Zapatlela (1993) - full transcript

Inspector Mahesh Jadhav kills a wanted gangster only to be unaware that his spirit has possessed a doll lying in a box nearby. The doll happens to be a gift from Gauri to his brother Lakshhya to be sent to India from America. But no one has the idea that the doll gets possessed in the process. Now, the spirit of the dead gangster wants to come alive yet again in a human body. But the only human body which he could be re-born into happens to be that of Lakshya's. Hence, the doll is on the way to hunt down Lakshya. Will it succeed ?

'Bewitchment and death-control spell

these terms, these ideas,

are not new to our understanding
or our culture.'

'What if both these ideas,
now, at the outset of 21st century,

suddenly, turn into a reality?'

- Tell me, Tatya.

'Baba Chamatkar Mokshdham'
- Yeah!

Tatya! Tatya Vinchu! Tatya!

Tatya Vinchu! Baba! Baba! Baba!

He got scared.
- Yeah.

He got scared of me.

Everyone is scared of Tatya Vinchu.

Baba Chamatkar!

(Chants a spell)


Baba, Tatya Vinchu is here.



Baba! Baba Chamatkar, I am here.

I am here!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The king of the underworld.

The most dangerous, malicious
and wretched person.


You both are welcome to Baba's cave.

Please have a seat!

I don't have time to sit.


Today you were supposed
to teach me a spell.

A death- control spell.

You stupid fool!

How many times do I have to tell you
that you cannot learn it in a hurry?

For that you must sit here
in meditation.

For the past two months
you've made me sit in meditation.

I don't understand whether
you're teaching me or punishing me?

Shut up!

You ignorant fool!

You think learning a death-control
spell is as easy as robbing a bank?

Can't you be a little patient
in the process of becoming immortal?

Didn't you wait for 9
months to take birth

from your mother's womb, you devil!

I can't wait anymore.

The police are after me.

I have paid you 10 lakhs.

Don't try to cheat me.

Are you giving me
the death-control spell today

or you want me to kill you?

Alright! Alright!

Since you're holding
me at the gunpoint

I shall give you
the death-control spell today.

Come here! Rise!

(Chants a spell)

Come to me!

O magical death-control spell!
Come to me!

O magical death-control spell!
Come to me!

Come on!

The spell is ready now!

Repeat the spell after me!
Come on, get ready!

Why are you mimicking my actions?

Those actions are for me,
you just repeat the spell.

(Chants a spell)

(Chants a spell)

Very good!

It's me, look here.


I have taught you
the death-control spell today

and now you have become immortal.

But Tatya!

Learn the instructions carefully now.

Tell me.

When you realize that you
are meeting your death

just place your hand on
the chest of either a living

or a non-living person

and chant this spell thrice.

How many times?
- Thrice.

Very good!
You know what happens next?

Your soul will possess his body.

But Tatya,

remember that the spell works
only when your body is dying.

Keep that in mind
and most importantly,

if anyone deals you

a blow between your eyebrows

then this spell will fail to work.


May you become successful!

You have become immortal.

Kubdya! Kubdya!

I have become immortal.

I have become immortal.

- Yes, sir

Keep the force ready.
- Yes, sir.

We might soon receive a phone call.
- Move aside, please.

Sir, Tatya Vinchu...
- Police investigation is on.

Why is the police silent against Tatya
Vinchu? - The police is not silent.

We're trying our best. - That has
been your statement since 6 months.

Children are being murdered
and women are being raped.

When is this going to end?

Look, as of now I can only promise...
- We don't want promises.

We want actions.
- Yeah, we want actions.

Please calm down everyone.
- We want actions.

Tatya Vinchu's case is in good hands.

He is CID inspector, Mahesh Jadhav.

And we are sure that anytime
soon inspector Mahesh Jadhav

will raid Tatya Vinchu's lair.
Let's go

That's all.

Inspector Mahesh.

He's going to catch me, eh?

Even the lord of death
cannot take my life.

I know the death-control spell now.

(Chants the spell)

Tatya, what's the use of this spell
if you'll be in the jail?

Would you use it on the jail-rats?

(Chants the spell)


Don't make fun of
the death-control spell.

But Tatya, only you know
the death-control spell.

So what about us?

You're right.

Move our stuff

to our other hideaway.

(Chants the spell)

Move it quickly.

Nobody moves.

Tatya, hurry up.

Come, sit quickly.

Let's go.

Tatya, run!



I am dying.

The spell!

The spell!

Living or dead.

Life, my life.

(Chants the spell)


Police headquarters.

Inspector Mahesh Jadhav speaking.

Tatya Vinchu is finished.

I have arrested his aide.

And I have shot down Tatya Vinchu.

Tatya Vinchu is dead.

Tatya Vinchu is dead.

Everyone be seated.

Hello everyone, please.
Everyone be seated.

Auntie, sit there with
your kid and don't spoil him.

Everyone be seated! Yes, sit there.

Hey Rangya, sit down!
You think you're alone here.

So folks, as we all know,

Our very popular landlord,

Dhanajirao Dhanavte is
being felicitated today.


Do you know why this felicitation?

It's because he has been elected as a

secretary of our rural
development committee.

Give him a huge round of applause.

Our sarpanch will be bringing
Dhanajirao to the stage.

In the meantime,
for your entertainment,

our very favorite
Laxmikant Bolke along

with his Ardhavatrao
will take the stage.

Give him a big hand!
- Hello friends!


So folks! In this act, Laxmikant
Bolke will make his puppet talk.

The puppet does the lip sync

but Laxmikant Bolke becomes
his voice in disguise.

And that creates the illusion of
a talking puppet.

Damn! He just spoiled my whole act!
What are you giggling at?

What happened?
- You spilled all my secret.

You're so stupid. Go, sit there!

So folks, now Ardhavatrao will
present a comedy program for you.

So, Ardhavatrao!
- Yes.

Ardhavatrao, where are you looking?

I am looking for Avade.

The man with the cap,
please sit down.

Please sit down.

Hey, there's Avade.


Laksha! Laksha!
- Avade! Avade!

- Avade's old man looks furious.

Silly, don't call him an old man.

Call him constable Tukaram.
He's my future father-in-law.

Sit here.
- Yeah!

Father-in law, eh?

Look at Sakhya,
he's sitting next to Avade.

Are you trying to get close to her?
Get up! Get up!

Damn him! How dare he insult me!
- Avade, stop laughing.

Sarpanch is here.
- Oh really?

Where is he?
- There he is!

Please come.
- Welcome! Welcome!

Please sit!
- Welcome.

Greetings everyone.
- Greetings.

Please sit down.
- He will sit down, you shut up!

So folks, the sarpanch is here
with Dhanajirao, let's welcome him.

So, my fellow villagers
of Shrirangpur!


Shut up! Shut up!

Today's important program is
the felicitation of Dhanajirao.

Felicitation or humiliation?

What kind of nonsense is this?

It wasn't me,
it was Ardhavatrao speaking.

Don't pay attention to him. Hey big
mouth, don't pass your comments.

Okay, I won't.
- Yeah.

So folks our respected
Dhanajirao has been

elected to the rural
development committee.

By paying bribe!


- Yeah, I know.

Today he is 60 years old.

Old and slow on the uptake.
- Laksha.

Don't pay attention to him.

"Don't pay attention to him."
- Forgive him.

Today we're here to congratulate him

and we're short of
words to praise him.

Then criticize him.
- Ugh!

Don't pay attention to him.

"Don't pay attention to him."
- Please calm down.

You will not find a single person

in this village that is
as generous as him.

He's the biggest
miser in this village.

He built houses for the villagers.
- And charged twice the rent.

He built a school.
- But children failed.

He started a bank in our village.
- And everyone turned bankrupt.

Laksha! - Don't mind him!
He is crazy!

Just like you.

He has started so many businesses...

Business or trickery?

Having said that, even at this
age he's so fit and active.

But he's only had
a couple of heart attacks.


Is this supposed to be
my felicitation or humiliation?

Laksha, sit hut up and sit down.

We're already seated.

So folks,

on the behalf of this whole village

I will garland Dhanajirao.

Why is it taking so long?

It's because the garland is too big.
- Well, do it faster.

Faster! Faster!

Great cry and little wool.

Huh! - Look!
Dhanajirao looks so pretty in it.

- Don't pay attention to him.

You know what?

The garland is smaller than his head.

And his brains are even smaller.

you moron! I'll deal with you later.


Oh! Mom is preparing bhakris.
Come on, Ardhavatrao.

Let's have food.

Sit down, Ardhavatrao.
Be comfortable.

Mother, we didn't get
a single customer today.

I was literally killing flies.

We would make a lot of customers
if we owned a beer bar.

Ardhavatrao, let's have our food.

Someone doesn't seem to
be in a cooking mood.

Yeah, shut up and eat it.

I am eating it.
I don't have a problem. But

why is your temper
hotter than the food.

Hey mother!

That Dhanajirao is our landlord.

We haven't paid him 6 months of rent.

And you have
the nerve to ridicule him

in front of a few people.

Not just a few people,
it happened in a public meeting.

Isn't it, Ardhavatrao?


Listen to me Laksha.

Henceforth, if you misbehave,

I will commit suicide by jumping
in the well. I am warning you!

There's no water in the well.
- Yeah.

Shut up!

Not me! Not me!
- You moron, you deserve this!

It was Ardhavatrao!
- You blabber!

You and your puppet will
put me in trouble some day.

We will face it together.
- I will set the puppet on fire.

Let us all set ourselves on fire.
- Let me just do it.

Mother, don't hurt him.
- Leave me you moron!

The ringing bell is a sign
of a customer. I must go.

You may go now but later
I'll teach you a lesson.

The customer saved us otherwise she

would've turned us
into a ringing bell.

Oh! Coming! Coming!

Is there anyone in the shop?

For how long do I keep
ringing this bell?

I am here!
Now you don't need to ring the bell.

Come here and tell me what
do you want. Come here!

Ardhavatrao, sit comfortably.

Tell me what do you want?

Give me everything from this list.
- Alright.

She shouts too much.

1 kg of sugar.
- Yes.

Ghee-pack of 5 kgs.
- Yes.

You shouldn't eat so much of ghee.
You'll grow fatter.

- I mean,

we don't have a ghee-pack of 5 kgs.

A bottle of balm.

That must be for
your husband's headache.

- What?

One more mischief
and I will go to another shop.

I am warning you.

What will you get in the other shop?
- Everything.

Everything? Then don't go there.
- Yes.

But madam, he is doing all
the mischief, not me. - Is it?

- I know.

- The secret of his voice.

I was there during
the felicitation of Dhanajirao.

Yeah, you were sitting on the cot.

Boy, she knows everything.

Don't do any mischief.

Be a good boy.
What else do you want?

2 bars of soap.

She is going to take a bath today.
What a character he is! - Hey!

Give me that here. I say give
it to me. - No madam, please!

I don't want your products.
- Huh!

Give it to me, I say!
- I won't give it.

Please madam!
- Hey Kamle, what happened?

Ask your son.

He is using his puppet
to talk nonsense.

Is it?

Hey, you moron!
- I was just kidding.

You will lose all the customers. -

Yes. Give me the list.
- The list is here.

- It'll tear.

I will deliver
the items to your address.

You can pay me later
and forgive my son.

I forgive him for your sake.
Take this.

And tell your son to stop
his puppet acts. Otherwise

you will lose all your customers,
okay! - Okay!


Are you happy now?

"Happy? Are you happy now?"

I hate you! You moron!

What is your obsession
with these puppets?

It's not an obsession.

This is called ventriloquism.

Ventriloquism? - Yes! My dear mother,
my guru taught me this art.

