Zambo, King of the Jungle (1972) - full transcript

ZAMBO is king of the jungle! Deep in the jungles of central Africa, a lone figure moves swiftly through the trees. Often heard, sometimes seen, but never forgotten, the legend of ZAMBO is about to become real! In another life he was framed for a murder he didn't commit and left to rot in a filthy African prison, only to deftly escape into the wilderness. Friend to both man and animal, Zambo selflessly protects the African people from the oppressive forces of the outside world. As the legend of Zambo becomes too big to ignore, an expedition led by explorers Professor Woodworth, Perkins, and Juanez presents Zambo with his greatest fear: discovery. With only his strength, wits, and the help of the jungle itself, Zambo is in for the fight of his life!


(adventurous music)

- I need a light.

How about it, huh?

(match strikes)

(tense music)

- [Voiceover] Look Fred, there he is.

Get over there.

You're a piece of baggage

that's been expected from San Simmons.

He's a real quiet type, a proper
gent, so treat him nicely.

- Don't worry,

they both gets first class accommodation.

- [Voiceover] How's Valery?

- [Voiceover] Oh she got
a cabin with her sister.

- [Voiceover] In this heat,
you can't beat that place.

So she rather put up

with the mosquito bites down by the lake.



Up you go.

- [Voiceover] You too.

Get moving.

(train chugging)



- You'll pay for this

with your life.

- No.

I'm innocent, I'm innocent.

- You'll be hanged on the
morning of March the first

and may God have mercy on your soul.

- No!

(horn blows)

(tense music)


- George Ryon Jr.

Murderer, heh.

I was following your case in the papers.

I was hoping they get you.

I was sure they'd dangle your shoes

but you bought yourself off real nice.

You greased the palms of
a couple of posh lawyers

and you got yourself 30
years instead of the noose.

Real clever, smart.

You rich blokes do everything so easy.

You think with money you chance
can buy everything, right?

Well your a nobody once you
got shut up in Simmons prison.

In that place, everybody's the same.


No more champagne for you, Mr. Ryon.

You're like they are.

You're just another.

- He, he, he.

(fast chugging)


(tense music)

- Hey you.

How 'bout some water?

Just a drop.


- Get them.


- This way.

(drumbeat music)

- This way.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- [George] Quick, up against the tree.

- What's the matter with you?

We need the keys--

- They're right behind us.


- Ow.


- [George] Shut up!

Go on, take off his belt.

The key's inside.

- No.

Don't kill him.

- Sergeant, what happened?

- They got away.

No, leave 'em alone.

They're armed.

We can't afford to go in there.

Let's go back to the train.

He'll be alright.

(suspenseful music)

- Come on.

- Give it here.

There's no key.

It's not here.

(birds screeching)

- Hey friend.

- I'm not your friend, you hear.

I'm sick of your face, the
damn stink of your hide.

A bullet will fix that.

- Don't you think we ought to save 'em?

- We gotta separate.

(gun fires)

(gun cocks)

(gun fires)

- You can shoot better than that.

Give it to me.

- Keep still

or the last will be for you.

(gun fires)

(gun clicking)

- Hey, where you running?

- I go my way, you go yours.

- No.

(lion roars)

You can't go without me.

I'm coming with you.

Hey, where you going?

Take me with you.


- Alright, hurry up.

(dreadful music)


(bird screeching)

(flies buzzing)

- I never thought that killing
an animal would be so hard.

An animal fights different from a human.

- Have you ever killed a man?

- Yes.

A soldier life's my cup of tea.

It's a serious and a
very dirty profession.

- What rot.

It's just a business.

The people are making dirty.

- Now you look here.

You ain't such a white lily.

I thought they wanted to hang you.

- I never killed anyone.

Not anyone.

They got the wrong man.

- I'm real glad to know that.

- You're all angels, ain't we?

(bird screeching)

(tense music)

(bird screeching)

What are you trying to do?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

- The sun doesn't get to
this side of the tree.

North is that way.

The railroad runs on that side.

The river must be to the east, that way.

If we can make it across the river,

we'll be close to the border.

About 40 or 50 miles from here.

- That's a hell of a long way.

Are you sure of that?

- I'm only sure of one thing.

There's a way out of here

and I'm gonna find it.

I'll find it sure as hell.

