Zaman (1983) - full transcript

An undercover inspector of the Antwerp criminal investigation unit faces problems not only in his professional life, but also at home. When he is partnered with a young, over-confident colleague, he loses control over the case in hand, a situation that further takes its toll on his marriage. He's forced to ask himself whether his job is an addiction, a hunt for people that becomes more exciting the shrewder his opponent is.

Around this corner.

Passports. Police!

Passports, please.

Let me go!


I don't have it with me. It's on the ship.

-Do you have money?
-Of course.

He's got it.

-Do you have his money?

-Come on.
-Have a look on the ship.

I'll wait here. I'm not coming.

Let me through.

-And how many?

That's very long.

-Where are you from again?

-They're all in order.
-Okay, bye.

He really got me good.

He got deported three times,
but he's got a lady here.


-Here you go.

I didn't ask for a meat croquet.

Hey, no complaining. It's on me.


You'll be missing my croquets.

That's what you think.
As of tomorrow I'll eat steak every day.

-Horse steak.
-Listen to him…

-Ma, see you.
-When will we see you again?

-Come visit Borsbeek.
-I'll hurry.

Bye, guys. See you.

Nieke, can we get some drinks?
And give those two coppers a drink too.

Did you do something?

No, I've been working for the city
for two years. Garbage collector.

You and your stories.

I'll be right there.

-The same, guys?
-Yes, thanks.

-I thought you quit.
-I'm not lighting it.

-How old is he now?
-Bob? Thirteen.

Isn't he bothered you weren't there?

Why don't you come work with me
as assistant chief?

It doesn't suit me.

Of course not.

-You wouldn't pass the exam.
-You're full of yourself.

-Here you go.

-City employee, cheers.

-Are you going into town tonight?

It's been three months.

-I slept here yesterday.
-Not with me.

-I have to keep everybody happy.

You only want to use me
if I have tips for you.

Get me more tips, then.

-Magda, how did it go?
-Let me sleep.

-You weren't sleeping.
-What do you know?

You just got home. Where were you?

Where I was?

Tell me where you were
on your son's birthday?

I wish you could have seen
his disappointment.

Where were you?

I swore I wouldn't wait for you.
You're married to your job.

You knew that from the beginning.

Is your job more important than us?
Your son's 13 years old.

Do you want him to end up
the same as your daughter?

A program for the unemployed
and people looking for work.

Neat, isn't it?

I'm sorry I weren't there, Bob.
I had an unexpected assignment.

Did you arrest someone?

You'll read it in the papers tomorrow.

-Come on.

Another goal. Want to come hunting?

-Right now?
-Right now.

Look here.

It looks like an owl was here.

When you open it… These are pellets.

When you open it,
you can see what they ate.

Mostly little field mice. Look, here.

I caught some people who weren't
supposed to be in our country.

They can't get jobs here,
don't have money to buy food,

so they resort to stealing.

What if I went to your party
instead of doing my job yesterday.

Then those guys
would have broken into a house.

Maybe our house.

Mom doesn't understand.

She does.

Come on.

Well, what's happening?

I'm going to a fashion show with Nadine.

-A friend from gym class.

I didn't know you went to gym class.
Why didn't you tell me?

Why would I?
You don't tell me anything either.

-I have a night off.
-Where will we write that down?

-What time will you be back?
-Not too late, I think.

Mr. Zaman?

I'm Frank Callens.

I'm supposed to be your new partner.

-Normally the chief introduces new faces.
-He's not in yet.

No, thanks. I don't smoke.

Don't sit on my day orders.
You'd better read them.

My old colleagues from patrol know you.

Why were you transferred?
Connections in city hall?

No. I caught a smash-and-grabber
in the act a few times.

And a few cat burglars too.

-How many years?


-What should I start with?
-We'll be writing reports today.

You can type, right?

Listen, for every hour you do a good job,
you'll get a mount of papers.

-Didn't they tell you?

Make a list of burglaries
from the last three months.

-Where can I find those?
-The chart room.

Callens, we'll be working late today.

We were in the studio
and that chick asked us…

And she didn't even put in the effort
to put decent clothes on.

