Zambezia (2012) - full transcript

Set in a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls, "Zambezia" is the story of Kai - a naïve, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of "Zambezia" where he discovers the truth about his origins and, in defending the city, learns how to be part of a community.

Marabou's at six o'clock.

There's a week stock of food
in that basket.

Keep coming.

They're heading on us.
Shake your tail feathers, Gogo.

Take this.

Direct hit.

Gogo, we just become aunties.

Hang on.
- Get them.

The eggs are getting
scrambled back here.

Be gone. You brute.

Hold on tight, ticketies.

Serious turbulence up ahead.

Don't you worry, Tini.
I'll get us to Zambezia.

Kai, get back here.

Not your cleanest landing.
- Dad, what do you expect?

You can't just shout things at me
when I'm in the zone.

Is that the Twilight Zone?
I didn't know we were hunting giraffes now.

Yeah well, I was just trying to do
something different.

Good thing you had a helmet on.
- I got nothing.

Come on, time for some real training.

Hey dad, you're pretty fast,
for an old bird.

Your dad still has a few moves left.

Then while you move aside
and watch the magic.

You know, when you were little chick
you didn't have such a mouth.

I wasn't this fast, either.

Not bad for an old bird.

Come on man.
- I'm right behind you.

Let's try for a little high-speed ascend.

Show me some upward control.


Keep the distance.
- Adjusting.

Lock wings and...


One crocodile, two crocodile...
- Three crocodile, four crocodile...

Five crocodile.
- Open your wings.

Pull up.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did.
I can't believe I did it, yeah.

What was that?
- I did it, I did it.

You trying to get yourself killed?
- Five crocodiles.

Dad, that's gotta be a new record.
Did you see that?

I saw a hot shot pulling a crazy stunt.

Where do you think I'm training you for?

To be the fastest lizard grabber in all
the Kathungu. I don't know.

I was just trying to make this fun.

I know, Kai, but...

Some day you gonna
have to look after yourself.

Cause no one else will.

Sure Dad, whatever you say.
- How about lunch?

I got your favorite, sting bug surprise.

They're going somewhere.
Why do we ever go anywhere?

I've never even gone outside the boundary.

There is no reason to. We've got everything
we need to survive right here.

That's what it is all about?
Just surviving?

Is that a mom thought?

Oh, I'm sorry Dad,
I shouldn't have said that.

Why don't you go?
Check on the fence.

I'm going to patrol the boundary.
- Hey I'll come with you.

Just check on the fence.

OK, check on the fence.
Third time this week.

Mighty Fortress of sticks.
Why do I say that?

Mention mom, pick the fence.
Simple equation.

Protecting from the critters.

Mayday, mayday. Assume crash position.
- Hold tight.

The only thing those evil bandits
are gonna eat today is my dust.

Oh, No. Gogo.

I've got the body of an old lady.

You're an old lady.

Hello, the egg.
- Right. Sorry, of course. Here.

Hello, guys.

Cute, huh?
You've made a friend for life.

I'm gonna have to fix that tear.

Thieving Marabou.

You can fix that?
- She made the whole basket. - Wow!

Hey so, where are you from?
Are you visiting someone?

It can't be me.
Let just ask to yourself...

Are you, are you passing through, or...
- We are on a mission.

Saving these poor babies
from all the bandits out there.

So where you gonna take'em now?

To Zambezia.
- There's no safer place in all of Africa.

Where is that?

Are you getting my savage boy?
You've never heard of the city of birds?

We are much further off course
than I thought.

Well my darlings, looks like
an all night flight for us.

Hold up, hold up, why rush?
We never get any guest around here.

You guys stay the night

What? Where's a big bird like me
gonna sleep?

Don't worry about it, we'll make room.
It's not much but it's home.

The ducklings could use a rest.

I do have a hard time seeing at night.

Great, so that's the plan
I'm Kai by the way. Kai, the guy in the sky.

Well that's how my friends call me,
if I had any friends.

I do not know how long I can keep him here.

He wants to go and see the world.
Meet other birds.

A free spirit, just like his mother.

I was too harsh.

And all the food.
I'm talking nuts from Nigeria.

Seeds from Sudan, bananas from Burundi.

Snails from Swaziland.

Swaziland? Where's that?
Is that november two?

Look at these two, aren't they cute?

We've got some future Hurricanes here.

- The Hurricanes patrol the skies.

Keeping Zambezia safe and sound.

They are the top fliers in all of Africa.

Protecting eggs, saving orphans,
fighting bad guys...

And all the big city?
Being a Hurricane would be so awesome.

Wait, can anyone go to Zambezia?

Of course, there's of every feather
flapping together. Well, almost any feather.

Except those vile, disgusting Marabou!!!

Who are you guys?
- You thought you could elude us?

On guard.

