Zakoldovannyy malchik (1955) - full transcript

A naughty boy named Nils is shrunken to a small size after offending a tomte. He has to go on a voyage with geese across Lapland to fulfill the prophecy and turn back to normal.

Moscow 1955


After motives from Selma Lagerl?f's

"Nils Holgerson's wonderful
journey across Sweden"

written by Michael Volpin

directed by Alexandra
Snezhko-Blotskaya, Vladimir Polkovnikov

art directors Roman Kachanov,
Grazhina Brashishkite, Lev Milchin

music Vladimir Yourovsky cameraman
Michael Druyan sound Nikolai Prilutsk

Assistent dir. N. Orlova assistent
cutter N. Majorova ass. operator E Pizo

Animation: Fedor Khitruk,
Tatiana Taranovich Lev Pozdneyev,

Boris Chani, B. Butakov Gennady
Novozhilov, Igor Podgorsky

Boris Meyerovich,
Konstantin Chikin Vladimir Krumin,

V. Dolgikh, L. Popov Faina Yepifanova,
Renata Mirenkova

artists: Irina Svetlitsa,
I. Prokofyeva, Petr Korobayev.

voices: Valentina Sperantova
(Nils) Anatoly Kubatsky (Dwarf),

Erast Garin (Martin) T. Strukova,
George Vitsin (Rosenbom), A Konsovsky,

In a small Swedish village lived
a boy with the name of Nils

One day,
when Nils' parents were not at home,

something extraordinary
happened to him. This is what...


Oh, what have I done?

[Sings] Nils is such a studious boy,
boy, boy.

He tries to prepare his lessons.

But how to keep sitting down
for a lesson, a lesson, a lesson

Something always happens!

Either a pin drops

Or a terrible appetite comes up

For no reason, no reason at all.

Or a yawning attack,

The concentration is gone -

Something always happens!

So... Yeah...

"Question: How many mushrooms

brought the boy? "




Who are you?

A gnome?

Yes. Hatchi!

A gnome...

Is it true that you, gnomes,
can fulfil wishes?

And look for treasures,

and make winter flowers
bloom in the snow?

We do all that.

And can you solve...a puzzle for me?

I can, only open this lid first!

Aha, But first, resolve the puzzle!

Oh, Nils, it will be solved!

Oh! What have you done, gnome!

The teacher immediately wil see that
I did not write this!

We now have to tear out

Wait, Niels!
Now everything should be alright!

Well, is it okay like this?


Well, then can you open the lid now?
-Upon my word: How clever!

No, first you tell me...
You'll make me...

[Fast Music]

Look, Niels! Let go of me.

I'll do whatever you want.

Are you... really, can you

create any miracle?


Can you make me the same as you?

I can, but first let me out.

A... And will you not cheat?

Gnomes never lie!

Abes, fabes,



Well, Nils Holgerson,

Now you are the same

as me.

Good luck!

Where are you going?
Wait a minute!

How do I go about doing wonders?

you have not seen the leprechaun?

I have seen him, ha ha!

Hey, geese!

Look at the Niels!

Look at the Niels, ha-ha!



Serves you right!

Muzzle, tramp!

[Fast Music]

[Cackling geese]

Fly with us

to the north, to Lapland!

You're crazy!

Don't act stupid!

You're not a tramp,

You're a respectable home-geese!

We live well here!

Wait a minute!

I'm flying with you!

But! But that's is Martin -

Mother's best goose!

Wait, Martin, stop!

Martin, Martin!

Come on, stop!

Turn back!

Quiet, or I'll drop you!

Akka Knebekayze! Akka Knebekayze!

there's a white goose in the rear!

Akka Knebekayze!

The white goose is falling!

Martin! Martin, what's the matter?


Water is near -
only a couple of my footsteps!


we're gonna fly on, Niels!

Nils! What's the matter?

I'm exhausted.

You feel bad, Niels?

Not bad,

I just lost consciousness

for a minute

For the night the geese
landed on an ice floe.

A white, white something.

I am sure that it crashed somewhere.

Oh yea, a crash.
He turned back and that's it!

Sleep, geese, sleep!

Look! It's an eagle!

Nonsense! Eagles do not fly at night.

This must be a night owl.
- Maybe.

But usually an owl flies lower.

It's the White, it is our White!
- It is a brave goose!

Dear Akka Knebekayze!

I beg you to accept me
in your flock.

It's is a great honor to be accepted,

but you deserve it.

What is that you brought along?

This is my friend.

It's a boy!

But he is very small!

Even for a very young boy

You can expect a lot
of trouble from him.

Let him stay!

At least for one night!
He is very tired.

All right. Let him remain.

But tomorrow morning

he must leave the pack.

[Goose Creek]


[Goose screams]

Get away! Get away!
For the love of my life!

Let go of the goose!

Fox, Fox! Get mad, get mad!