We gotta cross the river.

It's our only hope.

(suspenseful music)



(elephant trumpeting)

(motor chugging)

- Hey, there's a boat.



(tense music)


(boat chugging)


I'll bet.

- What?

- I'll bet this is the first time

you had a bath since prison.


(both laugh)

(tense music)

Come on.

(elephants trumpeting)

(waterfall rushing)

- Wait.

Listen, we've been going for three days

on an empty stomach.

I can't go on.

I can't go on any longer.

You hear?

- Now listen buddy, so you hungry.

What do you expect of me?

I'm not your nurse maid, understand?

Now get away from me.

(birds chirping)



(both grunt)


(cougar growling)

- What are you doing?

- We're out of matches.

- I'm hungry.

I'm hungry, I'm dying, you understand.

(cougar growling)

- Hear that?

The whole jungle.

If I don't get this fire started

there's not much chance that
we'll make it out of here.

They'll eat us alive.


(dreadful music)

I got it.

I told you that I can do it.

Where are you?

A fire.



Hey, look what I've done.

What's the matter with you?

What happened?


(fire crackling)

Here, drink.

- Let me die.

You go on alone.

- Look.


Look, Look!

We're saved.

We're both saved.

We're gonna make it.

We'll make it.

That's it.

We're saved.


We're saved.


You can't die now.

You gotta hang on, you hear me?

Come on, you mustn't die.


(sad music)

He was my friend, but I
didn't even know his name.

Heavenly father, please take care of him

in your infinite love.

(change to drumbeat music)

(breathing heavily)

(speaking in foreign language)

- You'll pay for this

with your life.

(natives chanting)

(speaking in foreign language)

- You'll be hanged that morning

until your dead.

(drumbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(children laughing)


(adventurous music)

- [Voiceover] That's quite an increase.

- You know it's unavoidable

especially for this kind of product

and your buying the pure stuff, naturally.

- You only wanted half that price

the last time I bought some.

- Look, I already told you labor's gone up

and continues to get more expensive.

I fight unreasonable cost everyday

and what they get today
you would not believe.

- It doesn't matter, listen.

I called you hear for another reason.

My friend, you should be
aware of a certain fact

that's important to both
of us and especially you.

You understand?

- Not yet.

- Three years ago, two convicts got away.

They were the ones who
fled from a prison train.

- Yes, they were charged with murder.

- Well we've been told that one of the two

not only survived but is living
in a lonely pagan village

in the heart of the jungle.

- That's the one the natives
apparently named Zambo.

- It's their word for
the king of the jungle.

- Didn't I read something about it?

- The government's offered an award.

- Yes, the danger of a local revolt,

I know it was something like that.

Maybe they don't exactly like the big hold

he has over many of the people.

- The fact is the natives
have created a myth

out of this Zambo character.

The government's about to announce

that its decided to triple the reward.

Many people will be interested.

- Are you kidding?

I'd be the first one.

- You're positive the only individual

that knows the complete region.

- If I find him, I kill him?

- It's up to you, if you want to.

- Suba, they all here?

- Yes, this way.

Watch your step.

(speaking in foreign language)

They are all young and strong.

They are very good workers.

- [Voiceover] Well we shall see.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

You, come here.

Naw, this one's too young.

These are okay but those two in the back,

no they're too young for me.

- Yes, Mr. Morris.

- [Voiceover] They look
skinnier than the last bunch.

What do you feed them, leftovers?

Let's go Silver, we haven't got all day.

- Come on, hurry it up, get 'em ready.

- Hey you, set those men free.

- [In unison] zambo.

- zambo.

- [Morris] No.

(gun cocks)


(gun cocks)

(grunting and scuffling)


(grunting and scuffling)

(gun fires)

(grunting and scuffling)

- [George] Alright, you all
go back to your villages.

You're free.

Go on.

You saved my life.

- You're life is very
precious to us, Zambo.

- [George] You took
quite a chance, though.

Thanks a million, you're brave.

- Zambo has fulfilled our prayers.

We hear what the men say all about you.

- We better take care of that wound.

- But it burns only a little.

It is a small wound.

- Come on.

- You didn't fire a
single bullet, you fool.

Why not?

- Zambo I not kill because
he is people's friend.

- You!

You'll pay.

- You're a big brave man, right?