You've not getting this babies on my watch.

We only want the goodies in that basket.

Go on that in a civilized manner.
No one will get hurt. Comprendeis?

Nothing is civilized about you.
You eating thrashers.

You stay away from her.

- What are you doing here?


Don't fight, I'm trying to help.

My dearest brother.
Get away from me.

I did what I could.

You brought this on yourself.
- You raptors are all the same.

He was just hungry.
We all have.

As if we Marabous don't suffer enough.

Why us?

You'll pay for this.

You'll pay for this.
- Tendai?

Tendai, is it really you?
After all these years?

Kai, I told you
not to bring strangers into our home.

Come little ones, it's time we left.

Hey no way, you just got here.

What was that all about?

Wait, wait, wait. What?
Do you know her?

And that Marabou recognized you.

The fence needs repair.

Dad, come on, forget the fence.
Talk to me.

Did you know about the Zambezia place?

You did know.

All those years and you never told me?

I have my reasons.

What reason could you possibly have
for keeping me stuck out here?

I'm doing what's best for you.

The best for me?
Look for you. I have no friends here...

Nothing to do, no life.

How can this be best for me?

Gogo told me that ..

You should never had let her
into our home.

When you stick your neck out for other
birds it only brings trouble.

But on Zambezia there are the Hurricanes.

If we live there
we wouldn't have any problems.

Let me tell you how it works in Zambezia.

The strong like us protect the weak.

And who suffers in the end?

We do.
Trust me.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, but. But I'll tell you what I do know.

There is more to life than you,
and your fences and your boundaries.

There is a whole world outside Khartoum.

Let's just go to Zambezia. You, and me, and...
- I will never go back there.

Then I'm sorry. Day after day, Dad,
you teach me to look after myself.

Maybe, it's time I did.

You know where to find me.

I'm doing what's best for you.

Sorry, Dad. I had to do this.
With or without you.

Greetings, greetings.
What are you doing up here all alone?

I'm looking for Zambezia.

Then you're headed the right way.

But you'd best join the line with us
or you'll be getting very tired.

Hey, don't worry about me,
I'm used to fly solo.

Are we almost there?
- So, what you'll be doing in Zambezia?

I was kind of thinking
of joining the Hurricanes.

A country bird with big dreams.
- Something like that.

Hey, check this out.

I'm a Hurricane.

I am broken low.

I am broken very, very low.

You know what I like to do when I'm down?

Try these little chops here.
Only the ones with the...

Why us?

They have the nerve to call us, bandits.
More than get here.

And now one of them...

Has robbed me of my only brother.

And now... I am...

Alone in the world.

Not quite alone.
I mean, You've got me, your fourth cousin.

Once removed, that's something, isn't it?

Death is natural.
- Budzo.

It's just a part of the cycle of life.

The last part.

I shouldn't have been so hard on him.

Where is he?
He couldn’t gotten far.


I'm too tired of been left out
in the cold...

Fighting for scraps,
while Zambezia gets fatter.

I like scraps. You see, sir Budzo...

We are... eh, scavengers.
Yes, we, we... We scavenge.

Right Cecil?

But all the things we could do together.

You Marabous could rule the roost.

We're more a duo, actually.

Kind of had it all worked out.

A trio, yes, that's better. Yes...

Strength in numbers. Synergy.

Think about you have been denied
for so long.

Good food, good nests.

It's time to take that empire for yourself.

To rule Zambezia.
- And would it be a parliamentary system?

A coup d'état.
I rather like the sound of it.

I'll just take my cut
a small share of the spoils.

After all, how many eggs can a lizard eat?

Get all the Marabous together.

You tell them. They'll be working nights.

Nights are not good for me.
-Me in charge?

I like to sleep.

Just imagine the possibilities.

The pah, the prestige...
- The pudding.

No? Not helping?

He's gone.

Well, well, well. The great Tendai.
How's ending it with this.

Hey, you guys workout or what?
Because. This is so serious cardio bang.

I just should said I didn't spent
chow this morning, you know.

Why not drive next to the stream. Go.

This is cool.

It is easier to get there, yes?
- Oh, Yeah...

Kai, we're here.
- That big old tree?

That's Zambezia.
Where is the city?

Talk all you want, country bird.

Hey, beak is hanging open.

Newtie birds come here before the landing.
- Coming through.

Babies on board.
- Hey, I know her.

Gogo lands.
All hands on deck.

Crazy people.
Someone give me a cracker.

Stay close OK, we're going in.

The flock seagull is experiencing a delay
and will be 15 minutes late.

It shall be as good to be back.
It's this way visitors.

The yellow zone is for pupils
and owls only.

For kids. One, two, three.
One missing. We're missing a kid.

Gogo, wait.
Sira, Pavi, thanks for the ride along.