She asked us if we wanted a drink.
Just like that.

She probably got caught more often.

But that smash-and-grabber
was nowhere to be seen.

But he couldn't have left,
because his pants were under the bed.

So we looked at each other.

He could only be outside on the terrace.

Outside on the terrace on the fifth
floor, and it was freezing outside.

-He must have had an icicle on it.
-Wait a minute.

What would you like?

A large one with curry sauce.
And plenty of it.


Come on. Come.

Kick his ass.

Come on, quit it. Police.

-There you go, police.
-He got it good.

Seen the Red Door?

I heard he's in the Samson a lot.

Has he got money again?

In any case
something that's worth losing.

At least I'm trying to do my job.

Frank, now the whole city knows
you're police.

Do you want them
to burn my mom's business?

I ordered some fries.

They're cold now.

Why do you need the Red Door?

I told you to go through the orders.

I did.

Nothing strange about that burglary
on the 17th?

The 17th?

-At the jewelry store.
-You could have read that in the papers.

-Notice anything else?

A turd in the left corner of the room.

A turd?

The Red Door's signature. A turd.

From excitement.

Always in the left corner of the room.

You can't beat me. I've got two pair.

-Hello, Frans.

Got burned?

No, just a little accident.

With a car.

You did report it, didn't you?

I will if I'm in the neighborhood.

Who's that?

Are they taking on rookies now?

Frans, was it by any chance
near the station?


Somewhere entirely different.


Because we found blood near the station.

On a window.

Was it a car window?

The window above the backdoor
of a jewelry store.

A jewelry store?
Are you keeping busy with those things?

Leave them alone, eh.

Come on. Deal.

Tell me where you shat the 17th, Frans.

They know no shame.
Those dirty words.


Ask Julia.

I didn't only shit there.

Whore, whore.

So you were with Julia
the entire night on the 17th.

Ask her.

Where can I find you tomorrow?

I'm in.
Same time, same place.

You've got to come back some time.
You're my lucky charm.

Why didn't you pick him up right away?

The Red Door is a special one.

A beer.

For me too. And I'm going
to eat something, because…

A grilled cheese.

You know what we're doing here,
don't you, grilled cheese?


Two weeks ago a patrol car saw a man
coming from a construction site

at midnight.

He had a book bag with him
with a city paper in it.

One from the next day.

Your grilled cheese will be right there.


Now you know you need to read
the orders more carefully.

Then you would have known our
colleagues almost caught a guy in the act

stealing pipes off of
a construction site. He got away.

But when they looked on the site,
they found today's paper.

And that's why we're here?

Today's paper yesterday.

That's the only seller who sells
next day's papers the evening before.

And you think that guy…

Can you recognize him?

You haven't even looked
at the description.

Dammit, that's him.

I'll be right back.

Every time you're too drunk,
you go to a construction site to sleep?

It's too dangerous next to the road.

I'll save you the trouble tonight.
You'll sleep in the slammer tonight.

Why? I haven't done anything.

I didn't break into a house.
There weren't any doors.

-And I didn't steal anything.
-Take him away.

Can I call home, maybe?

My wife will be worried.
And I always wake up the kids.

One phone call to say
she doesn't need to stay up.

And if I give you a tip?

Let's hear it.

Can I call her first?

Tell me first.

Last week someone broke into
a jewelry store near the station.

I know who did it.

-The Red Door.

-Yes, but… That's not nice.

Why can't I call my wife?

I can see you're a sensitive soul.

What harm can a phone call do?

Then his wife knows
she doesn't need to wait.

Won't you get in trouble
just throwing him in jail like that?

You type up the report.
See you tomorrow.

-Who's that?
-My dad.

Did you want to sleep here?

Where should I go?

My wife thinks I'm in Italy
till tomorrow night.

Go to a motel.

-Will you join me?

Come on.

Take it easy.

I didn't think you'd come here that often.

He's my boyfriend.

Tom Kaplan. Don't you know him?

He's got a few shops and two cafes.

Private clubs.

We want to live together.

How old is he?

Dad, I love him and he loves me.

What does your mother think?

I won't go back to her.
You couldn't stand it there either.

What's your plan?