You'll have to be brave for
this because it's alcohol

(boy screaming)
and I think it's gonna hurt

you a little bit.

Not bad.

It just burns a little.

The hurt will go away.

You wait.

- Twelve men against you

and you won.

- There weren't that many men.

- Will I be strong when I grow older?

- Well that depends.

Right now I think you better
give that arm of yours a rest.

In two or three days he'll be well.

Wait and see.

There's no need to worry.

- What is the medicine
you used on the boy?

It's called alcohol, a disinfectant.

It's made from the juice of a coconut.

- Alcohol.

- Zambo has cured many
with this magic water.

- He is a great friend
to all the people here.

- This burns like fire but it's precious.

- The pain is good.

- It seems your friend
likes to keep us waiting.

- I must tell you that in such a country

one gets used to that.

- He did receive your note.

- As you.

- And you told him we'd meet him here.

- At midnight, we ought to wait for him.

- But it's very rude.

- Possibly.

He is, however, the only
guide I know that's reliable.

- [Voiceover] Good evening, Miss.

Evening gentlemen.

- Mr. Juanez.

- Yes, that's right.

- Allow me to present Professor Woodworth,

my friend and colleague.

And this is Ms. Grace, his niece.

- Why is it you sent for me?

- We're making preparations
for a safari, Juanez.

Make yourself comfortable.

- Thanks.

- My name is Perkins.

- I'm financing this
expedition into the jungle

under the guidance of Professor Woodworth

to follow the river's course all the way

to the great falls of Cladistan

and then after we do that, to
go into the jungle of Fumetet.

- You see, I hope this
place would prove important

to demonstrate a truth.

All my calculations indicate

that very close to that zone exists

traces of an ancient city that is buried.

- Not a single explorer
has yet as dare to venture

into the zone because it's
believed the territory

is occupied by a very hostile tribe.

Now the one person's
whose able to guide us

is the famous Zambo, a man
whose virtually ruler there.

So you see, Juanez, you'd have the task

of trying to find him.

- That man is not so easy to find.

- We were told that you can help us

and the jungle you know well.

You must tell us if you are willing.

- We're hoping to convince him to take us

beyond the torrents up the river.

That would be fabulous.

Think of meeting the
famous king of the jungle.

Think of having an interview.

- My spoiled niece is a
journalist and photographer

and quite a good one.

- A rather expensive operation.

- Let me assure you, money
is not a real problem.

We shall give you all that's needed.

Obviously we leave it to you to provide

whatever kind of equipment
you'll think you want.

A boat of course, a few rifles, carriers,

but you know better than we.

- And when do you want to begin?

- When you're ready.

- I'll pay you 300.


Is it a deal?

- For me that's fine.

If you are in agreement,

we'll handle the money
business tomorrow at noon.

Possibly our starting date can be set.

You can then start on the
arrangements to be made.

- [Juanez] Of course.

- Hi.

- [Boy] Morning Zambo.

(bird cawing)

- How's the arm?

- It's all better, look.

- Hey, not bad.

Let's you and I go get some water.

- Zambo, how do you know so many things?

- Oh I learn a lot of things in school

and from life as well.

- [Boy] What's school?

- [George] What's school?

Well, school's the place where one studies

and learns many things.

For example, reading and writing.

- What's that?

- Well, it's kinda hard to explain.


Now what's that all about.


- Where you going?

- I want to see what's going on.

- Me too.

Evan, you stay right here.

(suspenseful music)


- [Evan] Help!


Zambo, Zambo, help!

Zambo help, help!

Zambo, help!

- [Zambo] Well look whose here.

Old Max and his favorite son.

Don't be scared, he's a friend of mine.

No need to worry, he's harmless.

He wants his belly rubbed.

Turn over, go on.

That's it.

His old man is very
vain, he's always posing.

He could've been a successful actor

if he wasn't so lazy.

He's quite a fellow.

A long time now we've been good friends.

See how gentle he is.

He hurt his paw once
and I took care of him

just like his old man.


Wait, hold it, stop.

Come out.

All of you come out here.

Come on.

Every one of you.

Now that's better.

Let's talk this out.

Now then, what's going on here?

The tribes must respect
each other's boundaries

and they know that is a sacred rule.

Their warriors came into our territory

while we were in the forest hunting.