Enjoy the big city.
We'll see you at the Spring celebration.

Careful with my eggs Niegel.

Will you watch where you're going?
This is a no fly zone.

Sorry, sorry.
- Welcome in Zambezia.

The fame city of birds.
Do you have anything to declare?

I declare this place is awesome.
- Your name, sir?

Kai. Ouch, what are you doing?

It's just a small sample.
It's kind of proceed.

Dodo, up to school office, will you?

If you need lodging,
may I suggest, Mushana's?

And if you need someone to show you around.
- City tours.

Alright, sign me up.
- One more question.

You can't have another feather.
- No, no, no, no.

What is the length of your stay with us?
- I... I don't know.

I just forever.
- Citizen, congratulations.

- You just pass immigration.

I did it.
I am a real Zambezionite. A Zambezier.

A Zambeziaan.

A Zambo...
I'm one of you, guys.

And where would the bandit be?
Over here?

Oh, good, good.

Maybe the caterer should put
the food over here.

Is this where the weaver birds
release the flowers?


Uh. Sorry. It sounds good.
- Which part?

All of it.
I say we go with that.

You weren't listening.
Were you?

The Spring celebration
is the same every year, father.

You don't to sweat the details.
It would be great.

Oh, It will be great because
we sweat the details.

Chief Sekhuru, a new citizen.

Thank you, Dodo.

It's just, been a while
since we had a falcon in Zambezia.

I bet he's here for the Hurricanes trials.
They're tomorrow.

You thinking you going out for the squad?
- Me a Hurricane?

Who wanna be out there flying around?
I've got way too much to do here.

We've got this all part of your plan, right?
- You're probably right.

Besides, I like been under your wings.

Who's taking care of whom?
- Sekhuru, Sekhuru, you'll never guess what I just saw.

Never in a million years.

Guess, guess, I can tell you.
Okay, I'll tell you.

Hello, Zoe.

Don't worry, Gogo, I was just leaving.

You'll never guess.
- Was the Tendai?

What? How did you know?
- Well because his son just arrived.

How do you know so much?
You never go anywhere.

Where is he?
- In the speck in the middle of nowhere.

called Kathungu. With his son Kai. But, but...
- Kai has followed you here, it seems.

And... Tendai?
Do you think he will come too?

He still angry at than one, Sekhuru.

I don't think we'll be seeing him
any time soon.

And Kai may be here
looking for some answers.

So, you will tell him?
- No, I made a promise.

But if there were any reason for Tendai
to come back...

It would be to come after his son.
We'll wait and hope.

Hey. Do you work here?

How are you? Excuse me, sorry.
- A nest for the night? Yes.

You again?

The number 87 is all that's left.
The double-deluxe suite.

I'll take it.

Ok, where is it? Double-deluxe.

Here it is. The big one.

Oh, Yeah. I can get used to this.

Oh... Hi...
OK, I guess we can divide the...

You too?

All of you?
- The bed is so...

The whole family?
- Feathered.

We're all in this together.

Don't worry.
Because it's the double-deluxe.

Hey look, they've put a mint on the pillow.

That’s not a mint.

Ezee, fly by night tours...

Now, exclusively in the daytime.

Nest 87.
Shabelle is there a Mr. Kai in the house?

Mr. Kai is asleep.

OK, my fellas, clear out.
Everybody shoo. I have work to do.

Can I do a late check out?

Welcome to Ezee Flight by Tours.
Now due to strictly safety code...

Given exclusively in the daytime.

Can you come back later?
- You ordered the tour.

Yeah, but not at the crack of dawn.
- Actually you did my fellow.

Read the fine print.
- Hi, so who's that?

Man, that's me. I did it myself.
Are you jealous?

Ezee is the man. Ezee is the game.

My fellow, what brings you to Zambezia?

I needed... a change of scenery, I guess.

Well, Feast your eyeballs.
Cause there is no better scenery than this.

I can't remember your name.
- It's Ezee.

Wait, what is it?
- Ezee.

You don't get to rub it in, I'm new here.
- My name is Ezee.

Are you gonna do this all day?
- No. I hope not.

I'm Kai from Kathungu.

Never heard of it.
But you're from Zambezia now.

Time to meet to town.
The Ezee way.

Country Bird, you know
how long we've been working on this?

Sorry, we just not carried away, you know.

Ezee was showing me the city
the Ezee way.

That's all we need, another Ezee.

Hey, I'm not another Ezee, I am Kai.

Got on some slack, Zoe,
he is new in town.

While you two are taking it Ezee.
The weavers and I were working.

This has been fun, but...

We gotta get back to the tour.

Shouldn't we stay and
help the nice young lady...

What's her name again?

Trust me man, the longer we stay,

the more damage we don't do.
Let's go.

I prefer defrayed.

