Zorro (1975) - full transcript

A newly arrived governor finds his province under the control of the corrupt Colonel Huerta. To avoid assassination by Huerta, he pretends to be weak and indecisive so Huerta will believe he poses no threat. But secretly he masquerades as Zorro, and joins the monk Francisco and the beautiful aristocrat Ortensia in their fight for justice against Huerta and his soldiers.


Lets go for the merchant ship
Old Canaco in bound for Caracas.

Señors and Señoras,
lets go for Caracas.

- How can you hear that?
- All right....

And just go, please,
4D to PR3.

Cara Avista Vela, a vessel of goods,
now arriving in port.

Your Excellency.

What Islands are these?

The Azores. It's supposed the place
we stopped out to have amazement.

- Oh, with my hat dropped in water?
- Yeah.

And all the seagulls went
after it, remember?

Yes, definitely.

Señors and Señoras,
lets go for Caracas.

...where we are now.
Now look at here.

- Can you find Cartagina?
- Here?

Not close. Look at me.

Wait! No, it's there.

Very good, Rafaelito.

In fact, the boat took off from here, Barcelona,

across the Atlantic Ocean
into the Caribbean Sea,

and here to Cartagena.

And across this mountain here,

we'll be on your home,
Nueva Aragón .

That was quite a voyage!


what are you doing here?

I can't beleive it.
We got you just arrived.

Well, after 10 years,
we wouldn't have much of a visit.

I sail
for Spain tomorrow.

- Perhaps they might convince
you to stay.
- I can't.

- I'm sure you remember Maria?
- Of course.

- Diego, what a wonderful surprise!
- Thank you.

- And who's that?
- Rafaelito. Rafaelito, come!

How are you doing, Sir?

Shake hand with the best swordsman
in the Old World.

And in the New World as well.

By the human,
if you've taken my advice,

then put away your sword.

In this part of the world,
that would be very unlike, indeed.

Centuries of tradition has left us with...

the mentality of resist to
any attempt to change.

European order's setting its way,

but the New World is
the ideal place to create a model...

for humanity and justice
in government.

- Ten years later, and you are
still having the same daydreams.
- I know.

And perhaps, ten years from now, they would have come true.

And even you would agree
it would worth waiting for.

Miguel, you're about to become
the governor of colonial province?


That has always been ruled
by greed and hatred.

- In the past? Yes, but then--
- You can't change it.

Perhaps it was.
But I shall die trying.

You see Diego, it was
God's will that...

my uncle should
die of malaria...

and I should take his place
as the new governor.


I shall govern
according to God's will.

If your uncle died of malaria,
it was men's will, not God's.

Why do you say it?

There was no malaria
in the eastern provinces.

- Maria, pay no attention. He--
He's just--
- I'm not joking, Miguel.

You're excusing you can play
the striking ideal armor without armor.

- Diego, my armor is my armor.
- The armor of the fool!

Don't you call my father a fool?

He's the greatest man
in the world!

You now degrade his cumulate!

- You're fool. You're poor.
- Please, Maria.

Go to bed, Dear!

- Don't you calm down one
as my father?
- Shut it out. Cut it out!

...If no one says, I don't care.

- I'm sorry, Miguel.
- Oh, it doesn't matter.

A son is bound to think
a lot for his father.

- Why don't you stay with me
a little longer?
- No. Thank you.

I have to get an early start
in the morning.

I understand.

I master reserve of peace.

Perhaps Joaquín will take
the evening here with me.

He's, uh, my friend. And, uh,
he can not speak, but he can hear.


So, it was good to see you again.

Good bye,


Thank you.



Kill him.


- Who sent you?
- Huerta. Colonel Huerta.

I want to know why.
Why? Why?

No governor must reach
Nuova Aragona.

Diego, no. Diego, no.

Oh, Diego,

everywhere I go I find
men's need for violence.

Very well!

No governor will arrive there.

Yes, he will.
A governor will arrive there.

And he'll make them pay for this.

Believe me!

No, Diego. You can't go.
You'll go there to kill.

Take your time, Miguel, please.