- It's not true Zambo

and a Cori man wants to
marry one of our women.

We must punish both of them.

- Now listen, that isn't
anything to fight about.

If the parents don't
object, allow them to marry.

We'll have a wedding, a feast,

that way both the tribes
will be brought together.

(natives cheer)

- You'll be leaving immediately.

You'll have marks on the way

to keep up with the trail that I've taken.

I'll give you the usual
signals before you attack.

- You're joking.

We run away?

Listen, you know what it would cost

to organize this little journey?

You need some boys and a boat.

- Listen to him.

Oh he's clever you know.


I must commit Eddie to an old folks home.

The reward money will
definitely pay for it.

Here, this ought to be enough.

I leave tomorrow so you better
start looking for your men.

You should stay at a distance,

if you don't you're taking a chance.

Get it? See that you stay well back.

But you can always catch
up with us late at night.

(adventurous music)

- I'm dying of the heat.

Can't we go faster?

It's so hot.

- No, you'll just have to be patient.

- And besides, it might
frighten our friends over there.

We can't do that, can we Juanez?

- Oh look at those two right there.

(camera click)

(camera click)

Look down there, the great falls.

- At that point, the
river gets pretty brutal.

That's why we'll have to go ahead on foot.

Go on over to that side.

- [Grace] This makes it all worth while.

- [Professor] It's lovely.

(speaking in foreign language)



- What is it?

- There's a man and a boat
that goes poom poom poom.

- How many?

- I saw three white men, one woman.

- A woman?

- Mmm hmm.

- Well if there's a
woman, it probably means

they're some kind of missionaries.

I'm gonna go take a look anyway.

(ominous drumbeat music)

(birds chirping)

(elephant trumpeting)

(change to calm music)

(Evan whimpering)

Evan, what are you doing here?

- I want to come with you.

- I don't want you to come along.

You stay away.

- You won't have anyone there to help you.

You need to have a friend.

- You'll only be in the way.

- Please?

- Alright, but you do as I tell you.

(change to suspenseful music)




(gun fires)

(gun fires)

It wasn't necessary to shoot.

- But what else could I have done?

- Grace.

- Thank you.

I'm professor Woodworth
and this is my niece Grace.

- We're very grateful.

- May I ask what you're doing here?

- Actually, we came here to find you

and instead it seems that you found us.

We wanted to talk to you.

- Why?

- We need your help.

You see, our expedition is scientific.

You're familiar with
the area, I understand

and you can take us deep into the jungle.

To a place where--

- Please, there's plenty of time.

There are more important things to settle.

For instance, I think we must decide

were we're going to spend
the night, don't you?

- Well you might camp near me.

My house isn't far from here.

There's only one thing.

I'm going have to take your weapons,

your rifles and pistols,
till I know you better.

Don't worry, you'll be
alright in the jungle

as long as you're with me.

(drumbeat music)

- Hey you, over there.

(dishes clattering)

- [Professor] I wonder how
the men are holding out.

Let's go and see.

How are the men?

- They're tired.

We really gave them a good work out today.

They'll feel better tomorrow.

- Have you ever seen this Zambo before?

- I haven't, no, how could I?

I never been this far up the river.

- How did you manage to teach yourself

all of the native tongues
and customs of the natives?

And you know everything
about the habits of animals.

- Well, when it's a matter of survival,

you'd be surprise how fast you learn.

And then after what had happened,

it taught me to live again.

Actually the old days I don't miss at all.

I'm free here.

- [Perkins] Oh yes.

Freedom, you could put it that way

but then your used to it, aren't you.

It's become a habit of course,

but then we're all creatures of habit.

It's a vast kind of prison certainly

but your,

your hardly a free man.

- Only two people in the
world know I'm innocent.

I'm one of them.

- How can you live through it

where other men have not succeeded?

You have great courage.

- Well, it was a matter of pride.

Most of my life was wasted
on buying what I wanted.

Cars, clothes, women, you know.

Whatever you call it, that was me.

Oh I enjoyed it, till the trial

when they said I was
guilty of killing a man.

I was about to spend the
rest of my life in prison

for a crime I didn't commit

so I decided to escape, that's all.

When I jumped the train,
I wasn't sure I'd make it.

Well I sure did.

I made it, I lived.

