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Zoo-Head (2018) - full transcript

Charlie is a zoo-head, addicted to powerful hallucinogens that have memory destroying side-effects. He is forced to enter an experimental rehabilitation program that involves memory looping...

(dramatic music)

I can't see.

I can't frickin' see.

Calm down Charlie.





How many have you taken?

How many?

What is that smell.

How many Charlie?

That smell Megan, what
the hell is that smell?

Jesus, you can't
even keep track

of what you steal.

Close the door.

What are you
gonna do with these?

Close the door!

[Megan] We need to talk.

We are talking.


We are talking properly.

If we were, you
wouldn't be zooting.

Oh, here we go again.

What are you my mother?

Well, I might as well be.

Who else is gonna lecture you?


Barton's cool man.

Look, you know what this
is doing to you right?


blackouts, deja vus.

You want to throw your
memory into a grinder,

you be my guest Charlie,

but don't drag me in it.

Then bloody leave.



Wait, don't go.

I'm late for work.

What work, there ain't work.

It is.

It's a work trial.

It's slave labor, Megan.

They make you work
for free and you hope

you get a job at the end, right?

It's none of your business.

I just don't want you
to get your hopes up.

I want you to get out.


Look, yeah, I'm a shit.

But I care about you.

You know, I'll fix things.

I'm make them right.

Get Barton to clean this
place up if you won't.

(gentle music)

(keyboard clicking)

That is not enough.

At least it's there, right?

So you just want to
come in here and sign on

and go home.

That's not a proper
work search Charlie.

What more do you want?

I want a proper
work search for once.

We go through this every time.

How about fast forwarding
it to the last part.

Listen, you've been
signing on for a while now.

And absolutely zero work
progress has been made.

What is it, is this zootropic.

I'm not on zoots, man.

Besides it's none of
your business what I do.

Oh, it is.

We're paying you decent money

to do a work search,
not go and jack up.

Yeah, I'm working on that.

Are you?

I've heard you've been selling
meat to dodgy restaurants.

What other things you
got going on aside.

Selling goat
shit to Starbucks.

It's a pity you're
not like Megan.

Yeah, she's gonna have
a proper job soon.

Zoo-Heads don't get jobs.

Listen, she's clean.

Which is the sad part, isn't it,

because you're probably
gonna send her over

the edge again.

Have you heard of Infinity?

Those brain butchers.


They're a memory clinic.

Listen, they've got a
rehabilitation program,

they're trialing it through us.

What us, unemployed
scum guinea pigs.

Yeah, no thanks.

It's not a choice.

You can't force me
to go to that place.

I don't want anyone
inside my head,

not them, not you.

You've got nothing
to worry about.

I mean it's only memory loop.

Yeah, I'm not bloody doing it.

Well, the appointment's
already been made.

And what if I don't go.

Well, I'll just stop all
of your benefits completely

and then I'd personally
go to the police

and tell them about
this zootropics.

You can't do that.

I can do anything I want.

Not in my brain, man, no one.

(door slamming)

(upbeat technological music)

I need to talk.

Meat's gone bad.

Suffocation of currant.

Unification or conformity.


This about your father again?

You're still seeing him?

Welfare wants me
to go to Infinity.


Holy shit.

Are you getting a memory loop.


Why, are they handing out
freebies at welfare now.

Part of their drug
rehabilitation bullshit.

It's a con to get
into my head, man.

No, brother, this
is the real deal.

It'll be good for you.

You'll finally get clean.

I'm not doing it.

You are doing it.

I'm not.

You're desperate
for a way out,

but you're afraid.

Afraid to circumcise
your heart and be free.

Stay afraid and
you'll cease to exist.

You'll belong with those
selfie taking maggots

and their empty photos.

You're doing it.

Now, go, get rid of that meat.

Then let's get to work.

We've got a lot of
doors to know on

for some sales.

You don't get to
boss me around Barton.

Who else will father you then?

(gentle music)

(phone ringing)

[Megan] Hi, this is Megan.

Leave a message and
I'll get back to you.