- Yes.

Which guru?

Swami Ramdas Padhye.

Hail Mister Padhye!

- Yes.

Let me meet your guru
and I'll hit him with shoes.

Hey don't say that for my guru.

He's a big personality.

He does shows in America.

Even I'll go to America
once I become popular.

Look , Laksha!
Whether you go or don't

but first send
your puppet to America.

He is a big headache for me.
- Why send him to America?

I am already receiving
a puppet from America.

What do you mean?
- Your niece wrote me a letter.

Is it Gauri's letter?
- Yes.

Laxmikant I am sending
a puppet for you.

Now why is she adding more problems
to my life? - And she writes,

Tell my auntie to
prepare thaalipeeth.

I'll be coming to
India very soon. Yes!

Gauri is coming back?



You're coming to India tomorrow?

Good! Good! Good! By which flight?

Okay, so you will reach here by 7 pm.


Look, I will personally come
to the airport to receive you.

Is that fine? Okay, see you tomorrow.

Till then bon voyage.

What is it?

Tatya Vinchu's file, sir.

Why just the file?

Didn't I tell you to bring
Mahesh Jadhav along? - Yes, sir.

Where is Mahesh Jadhav?

Sir! Ghadge sir has called you.

Keep it. Keep the revolver.

Yes, sir.

Come on.
- Let's go.

May I come in, sir.
- Yes, come in.

Good morning, sir.

Oh, inspector Mahesh Jadhav.


Congratulations on ending
Tatya Vinchu's case.

Thank you very much, sir.
- Please sit down.

Thanks sir.

Department has recommended your name
for this year's President Award.


Thank you so much, sir.

I owe it to the department.

And to you too.

It was possible because
of your guidance.

I did nothing!

It was all your intelligence.

I have been giving guidance
for past so many years.

Tatya Vinchu and his aide

What is his name?

Kubdya Khavij, sir.

These names are so dangerous.

Tatya Vinchu, Kubdya Khavij,

Tatya Vinchu is dead.

What about Kubdya Khavij?

He's half dead, sir.

Did he say anything yet?

No sir.

But sir,

I will make him speak.


Good! Good!

Till then we can't close this file.


In true sense
this file has opened now.

Right, you are.

Excuse me.

ASP Ghadge.

Good morning, sir.



Yes, sir.


I will meet you tomorrow
in your office.

Evening 5pm?

Sure, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much, sir.

Sounds like a good news, sir.

I've got a promotion.

Superintendent of police.

Fantastic! Congratulations, sir.

Thank you.


I'll know tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have a 5pm
meeting with my superior.

I see.

My God!

What happened, sir?

Ah! Tomorrow I have
a meeting with my superior

but I was also supposed
to be at the airport.

At the airport?
- Yes.

My daughter Gauri.

She is returning from
America tomorrow.

Tomorrow 5 pm...

Sir, if you don't mind,

I can go and receive
her at the airport.

But how will you recognize her?

I will hold a name board.

'Miss Gauri Ghadge, please!'
- Good! Good!

But what about your duty?

At the moment,
I have only one duty, sir.


To make Kubdya Khavij speak.

Tell me! Where is Tatyta
Vinchu's other hideaway?

Where did he hide the stuff?

Who are his other partners? Tell me!

I won't tell you!

I won't tell you even
if you'd kill me.

Keep in mind, Tatya Vinchu
will make you pay for it.

Shut up! Idiot!

Yes, sir.
- Doesn't this idiot know

that Tatya Vinchu is dead?
- No!

Tatya Vinchu is not dead.
He is alive.

He knows a death-control spell.

No one can kill him.


Do you see your daddy here?
- No, I can't see him here.

Your daddy is great!

He promised you
that he will surely come.

I hope he didn't take
the wrong girl home.

Don't talk ridiculous.

I think my daddy has got
stuck with a problem.

Should I check again?

No, forget it.
Give me the key.

- Yes, the car key.

What do you mean?

Are you driving the car? But...
- Of course, why not! Get in, get in.

Come on, I can't wait to see my daddy.
- Drive slowly, don't drive fast.

Yes, I can drive, of course.
- This is Mumbai not America.

I told you to remind me at 5 pm.

Sorry, sir.

Goddamn it!

Stupid! Idiot!

Damn it! You!

Hey mister! Are you driving a car
or sailing a boat?

I can ask you the same question.

Don't you know that you should
drive slowly on the turn.

Woah! You're blaming
me for your mistake.

Madam, mind your tongue.

Wow, he's blaming us!
- Strange!

Oh, shut up!

Hey mister, show me your license.

If only I had more
time I would've shown

you something better than my license.

Do you know who I am?


But give me your phone number
so I can ask you later. Okay?

You come out of the car, first.

I will hand you over to the police.
- I don't think so!

I don't have the time to argue
with you. - I am... You! He's gone!

Stop him! Stop him!

We should've noted his number.

BLD 5165.
- No, it's DLP 6156.

No, it's DLP 6156.
- No!

Don't argue with me.
Forget it and sit in the car.

You should listen to me.





Yes, madam?
- Ramu, where's my daddy?

Gauri! Gauri!


Oh daddy! Daddy, my sweet daddy!
- Oh my sweet child! How are you?

I am fine daddy.

But I am too mad at you.
- Good!

Why didn't you come to
the airport to receive me?

Thank God,
Seema was there to receive me.

Good! Good!

What good!
I had to go through so much.

That means Mahesh didn't come.
- Now who is he?

CID inspector Mahesh Jadhav.

I sent him to
the airport to receive you.

Daddy, not even a constable had come.

And you know what happened?

We almost bumped into another car.

And he started arguing with me.

I have never seen such a rude
and a quarrelsome character.

Why didn't you note down
his number plate?

We did!
What was the number?

BLD 5165.
- No, it's DLP 6156.


DLT 5165.
- Wait a minute!

Let me receive the call.
- Okay. But I am telling

you I will teach him
a lesson once I meet him.

Hello. - This is
Mahesh speaking, sir.

Tell me Mahesh.

I went to the airport
but I couldn't find her,

Don't worry, Mahesh.

Gauri has reached home.

Safe and sound.

More sound than safe.

Did you get your posting, sir?

- Where?


- We'll miss you here, sir.

Anyway sir, congratulations.
- Thank you.

And wish you all the best, sir.
- Yeah.

Bye sir.
- Bye-bye.


What did you mention
about Shrirangpur?

I got transferred to
Shrirangpur on promotion.

Wow! Really?
- Yes.

Now I have become SP.

Congratulations daddy!
- Thank you.

Congratulations uncle!
- Thank you.

That reminds me I have to make an
important call. - Seema, do you know,

My aunt lives in Shrirangpur
and I have a cousin, Laksha.

He is a ventriloquist.
- How nice!

And yes,

Daddy, I had sent a puppet
for Laksha from America.

Did he write any letter to me?
- No, dear!



So did Laksha receive
the puppet or not?

Flies! Flies! Flies! Flies! I have
been killing flies since morning.

Not a single customer yet.

Our products are about to expire
Ardhavatrao. What to do? - Laksharao!

We've got a customer.

Welcome Shamrao! How are you?
- How is it going?

Great! It's been a busy day.

How much for the jaggery?
- 35 rupees.

35 rupees. And how much for
this Nirma powder? - 10 rupees.

10 rupees.
- Yes.

Alright, tell me do you have
change for 100 rupees? - Don't

Don't worry, I'll get if for you.
Just tell me what do you want?

I wanted a matchbox.

- Yes.

You bring 100 rupees
to buy a matchbox.

Here, take this! Go burn your face.

Thank you.
- God!

That was our first customer
and he took a matchbox for free.

Free? Hey! You need to pay
for the matchbox! Hey! Hey!

Damn it!

How will this shop make profits?

What can you say?

I am your voice.
You cannot speak without my help.

One dozen Nirma. Nirma, Nirma.
- Laksha. Laksha!

Was that Ardhavatrao speaking?

No way! How can he speak?
I must be hallucinating.

I am a fool.
"Freshen up with 501 soap"

- "Laksha."

Was that really Ardhavatrao's voice?

Hey Laksha, it's my voice.

It's you, Avade. I thought
Ardhavatrao is talking to me.

Laksha, can you show me
the secret of your Ardhavatrao?

Avade, not here.

Come in.

You want me to come in.
- Yes.

No way!
- Why?

You mother will get angry.
She doesn't like that I come here.

But my mother is not at home.

She has gone out to make wafers.
Come in.

If I show you in public then
my secrets will be spilled.

Yeah, right.
- Yeah!

Come, come. Sit down.

Now show me.
- What?

How you make your puppet speak?

But first you must promise me.


You have to meet me in
the mango grove in the evening.

I'll see.

Then we'll see how my puppet speaks.

I promise.

That won't do.
Give me your hand.

Listen, Avade.

He's looking.

Hey you!

What happened?
- He's winking at me.

- Huh!

I am leaving.
- Hey silly!

It's not him. I am making him wink.

How? - You see,
there are strings in here.

Look. I use my hands to control
the strings and because of that

he winks, opens his mouth,
moves his head.

- Yeah.

But how does he talk?
- Let me show you.

please show her how you talk.

What do you want me to say?
- Anything you want.

Avade, come close to me.
- What!

I want to tell you something
interesting. - Tell me.

Uh-Uh. I want to say it in your ears.

Go ahead, he's trustworthy.

Huh! What a flirt!

Ardhavatrao, this is not right.
She's is my girl.

But aren't I your partner?

So what?
You think that's acceptable?

Hey Avade, you're beautiful.

That's none of your business.
Don't look at her. - Laksha.

I have realized.
- What?

That you're doing all of this.

You realized it, haven't you?

The let's not waste time.

Hey, kids are not supposed to look
at this. Look away. Be a good boy!

Hey Laksha!

Avade, I am right next to you.
- Laksha! Why are you shouting?

Laksha. - Silly, it's not me.
Your mother has come.

So what if mother...
Mother! Mother!

You need to hide quickly.
- Where should I hide?

Take him! No, don't take him.

Quickly hide! Avade, hide!
- Where should I go?

Avade, hide quickly.

Hide, hide!
- I am hiding.

Good! Where are you hiding?

Behind you!
- Don't hide behind me.

What are you doing?
- How should I hide here?

There is no place. - Here.
No, not here. Get in here.

Get in the drum. It'll be fine.
- In the drum? No.

Quickly hide!
- Not here.

You have to, Avade!

I will transport you home
with this drum. - Ouch!

Quickly hide!


Hey Laksha.

Wheat 50 kg, Corn 50 kg, Jowar...
- What are you doing here?

Who will attend the customers?
- I am checking our stock.

We have 10 kgs of sugar left.

You can check the stock later.
First sit at the counter.

Okay. Yikes!
- Ow!

Uh, don't!

Don't keep the wafers
on the drum. - Why?

There's coal inside
so the wafers might get roasted. Eek!

Laksha, what was that sound?



Rodents. - I think there's
a rodent in the drum.

We have a rodent problem.
We must call for a pest-control.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Shut up!
- Shutting up!


Who sneezed?

I think, the rodent.

- How will the rodent sneeze?

I sneezed. Achoo!

Laksha! I heard the voice
coming from the drum.

Of course, you it came from the drum!

If I sneeze near the drum

then naturally the drum
will produce an echo. Achoo!


That was a loud echo. My cold
is getting worse. - Is that so?

I want to treat my cold,
so please suggest me a doctor.

I'll show you a doctor. Move aside.
- Alright.

Let me diagnose your cold.
- Okay, okay!

Let me have some wafers.


What's going on?

Hi Avade! What are you doing here?

Isn't it marvelous?
- Is this your rodent?

