...and the Wild Wild Women (1959) - full transcript

A harsh study about the grim realities of life in a non-coed, totally female prison environment. Story concerns a young girl who comes to prison and experiences the entire prison subculture. The inmates she befriends vary from big tough dangerous dames to smaller submissive ladies who are totally lost in prison life.




The other way around.

- Sit down.
- Listen!

It must be a mistake.

The commissioner said
he was going to send me home.

Lina Borsani!

Full name. - The officer wants to
send me home with an expulsion order.

But I didn't want that.
I haven't done anything wrong.

If there's an order, I'll go.

I'll do anything you want me to do.

Full name, paternity...

I did nothing. The officer
promised that I could go home.

Name, your father's name,
and nature of the crime.

Lina Borsani...

... of Antonio.

Complicity in burglary.

- The new ones are here...
- Get off my bed.

Let's see who is dumbest.

Walk on.

That way, idiot.

Let me through.

- That one seems the dumbest.
- I think so too.

Is it raining?

Oh, but she's awake!

I want to give you a pink doll

as little as I am...

Let that crying sucker stop it.

Fruiterer, get choked!

Get choked, fruiterer!

Fuck you!

The beds are getting
rougher by the day.

What are they made off?

- What time is it?
- Early. They're still in church.

- Who is that?
- There are two of them.

- One is next to you.
- She's been crying for two hours now.

The little new one?

Giacomino is observing you.

They say it's burglary.

Do you hear that, Egle?
Ask it.

Who's calling me?

- Assunta is calling you, Egle.
- Assunta is calling you.

Stop it.
Say that I'm asleep.

- Who is that?
- I said that, one of the newbies.

- She has the bed next to yours.
- You had seen her before.

- There we go again.
- Good night.

She is going to sleep
and tonight she'll be waking up.

Moby Dick...

Stop it.
We are all having troubles.

Stop it!

Renata, listen.

- You'll be beaten up once.
- Why?

You don't wake up whistling.

The mother of my lover

is a good person.

- Who's got a cigarette?
- I gave you one.

- In between your tits.
- How stupid. I slept on it.


You're so silent today.
What are you doing?

Come here.
I have something to tell you.

Would one ever be able
to get some sleep here?

Give me a match.

I want to tell you about my dream,
to see if I'm right.

Can somebody help
her to shut up!

Moby Dick, your ass is
always blocking my view.

You go sit in your own shit.

Silence and lights off.

- Who is this?
- There she goes again.

Who are you?
Let me see your face.

Clean up that mess.
I have to take a shower.

At this hour?
Wash yourself tomorrow.

No, I want to do it now.

- Already fighting?
- Whose is it?

Don't touch me.
Away with that mess.

Please, fuck off.

I'm taking a shower.

Whose is it?
Volare, oh oh...

Have you gone mad?

- Everything all right, sisterCeleste?
- It's all right.

Sister, I think the warden should know
what happened tonight.

- Really, sister Giuseppina?
- Yes, I think so.

He always knows everything.
He is very up to date.

He'll understand things.

Please, let's not report this.

She was out of her mind.
Perhaps she's innocent.

Perhaps she is really innocent.

Say, why are you here?

For a burglary at the villa
where I'm employed.

- Your boss turned you in?
- I wasn't even there.

- Where were you?
- Out with my boyfriend.

- In the meantime...
- The door has been forced.

They had keys and knew
where everything was.

Jewelry, silver,

While doing research...

... they found fingerprints
left on the locks...

... and they said they were mine.

That's why they accused me.

Tell me, girl.
Has your fiancee been interrogated?

No, he was in his town
to arrange for our marriage.

If you were together,
he'll be called to court.

- Sure, he has to witness.
- Of course.

I did not tell them that
we were together.

- Why didn't you?
- Why should I?

- Because...
- Because you had let him in.

Yes, but very short.
Just for a moment.

Just enough time for him.

He said we shouldn't take
advantage of the opportunity...

... and he took me to the cinema.

- What did you see?
- Gone With the Wind.

What are you laughing about?

Your fiancee was in the house...

... then he chose a film
lasting four hours.

What did you tell them?

- I said I went to the cinema.
- Alone?

Yes, I told them I was alone.

But somebody saw me in
a tram with another man.

So they asked with
whom you were?

With a man I met in the tram.

- What is his name?
- I don't know, Mario.

- In which tram?
- I don't know, no idea.

The officer said...
You'd let the burglars in.

And I said... No, I didn't
let anybody in.

I didn't open up
for no one.

Because if I would have
said he has been inside...

... they would suspect him.

Because they are crazy.

They just declare you guilty
and lock you up, like me...

They're not so crazy.
You are in big trouble.

I didn't do anything.

Does you boss know your fiance?
Did your parents know you had one?

He didn't want me to tell before
he had spoken to his parents.

So he told you not to tell anybody!
- Yes.

Egle, did you understand?

Tell me...

