Zaky Chan (2005) - full transcript

Zaky, a lazy young man decides to work for his father's boss as a bodyguard to protect his stubborn daughter Shereen and her little brother. Soon he becomes a part of the family and a foe for Shereen's jealous boyfriend Hazem.

Shame on you, shame on you man,
you let a chick beat the hell out of you

- How are you doing? What? What is it?
- Hey Sayed

You're so high-strung man,
Iet's get out of here

- Just wait a minute
- Come on, it's 3 am

- Hold on a minute, Sayed
- Let's go, you're here every day

- Just give me a minute, Sayed
- Come on, we have to go

- Just a minute
- Come on, get up

Come on, they're
gonna lock us in, man

You're so strange, pal

You play video games
every day, every day, man

l'd like to get me one
of these games at home

- Zaki
- What?

- We're in trouble, brigands
- Brigands? What do they do?

- Brigands, they're bandits
- Bandits? That's fine, come with me

- What are you going to do?
- Don't you worry

Look Sayed, l want to follow
exactly every move l make

Just do exactly as l do


Good evening, dudes

God bless you, my dearest boy and
protect you from any imminent danger

What a nice fellow

Bring out all the dough
you've got, my good pal

Why is that, man?
You're making a big mistake

- You shouldn't have said ''bring out''
- l said bring out all the dough you've got

Take your hands off me,
coz this is a new jacket, pal

See Sayed? That's iust fine or
you want me to do it the hard way

Take off this new
jacket of yours, pal

By the way, you nearly
brought me down to the floor

That's fine, that's okay

Here's my new iacket, here you go,
it's got my picture as a little boy

But you may have it,
enjoy looking at it

- Take off your pants too
- No, l can't take my pants off

- Yes, l will take my pants off
- Go quickly

Give me a minute, you're trying to start a
fight with me, l don't wanna hurt you, man

- Quickly
- Fine, l'm taking it off

By the way, this is so
wrong, we're neighbors

l live in the fourth floor of that building

- l said, hurry up
- Fine, fine, just take it easy

Here is my pants, here you
go, although it's a bit loose

What about you, sweet little boy,
why don't you take off your clothes?

- You're waiting for your nanny's help?
- l won't take insults from him, Zaki

l'll do whatever you want,
just let me handle my friend

What's your problem Sayed? l told
you to follow exactly every move l make

Take off the shirt, you

- What did you iust call him?
- Sweet little boy

Thanks, go ahead sweet little boy

- Do it quickly, and your pants too
- No, not my pants

What's this? You've tied your
pants to your face, Sayed?

Here you go sir, iust give me
a second to get the other stuff

Excuse us for the delay

Why don't you give the
boys our honorary suits?

- My God
- Don't let them leave like this

And take a special care of this one,
he's been a very bad boy and l like him

- Okay
- Thank you, see?

He likes me, you'd better
listen to what l say the next time

Quickly, man coz l'm shivering

Thank God, dad's not awake

Gamal's asleep too

ln God we trust, Amen

ln God we trust, Amen,
come over here

- Me?
- Yeah you? Who would am l calling then?

Where were you until
this late hour, Zaki?

- l... was saying the early morning prayer
- The morning prayer? What's this?

- What?
- What the hell is this shape you're in?

What is it?

You were saying the morning
prayer looking like this?

- No
- What then?

- Just let me explain
- You did it again?

- Did what again?
- You did it again, Zaki?

You did it again, you good for nothing

- Just let me explain, dad
- What will you explain?

You went there again and let them
steal your clothes and beat you up again?

- No, no, that's not true
- Again? It's not true?

You're totally shameless, boy?
Don't you have any feelings?

Don't you have feelings
you stupid useless boy

You tore off my pocket, daddy

lt iust fell down, here
you go, here you go, boy

You're happy now? Do l have
a monkey in this house?

Since you're not up to the challenge,
why do you go them to get beaten up?

l didn't get beaten up, daddy,
l did the beating myself

Oh yeah, l've knocked hell out
of them and this is their pajamas

- Where are your clothes?
- With them

You want me to leave
them totally naked?

No, how come? It's not right

You want me to spend a fortune on your
food on clothes and your assailants' too?

- Just calm your nerves, dad
- Have pity

- Calm down dad
- Have pity on me

- You're so hot dad
- Hot? That's none of your business

You'll kill me one day

Come here, l'm so tired,
l can't take, come over here

- Just leave me alone dad
- Take this, Zaki, take, my heart

- My heart
- What is it, dad?

- My heart
- What's wrong dad?

- My heart
- See? You always pull that trick and l buy it

- Oh yeah, you're such a weasel
- See? l can catch you

- Where would you go, Zaki?
- No dad

Stop right there,
l said don't move, holy shit

You shouldn't tear off
other people's clothes?

What would l say now?
l was just playing with my dad?

Playing with you dad,
you insolent little boy

Come here, you think l won't catch you?
You're gonna spend the night out?

Come over here, don't give me
such a hard time, boy come

Don't you throw apples
at me dad, no, no, no

You're gonna cripple me, boy,
you're gonna cripple me

- What is it dad?
- You insolent

What are you yelling at?

Come and see what is your
troublesome brother doing

What's all the fuss about, dad?

A bunch of guys hit me, took my
clothes and got what they deserve

Who hit you and took your clothes
and got what they deserve?

Nobody hit me,
l didn't leave my house

- It's your brother
- Who hit you and took your clothes...

- ...and got what they deserve?
- Some guys living around the block

Give me a minute, l'll go get changed
and bring them over here shackled

Don't do it Gamal, l don't want
you to go get somebody else

My own brother got hit and
you want me to just stand still?

Just wait for some other day,
l'll be able to come with you

Listen, since l got up,
l have to start a fight

Suit yourself

- Where to, honey?
- l'm up and l have to start a fight

Why don't you wait until l deliver my
baby so that l can give you a hand?

You hit him first, honey

- Hey Ziko
- Hey Suraya

- How are you doing, Ziko?
- How is your unborn baby?

Your brother's boy is giving
me such a hard time

He's always on the
move, just like his father

- Salem, good morning
- Salem?

- l'm iust kidding with you, Salem
- Fine

- Would you like to have for dinner?
- l'd like to have some nice cheese

l'll fix you a nice dish
of beans in a flash

Walk steadily, you
don't wanna stumble

- You really are an insolent boy
- Why is that?

You haven't had enough already,
you still want to have something to eat?

You want me to starve?

We're running out
of apples or what?

lt's the seventh one

What's this?

Holy shit, what the hell is this?

What is this?

What the hell? Ain't this
the TV remote control?

Why is it in the fridge?
Lest it should melt?

This is sheer madness,
l don't get it, what's going on?

That's so unbearable

My sweet boy, an angel
sleeping amongst rubbish

ls this possible? Is this
possible? What's this?

What's this? Who'd sleep with...?
Holy shit, what's this?

Could he be using
this as a sleeping pill?

Why is he holding it in his arms?

What's this? What's this?

What's this?

What's this dad?
It's the same thing everyday

Cigarettes and tea for breakfast?

You're smoking too?

- Not me, it's Sayed
- Who's Sayed?

My friend, Sayed Sika

Why would your friend
Sayed Sika smoke outside

and put his cigarette
off in my house?

- Their house is a bit small
- You're joking?

- No, l'm not
- You're joking? l'm sick and tired of you

Get up, get away
from this dump of yours

- Fine, fine
- Get up

- Fine dad
- Why are still sitting? Get up

- Just stay put, dad
- Why?

So that l can throw
them in the glass

- In the glass?
- You want me to throw them on the floor?

No, throw them in the glass
we're supposed to drink with

You filthy boy, you filthy boy

- And what the hell is this?
- It's my shoes

l know it's not your iacket,
why is it sleeping in your arms?

Why? Have pity on me

- Go on, get up, get up, get up
- l spend hours looking for it each morning

Fine, there it is, not on
the bed, go on, get up

- Okay, okay
- Get up

Just give me five minutes, l'll have
a quick dream and l'll be back

Where will you be back? l'm not
waiting for you in here, get up

- Here l am, here l am
- Get the hell up, you're always like this?

You're either taking a nap
or sleeping or taking a bath

The bathroom is available or should
l obey the call of nature in a drawer?

- You do it in a drawer?
- You want me to do it on the balcony

The balcony is much more suitable, it's
open air whereas a drawer is a closed area

The hell with you
and your filthy habits

- Go ahead, you can use the bathroom
- Okay

You used up all the water
available, go ahead, go on, quick

- l'll be right with you, l'll be right with you
- Fine

What a fuss early in the morning

Go wake your wife, Gamal

Never mind my wife, dad, she's
pregnant and feeling tired, you know

She went to sleep
after cleaning the house

- That's okay
- Give me a loaf of bread, Gamal

This bread ain't fresh,
a bit of beans, cheese and jam

- A nice quick breakfast
- Why don't sit and eat like normal people?

That's normal dad, lots of people
have their breakfast while standing up

How nice, you find the
right answer for everything

Forget about him dad, it's
a disgusting human being

What Gimo? Aren't you
forgetting something?

- Just leave him alone, dad
- Exactly, exactly

Thank God

Why don't you shut the
door like normal people?

Lots of people slam the door, dad

- Why don't you throw me a frying pan?
- Beat it

What the hell am
l gonna do with this boy?