Hey, it's me,
pick up will you.

I'm trying to reach you.

Sorry for messing up.

Please call me.

(gentle music)

(dramatic music)

[Father] Hey, Charlie.

A limp dick in your
and soaking in stale cum.

Masturbation's become your only

prayer for salvation kid.

(technological jingles)

(dramatic drums beating)

You're very lucky to
have been chosen Charlie.

What happened?

Who are you?

I'm Dr. Pierce.

You passed out.

You're malnourished.

When was the last time you ate?

What's my stomach
got to do with my head.

If you undergo looping,

your vitals need to be spot on.

What is this?

We're memory mapping you.


In order for memory
looping to work,

we need to do a clean
sweep of your mind,

check for any anomalies
or memory corruption.

And so far you've
got quite a bit.

A bit of what?

Memory corruption.

You have any reoccurring dreams?

Dreams, I thought
this was about memories?

Dreams are
indicative of memories.

I only have one dream.

Breaker's Beach, I was
six, building a sandcastle,

that's about it.

That may be a
little young for us to

loop you into.

Anything significant
happen there?


How long have you been using.

Don't knowú,
three, four years.







Anything else.



You certain it's only
heroin at the moment?

Yeah, why?

It's best if
you're honest Charlie

before we start the looping.

Are you gonna tell me
what this looping is?

We loop you into
a memory of yours

when you were sober.

You inhabit your past self.

That allows your
mind to progress

to its original state,

healing damaged neurons

and realigning

Then what?

Then we bring you back.

After that comes the hard part.

Hard part?

Once we bring you out
of the loop and back

to your present day body,
your mind may be fixed,

but your body will
still be drug ridden.

We have an after care
program for that.

So what you're
saying is I come back,

and I'm still messed up.

It's two stages.

Looping takes care of your mind.

We take care of your
body afterwards.

You mess with my brain doing

some back to the future
crap to it won't work.

It works, even
though it's a trial.

You won't even be
aware that you're in

a memory repeating itself.

What's that?

Urine sample.

We need to do a blood test, too.

We need a full breakdown
of what's in your system.


(dramatic music)

[Father] They're
gonna know son.

They're gonna know and
they'll eat you up.

Shut up, shut it.

So what are the results?

We won't have
them until later.

We'll give you a
call to let you know

if you're suitable.

If I'm not?

The welfare office
gets a full report.

Get dressed, you're free to go.


Hey space boy,
how was Infinity.

You went to Infinity?

Yes, Megan, I
went to Infinity.

You wouldn't bloody
know since you

didn't pick up your phone.

Whoa, whoa, chill brother.

What happened?

They did a drug
test on me, man.

Yeah, that's pretty standard.

What you knew,
you fucking knew.

What the hell were
you doing at Infinity?

Of course I knew,
I interned there,

well until somebody
fucked me over.

You should have told me.

For you to do what, huh?

If you didn't go welfare
would screw you over.

Okay, now that I've
screwed anyway by it.

Did you get one
of those memory loop

trials from welfare?

Your lucky fucker.


Zootropics are untraceable.

What do you mean untraceable?

They can't detect anything.

I bet you asked you to be
honest and shit, right?

It's because they
can't trace shit.

So you're doing it right?


You are doing it?

What's it to you?

What's it to me?

The fact that I've had
to put up with your shit

since I met you, that's
what's up with me.

Here we go again,
another bitch fit.

You little shit.

Do you even know
how lucky you are?

Do you know how much the
memory programs cost.

An ungrateful little
shit gets free treatment

and you won't go.

Get the fuck off me.

Oh, you're gonna punch me
Megan, come on, hit me.

That is it.

I swear to God,
I'm done with you.

Just leave.

Who's stopping you.

What the hell
is wrong with you.

She can't mind
her own business.

You are her business.

[Charlie] What?

Self-destruction is imminent.

Self-preservation is decadent.

Hey, hey, hey.

Fucking I've had it with him.

He's a mess and you,
you encourage him.

I do not encourage him.

Where's he getting
his stash of zoots from?

From me.