Where did you meet
Mr. Innocent?

Through a nice old man,
a friend.

- Whose friend?
- Mine.

Or not really a friend.

A nice gentleman whom
I got to know in the beginning.

Because I didn't know anybody
upon starting to work there.

I came to work here thanks
to a cousin from my village.

After arriving they said
"Don't let yourself be deluded".

You will get two free afternoons.

So I asked which days?

I had free thursday
and sunday afternoons.

I went out, but didn't
know what to do.

So, I I usually sat
on a bench in the park.

I waited, and waited,
and then went back home.

On a thursday afternoon...

... the children were
playing with a ball...

... a gentleman came
to sit next to me...

... and started talking to me
in a gentile manner.

He asked me if
I liked being in Rome.

"Yes I do."

And he asked me what I had seen.

'I haven't seen anything yet.'

He kept on talking and asked
if I would like to go with him...

... so we took the tram.

He showed me St. Peter's Basilica
and the Colosseum.

And on some sunday he said...

Today we're gonna have ice cream
and see live music...

... at Piazza Esedra,
close to the railway station.

While we were there
having our ice cream...

... and the band was playing...

... a young man came seated
close to us...

... and he also ordered
an ice cream.

He was observing me...

... I looked back, and
a little affection arose.

- Did you two get engaged?
- Yes, we got engaged.

We planned to marry
soon, because...

Are you pregnant?

- No, but...
- It could have been so.

We love each other.

Do you love that...
What's his name?


What a name.

Tell some more about him.

Perhaps we know him.
Who could it be?

- Maybe it's Righetto.
- You don't know him...

... because he is a serious
and sincere

if he learns about my

He will understand that
it's a mistake.

Don't cry.

I'm also here by accident.

I have only done good.

I organize charity lotteries.

Sometimes I'm even selling
tickets at the doors.

Someone turned me in
and now I'm here.

What are you telling her now, countess?

Don't worry about your future.

I got many relations with people
of noble standing.

I've been assisting several girls
who were released...

... and who had some savings.

Do you have any savings?

It will be much easier.
You shall see.

Do you want to make up my bed?

My back really hurts.

Be aware of her. You've been
cheated on enough already.

She's falling asleep again.

Are you trying your best, Egle?

- Wake up!
- She's asleep already.

Egle, wake up and clean your face.
Go to sleep tonight.

- Just like us.
- So you won't keep us awake.

It's better for you too.

- Do you want coffee?
- Shall we play cards?

No, no cards.
We'll have her singing.

Silence, Egle is going to sing.


I have a craving for a coffee!

Let's make coffee?

- How?
- Get a paper.

- Where?
- There. She has a whole pile.

One is enough.

What are you wearing?

That's what they gave me here.

From the old Rome.

Don't you think it's miserable?
I won't even wear it in winter time.

A nun gave it to me.
I didn't have anything else.

Only what I was wearing
at that moment.

- How old are you?
- 27.

That's why you're so crazy about...
What's his name again?

When I was your age
I was going wild.

What are you waiting for?
Go ahead and smoke.

Don't look at me like that!
You are the phenomenon here.

Don't throw away that match.

Come here.

Light it.

Take the cups off the table.

Place them on a fire.

Come on.

Look at us in this heat.

- Take some water.
- In this?

I won't come here again in summer.

Rome is too beautiful to be locked
in here. Place it on the fire.

On top of the cups.

What are you doing?

You want to smoke us out?

Pretend we are in the Via Veneto.

... all those cars passing by...

... and the west wind.
We are making American Nescaf?.

Pass it when you've had enough.


Were you born dumb,
or do you act dumb?

She was born like this!
Give me the water.


You'll burn like Jeanne d'Arc.

- What a noise.
- What are you doing?

I'm amusing myself.

- Get the sugar.
- Where?

By the countess.

Wake up please.
Do you have any sugar?

Take it from the countess,
good for her diabetes.

See that you found it?

Have you really been here
that often?

The first time was right after the war.

What a mess it was.

Adolescents, politicians, prostitutes,
the whole bunch.

At home it was worse.

Not a bed for oneself,
no food every day.

Once here, I understood I wanted
something better. Believe me.

Where were you?

I worked as a housemaid
for classy people.

Isn't this a classy house?

More classy than anywhere else.

Food, drinks, and no taxes.

- Stop it, Egle.
- Nights are for sleeping.

Close your eyes.
We're not allowed to chat.

I'd rather come here more often
than do long stretches in a row...

... because I can't bear that anymore.

I still have five months to go,
and I'm sick of it already.

Why are you leaning like that? Sit down.

Drink you coffee and
please add sugar to it.

The longest time was due
to a defacement.

A thing of the past.

It leaves me cold now.
I know life.

Are you cheating on me?
Then I will cheat on you too.

You want to leave? I'll leave.
Then we're both happy.

Men are bad enough already.

Plenty of them.
And they're chasing after me.

I don't look for them.