It's a giant one.
How did she manage to fit in?

Shut up! Stop your drama!
- Eat some wafers.

You creep! What are you doing here?
- Hey, mother!

Get out of here! - Please let her go.
Yeah, she'll leave.

Come out!
- You nasty girl!

Your father has fixed your marriage
with constable Sakhya, right?

He's cockeyed!
- Shut up!

How can you meet Laksha?
Don't you have any shame?

Don't you have any shame?
- Don't dare to come here again.

Don't dare!
- Get out!

Get out!

Meet me in the mango grove in
the evening. - In the mango grove.


Why are you meeting
her in the mango grove?

To pluck mangoes... to get
a medicine...

- Wafers!


Since the past 6 months you've
been telling me the same thing.

What are you talking about?

That you have fixed my wedding
with your daughter, Avade.

But you're not making it happen.

I will! I will!
- But when, Tukya?

You didn't hesitate to take
money from me, huh! - Hey!

Don't mention the money.

I will do it.
- You will do it!

This coming season I will fix
your wedding. - Very good!

Don't worry at all.
Give me some tobacco. - Ah!

- Take.

Here, chew your tobacco
but don't chew my hopes.

You don't trust me?

Tukya, come on, I trust you.
- You do, right?

But what about your daughter?

- Yes.

Avadi, will not act against my will.

Doesn't she go out,
against your will? - Huh!

What do you mean?

Avadi hangs out with Laksha.

- Look Sakhya!

I won't bear a word against
my daughter.

But... listen to me.
- What?

Avadi meets Laksha
every day in the evening.

That's a big lie.

God! You are...
- What happened?

Look! Avadi is going.

- Oops!

What is it, father?

Where are you headed to?
- I am going to visit the temple.

- Which temple?

That's none of your business,
you bull-head.



You can't call him that.
- Huh!

So should I call him a buffalo?

I'll whack you, if you misbehave.

Please don't.
- Okay fine then!


He is my future son-in law.

And your future husband.
- You think he's my future husband.

- Yes.

No way!
- Uh!

I'll better die than marry him.
- Uh!


Mainly because he is a constable.

So what? Even I am a constable.

Didn't your mother marry me?
- Yeah.

- What.

She regretted it.


- Yes.

Father, my mother told me
something before she died,

What did she say?

My daughter.
- Hmm.

Unmarried will do!


But never marry a constable.
- Oh!

And? - Did she tell you
to marry a shopkeeper?

That's none of your business,
you nosy fellow!

She called me a nosy fellow?

- Yes.

I'll be back after
visiting the temple.

Go dear! But come back soon.
- Hey!

You can't let her go! Stop her!


What do you mean why? She's going to
the mango grove not to the temple.

Mango grove?
- Yes!

Why there?
- To count the trees.



Hey Avade!

"Don't call my name
like a broken record."

"Say something!"

"I am feeling something"

"What are you feeling?"

"I am feeling something"

"Then why are you using the puppet
as a medium to talk?"

"Be a man and tell me
about your feelings"

"My heart is beating rapidly tell me
how much should I bear for you?"

"My heart is beating rapidly tell me
how much should I bear for you?"

"Let my puppet whisper
my feelings into your ears"

"Will you be my queen?"

"Go away!"

"Let's get married"

"Let's get married"

"Don't keep staring at me,
people will gossip about us"

"Don't keep staring at me,
people will gossip about us"

"Don't use the puppet as a medium

because I can understand
your feelings"

"Will you be my lady?"

"Go away!"

"Let's get married"

"Let's get married"

"We're too young
and it's just us in this jungle"

"Don't even think naughty
before getting married!"

"Your beauty is breathtaking
and I dream about it every day"

"Your beauty is breathtaking
and I dream about it every day"

"Let my puppet whisper
my feelings into your ears"

"Will you be my wife?"

"Go away!"

"Let's get married"

"Let's get married"

"I will come in the groom's attire

and with a huge procession
I'll take you along"

"I will dress as a beautiful bride
and I will feel shy to look at you"

"Buh-dum tssh, the drum goes!
We'll live a happy married life!"

"Buh-dum tssh, the drum goes!
We'll live a happy married life!"

"Let my puppet whisper
my feelings into your ears"

"Hey! Do you like your groom?"

"I do, my love!"

"Let's get married"

"Let's get married"

Oh no! Oh no!
- Damn you!

Let's go quickly.

Catch him! Don't leave him!
- Hey!

Catch him!
- Stop, I am tired!

Let's take some rest.
- Stop hitting me. He's there!

Catch him.
- Catch me.

Hit him! Catch him!

- Ah!

Oh daddy, it's you!

I got so scared.

But what frightened you so much.

I was reading about
some criminal traits in the world.

And you came all of a sudden.

Hmm! And you thought
it was a criminal.

How's your article study going on?

So far it's good.

But daddy I will need
some of your help.

Tell me, what do you want?

Daddy, I researched on
every criminal file in this world.

But I didn't find any
remarkable case in India.

For that you must study
Tatya Vinchu's case.

That single case is
enough for your article.

Tatya Vinchu?
- Yes.

He used to be
a very dangerous criminal.

Used to be?

Yes, Mahesh Jadhav shot him dead.

Then how will I get
information on him.

Of course, from CID inspector Mahesh
Jadhav. He's in-charge of this case.

But will he give me his files.

Why not?

Put him in the car.

Inspector Shinde.
- Yes, sir.

Did you bring Tatya Vinchu's file?
- No, sir.

Are we going to a marriage court?
- No, sir.

Go and get the file.
- Right away, sir.


As I was saying...

Tatya Vinchu,
Tatya Vinchu, Tatya Vinchu.

Where is that Tatya Vinchu?
Tatya Vinchu!

Excuse me?


Where is inspector Mahesh
Jadhav's cabin? - There.

Uh, thank you.

Excuse me, sir.

Where is that file?

Where should I find it?
Which one is this?

Good morning, sir.

Yeah, Tatya Vinchu's file.
Got it!

What is it?

My name is Gauri Ghadge.

I am the daughter of Assistant
Commissioner Ghadge. - Yeah, so?

I wanted Tatya Vinchu's file
so I can study it.

Look, I am in a hurry.

We have to produce this file
in the court. Please move.

- Move aside.

"I want the file."
- But listen, sir. Just listen, sir.

What a rude man!

Mahesh Jadhav.

In that murder case...
- Sir!

The prosecutor wants to see you.

Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.

No! Leave me!

I am warning you!
Don't move or I'll shoot her.

I am warning you.
- Please leave me!

Oh God!


Leave her.

If you move,
I'll shoot her brains out.

Come on, unlock my cuffs.
Come on, open it.


I will unlock your cuffs.

But let the girl go.


I said relax.
- Come on.

I am coming.

Unlock them.
- Okay.

Unlock the cuffs.
- Yeah, okay.

Catch him, quickly!

Arrest this man.

Oh God! Who is this girl?

She said she's Ghadge sir's daughter.

Oh God!


Your revolver.
Next time, be careful.

Yes, sir. - Arrange something to send
the girl to the hospital.

Let's go, Shinde.
Keep an eye on Kubdya.


I have given her a sedative.

She'll be alright soon.

Nothing to worry about.

Thank you, doctor.


How are you doing now?

Daddy! Ah!

You were lucky to escape from Kubdya.

Kubdya Khavij is Tatya Vinchu's
aide... - Yes, his aide.

He tried to use you as a bait
to get away.

So what happened?

Who rescued me?

Inspector Mahesh Jadhav.

Oh God!
- What happened?

Why that rude person
had to save my life?

Mahesh Jadhav? Rude?

Yes, of course.

I have never in my life
seen a rude person like him.

I only requested him to
give me Tatya Vinchu's file

but he shooed me away.

There's clearly some
misunderstanding, dear.

It is impossible to find
a nice person like Mahesh Jadhav.

Daddy, clearly,
you have misunderstood him.

I haven't see a lunatic...
- Excuse me, sir.

Good evening, sir.

Hey! Please come.

How is she now, sir?
- Much better.

Hi Madam.

How are you feeling now?


He is the one
who bickered with me at the airport.

You mean, Mahesh Jadhav?

He is the one who rescued you
from Kubdya Khavij.

So you are Kubdya Khavij?

At your service, madam.

I am extremely sorry.

So whom did I approach for the file?

Who was that funny looking officer?

Are you talking about me?

He's inspector Shinde.

And here's,

the file of Tatya Vinchu's case.

Oh! Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Now are you happy?

But I want this file back soon.

Goodnight , sir.

I don't want to hear anything.

Pay the rent for six months
or vacate my property.


How can we vacate this property?

Where will we go?

You ask that to your son.

He doesn't have any business sense

and he poked fun at me.

Don't shout!
- Huh!

You can get a heart failure.

Take it easy. Sit down.

Yesterday in my felicitation program

he was poking fun at me
using his puppet.

- Yes.

And he presented me a tiny garland.

Stupid idiot!
- Yeah.

Should I serve you some tea?
- Tea! Damn your tea!

Please don't get angry.

Let that fool come then I'll send
him over to apologize to you.

I don't want an apology.

Then coffee?
- Huh?

I don't want anything.
I only want you to pay my rent, now!

- Yeah.


I don't have a single penny.

These tears won't help you.
Just pay me the rent.

What happened, mother?

You moron, where were you
fooling around?

I... - Because of you
we're going to be homeless.

- Yes.

But how?

Dhanajirao says

pay the rent or vacate the house.

- Huh!

Hello, Dhanajirao.
Say hi to Dhanajirao.

Hello, Dhanajirao.

Damn your hi-hello!

First, pay me the rent.

I think he's angry.
- Yes.

How much is outstanding?

Six months' rent.

- Huh!

Six months!
- Don't worry mother.

I'll throw a year's rent on his face.

What does he think of himself? Wait.
- Really?

Throw it on his face.

Miser! You want to throw
us out of the house?

Is he a landlord or a butcher?

He may be a butcher
but he's still our landlord.


I was a bit angry because
he poked fun at me.

But do you know how to
behave with a lady? - Moron!

Yes, I am sorry about that.

But it was in a fit of anger.

You think you're the only hothead?

Shameless! Mother, you move away.

You think you can
disrespect my mother?

Tell me how much is the rent?
- Let it be. Calm down.

No, I must give you.
- I am not in a hurry you

can pay me later.
- No, you take it right away.

- I have other work. Take it now.

- Take it now.

- Take it now.

Alright, give me.

Give him. Give him the rent.

Thief! Thief! -Thief?

Someone robbed me.

We have a lot of thieves in our
village. We must fix this problem.

First, let me fix you.

You were trying to ridicule me, huh?

Now I will come with
the court orders.

Within 15 days
I will seize this house.

It's Dhanajirao's challenge to you!

What do you think of yourself?
I've seen a lot of...

You moron!
- Aw!


At least grow up now.

Forget your ventriloquism
and manage our shop.

Otherwise we'll be begging someday.

Mother! Once I become
a famous ventriloquist

then I will hire 10...

I'll hire 10 people like Dhanjirao.

- I shall give him orders.

- Hey Dhanya!

Postman is here. - Shivram,
there's a parcel for you.


Why is it taped with bandages?

Is it from a hospital?
- No, it's from America.

Yeah, it's a puppet
from sister Gauri.

But who tore it?
- I don't know.

We don't deliver such big packages.

But I did it only for you.

- Take it.

Sign here.
- Yes, I'll sign it.

You seem angry.

Maybe because of your wife.

Any tips?
- Come during the Ganesha festival.

- Okay.

What is it?
- Sister Gauri has parceled a puppet.

This is going to become
a huge problem now.