I actually find that
quite offensive.

You're the one who
got all worked up

when you heard about
his trip to Infinity,

so what's up.

I couldn't get on the trial.

Why not?

Because I was
zooting and welfare

thought it was too risky.

Barton, don't you
get memory shortage?

There's a large part of memory

that's really
messed up in there,

but sort of the price we
pay for zooting, right?

Doesn't that bother you?

Just learn to
make up my own past.

Barton, that's denial.

No, denial is paying taxes

and then believing that
you're a good person.

I can't remember
any of my childhood.

Can't remember any of it?

Look, the life you own
doesn't have to own you.

You can do anything
you want with it.

You can even trade it on eBay.

Barton, it's a part of me.

No matter how hard I
try, I can't remember

any of it.

What I was like as
a kid, what I did,

my hobbies, friends, my parents.

They're just blank faces.

You're starting over.

You're getting clean,

you got that new work
trial at the restaurant.

They fired me.


It's gone shit Barton.

I was saving my welfare
for memory reconstruction.


Yeah, I'm piss broke.

I can't even afford to eat

and I'm trying to save
to get my memory back.

I'm a joke.

You want it really bad, huh?

How much is it?

Don't ask.

[Barton] Have you
look into payment plans?

Look at me Barton, I
can't face going in there.

They'll think I'm a cheap skank.

Charlie's the cheap skank.

He's getting free
treatment and he's still

bitching about it.

I really thought
I could help him.

Most people just
don't want to change.

You caring for Charlie's
not gonna fill the gap

you have for your parents.

Parents you can't
even remember having.

So if you want the real
deal, then go for it.

You think so?

I want to help you.


Selling dildos to
lonely housewives

actually does bring
in a lot of money.

Thanks, Barton.

I'll think about it.

Just don't tell Charlie.

I wouldn't tell him.

(water flowing)

(dramatic music)


[Father] Charlie.


(dramatic music)



Go away.

[Father] Time
for a fix Charlie.


(heavy breathing)

You're messing it
all up again son.

Barton, Barton,
Barty, come out man.

Open the door, open
the door please.

Open the fucking door you fuck.

[Father] Get your
fucking arse over here

you fucking little shit.

[Barton] Do your own cooking.

[Megan] How real will
it be once I have it?

It will be your
complete memory.

All of it will be
real and intact.

How can it?

You're filling in gaps of
my memory with odd bits.

Think of it like
skin grafting.

We simply take a healthy
substitute and mold

it to suit the missing memory.

What, how can you
mold my adult memories

into my childhood ones?

How can it fit?

That's why we
sometimes use dreams.


We use fragments of dreams

to substitute childhood
missing memories.

I don't dream about
my childhood Dr. Pierce.

I never had.

After the addiction
you may never have,

but before you
certainly would have.

The mind is a
complex place Megan.

It has dark alleys
and many locked doors.

That's where we come in.

We simply find the
doors and unlock them.

I like to think the mind
is never truly damaged.

It's a hard fix, but
never truly damaged.

Hard fix.

That's why it's so
expensive, right?

Memory reconstruction is
a very delicate procedure

and yes, it's one of our
most costly packages.

I really need this Dr. Pierce.

I brought it on myself.

I've even started praying.

But I don't think God is stupid.

He gave me something
and I took to away.

We all make mistakes Megan.

It took a lot of courage for you

to come out as a
zootropic addict.

If God didn't want you
to have your memory back,

a place like Infinity
wouldn't exist.

We're here to help.

Do you have a payment plan.

Before we discuss
that, we need to talk

about the risks.

Okay, well, what are they?

If the synopsis for
your childhood memory

reject substitutes,
a backlash may occur,

creating a complete wipe out
of your long-term memory.


You have to think
of it like a computer,

crashing, losing
all the bits memory.

I'm not a bloody PC, though.

It's a very small
percentage of that happening.

But it is something you
need to think about.

There is one dream that I have

and I'm wearing
this wedding dress

and I'm holding this child and

it won't stop crying.

It doesn't make sense.