But I have to make up for it
the time I'm in here.

I'm bumping into them
wherever I am.

Some other time I was
in jail for a long time...

... for alluring them.

- Exactly like what you did to...
- Adonis.

But that's not...

You are worse off
with your complicity

Have yourself paid well.

God knows for how long
you'll be in jail.

- Impossible.
- Not so loud.

I'm sure you're mistaken.

Please don't complain again.
I don't understand you.

Do you want to work for
20,000 Liras a month?

- How much were you supposed to get?
- From whom?

- From your boss.
- 18,000 and garments.

Not even twenty?

Wake up girl.

With your fiancee
you'll have a servant

... whom you'll be giving orders

Perhaps I didn't explain it
clear enough.

My fiancee is in business.

- He is poor.
- ...but an honest worker, huh?

Poor chap.
What's going to be of you?

Do we have to find this mama's boy
to see who is right?

You don't want that.

You know how things stand.

That's not the case.

I didn't speak about him from
fear of making a mistake.

Shall I write him?

Stop that bullshit.
I am proposing something.

Do we want to look for him or not...

We'll find a way. There is
always someone getting out of here.

Just ask a trusted person...

We'll tell the gal at 28.

But let him know that
you are here.

What does it cost you?

What a bullshit.

- What's going on?
- What's wrong this time?

Do you really believe
I should inform him?

If you can help me?

Stop being polite!
I'm not your grandma.

And also...

Do you like these?

You know what they are?

Dice, made of bread.
Can you play?

I will teach you.

To talk to the others I must go to mass
in the morning, but I never wake up.

- What are we playing for?
- l don't know.

For two cigarettes,
and you take them from her.

Not now.

Three times each.

Your turn.

Throw. Tomorrow morning,
if you wake me up, I'll go to mass.

So I'll arrange something.
Go ahead.

Wake up, girls!

You fell out of bed?

- I don't know.
- She's going to mass with us.

I have found her, a friend of mine.

- Please let her pass.
- Who's that?

- She's in the hospital ward.
- She drowned her child.

Only murderers are treated well. Just
kill someone and they take care of you.

And we instead are like apes in a cage.

Hi. You leaving tomorrow, huh?
You got to find her lover.

When done,
send me a package with an apple in it.


- Countess, I was looking for you
- Later

I have to talk to you.
Right now.

What's going on there?

- Not against an old lady.
- Just because she's old.

I wanted to return
so to kick your ass.

I gave her money and cigarettes
for three months

Cigarettes is what she wanted.

'I have friends for you
after I get out.'

'... for some savings in return.'

I'll teach you,
so-called Countess!

What a scene.

I didn't understand, but one thing
is sure... she deserved it!

Come on girls.

- She's gonna break that girl.
- It's a shame.

- Really. This morning...
- Hurry up!

Egle, look who they nailed!

How's that? - Fine of 80,000 Lire
for Swiss cigarettes. Six months.

- Do you want to show her the cell?
- Again?

No preaching. Where do I go?
I've waited for hours.


- No place here.
- We're full to the brim.

I'll make room.
Lina, come with me.

- Come.
- Should it be here, really?

Wasn't it enough already?
Those bitches.

Nurse, don't give in to them.

You can't move that girl.
She just has gotten used to it.

You are right.
Lina stays there.

You are adapting very easily.

- Are we acting funny?
- I'll bring your stuff over.

Look who's there.
Egle with us.

Moby Dick,
you will end like Orfelia.

What about me, sister?

Give her Egle's place.

Go to sleep!

- You're deadly tired.
- I will sleep tonight.

- Give me some water.
- In a few hours...

... when Marietta comes out.

This bit with the lavatory has to stop.

- What do you want?
- I want to wash my face.

What were you doing
those three hours?

You close the tap please.

If I could catch that Countess...

Give me a match,

- There she goes again. Is she crazy?
- I don't know. Give it back.

Let's see what she's doing.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- What's going on?
- Mind your own business.

What the hell are you doing?

What have you got there?

Come on, leave it.

She's got a mirror.

What're you doing up here with a mirror?

- Leave it.
- Just taking a look.

What's that hole?

Give it to me.

You got to explain.
What are you doing with that mirror?

Now I get it.

Is that why you're acting
so mysterious?

I can see the houses,
the street, the cobbles.

Are you looking all day long?

You are pretty crazy.

I can't bear it being
between four walls.

I'm young.

At first I was in youth detention
and now I'm here.

I thought I was going crazy.

But thanks to that mirror...

... I can see trees and houses.

You already knew
there were trees and houses.

- What is it Egle?
- What a liar you are.

Look at that...

Look at that boy.

Looking at trees and houses, huh?

- That's what you're spying!
- Give it to me!

Let me have a look.

Those shoulders.
Who is it?

No idea.
I don't know him.

- Is he always down there?
- Sometimes.

I heard him singing, always.

- Maybe he's a mechanic at work.
- Mario.

