Zombie Army (1991) - full transcript

When the Army takes over a former asylum, they discover that some inmates are still living in solitary confinement there, and become murderous zombies.

[low feedback]


* [ominous music]


[youthful chattering]

Good morning class.

Good morning doctor.

Okay, let's begin.

In any serious
study of fixation,

psychiatrists must find a way to
understand the puzzle of the
idiot savant.

Doctor Miller and I
theorize that the idiot savant

develops as a result of
fixation and regression.

In other words, as a patient
fixes on one interest

all other thoughts are shoved
out of the patient's mind.

Sort of like studying for finals

or thinking of sex.

[students laughing]

Many famous and infamous
men and women of history

showed these patterns
of fixation and regression.

In the asylum these patterns
indicate the idiot savant

But on the street, these people
are just plain weird.


In our case history for today

is a perfect example
of a fixation

that has not responded to drugs

or electroconvulsive therapy.

Jim is a 21 year old white male.

Jim murdered his younger sister
when he was 13.

At first they thought her
death was an accident...

but Jim's violent
outbursts continued

until he was finally
committed at the age of 14.

Jim quickly settled down...

and appeared to
become quite normal.

He started talking and became
Dr. Miller's most outstanding
success story.

There however was a problem.

Jim was like a chameleon.

He absorbed the calm patient
manner of Dr. Miller.

Fixated with psychiatry, he was
released at the age of 16.

They thought he was
a nice teenager.

He raped, murdered and
mutilated his mother.

He raped murdered mutilated
his first girlfriend.

With nothing more
than kitchen utensils

and his father's hand tools,

Jim performed three
perfect lobotomies.

Jim had observed
the operation once

in this very asylum.

Jim is still here and
he's still quite insane.

Although Jim is stark raving
mad, he's able to adjust

the electric shock machine
for his own treatment.

He has learned to control his
most violent of rages...

and he directs his violent
behavior toward toys.

Jim and Dr. Miller
have co-authored papers

for scientific journals
on the promise of

focused microwaves
and ultrasound

in the treatment of the
tragic horror

of the fixated behavior.

For Dr. Miller and
I both believe

that Freud's fixation and
regression cycle

is the primary cause
of most insanity.

Thank you very much class.


Dr. Miller:
Thank you Jim. You can go now.


I don't want to go!

You can't make me go!

No! No! No!



Take him to
the electric shock room.

I'll be there when he wakes up.

[pained crying]



My dolly's broken.

I can fix it.

Orderly, something's burning.
Come with me.



Nurse Krieger! In here.

Sick motherfucker! What are you
doing? Taking her temperature?

Take these two to rehab!


[anguished screams]
My dolly! My dolly!

You can stay down there
until you calm down.

They sure got you that time.

Screw you.

My dolly.

This way my dolly.

--I won't let them hurt you.
--My dolly.

Doc Miller.

Boys, I need your help.

The words just come down
from the administration.

They're going to be closing
this place down.

We have to move
all the patients

to the new facilities in the
mountains. Come on.



Just like I said sir, an ideal
place to put your brigade.

Why you could put a battalion
in each one of these buildings.

And look at the
training area sir.

Not bad Major.

Its nice to see there are some
things you can't screw up.

What's the condition
of the buildings like?

Pretty good sir.
They were mothballed

when they turn the
nuts out onto the street.

- Major: Let's go inside.
- Yes sir. I only have the key
to this one building

but we can get all over the site
through the underground tunnels.


No sir, that's just steam
in the heating lines.

Take a right sir.

Well yes sir,
it is a handyman special

but I think we
can fix it up okay.

Boy this damn place
is built like a maze.

It was built that way so nuts
couldn't find their way out.

Are you hungry?

How can you tell a baby's crazy?

[voice recorder in bear]
How can you tell a baby's crazy?

Kill mommy! Kill mommy!

[voice recorder in bear]
Kill mommy! Kill mommy!

The saw is family

Let's go.

Get outta here.

Look at this.

An inflatable party dinosaur.
This is really sick.

May the force be with you!


This is unreal.

I wonder why they
shut this place down.

Someone figured it was cheaper
having psychos sleeping outside

on city heating grates
then it was in nice warm

I think I read about
that somewhere.

