Zandy's Bride (1974) - full transcript

Zandy Allan purchases a mail-order bride, Hannah Lund. He treats her as a possession, without respect or humanity, until their shared ordeal as they struggle to survive develops in him a growing love.


(man) 'Hey,
I thought you said you put it'

'out here
by the lady's luggage?'

'I don't see it
out here anywhere.'

That's where it should be.
That's where I left it.

'Uh, hell, it ain't here now.'

'Somebody must have
walked off with it.'

You'd be Miss Hannah Lund,
wouldn't you?

You advertised and I answered.

Before this goes any further,
we got some talking to do.

Come on over here.

Set those down. Set 'em down.

Now for openers, Miss Lund,
you ain't no 25, are you?

What else you lie about?

I'm 32.

'You wrote in your letters
you were 36..'

and... and I thought
if I told you the truth

you wouldn't be interested.

Well, you were
precisely right there.

I got no use for a liar.

Especially a woman I'm gonna
spend my rest of my life with.

Everything else
I wrote was true.

Except you look on the
long side of child bearin'.

I want children.

I can have them.

Can you?

How do you know?
Did you ever have any?

- 'Need a hand?'
- 'No!'

I mean, I can't tell
a thing by lookin'.

There were no lies
in my letters.

'Everything I wrote
to you was true.'

'It's rough where I live.
No roads, no neighbors.'

I eat deer meat and beans.

I spend all I make on cattle.

That's my style.
I got no mind to change.

I work a seven-day week.

And expect the woman, uh..

...I marry to do the same.

'Comfort my bed at night.'

You marry for keeps
in this country.

You go down
that coast road with me

and there's no turning back
short of death.

'Cost you $2 for the wedding.'

'Same as anywhere.'

Is that all you bring?

They lost my trunk
in San Francisco.

They said they'd ship it out.

That means it's Sierra Nevada.

You won't see it
for another eight months.

I came to get married.

I always stop up ahead
at the Little Sur.

We'll make a long nooning there.

Better rest these beasts.

Want some food?
I've got plenty.

Yeah, much obliged,
but we've got our own.

Easy now.

I understand how you must feel

after riding
over those mountains.

'Where'd you find them?'

He seemed to be lonely man.

He seemed to be a lonely man!

If you keep sticking your hand
out like that and speaking up

you're gonna meet a lot of 'em.

I grant you're not a coast woman

you don't know the ways

so I'm only
gonna correct you once.

Why didn't you marry
a coast woman, Mr. Allan?

Because the blood's all bad.

Eh, matches inside
the door there.

Come on, Cara, go.



Wait, hell!
I spoke you straight.

I married you!

I've got..

Give me that!

Damn you, I got the right!

Get that fire started!

I want some meat right off.

Hyah! Hyah!

Come on, boy!

Hyah! Hyah!

(Zandy) Ah, yes, sir.

Yes, sir!

Ha ha! Come on! Come on.

Hyah. Hyah! Hyah!


Stop stirring that mush.
Put it in a bowl.

You don't have to do that.

The spoon and the bowl
and the table

are the only clean things
in this pigsty.

Take your hat off at the table.

From now on, you'll wash
your hands before you eat.

You give me a full bowl here.

I don't eat for fun.

Where's the clothesline?

I asked you about
your clothesline.

Don't own one.

If you have any clothes to dry

just hang them
on the bushes out here

like everyone else does.

I told you, there are
no frills in my way of life.

Nor will there be any.

I didn't ask
for frills, Mr. Allan.

I didn't ask
for things to be fun.

I just want a place of my own
where I can do my work.

This house of yours
is filthy and it stinks!

'I'm going to scrub it
from top to bottom.'

And tomorrow, I'm going to wash
every piece of cloth.

There aren't enough bushes
in miles to fill my needs.

I want a clothesline.

You know, if I don't please you

you-you know best
what to do. Just..

I told you
what my way of life was.

I got no taste to change either.

Well, everything is changed.

You did it.

You answered my letters.

I'm not gonna sit there
for any backchat from you!

You put a hand on me
and you'll have to kill me.

As God is my witness,
I will not be raped again.

That was no rape!