- Why do you yell? Do you know him?
- No, but maybe he reacts.


Are you leaving?
No, please stay a little longer.

And you dimwit, after all this time
you still don't know who it is?

Not good for you, then!

- Gino.
- Stop it.

Give me a name!
Try and guess his name.

- Renato.
- Vittorio.

- Nothing. Antonio.
- Alfonso.

- Nothing. Piero.
- Giuliano.

He turns around.
His name is Piero.

- He looks back. His name is Piero.
- He hears yelling.

His name is Piero.

He's gone now.

- He's still there.
- Oh yes?

Do you like him that much?

He's mine because I guessed
the right name, but you can have him.

- What are you doing?
- We're picking up someone. Alright?

There was a nice black fellow.
Very friendly.

- His name is Piero.
- They're crazy.

Are we crazy because we're
picking up a black lover?

Ladies, we love black lovers
named Piero.

- Tell them his name.
- Piero.

What are you doing there?

Lina has been questioned. She almost
fainted and we're making her a coffee.

Clean it all up because tomorrow
we will have visitors.


Drink, Lina.

- Now you're gonna tell us everything.
- Leave her alone.

They caught the burglar
who stole from the villa.


No. They showed me his picture.

It's Mr. Ernesto.

Did you tell them you know him?

- They understood anyway.
- Of course, with a face like that!

I was crying even before going in.

Iris, an elder burglar calling himself
Ernesto, could he be Righetto's father?

- The shoemaker?
- Yeah...forget it.

What you crying for, idiot?
He's an old hand, he won't talk.

- But I will! I'll talk.
- Sure, tell it all.

Yes, because if it's true
that it was the old chap who stole...

... then you all are right about my
lover being guilty as well.

Perhaps, he did it out of necessity...

... or because of bad friendships.

I forgive him because I love him.

- But if he's gone wrong, he has to pay!
- Telltale!

- She is a telltale.
- And she's got the nerve to say it.

- Aren't you ashamed?
- Telltale!

- Mamma mia, that's the worst thing.
- You want to nail him to the wall?

I will teach you how to take revenge.

But if you spy, you're a filthy bitch,
and no one will come near you.

Shut up.

She won't talk.

I know her well.

I've always given you good advice.

Now it's not enough
to tell Adonis that you won't talk.

Now Vincenzina must tell him
that half of the loot is yours.


So he'll have to accept
because you can ruin him.

And he'll respect you
for not having told on him.

Hey, it's a big robbery!
You might settle for the rest of your life.

- Maybe for even less than half.
- One third.

True that she can settle for one third?
- Sure!

And if you like Adonis, you keep him.
Otherwise, you'll find another one.

- No, she's still in love wih him, right?
- Not anymore. Not now.

- Then you didn't love him before either.
- Come on, this is nonsense!

Girls, get some cigarettes
to give to the sweeper,...

... so she'll get us in touch with
Vincenzina, who's leaving tomorrow.


What do you want?

What do you want from the sweeper?

I didn't say anything.

- Are you feeling better now?
- Much better! True you're better?

Somebody got to help me with the plants,
to decorate for tomorrow's visitors.


I hope she can leave soon.

- She should be isolated.
- She's weak. She'll change, they all do.

I too have changed, since I'm here.

How much stuff!

Here, enjoy too!

I can make coffee
with the double bottom.

Countess, don't look.

Egle hot the package from Vincenzina!

She saw him, she talked to him,
he agrees.

A bit overripe, but it's still an apple.

- Did he say anything else?
- Here's some pasta.

Eat, Moby Dick.

She said to Vincenzina...

When you've talked to him
put an apple in it as a sign.

And was there one?

- Would pasta be another sign?
- Squares and butterflies.

Squares stand for money.
What about butterflies?

The butterflies flew away!

No, she would have let me know.
She's not dumb.

Lina, you're all set. Remember
your girlfriends when you're outside.

This time I'll make me a mink.

What are you staring, Moby Dick?

I must fulfill this whim before I die.
I have to!

And I'll enter here in my mink,
next time, girls! Like that!

Look, this is what mannequins do.

You heard that? Now you're rich.

- What will he think of me?
- What should he?

- That you are a smart girl.
- Who knows what was in his mind?

My Gino also used me as lookout
and I didn't even know it!

One day he gave me a purse and said
'You earned it'. 'When?'

Last night when you were on the lookout.
'You're telling me now?'

If you knew you wouldn't
have been that nonchalant.

So now I don't wanna know beforehand.

So he does what he does, and we split.
That's the way to do it.

Lina Borsani to the judge.

- Why? I've been there already.
- What do I know? Come on.

Good Lord, the judge! What does he want?

- Nothing, don't worry.
- You know nothing, okay?

- Stay there. - Dress up.

Mouth shut.

- I won't talk.
- Don't talk.


- Like this?
- Perfect.

Go and don't be afraid.

Don't talk.