I mean, you have to wash the worm first.
And then she says to me...

Sound not compared my voice. And I said,

I'm a mockingbird,
I can't help it.

You're not a mockingbird.
- Well, one third on my mother's side is.

Speaking of mother...

The island of milk and bunnies.
- Fly away, little bird.

Just move out of the way,
so I can see this...

This fine, young falcon.
Who is your new friend?

Shake that tail on over.
- My fellow, I knew it.

You brought this art to cousin.

Are those the Hurricanes?
- Yeah, boy the Hurricanes.

The baddest birds in the sky,
I taught'em all my moves.

Gogo was right. They're amazing.

No, no, no, no, you're in Zambezia now.

Here we say amazeeng. Try it.
- Ama... amaz... Amazeeng.

There's hope for you yet, my fellow.

- Hold on, hold on.
- Always going to...

- Gathering, chats.
- Nigel, that includes you.

Beaks closed, ears open.

Friends, wanderers, Marabou's...

When there Zambezians Flocked together,
they created an inside...

- Inside.
- And an outside.

- Outside.
- And, if you haven't noticed...

- We are on the outside.
- Here we are.

In the cold, lonely, desolate, outside.
- frigid Africa.

- And why?
- I don't know. It's a mystery.

Because they didn't like the look of us.

And what is wrong with what we look like?

- They just want all the tree house all to themselves.
- How sporty is that?

- Very sporty.
- Not very.

No, terrible.
- Not very in my book.

Which is precisely why we should
accept Budzo's proposition.

Since when a Marabou's servant to a lizard.
- He's got a point.

We'll be working with Budzo, thick-head.
Not for him.

We are partners in this great endeavor.

Yes, teamwork.

We help Budzo get on the island,
we share...

Lovely goodies.

Yes, I'm getting hungry
just thinking about it.

Could there Hurricanes be a problem?

Hurricanes? Ja...
- Don't make him laugh.

Budzo possesses unrivaled brute strength.

So with his help.

A new wind will blow across this valley.

A wind of change.

Good shot. Give us another.

Take it.

- Fellows, fellows, fellows.
- Useless.

Is that door regulation size?
I swear it getting smaller.

Hurricanes ready.
- So how do you get to be a Hurricane?

Man, Haven't you seen all those posters?
They're everywhere.

What posters?
- These.

Man, I was supposed to put'em up.
- Hurricane trials are to... today?

- It's on the.. southwest platform...

Man, just take a poster.
You'll make it if you hurry...

Tell'em Ezee sent you.

You know what,
don't even tell them you know me.

You may not mention my name at all.

Just forget about it. Oh, nuts.

And that rookies, is the race course.
Know it well.

I told you he wouldn't come.
He's too busy to taking it ezee.

Racers ready.
- Not that busy apparently.

Civilian, this is restricted area.

Hurricanes and new recruits only.

But that's why I'm here, to try out. Look, my name is Kai.
- I don't have your name on my list.

Can you just put it on there?
- No, no, no, no, I'm sorry.

The rules state that there can be
no new entries, after the appointed...

Look at that, just in time.
Lucky for you, I like punctuality.

Get in line.

You have to make all the way
through the course and back.

Failure to do so results in, failure.
On your marks.

On your mark. get set, proceed.

And there they go.

and with a hard break to the first gate
they move to the first straight way.

Gondo, streaks ahead the pack.

coming up next, is my personal favorite,
the brand new Chicane.

Excuse me.

Gondo still in the lead.

And now, here comes the intermisive
tornado tunnel trial.

That's my fellow.

Come on, Kai.

They're going into the vertical ramp.

The first one is, Kai.

The little falcon. I can not believe it.
Where did he come from?


You've made the cap rookie.
Your movements are unorthodox.

You improvise, you think outside the box,
I don't like that.

But you can be proud to be a Hurricane.

Trainee? I'm not a Hurricane?
- Now, that's the spirit.

It's gonna take a lot more
than one little race...

To become a fully fledged member...

Of the most elite flying force
in the world.

Well done, Kai.
We have great hopes for you, young falcon.

I will not let you down, sir.

Me? No, Kai.
Don't let Zambezia down.

Zambezia always comes first.
Always remember that.

I've got my eye on you, hot rod.
We go on Marabou patrol at dawn.

You better get some sleep.
Trainees sleep... down there.

Come on.
Get up.

- Comfortable, old friend?

It's nice to see a familiar face.

You know, to be honest,
you look a little stressed.

I left Zambezia long ago.

I just want to get my son and go home.

I'm no threat to you.

There's still some fight left in you.

I can see it, even if you can not.

Which is good, you'll need it.

You're about to be of great use.

We've got a report of
Marabou's activity upriver.

We will be patrolling sector six over here
and sector seven over there.

Apparently there's a large swamp over here.