It's a puppet. It's a big parcel.

The puppet must be good-looking.

Let me show you.
- You see it.

You have a good look and

do whatever you want, you moron!
Why my life is cursed!

My mother is so ignorant.

She is not at all excited
about the puppet from America.

She will only make wafers
for her whole life.

Let me see how the puppet
from America looks?

Let me see it.

What a wonderful puppet
Gauri has sent for me!

Welcome to Shrirangpur, sir.

We've been appointed to look
after your requirements, sir.

Good! Good!

So, tell me your names.

My name is Tukaram.
My name is Sakharam, sir.

Wow, 'Ram' is common
in both your names.

Where do you live?

Opposite to your house
in the police quarters. - After you.

Good! Good!
- Thank you.

So Gauri?

How do you find these quarters?

Beautiful. Excellent.

Does it feel like Shrirangpur?

Of course.
Daddy, I am going to meet Laksha.

Yeah, sure. In the meantime I'll make
a call to the head-quarters.

But I won't find his house.
- Why?

I have come here after
a very long time.


Daddy, ask them if they know
where Laksha stays.

Sakharam and Tukaram.

Does anyone of you know Laksha?

- No, sir!

What do you mean?

You don't know Laksha,
the ventriloquist.

Not at all.
- Not at all.


- I know him.

Avadi, why did you come here?
- To meet sister Gauri.

To meet me?

Who are you?

You didn't recognize me?
I am Avadi, your childhood friend.

Don't you remember in your vacations
we used to play on the swing?

Laksha would bring tamarind
and mangoes for us.

And we used to play 'Saripat'
- Huh!

Avade, it's you!
- Yes.

How are you?
- I am fine.

Avadi, go home.
There are a lot of chores to be done.

- Yes, sir.

You know her?

Yes, sir. She is my daughter.
- Good! Good!

Avadi, come on,
let's go and meet Laksha.


She has a lot of chores to do.


Don't tell lies.
There's no work to do.

You know,
my father doesn't let me meet Laksha.


I'll tell on the way.
- Let's go.

We'll come along.
- Let's go.

Sakharam, Tukaram.

Yes, sir.

Don't go anywhere.

Stay here.

I might need your help.

Yes, sir.

Auntie Paru.

Yes, Avade.
- Look who's here?

It's Gauri.

- Oh my God, you're so big now.


When did you come? - Just now.
Daddy has been transferred here.

Now we'll stay here.
- Oh! That's wonderful.

Sit down!
- Yeah, but where's Laksha?

He's back there in the shop.
Hey! Show her the way.

Let's go.
- I'll make tea in the meantime.

How much wheat is here?

100 kgs. - 100 kgs. Good!
That will be enough for a month.

- 100 kg.

100 kg.

And this gram flour?
- 100 kg.

100 kg.

You may go now.
- But sir, the payment?

After the stock is sold. Go!

Alright. - How can make
the payment if we have no customers?

100 kg gram flour.

100 grams of loss.

Don't you know that the shop's
entry is on the front side? Then...

Ah! Gauri! When did you come, Gauri?

Laksha! Laksha!

You have changed so much.
- Yes.

You were dark as a kid
and now you're yellow.

Hey! Who pushed me?

I did.
- You? Is that how you open a door?

I don't know.
- She doesn't know anything.

She's a fool.
- Avade, come and take the tea.

- I am coming.

You guys carry on. I'll get for you.

Bring the tea carefully or else
my face will turn black this time.

So tell me Gauri, how are you?

When did you return from America?
- It's been a few days.

But I came to Shrirangpur today.

My daddy has been transferred here.

Now we'll be staying here.
- Yes.

What are you saying!
That's great news. From America to

direct Shrirangpur.

How are your puppets doing?

They're all good.
Here's my Ardhavatrao.

Ardhavatrao, look, who's here?


Huh? - He's looking at you.
Greet her.

Greetings! Um!

Who's she?
- She is our cousin sister.

- Wow.

She looks beautiful.

Thank you.
- Mention not.

Laksha you must perform
for my daddy once.

Of course,
what do you say Ardhavatrao?

Yeah, we shall arrange a program
at her place.

So Gauri?

How is it going with you?

How is it going, huh?

Why is that your business?
Don't poke your nose.

Sit down quietly.

Give us some space to talk.

- Yes.

I am doing a Ph.D.

in criminal psychology.
- Is this a type of a dance?

No dear!
- Then?

It's about the mentality
of criminals. - Oh!

So you work closely with
the criminals? - Yes.

But dead ones.
- Dead...

Dead! Which dead criminal
are you studying now?

Tatya Vinchu.

Tatya Vinchu, that's an ugly name.

It sounds too funny.

Hey Laksha.

I sent you a puppet from America.
Did you receive it?

I received it three days back.

Thank you very much Gauri.
It's right here.

Where did it go?

This is the puppet.

- Yeah.

Do you like it?

Like it?
- Yeah?

It's very beautiful.

America has progressed a lot.

They're too innovative.

This puppet stared at me
on our first encounter.

Just like this, ouoo!

Laksha, you named your other
puppet as Ardhavatrao. - Yeah.

So have you named this puppet?
- No.

I haven't performed
his naming ceremony.

But I will do that very soon.
- Oh!

Hey puppet!
What name do you prefer?

Tatya Vinchu!

- Tatya?


Are you doing a prank on me?

No, I din't say anything.

The puppet said
its name is Tatya Vinchu.

What's going on Gauri?

Why are you laughing so hard?

What's so funny for you two?
- Auntie.

Your son, Laksha.
- Yeah!

He is trying to scare me with
his ventriloquism tricks. - Huh?

What did he do? - Don't pay him
much attention. Here, have your tea.

I told him that I am doing a study
on a criminal called Tatya Vinchu.

And he tells me that his
puppet's name is Tatya Vinchu.

No, I didn't say it mother.
The puppet did!

Shut up, you monkey!
- Dear.

Don't fall for his tricks. He's
already crazy and he'll make you one.

He's made me crazy too.

Shut up! - Hey, shut up!

Mother, I am telling you,

this puppet is different.
- Shut up!

Have this tea.

- Yes.

What was that criminal
thing you're doing?

Study! Study!

- It's not tudy.

Translate Study in Marathi.

Yes, study.
- Oh, study!

It explains how people
become criminals,

how they commit crimes
and murders. - Huh!

Oh God, Gauri!
- Yes.

Doesn't it scare you?

Rather criminals
must be scared of her. - Shut up.

No, they don't scare me.

A police inspector is helping me?
- And who's he?

CID inspector Mahesh Jadhav.

I think I've heard this name.

Mahesh Jadhav!

I am telling you
Tatya Vinchu is alive!

But didn't the inspector
shoot him dead?

That is what he thinks.

'But Tatya knows
a death-control spell.'

'Baba Chamatkar taught him
this spell. He can never die.'

Did you hear that?
- Yes, sir.

Baba Chamatkar.

Baba Chamatkar.

Baba Chamatkar is
an important link to this case.

We must find him out.
Okay, sir.

I must give this information
to Ghadge sir.

In the meantime,
you find out where Baba Chamatkar is.

And where should I come
to inform you, sir?


I know you can talk.

"My name is Tatya Vinchu."

How is that possible?

There's a tape recorder inside you.

Wait, let me tear you open.

The puppet cannot talk without my
help. But you can talk on your own.

Wait! Let me remove your batteries.

I'll show you.
- Yikes!

(Chants the spell)

(Puppet laughs manically)
- Huh!

What a puppet this is!

America is a great inventor.

Puppet can talk, jump and walk.

Hey! I am not a puppet!

I am Tatya Vinchu.

(Chants the spell)

Huh! That means you can talk.

It was your voice in the morning.

This puppet can talk! Mother! Mother!

This puppet can talk! This American
puppet can jump and talk. Mother!

Come quickly.
- Why are you shouting my name?

This puppet jumped off the table.

He walked towards me
and started talking. Yes!

He's an American puppet.
Hey! Show my mother that

you can talk. Say your line.
Come on, say your line.

Come on, say it.

I think it needs to be repaired.
It was just talking to me.

(Laksha imitates the puppet)

We must show this to Gauri.

We don't know much about
its mechanism since

it's American.
I don't want to spoil it.

Hey Laksha! You moron!
- Huh?

Give me that stupid puppet.
- Mother!

I will boil it
and crush it to pieces.

He will come out of
the boiling water. - Shut up.

Listen to me!
Mother, what are you doing?

Day and night, 24 by 7, - Why are you
keeping him in the cupboard?

he wants to play with the puppets.

He will feel hot. - Shut up!

Don't hit me mother.
- Go to sleep, you blabber!

Stupid fool!
- Mother!

- It feels hot. Hey!

She's gone.

What a puppet is this!

(Imitates the puppet)

"You sing like a nightingale"

"You sing like a nightingale"

"Where are you going?"

That's none of your business.
Mind your own duty,

Hey! I am on duty here.

Your father has ordered
me to keep an eye on you.

Oh, really?
- Yeah!

Then why are you waiting outside?

What do you mean?

Come inside.
- Oh my God!

May I know why?

So we decide our weeding date.

Are you serious?
- Yes.

That means... That means...
You and I will get married.

So you are ready for the marriage?

Definitely! Come in.
- Ah!

Come on.
Open the latch, quickly.

I have bought the groom's
accessories for you.

- Yeah!

Please show me!
- Come on, get in.

Come on.

- You moron!

Avade, open the door.
- Damn you!

Keep yelling there!

Avade, open the door.
- How dare you dream to marry me!

- Avade! Open the door, Avade!



Tukya, your daughter
has locked me up!

Damn it! Because of your talking,
I couldn't sleep the whole night.

I could hear you talk in my dreams.

America has advanced a lot.

They invented a talking puppet.

I should inform my guru.

But tell me,

why didn't you talk in
my mother's presence, huh?

Why did you keep quiet?
Because of that I got scolded.

Hey, talk now.

- Laksha!

Yeah, go on...

Oh, it's a customer.
- What do you want, madam?

I'll tell you only if you
promise not to misbehave.

Not at all!
I promise to behave well.

I have decided to be
act like a gentleman.

Tell me, what can I give you?
- I want a jaggery cake.

How many kilograms?
- 10 kilograms.

Are you arranging a feast?

- I'm giving you, madam.

Fatso! Don't eat so much jaggery!
- Exactly what I mean!

Laksha! What did you say?

It wasn't me! The puppet said it.

I swear on my mother!
Look at where my hands are.


I will throw away your puppet...

Hey fatso,
don't touch me or I'll murder you.

You will murder me.

I can't even kill a fly
and you think I can murder you?

Trust me it's his voice.

I don't want to hear
anything from you.

I am not coming back to
your shop ever again.

At least take the jaggery.

Put your cake into fire.

Madam, I am a gentleman.
Madam your cake.


What do you think of yourself?

Let me warn you something!
You may be from America

but you cannot speak
your own dialogues.

You will speak only at my will.

If you keep doing mischiefs
our customers will quit coming here.

And without them how will we survive?

Laksha, who are you talking to?

Who else? I am talking to you.

Oh! Avade, it's you.

Why are you talking to that puppet?

Avade, you will not believe
it but this puppet can talk.

After alll, he's from America.

Damn that puppet.

- What?

I came all the way here to meet
you here and you just don't care.

That's not true.
I was only waiting for you.

I am going to tell you something
interesting about this puppet.

That can happen later but first tell
me, do you want to marry me or not?

First I'll set my career.
- What do you mean?

First I'll go to Mumbai.

I will perform ventriloquism there
and earn loads of money.

And then,

"Laksha will bring a procession
on a beautiful night

and I will dance merrily"
- Huh!