I have to see the judge again.

It means he likes you.

If that old guy is there,
act like you've never seen him


Show yourself assured.

Where are you going?

- To the judge
- This way.

For investigation.

For investigation.

There she is, the telltale,
the burglar.

Is this what you wanted?
You ruined us.

Awful dirty thief.

- Here she is. You got some people here!
- Stop it now!

- You know this man?
- Of course! She planned the whole thing!

I said stop it.

Do you know him?
Who is he?

My fiance, Adonis Mazzet!ti.

What are you talking about? What fiance?
Judge, sir...

He's married, with three children.
He's not Adonis Mazzetti...

... but Antonio Zampi.


He showed me the marriage papers.

- To me.
- False papers again.

I have at least ten complaints
by maids like you.

He was engaged to all of them,
to all he showed the papers.

By all he got money to set up
a household, or worse yet,...

... he used them to enter
the apartments and steal.

32 years, 7 of which in jail,
and God knows how many more yet.

You've always denied, with me, with the
police, so you gave a false testimony.

A good girl like you.

A good girl?
What're you saying?

Judge, don't be fooled.

She's a devil! It's all her fault.
It was her idea.

Don't be fooled by this slut.

A good girl?

I have witnesses who can tell
what a good slut she is.

One of her friends walks up and down
the street in Viale Tiziano every night.

Vincenzina De Rosi is her name.

She was sent by her
to ask her share of the loot.

Fucking slut. She estranged
me from my wife and kids.

She made me give up the mine!

- What?
- I was going to be a mineworker.

Wasn't I going to be a mineworker?
Look, that's mister Ernesto.

First she tried to lure him.

Then she tried with me.
Judge, sir...

She sucked my blood!

She tore me from my dearest love,
my little son!

She intoxicated me.

She turned me into a rag, in her hands.

Tell the judge if it ain't true.

She let me in her room,
inside the villa.

And she offered herself to me.
Sir, I'm a man.

What else could I do?

The other times too
you have been lured, seduced.

The other times I lied
and I payed for it.

But not this time.
This time it's true!

It's true, judge.
It's all, all, all true.

It's true what Mr. Ernesto says.

If not me,
you got to believe him, judge.

If he says so...
a man like this cannot lie.

I hope it won't be
a vulgar Italian flic.

Here are the Ladies!

- Look at those people at the Gianicolo!
- What a starry sky!

A sky full of stars
sky as blue as the sea

What a night!

What makes me come in here
in this season?

Soon you'll be gone
and you will go to the beach.

No, we don't have sea near my town.

Rome has the sea.
Rome has everything.

The sea, the city,
the fountain of Trevi.

Via Veneto, that is
as light at night as it is in daytime.

It's good business with
all those tourists.

Popcorn, nuts,
candy sticks.

Don't yell.

Did you hear that?

What's this?

We want the film.

Where do you live, beauty?

The free world?
Prison world, you mean.

Whistle again.

Do me a favor. My daughter is
coming by tomorrow. I want to see her.

Look at that.

- You can't see a thing.
- How, you can't see a thing?

- What if they notice?
- No.

Hey! Sit down now!

What did she say?

Her daughter is the one yelling
the news from under the window.

- She wants to come see her.
- Well?

- Suppose they'll notice?
- Egoist.

And they say that love makes you good!

You see your guy every day. Won't you
let a poor mother see her daughter?

So you'll say yes.
I decide whom I let into my cell.

And remember that I gave Piero to you.
Otherwise I'll take him back.

You're going to mass tomorrow.
And I will teach you how to do.

Rock 'n' roll.

I'm done with it.
Laugh, it is not a funeral.

Who wants to go to mass?

here's one who wants to go to mass.


Sister! Marietta wants to go to mass.

She is Jewish and we need
Moby Dick around.

You wanted to pray for your Piero,
didn't you?

Sister, you know,
Marietta has a beautiful Piero.

- l'm going to mass.
- There you go.

I'm going.

Rock 'n' roll...

Here is my big love.
I dream about you!

What are you doing?

Go fetch it, go fetch the key!

Come on, get out.

Stop it.

Lina, whistle.

- Where are you going?
- To see my daughter.

Egle did it on purpose.

Enough. She should be inside by now.

Who's giving me a cigarette?
I'm forced to say a bunch of lies!

Marietta, silence.

Hail Freedom!

Go to mass.
My big love, I will kill you.

Keep quiet.

What a behavior, just before mass!

A cigarette, even second hand.

Thank God.
Oh, there's that one now!

Keep an eye around.

- Are you done?
- But how's it done?

What an effort.
I will show you.

Get aside with your fat belly.

See this mirror? See that hole?

You can peep at the street
through that hole.

I will help you.

You are heavy.

Hold yourself tight.

When mass is over you have to get out,
whether you saw your daughter or not.


Moby Dick...

- You lose weight, it's good.
- Don't move, I can't see you.