Diego, you must promise me.

Swear to me, if you go in my place, the new governor will never kill.

Remember, Diego,
I'm that governor.

My principles, my ideas.

You must keep them alive,

Take this seal,
and swear on my life and my son.

I have such a moment.


I swear.


No, Rafaelito.

It's me.

Your father had to
go away last night...

to take the busy post
to a government.

But why didn't
he take me with him?

Because his job
is a very dangerous one.

He had to go alone.

But you are right.

Your father is the best
and bravest man in the world.

And for that reason,

he will succeed.

(Speaking Spanish)


Whoa! Whoa!

in the eyes of the Credit Council,

it is 3 months now
since our governor died.

And his successor has not yet
arrive from Spain.

The simple truth is...

that Spain is too distant
from Nuova Aragona.

And our situation is far too serious
to tolerate another moment of delay.

Our enemies surrounded
in every side.

Up in the Cordillera,
the English are hiring bandits,

who systematically pirate
and rob our transports.

In the Entelia,
they build revolution.

What we need, gentlemen,
is a drastic action, and we need it now.

I call upon you...
to place in my hands...

the army...


the authority of our government.

I assume I have
your consents, gentlemen.

Consent by silence,
aye Colonel Huerta?

You are Colonel Huerta,
are you not?

I am.

But of course, gentlemen,
I can understand,

and appreciate the heavy weight
of such responsibility.

What responsibility is it
you're talking of?

Why, my own mastery?

Miguel Vega de la Serna.

By problem raised
your new governor.

I told you. I told you.
This is why, gentlemen.

Fine collision, Colonel.

Gentlemen! Gentlemen!
A little to quarrel, please.

When did you arrive,
Your Excellency?

About a moment ago.

I did not want to interrupt you.

And I thought the occasion
gave me a splendid opportunity...

to affix the circumstances.

And were you able?
Did you assert the circumstances?


Oh, I'm afraid so.

And unless you would exaggerate,
things are really bad, indeed.

I think this time it was
already sufficiently shaken...

by the tragic death
of my poor uncle Don Fernando.

Oh, it's time to talk about this.

But, for the moment,
I beg you to excuse me.

I haven't just had the chance
to kiss my dear aunt.

But you have no idea
how poor Uncle Fernando
contracted the sickness?

Likely, he picked it up
from some waiting woman.


You ask many questions,
my dear nephew.

But the fact that until now
I've never seen you.

That means nothing to you?

I don't understand.
What did you say?

I mean simply that if
I don't know what you look like,

it is because of
my life long disinterest...

in any and all matters
concerning our family.

I tell you this, so you won't feel
obliged to engage in small talk.

Of course, excuse me,
my dear Aunt,

I'm sure Uncle Fernando's
death upset you dreadfully.

Uh-uh, upset me?
You're joking!

I was upset that his dead
didn't occur some 20 years earlier!

Really just have a stranger.


As your uncle's best friend,
they share the master bedroom.

- They were inseperable.
- Really?

- Who was that?
- He called him Assassin.

I see. Aha!

Oh, he--
He's back here really.


What an amusing name!
Is it justified?

- And now good night.
- Thank you.

I hope with you
a little bit trouble is solvable.


Allow me myself to introduce.

Your Excellency. Fritz,
mine called Fritz Von Merkel,

Personal Aid to his
Excellence, your late uncle.

At your honor, Sir.

At ease, Captain. At ease!

And all these bounties
of the gossip, you brought in?

I had unexpected good fortune hands,
this brought food gift for you, I received.

There was a favorite treat
for this Excellence Don Fernando.

Thank you.
And bring me some.

First out the come of old-zilla! (???)

First come the kind of crazy dog! (???)

I'm Sorry, Sir.
I'm terribly sorry.

Oh, but this--

Sorry, Captain.
It's not going to waste.

Have a look here.


So what's this, Captain?

In the gestión,
all malaria?


Oh-oh! It--
It goes up there.

Oh, yes. It does.
Thank you.

How could I have known?

They were by the same person
for to automate him deliver...

to His Excellence,
Don Fernando.