Actually there was a federal
investigation on patient abuse

No wonder this place
is so damn spooky.

Let's not talk about that shit.

We don't want to
freak out the troops.

I wonder who rented
this pad anyway.

Looks like Charlie Manson to me.

Hey, listen to this.

"I want a warm fuzzy
to have and hold

I want a warm fuzzy
to keep me warm

I want a warm fuzzy of my own."

A warm fuzzy?

This is some sick shit.

Check this one out.

Man this place gives
me the creeps.

The general wants to get
the Hell out of here.

On our way sir.

--Let's get out of here.

Major, how soon can we
have this site?

It's yours as soon as I get
the word sir.

Captain, how soon can
we occupy it?

I can have an advance detachment
here in the morning sir.

Let's do it.

"Let's do it."
Gary Gilmore's last words.

Was he that Calvary
guy they sing about?

No asshole,
that was Gary Owens.

Gary Gilmore said, "Let's do
it," before they fried him in

Let's go.

[marching cadence]

[call cadence]

Alright men. Take ten,
expect five. Get to.

Smoke'm if you got'em.
I'mma go get the L-T.

He's such a tight ass.

That's pretty good stuff man.

Real good real good.
Yeah, you got anymore?

No man that's it. Ain't gonna
find no more out in Timbuktu.

Look around though.
There's a lot of ground here.

There's gotta be somewhere
we can hide a few plants.

Man they'd put you in
Leavenworth for that.

Heh, or the asshole
of the Earth.

Take a look around my friend,
that's where we are.

Fort Asshole of the Earth.

Man this place is worse
than Jersey.

Hey, I wonder what they used to
use this place for anyway.

Used to be some kind of
fucking nuthouse or something.

Keep people like
Freddy and Jason.

I bet they pumped a lot of good
drugs into those crazy people.

I bet you're right.

I wonder where they kept'em.

I wonder if they got any left.

--Let's go find out.
--You got it my man.

Hey man check it out.
This doors open.

Prop the shit open.
I don't wanna get stuck in here.

This place is spooky.

No kidding my man.

Gimme your light man.
Gimme your flashlight.

There we go.

Hey, gotta keep
plugged in man.

Check it out.
I'm a fucking general now.

Let's find drugs though man


Come to papa.


Come to papa.

--Let's check in here man.


Here's some vitamins.

Hey man let's check this thing.
The fallout shelter
let's open it up.

Right there, a crowbar.

Oh man, it stinks in there!


Will you look at this shit?
It looks like some kind
of aborted fetus.

[gasping for air]

That ain't no abortion. That's
a fucking dead rat man.

Oh man it stinks in here.

We got drug bottles.

Shit, they're all empties man,
these are no good.

Ugh, I gotta get out of here
before I puke again.

Let's get outta here before
sergeant misses us.



Smell! Smell!

What smell?

Fresh air!

The door is open!

The door is open!
--My dolly!

--My dolly!
--The door is open!
--My dolly!

Fresh air!

[grunting & growling]


One, two, three, four!

[military cadence]


Who fired that
shot goddammit!

Hey man. The Hell you
doing Bellman? Its only me.

Hey, check it out, its only me.

Hey look, we're in a fucking
graveyard man. This isn't cool.

Hey check it out,
so we are.

What do we got here?

Eileen. A girl's
buried here man.

1900 to 1918. She's 18 years
old. She's old enough for you.

Yeah, look at the date.
She's 89 years old.

Yeah but you like older women.
That's OK.

Come on man don't fuck
with the dead. This is serious.

Besides we're supposed to be on
patrol. OP-4 is gonna kick our

Man there ain't nobody out here.
No OP-4 either.

Just hanging out...

with a bunch of dead people.

Fucking night patrol
man this-- this sucks.

I know what you mean man.
Hey what you got to eat?

I got peaches,
that ain't no good.

Pork patty.
No good.

What's your main course?

Beef, diced with gravy.

Turkey diced with gravy.

Same shit, different juice.

What else you got?

Hey, hey.
I got us the crackers here.

I got cheese spread.

I'll trade you your little
sister for my cheese spread.

It's a meal.

I wonder who who else is buried
here. I'mma check this out.

You make the food.