No that's a stain.

Who've got a stain on my map?

We will our eyes focused
and our ears peeled.

No, I mean, eyes peeled
and our ears...

Where they should be?

Give up.

Stay sharp, Hurricanes.

Can we be of assistance, madam?
- My Neville, my Neville is floating down the river.

Oh, no, no. I'd advise against that
dangerous currents.

Why I can't catch up to him.
- I am obliged...

By city codes of Zambezia...

To ask permission
before rescuing a minor.

What? He is not a minor, he is my husband.

Hurricanes, rescue mission.

Rookie, rookie.
That's not the right direction.

One crocodile, two crocodile,
three crocodile...

Six crocodile, seven crocodile,
eight crocodile... got you.

Thank heavens.
If you ever do that to me again...

Hug me. Snogly

Good news, hah?

He drop down the blue like a rock.
- The rookie is got skills.

You gotta teach me that move.


Just keeping your voice on your throat.
Coming through, coming through.

Hey, my fellow. This is my boy.
The star of the sky, right here.

Take out high, beak squeak.
- Hey, where's old captain, stick in the mud?

Do you have a license for this party?
The music isn't regulation.

And the fun zone is located
behind the yellow line.

Ezikiel, what are you doing here?

I'm with him, sir.
- Really? Rookie, is this your... friend?

Evacuation Procedures.

Come on, my fellows.
Don't look me like this?

Ezee comes, Ezee goes.

Birds of a feather from every nation,
flock together for spring celebration...


Come on everyone, this is a mixer to get...

Don't be shy, we are all friends.
That's it.

Together Please,
we have limited space here.

Always making a big entrance, huh?

I'm sorry about the other day,
I'm more use to open spaces, you know.

Oh, then you are at the wrong party.
Where's your wing man?

It's a long story.

Hurricane for one day
and he saved a love bird.

Is that so?
- No. I'm only a trainee.

Hey, Gogo, I've go to ask you.
How do you know my father?

Long story.
- Gogo, tell me.

Shush now. listen to Sekhuru.
- I would like to welcome you...

All of you, to this year's
Spring celebration.

Together we celebrate the future
generations of Zambezia.

Grab'em troops.
We nee every Weaver.

- Away Fellows, have what we need.

Weavers, release the flowers.

That's not right.
The Weavers never miss a queue.

Ma... Marabou's.


Gogo, save the babies.

Don't panic, the Hurricanes will get them.

Tini, Tini.
- Zoe

Hold formation.
- They're getting away.

- No.

A Hurricane now.

Come any closer and I drop...
Oh, hold on.

What are you doing?

Tini, no.

I will pluck every last feather of them.

Come on.

You have some nerves.
Why'd you want us, anyway.

We'll never going to...

- Do you know who that is?

You guys are dumber than I thought.

- Well, what a beak on that one,
wouldn't you say, Cecil?

Gibber-gabbar. She keeps on talking
never shuts up. On and on she goes.

Always have to have the last words.

Well, well, well.

Cecil, I must be honest,
I never thought you would actually pull this off.

Quite, sir. What's next?
What else?

How about we get these Weavers
to weave us some jackets?

Now, they weave Budzo a bridge.

For you? Never.
- Hey Cecil, these Weavers are revolting.

You get it? A double meaning.

Insubordinate thieves.
Their kind will never change.

- My friendest little Tini.
- They started this.

So now we are gonna finish it.
- They're still angry...

about been excluded of the founding of our city.

So many years ago.
I never thought that they would structure this.

What an interesting situation.

You... need a little motivation.

And I'm getting hungry.
- No.

No, wait.
- Don't listen to him, Tini.

Leave him. We will do it.

Make sure that bridge is strong enough...

To get me on that island.

Time for your just desserts.
- Hold on, he gets dessert?

I'll go with some puddin myself.

Smooth chocolate one,
with a little cherry...

Our first priority is
to the get the Weavers back unharmed.

I'm angry too. But our actions
can not be guided by blind rage.

- What would you have me do, Sekhuru?
- The Marabou are uncamped, yes.

Rude, of course, but we've never know them
to be capable of such devious acts.

Maybe there's a bigger plan here.
- A reconnaissance mission. Affirmative.

Hurricanes, ready.
No, no, not you, hot rod.

You need every bird you can...

Your antics out there
almost got a basket of Weavers killed.

So you are grounded, mr.

Let's see if you can handle clean up duty.

Featherweight. - Hit the road behind.
- What's he trying to prove.

It really is such a tragedy.
- Tragedy? Tell me about it.

Yeah, It's not safe, at all. - Hi
Let's go with yellow today.

- Thanks.

It's like I told my Larry, thou.
I mean those Marabou's, filthy.

And also you can't trust them.
- No, my cousin she married one.


He flew off her next day.
- I'm not surprised.