You didn't like the song?

There she is.
- Huh!

Let's go.
- My father!

My father and Sakhya
are coming here. - Sakhya is...

Sakhya! Sakhya! You need to hide!

"Cokeyed is coming with baldie"

You hide here! Hide here, quickly!

Look at her jumping around him.
- I'll teach her a lesson.

Not there! Hide there in the drum.

In the drum? - Not in the drum!
You sneeze there.

So where do I go?
- Hide in the attic.

In the attic?
- Come on, hurry up.

I am sure they're here.


- Hey!

Sakhya, Tukya, why are you barging
in the shop? Why are you shouting?

Why are we shouting?

- Tell her.

Sister Paru.
- Yes.

Your son, Laksha and my daughter
are hiding in this shop.

Are you drunk?
- Huh!

Can you see Laksha here, huh?
- Huh!

Are you sure you saw her?

Of course.
- Avade!

Hey! Hey!


A grown up man plays
with dolls and puppets.

Stupid doll.

- Hey Avade!

Laksha, come out.
- Avade, come out.

Where did they go?
I am sure I saw them.

Are you sure?
- Yes.


- Yes.

I think they might be
hiding in the attic.

Yes, you're right.

Follow me.
- Come on.

Take a quick look.

You stay.
- Why?

We'll fall because of your weight.

Oh no!
- Aw!

- Aw!

Oh god! You ruined me shop.

Damn you both! Get up!
Get out of my shop! - We're leaving.

Who hired you in
the police department? - Aw!

I warned you not to climb the steps.

Actually, someone pulled my leg.
- Shut up!

We're leaving. Here's your flour.

Shove it in your mouth.

Slippery smooth!
- Shut up!

All this is because of you.

"I am sure I saw them."
- Come on, get out of here.

Good morning, sir.

Mahesh! God bless you with
a long life. - Why sir?

Gauri was just missing you.


No... I mean, yes.

I have your case file.


I wanted to discuss Tatya
Vinchu's case with you.

This case has taken a different turn,
sir. - Look Mahesh.

We'll talk about it later.

But sir.
- Please be seated first.


You've just travelled here. Have some
tea, freshen up and then we'll talk.

- Yes, daddy.

I am handing over
Mahesh's case to you.

- Yes.

See you in the office.
- Yes, sir.

Bye daddy.
- Bye.

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"It was an unexpected moment

"It was an unexpected moment

when you stole my heart"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"Our bond of love will keep us

together till the end of our lives"

"You are a fair beauty
with beautiful eyes"

"Don't chase me, just stop there"

"You are a fair beauty
with beautiful eyes"

"Don't chase me, just stop there"

"You're the only one in my life,

now come close to me, o girl"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"Every breath of mine
longs for you in this night"

"This monsoon it's
raining love upon us"

"I always dream about you"

"Your beauty is driving me crazy"

"Don't you dream too much"

"Your love is my only addiction"

"Don't you dream too much"

"Your love is my only addiction"

"Your love is pure"

"My love is chivalrous"

"Now come to me, o girl"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"Our bond of love will keep us
together till the end of our lives"

"It was an unexpected moment"

"It was an unexpected moment
when you stole my heart"

Damn him! I curse him!
- La-la-la-la!

Mother, serve me food.

I curse him to die!

Where are all the goods?

He won't live a happy life!
- Huh?

Mother! Who take away all our goods?

You moron! Where were you?

I was just hanging out.
- You were hanging out!

What happened, mother?

That moron Dhanya, I curse him!

Sakhya brought him here.

He cleaned up all our goods
and took it with him.

Did he also take away my puppets?

Yes, your puppets too!

Puppets too.
- Puppets too?

He's dead now!

now you'll be a dead meat. - What!

Yes, I will chop him
into small pieces,

and keep him in the warehouse.

- No one can save him now.

- Now he has to die.

I'll kill him.

No! Stop Laksha!
-Dhanajirao, I'll teach you a lesson!

Don't try to stop me mother.
- No, please listen to me.

I won't spare him.
- Laksha stop!

What does he think of himself.

Hit him with your shoes.
He was with him.

I'll deal with you later.

I promise that I'll knock you down,

First let me deal with Dhanajirao.

You want to deal with Dhanajirao.
- Yes.

He's in the godown.
- In the godown?

- Now he'll be dead.

I will teach you a lesson, Dhanya!
- Go, hurry up.

Why did you send him?
He will kill him. Stop him!

You have no sense.
- What? Kill him? Let's go catch him.

This murder will benefit us.

- Laksha!

Don't you understand?
- Hey Laksha!

Don't you have brains?

We'll catch him red-handed.
Let's go!

No. We'll go for the reporting.

- Sir is here.

- Hmm.


Auntie! Auntie, this is inspector
Mahesh Jadhav. - Laksha! Laksha!

Hello! - He is here to see
Laksha's puppet act.

Oh okay. - Especially
the one with Tatya Vinchu.

Damn that Tatya Vinchu!
- Stop Laksha

or he'll kill that Dhanya!
- What!


I requested them but they're
standing here like a wall.

No sir, we were about to leave.

And just then you arrived.

Laksha went to kill someone.
- Yes.

But where?
- To Dhanajirao's godown.

Did you collect the rent?

Keep it down.

Leave now!

They call me Dhanajirao Dhanavte.


You used this puppet
to make fun of me.


Why don't you make fun of me now?

Now I will drink in front of you.

You want to make fun of me.


A new puppet?

So you were going to use
this one to make fun of me?

Wait! I'll kick you out of here!

How do you feel now?

Hey old man!

How dare you kick me!
(Chants the spell)

It's a ghost.

What have I done?

No! No!

I'll show you who I am.
- No, no, please.



He died before I could kill him.

(Chants the spell)

Dhanya! I won't spare you today.
Dhanya, come out.


Hey Dhanajirao.




O no! Is he dead?

Hey Tatya!

What did you do?

He's dead.
- Huh?

Your enemy is dead.
(Chants the spell)

He's dead! What!
He's dead?

That means you killed him.

What did you do?
You killed Dhanajirao.

It may be acceptable for you
but it's not acceptable by the law.

Now the police will arrest you and

they will hang you to death.

I will tell everything to the police.
The police is here. Please come.

You know what?
This guy here killed him.

With this sickle axe.
Check him.

Oh my God!

He's dead.
- Yes, I caught him red-handed. Yes!

When I came here he was
sitting on Dhanajirao's

chest and he was laughing
in an evil manner.

Hey, tell them that you killed him.
Tell them.

I did the murder.

(Imitates the puppet's spell)

Tell them!

He's not speaking. Start speaking.
- Constable.

Yes, sir.
- Arrest him.

Come on.
- Yes, arrest him quickly.

Don't let him go.
I warned you.

Take this. This an evidence.

Keep it safely. Arrest him.

Hey, why are you arresting me?
I didn't kill him.

Start walking.
- He is the murderer!

Keep walking. - I am telling
you I didn't kill him.

It was Tatya Vinchu who
killed him. - Come with us.

I didn't kill him.
Why are you arresting me?

Laksha didn't commit this murder,

We will have to prove that, Gauri.

But before that we must take
Dhanajirao's dead body into custody.

We'll have to file a case
and send it for a post-mortem.

Mahesh, trust me, it's impossible
for Laksha to commit a murder.

But all the evidences
are against his favor.

How come?
- I'll tell you how.

Didn't you hear his nonsense?

Dhanajirao was killed
by Tatya Vinchu.

This puppet did it.
- Huh!

That means he is mentally unstable.

And such a person can do anything.
- But,

Mahesh listen to me.
Mahesh, please!

(Chants the spell)

Circumstances and evidences
are against Laksha.

Dhanajirao empties Laksha's house.

Laksha goes there in a fit of rage.

Dhanajirao gets killed.

And Laksha was found to be there.

All these things stand
against him, sir.

But one thing is in his favor.

Laksha mentioned that Tatya
Vinchu committed this murder.

But Tatya Vinchu is Lakha's puppet.


Are you suggesting that the puppet
has committed this murder?

No way! If I say that, people will
appoint a puppet in my position,

But somehow I see a connection.

Laksha said Tatya Vinchu
committed this murder.

And Kubdya Khavij has been showing

confidence in Tatya
Vinchu's survival.

All these events are
suggesting a new probability.

And you must solve
that probability, Mahesh.


But try to finish your investigation
before the festival of Holi.

Before Holi?


Laksha is a gem of this village.

And this village has been feeling low
since Laksha was arrested.

If he is not released soon

then the villagers won't
be celebrating Holi.

That's what Avadi said to me.
- Avadi.

Laksha's girlfriend.

Tell her.

We are all helpless
without the post-mortem report.

"The festival of Holi is approaching"

"My eyes are wet"

Why is Avadi crying? Hey!


Why are crying dear?

I am alive!
- Yeah.

That's why I am crying, you moron!

You framed my Laksha
and put him in jail.

That's not true.

Laksha has committed a murder.

- Murder! Murder!

You may be a murderer!

Bloody moron!

What are you saying?

Sakhya has not even caught a thief.
- Yeah.

Do you think this fool can murder
someone? - Not at all! Tukya!

I was just kidding.


Stop crying.
- Stop crying.

Stop crying.
- Yes. Please!

You've cried enough.
- Yes.

Go inside.

Yes. - And bring two
cups of tea for us.

Yes, it should be first class.

- No, I don't want.

- She'll poison my tea.


Look at her condition.
- Please calm down.

As if her father has died.
- What?

I was just kidding.
- Kidding, huh!

If you die then
who will get us married?

That's right. - Yeah, so get us
married and then you can die.

Calm down!
- Yeah.

Don't cry.
- No, no.

Wipe your tears.

Wipe it.
- Now we'll get married.

Damn this moron!
- And after the wedding

you'll cry for
the rest of your life.

Yeah. Tukya!

I am just kidding.
- Father.

For the sake of my dead mother

try your best and get
Laksha out of jail.

Forget him.
- Yes,

Laksha will be hanged till death.

Yes. - You moron!

I will teach you a lesson.

Hey! Hey! Avade!
- Hey! Hey! Avade!

You can't hit your man
before the wedding.

You want to hide behind my father.

Come! You want to put Laksha in jail.
- Aw! That hurts!

You want to marry me, huh!


If anything happens to Laksha!

then keep in mind

I will crush you with a stone.

Vinchu! Tatya Vinchu has
done the murder, not me.

I am innocent! Constable, release me.
- What?

Please come here.
That day when I went there

Dhanajirao was already dead

and Tatya Vinchu was
sitting on his chest.

Tatya Vinchu has murdered him,
not me.

Shut up
- Pandu.

Sakhya, Sakhya!
- Yes, sir.

- Come here, Pandu.

This sickle-axe.

This puppet.

All these are important evidences
from Dhanajirao murder case.

Tatya Vinchu.

Do make the entry
and keep them safely.


Sakharam, thank god you brought
him here. He is the real murderer.

Tell him you are the real murderer.

Why are you looking down now?
Tell him, Tatya! Tell him!

Tell him! Hey, don't laugh.
He is the real murderer.

Yeah, sure.
- Hey, tell him to release me.

He is the real murderer.
Put him in. - Yeah?

This puppet committed the murder?
- It's not a puppet.

- It's Tatya Vinchu.

O my god!
- Hey Vinchu,

tell Sakhya that
you are the real murderer. Tell him!

are you having a mental problem?

No, no, honestly, I am not mad.
- No.

Tatya, I need you to speak and tell

the constable
that you're the murderer.

Please tell him!
Be a good doll, come on.

- What are you doing?

I am keeping this puppet
on this bench. - Okay.

You can chat with him.
- Okay.