And after being among these people,

I wouldn't want to go back to your world.

I wouldn't fit in even if they
made me a free man tomorrow.

My life is here.

- I don't think you have
any right to say that

till you're proven innocent.

(elephant trumpeting)

- Hold it.

If you're not too tired,

you can set up camp on the
other side of the mountain.

What do you say?

- Alright.

- Fine.

- Okay, let's go.

(drumbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(native chanting music)

(bird cawing)

(camera click)

- Hold it.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Hey, look over there.

That's his mark.

- Yes.

Well we know we're on the right track.

(speaking in foreign language)








- Isn't a wonder that
these savages can exists

in the age of our modern society.

- Yes, it is.

- [George] Yeah they
dance and be the tom tom.

Meanwhile we're raging
wars over half the world.

In a great many ways,

these people are more
civilized than we are.

I've learned a great deal from them.

Seen them being taught by their fathers.

And that's their only school.

(calm music)

(birds chirping)

(birds cawing)

(speaking in foreign language)

Look at that.

- Oh, this is fantastic.

Come and look.

It's marvelous uncle.

- This is it, Grace.

Buried in that jungle is the
mythical city of the sun.

The ancient city that was called Zimbawe.

(speaking in foreign language)

- He says the city of
Zimbawe was destroyed

by a fiery storm.

That's what the legend is.

- Lava of course.

The eruption of a volcano
in these mountains.

Well, let's not waste time.

(lion roars)
(monkey hollers)

- What's that?

(footsteps running)

- You'll hang on the morning

of March the first

and may God have mercy on your soul.

(lion roars)

- It's horrible.

- It's life.

The survival of the fittest.

(tense music)

- Alright, here's another marker.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Grace, look.

Come quickly.

(speaking in foreign language)

Look at this.


Look Grace, the very
walls of the buried city

just as I imagined.

I knew it, it's fantastic.

Perkins, look at this.
- [Perkins] You mean

this is really it, Henry?

We found it?

- You can tell them to unload,

we've reached our destination.

They can put up the tents.

Look at the size of these stones.

- How far does it extend?

- Look at this, Perkins, the simplicity.

- Okay, tell your men to unload.

(speaking in foreign language)

Well, are you tired?

- No, I'm happy.

- Want to tell me why?

- I suppose that it's just after
all these months of waiting

uncle's finally realizing his dreams

because I never dreamed
it possible for me to see

so many beautiful and interesting things.


- And what?

- Well, because,

I don't know.

I'm just happy.

(speaking in foreign language)

- One, two, three.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Some features of this drawing

suggest a certain species of bird.

The one place that this
particular bird has been found

is here in this region.

It's because of this drawing

from the British museum in London

that I find myself here.

- I'm certain to find
whatever I've been looking for

but there's a lot of work to be done.

- I'm afraid professor

that I'm not going to be much help to you.

It's not my line.

- Well my niece can explain
the whole project to you,

that is if you're interested.

- Grace is the most thorough assistant

the professor's has had you know.

- Yes, I'd be glad to explain things.

- Mr. Perkins, the men
have prepared supper.

- Oh.

- You can eat now if you want.

- There's still some light.

- I'm famished.

Please let's eat now.

- [Perkins] Come, it's time.

Come on.
- [Professor] Alright.

- [Grace] Before it's dark.

(speaking in foreign language)

(crickets chirping)

Since your escape,

the press has written
a great deal about you.

They re-examined various
angles of your trial.

One reporter, for example,
is sure you're innocent.

Every week there's a new article.

I'm convinced that you're innocent

but there's still remains
the mystery of the woman

whom you always refused to name.

All you have to do is reveal her name.

If you did, it would surely
open up the whole trial.

Do you love her very much?

You do love her.

(melancholic music)

- Love?

Love to her has no meaning.

- But then, why?

It's not important now.

- [Professor] Grace, look what I've found.

Come quickly.

Everyone, come and look.

Hurry, come and see what I've found.

- [Evan] Zambo, Zambo.

- [Professor] Come here quickly, everyone.

- [Grace] What is it?

- Look at this.

(Grace gasps)

- Oh uncle, it's fantastic.

- [Perkins] I've never
seen anything like it.

Fabulous thing.

They look like rubies to me.

Rubies, do you hear that?

They eyes are genuine rubies, I know.