The bodyguard administered the poison.

But, Senora, you can not
believe in eyes.

All I know is
that incompetent among men...

denied the governor
and bodyguards and....

Oh, that slip's
too amuse me as well.

My dear Miguelito.


Do you know
what this is?

Oh, dear, no.
Tell me.

It is the having-pasture well
when I entered the convent.

Oh, it's just the thing
about to play.

Something dull,
something gay.

Better the convent
than another merry payday.

And you man, you can even imagine
the woman could exist without...

your muscle, masculin protection.

Isn't that so, Miguelito?

All right, I was--

I'm a man of peace,
my dear Aunt.

One is not even fought.

You four.


If you want to stay alive,
you have a lot to learn. Now go!

Splendid! Splendid!

But I always thought
it's supposed the drill...

was conducted with
the blunt weapons.

Only real danger, actual bleeding
can teach a man to fight.

Besides, their weapons
are equally as sharp as mine.

Colonel Huerta,

It's taken me only 24 hours
to realize the gravity of
the situation here,

in Nuova Aragona.

May I request you prepare plans
for the protection and security
of our people?

I'm sure...

I will approve any measure
you would take magistrate.

I move by our pretend,
your Excellency.

Tomorrow, huh?

I... I should be very much
for your assure...

if you'd arrange it personally...

for my own set of good safety.

It would be an honor,
your Excellency!

And I have the very man.

At your service,


Oh, yes. Him.



Well, well.

I assume his appetite is
as great as his strength?

- My appetite?
- Yes.

Seeing as you'll be required
to take each and every course of menu.

Colonel Huerta, please.

Now, we'll see how long
web here will be happy.

We're a weak governor,
instead of a dead one.

Now we got to find the way
to get out of this museum.

You shut up, now.


He wants to talk to me?

You want to say something?

Well, a secret passage.

How convenient!

Those have numbers,
road to adventure.

Right here! Stairway.

We use it to get advantage.


No, no, no. You want answers?
Go to somewhere else.

There're many things I don't like, including the work I do.

But what I like
it didn't work.

People asking questions.


They are my goats.
My goats are loosen.

Who opened the gate?

Oh, Sanama, who opened the gate?
Manuel Jose?

They give me fine for this.

Stop this, please.
Hey, Royce, Royce!

Adjust my goat fence.

Go do it over there!

Take this away!
Hey, please!

Four bins today.

He bought some of that
to ruin me.

But... But it's because--

Get them back into the fence.

I want to count it.

(Speaking Spanish)

You want some corn, Senor?

Hey, there, brother?

In can't talk. I mean it!

(Speaking Spanish)

Listen, my friend, I've
only been here a couple of days.

What can you tell me about
life in Nueva Aragón ?

Oh, no!

Forgive me, senor.
But you can see what I sell.

It's not much,
and it's not very pretty.

It's worse,
mostly are fig and taro.

But I produce it
from the land.

And the land is hard.
It hurts our hands.

But if I talk too straight,
I'm risky of what needs I have in life.

After all, I have my wife
and children to think about.

Sorry, sir.

Don't touch.

- Very fine?
- Very fine.

But if I live in these days,

it's what I know is unfair.

No, senor.
Thanks just to pay.

I'm only a wandering minstrel
and I want nothing.

It's just my song
and my rhythm.

And chickens,
from the chicken house.

My dears, stand here!
Chickens, back down!

Come back on, let me proceed.

They fly away.

Help, somebody.

Come on, Jose.
Oh, my chickens, my chick--....

I want them judged.
I want everyone--

Brothers, hear me.

Hear me, everybody.

Brothers, my friends, you know
I'm one of you.

We all wear the same rags.

And we all know the same hunger
in our bellies.

We will one day share the
justice of Heaven Kingdom.

But what about here,
right now?

We're suffered all to pay sundry.

We are suffered of fear.

Now a new governor has come.

One have to see an honest man,
a just one.

And if he is, why don't we
go to him, all of us together,

and ask him to hear us out?

Clear the street!

I say that we go to him,
all of us together....

Clear the street,
out of the way!

