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Zameen Aasmaan (1972) Movie Script | Subs like Script

Zameen Aasmaan (1972) - full transcript

Disciplinarian Shanti Swaroop (Ashok Kumar) alienates himself from his wife Urmilla (Indrani Mukherjee); son, Ravi (Sunil Dutt), and daughter, Roopa (Yogeeta Bali). His wife passes away, and he marries another woman, Maya (also Indrani Mukherjee), who looks like his wife. Maya has an on-going affair with Heeralal "Heera" (Ramesh Deo) unknown to Shanti Swaroop. A fall from a staircase makes Shanti Swaroop lose his eyesight, and makes him totally dependent on his wife, and a nurse, Kalpana (Rekha). Blinded and unable to see reason clearly, he refuses to let his daughter marry Ram (Sharad) as he is poor; and asks Ravi to leave his house, when Ravi speaks out against Heera and Maya, thus leaving the ground wide open for them to attempt to initially permanently blind him, and then blame the nurse for this negligence.