How about a little help?
What do you say?

- Hey
- That's what you call help where you come from?

I am a night hawk.
I've got 20-20 hawk vision.

Blob in the night. It was a mess.

Hi Ezee. What is up, my fellows?

It's, wassup and my fella.
- Sorry, my fella.

I'd stood up for you.
- I don't, you seemed confused.

Did you know Hurricanes get free food?
- Even trainees?

How about a snack?

You think you can give sticky moth...

And I'll just welcome you back
with open arms?

How about two?

Welcome back, man. I knew you were my fella
I thought you were gone forever.

I knew you wouldn't let me down.

That's it Ezee. But what did you say
about loving night tours?

I can't believe how you drag me
out here, man...

I am allergic to danger.

We're supposed to just take a peek right?

Man, this better make me a jakozi magnet.

- It’s working already.

Kai, you're grounded.
You shouldn’t be out here.

Besides, you're gonna get killed tomorrow.

Fella, I think she likes you.
- No.

No, I get it,
some wants to be a Hurricane.

- I just come out here flying a lot.
- Because you want to be a Hurricane.

- That's never gonna happen.
- Well, you are on a mission now.

Come on, with Ezee's night vision
We're gonna find the Weavers.

Do you hear that?

Of course I heard him,
I have night hearing, too.

Do you see anything?
- No, nothing.

Just a part of trees, rocks
and a gang of Marabous.


Still, you know undercover means?

I said be home one of the covers.

I can't hear what they're saying.

That's because we're way back here safe.

Don't go up there.... He goes.

High up to?

This is not a little peek.

Kai, we need back up.

Put your back into it, chaps.

Weavers need a lot more grass.

Did you heard Cecil?
- Tini is alive.

Yes, I looking at you, Nigel.
You're eating our bridge.

Cecil. Hello.

The boys and I, we're all good,
but one little concern

The Big lizard can we trust him?
He is cold blooded and all.

I mean, it's not good for the circulation.
- You're whining.

- To the brain.
- Look, I've come too far to turn back now.

Fair enough.
No, just a suggestion.

It's an overwhelming feeling of threat,
that's all.

File that away.

We should call the Hurricanes.
- After this, I'll be one.

I'm gonna stay here as backup,
because my knees are locked.

Who is that?
Stop playing games.

My Fella?

Ezee, Ezee, are you OK?
Come on, Ezee.

You got to stay with us, buddy.

Tell my mama I love her.
- We gotta get him out of here.

What does this guy eat?
- What doesn't he eat?

I'll go get help.
You stay here.


Listen. First chance you get flight out of here.
Don't worry about me.

What kind of talk is that?
That's not how we do thinks where I come from...

Where you come from.

We'll figure out a way to escape.

All of us.

Let's not make the beast angry.

Less talking, more weaving.
Do you want to see your friend on a dinner plate?

You and you, I have a job for you.
Come with me.

If it's all the same to you,
I work for Cecil...

And I'd like to hear what Cecil has to say.

I'm good.
- There it is. Off we go.

If Budzo on that island
nothing can stop him.

We'll find a way. Kai and the rest of the Hurricanes
are out there right now, looking for us.

My son... A Hurricane?

You will never be a Hurricane.
- If you listen to what we have found out.

The Weavers are...

You broke so many codes of conduct
Last night...

That I don't have form long enough.

You have to make something...

Since you clearly have no concept
of what a team is...

You can not be part of ours.

This is a bad idea.
As a deeply bad.

Marabous. Marabou's invasion.


The next time someone says 'stop'
it might be a warning.

This intensive care is intense.
- I see someone feel better.

Another cramp. Hi my fella.
That's nice. Such pain.

I think he's gonna be an
injured in a regular basis.

I'm sorry about the Hurricanes,
I know how much it meant to you.

Yes, I'm so used to fly in solo...

I have hurt the team.

We're in this together.
I'm in trouble too.

Yes, but I've just got kicked off the Hurricanes.
You wouldn't even know how that feels.

You're right. I guess I wouldn't.
Sorry I slow you down last night.

Nobody asked you to come.
- You're welcome.

- I can't believe how sensitive everyone is.
- Maybe "everyone" isn't the problem.

Wait, my fella just don't leave me,
Wait I'm feverish.

Excuse me, which one of both
ordered a massage?

- How many jobs do you have?
- Well, I don't like to be pigeonholed.

There you are. Come, Kai.
- I'm Sorry Gogo, I'm leaving.

What? You cannot leave now,
Tini needs you. Zambezia needs you.

Zambezia and me don't mix, Gogo.

My Dad was right,
I never belonged here.

I do not have time for this nonsense.

Let me go you lunatic stork.

Don't lose them, Hurricanes.
- Don't let them lose us.

It's a trap.
- Too late to warn.