I could live here, till we find something.

I'll work in one of his shops.

How old are you now? 19?

I could clean things up here.

There's week old dishes in the sink.
You never vacuum.

-When will you pick up your moped?
-Is it fixed?

Weeks ago.
Soon my son will ride it.

I don't really need it now.

Looking for something?

-Mrs. De Vos?

Open up for us.

-My husband has got the keys.
-He told us you had them.

We'll do it our way.


-All brand new.
-That would have been gone

if I had let our pipe stealer
call his wife.

-Where are the invoices?
-You should ask my husband.

I will.


Stop. Police. Turn that off.


The contractor sent us.
We need pipes and stuff.

How many?

A few meters.

And he sends two men?

-There's not much work.
-New pipes?

New? Does Aimé sell new pipes?

Hey smarty-pants,
which acting class were you in?

-Acting class?
-Give me the papers.


-You seal that door.

And you stay here.


Didn't you forget to mention
one of your buyers?


Sign it.

I don't know how to get by anymore.

I have four kids. I had no choice.


Frank, how do you like Investigations?

I'm finding my way, as you can see.

It won't cost you a night's sleep,
or what?

A night's sleep? What?

That man taking care of four children.

We take care of an entire city.

Come on.
We're going to pick up the Red Door.

Will you let the chief sign that?

Okay, he'll be there at four.

Hey, are you going to drag that along?

They'll smell you
from a hundred meter distance.

He'll be wanting to do his act.
Keep calm.

Frans, there they are.

Oh, the cops.
What is it, boys? At this hour?

Lost your way?

Frans, you've got bad luck.
Julia is in Spain.

What are you talking about?

I'll explain at the station. Come on.

-Don't touch me, fucking cop.
-Come on.


Drank too much?

Stay there.

Oh, rookie wants to play
with his little gun.

Do you give these youngsters bullets?

Yes, Frans. Real ones.

Are the police that careless?

They could hurt themselves
with toys like that.

It'll cost you a day of typing.
You know that, right?

Crazy fuck.
Did your mom hit you, or what?


Know-it-all. Come on.
Leave your weapon in your locker.

If someone got shot,
it would have been your fault.

If only you had told me
he would go crazy like that.

I did. I told you he would want
to put up his act.

Then I will have to play along,
otherwise he won't come.

I'll keep it in mind next time.

You'd better. When you're a team,
you always consult your partner.

A team should be fully in sync.

Hey hun, why can't I get Radio Central?

-Quit that shit, Frans.
-I told you everything, haven't I?

Zaman, Investigations.

I'm trying to get a hold of you
all afternoon. Your wife called.

You're my wife.

Thanks for telling me. I mean your ex.

Cathy hasn't been home for a few days
and your ex is worried.

She thought it was crazy
to call the police.

"For other people he solves everything,
but not for us," she said.

You like hearing that.

-Are you coming home?
-It'll be late.

Bob wants to say something.

-Hi, Dad.
-Wait, I'll put you through.

Tell him everything.
You know each other already.

Don't you see it?

Does it still hurt, sonny?

Come on, give it to me.

-What did you want to say?
-When are you coming home?

Tomorrow, I think.

-Did you arrest someone?

-A burglar.

I'm still working on it.

See you tomorrow.

Is that more important
than questioning him?

You ain't got it, son.

You ain't got it.

Are the shops closing this late?

I'm working in one of his clubs.
I can earn much more there.

That way I can have my own place faster.

-At the Echappatoire?
-The Jimmy's.

I earned 9,000 franks in tips.

-You shouldn't work there.
-It's only temporary.

-I'm telling you you shouldn't work there.
-Come on, Dad. I'm 19.

-I can take care of myself.
-What about college?

Working hard to get my diploma
and then end up unemployed?

-Your mother called.
-Did she pretend to be worried?

-No. She wants you to come home.
-No way.

And no way you'll keep working
at the Jimmy's.

You don't get to tell me what to do.

If you don't get a decent job,
you're going home.

It is a decent job.

-I know what I'm talking about.
-Me too.

You have no right to judge.
You couldn't stand Mom either.

I won't let a horny bastard like Kaplan
get into bed with my daughter.