Dreams are amalgamations

of various
psychological processes

and it could be your
mother holding you

or something as
simple as you playing

with a doll as a child.


It wasn't a doll.

And I couldn't get
it to stop crying.

Sunny skies with isolated
acid showers in the north.

Zootropics go from pill
format to baby formula.

City official rapes
dog, tweets selfie.


Looks like mama's gonna
have to clean up again.

Oh, my God.

Aw, squishy.

(phone buzzing)

Hello, Charlie speaking.

[Dr. Pierce] Charlie, this
is Dr. Pierce from Infinity.

We've got your lab results back.

Splendid, jolly good.

[Dr. Pierce] Yes,
well, they're all clear

so you're good to go.

Can you come in today?


[Dr. Pierce] Yes,
today, in an hour?

Wow, yeah.

I'll be there.

Looking forward
to it, God bless.

I feel like shit.

Well, you shit
yourself if that helps.

What's going on?


I need lots of soap.

(funky technological music)

In anticipation of your suicide,

please make sure tray tables

are in their full
upright position.

What are you doing?

Getting you ready for school.



Because of your severe
memory corruption,

we've had very
little to work with,

so you'll probably
experience fluctuations

which take the form of
inconsistencies, hallucinations.



We're in complete control.

We can pull the
plug at any time.

Screw this.

What the fuck is this.

They're cautionary restraints

so you don't hurt
yourself in the loop.

Get me the fuck out of this.

[Dr. Pierce] Relax.

Get me out.

Pierce, you fuck, get me
the fuck out of this chair.

What the hell is that?

Something to calm you down.

You're fucking sick.

Don't, don't.

Please, please.

I can't go back, I
can't go back, please.

He's there.

He's there.

Charlie relax.

It's only a memory,
it's not real,

no one can hurt you.

You don't fucking understand.

Pierce you fuck.

(dramatic music)

(computer keys beeping)

(dramatic music)

What the?

(computer beeping)

[Father] Charlie.

(Charlie screaming)

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

(Charlie screaming)

(heart monitor beeping)

I can't see.

Frickin' sun in my eye.

Calm down.


I was on the beach just now.

What Breaker's Beach?

You're just tripping.

How many did you take?

What's that smell?

How many.

Jesus, you can't even keep
track of what you steal.

Put that down.

How many?

Charlie, how many.

How many what?

Zoots for crying out loud,

how many pills did you shoot up?

You need to talk right?


That's why you're here.

Well, I've been meaning
for talk to you for a while.

You can't break up with me.


Not right now,
something's not right.

What the bloody
hell do you mean

I can't break up
with you right now.

[Charlie] Please,
I need you to listen.

Oh, what now you want to talk.

Ah, shut up Megan, just.



I was at the beach
Megan, the bloody beach.

I have seriously
had it with you.

Wait, wait.

No, I'm late for work.




You dream about that beach

all the time for a reason.

Sort it out Charlie.

And what if I don't go?

Well, then I'll cut
off all your benefits.

[Father] It's
all rewind Charlie.


You can't do that.

I can do whatever I want.

(technological music)

I need to talk.

The meat's gone bad.

Suffocation of current.

Unification or conformity.

I'm having some
messed up deja vus, man.

Is this about
your father again?

You still seeing him?


That's the zoots talking.

The fridge, the
welfare advisor,

what he said about Infinity.

Holy shit.

Are you getting a memory loop.

I knew that, I knew you
was gonna say all of that.

[Father] Charlie.

Where the hell
did that come from?

What's that Chuck?

The bear, the frickin' bear.

You've always had
that thing, man.

You're doing this loop.

Is this some
kind of sick joke.

Where did you get this from?

You've always had it with you.

You're messing with me Barton.

This bear can't be
here, it's a fake.

A fake?

So it's a fake bear.

Don't play with me
Barton, I'm warning you.

You've always had
that thing, man.

It's your only memory
from your childhood.

No, he took it.

You're getting worse Chuck.

You need to do this,
this needs to stop.

Megan's scared.

I don't think Megan wants
to be with you anymore man.