Brother Francisco, the soldiers.
Come with me, please.

I want that monk.

Find him.

Find the monk.

Where is he?
Who saw him?

I saw him turned around,
he went that way.

(Speaking Spanish)

Where did the monk go, huh?

That way.

Listen, I'm not a soldier.
You can trust me.

Where did he go?

All right.
You're coming with me.

We have a little chat with
the man of the goats and chickens.

- Chickens?
- Mm.

Make up your mind!

Will you trust me?

All right. You win.

- What's your name?
- Chico.

Alright, Chico.
Let's find the monk.

And we'll bring his cart back to him
at the same time, all right?

Tell me, Chico, what does the Z for
that you wrote on the fence?

- It's the sign of Zorro.
- Zorro? Who's Zorro?

He's the spirit of the black fox,

who you can ask like this.
And he always win. He can never die.

Are you the monk's friend?
You are Christian, aren't you?

Yes, I'm Christian.
But I beleive in Zorro, too.

What do you believe?

I believe he'll come back one day
and free all the poor animals.

Only the animals?
What about the people?

Oh! People are too wicked
and too afraid.

They don't deserve
to be freed.

(Speaking Spanish)


(Speaking Spanish)

You don't understand.

Brother Francisco is
the only good man on earth.

Yes, Chico.
I do understand.

My father is
the greatest man in the world.

He's braver than anyone.

Diego, you must swear that
the new governor should never kill.

I swear.

Brother Francisco de la Trinidad,

you are accused the fraud
against the merchant Ramiro Valdez,

witness here and present.

You've sold him
rotten worthless hives.

The hives were perfectly good.

Why don't you ever look at them?

They're full of worms.
I had to burn them.

You are a liar.

You'll also be punished
for insulting an honest trade man.

You insult the truth,
Senor Vagistato.

Very well, you are also
beheld in contempt a court.

Enough of this part.

You know perfectly well
the sentence had already been making.

And you know the real reason
for condemning this holy man.

He's guilty only of
protecting and justice.

He's guilty of denouncing cheat, exploiters, profiteers.

Shut her up!

Ten lashes for fraud.

Ten more for
defirmation and slander.

Monster, monster here.
There is--


We don't threat innocent
people here anymore, Sergeant.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I want to show you
what justice is.

(Speaking Spanish)

First of all, you release
Brother Francisco, now!

Now arrest the real criminal!

The corruption,
the lying witness,

and the murdering executioner!

Thank God
for your life, Sergeant!

It's the sign of Zorro.

- What? Zorro?
- Zorro!

Go home, Brother,
but leave the children here.

They just see
that the law is back.

The sentense is...

three times the number of slashes
they wanted to give the monk.

Now start!

This is just the beginning.

How would you managed to take them all when you leave?

What make you imagine that
I would want to drag the gallery of
nightmare back to think?


- Oh! Who is this delightful creature?
- Your cousin.

Ortensia Pulido d'Oldavidez.

- Oh, I must meet her
as soon as possible.
- You want to meet her, poor Dear?

Clearly misfortune
never arrive alone.


The Pulido d'Oldavidez
are virtually tender.

But how is that?

- She was in deserve...
- Who says so?

...or confined against
the people of Nuova Aragona.

Colonel Huerta,
you startled me.

- You came in like-- look like Assassin.
- What?

Assassin, my uncle's dog.

You're saying that
the Pulido were conspirative?

There's undeniable
proof of the fact.

How could it be...

Just look at that face.

It's all purity,
isn't there?

Why do you put up with this?

Don't just see that unless
you throw them off your back,

these people will starve
and I tell you.

You know so well the weight
of your grain, your livestock.

You know those scales down there.

Senorita, stop that nonsense.

You are trying to cause
troubles for us.

We have enough troubles
with that bandit Zorro.

I'm here for your protection,

and my presence will teach that
clown to keep a distance.

That's clown, Sergeant?

Tell the soldiers
to drop their weapons.

Oh, Zorro!

I need you, Sergeant Garcia.

- And I need you alive.
- Yes, sir.

You heard the gentleman?
Drop your guns by the well.