- Where did l go wrong?
- Divorce me

lf you don't like it,
divorce me, what's this?

God damn it Sara

What's your bloody
problem? l'll be right down

You've been saying that
for almost an hour now

Why should l be the one to suffer
the consequences of your car crash?

The cigarette

lt's you? You scared me shitless

- Where is dad?
- He left early

You're still in your boxer? Go get
dressed, Sara's going bonkers

l don't wanna go to
the swimming courses

Same thing every morning

l'll go call dad, and let him deal with it

- Go ahead, go on
- Call him

What's this Omar? l thought we're done
with that, you want me to be mad at you?

Stop begging, let me talk to Shereen

Hi Shereen, how are you doing?

You haven't received your car yet?

lt's no big deal,
l'll pick you up after work

And we'll all have
Iunch in the club


- What is it, Mr. Khayrat?
- Omar's giving me a hard time

And Shereen is such a reckless girl

She crashed the car
again, can you believe it?

Why don't you get her a
driver and be done with it?

What driver? He won't last
for more than a ride with her

We already have a driver
but he's of no good use

- Hey Sika
- Hey man

You piece of chicken, why didn't
you drop by me in the morning?

- l was here
- What's new?

Everything's iust fine, Mr. Nader
is looking everywhere for you

- Really? What did you tell him?
- What?

- Well said, let's get in
- Come on

lt's gonna take a year or what?

Stop right there you two

What is it? Where the
hell do you think you are?

- Why are you so late?
- Me?

lt's Sayed who iust arrived,
l've been here since the morning

- Then go to work
- Right away

Come over here, it's your
Iast warning, do you hear?

- Do you hear?
- Yes sir

He won't do it again

Just let me go get changed coz my
clothes must be soaked wet by now

Excuse me

- l'll be back in a minute
- Okay honey

- l missed you
- Shame on you

- We must get married first
- Such a well-mannered girl

Excuse me, l'd like
to have a glass of water

- Yes
- A glass... a glass of water

A glass of water?
Samira? Samira Bahig?

- Zaki? How are you doing, honey?
- l'm fine, how are you doing?

- l'm fine, how are you?
- You look gorgeous

You grew up into a
stunningly beautiful lady

You got engaged?

- Really?
- Yeah

You remember
Shukry from college?

- Shukry? Shukry El Sayed?
- Yes

You must be kidding me? That
Shukry who had a pronunciation issue?

- Well, he was the only one available
- How could you do it? how could you do it?

- That's unbelievable
- Oh sweetie

Do you still remember when you
used to run away from class

and meet me at the
men's room, remember?

- Shukry
- Yes l know, l remembered him

No need to remind me
of him, l know who he was

Remember when your zip was stuck and
l held it to you all the way back home?

- Shukry
- Yes l remember him

Shukry, you remember...

You remember when he
used to catch us by surprise?

Those were some good old days,
but it only happened in the 3rd year


- You wanted some water?
- Yes

- With ice?
- It doesn't matter

l'll be right back

- Shukry
- Yes, it's Shukry

How are you doing Shukry?
We were just talking about you

- How are you doing Shukry?
- Fine

He's iust the same old man

- He's still catching us by surprise
- Yeah

- How are you doing Shukry?
- How are you?

You remember those
days back in college

when we used to read
all together in the library?

But l wanna tell you something,
you picked the right girl, just the right girl

- Samira Bahig, some good old memories
- Some shit memories

Damn you and your shitty memories

You piece of shit,
you've always been a moron

You got me all wrong

- Got you wrong?
- Yeah, she just wanted some water

- And it's iust about water?
- Believe me

l spent 3 years with you stupid cow,
and couldn't even get a small kiss

3 years? It's way
too much with Samira

- You're about 2 years and 6 months late
- You see what l'm talking about?

- That's okay, that's okay
- Where's the manager of this place?

- Where's the manager?
- What is going on here? What's going on?

- You're the manager?
- What's going on?

l went away for
3 seconds, 3 seconds

And came back to see him talking to
her about zips and something like that

- How dare you?
- Sir, let me explain, let me explain

- Don't you say a word
- He's engaged to a promiscuous girl

- What can l do for him?
- Make him pay for it sir, make him pay

How dare you?
Get the hell out of here

l don't ever wanna
see your face here again

You're a piece of shit iust like her

- Get out
- Your voice will bring down the walls on us

Get out

What is it Hazem? Why are
you tearing off the roses?

- Have pity on them
- What are the roses for?

To be picked, right?

The most beautiful rose to the
most gorgeous girl in the world

Thank you so much

lt's Sara, we'd better leave
or else she's gonna get mad

Let's go

- Good after noon
- How are you doing, dad?

Where is Omar?

- Daddy
- Hi Omar, how are you doing?

- How's your swimming practice?
- It's fine

But the pool water is too
cold, and l'm so hungry

- Let's eat
- Dad, wish Sara a happy birthday

- Today's her birthday
- Really? Happy birthday

Thank you sir, l'd better leave to get ready
for tonight, l'll be waiting for you tonight

And don't you be late, don't
come when the party's over

- Bye
- Bye

- What can l do for you sir?
- Would you serve us lunch quickly

l'm in a hurry

- l'd better go now
- Fine Hazem

l'll see you at the
birthday party, bye

What's this Omar?

You've spent the whole
day playing video games?

Turn it off and go to sleep right now

- Just give me five more minutes
- Not a single minute

You'd better do as l tell you,
go to sleep right now, go ahead

Why don't l get
anything but trouble?

- Well, good night
- Good night

Hazem, l don't like it when
you're so forward with me

You promised me a hundred
times to quit drinking

- And you're still doing it
- Knock it off Shereen

lt's a birthday party,
we were having fun

- See you later
- Bye

How very nice

Do you know what time is it?

Sorry dad, everybody
was having a good time

l don't give a shit about this nonsense

You were supposed to
stay for just half an hour

lt's not right to leave
as soon as l got there

And is it right to let a guy
drive you home at midnight

- It's Hazem, dad
- Why should Hazem drive you home?

Why didn't you ask me
to send you the driver?

Dad, l did nothing wrong

lt's obvious that you've
been too much spoiled

Go to sleep now, l'm gonna have
a word with you in the morning

You iust can't stay in one
job for too long, can you?

Each day, you drag me...

l'm talking to you, what
the hell are you looking at?

l'm trying to talk some
sense into your stiff head

And you're looking the other way?

- Stop being so impolite
- l thought l heard somebody calling

Most importantly, is your
manager a nice man?

- He's a very nice man, dad
- Then why did he give you the sack?

- Coz he's so mean and uniust
- Yeah

- Is he nice or mean and uniust?
- He's a mixture of all that

- A mixture? What's his name?
- Nader

Nader the mixed man, come on

Zaki told me about the misunderstanding
that took place between you two

l gave him a good scolding

Sure thing,
l reprimanded him severely

And l insisted on bringing
him here to apologize for you

- And settle this small disagreement
- What disagreement Mr...?

Salem, l'm Salem El Asyuty

- Father of Zaki Salem El Asyuty
- Yeah

- What?
- Don't you worry...

He still hasn't had breakfast

Allow me Mr. Nader,
l'd like to say something

You were so unfair with me, l swear
by my dad's life, and l've never ever lied

l didn't hit on nobody, that was Samira
Bahig, we both went to the same college

- What? He's talking about Samira
- Yeah

- Your college classmate?
- Yeah

No, no, Mr. Nader, no, no, it's iust
Samira, she's like a sister to him

They used to drink the
same milk as babies

lf that's so, why did
that guy fight with you?

- Dad, ask me about that guy
- Of course l will, who's that guy?

Shukry El Sayed, her fiance

- Shukry El Sayed got engaged?
- Yes he did

- Shukry El Sayed
- Yes he got engaged a while ago

- God help him
- He got engaged dad, he's not dead

Well he's gonna end up dead

Shukry El Sayed and Samira?

lf l'd known it's about Shukry and Samira,
l wouldn't have come to see, Mr. Nader

They're like a brother
and sister to him

Go kiss uncle Nader, go ahead,
go ahead, do it for dead, go on

- Uncle Nader is a nice fellow
- Get the hell out of here

Get the hell out and stop this charade

What's this nonsense? Take
your dad and get the hell out

- Move it, go on
- Don't be startled by his loud voice

Go on, uncle Nader told you to
move, then move back to work, boy

lsn't that so, Mr. Nader?
Go ahead, no need to kiss him

Go back to work,
move it Zaki, move it

l'd better leave too,
Nader, take care

What the hell is this family?
What a goddamn species

- Good morning
- Good morning

- What would you like to have?
- What drinks do you serve?

We serve cold mango iuice

- Don't you have something hot?
- We have hot mango juice

What a rude impolite man, Nader

There really are some rude and
impolite people, why are you yelling?

- Nader
- Why would you call him?

- Yes honey, what is it?
- What's this waiter you've got here?

- You again, what has he done now?
- He's hitting on me and Hiba

- l swear l didn't hit on Hiba
- You're hitting on Mrs. Ghada, you fool

- Who's Mrs. Ghada?
- She's my wife, you piece of shit

Holy shit, what
about Hiba? Who's she?