I paid my money for you!
That wasn't no rape!

Wasn't it?

I didn't send for
no goddamn affliction.

Come on, get up on
out of there. Hyah!


You got a baby?


Thank God!

Thank God?

What the hell you think
you're here for? My pleasure?

I've got these,
the five sisters.

They've been pleasure enough
for me till now.

I made it clear to you
what I wanted.

I don't know
what the hell you expected.


I hoped to find a friend.


A friend is one that keeps
their part of the bargain.

You want a friend in me,
give me the sons I asked for.


Hand that over, Mel.

I told you..

...this slop draws
the piss out of men.

Next time
I throw it in your face.

Pass me them beans, Zandy.

How's your hay coming, pa?

Fair enough. Fair enough.

Your brother here
did his best to ruin it.

'Cutting it
so it laid all wrong.'

If a farting rain
don't come along and rot it

I'll get my pay out of it.

Finished with
that south field, Mel?

Guess, Mel ain't talking
to his elders no more, huh?

(Mel) Yes, sir.

That's good news.

Barley in the north field
is ready to cut.

You swing cradle for me
this afternoon

I'll, uh, hold us
quits on your meal.

I thought I'd just
swing on home, pa.

'My wife's waiting for me.'

'You want your meal back, you
just stop by it for sometime.'

Zandy's been riding
his new mare so hard

his tongue's loose.

Break your mare in easy.

Don't try to get in
a year's riding in a week.

'Mel will be going
to the valley soon.'

He's the only one I..

I borned who isn't man enough
to break in a mountain.

Is something wrong?



I just don't understand her.

Maybe you ought to think
on putting in a garden.

Sometimes growing things
is a great comfort to a woman.

My land is too good for farming.
It's graze land.

You know all about healing
and everything..

I thought you'd fix me
a Yerba Buena or something

to take to her.

Is something wrong with her?

Is she ill?

In my mind..

...she's mean.

When I'm not looking,
she's crying.

She won't talk.

She never smiles.

You don't know nothing
about marriage

expect from pa and me.


...that's enough.

Tell you what I think she needs?

She needs a good spring tonic.

Maybe when the hay is in,
I'll come visit.


...suit yourself.


Hello, Zandy.


I just came by
to meet your new wife.

I didn't know
when you'd be back.

I've been taking
Miss Cordova for a walk.

It's a proper day for it.

I was telling, uh..

Hannah here

'how good
your place is looking.'


I always did say what
it needed was a woman's hand.


You also told me
I should do something

with these, um, circles.

- 'Ah!'
- 'Under my eyes.'

I didn't mean nothing, you know.

That's what you said.

No, I was
just thinking that, uh..

A woman should look her best
for her man, that's all.

Hm. Well, you're right, though.

I haven't been well lately.


It's my own fault.

Zandy's trying hard
to teach me how to ride.

'I keep falling off
the horse all the time.'

And what about your beau,
Miss Cordova?

Why didn't you bring him?

Looks like your
cinch is loose there, Maria.

Must have come
from all that walking, huh?

Yeah, I gotta be going anyway.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

Come back.


She's nice.

Kind of pale, maybe.

The stirrup.

I don't think
she knows about us, though.

Well, that's not too hard
to understand

since there's nothing to know.

Yeah, well, I could tell her
about all 'em times

you tried to peek up my skirts.

When I was a young buck, I used
to peek up a lot of things.

My pa had a little black calf
I used to peek for a while

so I wouldn't feel
too special if I was you.

Who died?

'These beans are good, Hannah.'

I thought it was time
to begin our marriage.

You're over a month late,
aren't you?

We've been strangers
for a month.

Not according to the county
of Monterey, we haven't.

You paid for a license.

That's right.

That made us man and wife
from now on.

No turning back.

I don't want to
turn back, Zandy.

You're damn right you don't.

I chose you.

I don't know
who in the hell you are..

...or who in the hell
you think you are.

But to me..

''re Mrs. Allan
from now on.'

Then we agree.


You's the first woman
I ever had.

There's no doubt
about that, Zandy.

Right, Zandy.

It helped that you were away
for a while.

Being alone, I mean.

Where I came from, I..

...I never had time to myself.