When you can't hold your anger,
come to me for a visit,

I'll make soup out of you!


[Winning music]

You are the first boy
that protected us.

I will allow you to stay in the flock

and fly with us to Lapland.

Further and further away
from Nils' home they flew.

Ah, how i would like now

to go home to mom

Who will take care of me here?

Oh! Where did you find those nuts?

I got them from the squirrel Searle.

And did you thank the squirrel?


What were you thinking,
Martin, you ignorant!

Where are you going?

To the forest, to say thanks
to the squirrel.

Calling me an ignorant,

as if he is so good!

Thanking the squirrel,
but thanking me!?

I'm trying the best I can,

I just go for it, me, the ignorant!

But he knows better!

[Shouts of squirrels]
Kearle! Kearle! Kearle!

Say, kids,

Are you perhaps the
kids of squirrel Searle?

Kearle has fallen!
- Searle has gone out!

We will fall, too!
- We too will be lost!

Mom! Mom! Come back to us!

Who is it that fell?

Kearle fell, Kearle.

He climbed on the back of Gearle,

and then Dearle pushed Gearle,

And so Kearle fell.

He must have been bitten by a snake!
Or caught by a hawk!

Eaten by a marter!

Well, you hide in the hollow,

I'll look for your Kyrle.

And, there you are!

come on my shoulders!

I'm afraid! I will fall!

You're already down!

That's true. [Laughs]

Climb quickly!

Robbery in broad daylight!

He abducts the little squirrel
of squirrel Searle!

An unhappy mother!

An unhappy mother! An unhappy mother!

Where's Kyrle?

Take your Kyrle!

The baby's back!

A boy saved the little squirrel!

The happy mother is hugging her child!

Now I worry for him,

He said ignorant -

I did not say thank
you to the squirrel.

It is she that now
needs to say thank you!

Thanks Niels! Thank you!

Remember, if you need
my help...

No one can help me
except for the gnome!

What kind of dwarf did you say?


in an oak grove

the gnome Bebelius lives.

How does he look?

An old guy,

around your size...

Did he have shoes on his feet
with silver buckles?

- That's him!

Mrs Searle, that's him!

How do I get to the oak grove?

That way, Nils.
All the time go that way.

Goodbye, Niels!
I wish you good luck!

Nobody, nobody,


Can guess

Where this wise dwarf goes to,

This dwarf goes swimming.


This dwarf goes swimming.


A dwarf

goes for

a swim!


A dwarf

goes for

a-a-a swim!

So, before I go find him...


Ooh, brr, good!

Wow, cool!

Ooh, brr, goodl!

Wow, cool!

Ooh, brr, good!

Wow, cool!

Mr. Gnome! I am so sorry!

I've never... never will do it again!

I forgave you long ago, a boy,

But, you know what it is...

Back then I was very angry.l
I cast a spell,

that I now...can not make undone.

Will I forever

stay this small?

Well, forever...?


Well, what with someday,

Mr. Gnome?

Well, when a stick with nine holes

will hold a complete army,

when a king uncovers his head,

and you stay in a hat,

when... [Laughs]

Well, the third condition
you know after

the first two are fulfilled.

Oh please, do not comfort me!

I'm sure in the forest,
someone ate him.

And all because of me!

Due to my ignorance.

Martin, where are you going?

To the forest,

for look for the
remaining bones of Niels.

Stop, Martin!

Nils' bones themselves
have come to you!

Closer and closer the
flock came to Lapland,

as Akke Knebekaisse has set up
camp near Glimingenskogo Castle

Over there flies some one!

It's the stork Ermenrih -

The oldest resident of Glimingenskogo

Glad to see you, Mr. Ermenrih!

Mrs. Knebekayze,

terrible misfortune befell
on us inhabitants of the castle.

Vast hordes of gray rats
surrounded the castle!


Poor Mrs. Ermenrih!

My poor, poor children!

This is no time to shed tears,
Mr. Ermenrih!

We can not lose a single minute!

I do not want you to join
to fight gray rats!

but I have heard from my grandmother,

that in the castle
is stored an old book...


In it is explained how
to get rid of rats!

That's right!

So do you want to say...

that your flock has
educated geese?


Well, not really a goose and not
very literate, but there is one!

"Ten thousand tips and lessons

for all occasions, comma. "


"As well as a summary of the basics
of both magic,

and how to make magic
figures. "

"Content: How to know the truth?"

That is interesting, read more!

"Under what star should one be born

to conquer the world? "


"How to pickle mushrooms?"

That we do not need. Go on!

"Getting rid of rats and mice?"

Page one hundred and one!


"Getting rid of rats and mice?"

It says, "and mice"?

And mice.

But we are flying!

When a home is threatened by rats,
it's better for mice to keep quiet!

Read more, Niels!

"Method number one."