- Get the hell out of here
- Okay, l will

Get the hell out of here

You seem exhausted
today, Mr. Khayrat

l'm so worried, l'm so worried
about Shereen, she's misbehaving

l need somebody to watch
over Shereen day and night

- And l don't have the time for that
- Ain't Linda living with them?

l need somebody to keep their
company in and outside the house

Somebody who'll be their
shadows, a bodyguard

- l want a bodyguard, Salem
- A bodyguard

Yeah l know them

Aren't they the bunch of muscular guys in
blue suits, who always act before they think

- These are exactly the bodyguards
- What do you need them for Mr. Khayrat?

You're going to war?

or is Shereen starting a fight with
everyone she meets on the street

you got me wrong, Salem

l don't need someone to
start fights or bully everybody

l want someone to follow
them like a shadow

Take care of this
issue for me, Salem

Sit down, Gamal, sit down

l wanna discuss an
important issue with you

- Open up your mind
- Yes dad

- l want you to get me a bodyguard
- A what?

- A bodyguard
- A bodyguard?

- Yeah
- A bodyguard?

- Yeah
- Why?

- Has anyone bothered you?
- No

- Has anyone laid hands on you?
- No

- Has anyone hurt you in any way?
- No, let me explain

Then what do you
need a bodyguard for?

- Just let me speak for once
- What do you need a bodyguard for, dad?

- Just let me explain
- Why is that?

- Bodyguard? How nice
- l said nothing

l know that you're always around

- You're so weird, Gamal
- Why do you need him then?

l don't need him

- It's Mr. Khayrat who needs one
- Okay

- You got it now?
- Yeah

Here you go, write down the
qualifications required in this bodyguard

- One, tall and muscular
- My best qualities

- Quarrelsome
- That's me

- Cold-hearted
- A long time ago

Strongly built


- Farsighted
- Of course

Minimum length, 1 90 cm

- Minimum weight, 21 O pound
- What about 205?

On top of all, he must be
of a respected family

Well that's a problem

l want this bodyguard available
within a maximum of 2 days

A bodyguard, l barely have
enough time to get prepared

l needed a couple more days

- Hide me, hide me
- Where do you want me to hide you?

Anywhere, you're full of hideaways

Come on man, you're
gonna gulp me down or what?

Well done, Gamal, you're the
pride and joy of your father

You sent me a bunch of lions not men

How nice, how nice

These are natural muscles
or are they pumped out

They're natural, sir

- How great, how great, what's your maior?
- l'm a Fine Arts graduate sir

Fine Arts? You must have
studied Martial Arts, Wild Arts

- What about you?
- Medicine graduate

The faculty of autopsy of course,
the faculty of swallowing

Well, basically you're all excellent

Why don't you have a seat?
l'll be right back, have a seat, have a seat

Five damn disasters!

l'll depend on the Lord

- What's your name?
- Mohd El Adawi

ls that so?

You're here all by yourself
or you're here with them?

- None of your business
- Fine, l meant you're a bunch of friends

And came here together
or you're all by yourself?

None of your business

Don't you get mad man, l'm iust
having a chat with you, l fear for you man

Coz that guy sitting back there has been
speaking ill of you since we got here

- What are you saying?
- Yeah

But don't you look at him,
he seems stronger than you

- You know them?
- Each and every one of them

Tell me what you know

That guy's Nohad

That's Dagher and this
is Fayed (=overabundant)

Fayed? He should be so

- And that's Ashraf
- What a weird name

- Tell me about Ashraf
- His wife cheated on him

and ran away with her lover

- That's her lover
- What?

- It's a done deal
- What have you done?

Everything's fine, they're waiting
for you outside to choose one

- What's this commotion?
- l have no idea

- Wait here, l'll go check it out
- l'm coming with you

You're so heavy, man

l told you they're gonna hit
you but you wouldn't listen

Hold on until they come,
what took them so long? There they are

What's going on? What's
all this tumult in the office?

- What's this? What brought you here?
- Excuse me sir

They tried to bully me
so l taught them a lesson

l fit for this position quite well, sir

- This position?
- Impossible

Why is it impossible?
Beat it now, lad, go home

Mr. Khayrat, l'd like to tell you
something extremely important

- Come with me
- Nobody moves

- Mr. Khayrat, l'd like to tell you
- What do you wanna tell him?

That's okay, l sent them
all home, a bunch of rookies

l'll send you packing right away

- Mr. Khayrat, this guy is...
- Is an Olympic medalist

for the years 1 991
and 1 992 on the row

- Olympic medalist?
- Yeah

- You really are an insolent lad and a son of...
- Don't you insult my father

You shouldn't be speaking
like this, Salem, excuse me son

That's not the right way to deal
with your employees Mr. Khayrat

By the way, l'd like you to know
that l was the private bodyguard

of the Arab League secretary
and the hero Abd El Aziz

And haven't you been
employed at the Shehab Street

They did ask for my services there

But l preferred to come here,
coz it's near my house

Why don't you have a seat Mr. Salem?
Why don't you have a seat?

You should stand up
while speaking with me

- That's enough, that's enough
- No it's not enough

l brought with me all necessary
certificates for you to check them out

- What are all these pictures?
- This is me in my karate suit

- Karate?
- Yeah

- What belt do you hold?
- No, l have a bra

- What?
- l have a dark belt coz l love dark colors

This is my pictures
after we beat Egypt 2-O

- Were you playing with the Turkish team?
- Mr. Salem won't get off my back

ln this photo, l'm holding the cup

- Who's this?
- It's me

- You?
- In my room

ln the Olympics l mean, all these
pictures are taken in the Olympics

- What's this pic?
- l was just eating lunch here, nothing special

What do you think Salem? He seems
to me like a fine well-mannered fellow

He seems to me like an
ill-mannered son of a rascal

You're insulting my
dad again, Mr. Salem?

My dad is a respected
man, do you know him?

My dad's a very
respected man, Mr. Khayrat

He holds a very respected iob but it
seems to me he's gonna get fired today

- What's your name?
- Zaki, sir

- What's your family name?
- Yeah, tell him your father's name

- It's no use telling you my father's name
- What's your father's name?

Tell me your full name

- My name is Zaki Nahed El Adawi sir
- Who?

Zaki Nahed El Adawi, this is my address,
come to see me tomorrow morning

l'm hired sir?
God bless you, God bless you sir

- You can leave now
- Thank you

Thank you Mr. Khayrat, thank you

See you later Salem, sit on
that chair, it's a very nice one

What do you think Salem?

l think he's a fine guy
and the right one

But Mr. Khayrat, l think
he's a devious crook

He might be devious
but he's no crook

l wanted a devious and cool guy like this,
l thought you'd choose him in the first place

ls that so? But l'm sure that he won't
show up here again, Mr. Khayrat

Holy shit

- l don't get it, why are you so edgy?
- Why? Because of your misdeeds

- You don't know why am l so edgy?
- Calm down dad

- You don't know why l'm edgy?
- Calm down dad

l'm sick and tired of you

- Calm down
- Save me this trouble

- You wanna be a bodyguard?
- Yeah

How can you be one?
You're just a bag of bones

And on top of this,
you're a coldhearted fellow

- You're coldhearted?
- Yeah

You've always treated me so hard
that l grew up having a heart of stone

How can you be so?
By eating myrrh every night

Would you like me
to get your sockets?

You're poking fun at me?

These were old files
and they're finished now

l'm struggling now, dad

- By being a crook, you son of a rascal
- Dad

- You son of a rascal
- Dad, dad

You're a badly brought-up
child, l won't let you go

- What is it, Zaki?
- Come here

You wanna make my dad lose
his mind, Zaki? Just let him go

You're the last thing l need
now, son, concentrate

- Zaki's behind you, l'm your dad
- What is it Zaki?

You wanna make
my dad lose his mind

you want him to get fired
because of a loser like you

l'm no loser anymore,
l'm working with his boss

We're both gonna get
paid from the same guy

l won't let you do it

- Dad, it's me
- You're standing in my way

- Get out of here
- Dad, dad

l don't get it, why don't you
want me to earn a living?

You're the only one who's gonna
make me lose my source of income

- Get out of there, get out
- l won't

Dear lord, my son's a mouse

- Get out of there, l'm warning you
- l won't

Very well, you
stay there, stay there

You can sleep under the bed

l'm not going to work tomorrow,
l'll be waiting for you

Let's see how long will stay
hidden under the bed, fine

This hose is leaking

This boy is insane,
he's totally insane

Due to my busy schedule,
l decided to get you someone

to keep you company
and take care of you

- What is it dad? You decided to get married?
- Who said anything about marriage?

l'm saying there are plenty
of things that must be fixed

Which means you need
someone to keep you company

in and outside of the
house, and mainly outside

ln the car, in the club

- l reckon that my words are very clear
- You wanna hire someone to watch us?

l said someone to keep you
company and not watch you

- Good morning
- Good morning

- Is Mr. Khayrat here?
- Excuse me?

- Mr. Khayrat is home?
- Who's asking for him?

- Just tell him Zaki
- What do you want him for?

- He knows
- He knows?