Marvelous discovery to have made.


- Look.

- Something's happened.

- You could be right.

Let's get 'em moving.

- Incredible, Henry.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Can you imagine what remains
still to be discovered?

Henry, shouldn't we put
the jewels in a safe place

instead of leaving them there in the open?

- They've been safe for centuries.

(speaking in foreign language)

- What's happened? What's going on?

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Professor] Grace,
quickly, bring the camera.

(camera click)

The drawing from the museum
has the kind of marking.

Grace, get as near as possible.


(camera click)
it appears to be

part of the same design.

(camera clicks)

That's fine, perfect.

Look at this.

My god.

- Imagine being so incredibly lucky.

- It appears to form a complete thought.

- But then, can't you
decipher the symbols?

You ought to be able to.

Why can't you treat them like words?

Actually read them.

- Not so easy.

You see, I can recognize
some but not many.

- Wait, wait, look at this
symbol with the two eyes.

- Yes, that one

is surely meant to signify life.

The symbols indicate

these people had achieved a
high grade of civilization

that could've been more advanced

than the Mayans or the Incas.

They studied the stars

and the cosmic harmony.

Let's find a reason.

This is the eye of divinity
and this, the sky of blue.

This could signify to leave
the ground, to ascend,

and go behind the clouds.

Now when the eye drops to earth,

it's hidden, obscured then it's

transformed some way

and it's revealed as a shining creature.

The goddess that watches earth.

Oh dear.

- The sun.

Could it mean the sun?

- Of course.

The sun.

- Well, then, you've discovered it.

- No, not yet.

That's not all.

I know very little, there's
a great deal to decipher.

- [Grace] I think you
should have a cup of tea.

- [Professor] Thank you.

- [Grace] What do you
say I go and make some.

How about you two?

- [Perkins] Marvelous idea, Grace

It's just what we need.

- Tea is the only drink
that quenches thirst.

- [Perkins] Yes.

- Don't think that any of you

will ever be able to leave here.

- You've seen the idol with
the red and flaming eyes.

Those evil eyes.

And he'll reek vengeance.

It's all because of them.

- Zambo will keep us from danger.

- No.

I say Zambo doesn't
know what we're risking.

- Then we must help him see it.

- No.

It's likely that Zambo would
say we're being only foolish.


Zambo sees but the eyes of the lady.

She's weaved a spell, see?

She's holding him with her gaze.

- Well, my dear, it's not
very much like home, is it?

- You mean Stauffacher?

- [George] Sounds nice.

- I hate Stauffacher.

- Oh.


- Bring the flashlights and those ropes.

(speaking in foreign language)


- Alright, that's fine.

The flashlights, quick.

- Hey, what's the matter?

Didn't you hear?

Oh no, you stay here.


(tense music)

- [Professor] Over here.

Bring the light over here.

- [Perkins] Let me see.

It's fantastic, look.

- I told you,

all my theories and calculations
have proved correct.

- Frankly, I was more than a bit skeptical

but that was only a first.

Now imagine all the treasures
that are yet to be found.

It should be very lucrative
judging by present prices.

- Everything remains here, you understand?

It will belong to the
people of this territory.

- Oh ridiculous.

Do you expect an ignorant bunch of savages

to appreciate what we found?

- [Professor] I agree with George.

We're here for research only.

Either we all agree to this or
we stop everything and leave.

We don't have the right--

- To proceed.

And any poacher that comes alone,

unhampered by your scruples

will help himself to everything.

- I don't think you have
to worry about that.

- Exactly.

Without George's help, no one
could ever find this place.

- Listen, I'm not stopping now.

To go back without getting
what I paid for is absurd.

- You people are all the same.

- That's not true.

I don't agree with Mr. Perkins
and neither does my uncle.

- Why are we arguing, really?

Why should we ruin this marvelous day?

It's so futile.

These discoveries should
belong to the entire world.

Some of us might not agree
but to get angry is stupid.

I think that most of us
are tired and excited.

We could all use some sleep.

(somber music)

(wolf howling)



(stone grinding)


(crickets chirping)


- Uncle.


(low tense music)

- I've looked everywhere for him.

He's not here.

- Are those your uncle's foot prints?

- Yes.

Yes, they are.

- We'll follow them to see where they go.

- Alright.