Hey man, this is Eddie. Eddie's
an alright guy check him out.

Hey man don't fuck with this
shit, these people are dead.

That's not cool.

We're in a graveyard. Let's just
get the fuck out of here.

What, are they gonna
come after us?



Drinking your beer?

You wanna go home with me?

See, she likes me man.

You're gonna have to find
a whole lot more beer
for her to like you.

Bartender: I think these guys
are about to get a little too
rowdy for this place.

I want yous outta here.

Can we get six more to go?

One more six-pack and that's it.
You're outta here.

Sounds good to me.

Here's your six-pack.

Let's get outta here.

Don't ever come back.

Ok, we'll be back tomorrow.

Man! Perfectly good Saturday
night shot to Hell.

Yeah, they got a nuclear
power plant here

they got an insane asylum,
and they kick us out of a bar.

Sergeant Vespa, what an asshole.
"Take the night off."

What the Hell do you do in
a hick town like this anyway?

Alright man, what's on the
late show?

Some zombie movie.

Oh man. I don't wanna see
no stupid zombie movie.

If you don't want to watch some
stupid zombie movie,
what do you want to do?

Know what I'll do?
I'll tell you what I want to do.

I want to get stoned. That's
what. But, we ain't got no shit.

Ya know we've been
so busy training

we never did look for
the mother load of drugs.

Ya know you're right man. You've
got your flashlight with you?

Always prepared.

What are you? Some
kinda boy scout?

I was an Eagle Scout.

I was a Cub Scout until I got
caught eating brownies.

Hey, check it out.

Looks like your mama.

Yeah? Now she's on the floor.

Man, my beers getting warm.

Why don't you slam it then man?

[can crunching]
There ya go.

Man we need some stuff bad now.

He's all out.

Hey, check it out.

Have a seat.

You better watch out. Somebodies
going to beat you over the head
with that thing.

I'd like to see you try man.
I'll kick your fucking ass man.

Hey tell us what--
That's right.

'Cause I don't need
this anymore.

Check this room out.

What is this place?

I don't know. Looks like a place
they used to torture the

You spics are so full of shit
your eyes are brown.

They talked to the crazies here.

Hey man, where the fuck
did you go?

Aw man, there's some
crazy shit in here.

Where the hell are you man?

You in here?

No one's mad in here.

Bill where are ya man? Hello?
You in here?

What the--


[dull smashing]

Get the pillows ready.



No lobotomy.

Shock therapy.

Help me with his head.



Be careful.

Its not working!

Its not working!

Doesn't FIT!

I can fix it.

[electrical hum]

Something's wrong.

Too much!

Let's get out of here.

[humming grows]

[loud buzzing]


I'll move Bill.

Help me with him.


Once more.


[excited whining]

Don't touch him bimbo.
Don't touch him!

Screwed up Bill.

Blew his head...

Don't touch him.
It's starting.

[electronic clicking]

Not enough.

We need more.

Don't touch him!

[electric buzzing]

It's working.

It's working.

You're mine.

You're mine!

He's alive.

It works.

Need help?

Help him.

Stand up!


Come on. Up!

It worked. It worked!

I need more patients.

More patients!

More patients.

Does anyone know what
happened to Martinez and Bell?

No sir.

Does anyone care what
happened to Martinez and Bell?

No sir!

They're fuck ups sir,
good riddance.

They're also in you
squad sarge.

Send somebody to find out
where they are before I mark
them AWOL.

Platoon, attention!


Would anyone like to
volunteer for this one?

Shit sarge, last time I
volunteered for something they
sent my ass to this hole.

You're a volunteer.
Anyone else?

Sarge I'll volunteer.

You brown noser.

Meet me here at 11 hundred hours

Hey Martinez!


[door creaking loudly]
Woo, welcome to the
inner sanctum.

Don't scare me like that dude.

Hey, if you were gonna
tag-a-long, how come you didn't
volunteer for this

and let me and Smith out of
here. Where is Smith?

I don't know. He must've gone
back for chow.

Oh man its getting late.
I want to go home.


Yeah, you're right. Probably did
head back for chow.

It is 11 hundred man.

Yeah well look, its getting
late. We'll just quick check a
couple more rooms.

We'll get out of here, ok?
Let's just see what's going on.