How will you do it?
- Hi Tatya, how are you?

Carry on!
- Hey hey!

Sakhya, listen to me! Sakhya!

Sakhya, he is the murderer.
Please listen to me. - Sir!

Greetings sir.

What is the fuss about,
constable? - Sir.

Sir, Laksha is going mad.

What do you mean?
- I mean,

go and have a look at him.

Hey Tatya, please confess
that you're the murderer.

I promise I'll get
new a doll for you.

Then I will get you both married.

Tatya weds Tatyi.
And then you'll be happy.

But please tell everyone
that you did the murder.

- Laksha!

Mahesh sir.
- What is going on?

Thank god, you're here.

I have been screaming out
here that I am not the killer.

This Tatya Vinchu is the killer.

I would love to kill that Dhanajirao

but I didn't kill him.

He was murdered before
I could reach there.

This Tatya Vinchu killed him.

Hey! Tell Maheshrao that you're
the killer. Tell him!

You mean this non-living
puppet committed the murder?

Yes, sir.
He is pretending in front of you.

But in front me, he laughs, dances,
talks and also kills people.

Don't speak like an idiot!
- No, sir.

Laksha tell me the truth
or you'll be hanged to death.

Should I tell you the truth?


Will you set me free?
- Yes but tell me the truth.

Dhanajirao was killed
- Yes?

Dhanajirao was killed

Be brave and tell me.

He was killed by Tatya Vinchu.

Oh, shut up!
- Tatya!

If you don't stop your silly acts

we'll have to shift you to
the mental hospital. - Sir, but...

Look there! He is looking at you.
- What?

Look there quickly.

He is such an actor.

What a fool!

See! He's scared of you.


You are a hopeless case. - That
is what I've been telling you...

There is no hope for you.

What did I do?

- Mahesh sir.

Stop! Release me. Mahesh sir!

Your friend Gauri is my cousin
sister. Please let me go.

I am not the killer.
That Tatya Vinchu is the killer.

Even Tatya Vinchu is not talking.
I am not a killer! I am not a killer!

How could this happen, Gauri?
- Auntie, please don't cry.

Nothing has been proved yet because

the post-mortem report
is still to come.

Post master?

Who is this post master?

It's not post master,
it's post-mortem.

What is that?

Post-mortem is
an examination of a dead body.

They check if
the dead body has fever.


Avade, how will a dead
body develop fever?

The examination tells us
about the cause of death.

Or whether it was
a murder or a suicide,

Or whether it was
a natural death. - Oh!

This examination is
called a post-mortem.

But how will this post
maruti help my Laksha?

Auntie, it's not post maruti.

Forget it.

Tomorrow the report will tell us
if Laksha is the killer or not.


Who's it?

You can also travel into my dreams?

What's your problem?

You have tortured me
enough during the daytime

now let me sleep in the night.


Laksha! This is not a dream.

This isn't a dream?

I am Tatya Vinchu.

Mahesh was right.

I am mentally ill. I am a mad person.

I have started hallucinating.

Come here! Come close to me.
- You want me to come there.

Come here.

- Yes, good.


You will kill me.

No! Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

I want to ask you something.

You want to ask me?
- Yes.

Go on, ask.


You can ask me from that distance.
I can hear you.

Come close to me.
Do you want me to come inside?

No, no, no. no. You wait outside.

I'll come close to you.
What a torture this is!

You are the killer
but people see me as the killer.

People call me crazy.

Shut up! Tell me how to go to Mumbai?


Who is your target there?

Shut up!
- You don't let me speak.

I want to meet Baba Chamatkar.

You're a miracle yourself
why would you need anyone's help?

I want to go to Mumbai.

Do you?

Tell me how to reach there?

I won't tell you!

Then I am going to kill you.

Aw! I'll tell you! I'll tell you!

Please don't kill me.

Take the bus.
Hey but please don't go.

If you leave then these
people will hang me to death.

You can do one thing. Tell Mahesh
sir that you're the killer.

The police will not harm you.

Our law doesn't allow us to
punish a puppet. - Shut up!

I am not a puppet.
- You are not!

I am Tatya Vinchu.

At a distance.

Vinchu, why did you
choose me as your target?

Shut up!
- You can also speak English.

Tell me where is the bus stand?

Once you leave the police station,
take a left,

and you will find
the station in a few steps.


His mouth stinks.

(Chants the spell)

Tatya Vinchu, don't go.

Tatya Vinchu, stop! Please don't go.

Tatya stop. He's walking in style
and I'm paying for his crime.

Someone stop him! Tatya stop!

Tatya Vinchu, stop! Hey!
Hey! Stop! Hey look!

Look the puppet is walking.
Constable look at him.

Is everyone on strike here?
Hey Sakhya!

Where is the drunkard now?
Hey Sakhya! Sakhya!

What a pain he is!

Sakhya, come here quickly.

Come here quickly. Don't stand,
sit down. Go and stop him.

Stop whom?
- Stop the puppet.

Tatya Vinchu. He is going
to take the bus to Mumbai.

He was walking in front of you.
Didn't you see it?

- Puppet.

He was walking.
- Yeah like this.

"Like this."

Tell me something.

Will he get the bus?

He will get the bus but not
the reservation. - Yeah!

That's the problem.

I think he'll come back.

- Puppet.

Takes the bus.
- Takes the bus.

To Mumbai.
- To Mumbai.


You're chewing tobacco here.

Go to the bus stand
and catch the puppet

or I'll be hanged to death.
Stop laughing and go!

No, I'll catch him.
- Yes!

But before
that I'll meet Avade's father.

- Yeah.

You take him with you

so you both can catch
that puppet. - Yes.

I'll tell him.
- What?

Laksha has gone mad.

Mad! Mad! No, no, no!

I'll ask him to fix tomorrow's date.


You wanted to teach
me a lesson, right?

I didn't mean it, Sakhya!

I should ask Tatya Vinchu
to teach him a lesson.

Tatya Vinchu you have ruined my life.

(Chants the spell)

Thank God!

Greetings sir!
- Greetings.

Did we get the post-mortem report?
- Tukya has gone to get it.

Good! How is Laksha?

Laksha has still no improvements.

Tatya Vinchu! Tatya!

He's gone! Gone to Mumbai.

He must've reached Panvel.

No, I think Vashi.

Vashi. He must've reached Vashi
and he left me here in jail.


Huh! Maheshrao!
Thank god you're here.

Thank god you're here. Didn't
I tell you the puppet is alive?

No one believed me
and now he got away.

Got away?
- Yeah, look! He's not in here.

But he is...
- There's no use of looking for him.

He must've reached Mumbai.

- Yes! To meet Baba Chamatkar.

What do you know
about Baba Chamatkar?

I don't know anything. I just told
you what Tatya Vinchu told me.

Laksha! Tell me the truth, please.

I am telling you the truth, I swear!

- Laksha!

Hey, not here.
That crazy guy is there.

- Gauri, thank god you came.

You know that Tatya Vinchu
fled to Mumbai.

Laksha, what nonsense
are you talking about?

This isn't nonsense.
Someone please believe me.

Ask this Sakhya. He was here.

I also asked him to go to the bus
stand and catch Tatya Vinchu.

But this stupid person didn't go.

Put him in
and I'll teach him a lesson.

You calling me crazy?

- Huh!

What happened to you?

Only you can understand.
- Are you mentally ill?

But don't worry.

Even if you go mad
I will still marry you.

How cute that is! You're waiting
for me to go mad. I should...

why is Laksha talking like that?

He's speaking out of his mind.

Absolutely true, sir.

Inspector sir,
we've got the post-mortem report.

We have got it.


What's written in it?
Laksha is innocent, right?

Let me check it.
- Do it fast.

Okay, okay.

Whatever the report is but Tatya
Vinchu killed Dhanajirao, not me.

Cause of death.

Massive heart attack.

Cardiac failure.

Laksha is innocent.

Dhanajirao's death was
caused by a heart failure.

Sakhya, release Laksha.

I told you! I told you!

Hey, release him.
- Leave my hand.

Didn't you hear Mahesh sir's orders?
Come on be quick.

I am opening his cell
but don't push me.

Hey don't talk to Avade with
that tone. Quietly open this lock.

Shut up.
- Who were you calling mad?

You and your family are mad.
- Correct.

Absolutely correct.
- Tell me something new.

You can see the lock, right?
- Hey!

I asked you because you're cockeyed.

Come out!
- Come on, move aside. Laksha.

I told everyone that I am innocent.

But no one believed me.
Everyone thought I was crazy.

Come, let's go.
- Thank you Mahesh sir.

Bye- bye.

- Bye.

- He's angry.

- Yes.

Tell me one thing.
- What?

How do you know Baba
Chamatkar's name?

You want the truth?
- Yes.

Absolute truth?

Absolute truth!

You won't tell anyone.

No, I won't.

Tatya Vinchu.
- Bloody idiot!

What happened, Mahesh?

There is some magic involved.


What kind of magic?

Baba Chamatkar.

Who is it?

Who is calling out to me?

Who are you?

I am Tatya Vinchu.

You're Tatya Vinchu.


I mean,
you're the king of the underworld

but look at you now.


Tell me!

Tell me how did you
turn into this state?

All this is because of
the death-control spell. - What?

How come?

A few days back
the police had shot me.

Before dying I kept my hand on
this puppet and chanted the spell.


Couldn't you use
a human to use this spell?

Turn me into a human being
as quickly as you can.

I want to take my revenge
from inspector Mahesh.

No! You monster!

I will never turn you
into a human being again.


Once I made a mistake
to save my life.

I gave you the spell.

But I won't repeat
that mistake again.


Get lost from here.

Otherwise I'll throw you out of here.

Baba Chamatkar!

Tatya! Leave me!

Are you bringing me out
of this puppet's body...

or should I kill you?

Tatya, I will tell you.
Please leave me.

I'll tell you. Look, Tatya!
To leave this puppet's body

and to take a human being's
form there's only one solution.

- Yes, I am telling you.

After entering this puppet's body

the first person that you
choose to tell your identity

will be the most effective
body for the spell to work.

Place your hand on his chest
and chant the spell thrice.

You know what happens after that?

That person will die
and your soul will enter his body.

His soul goes out
and your soul goes in.

Tatya! Tatya! Keep that in mind.

The first person you have
chosen to tell your identity.

Only and only that person's
body will be useful for you.

That means I will become Laksha!

(Chants the spell)



"New colors have haunted everyone"

"New colors have haunted everyone"

"I am soaked up in colors
and love is in the air"

"There are colors everywhere
because the season of Holi is here"


"New colors have haunted everyone"

"New colors have haunted everyone"

"I am soaked up in colors
and love is in the air"

"There are colors everywhere
because the season of Holi is here"


"New colors have haunted everyone"

"New colors have haunted everyone"



"Everyone's swaying to the beats"

"Hey! Everyone's
swaying to the beats"

"The melody is so divine"

"The youth sings joyfully"

"Holi is being celebrated with music"

"Don't shy away from me
I'll pour my colors on you!"

"Go away from here! I'll teach you a
lesson! Go look in a mirror, first!"

"Let's celebrate
and enjoy this festival"

"There are colors everywhere
because the season of Holi is here"


"New colors have haunted everyone"

"New colors have haunted everyone"


- "I see you as my lover"

"I see you as my lover"

"I see you as my God"

"This village is full of love now"

"Everyone's painted
in the color of love"

"Don't be angry, oh don't away
from me please embrace me"

"Don't chase me
because I will not fall for you"

"I am soaked up in colors
and everyone's absorbed in music"

"There are colors everywhere
because the season of Holi is here"


"New colors have haunted everyone"

"New colors have haunted everyone"

(Chants the spell)

It feels so good to sleep on
a soft bed after a long time.