My underaged daughter.

I'm telling you,
I can get him behind bars.

-I wouldn't do that if I were you.
-You'd better watch out.



Did you find those four new toilet bowls
as well?

They were about to be thrown out.
Why would I let that happen?

Are you comforting that cry baby again?

You wanted him to come around ten.

Is he sad about that?
He's got nothing to do anyway.


-How's Frank doing?
-He needs some time to adjust.

-Give him that time.
-I will.

You need to adjust as well,
after all those years with John.

You guys were like a well-oiled machine.

But not from the beginning.
Don't be too hard on him.

-He's struggling.
-No, he isn't.

He thinks so. His opinion counts as well.

-He wanted another partner.
-You're kidding.

I said I was disappointed, because
I think he can really learn from you.

He came in eager.

Make sure
he doesn't lose that eagerness.

The city should take care of that.

Maybe they could give us a raise, huh?

Take that pipe stealer away.
I've got better things to do.

You can catch the little ones,
but you let the big ones go.

Is that just?

Do you ever take into account
you're dealing with people?

That a guy like that has feelings too?

Frank… That's what they all say.

They'll all tell you they didn't
do anything or that they can't help it.

-I've heard it thousands of times.
-You need to keep listening.

Even if it's only one in a thousand
telling the truth.

Or is he right?

Are you too scared to catch the big fish?

What did he tell you?

He knows something
about container theft.

Okay, get him back here.

Okay, listen.
Sometimes I steal some pipes.

They often ask me to do some repairs
in cafes and dance bars.

There are stolen stereos
in almost every new dance bar.

You should take a look
at the registration numbers.

Take Kaplan's dance bars.

Collas installed all of them, illegally.

That famous contractor.

So behind the scenes
Collas calls the shots.

The stereos are stolen
from containers in the harbor.

I'll tell you how it works.

Collas imports those stereos from Japan.

Then he lets his own stuff get stolen.

Then he collects the insurance money.

And then he installs it all illegally.

The stolen goods are transported
by a lighter, the Nathator.

You can find it at dock four or five.

Looking for something?

Zaman, get over here. Those kids…

-Police. Where's the skipper?
-Oh, him…

I know if you know.

It's scandalous.

Those kids have been there
for three days, all alone.

We can hear them crying.
We wanted to call the police.

But then, what are you
getting yourself into?

Skipper, do you have the key
to the cabin?

No, sir. It isn't my ship.

-What's it's cargo?
-I don't know.

I never talk to those people.

He's been here for two weeks
without cargo. Just like me.

The difference is he gets paid
by his boss and I am my own boss.

-It's been here for two weeks?

He left one afternoon.

-Where's your mother?
-I don't know.

-It's all empty. How are the kids?
-You can see for yourself.

Tell their parents we're taking them.

The eldest says
their grandmother lives in Hoboken.

What is it? I've got a fever. I'm in bed.

-Are those your grandkids?
-I don't know them.

They haven't seen their mother
in three days.

Why should I take care of them?
She shouldn't have married that guy.

-Should these kids be the victims?
-I don't care.

-Should I call the police?
-Take these kids in.

I'm sick. Put them in an orphanage.
They'll take better care of them.


The daughter and grandmother's
names are Felsenthal.

Felsenthal. With an F, Foxtrot.

Nothing on the daughter's shore address.
Does grandmother have more children?

A son? What's his address?

Moved to Germany?

Okay, we'll look further. Thanks.

-I can't find any relatives.
-Call social services.

Social services?

We can't put those kids in jail.


Social services.
Haven't they been through enough?

Zaman, can't we take them home
for one night?

Maybe we'll find their parents tomorrow.

Nice cop you are.

I'll get Dad.

Now there are houses everywhere.

Will you look at the swing?
There's something wrong.

Beautiful area.

I really need to fix this.
And now? Higher?

-No, it has to be crooked.
-Like this?

-Is it okay now?

-Are you sure you don't want a drink?
-No, thanks.

Nice lady.

She didn't want me working
at Investigations.

Irregular working hours?
Why did you take the job, then?

I wanted to study arts
when I was younger.

Every now and then I paint.