You seriously need to get clean.

You think I'm fuckin'
stupid Bart, huh?

Get a fucking fake
bear and fuck with me.

Christ, listen to yourself.

It's a fuckin' teddy bear.

I don't need you
to get in here.

Well, guess what,
there's not much in there

to get into.


Chill the fuck out.


[Barton] I've had it.

I've been patient.

I've been saintly
and all you ever are

is a spoiled fucking brat.

I didn't want to do this bro,

but you leave me no choice.

What is that?

What is that?

Inhibitor when
you're zoot crazy.

Resist the passive
aggression of conformity

and indulge in violence
and oppression.

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

All sons ride down
dark alleys Chuck.

You're lost.

Looking for a god.

To fear, to worship, to
become like those we worship.

(Charlie screaming)

You worship an absent
father you become lost.

Just like him.

(dramatic music)

(baby crying)

[Charlie] Megan.

He wouldn't stop crying.

He lost his toy.

I have tried everything.

Maybe you can try.

[Dr. Pierce] Charlie, it's
Dr. Pierce, can you hear me?

(drums thumping)


What are the results?

Charlie, do you
use zootropics?


So why is there a
zootropic inhibitor

in your system?

My friend was messing around.

You do realize
the implications

of using zootropics, right?

Don't tell them, please.

I have no choice.

Please don't, they'll
cut off my benefits.

You should be more interested

in what the police have to say.

You think I enjoy
signing on, huh?

Why don't you fucking try it,

living like a piece of shit
that everyone laughs at.


What the hell?

Hey, space boy,
how was Infinity?


How was it?

[Megan] Charlie?

I'm gonna fucking kill you.


I'm fucked because
of you, Barton,

I'm totally fucked.



What happened?

Jesus Charlie, you
look like shit.

You went to Infinity?

Did welfare send you?

What happened?

The drug test on me.

They know I'm zooting.

Fucking Barton spiked
me with an inhibitor.

They traced it.


I'm done for Megan.

They're call welfare,
the police, I'm done for.


Everything's gonna
be okay, all right.

Megan, I think I'm in a loop.


My deja vus, they're bad,

but they're not the zoots type.

You're just tripping Charlie.

No, no, this is different.

Listen to me.

No, you listen.

Why can't you ever trust me.

Hey, I do trust you, okay?

I did.


You've changed Charlie.

You've got to stop running
away from your past.

You keep trying to make
things right with me,

but it's not about us.

It's about you.

And there's only one person

you've got to let go of.


Your dad is dead Charlie.

For Christ's sake Megan.

Why do you bring
this up all the time.

Why can't you just drop it.

Because I love you.

You fuckin' asshole.

You love me?

I lost my work trial today.

You were right.

They just used me.

Go on, laugh.

It's not funny.

You always thought it was.

I was hoping
you'd prove me wrong

because I need you to be right.

I always need you to be right.

Get some sleep Charlie.

You really need it.


Just try.

I'll sort things out.


Dr. Pierce.

[Dr. Pierce] Yes.

You saw a friend of
mine yesterday, Charlie.

Ah, yes.

I'm not here to
defend him or anything.

He can be an idiot
most of the time.

He was difficult.

Did you call
welfare or the police?

I thought you weren't
here to defend him.

Look, I'm an
ex-zoo-head myself.

I met him back when I was on it.

Under all that bullshit
doctor, he's a good guy.


I know you have to do
what you have to do,

but this, it will ruin his life.

I appreciate the concern
you have for your friend.

Thanks for stopping by.

That's it.

I've got work to do.

Have you ever signed on?

Excuse me?

Have you ever signed on
to unemployment benefits?

Are you gonna have
a go at me too, now?

No, I'm just asking
a simple question.

No, I haven't.

So you won't be
aware the welfare

holds you by the neck
every single day,

that you're seen as a
scrounger by everyone.

You can't even look at
yourself in the mirror

because you're afraid
to see what they see.

Is that what you see?

I didn't call the welfare
office of the police.

I realized that it
would have caused

him a lot more trouble.

What's your name?