I don't know man. A lot of
people been disappearing
outta this place.

Hey, they're just tryin'na leave
this hole. They're smarter
than we are.

No man, check it out. They left
their keys, their clothes,
their wallets.

If you were gonna bug out
wouldn't you take your shit?

Yeah, I guess I would.
I don't know.

There ya go.

[goofy muttering]

Hey, what do we got there?
What the Hell is that?

It's blood man.

Shit looks fresh.

Let's get the fuck out
of here man.

Relax relax. Somebody could be
hurt. It could be
Martinez or Bell.

Let's see what's going on here.

Looks like something got drug
around the corner here man.
Could be one of our stoners.

Let's check it out.

This ain't cool man.

Ahh, well come on.

What if there's more?

[door creaking open]

--Ohh man.
--God stop!

Goddamnnit, look at this!

He's all fucked up!




What the Hell's
wrong with him man?

He's all fucked up. He's on some
bad shit man.


Better get out of here!

[bone crunching]



Don't eat those!

He needs them!

Enough! Enough!

He needs therapy.

He needs therapy.

[strained grunting]

This is the right plug!

The machine.

His head.

[excited growling]

Therapy! Therapy!

Get back.

I have it marked.
The bigger the head...

the higher the voltage.

[electric buzzing]

Jump start!

A little more...

[intense breathing]

Yeah! Jump start!

[electric buzzing]
[mechanical thumping]



Yes! Live!


He's alive!

The other patient.

The other patient.
I will reset.


You want guts?

I want guts!



Grrr... rawrr.

Put'em in.

Where are the others?

They're getting more patients.

More patients.

Sir, I don't know
where they are.

When Smith and Quinn
didn't show up

Sergeant Sutton took the rest
of his squad looking for

When they didn't come back,
Sergeant Vespa took second
squad looking for them.

Damnnit, I can't go to
the Captain with this.

Get another man from
platoon headquarters.

We'll start searching the next
empty building, from the top
and work our way down.

Sir, what do you suppose
happened to them?

Hell if I know.

Get my driver and tell him
to bring that sword of his.

Yes sir.

[body shuddering]


He lives!




He lives!

[zombie growling]

More patients.

More patients!

Help me.

Another patient.


Fall in.

Awaiting orders sir.

Bring me more patients.

I'll send these
two men with you.



Martinez! Jackson!



Where the Hell are they?

Jackson! Martinez!

Where ya guys at?

Hey Bell!


Where the Hell y'all at?

Hey! Martinez!

The Hell you think it is?

Sure, all the time.


Yo Campbell!

Hey Bell!

Put that shit off.

Yes sir.



Hey guys?

I think we gotta--







Yo guys, wait for me!

Kill yoooou.


Ahh! What the Hell
are you doing?

Calm down! Calm down sir,
it's me!

Let's get the Hell outta
here man!

I talked to the Captain. He said
there's 20 men still missing!

Man those men are still here!

Somebody or something has
turned them into monsters!


What kinda monsters?
Zombies? Pfft.

Sir! Men in the hallway moving
in this direction.


Let us out! Let us go!

We can still get outta here!
Open the door!

[roaring] [moaning]

Let us out! Sir!






[zombies feeding]

These patients need therapy!

[growling in agreement]

Take them to the treatment room!

Look Carl I need solidiers.

Not your badass bimbos
or whatever you call them.

Lethal ladies captain.
It's an experiment.

You won't give them a chance
just because you've got a dick
and they don't.

Let me tell you captain, my
soldiers are every bit as good
as yours

and they can get a dick
any day of the week.

Now I'm sorry Coloniel but,
what makes you think your
soldiers are ready for action?

They were gonna drop us into
Panama to kick some ass.

Instead they assigned us to this
ammunition dump.

And you Lieutenant,
what's your problem?

Sir, my men sir.

Sir, there's intruders in the
compound. They killed Sergeant
Vespa and part of his platoon

Damnnit Lieutenant, pull
yourself together.

Sir, you have to believe me sir.

There's partly burned and
wounded soldiers in the

They're not human sir.

Alright lieutenant, how many
of your men are gone?

Including Sergeant Vespa sir,

Jesus the other units have
already moved to the training

They report 26 missing

and that's a total of 44.