In "Regina Coeli"

there is a cot,

come my dear Ninetta

come take a nap.

- Where are you? I can't see you, Nina.
- Here.

Nina, l see you!

Move a little. No no! Don't move!
I see you now!

Listen to her, with her children.
She makes them to stay out of jail...

... and then, once here,
she wants to see them. Madness.


Thank God,
now she starts with the good ones.

It went well. So she'll get it
off her mind for a few days.

Cover yourself.

I'm through.
Don't use water for a few hours.

- Cover yourself.
- Sister, it's hot.

I think it's born.
She stopped crying.

You have a face!
As if someone just died.

What can they do to us?

Two hours of solitary confinement...

... or staying inside for a week.
Who cares?

We're already in jail anyway.

Don't tell me you're crying about
your love? You're worse than a child.

I was joking.

How can you fall in love with someone
you only heard singing?

You saw him from far, even upside down.

You don't even know him.
He could be married.

What if he doesn't like you?

You are mean.
You are jealous.

What of?

Of everything.

- Of whom?
- You want me to be like you.

Unhappy and poisonous as you,
always in the junk. - You're nuts.

I don't want to be like you.
I don't want to see you anymore.

I'm young, I can start over again,
I can change...

I don't want to end up in the junk!

But who the hell are you?

Who do you think you are?

You think you're better than us?

I've never had
a two years sentence like you.

You are a scumbag,
with your angel face.

What are you thinking?
A thief you were, a thief you are...

... and a thief will always be.

- Leave her.
- Mind your own business.

She is killing her.

Get away!

What a madness.

Her mouth still smells of milk,
and she gets cocky!

Nobody frightens me.

What are you looking?

She made up a romance.

She saw herself with a groom, already!
What groom!

Get away.
I'm sick of you.

You make me sick.

- Lina Borsani...
- Mirka, is it born yet?

Lina Borsani
get ready with your booklet.

- Lina, booklet. You're getting out.
- What booklet?

Your savings booklet. You're free!

- Where is it? - What? - Your booklet!
- In the cupboard.

I want to give you a note.
Who got a pencil?

This is our moment, Lina.

Egle, did you hear that?

l'm going out.

So what? - Didn't they tell you?
- They did, but she didn't understand.

I understood perfectly.
I just didn't tell you anything.

She was held for investigation. Surely
later she must go to court. - Up yours!

You are lucky.

- You want to go out like that?
- How stupid.

- l will help you.
- And your stuff.

- Give me a newspaper.
- Pack my stuff.

Help me with my hair.

Lina, here is my note.

Here are your slippers.

Take this note, it's urgent.

Lina, please.

- Can I have it?
- Countess, I'll keep that.

- They will search you on the way out.
- Put it in her seam.

You can also send it by mail.

- What is it? Aren't you happy?
- Of course I am.

- l don't have the money for a stamp.
- Don't worry. I have a note for you.

- Another note?
- Give us your address.

- I'm not sure if I'll stay in Rome.
- Good luck. - Thanks.

All is well. It's a boy.

Great news.
She made it.

- How is Aida doing?
- Good.

What am I gonna do?
I don't want to go back to my town.

- What do you want?
- If there's an order I have to.

- They think I'm married. - Then
forget that order, and do as you wish.

Go to Vincenzina.
Besides, you still have to thank her.

She'll arrange something for you.

Wake up.
Enough stupidities.

Go to Vincenzina.

At the bar at Via Florida.
There's only that bar.

Assunta will read your future.

This note, hide it in your hair.

I know decent people
that can help you...

Good luck.

Bye everybody.

Moby Dick...

If I'm in Rome...

I'll be released november 30.
If you're in Rome, come and get me...

Wait a second sister.
Lina, wait, I'll throw some salt.

So you won't come back.

Sara, give me some salt.

Go. I throw it to you,
but don't turn around.

Otherwise it doesn't work.
Don't look back...

... so you won't return.

Whether you'll return or not,
it depends on you.

Well, I bid you farewell.

If they gave you notes, give them to me.
I promise I will mail them, if possible.

Throw away any addresses.

I don't want you to betray them, but
to forget everything about this place.

You are a decent girl.
Just go home.

- Where else? I must go home by order.
- Not necessarily.

Well then?
- What?

I don't have any address nor a note.

Are you ready?

- Do you have everything?
- She has my hairbrush.

- That's mine.
- You gave it to me. They all know it.

- Sure, you gave it to her.
- Back when you were two sweethearts.

Silence, or you go into solitary
confinement. Give it back to her.

You, take her place.

Sagittarius, huh?
Bad week!

Marietta, how are you?

l have something warm for you.

- Be well, I'll close the door.
- She should be in sick-bay.

For a cold? You amaze me, yet you're
an old hand. after all these years!

Why close it? It isn't cold.
What will you do in winter then?

Open up.
I can't stand being shut like this.

Open. Call her girls.
I can't stand it!

Are you locked in?