Always other people's
houses to take care of.

Plates to clean and..

And other people's
children to watch.

Answer me.

Are you with child?

This last month
I've been so frightened.

Of my son?

The rape child.

Rape children are simple-minded.

Almost always.

I kept thinking about

taking care of it all my life.

And it growing.

I was so frightened.

I was walking
by the cliffs and I..

I thought if I felt a child, I..

I'd step to the edge.

(Hannah) 'Good morning.'

Did you walk in your sleep
last night, Mr. Allan?

I saw your tracks
down by the spring.

I saw your tracks
down by the spring.

I gotta see to this damn woman!

Why the hell didn't you sing out

that there was a bear running
all over the place here

instead of saying
good morning like you

come 20 miles to see me?

I traveled 2000 miles to see you

and I haven't seen you yet.

Saddle up, Ranger.

Ill bring you back the skin
for you and the boys

if he's not too mangy. Come on.

Look at me, you son of a bitch!

Sewing and a sage poultice
is what this leg needs.

Sewing and then
the sage to draw it.

B-Bill Pincus and..

...Songer. I don't know
your first name.


This is Mrs. Allan.

Well, it's about time
somebody met you, ma'am.

Must the leg be sewn?

No, it just needs
a poultice on it.

That flesh is gonna get proud
if you don't, Zandy.

You've already done enough.
Now go on, get out of here.

Look for yourself, ma'am.

Damn it, all it needs
is a poultice, Hannah.

Needle and thread, Mrs. Allan.

Just like darning a sock.
I'll help you.

When you finish here,
go on out there..

And rub salt on that
bear skin, you hear?

You might as well.

Oh, God..

'The reason we was
down here at all, Zandy'

was to invite you
and your new bride here

down to a barbecue come
Thanksgiving down on the flats.

Gallo told us to pass
on the word to everybody.

What do you say, Zandy?

I don't think
you can count on me.

I've got a lot of work to do
and... you know..

- ..with this here...
- Want no excuses now.

Me and Bill didn't come all
this way just to hear any no's.

- Did we, Bill?
- No, we sure didn't.

Besides, there's
gonna be dancing.

I'd like to hear
Mrs. Allan's opinion.

It would be nice to
see some of the people

who live around here.

Well, hell, you see me everyday.

How could you be lonely?

Well, hell, that's a good
argument for going.

I'm not prepared
to talk about it right now.

Goodbye, Mr. Pincus
and Mr. Songer.

Thank you.

Miss, uh..


That's real nice work,
Mrs. Allan.

Really shows a woman's touch.


Mrs. Allan... I wanna
thank you for the grub.

And, uh... if he keeps saying
no to that barbecue

you just cross your legs
till he says aye.

(Hannah) 'Zandy.'

'Sunrise, Zandy.'

Aw, to hell with the sunrise.


Can you see I'm rounding out?

We're going to have
a new Mr. Allan

'yelling around here
come February.'

It's about time.

That's good.

I'll get him to help me
with the roundup come spring.

'I'll have your
breakfast ready soon.'

I'll have
none of your breakfast.

Just see to the bed.

(Zandy) 'Ain't mine.'

Do you want me to ride
with you today?

No, I don't want you
to ride with me.

You could blame me
for losing it.

I won't lose it.

What if you do? Because
you're old and worn out?

I asked you right at first
if you could have any.

You said you could.

'So I gave you a chance.'

'All I want is
what every man wants.'

'While I'm working
and planning..'

...they all get
what they want and I don't.

Come on, damn it!

(Hannah) 'I'm coming.'

We wasted a half day already.

You don't like it?

Like it?

Bet you cut your hair
just to spite me, didn't you?

I didn't cut it.
I curled it with two nails.

You're a hateful woman,
you know that?

You're just hateful.
You lied to me.

Now, you're gonna lie
to the neighborhood?

What with your curls
and all your..

...all your fancy clothes, huh?

You know, you look like
a damned maiden harlot!

- No.
- You know that?

Now, you get back in that house

and you don't come out until
you're dressed decent

like you're supposed to be!

Don't. Don't. Don't.

Get in there! Go on!

You know, I did it
for your own good.