- Are you a ball meat, Garcia?
- Yes, Sir.

- Up on that scale.
- Yes, sir.

All right.

Let's see.

Only 50 lbs?

So you are full of
spot air, Garcia.

Now, are you ready to order
those thieves to pay a fair price...

for a fair weight?

Or you have more treasure
off your sleeve?

Not bad, Sergeant.

I just got another one.

If I get you
I'll kill you!


But first, you don't....

Rise again!

Keep coming!

Keep coming!

Keep coming!
He's coming!

Stand still! stand still!
You go around so much.


You would like that,
wouldn't you?

All right, then.
I'm standing still!



Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


You moved.

You moved.

- Did I?
- Yes.

I apology!

Oop, weapon.

I'm sorry.


Ladies and gentlemen,
listen everyone.

Seageant Garcia wants
to return what he stole from you.

Take it all back home with you.

Come on.
Get him!

Get him!

One, two....

Come on.

Come on. This way.



Let's give him a hand.


And two.


Oxen, goats.
Go. Go!

Ah, you are the one.

Arrest him! Yes, he brought him.
Yes, he did it.

He's right here.
Come right now!

God! He's getting away.


just fall!

Where is the price, Garcia?


Good evening.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.


I've been waiting for you,

You're safe. Thank god.

I must say
this is the first time...

I've seen an aristocrat
takes side to the bandits.

The innocent people, not bandits,

who are pursuit
by soldiers here.

When did your family
ban all this?

It's a long sad story.

How could it interest you?

You seem to forget that
I'm here to bring back justice
into this province.

And maybe the joy
into your eyes.

The soldiers!
You'd better run.
I'm afraid for you.

Don't be!

Please go. I beg you.

(Speaking Spanish)

What are you doing here?

Search the house,
question everyone.

But first, bring me
Pulido and his wife.

My parents are not at home.

Then I have to wait for them.

The rest of you
search the outside area.
(Speak Spanish)

The bandit is here somewhere.

Now, you and I must talk.

You'll be needed.

Well, I'll make the most of
this opportunity.

- I'm offering to marry you.
- You stay away from me.

I'm giving you a chance to
redeem your entire family.

I know that at this moment...

it may seem
like a sacrifice to you.

But ultimately--

Ultimately, you may find
the pleasure was fusible.

There's only one way
you can pay for that.

That's enough, Colonel.

If you don't know how to respect
a woman, I'll have to teach you.

You are very brave.
First you disarm me,
then you challenge me.

I'm just a bandit.

And a bandit will do anything
to get what he wants.

I want you on your knees,
begging forgiveness from this lady.

- You must be mad.
- On your knees.


- I'm an officer.
- You're an insect. Down.


Colonel, when I get bored
with tearing your uniform,

I'll cut your heart out.

Swear you will never
offend her again!

I swear.

Please forgive me.

Now, get out.

- You're leaving?
- You'll be safe here.

Take care, please.
I'm still afraid for you.

If from me I could help....

You've given me another reason
to live and fight.

That helps enough.

Thank you.

We'll meet again, bandit.

Look at him!
He's celebrating my depot.

I'm being expect him
to go into warming,

but this is ridiculous.

You're travelling
with so much wealth.

I'm worrying about you.
What about the bandit in the hill?

The bandit for the cozy, eh?

Just let them
to stop something dry.



What dropped?

I heard...



Hey, back out, Kinda.

Take that, all that!
Charge, men, charge!

Now that man over here,
go charge!

Hurry, Kinda.

Now I had this mine.



Get them trouble.

Sharp blade, charge!


Hey, Jauay, Cilado, Avo,
come down.

I don't know, Hailen,
Come back!

For that, Hosaini I come.
I don't--, ah.

I'll show you.

You beg out a fight of you?
Come on!

Come on!
Give me more bandits.

Now, right now....

(Speaking Spanish)


I order you to stop.

I'll stab you over
when I think I do.

No, Captain.


My Lady, they are
stealing your treasure.

You are my treasure.

Colonel Huerta will be pleased.

I'll be off the toes.