Mr. Khayrat is not available
now, you can come again

- Okay, thank you, thank you
- l said he's not at home

- Good morning
- Hello Zaki, have a seat

And let me explain your main tasks

l know everything and
l got myself prepared too

- How nice
- Of course, don't you worry

Hold it sir, upon studying
the villa's location, it turned out to be low

l mean the villa's fence is too low

So it needs to be elevated for around 6
to 7 meters, we need cameras over here

- We need about 2000 meters of barbwire
- l didn't hire you to guard the villa

The factory then, well as for
the factory, hold it right there sir

As for the factory, we won't need
all the other stuff we spoke about

Except the barbwire,
we'll need it there

- Neither the factory
- Then the car, it's the only thing left

Well l don't deal with cars, you can
get a bulletproof body for the car

and a little dog who'll bark whenever
he sees a stranger near the car

- You got me wrong, sir, excuse me
- Wait right there

You're a chatterbox or what?
Let me tell you what l want

- l want you to watch over my kids
- Your kids?

- There they are
- You'd better get them a Philippine guard

Listen to me, l beg you

Let me introduce you
to Zaki, your bodyguard

This is a bodyguard? He's
more like a starving lizard

Excuse me

lt's Shereen my daughter
and Omar my son

lt's obvious that Shereen is your eldest
daughter and Omar your youngest

lt's obvious that your
shoe lace is unfastened

Were you in a bit of a hurry?

l don't know how to fasten
my shoelace in the first place


Well why didn't you say so?

l'm going to the club, let's go Omar

- Go with them Zaki, go ahead
- Of course

Listen, l want you to
follow Shereen step by step

- l want you to be Shereen's shadow
- What about Omar?

- Should l let him wander away?
- Omar too, please Zaki, go ahead

Fine sir, l'd like to thank you so
much for putting your trust in me

l'm a peaceful guy,
l would never start any fight

Follow them now, go on, go on

- Hold on a second
- What is it?

- Hold on a second, this is your car?
- Yeah it's my car

What are you doing?

Security measures, that's all

You need to blow up this tire

Look out

What's this? Did you
hear any explosion?

- It's the car's remote control
- The car's remote?

- What kind of a car are you driving?
- Take your hand off me, you're a total fool

- You're insane, you're insane, man
- What's this?

- Get up
- Thank God, no casualties

Hold on a second, hold on a second

Excuse me, where are the keys?

- What are you doing?
- Ain't this the driver's seat? l'm driving

- Look
- What's this?

- Do you happen to have a dumb uncle?
- No, my auntie was a bit chubby

- Really?
- Yeah

- Get up in the back
- Why?

- In the back
- l'm driving

- Come on Omar
- l'm driving

Step hard on the clutch
pedal if you're gonna drive

See? l told you this Zaki
won't show up in here again

l was completely sure he's
reckless and irresponsible


Zaki is with the kids at
the villa since the morning

he must be with them in the club now

Zaki is with the kids at the
villa and they went to the club?

God help us

- You're such a rude fellow
- What?

Why did you iust turn off the music?

lt's a quick rhythm and we
have a small kids in the car

Mind your own business
and don't you touch it again

Look in front of you, look in front of you,
we don't wanna have an accident

- By the way, you haven't shifted gears
- Gears?

- Yeah
- It's a campo hydrometric one

l'm talking about the car
not the washing machine

- Omar, give me the mobile
- Hold on a second

- What's this?
- Concentrate, concentrate, just a second


- Give me the mobile
- You know anybody living at the pyramid?

Give it to me

Hello, answer me you moron

- What the hell are you saying?
- Answer me you moron

You're happy now?

Get down and give a beating
to that moron who hit me

- l'd better not
- l said go down

Okay, dear lord help
me and protect me

- Get down
- What?

- Get down l'm telling you
- What is it?

What is it?

- Show me the driving license
- What? l don't have any license

You don't have any license?

What do l need it for?
l'm not driving the car

l know you're not driving,
if the driver is busing driving

Shouldn't you be watching the road?

How can he watch his driving
and the road as well?

lt's not my problem,
l was watching the counter

lt's the first time l get in a cab

lf l had known this would happen
to me, l'd have never got in a cab

That's okay, it's no big deal

Since it's your first time, why
are you driving on a highway?

- This man is a complete maniac
- Shouldn't you drive on a side road?

- You're hurt?
- Move it man, you're blocking the road

That's okay

You'd better choose a
customer who can drive

She ran away

Come on guys, we're home, come on in

lt seems like there's nobody home

Whatever l tell you,
you won't believe it

These people are
incredibly extraordinary

lf only you'd see their daughter

Today she went saying, come
on in, you can't leave like this

Why don't you have dinner with us?

You can stay here if you like

- But l didn't wanna do it
- Really man?

You think l'm making up stories, Sayed?

l didn't wanna throw myself
on them? One step at a time

l wanted to impress them
with my strong personality

- What about the girl, is she beautiful?
- Well she's... gorgeous

and she's got that nice
little brother, he's so cute

He loved me at first sight

Can you imagine? He took me
in his arms and gave me a big hug

Zaki, don't you think
this job is a bit hard?

lt's extremely hard with
terrible dangers and troubles

Zaki, l like this bodyguard
thing and wanna become one

- You wanna become a bodyguard?
- Yeah?

- Just take a look at your body, man
- What's wrong with it?

What's wrong with it? A bodyguard
must have certain qualifications

He must be tall and robust,
yeah, yeah just like me

l know you're looking at me coz
l've got the typical qualifications

You must have a muscular chest,
you're wearing a one-breast bra

You always enioy
bursting my bubbles, Zaki

You want me to deceive you?
You want me to deceive you, Sayed?

- Besides, you're strongly built?
- No, frankly l'm not

You see? See?

Look l wanna tell
you something Sayed

Let's choose another street, Zaki

Don't you worry, you're
walking with a bodyguard

Here, take this

- Should l rest assured, Zaki?
- Come on Sayed, come on

Good evening, dudes

God bless you, my dearest boy and
protect you from any imminent danger

You sweet fellow

Cut the crap man,
some things have changed

Holy shit

- Shouldn't you knock first, dad?
- Have l startled you?

What is it?

You think that by doing what
you've done, you outmatched me

- Why dad?
- It's your call

You either quit your iob or l quit

- Why don't you quit daddy?
- You really are an insolent lad

- Come over here, let me...
- Dad, you're gonna kill me

lt's better than getting myself killed

You still haven't seen
anything, l'll show you

- You still haven't seen a thing, help me
- Why dad?

- Help me
- You make me feel like you're not your boy

What did you iust say, boy?

You make me feel like you're
not your boy, you're not my son

- Who's the son of who?
- Would you let your dad do this to you?

lf l did what you're doing, he's
welcome to do whatever he wants

- l love you by the way, l love you
- Why? You love me?

See how much l love you?
This one's still loose

You wanna cripple me then,
Iet me see, let me see, yeah

- You're doing a pullover?
- Yeah l'm doing a pullover

l'm leaving, you stay like this

What do you think? Let me
see your strength, excuse me

What's this? A dart board?

Hit it, hit it

- What's this? What have you done?
- What have l done?

You screwed the door

- Should l aim at this rounded board?
- Of course

Stop yelling man

What's this sword?

lt's fine, the infidels are long gone

So what? What if
you're holding a sword?

Listen, if you're gonna be Zena

l can very well be Hercules

What do you say if l stab you with
this sword right through your chest

And out of your back?

Right through my chest
and out of my back?

- Vertically you mean?
- No, perpendicularly

- Look
- What's this?

l can pull some
hideous tricks on you

l love adventures, no problem

- What if l made you see nightmares?
- l don't sleep at night, l sleep during the day

- Really?
- Yeah

- What are you doing?
- This is it

You wanna keep me company,
you do exactly as l tell you to

- Okay
- And follow my orders


- Look
- What?

- l don't like troubles
- Then what the hell are you doing now?

Mint tea

- You're gonna listen to me?
- Yes

Go get me my mobile,
l forgot it upstairs

You made all this fuss
to get your mobile?

Why didn't you iust say so? What's this?

Where's this damn mobile?
Speak, where's the mobile?

Damn it

Good morning, good morning

Good morning, l wanna
check on you, how are you doing?

What? Can l sit with you for a while?

- No
- Thank you, l knew you wouldn't say no

- Can l play with you?
- l'd rather play by myself

Beware of this one, a hard blow,
B6, B6, you just hit him

You can't play like this, look

- Now, let's resume the game
- l don't wanna resume the game

Then you're scared
l might defeat you

- Look, if you can beat me, you'll get this
- Fine

- And if l defeated you, what would l win?
- This?


You were shaving?
What would l do with this?

That's fine, no problem, start play

There you go, there
you go, next, next, next

Nice, you're defeated

Give it to me

- You wanna play again?
- Okay

- Okay? l'll strip you off
- l'll strip you off

Yeah honey

- l iust arrived to the club
- But l can't make it now

l must go to the
company right away

- When will you finish?
- l don't know

But l surely can't make it now

What will you do now? You're
gonna leave or hang out at the club

No l'm leaving, bye

- Dear Lord, if only dad wasn't so nervous
- My dad's nervous too

And if he knew l'm here with you,
he's gonna give me a terrible scolding

Holy shit, he'll give you a scolding?

No, my dad's not that narrow-minded

lf he knew we're all alone
in here, he'll rush in here

By the way, you're a loser in football

And you don't know
how to play car races

Leave me alone now,
l wanna stay by myself

lt's my room, you're
angry coz l defeated you?