Sir as God as my witness
I watched them rip apart
Sergeant Vespa.

Sir! They ate Worrington.

We're in some real bad shit. I
say we get the fuck outta here.

At ease goddamnnit.

Since the Lethal Ladies are
itching for action,

I'll have them move as the
point element in the tunnel.

Alert the other platoons

and have them search and
destroy each floor above.

We'll fan out through each
building and clear the site.

That's more like it.

I'll tell Major Wainwright you
got a problem here.

Red alert! This is not a drill.

Enemy within the compound.
Prepare for combat.

Move goddamnnit! Now!

* [surf rock guitar]

* [slide guitar]

* I've got my Lethal Ladies

* Now don'tcha stand at ease

* The compound is in danger from
attack of the zombieeees

* Run and get your rifles

* Run and get the gun

* Your 50 cal machine gun

* Yeah we're gonna have
some fuuuuun

* Zombies are a comin'

* Creeping in the night

* So come on Lethal Ladies

* You've got to lead me
to your fire fiiiiiight

* Stay now Lethal Ladies

* Won't you stay the night?

* Don't go there Lethal Ladies


I hear footsteps.

No Heartbeat.
No breathing.

There's no heat source.

No aura.

* Lethal Ladies are so sexy

* When they open fire

* So come on Lethal Ladies

* I'm just burning with desiiire

* Stay now Lethal Ladies

* Won't you stay the night?

* Stay now Lethal Ladies

* Won't you stay the night?

* Don't go there Lethal Ladies




You want to check this out.

Check this out, files.

Holy shit.

Here L-T, here's one with
your last name.

Funny funny.

I can't believe the shit
they got in here.

These are what kinda drugs
they gave'm.

Where you headed?

I'm stationed out at the old

You one of the guys that works
out there, aye?

Yeah, we've only been there
for a couple of weeks

I was out on a pass to deal
with a Dear John letter.

Did you work it out?

Nah, she's in love with
some college boy.

That's okay, lots of girls like
soldier boys.

I haven't met any
around here that do.

You have now.

My name is Sheila

My name's Kevin.

I knew some spooky stories
about that place

make your skin crawl.

Try me.

They used to torture
the patients.


They did. Killed an 11-year-old

Doctor gave him strychnine.

It took three days but,
it finally died.

That's rough, killing
a little kid.

Honest, that's what they did.

You ever been in the tunnels
under the asylum?

Naw they keep us pretty busy
out training in the woods.

I'll have to show you sometime.

Oh, now isn't it dark and
spooky down there?

Its okay, really. I've been
in there lots of times.

The power comes straight
from the nuke plant.

So most of the lights are on
all the time.

The lights are on?

All the time.

I'd love to see that.

I'd love to show you.

Well, uh, let's go.

Tour begins here.

I think I'm ready to see
these points of interest.

Time to see some more
points of interest.

*[hokey accordian muysic]

*[crunching guitars]

*Why won't you stand next to me?

*Pretending you're not
so a-lo-o-one.

*Don't you know that I can see

*You're jumping at your own

*I don't scratch and
I don't bite

*But you are acting like you
think I might

*You treat me like a monsterrrrr

*A monsteeeeeeeer

*What is it you see in me

*That makes you run away-ay-ay

*Is it my type of attitude

*Did I forget to shay-ay-ave

*I don't have fins, or fangs
or spots

*But you act like I haven't
had my shots

*You treat me like a monsterrrrr

*A monsteeeeeeeer

*[wicked guitar solo]

*You treat meee

*What's that in your pocket book

*A spray can full of may-aye-ace

*Don't you point that
thing at me

*i don't plan to

*I don't drool and I don't spit

*Well now that you mention it

[machine gun fire]

*You treat me like a monsterrrrr

*You treat me

*Like a monster


We have a real problem here.

I'm not sure what is happening
but we've already lost

at least a dozen men
to some kind of--

No sir!

No sir!

Yes sir!

General we can't get our shit
together without help.

Sir, you had better get your fat
ass down here to see what is

If these find a way out of the
asylum that won't be all,
there will be Hell to pay.

[dial tone]


Look sir, the second one from
the top says missing.

Look at this. There's two
files in here.


Idiot savant. Nicknamed doc.