I had a son Charlie's age.

He died from zootropics.

I still think he he
got his hands on them

and if I could change things,

my advice to you is
get your friend sober

as quickly as possible.

Is that why you
work at Infinity?

Hoping to change the past?

The past can't be changedú.

The perception of
it can, though.

But you don't need
Infinity for that.

I've heard that Infinity
can create memories, right?

So why not create happy ones?

Because God doesn't
create perfect lives Megan.

It's suffering that
develops perseverance,

then character,
and finally hope.

Hope to persevere through
suffering full circle.

Full circle.

I have some bad news
about Charlie, though.


Although I didn't
tell the welfare office,

I can't do the looping if he's
a severe zootropic addict,

it's just too risky.

If he doesn't do the loop,

welfare will ask and
they'll find out anyway.

I'm afraid so.

How much?


How much would it
cost to do it anyway?

That's out of the
question, please leave.

How much?


How much?

You may not be able to
change your son's past,

but you can change Charlie's.



What the hell happened Barton?

Must have been hungry.

Come on.

Come on.

[Barton] Yeah, wouldn't
do that if I were you.

For fuck's sake Barton, how
long has he been like this?

Beats me.

I tried moving him but
he just keeps puking.

What the hell happened?

He could have food poisoning.

Why didn't you do anything?


Come on, he has to get dressed.

Why, does he have a date?

He needs to go to Infinity.


Are you gonna help me or not.


You gotta cut him
off Megs, look at him.

He's dead weight.

You need to do it,
you know you do.

The sooner the better.

A blackhead on your dick grows

into a full grown zit
if you don't squeeze

it out in time and that is pain.

Crucifixion pain.

Yeah, well I don't
have a dick you moron.


Please Megan, Please
Megan, don't make me go.

It's okay Charlie,
I spoke to them.

No, this isn't right, please.

Just hold still.

(dramatic music)

Get me the fuck out of this.

[Megan] This is
the only way Charlie.

Get me out!

If you don't do this,
welfare will ask questions.

If they do it, I'll die.

Calm down Charlie.

Don't fucking tell
me to calm down.

I've been trying to
tell you something,

something's not right, I've
been trying to tell you.

That's because you're
zooted up Charlie.


What the hell is that?

Something to calm down.

Listen, if you fucking
touch me, I swear to God

I'll fucking kill you.

No, no, please,
please, please, no, no.

I can't go back, I can't
go back, I can't go back.


Please out of everyone
you have to believe me,

He's there Megan, he's
there, he's gonna get me.

Your dad's dead Charlie.

Calm down Charlie,
it's only a memory.

It's not real, no
one can hurt you.

He's there on
the beach, please.

I fucking trusted you, please.

I fucking trusted
you, I trusted you.

What the hell?

[Father] Need a fix sweetie?

Well done, sweetie,
he's gonna die again.



Charlie, wake up.

Charlie, can you hear me.

Charlie wake up!


[Father] Very, very real.

[Dr. Pierce] Charlie,
we're going to pull you out.


How many did you take?

You were there.

You were in my head.

Why are you shaking?

You look like
you've been zooting.

Shut up.

Meg listen to me,
I'm in the loop.

In the loop and I know you know,

I know you know.




(dramatic music)

Why am I in a loop?

You sent me to Infinity,

this has already happened.

They put me in a
loop, I can't get out.


How do I get out.

Wow, you're even more
crazy than I thought.

Listen to me you prick.

This is a loop.

I don't what game you
and Infinity are playing,

but if you don't get me
help, I swear to God.

You little shit.

How did you get in my head?

Answer me, what are
you and Infinity doing?

It's all over for
you now Charlie mate.

We've been waiting a long,
long time for you to crack.

(evil laughing)

(door slamming)

The meat's gone bad.

Wait, wait, wait.


Wait, wait, I'm in
a loop, I'm in a loop.


In a loop.

Oh, shit.

Go get a wet cloth, go.

He's there, he's there.

Barton, Barton.

You been feeding her?

What the fuck?

Look at her, she's zooting.