Don't you say that word

- Don't you have any other game?
- No

Give me back my clothes,
Give me back my clothes and my glasses

What are you looking at?

Who's this dog in the
picture? Is it your brother?

No that's my dog

- He's an Egyptian dog of course
- No, it's a Labrador

He's foreign then?

ls he studying abroad now?

- No, dad shot him down
- Why? did he steal anything?

- No, he was sick
- Holy shit

Do you usually shoot anyone
who gets sick around here?

l won't let you mock at my dog

What's this?

- Tell me, what was your dog's name?
- Titus

Titus? It's a good
thing he got killed, pal

May God forgive you

Omar, can l ask you something?

Don't you have any friends?

lt's obvious that this dog
was your only friend

Fine... what's this?
You're crying, Omar?

What's this?

l'm sorry, l didn't
mean to make you sad

lf l knew you'd be so sad

l swear l wouldn't have mocked at him

Besides, consider me
like Titus from now on

- Of course not
- Of course not?

Am l that vicious?

Fine then, maybe the dog
is somehow better than me

but let's have a fresh start on this
bed and become friends, l'm sorry

Give me a hug now
to be sure you're not sad

The second mad kid
is here, excuse me

- l was sure you'd come back to me
- Get out of my way

lt's obvious that these
stairs take us down

Once your dad comes
home, l'll tell him everything

- Hi Zaki
- Hello

What's wrong? Is any of the
kids causing you any trouble?

No, you have two little angels

What's wrong? You
seem in pain, what is it?

Nothing, it's iust that this
red line is too tight, that's all

- Where are Shereen and Omar?
- Omar is in his room

And Shereen remained
home all day long

Great girl

l couldn't tell him, fine

But there are plenty of things
that need to be changed

There are plenty of parts aching

Just like we agreed,
l'll turn off the power

and you'll iump over and go
straight to his room and tie him up

Tie him to the bed, the chair,
the wardrobe, just anything

Then get out, iust like
you went in, go ahead

Excuse me sir l didn't
wanna interrupt you

But l quitted robbing houses and
jumping over villa fences, thank God

- It's not a new thing
- Since when?

A long time ago

Why didn't you tell me before
making a deal with you?

You waited until we're
under the villa to tell me that?

- What are you doing now?
- l'm a drug dealer

Forget about the drugs and go
back to robbing for just a minute

l can't Mr. Salem, l must be dealing
with drugs for a minimum of one year

and then l can shift
to another field

You think you're dealing
with the sea world?

Give it a try man, you're doing a
master's degree in drug dealing?

Forget about this and be a robber

- What if l got caught?
- Get caught, what the hell?

l'll turn you in myself
then l'll help you escape

You're gonna help me escape
from prison, you're really something

And you're really nothing,
you're a bloody fool

What do you mean by helping
you escape from prison?

Fine, fine, what if l got beaten up

No, don't you worry about that,
who's gonna beat you up?

- Just to be sure
- Yeah

Any slap you receive, what's wrong
with you? l said any slap you receive

- You're gonna hit me Mr. Salem
- You lost it man

l'll give you 1 OO pounds
for each slap you receive

- Where are you going?
- l'll bring down the knife

- What? We're committing murder or what?
- Get the hell out of here, l don't need you

What a damn drug dealer

What murder?
l'll just turn off the power

Dad, dad, there's a thief upstairs

l saw him iump over Omar's balcony

- A thief? Are you sure?
- l saw him in my own eyes

l'm gonna throw you
out of this house, Zaki

- What is it guys? What are you yelling at?
- They think there's a thief in the house

- A thief?
- Call the cops and l'll go get my gun

No dad, don't go upstairs dad,
please uncle Salem call the cops

The cops? Until the cops get here,
the thief would have long run away

- Where's Zaki?
- Zaki's in the bathroom

- Your mom would be thrilled right now
- Zaki, get out right now

- Zaki
- Yes

- Help us Zaki
- Yes

- Get out right now, there's a thief upstairs
- Tell him l'm on my way

What the hell are you doing?

Holy shit

Zaki, Zaki, come here Zaki

- What is it? what is it?
- There's a thief upstairs

- Go catch him and save us
- Let's wait until the power is back on

- Give him the light
- Allow me

- Is the thief a foreign guy?
- Yeah, he's French, go up

- Come on quick
- Go ahead, Ziko

What are you doing?

l'm flashing the light, he may
be coming down in a haste

How thoughtful

Mr. Thief

Mr. Thief

ln fact, l didn't wanna get up,
but the guys downstairs insisted

So l came here to see
if you needed anything

Mr. Thief?

- Don't move
- Holy shit

- Don't move
- It's incredible

l've been talking to you
from here all this time

And you appeared from
the other way, well done

- l'm not iust a common thief
- Yeah, yeah, and l'll let you rob me easily

Hold on the light like this,
yeah, l'm ready, take it all

- Quick
- Here's my watch

And this is my wallet,
it's got everything in it

Just leave me your house address,
don't put yourself in danger

iust leave me your address and
l'll send you everything there

- To my house?
- Yeah

- You'll send it all?
- Yeah l'll send it all, whatever you need

Don't you worry

- Do something Salem, call the cops
- What do we need them for?

Zaki is the right person,
he can manage just fine

Ain't that what you always tell me?
Let's see what he's gonna do

You're right uncle Salem, he's
supposed to be a bodyguard

- Let him deal with it
- It's a big problem, what's going on?

lt's in the garden

l'll go check the power
switch, maybe it's down

- Who is it? Zaki my neighbor
- Bayumi, my pal

- Zakawa
- Boomy

What the hell is going on with
you? Who tied you up like this?

- What an stupid piece of shit
- What brought you here?

- Didn't you quit?
- Yeah l quitted already

But your dad lured me in

- My dad?
- Yeah your dad, you know him?

- The bald man
- Yeah

- Yeah, yeah, he comes around
- He made a deal with me

Yeah l know, he told me everything

lf he hadn't told me, how
would l let you tie me up?

Yeah, l noticed you
didn't show any resistance

- l miss you
- You too

- Don't you worry
- l should have cut my hand off

Before tying you up, bro

- How can l do this?
- No, it's no big deal, Bayumi

Just give me back my
watch before you leave

- Sure thing, l'd give it back double
- No, that's okay, l just want it

- l miss you man
- You too Ziko

- Give me a kiss
- While you're tied up?

- Yeah, no problem
- Okay

What a man

What if l've beaten the hell out
of you? What would you do?

l did my best to make you
Iose your nerves and slap me

But it's no use, l would have
taken 1 OO pounds for each slap

My dad made this deal with you?

You filthy man, you
wanted to rob Mr. Khayrat?

- How many slaps until now?
- 700 slap

- l'll give you 200 more
- Then there are 2 slaps left

Hit me again, let's
reach a thousand

Hit me again, l want to quit

Why couldn't you quit
from the second slap?

That's enough, it's enough Zaki,
forgive and you'll be forgiven

- That's a loss
- A loss?

- l mean you're only wasting your strength
- Nevertheless, l won't stop

That's enough, it's enough,
it's no spendable money

l'll turn him in to the cops myself

Be careful, he might run
away, l tied him up real strong

Get away? Move it you loser,
go ahead and jump, go on

Well done Zaki, l'm so proud of you

l don't know what we'd
have done without you

We'd be robbed by now or even slain

Anyway, drop by me
at the office tomorrow

- l will
- Come on, let's go to sleep

What about me? l won't sleep?

That's fine

- Here you go
- What's this?

lt's a reward from Mr. Khayrat
coz you caught the thief

- But l already took from the prisoner
- What?

l mean l took the
prisoner, l caught the thief

And l can't take it guys,
l'm only doing my job

Take it Zaki, it's a simple
sum, consider it a motive

l don't know what to say,
holy shit... this is a whole lot of money

You don't know how
much l needed this money

l have a big sister who's
about to get married

And my mom's an
old lady and can't work

- Your mom?
- Yeah my mom, what is it?

What about your
dad? He's paralyzed?

- My dad's a good for nothing, you see
- Your dad?

He's a drunkard, he gets home
at dawn every day totally wasted

- Your dad?
- What is it Salem? You know his dad?

No sir, l don't know him,
it's making me go nuts

But l can totally see from what he's
saying that his dad is a scoundrel, right?

Uncle Salem, please, l can't
Iet anybody insult my father

- That's okay Zaki, you may leave now
- Fine sir, thank you for this generous money

See you later uncle Salem

See you later, see you later, okay?

l love you, l love you so

Excuse me Mr. Khayrat, l wanna go to
the bathroom coz l can't hold it anymore

lf l waited some more,
l might dirty the whole place

Excuse me

- You little rascal
- Let me explain

- You wanna explain to me? l'll kill you
- l can give you 1 OO pounds

- If you're nuts, l'm much more insane
- You can take it all

take the money,
l'll show you, l'm gonna kill you

- Mr. Khayrat, Mr. Khayrat
- Shut your mouth

Come and take this, come
here l'm telling you, take this

When will this water
melon deliver the baby?

You're talking to me dad?

Yeah, since when has
your wife been pregnant?