That's a reason to join the police.

At Investigations
you can use your imagination.



Good dog.

-Hey, Bob.
-Hi, Dad.

Has Mom left?

When will she be back?

At least one o'clock, she said.

Don't you mind being on your own?

I've got Uncle Bernard's number.

-What are you doing?
-Dutch homework.

-Is it going okay?

Hi. You didn't wait for me, did you?

Are you staying up? I'm going to sleep.

I'm feeling a bit lightheaded.

-Where have you been?

The Grote Markt and such.
We had a good time.

-Who were you with?
-A bunch of friends.

-Such as?
-You're not at work, mind you.

Is it a secret, then?

I didn't know it was so much fun
to have your own life.

Magda, we should talk.




Yes, speaking.

It depends on what you want.

It'll cost you 2,000.

At two? All right.

Which name? Your first name.

Okay. Two o'clock.

Dammit, why didn't you wake me?

I thought you might have a day off.


Do you know Kaplan?

Kaplan from the Jimmy's. A private club.

I know who he is.

You don't know what he does?

I know he's busy running his shops
and private clubs.

-Could you try to get some information?
-Is that why you're here?

Do you know Collas?

-I wish I knew him.

He has a long arm.
He can do whatever he wants.


Everyone knows
he installed all the nightclubs.

All illegally.

No one else should try that.

-Who says that?

-Did he do Kaplan's bars as well?
-I guess so.

-When will I see you again?
-Call me when you know something.

I heard there will be a razzia in our
neighborhood one of these days.

Don't believe it.

Always the same. How do you do it?

Get in the car, be quiet and watch…

It's a madhouse. The chief is furious.

I had to get the kids from the zoo.

I tried to reach you. Your wife told me
where your apartment was.

-I couldn't reach you.
-Start from the beginning.

Their mother filed a complaint.
Breaking and entering and kidnapping.

I'll take care of it.

Did you tell the chief
they're staying with you?

He called social services before I
got to the station. They had no idea.

Wait here.


Hey, Jef. Lot's of people in the shop.

Yes. We intercepted two kilos of heroin.

-A tip?
-Of course.

We've got some sad ones.

-I heard the boss is looking for me?
-He sure is.

It's serious business.
City hall called.

-Will it take much longer?
-Will you go and sit down?


-We'll do the rest tomorrow.
-All right.


What have you done? Complaint against
unknown for break-in and kidnapping.

Unknown? I left a note.

-The woman didn't mention that.
-Maybe she can't read.

-You do know who's boat it is?

-You knew.
-No, but it's obvious.

I'm on his trail.


He's got something to do
with these container thefts.


-Too hot for us?

If he's involved, he's involved.

But you need to have hard evidence.

Or else you need to be really careful.

You know he's got connections
with city hall, right?

First find Frank,
because he's in it deep as well.

He took those children home
while he shouldn't.

They were with me. I took them over
to his house this morning.

His wife took them to the zoo.

-With you? Frank said…
-With me.

Okay, with you.

Bring those kids to their mother
and make sure she drops her complaint.

You should read the pictures.

There are two men
sitting on the sidewalk.

Those kids didn't even know
what fun was.

They were in awe
seeing my kids laugh. Unbelievable.

And they say, "There they are".

Frank, stay with them.

Are they here? Did you take them?

You broke into my boat.
I called the police.

Stealing those babies from their mother.

I'll make sure they fire you.

How do you know I'm with the police?

I can smell it.

You know because I left a note.

I didn't see a note.
Leave me alone. I want my kids.

You don't know what you're doing.

Do you know whose boat this is?

Mr. Collas won't be so full of himself.

Who asked you to file a complaint?

-No one.
-Shut up, you drunk bitch.

What time
did you come home yesterday?

-Two o'clock.
-Where were you?

In the Tilbury.

Who told you
to get your drunk face home?

What was your cargo?

-Ask my husband.
-Where can I find him?

If I only knew. That bastard.

As long as you know you're in trouble.

And Collas won't be there
to protect you.

If you harm those kids, I'll be back.
Outside of working hours. Got that?

Frank and I will come and visit you.
We'll bring some toys.