Nice moves, old chap.
- Yes, call it good show.

Gogo, let me go, Gogo.
I should never should have come here.

My dad would...

Sekhuru, no more secrets.
Tell the child the story.

Or do you want history to repeat itself?

Yes, perhaps it's time.
- Time for what?

That you to learn the truth.
This is where you started out of course.

Wait, I was born in Zambezia?

Welcome home, Kai.
Come inside.

What is this?

- And?

My mother.

- They lived here?

They founded the Hurricanes together.
To guard Zambezia...

And to offer protection
to all birds in the river valley.

What happened to her?

Murderer, she was my wife.

You're not still upset
about that one little thing...

That happened that one time.

It's just what I do.

You could say: it is my nature.

When nature calls, I answer.

Step it up, Weavers.
We are going to make this valley...

into one big egg omelet.

- You Monster.
- Thank you. One does what one can.

We came across a nest under attack,
by an iguana named Budzo.

Your mother fought so bravely.

I may have lost a wing,
but she gave her life.

We managed to save one egg that day.

And that was me. If it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't be here.


Now I understand
why your are so interest in Kai.

That was only a part of it.
I know good talent when I see it.

But, Why didn't my dad tell any of this?

And why are you only telling me now?

Your father was blinded by grief.

He made me promise,
to bury the past forever.

So, he took me to Kathungu.
Away from everything.

Tendai could no longer see
the value of Zambezia

Only the cost.

When you stick your neck out...
- Good things happen.

There, Gogo.
- So, history lesson over?

I saw Budzo.
- What, Budzo?

- Last night in the forest.

That lizard was missing a claw.
- That's what the Marabous where talking about.

They must be working with Budzo.
- I don't know what they're up to...

But if Marabou's are helping Budzo
we could be in great danger.

That brute better not lay
a single claw on my Tini.

We have to go back to that forest.

The Marabou could have flown anywhere

But Budzo must have left a trail

And that can lead us to the Weavers.

No, it's too dangerous.
You don't know what you're flying into.

We should wait for the Hurricanes.

It could be too late by then.
- They all should be back by now.

We need to go, father.

I know it's risky,
but what choice do we have, sir?

It's just like you say,
Zambezia comes first.

You always wanted to be up there,
haven't you?

I'm ready, Father.
I'll find them.

- You think I'm crazy now...

You have not seen crazy.

Don't make a sound.

Are you serious? What was that?
- What? I've got old bones.

Hey, check that out.
Lizard toe minus one claw.

Soon he will be missing a few more claws.
- Alright, alright, a little down on that.

Don't worry little Tini,
mama Gogo is gonna save you little Tini.

- My little Tini.
- You know what.

- Maybe I should check it out first.
- Good idea.

Just stay focus, I think.
we are celebrating already.

Where do you think it comes from?

Without us it would just be an empty tree.

- She's got a point.
- Well, off course she's got a point.

- Kai?
- Tini? What is going on?

It's Budzo. He made us to build a bridge
to get him on Zambezia.

- Kai, they left ages ago.
- We have to get there before they do.

- What about your dad?
- What about him?

- He's here.
- What?

You know, to be a Zambeziaan
I would even take a bath.

There, I said it.

Yeah. Of course they gonna trust us.
I barely trust myself.


Did you hear that?

I can hear noise,
is yes that was a noise.

Go have a look.
- Why do I always have to have the look?

See yourself.
- Kai has arrived.

OK. You look, I'll see.
- Acceptable.

Kai, what are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

- I came after you.
- It's my fault you're in that cage.

I shouldn't have left like that.
- No Kai, you were right to leave.

Sekhuru told me what happened to Mom.

We broke formation to go after an iguana.

To save Sekhuru.

We all get separated.

I left Amai to fight Budzo alone.

Kai, I have robbed you of your mother.

I could not bear the thought of it.

No, Dad. Budzo robbed of my mother.

You saved Sekhuru and Zoe.

Dad when you meet Zoe you'll see it.
You're a hero to everyone. To me.

From where I'm standing,
you're the hero now.

Let's get outta here.

- Did you hear that?
- Alright, just you heard it.

Tini. Where is my Tini.

- Gogo.
- Tini.

Tendai. What is he doing here?

Gogo, I've been trying...

That works.

We are leaving,
you have a problem with that?

An exit is on the left.
Don't be a stranger.


Budzo, old chap,
a splendid day for a coup. Huh.

Consider this a hostile takeover.

Oh no, It's up already

- Budzo!
- Tendai.

What is this? You betrayed us.

You Marabous are just as naive
as Zambezians.


Sekhuru, Sekhuru, come quickly.
Iguanas in Zambezia.

No, impossible.

Gogo, they must not reach the eggs.

Look what you've done.
They'll destroy Zambezia and you with it.