"To once and for all
get rid of rats and mice

one best buys

a young, healthy cat. "

A cat?

He'll also eat all our chicks!

listen to way number three!

"The expulsion of rats and mice by
magic pipes. "

This is exactly what we need!

"First of all, we should make
a magic flute

like on the attached drawing. "

[Fast Music]

Rats have occupied the basement!

My gray warriors!

I brought you here

and I will lead you further!

We have captured the vault
of Glimingenskogo castle

we have taken the grain storage with
enough grain to last a lifetime!

But that's not enough!
The whole castle should belong to us!

And most importantly - we'll drive out
the mice - these miserable traitors

who have the nerve
to...! We...

[Plays flute]

Take him!

Rip him to pieces!

[Plays flute]


A few more days passed...

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven...

eight, nine!

It started to rain.

The flock had to spend the
night on the roof of a City Hall.

Martin, are you asleep?
-I'm. And you should go to sleep too.

Keep where you are, Martin!

Listen, I tell you!
- Well?

Why on earth would the gnome
deceive me?

What do you think?
- You need to sleep in my opinion!

Wait, Martin! He said:

"When one stick with nine holes

can hold a whole army... "
And how many holes

I drilled in the pipe? Well?

Exactly nine!

[Sound of water]

And why do you think

that when a king uncovers his head,
I can not stay in the hat?

[Sound of water increases]

It's even easy!

Hey, you! Bronze scarecrow!

What are you hanging
around here aimlesslyl,

you should have picked a better spot!

To stretch your legs! Are you silent?
Then keep shutting up.

Good luck!

Hey, Martin!

[Shouts into the pipe] Martin!

[Sound of steps]


Bronze! I should believe in omens!


Tavern "The wooden boatsman"



[Sound of steps]

Who are you?


Rosenbaum, Your Majesty!

A former senior boatswain in your Navy
Your Majesty!

I died heroically in battle.

and was subsequently carved
in wood

and put here for decoration.

You are a glorious soldier, Rosenbaum!

Ready to serve the King!

But that is...the King!

And I had to call him a scarecrow!

Listen, Rosenbaum,
did just ran by a little boy,

small as a sparrow,
and cheeky as a monkey!

That's right, Your Majesty,
a potential little robber!

Does he mean that?

Then I'm lost!

Where is the boy?

Humbly report,
He ran... e...

to the old shipyard!

Will you help me find him,

No time to lose!

At three o'clock I should be
back on my pedestal.


Most humbly beg
to permit me [sigh]

to remain at my place.

I am old and can not
stand the traffic.

What a nonsense!


You're still a strong old man,




You've found out what your ship was?


Even now it is clear that this
was the royal frigate.

And remember, Rosenbaum, how nice
it fired his guns,

When I set foot on the deck?

We should give our last respects
and stand witness to its former glory!



Rosenbaum, look, there he is!


The boy!

So what?

you can't do anything to me now,

because it is three minutes to three!

Hurry up!

And if a black cat will
cross your road again,

do not worry, Your Majesty!


Rosenbaum! How about that!?

The king drew his head, and I
remained in this hat!

And so it happened, Martin,

that when the king drew his head,
I stayed in the hat.

Oh, why did the gnome not tell
the third condition?

Maybe my salvation - is under my nose
and I just need to do it -

and the sorcery will end then?

And you might just regret it!

just wait and see!

The geese continued their flight
without any more adventures.

And in Lapland also
nothing special happened.

With the first frost,

Akka Knebekayze led her
flock on the way back.

[Joyful music]

Well, Nils, farewell!

How your parents will
be glad you're back!

No, madam Knebekayze, no,
They will not be happy.

When I get back home like this.

I'll fly with you to the south.
-That's right, Nils, stay here!

I will fly home to see what's up
and I will tell you all.

Only you rather come back then!

Mr. Gnome!

Hello, Nils.

The time has come for you
to know the third and last condition.

You'll be big again,

when at the dinner table
with cabbage and apples

will be your most close friend.


No, no, I do not want that!

[Cackling geese]

Martin is back!

Martin! Where were you?

In Lapland?

Lapland - that was something!

You should have seen how Nils and us

sank a whole armies of
gray rats!

And murdered a fox!

Got you, darling!

Now,you will not go anywhere!

Martin! Martin!

I am here.

I will release you now!

[Fast Music]

Martin, you are in danger!
Fly away, fly away fast!

What have you done, Niels?

I set Martin free.

Didn't you understand what I told you?

Yes, I understood!

But it is better I'll stay little
for the rest of my life...

You will not stay small, Nils!

You did the right thing by sacrificing
yourself for the sake of another.

And, in return, I return you
to your previous form!

Abes, fabes,


Here, Martin came back

but Nils... [Crying]

didn't, Holger,

we will never see
our boy again.


The End
Subs by eus

Synched and retimed
by Quigley