Come to mama. Come, my babies.
Come on.


Go on. Take my hand. Careful.

Here. Tilbury.

That's no bar for a skipper's wife.

A simple beer should be too expensive
for someone like her.

We'll be working late tonight.

We'll meet here at eight.

Don't we have other work to do
while we wait?

Take advantage of your time off.
Go home. See you later.

-You're staying for dinner, right?
-Yes. I only have to be back at eight.

Are you coming home
for just a few hours all of a sudden?

You said you wanted me home more.

-That's when I cared about that.
-For him, at least.



Here, they already miss you.

Hello? Yes.

Right now?


I'm sorry, they urgently need me.

No problem. It's just a plate less.

I never got suspended.
Not even a lecture or a warning.

And now I'm suspended for three days,
as of now? What's behind this?

Put yourself in the shoes of the mayor.

You're accused of assault
and attempted rape.

Then you're always screwed,
even if you didn't do it.

You should know.

No one believes a slut like her.

Everybody does what Collas wants.

You can't say that.

You can't say it, but you know it's true.

I told you to put her at ease,
but instead you give her a beating.

I just gave her a slap.

City hall knows it before you.
Do you think that's normal?


It's the first time someone tries to
sabotage my investigation from high up.

I'm not going to let that happen.

Or the entire police can fuck themselves.

Catching the small fish
and letting the big ones swim.

I won't be part of that.

Then I'm going to let them all swim.

I figured you weren't coming.

-I had to go to the station first.

-Are you the owner of this joint?
-The manager.

-Who is the owner?

-We'll find that out later.
-Why do you ask, then?

-Were you here last night?


I've got more things to do. The keg…

Have you seen that skipper's wife,
Anke Felsenthal, yesterday?

Maybe. I don't know everyone.

-What does she look like?
-Drunk, messy, about 35.

By whom
was she sent back to the boat?

Not by me.

Maybe you'll remember tonight.

-My memory is like a sieve.
-I'll plug the holes.

-Good evening. Identification, please.
-Can we drink a coffee here?

-Better not.

-Want one too?
-No, thanks.

We'll stay here three nights
if we have to. Just until they appear.

There. One of our cars.

-Got a call?
-Through the radio.

You're suspended.

Suspended? You?

-By the chief?

But why?

That's nasty.
How could he know that so fast?

Will you check here?
I want to get the manager to talk.

We're working on other cases.
Another time, okay?

-How long are you suspended?
-Three days.

-What am I supposed to do?
-Make your hours.

-And Collas?
-Frank, I'm suspended.

-I can do something.
-Just go home.

-What about you?
-I've got private matters to attend to.

Can I help?

Is that your daughter?

Do you know him?


Does he know us?

He was at the station once.
He said his bookkeeper robbed him.

Two gin and tonic.

Maybe it'll be all right.

It won't happen to me anymore,
that's for sure.

-How much?
-A thousand.

A thousand?

What are you doing here?
You want them to kick me out?

Kick you out?
You've got the prettiest boobs in town.

What does it cost to play with them?

I make three to four times more than you.

That's not difficult.

-That girl is pretty chummy with that guy.
-Who? Cathy. That's her dad.

Her dad? Moron. He's a cop.

-What? A cop?
-You're asking for trouble.

Are the customers of Kaplan's other clubs
also served topless?

-Where do you stay?

Will you be here much longer?

I'll go if you promise to come and see me
tomorrow or the day after. In Brecht.

-I've got a few days off.
-To lecture me?

If I haven't seen you in two days,
I'll come back here.

With many more colleagues, if I have to.

-Want to have a drink inside?
-No, thanks.

-I'll call tomorrow.
-No need.

I need to have some time off.

Take advantage of it.

Next week we're going full force again.


Come on, tell your mom.

Working late again. How do you do it?

What about you?

I'm making money.

In a few years I'll be on my ass
along the Mediterranean Sea.

Collas. Does that name ring a bell?

That contractor? Who doesn't know him?

Do you know the bars he installed?

-Mainly dance bars.
-Which ones?

The Blacky,
the Tartuffe and the Palace.

-Going already? Are you that busy?

I've got a few days off.

What is it?