- Oh! Oh!
- Oh!

- Zorro.
- Zorro.

- Who's responsible for this?
- Zorro.

(Speaking Spanish)

Come on, amigo!
Let her die.


Take off your gold,
ladies and gentlemen,

and hand it over to me!

Look. It's the angel Gabriel.

I'm taking up the collections
for innocent victims of
corruption and robbery.

What better way to
celebrate this deed of humiliation?

I'm sure you'll all be generous.


(Speaking Spanish)

Get out!

Oh, no!

- We take the prisoners to the mine,
Colonel. - Very well.

Colonel, I'm very worried.

Throughout the country the
people despair with the mass arrest.

Is there no possibility
this campaign will provoke...

a major revalue?

Your Excellency,
I do know what I'm doing.

This bandit, who called himself
Zorro, must be caught and killed.

And the people who helped him
must be made to pay the treachery.

Your excellency.

On your courtship, Carman.

The bandit of the Cordillera!
I knew it! I just knew it.

Oh, goodness!

Oh, my poor Dear!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

I really gotta told,
you wouldn't believe it.

- Fritz here, he brilliant tell upon them.
- Oh?

Single handily,
he nosed them down.

We wandered lots of days
in the back of the mountain,

crossed the jungle.

Fritz found that
we're able to sustain it.

He located water,
round up my wound.

He is the man I shall
marry again, Miguel.

If he will, he has me.

Look at him!

It's been fantastic,

a fairytale!

You know what I'll do,
in your honor, my dear Aunt?

We'll throw a great party.

Count and countess
Pulido and their daughter Ortensia.

I'm enlighten
you receive my little--

I enlighten you receive
my little sweet.

I look so forward to
meeting you.

Only injustice,

the countless outrage we have
suffered these many years, Father.


If to say nothing
of the great pleasure,

I'll be once again surrounded
by people of my own class.

Oh, I see.

Noble men and ladies,

who never so much have lifted a finger to have buts.

Oh, Cousin Ortensia,
you speak with such confidence.

Let me be gentleman present...

who would take issue
with your pronouncement.

I know there is no gentleman.

- Mine, mine, mine, mine!
- Colonel Huerta.

Perhaps Senorita Ortensia meant...

that the role of a gentleman
can be fulfilled only by a bandit.

If you are searched as Zorro,
Colonel Huerta,

you already know about
that ample opportunity...

to compare that so called bandit
with the light of you.


Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Such a silly dog!

Now what have you done?

Have you pick to me a poem?

Oh, my God!

"Governor's verdict is ill:"

"you've been pronounced guilty,
the sentence is death."

"Signed, Zorro."

Zorro! Zo-- Zorro!


Oh, no!
Oh, dear, dear!

- Oh, no!
- Guards! Guards!

Oh, my Goodness!

From now on the doors of
this apartment will be sealed.

I alone will have the key.

They install an alarm system.

A double rope connecting
this one to the outer chamber.

Every quarter of an hour
I will pull the first rope.

The bell will ring

And you do it right
by pulling the other rope here,

signaling that everything is well.

- I have other ideas--
- Adios, Captain.

Now, leave it,
take her home.

Your Excellency.

Your Excellency.

I devise a perfect plan
to catch Zorro.

Ortensia Pulido
will be taken prisoner.

Tied and chained
and dragged around publicly.

Until Zorro comes out of hiding
to rescue her.

But... But Colonel,
she's an aristocrat, my own cousin.

Oh, no, no.
No, I can't--

It's a matter of life and death,
your Excellency.

- Your life.
- Ooh! My life!

- Your death.
- Oh, with my death!

Hurry up. Get in.



- How did you get in here?
- Through the front door.

- Who are you anyway?
- No time to talk.

- Are you ready to leave?
- Uh-huh. How?

With the key.

I knew Huerta and the guards
go waiting for me on the street.

So I came here instead.

I had time to prepare your escape.

Brother Francisco will hide you.

And Huerta will
look like a fool idiot.

But the guards are here now,
how can we get by them?

I arranged some surprise
for them. You'll see.