It's true that you realize your bed's

worth after sleeping
in a police custody.

Mother! I am going to sleep.

- What is it now?

Take this offering. Get up.
- Offering?

What is this for?

I prayed to Lord Pandurang
so you can come home soon.

- Yes.

Now I know how Dhanya's
post-mortem report changed.

Mother! Don't tell
anyone that Pandurang has

the power to change
the post-mortem report.

Police will catch him too.

Shut up! Don't make fun of god!
Silly boy!

Mother, I am going to sleep.

I am keeping this holy
ash under your pillow.

Ash under my pillow. Okay, keep it.
It will kill the insects.

It's not for the insects.
- Then?

It's for the evil presence.
- What does that mean?

If you keep the holy
ash under the pillow

then the ghosts or spirits
will not haunt you.

- Yes.

Mother. Why can't you?
- Yes.

Yes, tell me.
- You sleep next to me.


So you can scare the ghosts away.

Shut up! I'll give you a tight slap.

Go to sleep.
- Mother, take this bowl.


I hope the puppet
is nowhere near you.

Don't mention that puppet.

Modern puppets are too advanced.

Old puppets would do as directed

but these modern puppets
act on their own will.

They scold, they kill.

No! Don't mention that puppet.

Mother, you go and sleep.
- Okay.

But don't snore, it scares me.

Shut up!


I will become Laksha.

Lakha's game is over now.


It's you.

Hey! Don't brush
your fingers through the my hair.

I will go bald like Tukya.

Avade! Your hand is like a sponge.

Just like a doll. Avade.

Please sing a song for me.

Should I sing a song?
- Yes, please.

(Chants the spell)
- No!

What kind of a song is this?

This sounds like an earthquake.

(Chants the spell)

Avade, why are you
behaving so strange?

Are you alright? Avade,
why have grown weak like a puppet?

Shut up!

Tatya Vinchu! Why did you come back?

And why are you sitting
on my stomach? Get up!

You just relax.

And what should I do?
- You will be fine.

Then it's alright.

My soul will enter your body
and your soul will leave.

That's fun! Hey!

That means you will
kill me by using magic.

- That's impossible.

My mother has given me holy ash.

Shut up!
- This is not working.

(Chants the spell)

Which language is this?

(Chants the spell)

You're stinking!
Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.

I will throw ash in your eyes.

(Chants the spell)

Tatya! Tatya! Leave me!
- No, I want to take your body.

Mother! Look at Tatya! Mother!
- Laksha!

Leave me!
- Why are you doing that?

Laksha! Leave that puppet alone.

What just happened?
- Bring the lock, quickly.

Yes. Take this.
- Quickly.

I am safe now!

I am safe!
- Laksha!

Laksha! I think you're possessed.

But there's no proof
that Laksha is a mental case.

What if it is proved?

If it is proved?
- Yeah.

The next day you will find
Avadi cooking for you.

- Done?

I have contacts in mental hospitals.
- Contacts.

Now see what I do.

Possessed! My guru I have been
possessed by that Tatya Vinchu.

What is happening in your era?

If puppets start killing humans
then how would they survive?

If this goes on the soon puppets
will start ruling this country.

And puppets will start using
humans for ventriloquism.

Humans will chant his spell.


Do you hear that guru?

Tatya Vinchu is
calling out to me from that cupboard.

Laksha, it's me.

You see, he's using Avade's voice...

Avade, thank god, you are here.
- Hey!

My mother is not at home and I am
feeling scared to stay alone.

You are scared?

- Of whom?

Tatya Vinchu.

But he's in Mumbai, isn't he?

But he came back.

When did he come back?
- Yesterday night.

Laksha, what are you saying?

I am telling you the truth.

Initially, I thought you
were on top of me. - Shut up.

Why would I sit on top of you?

I was dreaming yesterday.

- Yes.

And you came in my dreams.

And then?


You started singing a song.
- Which song?

(Chants the spell)
- Stop it!

Do you call that a song?

I said the same thing
to you in my dream.

And then?
- Then.

I opened my eyes. And I see

Tatya Vinchu sitting on my chest.

O God!
- And then he said...


- Huh!

Now my soul will enter your body
and your soul will leave.

I got scared and started
calling out to my mother.

The puppet was holding on to my neck.
- Yeah.

I got rid of him.

Yes! - And I threw
him in the cupboard.

- And then I locked him up!

That means he's in the cupboard now.
- Yes.

Come on, show me.

You want to sing
a song with him? - Uh!

He's a dangerous man.

Really? Is he that dangerous?
- Yes.

Show me how dangerous he is.
- No, no, Avade!

He'll kill me -
I'll show him who I am!

Show me. Where is he?

He is there.

In the cupboard.

Give me.


Give me the key.

Key. - Please,
don't use the key Avade.

Give me.

I'll give you but be careful.

I have somehow managed to
lock him up in the cupboard.

He's very dangerous.

Come with me.
- Careful Avade. Careful!

'He choked my neck.
- Why do you get scared of a puppet?'

'He choked me with one hand.
- Shut up.'

'Avade! Forget it!
Let's hang out somewhere.'

Let's go to the river.
- No.

Please listen to me.

Forget it. We'll go out.

Oh my! Ramdas Padhye! Ramdas Padhye!

Avade! Ramdas Padhye!

Ramdas Padhye!
- Aah!

I told you so!

Stupid, it's just a baggage.

Look at Tatya Vinchu sitting inside!
He is so cute.

Look at that killer!

Don't go there. No, no. Tatya!

It's such a sweet puppet.

Hey sweet puppet,
chant your spell now.

Laksha! I think you seriously
have a mental problem.

It's a non-living thing.

He doesn't seem alive.
- Cutie-pie

- My dear, sweetipie!

Tatya Vinchu must be
feeling very happy.

- Look!

Is it trying to harm me?
- No.

Hey keep him away otherwise
he will take your body

and I will lose my soul partner.

Laksha you...
- Keep him away!

You're too scared of him, right?

- Then let's do one thing.

What? We'll throw him
somewhere far away from us.

Okay. But no!

He can walk and come back to us.

Oh really?
- Yes.

Then I have an idea.
- What?

Let's bury him in my farm.

Good idea, let do it quickly.
- Come on.

Let's go quickly.

Tatya I will bury you.

You humiliated me in this village.

- You have troubled me a lot.

You have made my life hell.

Ah! Finally!

Tatya Vinchu, final goodbye to you.

Thank god!
Tatya Vinchu's funeral is done.

Now are you happy?
- Yes.

Now give me a smile.

You are not supposed
to smile in a funeral.

Let's pay condolences
to the deceased soul

by observing two minutes of silence.

Hey! That's not supposed
to be done for a puppet.

Even if it was a puppet,
it's dead now. Dead...

I can't trust Tatya Vinchu.

He will somehow come out of it.

I am leaving from here.
- Hey!

"How do I tell you
that you're just hallucinating?"

"You cannot run away
let me help you now"

"People will laugh at you
and will call you"



"You are possessed!"

"How do I explain you?"

"How do I explain you?
I am too worried!"

"How do I explain you?
I am too worried!"

"Tatya Vinchu can
come from anywhere!"

"I can't even smile anymore"

"Why are you doing this?
You are failing my love"

"Why are you doing this?
You are failing my love"

"What kind of a man you are?"

"You're such a big coward"

"What kind of a man you are?"

"You're such a big coward"

"Why are you doing this?
You are failing my love"

"Why are you doing this?
You are failing my love"

"Tatya Vinchu has made my life hell"

"Tatya Vinchu has made my life hell"

"Please help me here"

"I am torn from the inside"

"I am torn from the inside"

"I am torn from the inside"

"Hey hey hey"

"How do I tell you
that you're just hallucinating?"

"You cannot run away
let me help you now"

"People will laugh at you
and will call you"

- "Possessed!

"Possessed! You are possessed!"

"I am convinced
and it's only because of you"

"Come to me, my Avade"

"To kill the fear of Tatya Vinchu
you need courage"

"Aw, that hurt"

"Come to me, my dear"

"My baby is acting mature now"

"My baby is acting mature now"

"I love my sweet
and well-behaved baby"

"My baby is acting mature now"

"My baby is acting mature now"

"I will tell you 800 times
that Laksha is in love"

"I love you too much and I'll bring
a car to take you home"

"I will tell you 800 times
that Laksha is in love"

"I love you too much and I'll bring
a car to take you home"


"Who is behind the girl?"

"Who is behind the girl?"

"Who is behind Avadi?"

"Laksha chases Avade
Tatya chases Lakha"

"Laksha chases Avade
Tatya chases Lakha"

"I will crush that Tatya"


"Who's behind the screen?"

"Who's behind the veil?"

"Behind the screen
is the woman I love"

"I have given my heart to her"


"Tatya is a stupid person
and I am your man"

"Tatya is a stupid person
and I am your man"

"Tell your father
that you want to marry me"

"Damn that Vinchu Tatya!"

"Damn that Vinchu Tatya!"

"I am your perfect partner"

"Tell your father
that you want to marry me"

"You were doing fine"

"What's wrong with you now?"

"And who is the ghost
that possessed you?"

"Prayers, wishes,
we have tried everything."

'Now there's only one medicine"

"What's left now?"

"Among all the stations in Mumbai"

"Among all the stations in Mumbai"

"Where do you want
to go for honeymoon?"

"We'll break the signal"

"We'll go for a honeymoon, dear"

"We'll break the signal"

"We'll go for a honeymoon, dear"

"I had a wonderful dream
about our marriage"

"You have become my wife
now give me a smile"

"People will laugh at you
and will call you"

- "Possessed!

You are possessed!"

"I am possessed by love"

"I am possessed by love"

Tatya! Tatya! Tatya!
- What happened?


How did he come out?
- Leave him be.

I think a dog must have dug him out.

Throw it away!

Hey! Stay away.
- Laksha your puppet is...

Save me! Save me! Tatya!
- Laksha! Listen to me.

Laksha! Listen to me. Laksha!

Move away! Tatya is coming!
- Laksha, listen!

How far will you run?
- He is ghost!

Move away. Shivaji Maharaj, help me.

Come here.
- Help me.

I am dead.
Tatya! Please keep him away! Mother!

Laksha, listen to me.
- Mother!

- Laksha!

Mother! I don't want him near me.

Laksha, tell me what happened?

Why are you behaving strange?

We buried him but he came out.

Laksha, it's just a puppet.
- Here it is.

There's the ambulance.
Give it to them.

He is the patient.
Catch him!

Hey! What are you doing?
Why are you taking him?

We are taking him to
a mental hospital. - Why?

Oh, okay.

Is it for a program there?
- Yes. Yes.

It's a big program and he's
the chief guest there.

God bless you my son!

Go safely.

Hey Sakhya and Tukya, leave me.

Hey leave me.

Gauri look, they're taking
me to a mental hospital.

Move aside you cockeyed!
What are you doing?

I am not a mental patient.

Fatso! Leave him.

Gauri! Send that puppet
back to America.

It's possessed.
It came out from its grave.

Mother, don't wait for
me to join the dinner.

Avade, take care. I'll write
you a letter when I reach there.

I am a sane person. I won't cry.
- Laksha.

- What will happen now, Gauri?

I don't know, Avade.

Maybe he'll become normal
in the mental hospital.

Gauri, he'll become normal, right?
- Yes.

This bloody puppet has
driven him insane. - Yes.


Now I will send this
puppet back to America.

Did you keep the bag in the car?

Yes, sir.
- Hmm.

And look,
after you drop me to the station

you've to come back home immediately.

Gauri will be alone at home.
- Yes, sir.