That treacherous reptile, that was not part of the plan
- He was just meant to be him.

Wait, Marabous are also birds too.
- No birds like us.

Not after what they've done.

No, Zambezia is more than a place.
It's an idea.

The idea is that all of us are important.

Even Marabous.
- Well said.

If they are willing to help,
they earn the right live here too.

We've never trusted trusted them before.
Why start now.

Because we can't call ourselves
Zambezians until we do.

We're with you.
Are we with you?

Yes, we are.

- Grab your eggs and gear on.
- We must stand together.

- But, where are the Hurricanes?
- Right We are sitting ducks without them.

The Hurricanes are coming.

In the meantime, we must stand firm.

- And we will.
- Tendai?

Because Zambezia depends on it.

You have returned.

Anything happened while I was gone?

- I hope you still have some fight in you.
- We have more than that.

We’ve got the Marabous on our side.

We're doomed.
We are doomed.

I imagined they'll take it
better than this.

Marabous we have bridge it
we can unbridge it.

Nurse. Anybody there? Hello?
Where is everybody?

Is there a party somebody
didn't tell me about?

Time to call it a day
and fly d'coup.

Where you gonna go?

You know what?

When I first came here
I thought I could do everything myself.

And then I saw what Zambezia
was all about.

- I always say, it is easier together. No?
- That's right.

That's what makes this place special.
That's makes it worth defending.

The Marabous are down there right now
because they finally get that.

It's true. They fighting for the home team.
- Flip floppers.

If we all stick together
and we do our part...

We can win this thing?
Are you with me?

Budzo is in the nesting area.

He will address our eggs.
- Find your eggs.

Isn't that just like I want...

Putting all their eggs in one basket.

- Budzo, this ends today.
- No bird can take me.

Well, we'll see about that


That's it, son.
Don't let him get a foot hold.

This is for brother,
Oh, dear cous

Cous, he called me cousin.

Alright, hold that line.
Come get your beaking...

in an orderly fashion.

Target acquired. Steady.
Melons away.

To the coast.
Savages Two.


Yes, yes.

Kai, follow me.

The 'Cous', is in the ring.
come and taste of some 'hot wings'.

Alright, you don't say things
you don't mean.

Your little experiment is over old man.

This community is a aberration of nature.


Let him go.


Hold them back, friends.
Hold them back.

Zoe, girl,
get back here quickly.

Put your foot somewhere else.

This is not my foot.
It's a search party.

Anyone else there?

Squad, execute drill 26 on my mark.

Where are you?
- Three, two, one...



Let'em hear you.
More Higher. More Desperate.

Where is the search party?
- You're looking at her.

But you're not even licensed.

Oh, I'm gonna fall again.

Budzo have our eggs. It's over.
- Holy crackers...

We are living in a cuckoo clock.
- Oh, goodness.

- We hold until then to do something?
- You think you can take on Budzo?

What about all of us?

Exactly what Kai said,
together we can do anything.

You are an inspiration.
You are an inspiration to other birds.

I do not know how you do it.
That is a very heavy method to carry.

Is this what the mighty
Zambezia has come to?

Well, Show me what you got.

I have to say, I'm a little underwhelmed.

If you mess with my fella you mess with me.

I poke in your eye with a macadamia.

Take that.

Orange is a bit too much.
- You think so?

- I would got my short trouser.
- Really?

Why those Weavers have to be
so brilliant?

Hurricanes, stay as you go.
Target up ahead.

Three, two, one...

Marabous on our side?
What next?

- Father.
- Zoe.

- Coming in hot.
- Line it up.

Save your wings, men.

- I've had enough from this lizard.
- Execute drill 46.

On my mark.
Three, two, one.

- Kai.
- Zoe.





- Pull up, Kai, pull up.
- I'm not leaving you.

My fella.

I'm gonna smack him
for that heart attack he just gave me.

Just like old times, huh?

- In the club now.
- He's my cousin. You know

- Oh Yes, he is. A very strong bloodline.
- I've got me eye on you, hot rod.

Your mother would be proud.

- I am proud too.
- Thanks Dad.

- Dad, this is Zoe.
- I was the little egg you saved.

- It's such an honor to meet you.
- The honor is mine.

On this day we can truly say
that no bird...

is an out-island.

- What is he doing.
- I'm grooving, I'm grooving.

Let's call it the 'funky chicken'.

- This is amazing.
- No, Dad. It's amazeeng.

Look what happens when I flip my wing up.

- Beautiful.
- A secret blue.

- Thank you, I call it blue-tiful.
- Now This is how you take it Ezee.

At last.

Then I fighted old Budzo single-handed
and I was nothing less than...


He was magnificent.

I look good when I do this, don't I?
Yes, I do.

A new arrival.

Hello, how about a snack?

How about two?