- Dad's asking since when you're pregnant?
- l'm not counting them, Gimy

lt seems to me you're
way over 1 1 months

Take her to a doctor to
see what's wrong with her

Yes dad

- Good evening
- Welcome

Dad Zaki's home, kids

The one who's providing for you

You bought your
sister's trousseau, Zaki?

Or are these the red wine
bottles for your drunkard father

who spends his nights in bars?

- You're done?
- No, l'm not done yet

l'd like to know where is your
old mom who can't work?

Mom? Mom's dead,
don't you remember dad?

She's dead now

And earlier in the day, you were making
up stories to that man, you insolent boy

That's okay dad, that's okay

- It's the same old song every once in a while
- Shame on you, shame on you

l brought you some nice stuff,
a lot of things, whatever you need

Here are the stuff you wrote down
a list about on the fridge, Hussniya

See? l have a good memory

- And look at this dad, it's for you
- What's this? who's this for?

No, it's not for you,
you're too old to pee in this

- What did you brought me Zaki?
- Zaki is over there, concentrate

Look at this one Gimy, look, look

See, l know what you
need, it's for your boy

lt's nice, right?

- And dad l brought you one nice quince
- How nice

Of all the fruits available,
you only brought me an apple

Forget about it,
l brought you something else

l thought it's some kind of a cracker,
but they told it's called Kiki

- Kiki?
- Yeah

- It's Kiwi
- Kiwi?

- It's Kiwi, you ignorant boy
- Praise the Lord, praise the Lord

Look what l brought you too

Some dark colored sun glasses

- Here you go
- l don't want them

- Take it, come on
- l said, l don't want anything from you

You look a bit shy, that's okay

Come on now, iust
Ieave it, just leave it

- Take the case
- Leave it, leave it

Allow me to offer you this
small light as a humble gift

What? What would l do with it?

- You can use it instead of matches
- l don't smoke

Really? and to whom is that pack
of cigarettes under your balcony?

- It must be to uncle Hassanein the driver
- Hassanein the driver?

And does Mr. Hassanein
use a lipstick as well?

Listen Zaki

- What's this?
- Leave, l'm not going out today

- Should l leave?
- Yeah

Fine, l sent you message
on Molody yesterday

- You read it?
- What's a Molody?

lt's the TV station
you're watching, isn't it?

- Leave, leave
- Okay

Beat it

lf you don't pay for
the coffee you drank

lf you don't wash all
the clothes you dirtied

You're gonna...

- Omar, good morning
- Good morning

- You're his sister?
- No, l'm Sara, his sister's friend

Well l haven't seen you before,
Omar, close your eyes

Open them

How great, it's magnificent,
it looks just like Titus

See? l didn't find you a totally
new one so l got you a used one

But it's not been used a lot, it spends
the whole time eating and sitting down

Menda, Menda

l told her to fix me a cup of
Nescafe and she hasn't brought it yet

What are you gonna call it, Omar?

- l'll call him Zaki
- Zaki?

lt's a very nice name, an original one

Let me go get him something to eat

Hold him down or else he might fly away

Excuse me

- Hi Shereen
- Hi daddy, how are you?

- Who are talking to?
- Wrong number, nobody answered

- What brought you home early?
- What's this repelling smell of cigarettes?

Hi Zaki, how are you doing?

l'm gonna get changed
and will be right down

Tell uncle Hassanein to
come quickly and have lunch

How is uncle Hassanein?

Since you can't take cigarettes,
why do you smoke?

- By the way, it's not my pack
- Then why did you take it if it's not yours?

- Fine, Mr. Khayrat
- Why do you like to cause a scandal?

Admit it, it's a good thing
to admit you're wrong

And what's this common
light? Mine was a lot nicer

- Anyway, thanks
- Fine

Mr. Khayrat

What are we gonna do, Zaki?

- You're talking to me or to your dog?
- l'm talking to you

- You're gonna do something
- Oh no man

No man? Stay like this, stay a coward

What are you scared of? l don't get it

What are you scared of?
What would happen?

Look Omar, l want you to
be brave, be a brave man

Just like a lion, like a roaring lion

You must tell him very
frankly, dad l have a dog

A dog? You brought another
dog to the house, Omar?

l thought we'd agreed about this issue

lt's my fault, l let you
do whatever you want

Why did you tell him?


That's enough, you nearly
got us in a terrible mess

l told you your dad will get so
mad and you wouldn't believe me

l told him your dad will be angry
and upset coz he hates dogs

He insisted on convincing you

and said things about being a brave
man, a lion and stuff like that

- Who brought this dog? Shereen?
- Yes, Shereen bought it

But this is not the point sir, the main
problem now is having a dog in the house

- This dog must leave right now
- Don't you worry, l'll deal with it

Give me the dog, go
to your room right now

You're happy now?
Why are you angry?

Who'd get disturbed by a small dog,
sir? It's a normal creature to live with

What's to be disturbed of? Look sir,
who'd be upset of such a creature?

lt's like a burnt sponge

l have enough worried,
l don't need you too

Mr. Khayrat, it doesn't get any bigger,
it's not gonna take a large space

Look, he walks,
can you see him walk?

- Take it off the carpet
- Don't you worry, he won't pee now

He iust peed on the carpet upstairs

Zaki, Omar was very attached
to the old dog he had

- He was very disturbed when he died
- You mean when he got killed

- Anyway, l'll send it back
- So you brought him?

Yes l brought him but l'll send it back

Mr. Khayrat, all l care about is Omar

he must be bursting into
tears in his room right now

What's the big deal in
having such a small dog?

- It's better than becoming a drug addict
- What the hell are you talking about, man?

Oh yeah, anybody of any
age could become a drug addict

lt may occur at any time

l'll send it back

Poor little Omar

- Zaki
- Yes

Couldn't you find him
one of a different color?

Yeah, there is a brown one

Okay, l won't obiect but on one condition

The dog remains in the garden,
l don't wanna see it inside the house

- Is that clear?
- It's clear, it's clear Mr. Khayrat

May you have more and more suits

May this cigar you're
smoking be finished one day

Omar, Omar, dad agreed
to let you keep the dog

He's gonna also let you
keep it in your room

l talked him into it

Good morning

What? What? What?

- What the hell are you doing here?
- l spent the night here

l wanted to keep an eye on you
so that you wouldn't get off again

Go ahead

That is a free spot, Zaki

Get down quick and stand
there to park my car, go on

Why don't you park it inside?

The club parking must
be jammed right now

Go on before somebody
else parks in there

Okay, okay, one second, easy

- Get back nice and easy
- You may park there

You shouldn't have done that,
you're mistreating him all the time

- Miss Shereen, Miss Shereen
- Where to sir?

l'm with that miss who iust
passed by, Miss Shereen

Be it Miss Shereen, or even
Miss Teen, you can't go in

- Miss Shereen or Miss what?
- Miss Shereen or Miss Teen

You liked it

- It's a very funny one
- Thank you

l say it to her every day but never once
did she laugh, nobody hears it and laughs

Come here every day to tell
you this joke and hear you laugh

- Okay, l will
- It's so nice of you

Thank you, thank you,
what's your name?

- Abdeen
- Neither Mr. Abdeen nor Mr. Teen too?

- That's a new one
- You're so funny man

- Thank you
- You're welcome

Listen Abdeen, she went in there,
should l follow her to the left?

No, you won't go to the left, you'll
go to the right and leave right away

Go on, beat it, go on

Get out of here

l'm dying to see this Zaki
you're always talking about

- Why didn't you bring him with you?
- He did come

- Where is he?
- l left him on the club gate

- He'll learn not to ever challenge me
- You shouldn't have done that

You're all hunting me down
just because l jumped off the wall

lt's not like l've iumped
off the Israeli frontiers

l give up

l swear l give up

Long live Egypt

- This is Zaki
- Zaki? Zaki who?

What have you done you stupid fool?

- You got in and left me out
- So you'd jump off the wall?

l'd iump off the High Dike too?
l'm responsible of you

- Let's take him to the hospital, guys
- No, no

- l'm so sorry Zaki
- Never ever say you're sorry

Get up on your feet man,
don't play the white dove now

Who's this teddy bear?

Help me, yeah, nice and easy

That's okay, l'm fine now, l'm fine

- You're gonna live?
- Yeah, just let go of me

What is it Ziko?

- Does it hurt?
- Yeah it hurts

- And now?
- Yeah it still hurts a lot

- It seems that l've lost a lot of blood
- It's okay

lf my arm wasn't so
wide and muscular

l tightened it so that the bullet
merely scratched the side

- Or else it would have hit me in the head
- Yeah l noticed

- Look l'll put some micro-chrome on it
- No, no micro-chrome, l don't like it

- Why not?
- It tastes so badly

- Why? You're gonna drink it?
- Ain't it a mixture?

Man, you got me
worried for a second

She's worried about me,
she's worried about me

Come here, come here

What's this?

But still, you didn't tell me,
what shouldn't l wear tonight?

- Should l wear a suit?
- What suit?

We're gonna dance,
just something casual

Casual? l barely have time
to take you home and go get prepared

- Get prepared for what?
- For what?

You think it's so simple
to wear casual clothes

l must be dressed up,
l want you to be proud of me

- Get up
- What are you talking about?

What's this? What's this?

He's so cool

- What the hell is this man?
- What?

- What the hell have you done to yourself?
- Spiky? It's the spiky look

The spiky look?