Your dad.

[Charlie] What?

Your dad, he's there.

He's here.

You saw my dad.

Megan, you been zooting?

Shut up Barton.

Fine, you explain to me why

she's all zooted out then.

I'm in his head.

Your memories, I seen them.

Breaker's Beach, the
sand castle, the bear.

I see it.

(dramatic music)

That shouldn't be there,
that shouldn't be there.

What the fuck is going on?

It's Infinity.

They did something to me,

now they're doing
something to her.


You've both been to Infinity?

Not this time around.

Not yet.

Right Megan?

We need to get into Infinity,

you need to see what's
going on in my head.

Barton, I need your help.

She needs your help.

You can get us in,
you intern there.

(dramatic music)

Good thing I'm always
here to bail you out.

Come on.

(computer keys clicking)

Get your ass in there.

What are you doing?




Something must be wrong.

Oh, fuck.

How the fuck
are you in a loop?

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

You have to do
something to get him

out of this Barton.

Why me?

What, you want me to beg?

'Cause you're the one
who knows Infinity's stuff.

I was just a used
and abused intern.

Screw that, you know
this shit inside out.

Well, wouldn't
hurt if you begged.


All right, all right.


Good news is that you
won't actually die.

Your real body's at
some future point

outside of this memory.

I'm guessing lying
there knocked out,

hooked up like this,
you die in a loop,

it just restarts.

What's the bad news.

There's no way out of it.


All control is
at the future point

outside of this loop,

so only they can pull the plug.


That's why I've been
hearing Pierce's voice.


I think Pierce, the
doctor who did this,

had been trying to
reach out to me.

A future Pierce.

Yeah, that or
you're hearing things.

You're still a
Zoo-Head, remember.

But why am I
reliving his memories?

Am in in a loop?

Doubt it.

Could be something
else entirely.

A shared dream, telepathy,
heightened kundalini,

evolutionary step in
Christ's consciousness.

Or zoots.

I'm not zooting you asshole.

We need to figure out a
way to get me out of this.

I'm the reason she's like this.

There is one way.


Loophole theory.

Every time a loop ends,
there's a small intermission,

a breaker, before the
next round loop starts.

We call this a loophole.


Okay, try to stay with me.

If genius here can
catch his loophole,

he can use it to jump out,

but that's like
getting a hole in one.

Like an after death experience,

like fucking seeing
heaven and shit,

which is actually just a
rush of oxygen to your brain

causing you to get high
and see Hindu cows.

Okay, what happens
if I don't catch it?

I'm not really
sure, thus a theory.

The next round of
loop could be altered.

A lot based on how
fucked up your memory is.

Or your real future
self could die.


Yeah, tragic right.

This means I have
to wait for this run

of the loop to end and it
always ends with me dying.


We wait.



[Charlie] We'll do it.

The loop, are you kidding me?

Well, I'm gonna
need some of this.


[Father] Charlie.

[Dr. Pierce] Charlie,
Charlie, can you hear me?


There's something
I need to tell you.

What is it?

I was saving my
welfare benefits

to get a memory reconstruction
done at Infinity.


Zoot's messed me up, Charlie.ú

They messed me up real bad.

No memories.


What if I've already
been to Infinity.

What if they really
messed up and

gave me your memories?

I don't know.

It's possible.

Or, you could have had
memory reconstruction

in one of Chuck's previous loops

and you're just feeling
the effects now,

like ripples in water,
or parallel realities.

Each one of Chuck's loops
is a parallel reality.

That's pretty fucked up
if you think about it.

But hey, not just what I think.

This could all be
a Greek tragedy.

Curtain up in two.

Charlie, are you sure
you want to do this?

I'm sorry Megan.

For everything I messed up.

Charlie, you went to Infinity.

You wanted to get better.

No, I didn't.

I just wanted to bury
it all, forget it all.

Your memories,
they're everything.

What if they
weren't mine Megan?

I mean who knows
what Infinity can do?

Relax, it's okay.

You know, maybe we are.

I couldn't get you
out my mind anyway.

I like having you in mine.