Sister Giuseppina!

I want to go to work.

I want to apply to go to work!

If they put you where Luisa cleans up,
you can even look down the road.

- You can even see your love.
- Who's thinking of that?

You look like a stray cat, by not
thinking of him. - Stomach pain.

You sound like the lady who fell in love
with someone she heard coughing.

I've got a cold and stomach pain.

I tell you that if we go to work,
we get some distraction...

... we get some distraction.
And we won't see those evil faces.

What if Piero sings
and you don't hear him?

Yesterday we heard he was working
in front of the workshop.

- And you won't allow him this joy?
- That's my joy.

I want to get out.
I want to leave this place.

What a wind! - The door!
- Cheers everybody!

- Shall I wait in line?
- There's only place for two.

I'll wait, what do I care?

How cold it is.

Here, sweep!

And you girls, make her work, help her.

Help her, make her work.

Come on, get to work.

Have a cigarette?

I'll give you the stub later.

Will you call me when it's my turn?

I know her, this one.

Who are you? Do I know you?

Wow, this is a beast.

Look who they bring in here.

- They're afraid she's getting mad.
- She is faking.

In the madhouse it's ten times worse.

The nurse sister knows it,
and does everything to keep her here.

That nun is crazy herself.

They protect someone who drowned
her own two year old girl.

They filed me as a habitual offender.
How should they file her?

Hey, is it my turn?

When is my turn?

Life is all a joke. I steal in order
not to work, I come here, and I work.

- Life is a joke.
- You can say that.

It's all a laugh...

... or a cry.

Is there anything else?

For sure she scares me.

I pity her.
She was starving to death.

She was engaged, they were about to
marry, but he left to work in Belgium.

Just as soon, her mother threw her
in the street to hustle with her sister.

When he returned, out of fear that
he'd find out what she was doing

she got back to him and remained pregnant.

Someone told him everything
and he sacked her.

He didn't believe the child was his.

- Are we sure she doesn't hear us?
- No, she doesn't understand.

She did try to work.

But she had to start begging,
with her child.

She carried it in a basket,
ill, and full of scabs.

Because of malnutrition.
And one day, in that same basket...

Let's go.

What can I say...

Do you want to help me?


Come and help me out.

You know? I heard what you said.

It's true.
I carried her in a basket.

With a good lawyer,
you might get away with a few years.

I was hoping she would make it.

What do you say?

You throw a two year old girl
into a river...

... and you want her to survive?

On the water,
the basket kept on floating.

Help. Help.

Quick, a sheet!

What are you doing? Leave her!

Let her loose.

Call the doctor and the warden.

To sick-bay, quick.
Take her away.

- You butchered her! You are a shame!
- What happened?

Nothing! Go back to work!

- Nothing happened.
- Go to work.

About an inmate,
people say 'poor bastard'...

... or 'he deserved it'.
Perhaps they are even right.

But they don't have a clue
on what we're going through.

And I forget it too, when I'm free!

And thus I come back!

You have no fault. None. But mother,...

... what a mess.

What a mess!

- Any mail?
- It's coming. Be patient.

Nothing for you. Mariangeli...
- Assunta!

- What?
- You promised I'd get a letter.

Your dream said 'mail',
but didn't say 'today'.

Maria Mugnai...

- Are you Maria Mugnai?
- No, it's Marietta.

For me?
Who writes me?

Bad news maybe.

Did you get mail?

- It's a gag.
- From whom?

- Who?
- It's a gag.

Show it.

Piero Valenti, Via San...

Piero Valenti...

They're making fun of you.
Show me the letter.

Show it.

I won't eat it.
Give it.

What if it's not a joke?

Dear Marietta...
This one knows your name...

... while that Piero doesn't
even know you exist.

Allow us some fun too.

Dear Marietta...

I am the one whose name really is Piero.

You know me but I don't know you.

Or better said, I know you
because I think of you since I know it.

So, now I write you
to tell you that I know it.

I give you my address
so you can write me back.

When we meet, I will tell
you how I heard about you.

I hope they allow me a visit...

... I'll see you then and I'll tell you.

I am still thinking of you, Piero.

But this is not a joke.

It's real.

- Marietta got a letter from Piero.
- Which Piero?

- The one out the window.
- He wrote?

- Do you write back?
- Of course.

Have his address?

- What does he write?
- Is he in love with you?

- Does he want to marry you?
- That's fast.

- Assunta, place the cards.
- Doing it already.

What's going on?

Piero the mechanic wrote her.

- He loves her.
- No idea how he knows her.

- Queen of hearts. Nice.
- Marietta, jack of hearts.

Jack of hearts...

Did he write for real?

You look like
the miraculously healed of Lourdes.

Show it again.

Come, don't be selfish, show it again.

Don't you understand I never
got something like this before?

Would you reply to him?

Write him that
just thinking of him warms your heart.

But I want to tell hin everything, why
I'm here, what I've done. Everything!