- What have you done to your hair?
- l gelled it, l mean l've put some gel on it

Coz it's going into my eye

- Why are those guys applauding?
- It's a karaoke

By the way, it's not such a cool place

lf l knew we're coming here, l wouldn't
have bothered to make this spiky look

- It's not such a cool place?
- Yep

- Fine, Mr. Spiky, excuse me for a second?
- Go on

Don't let the karaoke man bite

Do they serve tea with milk?

- Hey
- What man?

- Look, do you have any music rhythm?
- You want an Arabic or English tune

Anything, even Japanese

l want him to sing this song
for the first and last time

- l have the right tune for you
- Right man

- See that guy over there?
- Yeah

l want you to give him the mike

Tell me what's his name
and l'll get him for you

- His name is Zaki
- Okay


There are some nice things in here

Let's have a big hand for Zaki who's
gonna sing us the coolest song ever

Ziko, wow

Go on man

Do you know how to play, ''get up
at night, get up in the morning''?


l get up at night, no l get up in the morning,
l get up at night, no l get up in the morning

l get up at night, no l get up in the morning,
l get up at night, no l get up in the morning

l get up at night, no l get up at night, no
l get up at night, no l get up at night no

Let me hear it everybody

One, two, three, yeah, two

Let me hear it, come on
everybody, let me hear it

You saw that hair gelled guy who's
always hanging around in night clubs?

You saw him? You saw him?

You saw the girl with that hair gelled guy
who's always hanging around in night clubs?

l saw her, you saw the dude with
the girl sitting with that hair gelled guy

who's always hanging
around in night clubs?

lt's a great night club

You saw the friend of the girl
sitting with that hair gelled guy

who's always hanging
around in night clubs?

Hello everybody l'm different

You saw the girl sitting
with that hair gelled guy

who's always hanging
around in night clubs?

What the hell is he saying?

You saw that guy next to her,
who came around here

With the girl sitting with that hair gelled guy
who's always hanging around in night clubs?

Oh yeah

So great

l get up at night, oh no

So great

lt's so extraordinary,
so extraordinary

The gel is complaining about my hair

And my hair is complaining about the gel

My boots are very tight
coz l've tied it so hard

My pants is too loose

lt's way under my waist

lf l leave him for a minute

lt might fall down on me and run away

Oh yeah


l'm not iust iabbering and chattering

Coz guys, l'm a fine fellow

This is going out of hand

lt's iust an emergency
and it'll soon be over

l get up at night, oh no

- Thank you
- Ziko, Ziko...

He said to him... he said to him


- Holy shit, what have you done?
- Take some

- Come over here, l wanna talk to you
- It's okay, it's okay

Come, l wanna talk to you, come on

So you wanna go the
Sharam El Sheikh trip?


And if l get this right, you want me
to talk your dad into letting you go

- Yes
- And Sharam El Sheikh is a country?

- Yeah it is, of course
- It's a country

ls this the same Sharam
El Sheikh in Gardakah?


- They are in two different counties
- Fine, fine

One last question

When was the last time
you went on such a trip?

- 2 years ago
- 2 years ago

- At what time exactly?
- What are these silly questions?

Can you sit still coz
you gave me a headache

You're right, l'm a bit dizzy myself

But l won't sit on this
couch coz l'm scared of it

lt looks like a kiss,
l'd better sit over there

Why do you feel that your dad
might not let you go to that trip?

l don't know

Dad's been terrible
with us for a while now

He treats me iust like Omar

He treats me like a little baby,
he can't seem to realize l've grown up



What the hell?
You're sleeping? Get up

- Yep, yep
- Yep?

What's this? l had a terrible dream

l saw everybody in white
outfits and going towards the sea

lt's clear they were
going to Sharam El Sheikh

- That must be us
- Give me just five minutes to get some rest

Then l'll go have a
word with Mr. Khayrat

What's this? Get up



l want you to take the foreign experts for a 3
day ride at Luxor, until l give you my answer

We're going to Sharam El Sheikh,
you wanna come with us?

What's wrong with you?

- What Ziko? Dad agreed?
- He's such an obstinate man

- Frankly
- What?

- l tried but...
- He said no, l knew it

- l really did my best, he's...
- That's okay, just leave me alone

- You won't be scared all alone?
- Move it man

By the way, you
really can't be trusted

Anyway, let me tell you
that your dad has agreed

- Oh no
- Oh yes

- Oh no, no, no
- Yep

- No, you're kidding
- l'm not kidding

- No, you're kidding
- l swear he's agreed

- Really?
- Yeah, he agreed

- Are you serious?
- Yeah, l swear

- l'm so fond of you
- What?

- l really am, thanks a lot, thank you
- No problem

Thank you, l can't believe it

l'm so fond of you

Ziko, sorry l... he's gone

- Hi
- Hi

- Hi
- No

l was absolutely sure
you were gonna say no

You're iust rubbish, nobody would
wanna look at you not even a jellyfish

- Look
- What?

Why don't we go for a little walk?

- Okay, let's go
- Come on

- Where to?
- We're going for a little walk

- You have any problem with that?
- No, not at all, let's go

Let's go for a walk,
come on Sara, come on Omar

Come on, come on

- Where are Omar and Zaki?
- Don't you worry, they'll be here soon

Let's have a seat, come on

lt seems to me we're lost, Omar

Stop right there


- Who are they?
- They're brigands

look Omar, l want
you to do exactly like l do

Raise your hands,
l told you to do exactly like l do

Those people are leading
the most peaceful life

ln the midst of the desert, and the mountains,
dancing and having a hell of a time

What else caught your attention?

- Something else? Like what?
- Nothing, it's nothing at all

Look l'll go bring some food,
you want to eat something?

- No l don't want to eat
- Fine, stay here, l'll be right back

You can have it all in here

We have motorcycles,
camels and even thieves

What will happen now?
We'll fall down on our faces

How nice

We're here

Get down Omar

Thank you so much,
where have you gone?

Thank you so much, you're so nice

l don't know how we'd be
back if it weren't for your help

Thank you so much, give something to
eat for this camel coz he seems exhausted

- Good evening
- What's this? What are you wearing?

Omar insisted that we get changed
into this traditional costume

To blend perfectly
with the mountains

- Ain't it right, chief?
- What took you so long? l got so worried

Why? It's such a safe place,
nothing to worry about

lt's the first time
l see you in a dress

By the way, black
suits you perfectly

- Thank you Zaki
- l adore dark colors

What's this? It's the first
time l see you drink tea

What's this man? You
really are such a saucy man

- It's my cup of tea
- No it's mine

- What? Whose cup of tea is it?
- It's for Hazem

See? l told you, you've got tea and food

- You want them both?
- No

- Then give me the food platter
- Here you go

lt's the chicken breast,
l prefer the haunch

- Give it to me
- There you go

You can sit on the floor

Hello there, how are you doing?
how is everything?

How are things going around here?
How are the mountains, the soil?

Why don't you answer me?

What's this lamb? Is it awake?

You're still not answering

You're broiling it or torturing it?

Don't you talk around
here in the desert?

lt's fine, it's fine, when
it's fully grilled, give me some

By the way Shereen, l must go
back to Egypt today, it's urgent

- Why? What's wrong?
- Nothing serious, don't get so jumpy

lt's iust that l got the safe key
and dad needs something from it

Why don't you send it by Super iet?

lt's the safe key, how
can l send it by Super jet?

Fine Hazem, leave,
what can l do for you?

Why do you get mad
so easily over anything?

lt's okay, l'll be back in no time,
okay? l'd better go now

What's wrong? Hazem didn't
notice you're wearing a new dress?

No, he liked it very much

And he said it's the first time
l see you wearing a dress

And said that black
suits me perfectly


You're still awake? l thought
you'd be sound asleep by now

- Where to?
- l just felt a bit stifled

- And wanted to go for a little walk
- l'm not feeling okay myself

- Can l come with you?
- Security measures too?

No, no, l iust feel stifled too

lt's obvious that the room
is newly been painted

The walls smell like oil painting

Let's go

Just a second, l'd
better bring my jacket

- Coz it might get hot all of a sudden
- Okay

Just give me a second

l'm ready, would you like
to go to the right or to the left?

- Let's go to the right
- Okay, go on, go on

You seem cold, do you
want to have my jacket?

On the contrary,
it's such a cool weather

lt's okay

- What were you listening to?
- Arabic or English?

Arabic or English,
what were just listening to?

- You were making a commotion in the room
- Oh yeah, a while ago

- It's a song by Omar and Diab
- Omar and Diab?

- What singers do you like to?
- l like Mohamed and Fouad too

- Really?
- Yeah

- Why don't you sing something for me?
- You want me to sing you a song?

- Yeah
- No l can't

- Come on, do it for me
- l can't sing

- You'd rather make me sad?
- l don't wanna make you sad

- But l have a very bad voice
- Then you must be shy

- No l'm not shy but l can't sing
- Do it for me

- No
- Come on, come on

- l can't
- l'm down in the dumps, do it for me

lt's iust a song l used
to listen to as a child

lt says, if only, if only

- l can't do it
- Go on, go ahead

lt's... if only, if only l have a
choice, if only l had the power

l'd buy you... an island

Why are you moving like this?