These folks here
have been waiting months

just to poke fun at you.

'Boys, come on,
help us load the wagon.'


And, Allan, uh, this here
is my, uh, ma and pa.

And, uh, right there's
my brother Mel there.

Welcome to you.

I was, uh,
been meaning to come by

but I didn't have no horse.

'I hope you been alright.'

She looks kind of sour, Zandy.

Well, she's growing a child.

'I remember how I fared.'

'I reckon you've been
sick some, Hannah.'

So now you're out
to make me look bad, huh?

It's not the way things look.

It's how they are.

Hey, everybody, Zandy Allan
brought the beef.

Don't settle
for that fire, though.

You cook my beef with
the same care I raised it.

- 'Claro, Zandy.'
- 'Hey, Zandy, how you doing?'

- Mrs. Allan, Zandy.
- 'Mrs. Allan.'

What is that, bear meat in
that sack you brought, huh?

What you got there?

Uh, ain't that something?

I haven't had any cake
in ten years, I'll bet.

(Zandy) 'Yeah, what is it for?'

You mean you ain't heard?

No, and that don't
irritate me none either.

Well, if you want a little snort
later on, we'll be here.

What the hell is wrong with you?

I was doing it
for your own good.

Hell, I told you these people
around here are just..

...waiting to make fun of you.

(Maria) 'Zandy.'

- Maria.
- Mrs. Allan.

Say hello to Maria, Hannah.

Hello, Miss Corsova.

It's Cordova, damn it.

I expect you've heard my news.

What is it around here? N-nobody
can talk straight anymore?

I'm getting married in a week.

Who's he?

Tony Gallo.

Well, I heard you badmouth
him enough times.

Not any more.

Not now that
he's all grown and rich..

...with a thousand head
and half of Jolon.

See that cake over there?

He sends that for me
with his brother Frank.

He's gonna come fetch me
in a week.

So tonight is my farewell
to the coast.

What you think, Zandy?

I think that's your business.

Buenos dias.

What about your beau there,
Miss Cordova?

I don't think
your hair looks so bad.

No thanks to you.


Ahh! Ha ha!

'Right hand over,
left hand back.'


Oh, is that you, Maria?

Why didn't you say something?

You knew I was here.

Oh, like hell I did.

Oh, you did.

You did because I called you.

I made you come.

Tony Gallo, huh?

'You finally got somebody
to go to the bushes with you.'

Shit on you.

I died
when you married that woman.

You're gonna look real funny
about your wedding

with a black eye.

And that's where
you're heading, chica.

Zandy, I don't
wanna go to Gallo.

Get off me.

'It's getting chilly,
Mrs. Allan.'

'Now, you just tell me
where you put your coat'

'and I'll get it for you.'

'That's very kind,
Mr. Songer'

'but I know right where it is.'

'Hey, look everybody!'

'Wake up! It's here! The boat!'

'Put some muscle into it.
Let's go.'

'Come on, pull.'

You in the market
for some cattle?

I'm always in the market.

You drive 'em over, Frank,
and I'll take a look at them.

Ten dollars a head, you.. take the delivery
at my place.

It's a heavy one.
Bring it up. Bring it up.


I'll meet you at the horses
in about ten minutes.

Can you help me?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thanks.

(Zandy) 'You ruined this place.'

Turned it into
a damned town lot.

I turned it into a ranch
fit for a widow.

I'll talk about that later.
Get out of the way now.

I'm driving my cattle
through here.


What do you mean no?

Not through my garden.

Look to yourself, Hannah,
I'm coming through.

Take the corral fence down.

This is a stock gate, damn it!

Now, I'm not gonna
ask you again.

I drove these cattle
all the way from Salinas

just to please you.

Now, get out of the way.
I don't wanna hurt you.

Hannah, damn it,
this is no time to fight.

Now, come on,
get out of the way.

(Zandy) 'Hey. Hyah!'

'Come on. Hyah, hyah! Hyah!'

'Hannah, get to the house!'

No! No! Stop it!

Hannah, get in the house!

Stop that. Stop it!

Lay down. Lay down.

(Ma) 'Shh.'

'This is gonna
make you feel better, Hannah.'