Turn left and
go into the second door.

- What was that?
- Go and see.



Break it open.


Zorro. Come back.
Alarm, people.

Hey, no.

(Speaking Spanish)

Come on!
Come on, open the door!

(Speaking Spanish)

Come on.

- Much work is down there, go
straight to that room.
- And you?

Idiot! Itdiot!
If they are fixed you will be cut.

Hurry up! Go!

Forget about the girl.
Get Zorro!

Right here! Right here!

This way.

This way.

- This time we can't let him get away.
- Right!

Now it gets me down.

This way. Follow me, men.

Get out of here. Quickly!
We're out for him.

(Speaking Spanish)

Of course!

Only one person
knew of the plan.

- Of course.
- What plan?

Come with me.

A horse! A horse!
Get me a horse.

A horse.
My kingdom for a horse.

Come with me.

The key to the governor's room,
give it to me.

Impossible! We now order from his
Excellency, nobody gets the key.

If you don't give me the key,
I'll kill you.

I'll give you the key.

All right, get out!
Get out, Assassin.

Open the door.

Look, I'm on your side,
but you have to cooperate.

Okay! Now wake up!

Slide under the bed.

My appology,
Your Excellency.


Colonel Huerta?

What-- What's going on?

Zorro's rescue attempt
to free Hulido...

from the fortress.

He was waiting there for her.

He seem to be aware of each and
every aspects of our plans.

But that's impossible.

Impossible, maybe,
but it happened.

Only one person besides myself
knew this plan: You.

Your Excellency,
I could say the same thing.

Colonel, have you gone mad?

If I were mad,
would I be here?

What-- What--
What do you mean?

I'm here for one purpose and
one purpose only: To capture Zorro.

And to see him hang.


Fair enough, Colonel.

- I think there's only one thing I can do.
- Oh, yeah?

I agree.

You recall the message,
I'm the one Zorro wishes to destroy.

Therefore, I'm the one
who must serve as bait.

- You?
- How else can we catch him?

It's his life...
or mine own.

It's not that I doubt your ability,
Sergeant Garcia.

Are you're sure
you've seen everything?

The forest is aligned with
soldiers here, Your Excellency.

Every shrub, every tree,
every rock on this bank,

guns filled men on to the neck,

and ready to defend you.

Very well, then.

We shall carry out the plan
to the letter, furious plan.

- Now, real fishermen always seperate.
- Mm-Hm.

- You'll go downstream and
I go further up.
- Okay.

Here he is.
He's out there.


- Garcia.
- Yes, Sir.

- Garcia, where is the Governor?
- I don't know where he is.

He was over there behind that rock.

But now he's gone.
It's not my fault.

There he is.

Is he alone?

Had he turn this way.

Go get after him!

But-- But--
What about the Excellency?

Or we're just going to abandon him?

Garcia, if you just think
the Governor around here,

you are the biggest fool
that I think you are.

Oh, look! Look, I got one.
I got one.

- What did you say, Colonel?
- You see? Ehh.

There's no time for explanation,
Your Excellency.

Get after him.
Amero, catch him.

Colonel, you're not going to leave me all alone.

At lease allow Sergeant Garcia
to stay with me.

With pleasure!

It's a trout.
It took a hook line and tanker.

I'm after him.

He's after him.


Now, now. Calm down.

Go in. Why don't you worry?
Come on in.

(In Spanish) Two plus two =
- Four.

(Speaking Spanish)

Now listen, everyone.

Let's put the arithmetic
aside from you.

You are got to help Zorro.


- Do you all remember what to do?
- Yes.

El nino.
Come, come, come, come.

(Speaking Spanish)

This way. Over here, now.

I want this Zorro.

Here you are. Here.
Here is Zorro.

- Here's Zorro's mask.
- Thank you. Here.

- Here's Zorro's mask.
- Thank you. I want this.


(Speaking Spanish)

There no one here.

Search everywhere.

There he is.

(Speaking Spanish)

(Speaking Spanish)


Yes, Sir?

I'm exhausted.

I'm going to the carriage
for a nap.