See l told you,
l have a very bad voice

But there's this song l like very
much, it's by Samir and Sabri

- Really?
- Yeah, it goes like this

lt's beautiful, it's such a
beautiful world, so beautiful

There's something
l used to do as a child

Please l beg you, don't tell me it's
like the dance you did a while ago

You said you like it

Look, up high in the sky

And hear the sound of the
sea at the exact same time

- At the exact same time
- Exactly

- Do you feel anything?
- No

Well that's my problem too,
as a child l never felt anything

So l thought you'd
better try it, maybe...

What's this?

l felt something

What's this?

l... l wanna tell you
something but l'm a hesitating

Go ahead, say it

You know that you've
got 4 different laughs

How come?

You have one laugh when
you're awake in the morning

You have a different one
but don't me mad at me

No l won't

- When you lie
- l'm a liar?

We're all liars

Like when you lied to me about
getting the mobile from your room

You gave me a similar laugh

- What else?
- There's the 3rd laugh, it's a scornful laugh

- Scornful?
- Not so scornful, it's in between

- l mean, a laugh which is a bit sarcastic
- What's this?

- l'm slipping up, right?
- Yeah, you're slipping up

Not sarcastic, l mean it's
filled with hatred or rancor

- Look, forget about this laugh
- Okay

- It's the 3rd laugh, what about the 4th one
- The 4th one is...

Why don't you do it for me?

When you laugh like this,
your eyes are closed like this

- l laugh like this?
- Yeah you laugh like this

By the way, this is the 4th laugh

when l do something you like
and you start laughing out loud

Then there must be a missing laugh

lt must have missed this one out

l'd be a liar if l said l knew it

- We'd better get out of this hole
- Why? We're sitting here comfortably

Besides, it's not such a deep hole

Let's stay here, somebody
might come and serve us here

You're cold, you want my iacket?

l told you a thousand
times the weather is fine

l find too hot

- Can l ask you something?
- l'm not engaged


lf the question is engaged to
the answer, they might get married

- l'm talking seriously, am l a reckless girl?
- What do you mean? l don't get it

Considering that my dad is always worried
about me and criticizing whatever l do

Do you find it wrong that
your dad is worried about you?

- No, of course not
- Then he must worry about you

As for what you do, if you
wouldn't act so recklessly

your father wouldn't
be worried all the time

- Right?
- Right

You'd better take my iacket now

- l spoke a lot
- l feel l gave you a headache

On the contrary,
l'm feeling much better now

- Here you go
- Keep it, keep it, what are you doing?

- Take it
- Keep it, you might catch a cold

Thank you so much

By the way, you're
such a kind-hearted guy

Thank you

- Good night
- Good night

l was rehearsing the song,
''it's a beautiful world''

Sign right here, coz it's a formal
approval of the new perfumes

You agreed upon that contract and
you have my authorization, sign it yourself

By the way, l miss the
kids very much, Salem

May the lord keep
them healthy and strong

Since you mentioned it, l have
a small confession to make

- What is it Salem?
- It's nothing serious

l iust made a white
lie, Zaki is my son

- Zaki is your son?
- Yes sir

But it's not my fault, l mean
l got implicated in the beginning

l feared he might get me into trouble
like he does in every job he takes

By the way, Zaki told me he's
your son since the first day of work

He asked me not to tell
you coz you would refuse

Since you don't like take
advantage of your position here

Zaki told you?

- Zaki, you...
- No, don't you insult him, l'll be mad at you

lf only my son would grow up
to become like your son Zaki

l wanna buy something from this shop

l'll ask for some dog food
over there, l hope to find some

- l've always adored Russians
- Hazem, Hazem

Hey Hazem, Hazem

You hooked the chick?
l didn't want her in the first place

l'm not from here

l'm not from Sharam,
don't you understand English?

l'm not from Sharam

l'm not from here

Toofley? Look man, knock it
off right now, don't you bother me

l'm not from Sharam,
l'm not from here

Sorry, sorry

lnsult me as you please, that's what
you've been taught at home, to insult others?

Sorry, sorry?

Hello, yes honey

How are you? l missed you

l missed you too

No, no, no, l won't be late

l still have some work to do
here and l'll be right back

- Take care, drive safely
- Okay honey, don't you worry, bye

What's this? There's Shereen

- By the way, you're all rascals
- Why?

- You went out and left me alone
- l tried to wake you up but to no avail

You're still a rascal

- What is it Omar?
- l'm sad

- Why?
- We couldn't find any dog food

That's why he's so sad

Don't you worry, l'll ask
Hazem to get you some

He won't find any, l told you we've
Iooked all over the market place

- He'll bring some from Egypt
- Is Hazem going back to Egypt?

- He's in Egypt right now
- How come? When did he leave?

Yesterday late at night

How come? l iust saw
him at the market place

No, no, no, you must have
mistaken him for somebody else

Maybe, it could be
someone who looks like him

- You saw Hazem in the market place?
- No

Hazem and Sara were...

- He's not answering?
- Maybe the phone needs to be recharged

- Or maybe the battery is dead
- What?

Yeah, yeah, it's possible

l'll go give him a beating and let
him say again that he saw me here

- Listen, l don't want any troubles
- You think l'm a liar and he's saying the truth

He's a vicious guy,
he just wants us to fight

He doesn't know about us,
he thinks we're just friends

Then he wants to gain favor with your dad
and he knows your dad doesn't like me

- Zaki doesn't say anything to dad
- Listen, it seems to me he's hitting on you

- And he's iealous of me
- What the hell are you saying?

- Of course not
- You didn't notice the way he looked at you

- Then why was your phone off?
- Listen l'm going back to Egypt

No, no, no, l'm so sorry,
l won't do it again, Hazem

Hey Hazem

Stop biting my shoe,
tell him to back off Omar, tell him


- You're looking for us, right?
- You really saw Hazem here?

- Yeah l saw him while we were...
- Liar

Can you calm down and
tell me what happened?

Are you out of your mind?
You're trying to hold my hand?

- l didn't mean to but...
- You're a liar

No l'm no liar

lf you don't wanna believe
he's lying, suit yourself

- Show some respect
- What's going on Shereen?

Shereen? You're hired to work
for us, you forgot who you are?

No, l didn't forget who l am at all

l'm sorry if l crossed the line,
l'm sorry if l held your hand

But l'm no liar

Zaki, Zaki

Omar, come here

l gave him a hell of a scolding

- Then come on in
- No, l'd better go

Where are you going? Come on
in and talk to him from my place

Come on in, get in

- Aren't we going out?
- l'm gonna get changed

- Hello
- Yeah girl, you're not going out with us?

No l can't, l'd rather
stay here, fine bye

Come on Shereen,
why don't you calm down?

How can we go out
and you're like this?

- That's okay, it's nothing
- Calm down, okay?

- What the hell?
- What? What is it?

- Why don't you ease it up a bit?
- Ease up?

Do anything, come with me to
the bathroom while l'm shaving

Hazem l told you a thousand times
l hate it when you hit on me like this

- l'm going out
- It's just that l can't take such a beauty

- What's this?
- Shereen

Listen to me

Why are you doing this? Why are you
doing this? You're out of your mind?

You're leaving?

Knock it off Hazem

- Zaki, help me Zaki
- Help her Zaki, Shereen is screaming

That's enough
Hazem, that's enough

Wait here and don't you move

Cut it out, shame on you,
stop it, wake up, wake up


What are you waiting for? Leave

Your dream has tumbled down

Wake up, forget
about her and move it

Close down the way to your heart

lt's been hurt enough already

They made you build
castles in the sand

From now on, your
dreams are no longer happy

l beg you, stop dreaming

Stop dreaming

Stop dreaming

How's Zaki doing, Salem?

He's sad and for a big
reason too, that's obvious

l've never seen my
son silent for that long

Tell him l hold him in high esteem

Tell him l'm waiting for him

Not as Zaki the bodyguard,
but as Zaki Salem El Asyuti

- l don't understand
- Just tell him that, and he'll get it

You're still awake, Zaki and
you're still pulling that long face?

By the way son, l don't wanna
know what's troubling you

l iust wanna tell you
something that might help you

When your mother died, l felt
like my life came to an ending

l felt sad, extremely sad

l wanted to die after her

But... here l am
standing by your side

l'm not dead and life went on

By the way, Mr. Khayrat
told me you're a brave man

And he wants you back to work

Dear Lord, is it that bad?

Anyway, let me give
you a piece of advice

Don't let grief overtake you and force
you somewhere you'd regret later on

Good night dear

Zaki, why don't you go
deal with that customer?

- l have an order to deliver
- Let me handle this

- Go deal with that customer
- Why don't you do it yourself?

- Give it me, go now
- This is the check of table 5

Good evening

How are you doing Zaki?

What would you like to have?

- You're still angry with me, Zaki?
- You still haven't ordered, Ma'am

- l... l wanna have a cup of tea
- Tea?


- Why are you crying now?
- Coz l hate tea

Yeah l know, l know you hate tea

And it's the fist time l see you cry

That's okay, l won't get
you a cup of tea, l won't

You know something?

This is the fifth laugh
you asked me about

Stop crying, stop, l don't
have any handkerchief

So dry your tears
with the tablecloth

This end is soaked
wet, take the other one

- Let's go Zaki
- Yeah but...

There's something
important l have to do first