(footsteps echo)

(crickets chirping)

(wolf howling)


(tense music)




(metal clattering)



(water pouring)

- Come on, you better start talking.

You tell us what happened to the professor

or you don't get a drop of water.


Get out of here, everyone.

Go on, get out.

(birds chirping)

(solemn music)

(breathing heavily)

- [Juanez] No.

- Yah!


You're gonna start to talk, aren't you?


What have you done with him?

Answer me.

Answer me!

- Go, go.

(guns cocking)

(speaking in foreign language)

- I'm ready to talk.

Please let

me alone.

(bullet ricochets)

(birds chirping and cawing)

- What's going on?

No, you wait here.

- No.

- Wait there.

- Untie me, hurry up.


- Ow!

(drumbeat music)


- Stay back.


- The sun.

The sun.

Behold the sun.


- Ugh.

(grunts and scuffling)

- The golden eye.

The golden sun is the eye.

(drumbeat music)


- Ow!




(metal clattering)




- Ugh!

(Evan laughs)

(gun cocks)

- Careful Zambo.

(gun fires)

- You move one finger and I'll fire.

Do I make myself clear?

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Grace] Help!

(Grace struggling)

(tense music)

- Sun.

Golden sun.

(stone grinding)

The sun shines through

for us all.

- What?

George, come outside.

- The sun shines through.

The eye of the sun god.

- Henry.


(Grace whimpering)


(speaking in foreign language)

- When the light shone on the totem.

- What are we gonna do?

The fever's no lower.

- Shone right through.

- He's only suffering from shock.

I don't think there's anything the matter

with him physically

but it's the man's mind I'm worried about.

Perkins's, you'll have to get
him back to the city, alone.

I got to find Grace, she's in danger.

- We can't go and leave behind
all these jewels though.

- Is that all you care about?

Get a move on.

Men, gather round.

Come on.

- Tell me now.

Tell me what happened to you.

What is it you've seen.

What is it you've done.

- The line shone through

the totem.

It shone through there.

- Listen now.

I want you to pack up the equipment

and all the supplies we brought here.

The professor must be taken to a doctor.

So you must do everything to get him back

as soon as you can.

Remember, I'm depending on you.


- This is ridiculous.

Where the devil are we?

Show me the right way.

If that's the trail, then
why don't we take it?

- Because this trail
is the trail of death.

Listen to the drums.

Now the whole jungle is against us.

- Ah, that's ridiculous.

Come on.

(birds chirping)


(elephant trumpeting)



(elephant trumpeting)

(lion growling)

(elephant trumpeting)

(birds cawing)

(elephant trumpeting)

(gun fires)

(suspenseful music)




(grunting and scuffling)

(Juanez screams)

(horn blows)

- Soon, the sun caused a bright glow.

Then blue and gold lit up the altar.

There was peace.

I was one with the earth and sun.

- A most interesting experience

but I'm afraid we'll have to say goodbye.

- I'll look in on you later.

- Yes.

- Well, he's clearly much improved.

It's just that our minds

recover from a great shock rather slowly

but as I've told you,
we'll have to wait a while

and quite sure that when
he gets back home to London

he'll have a much better chance
at making a rapid recovery

and I'm sure he's well
enough for the trip back.

And we can hope the
change will benefit Grace

whose more exhausted than you realize.

The best thing they can do is
get some rest and some sleep.

The sooner the better.

- We're very grateful to you doctor.

You'd been more than kind.

- Your plan to leave tonight, I take it.

- No, they'll be leaving immediately.

Unfortunately, I've been
delayed by some business.

I'll join them as soon as I can.

- What a pity.

Well Perkins, good luck.

- Yes, thank you.

- Well, what did I tell you.

You're well enough to travel to England.

Aren't you happy?

- Yes, I suppose.

That strange light

- I know, I know.

- But why don't you listen to me?

You think I'm imagining it?

The door opened before my eyes.

- Yes, I believe you, Henry.

Calm down.

- One must wait for the rising sun

when it shines on the totem.

- Are you listening to me?

- Yes, yes, but the
doctor said to stay calm.

I got to go and join Grace now.

We're going to the agency to
make reservations on the boat.

She's waiting for me down stairs.

I must try not to keep her waiting.

You understand.

Be back soon.

You might make him a cup of tea.