Don't wake me for any other
reason that you tell me,
"Zorro has been captured."

Yes, Sir.
Your Excellency.

(Speaking Spanish)

Where is he?

This way.

(Speaking Spanish)

(Speaking Spanish)

Ace. It's the one I need.

- You have an ace?
- Got him.


No way, man.
My sword is coming.

Sergeant Garcia. I save this
to protect the governor.

God! No-ah!

- Garcia.
- Yes, Sir?

Your governor is inside the carriage,
dress up like a chicken.

Now, either you do
what I tell you,

or I'll wring his neck and have him
stuffed and feed to the dog.

Come on.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot!
He's a child.

- All right, now.
- You wolf!

He's a child.


Follow me.

Take him to the mine.
Now join me to Eliga.

Where are we?


Two birds with one stone,
eh, Sergeant?

Hey, roll, roll!

Drop your guns, men.

The Governor's inside, with
Zorro's gun pointing at his head.

Thank you, Sergeant.

If I live through this, you can be
sure of my eternal gratitude.

Have no fear, Your Excellency.

Everything is proceeding
according to my strategy.

(Speaking Spanish)

Release the monk!

release the monk.

Have faith, Brother.
You're not alone.

Drop your rifles, all of you.
That's an order.

Now release them, all of them,

Now, release them, all of them,



Hurray, hurray!

Hurray! Freedom!

Freedom! Freedom!....

Huerta, the soldiers,
they are coming this way.

Hurry up. Running south.

They're almost here.
You'd better go.

Into the woods, quickly!
Run for it!

You too, Brother,
they need you.

Hey, hey, hey.
Go to the woods.

Go, hurry.

That would be all, Sergeant.
The Governor stays with me.


I go.

Have a nice trip!

Good bye, Ortensia.
And good luck!

- I'm coming with you.
- No, you are not.

- Halt!
- I do.

- Where is Zorro?
- Zorro!

You go that way.
The rest of you come with me.

(Speaking Spanish)

- What do you think you are doing?
- I'm coming with you.

- You are mad.
- Yes, about you.


I love you.


(In Spanish)



You must go now,
where you have lived.

The people need you
more than ever.

Go, please. Go.

Now it's over.

The bandit is dead.

And that for the Governor,

well, at least he will have
the hero's death.

Now Nuova Aragona
have a new governor.

And you, as your father knows
what's good for him,

will have a husband.

Stand back!

So, so,
my Father's Christ is there.

With Chirst we ask for justice.

With Jesus on our side,
we demand our freedom.

You may thank your God.

But in honor of this occasion,
I decide it upon you.

Only God can pardon.

And in His very herd...

you can try from refraining a lot of sacrament.

Down on you knees,

pray, for His master.

Arrest this priest.

Arrest him!

(Speaking Spanish)

(Speaking Spanish)

I'm afraid this bell is ringing
for you, Colonel Huerta.

- Zorro!
- You have the rebellion on your hands.

The blood of your victims
cries for justice.

And justice will be done.

Zorro! He's alive.
Zorro can never die!

(Speaking Spanish)

Guards! Fire, fire!

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.



You're fool!

Zorro! Zorro! Zorro!...

Demonstration is illegal.

At the most danger,
they need their own--

Guards, retake order.

Come forth!

Come with me.

You almost got away
with this, Colonel.

But you pushed these
good people a little too far.

And now they're going to
push you back.

The murder of Brother Francisco...

releases me from the promise
I made to another man of peace,

who you butchered.
It's easy to kill a saint, Colonel.

Lets see how you do
against the sinner.

Come on.

Impress yourself!

I'll have that mask off you.

Even if I have to chase you
the hell for it.

You kill no more, Colonel.
No more.

He's dead.

He's dead!

The bandit is dead.

He's dead!

- He's dead.
- Who's dead?

Zorro is dead.

Zorro is dead.

Not quite.

The game not over yet, Colonel.

I don't know if it's feasible
the metal wedge I've gotten.

Now bandit,

one of us must die.

Well, then,

let it be the moment of truth.


Your Excellency.


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!


VictorR - 01/28/2016.