They probably told him already.

I want to tell him myself.

In short, I think
he then will understand better...

... that I know that I was wrong.

Above all, I want to write him...

... that even if he'll never come,
even if he won't fall in love,...

...only because he wrote me
the way he did,...

... he made me understand...

... that when I'll get out of here...

... I'll get out to never return.

How beautiful!

- Write it as you said it.
- I don't know how to write it.

I got it, here it takes Ms Luisa,
who studied.

Amelia, ask Ms Luisa if
she can help Marietta write her letter.

I'll help her.
Read out loud what she wrote.

- No, I didn't write it. I'm no good!
- You just told a poem that made me weep!

Did you hear you too, Egle?

Here's Ms Luisa.
Mrs, she needs to reply to Piero.

She knows what to say,
but she can't write it.

But it's so beautiful!

If she could just write it down...

... he will marry her.
It shall become a romance.

- First or last name?
- For a lover you use the first name.

- I would write 'My dear love'.
- No, no: 'My dearest'.

I'd say 'Distinguished Mr. Piero'.
Well, she doesn't know him!

Who's he, an Honorable?

I wouldn't tell him anything.

Will you stop it? Time to sleep!

- Shut up, you bully.
- A bit of compassion.

Stop that crying, stupid bitch.

My dear sister Giuseppina.
Don't you recognize me?

Look at me well.
How do I look?

- How are you?
- Good.

Lina! - Here I am. Hi everybody.
- Very elegant.

All new stuff.

Give me a kiss.

- Who is still here?
- Sara, Moby Dick.

Where is Moby Dick?

- Here you are.
- Kiss.

I'm coming.
Where is Egle?

- How beautiful you are.
- Paola, the countess...

- What about Renata?
- She is gone.

- You are so beautiful.
- All presents from lovers.

Look at her. Are you drunk?
- Egle!

Why didn't you say anything?

Sister, may I have Marietta's place?

Can you put me here? - Why not?
- Thank you.

Good to see you.
Let me hug you.


- Finally, my dear.
- Beautiful!

Say, did you talk to Piero?
- What Piero?

Marietta's Piero?

He heard it from a blondie
on the Lungotevere.

I met so many of them
on the Lungotevere.

What, did you become a whore?
That's why you're so elegant.

There came three youngsters
and one was named Piero.

That was him.
He was with Vincenzina.

I have so much to tell you.

You were right.
I won't work anymore for 18,000.

Greetings from Vincenzina.

You are a bit pale.

Aren't you glad to see me?

Get out of my sight.

What's wrong?

I am so happy to see you.

You are mad about the fact
that I kept silence for so long.

But I have been thinking
about you all the time.

You know what I did whenever
I had to make decisions?

I thought...
Egle would advice this or that.

Egle would have said this.
Egle would have done that.

So Lina, heads up.

Look at what has become of you.

Do you see this?

You are rotten from within.

What are you saying?!

Rotten, me?

Look who's talking!

She taught me for three months
and she doesn't know anymore.

'Wake up.
Take half of the loot.'

'At your age I was rocking hard.'

You know what I tell you?

I too got the itch
to improve my life here...

... and you helped me with that.

That's not true.

It is not my fault.
It is not possible.

You became like that
because you liked it.

You just liked it to become like that.

What are you telling me?
It is not true.

Egle hits Lina.

- It is not true...
- Sister...

... that you had to come back here.

It is not my fault.

Not to solitary confinement.

Women, throw salt when I leave.

I don't want to come back here.

I was afraid they wouldn't
give you a permission.

Well, it took a while, but...

- Did you get my letter thursday?
- I replied it.

I always reply.

To think that I never used to write.
Whom to? My father lives with me.

I didn't write in school either.
I had to hold my fingers like this...

... then I got hit by the teacher.
- Did it hurt you?

My essay was too short.

The theme once was:
'How was your sunday?'

- And I wrote: 'A good one'. That's it!
- That's all?

How was your sunday?
It was good. That's all.

You are beautiful.

- More beautiful than they said.
- Who said that?

- The one who told me about you.
- Who?

She had been jailed here.

I met her with friends,
a blondie, from Veneto.

She told me about you, that
you looked at me and called my name.

- Did you hear me?
- Of course.

- That's why I got curious...
- Time.

- One minute...
- It passed already.

Let's go.

- Can you come again?
- Around Christmas perhaps.

Thank you.

Visitors, girls.

Visit. Silence.

The inmates know they
are free to answer...

... and to be photographed,
only if they agree.

- What say, cutie?
- This is the Zoo. They brought us nuts.

- Take a picture of her.
- Come on.

That's a good one.
What a cute girl that is!

Come over here.

- Turn around.
- Have a picture taken for Piero.

Stop it.

Hey, you won't take a picture of her.

Why? - Because
she's leaving, and getting married.

- She won't come back here. Go away!
- Careful, the camera.

Will you go away?

What a character that is.

Thank you.