My kinda guy. Guess he
liked to play doctor.

What's this one say?


Nymphomaniac. Man here's one
for you. You can read on her.

Listen, what the hell's that?

I don't know. Let me check.

Holy shit!

Quick! Get these back
to the general.



Get you womaaan!

Arrrggg! Arrggg!

Gaaah! Aaahhh!

Look soldier boy.

Here's one of your buddies.

Looks like he's been wounded.

How do you know I wouldn't just
want to keep you here as my pet?

How do you know I wouldn't just
want to just stay here and
be your pet?

Well, I could be one of
the left over crazies

still hiding out here.

Crazy? Maybe.
But, ugh...

for leftovers, you look
good enoughto eat.

You're so nasty.

Look, here's another one.

Why look in here.
They left a bed.

Into the room and off
with your pants soldier boy.

We're in there! We're in there!

You men okay?

Those monsters, they killed
the rest of my platoon.

Same thing happened upstairs.

Where's Captain Murphy?

They got his ass. I saw what
was left of him.

Shit. Who's the ranking
N-C-O here?

You're the Sarge.

Alright. Lieutenant Kent
is dead.

We found these in a file drawer
marked missing when the
asylum closed.

We can't hold out here
much longer.

I just say we get the fuck
out of here man.

These two inmates disappeaed
just before they closed this
place down.

It says here this Jim guy used
to burn toy soldiers.

I don't know. Maybe this Jim guy
is still here and he's
brainwashing them,

or God knows what.

I think the girls helping him.

We have to find a way to destroy
these zombies.

I got away by throwing some
drain cleaner on one.

This is some bad shit.
I say we bug out of here.

No! This ends here.
This ends now.

You can't kill something that's
already dead.

No shit. Do you have
any suggestions?

Sergeant, I say we burn the
place down.


Not only will it not confirm
that we killed them

we're gonna destroy the only
evidence we have that'll save
our asses.

Besides, how are we gonna
control a fire with this?

What kind of drain cleaner did
you use sergeant?

I don't know. Something strong.
Probably acid.

That's it. We can melt them to
Hell with battery acid!

Montgomery. Tucker. Come with
me to the motor pool.

We're gonna fill this up with
battery acid and use a
compressor to pump them up.

Give us 15 minutes.
Any questions?

No sir.
--No sir.

Let's go.

Hey, where's your battery acid?

Just wait a minute. Can't you
see I'm the only one here today?

Battery acid! Now!

It's over by the shed.

But be careful, that stuff will
melt the meat off your bones.

That's exactly
what we want!

[bed squeaking]

Let these fuckers have it!

[zombies screaming]

Look! That bastard's still
moving! Fry'em!

It worked! It melted a shitload
of them on the way over here.

Drop your weapons, pods and
vests, and let's go get'em.

Come on out you sons of bitches!

Oh my God, it's Kim!

Nail her.

Move out.


Die you motherfuckers!
Get some!

Do you hear something
in the hall?

Oh God! Oh I hear bells!


[rifle shots]

We got'em!

How do you know it was them?

Who the Hell else would be here?

It was them.

Let's get the Hell outta here.


Sir, this shit makes the My Lai
Massacre look like a salad bar.

Sir, Bravo Company first
battalion 66 infantry
await your orders.

Stand at ease.

Smoke'em if you care to.

We have a choice to make.

Number one...

we can tell the truth about
what happened here...

and we'll end up being locked
up in a place like this...

or two...

we can bury this incident.

We can't resurrect the dead...

but we could pretend
that it never happened.

We can write those soldiers
off in a training accident.

As a result of this action all
of you could be transferred

to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

There is a need

for lifeguards and
recreational instructors

for the Wakiki Army Recreation

What do you suggest we do?


Semper fi sir.

Well general, what do you think
of your new training area?

You know over that hill there's
a lake big enough to swim
your M tracks.

Well fine Major, we can put a
marine division in here but,

what kind of shape are
the buildings in?

Well not bad sir.

This whole facility was
mothballed in the early 80s.

Tthe army took it over in '89.

They weren't here very long.

The whole unit was relocated
to Hawaii.

General Lewis wouldn't let
anyone near this place until he

We got it from the Army
for a steal.