Turn that off, will you?

Open it up.

The registration number.

-Can't you read it yourself?
-The number.

Is it good?

Hey, Valerie!

My love.

-Are you drunk?
-Are you coming to the Samson?

With you? Together?

You feel compromised by my presence?

-No, but…
-All right, then. Come on.

This way I'll never win.

-I'm going to go.
-Another one.

I really have to go.

Then I'll check
some registration numbers.

Are you coming to my apartment?

How much?

It's not easy trying to be tough.

Shall I call you a cab?

How much?

By the way, how's the Red Door?

I haven't seen him for a few days.

Hundred forty-five.

What are you doing here?



-Where are you going?
-My bag.

Be quiet. Through there.

-Hello, Cathy.
-I've lost my job.


Job. Yes, my job.

I earned more in one night
than you in one week.


There's more to life than earning money.

Should I be like Mom?

Marry a dope and have just enough
money to make ends meet?

I want to live my way.

You can't blame me for that.
Especially you.

You left me when I was five.

Now that I'm old enough,
you of course now best.

Now I don't need your advice anymore.

Or do you think Kaplan doesn't know
you've got connections with a whore?

He knows everything.

Your three day suspension
is only the beginning, little copper.

The only thing you achieved
is that you got me fired.

But I'm going to Brussels to start over.

And this time not only topless.

In Brussels they'll get all of me.

And they'll pay for it.

Maybe I'll send you a cheque
so you can buy a nice car.



-Where's my moped?
-Where it always was.

You can't compare this with the city,

but you've got less shit here.

The day before yesterday
they called me out of bed…

-He transported goods with horses.
-With those Belgian horses?

Yes, I've worked with those horses
all my life.

I started when I was only 14.

How many did you have?

-How many?

Wow. They were worth loads.

Yes, back then they were.

How much would that be now?

One died. It cost me 52,000 franks.

-In those days.

-That's impressive.
-It is.

You won't get that kind of money
just like that.

I'm sure.

-I'm going to go.
-Sure, Frans. See you.

What I wanted to say
just before Frans came…

I've got a story you wouldn't believe.

It was my second or third day here.

I got a call from the castle.
There had been a breaking and entering.

A case of white wine went missing.

Guess what… You won't believe it.

You won't believe who did it.

The priest.

Before evening mass
he had this much wine.

They stole from him too.

The day after he had three masses.
But how will you manage without wine?

So what did he do?
He snatched a case from the castle.

You tell me what I should do
being the chief?

How should I solve it?
What would you do?

-Those are the things…
-They urgently need you.

Urgently? There you have it.

Maybe I'll see you later.


Are you applying for the job?

-Do you know Valerie?

I owe her something.

Okay. She can start tomorrow.

Tomorrow her face
will still be hurting too much.

Maybe next week.


You're a sweetheart.

Come through here.



Have you got good news?

Maybe I've got something.

That boat, the Nathator, left.

It's on the Albert Canal,
just passed the second lock.

Hasn't passed the third yet.

Frank, I'm suspended.

Come on. Maybe tomorrow
all the evidence is gone.

-Ask the chief for reinforcements.
-He'll call Investigation and Security.

He's probably got his reasons.

Then I'll do it alone.



-It's Zaman.

Put him through.



-Hello, Zaman?

Can he do it by himself?



Then why aren't you helping him?

When you do something, do it right.

I always admired you for that.

-Part of it is loaded onto the ship.
-We've got them.

I didn't have my revolver with me.

They'll smell it
from a hundred meter distance.

He's asleep.

They gave him a shot.

What do they say?

Can you go sit down, honey?

His pelvis…

They say he will never fully recover.

He knows.

He says it'll give him the opportunity to
work behind a desk the rest of his life.

But I know what it means to him.

He'd been dreaming about it
for ten years.

Being an investigative officer.

I don't even know your first name.


Then I'll keep calling you Zaman.

If you can't find a babysitter, you
can bring the kids over to our house.

Zaman, how's Frank?

-Order a wheelchair.
-Is it that bad?


-Is Collas in?
-He's in a meeting.

Sir, you can't go in.


Subtitle translation by: Jessica Rietveld