(Barton clearing throat)

[Barton] Stewardess,
what's the inflight

movie this evening?

[Megan] Shut up.

[Barton] Chuck, this
may sting a little.

Hold on to your nuts.

Any last words?

(water flowing)


Charlie, we're trying
to get you out of here.

(baby crying)

[Father] Your mother
didn't want you.

She's not my mother.

(Charlie screaming)

He's rejecting the loop.

Come on, do something.

Shut up.

[Megan] Charlie, don't
be afraid, Charlie.

(Charlie screaming)






Megan, wake up.




I have no idea what's
happening, but I'll fix it.

For once in my life I'll fix it.

Give them to me Charlie.

(Megan screaming)

Give them to me.


Can I help you?


What the hell are
you doing here?

I work here.

Who are you?

Who am I, what
the fuck is this?

Do you have an appointment.

Barton, stop.

Please don't make a
scene and just leave.

Have you seen Megan,

have you seen what
she's been up to?

She's zooting Barton,
she's zooting.

If you don't pack up
your stuff and leave,

I am gonna call the police.


You have no idea
who I am, do you?


Oh, God.

Parallel reality,
all this has to be.

Okay, I'm calling the police.

No, no, we live together.

You pay my rent.

You tell me about the
father all the time,

about my memory at
Breaker's Beach.

Breaker's Beach.


Which memory?

Of my father.

He used to beat
the shit out of me.

The sandcastle, the teddy bear.

How the hell do you know that.

It's my own memory.

No, it is not.

Of course it is.

No, it's not,
that's my memory.

I've never told
anybody about what

my father did to me.


Here, she's over here.





Megan, Megan.

Oh, she's cut
herself really bad.

Move, move, move.

She needs to get to
the hospital now.

You shouldn't have
taken my zoots Charlie.

It's gonna be okay.

[Megan] It doesn't
matter Charlie.

Don't say that.

It doesn't.

I was my dad's punching bag.

Had it coming.


Breaker's Beach.

That's my memory Megan.

Who's been zooting now.

This can't be happening.

Where'd you get this?

The dress, tell me, tell me.

Your mom gave it to me.

I never knew my mother.

Yes, you did.



Charlies, she's.



[Father] You
fucking little shit.

Look at me, look at me.

I'll fucking kill you.

(Charlie screaming)

I'll fucking kill you.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'm not afraid of you.

[Father] Be careful
what you see, son.

[Dr. Pierce]
Charlie, it's okay.

You can come out now.

Am I dead.

[Dr. Pierce] No, far from it.

How do you feel?


Like I've never zooted.

It worked.

Drug rehabilitation is a
form of redemption Charlie.

You're trying to tell me this

was all part of the program.


But you kept trying
to reach out to me.

Like something wasn't right.

A guide to reassure
you, to keep you going.

No, no, Megan died.

Barton worked at Infinity,

they had my memory like
something wasn't right.

We had such a hard
time with your loop

because of your
memory corruption.

We had to create a
part of your memory.



Don't listen to him.

Chuck, it's me your pal.

Don't listen to him.

Infinity are trying
to fuck us over.

They all are,
welfare, everybody.

Sorry Charlie, we had to
create a part of your memory.

Otherwise your looping
would have crashed.

Barton, Megan.

Don't listen to him.

Don't exist?

Never did?

I have no idea what's
real or not anymore.

Your dreams are real.

The child abuse you
suppressed is real.

You needed to confront that.

Chuck, you know what's real.

You're real, Megan's real.

I'm fucking real.

Barton and Megan
were just parts

of your psyche battling
to keep you grounded.

Shut up.

So what happens
when I wake up?

You completed the program.

It's time to pull you out.




Do I know you?

I'm Charlie.


It's beautiful here, right?


Are you from around here?

Have you been to the
restaurant up there?

The restaurant?


I own the little
restaurant up by the beach.

You do, wow.

Yeah, living the dream.

You should pop by for a drink.


I found this.

Must have been some
kid who left it here.

You know what, you can have it.

See you later.


(funky technological music)