Gauri! Dear, where were you?
I was waiting for you.

But where are you going?

The Commissioner has called
me to Mumbai on urgent basis.

Oh no!

I'll be back soon.

But I'll have to stay alone here.


Is my brave daughter
scared to stay alone?

Not at all! I am very brave.

But I get bored alone.

It's only a matter of two days.


Shankar will drop me to the station
and he'll be back in an hour.


What is this? A doll?


Is this your age to play with dolls?

This isn't my doll, daddy.

This is Laksha's puppet,
Tatya Vinchu.

Oh, he's the one!

Good! Good!

Okay. I will see you soon.

Even Mahesh is in Mumbai,
so any messages for him?

No, he had called me in the morning.

You thieves!

Bye daddy!
- Take care. Bye!

Hey cockeyed!
- You get off the van.

I am telling you the truth
that I am not mad.

Keep walking.
- Hey cockeyed!

I will shave your moustache
and still it to your baldhead.

Go inside.
- Shut up!

Leave me!

I am not crazy.
I am telling you that I am not crazy.

They both are mad.
Where are you taking me?

Finally, I am relieved.

What? Kubdya Khavij escaped
from our custody? - Yes, sir.

Shinde, this is ridiculous.

I am sorry, sir.
- Damn it!

Did you find Baba
Chamatkar's whereabouts?

Yes, sir.

We have prepared his file.
Here's the file.


We must guard all major routes
in Mumbai to catch Kubdya Khavij.

That won't be required, Shinde.

I know where that Kubdya
Khavij is headed to?

I am Kubdya Khavij.

Tatya Vinchu's right hand.

I was here when you gave
him the death-control spell.

Look, it's time for our meditation.
Put the incense! - Hey!

Damn your meditation.
- Huh!

Quickly tell me,
where Tatya Vinchu is, otherwise...

Oh God! Why did I have
to be in this profession?

Everyone is after my life.

That Tatya Vinchu...
- Hey! Tell me quickly.

Hey, reduce the smoke.
- You bald-head.

Do you want to put
that incense in my throat?

Take it easy.
- Yes.

Listen to me.

Your Tatya Vinchu is currently
trapped in a puppet's body.

How did he come here?

Tatya Vinchu, huh!

Now do you believe
that I am Tatya Vinchu.

(Chants the spell)
- Ah!


No! No! No! No!

(Chants the spell)
- Mahesh!


Shinde, get some water.
- Yes, sir.


Sit down.

Gauri, what happened?

Mahesh that puppet is alive.


It's is not a puppet.

It's Tatya Vinchu.

Sir, water.

Drink water.


Relax, Gauri.

Tatya Vinchu is alive.

Today he attacked me.

Oh God!

Mahesh, Laksha was not lying.

Tatya Vinchu is alive.

This case can't be solved
unless I meet Baba Chamatkar.

(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)

Sir! He is Baba Chamatkar.

Are you Baba Chamatkar?

Do you know Tatya Vinchu?
- Huh!

Speak or I'll put everyone in jail.

Yes, sir, I know Tatya Vinchu.

In what context?

He came to learn
the death-control spell from me.

Go on, keep talking.

With the help of that spell

he entered the body of a puppet.


And then?

Sir, now he wants to
leave the puppet's body

and enter a human's body.

For that he is hunting
Laksha from Shrirangpur.


Please save his life, sir.

the consequences will be bad.

That evil Kubdya Khavij...

has gone to help Tatya Vinchu.

- Yes, sir.

And if you want to finish
Tatya Vinchu's life

then you will have to strike
between his two eyebrows.

- Yes!

Only then Tatya Vinchu can die.

O God!

O God!

I can hear all the mental patients.

I don't understand what to do.

I am surrounded by mental patients.

They make me feel
that I am a mental patient.

Thank God! At least I am
safe from that Tatya Vinchu.

It's impossible for Tatya
Vinchu to come here.

Tatya Vinchu?

What if he comes from this window?

There's no one here and this
window is at a decent height.

It's impossible for Tatya Vinchu
to come. He cannot climb the...

I can hear something
crawling on the pipe.

It must be a rat.

Laksha! I am here!

Tatya Vinchu!
Tatya Vinchu! Now I am dead.

Help me! Tatya Vinchu!
Tatya Vinchu! Doctor!

Doctor! Ward boy!
Tatya Vinchu is here.

He is here to kill me.
Tatya Vinchu is here!

Tatya! Tatya! I am dead now.

Tatya Vinchu! Hey Tatya! Tatya!

Don't come up.
There are only mental patients here.

Go away! Go away!


He is here. O God! i am dead.

I am dead now! Doctor. Doctor.

Doctor? Ward boy? Doctor Khare?

Any doctor here?

Please run from here.
Tatya Vinchu is here to kill me.

Help me! Doctor please come fast.

Tatya Vinchu is here.
- What are you blabbering?

Tatya Vinchu has come
here through a window.

Save me.
- Pandu, open the door.

I'll give him a sedative.
- No, please don't.

Shut up and listen to me.
- Please listen to me.

I'll give you a sedative.
- Tatya Vichu is here.

Where is he?
- There.

No one is there.
- He was here a moment ago.

There's no one in the window.
Look, I'll give you a sedative.

What happened to him here?
- Run!

O God! Vinchu is after me.
I must run away.

I am safe now.

I found you!

Tatya! Tatya Vinchu! Tatya! Tatya!

You can't escape from me.
(Chants the spell).

Tatya Vinchu!

Tatya Vinchu I knew you were alive.

It's good that you have come.
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Take me from here Kubdya!
- Where do you want to go?

I'll tell you.

(Chants the spell)

Police. Where is Laxmikant Bolke?

He just escaped from here.

He escaped? - I tried to
inject him a sedative but...

He escaped.
- Mahesh!

Damn it! Where do you think
he must have gone?

I think he must be at home.


Mother! Open the door.

Mother! Open the door.

Open the door.

Who is there at this
hour of the night?

- Open the door.

Mother! Open the door.

Mother! Open the door.
- Coming!

Who is it?
- Mother, it's me Laksha.

Mother! Open the door.


Quickly open the door. Quickly!

How did you come here? And why are
you locking the door? Hey Laksha!

I ran from the hospital.

You ran away from there?
- Yes.

You get back there.
- No.

You get back there.
- No! Tatya Vinchu is after me.

That puppet?
- Yes.

Oh God! You're still acting crazy.

No mother!
- Don't do that Laksha.

Aren't you my clever boy?

Go to the mental hospital again.
- What!

And come back when you
recover completely.

What are you saying?
- Look.

Only for my dear son tomorrow,

I will bring a delicious
lunch box for you. - Yeah.

Go back my dear son.

Don't tell me to go back.
- But dear...

I don't want to die there.
- You're my good boy, right?

Look, stay here for a night
and go back in the morning.

Okay. In the morning...

Now who's there?

Tatya Vinchu is here.

It must be a needy person.
- No! No!

You want to help a needy person
and throw your son out of the house.

Please don't mother! Please don't!
- It must be someone needy.

- Hide me. Hide me.

Mother, be careful.
He might make a sudden attack.

Hey Laksha!
- What happened?

Someone knocked at our door
but there's no one outside.

No one's there?
- No one.

No one at all?

He must have left.
Forget it and lock the door.

- Mother! Mother!

Mother! Mother! Close the door.

Close the door! Mother, run!

(Chants the spell)

I curse you to die!

Stop it! Laksha!
- Now I will spell that chant.

(Chants the spell)
- Laksha! Oh my God!

I believe you now.

- No!

Keep your mouth shut.
- Okay.

(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)
- Mahesh!


Inspector Mahesh.
- Mahesh, Mahesh.

I will not spare you today.



Now you see how Tatya
Vinchu is alive?

He's tied me too tightly.
- Auntie!

Now you believe me?
- Yeah.

You wanted to send me to
the mental hospital, huh?

I am sorry!
- Thank God, Mahesh reached here

or we would be dead.

Don't scream, it's Mahesh.

Get rid of him.

(Chants the spell)
- Leave me!

(Chants the spell)

Mahesh! Mahesh!
- (Tatya Chants the spell)


Hello Laksha!
- Oh my god!

The door is closed. Oh no!

Someone save my Laksha.

Tatya don't come near me.

- Laksha!

- Laksha! Rest in silence.

Mahesh! Come fast! Mahesh! Mahesh!

(Tatya chants the spell)
- Please stop!

Mahesh! Mahesh is here!
Mahesh, hurry up.

(Chants the spell)
- Hey! Hey! Mahesh!

Mahesh, he must be here.
He must be here.

God knows where he went.
- Mahesh, I think...


Mahesh. Hey Mahesh.

Mahesh! Shoot him.
- Hey!

You are a sweet puppet!

Kubdya don't spare him.

I will not spare you Laksha!

Hey leave me! Leave me!
Mahesh, he is not leaving me.

Mahesh, look, what's he doing to me?

(Chants the spell)
- Leave me.

Up side!
Oh God!

Oh God!

Mahesh! My leg! Leave my leg!

Mahesh! Mahesh! Leave me.

- Laksha!

Stay in this position.
I will chant mantra.

Do you understand?
- No!

Mahesh! Mahesh! Mahesh!

(Chants the spell) - Please don't.


Mahesh! Mahesh!


Tatya Vinchu could have killed me,

What happened, Mahesh?
- Nothing.

Let's go.

- Be careful.


- Don't fall!

Laksha! Someone save my son!

Tatya what are you doing?
Please don't kill me.

Now be rested.

No! - I'll chant the spell.

- I'll chant the spell.

Tatya, I beg of you. Mahesh! Mahesh!

No one can save you now.

(Chants the spell)
- Mahesh!

- Please! Save my son!

Please let me go Tatya.

Save him!
- What will happen now?



(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)

O god!

(Chants the spell)
- Mahesh!

Mahesh! I think I am going to die.

(Chants the spell)
- Mahesh!

(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)


(Chants the spell)
- O God! Mahesh! I am going to die.


(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)

Mahesh, help me.

(Chants the spell)

(Chants the spell)

Laksha! Laksha! Laksha!


Laksha! Laksha!


Keep walking!

Keep walking.
- God has been kind to my son!

It was all because of Mahesh sir.

Otherwise Tatya Vinchu would
have killed me. - Yes, my dear.

Sakhya, Tukya just kept watching.

Damn him!

Mahesh, thank God!
We were too scared.

With Laksha's help I killed
Tatya Vinchu for the second time.

Take Kubdya away from here.

Yes, sir.
- Come on, let's go.

Please sit down.
- Please be seated.

So folks,

Tatya Vinchu case-solver,

inspector Mahesh Jadhav,

and his partner in mission,

our dear Laxmikant Bolke
will be felicitated today.

Give them a big hand.

Please come Maheshrao.
Please come Laxmikant.

Thank you.

Please come!
- This is great!

Come on.

- A round of applause.

Also folks there is a good news.

Maheshrao is going to be
the son-in-law of this village.

Round of applause.

And secondly,

Laxmikant Bolke is going to be
the son-in-law of constable Tukaram.

Tukya! - Shut up.

Give me tobacco.
- Get lost.

But Laxmikant will be felicitated

not by me. He will be felicitated

by his own guru from Mumbai,

the expert ventriloquist,
Mr. Ramdas Padhye.

Welcome Mr. Padhye.
- Welcome!

- Move out of the way!

Welcome! Welcome!
- Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

- Greetings.

So today,

I will not felicitate
Laksha with a garland

but I will give my student here

a small gift.

He's going to gift me something.
- Yes!

- Yes!

Receive your gift.

Mahesh! Mahesh!

"I am possessed by love"