm here.

Go get their flag!

I took the flag and I'm going.

Shit, I need help.

That's what I'm talking about.

Wayne, I'm taking the flag.
Back me up!

Take it home, Dave!

- Yes! - Yes!

I can't do that, man,
I'm almost defeated.

One more of these and I'm going to melt.

Bullshit, man, you did well, really.

No, your moves made us win.

You need to be leader of the team again.

Okay, let's get them.

Omen won game two with the
tactic in the Arena Reflex game.

Now it can be anyone's.

- Get him, he's got the lightning!
- Yes, I saw it, we have to kill him now!

This is silly.

I took their flag.
Watch out, we're tied.

Steve, take the flag!
Wayne, pair with Dave!


Dave, jump, get the flag defender.
I entered.

I'm jumping on Leader!

Steve, they killed me and they're coming! Shit!

Look at me!

- I caught him! - My God, no!

Take this, Steve!

Damn these players,
I'm taking it, boys!

- Yes! - Yes!

This team is amazing,
I'm lucky to be part of that.

They taught me so much.

It was a difficult path.
I mean, Omen separated for a while.

Yes, we forgot why
we were together.

But we need to
find our way back.

Any regrets?

We said things that we shouldn't.

But we are moving on,
focusing on Vegas.

- Vegas, baby! - Omen!



You need to like the noise.
"Good Omen in Vegas".

- IT'S.
- "Spencer knows the opponent",

- "Omen in Reflex". - IT'S.

Hey, Tyler.

Guess who it is.

Do you want to ruin my day?

Got a minute?

I'll be back in five minutes.

- So you came back.
- You came back.

Conference champion, very well.

- Richard, you gave up on us in Detroit.
- You gave up on you in Detroit.

Let me tell you something
about athletes and business.

Assessors need to work with something.

Let's talk about your future. Five years
from now, he will no longer be a gamer.

Let's say you win today.
One million dollars, divide by four,

two hundred and fifty thousand,
less taxes, you get 175 thousand.

How far will it take you?
Nor will it cover your canteen.

Tyler, this is not like boxing,
that everyone is watching closely,

that it is impossible to change the results.

Are you serious?

There's a lot of money involved,
like 20 million dollars.

- I get a lot of it for us.
- How much?

Two million just to lose?

Is it for real?

Yes, bettors want
Nefarious to win the title

and are willing to pay.

Let's put it to a vote.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome Omen and Nefarious!


Wait, don't let them pass.

They're coming from the
left, get ready Wayne!

Okay, start shooting!

Take care, shoot over me!

Shit, they got in!

Wayne, what are you doing?

Wayne, run, don't face this fight.
Wayne, do you hear?

Welcome to the meat grinder.

Boys, come on!

Steve, they're coming in.

Wayne, you got the Tele-Spawn.
Stop it when it comes out!

He's leaving now!


Steve, he is difficult!

- Shit. - Yes!


- What's wrong with shooting?
- Someone has to attack,

because Jonathan is breaking up with
us, and you left me to die, so...

- Yes, I saw Jonathan pass you.
- Okay and.

You accepted, didn't you?

He made a deal with Richard,
that's why he's playing so badly.

Man, he always plays badly.

Yes, I accepted.

And you would accept it
too, if you were smart.

Damn it, Wayne!

Steve, relax.


I'm tired.

People posting about
their great lives.

You know, money talks, and losers walk.

So walk.


Who will be the fourth player?
We can't do it with three.

We need someone who
knows our style.

Someone who knows our strategies.

Damn boxes,
I could say goodbye to everyone.


- What?
- You saw us play, you know the strategies.

It's time for Mirage to return.

I didn't come here to play.

See, what you said on Twitch,
about finding your way back.

It was really cool to see you
playing the way I knew I could.

We could win every game,
and it wouldn't be worth it to lose you.

We need you, Kate.

I need you.

Not just for that.

- You are so... - Are you in?

Continuing at Arena Reflex,
at the championship in Las Vegas,

we have a change
in the Omen Team.

Replacing Wayne Levin
with Kate Valery.

Leaders, at your signal.

- Red Team ready. - Blue team.



Jonathan is here, get ready!

Ty, hide, I'll take him to you.

He's here, I'm taking it for you.
Get ready, now!

Kate, come with us.
Dave and I are taking it now!


Two guys up front!

Tyler, take the flag!

- Kate and I got the guys in the middle.
- Careful, there are people in front, not yet.

- We need distraction.
- Leave it to me.

They took the bait! Go!

Go, Ty!

What are you doing? Let's go!

What? Did you think you couldn't do that?
You're sweating like a pig!

Go wash up, you're sweating a lot.

Yes, Richard.

What an intense,
spectacular match.

An incredible comeback
from Team Omen.

Let's go for a quick break and give
the robots a well-deserved rest.

We are back in half an hour.

- The hands. - No!


There is always someone out there
trying to have what you have.

Your girl, your job.

And they will succeed,
unless it is the strongest in the room.

And in this moment,

this guy is me.

You're a tough guy, right?

Are you also lucky, just like your father?

What did you say?

Yeah, your dad loved to win, didn't he?

More than anything.

He would rather spend his salary playing
poker than putting food in his mouth.

Did Richard tell you that?

Screw U.

- Where's Tyler? We are back in
ten minutes. - He went to...

How much time do we have?

Three minutes.

- Shit, Tyler, you can't play!
- Yes I can!

- No, I'll tell the officers, okay?
- No!

- They'll kick out the Spencer cheaters.
- No, he will say that I started,

- just like in Detroit.
- It's ok.

I will play.

And we will beat him.

Okay, let's go.

What happened here?

I slipped in the water in the bathroom.

Ty, don't accept this fight, go away.

- Guys, I don't know how long I will last.
- Hold on, we'll make it.

It ends now. Come on, you little shit.


What are you doing?

Dave, run!

Here we go.

I'm covering you up, go!

Almost there, getting in the middle now.

I'm on the bridge.



I caught.

- Shit, Jonathan is after me!
- Yes, I see. I will stop you!

I lost sight of Jonathan, get ready.

Come on, Jonathan, where are you?


That's what I'm talking about!

That's what I'm talking about!



Winning requires taking risks.

Try this.

Okay, it's a grenade launcher.
It's sensitive, so if you shoot,

can put on the wall, it drops.
If you hit someone, it will just explode.

See how the carnage is coming,
right there, he's going after it.

You have to press the space bar
continuously, it will give you speed.

It was very good.

Thank you for sharing my dream.

- It's daring to risk everything on cakes.
- Venus favors the bold.

- You know, it's nice to come
together on your LAN. - Our LAN.

Dave closed a game on the
Atlantic City servers.

- Seriously? Who are we going
to play against? - The Swedes.

Shit, they're really good.
We need new strategies.

Good, I'm thinking of some.

We can.

subtitles: Perfect