And see if you can manage
a little smile, hmm?

- Yes, I will.

(people chattering)

- It's this way, isn't it?

- Yes.

(people chattering)

- Ah, there's something
I got to attend to.

You go to the travel agency
to make the arrangements.

I'll see you later for dinner.

- Alright.

- [Perkins] I'm looking for Mr. Vandalen.

- He's not here.

- Oh, why don't you look?

Perhaps this might make
it easier to find him.

- It may.

- Tell him I should
like to speak with him.

- Yes sir, right away.

(jazz playing)

- [Voiceover] I believe
you wanted to see me.

- Mr. Vandalem?

- Yes.

- My name's Perkins.

Am I disturbing you?

- Not at all.

- May we sit down?

- Yes, of course.

- I'm looking for someone

who can help me organize an expedition.

I'm planning on going to Fumatet

into the heart of the jungle.

- Would you call this one scientific?

- Well, I suppose you might.

- A persistent man.

- I'll pay the price.

- Can I offer you a drink?

- Yes, thank you, a whiskey.

- Candy, two whiskeys.

- Well?

- I'm quite sure I'll be
able to accommodate you.

- Very kind of you.

- Zambo's innocent.

- Let me see.

- Money.

Zambo innocent.

- Thanks that can only condemn him

and refuse to entirely to
mention her during the trial.

But this time there's proof
beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Susan ground the confess
murders admits to lying

when she claimed that the man
called Zambo did the shooting.

That he is innocent.

So he's innocent.

- And now I'm told that
Grace's taken it upon herself

to go back into the jungle

just to bring the happy news to him.

- She's what?

- Yes, that's right.

- Into the jungle alone?

- So it seems.

- You shouldn't have let her Henry.

It's absurd, incredible.

- My niece is an extraordinary woman.

She'll get there.


- [Voiceover] Here he is.

Now that you've heard the
news, what are you going to do?

- Don't worry, I'm not leaving.

I'm staying here.

(natives cheering)

(drum beating)

(natives chanting)

(suspenseful music)

(elephant trumpeting)

(birds cawing)

(birds whistling)

- [Grace] George.

- Grace, what are you doing here?

- I came to bring some marvelous news.

Susan Grant confesses to the murder.

Your free.

- Well, what does that mean?

I'm already free.

- Well it means that you can come back to,

to civilization.

- To civilization?

You mean contaminated wastelands,

senseless murder everywhere,
exploding bombs and airplanes.

None of that is your civilization.

- I was hoping you'd come
back to London with me and...

- I can't Grace, I'd rather not.

It's a nice thought anyway.

Actually, I was hoping
you might be coming back

to stay with...

- Here, I can't.

You decided you're much better off but...

- That's okay.

We each live in our special jungle

only I like this kind
better than one of cement.

- Yes, I suppose you're right.

What about the treasure
my uncle discovered?

- I'll have it shut up

so that no one can ever find it again.

By the way, how is your uncle?

- He's coming along fine.

He'll be alright.

- I'm glad to hear it.

- He told me to tell you that
he's very grateful to you.


if you ever do decide to come back

I'll be waiting for you.

- And if you ever decide to come back,

I'll be waiting for you.


- I want to thank you for everything.

- All you need is a few weeks rest.

This hot weather is too
much of a strain on anyone

whose worked as hard as you have.

Only you gain nothing by
keeping all this a secret.

I think the world is entitled

to be told about these discoveries, Henry.

- I thought we agreed this
would not be discussed.

- Well in London, you do have

certain generous opportunities
and you owe it to yourself

to take advantage of them there.

- [Professor] Perkins,

what's the point of insisting?

Leave us in peace.

- We have very little
to show for our efforts.

- What is it your looking for?


There are more important
things than having money.

- That's one thing I
don't choose to argue.

I can't help it, so far it's
the only diversion I know.

Other delights elude me.

I'll try to keep my mind open.

- I doubt whether it's worth the trouble.

You'll be dead.

- Well until I die, it
enables me to do as I choose.

- Yes, and you satisfy yourself

asking for more than you can use.

That's why you'll be coming
back as soon as you can.

Goodbye Mr Perkins.

(horn blows)

- Well Henry.

- Thank you

and good luck.

(horn blows)

(sad music)

(change to adventurous music)