She gonna be alright, ma?

No thanks to you, if she is.

'She is just good
and damn tired'

of being bullied by you,
that's what.

What are you getting
on my back for?

Clear out of here.
You ain't no help.

I got some milk here, ma.

This pitcher is almost bigger
than that cow is.

Never seen no cow like that.
What kind of mixture is that?

Ain't Spanish and Allan.

She saw you with Maria Cordova.
She told me so.

What are you talking about?

Oh, I don't wanna
to hear about that.

She's through with you, Zandy.

I don't blame her.

That was the fever talking.

'She didn't see nothing.'

Why you trying to scandal me so?

Make him go away.

You gonna take her word
over an Allan's?

I ain't no Allan. I'm a Jarvis.

'Em Jarvises lied all the time.

Well... this is the kind of
reward I get then, huh?

I bust my balls trying to get
fresh blood for my stock..

...over in that damned
cursed valley.

I got myself in a gunfight
with a bunch of renegades.

Got myself all blood poisoned
and swollen.

I was out for three months.

I managed to drag my ass
back over the mountain

to find my wife here
just spreading lies about me.

My own ma's against me.

My ranch so damned worked over,
I don't even recognize it.

Well, and no place at all
here for me.

'That's what I'm saying, Zandy.'

If it doesn't suit you,
why don't you just leave?

Maybe I will.

There are just plenty of women
like to have my sons.

Hyah. Hyah! Hyah!


Hyah! Ha!



Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Hey.

Whoa, whoa, Ranger. Whoa, boy.

Whoa, boy. Whoa, boy.


'Whoa, boy.'

Whoa, boy.

I'm sorry, boy.

I'm sorry, Ranger. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

'Get out of the way.
Move it a little faster.'

Look out, buddy.

Where you looking?

Hello, cowboy.

Wanna go to heaven for a buck?

Upside, downside, your pleasure.

I don't wanna argue, but go on.

Don't look like
you're getting it elsewhere.

A very fine stove.
Our finest, in fact.

Uh, my problem is, uh, I live up
in the Big Sur country

and have no way of
getting it home, you know.

I suppose I could, uh,
ship it by packet.

Oh, no, this..

This stove is especially
built for frontier homes.

Look. Let me show you
something else.

It comes apart.

Hey! Mind your business.

(Hannah) 'Hello, Zandy.'

I'll heat some supper for you.

Where's the child, Hannah?

What child?


It's long past
any child's bedtime.

You shouldn't have used
your dress like that.

I'm done with you
telling me what to do.

'I do what I want now.'

Well, not as long as
I'm around, you don't. No.

I've been fine without you.

Yeah, well, I know you have.

I have.

I said, I know you have,
damn it!

Look, if you want me
to go out that door

just say the word and I'll just
go right on out there.

You got the right to do that.

But as long as I'm here..

As long as there's any chance
of us coming together..

...then we'll do
what I think is right.

What you think?

- Yeah.
- You don't think.

You don't know how.

Look, damn it,
I'm-I'm trying. I'm..

I'm learning. I just, uh..

You got to give me some time.

I remember what you said
about needing a friend.

I do. I remember that. Uh..

'But just like you remembered
what I said the first day.'

I just want to forget
and forgive though.

Really wanna rub my
face in it, don't you?

I laid up with Maria.

I know.

I saw you.

Here I am.


Well, Jesus, what do you think?

I want you to tell me.

Because I'm better off here.

That blue is gonna
look good on you, Hannah.


- What's this?
- 'It's for ma.'

'And this is for you.'

It's a stove.

It's out in the barn there.

It's all in pieces

and you have to put it together.

I paid $12 for that.

I'm afraid I'm not
doing this very well.

Neither am I.

What's that?


Of course. What else?

No man on the coast
ever had two boys at once.

A boy... and a girl.


Oh, yeah, well..

A girl, huh?

That's good.

I don't have enough milk.

If it hadn't been for the cow,
I would have lost both of them.

I never would have grudged
you no cow

if I had known
you had a good purpose for it.

You'll give me a cow just like
you gave me a clothesline.

I spend all I make on cattle.

I have a seven-day week,
no frills.

'That's my style.'