Zaklete rewiry (1975) - full transcript

A teenage country boy starts working in a restaurant of the famous Pacific Hotel in the 1930s. He soon discovers that to get promoted one needs to conform and sacrifice his dignity.


Get out!

Never show your face here again,
you stinking bugger!

You shit!


Excuse me, would there
be work for me?

l don't know. Maybe.

- What do you want?
- Work.

What can you do?

Come, l'll see what l can do.

Fritz, this is Roman.

Roman Boryczko.
Fritz, this is Roman.

Roman Boryczko.

Take care of him.
He'll sleep in Jacek's bed.

- Jacek was only a hand, sir.
- Not your business.

Thank you, sir.

Got my order?

2 veal steaks and 1 chop

ls he the hotel owner?

The nephew.
ln charge of the restaurant.

- l was lucky he didn't kick me out.
- You'll forget your own name here.

- Why?
- Why!?

You'll sleep here and work there.

Put your things there.
You'll sleep here and work there.

Put your things there.


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People can see you.

You' re lucky Fornalski didn't.
He threw Jacek out.

- That him?
- Know him already?
You' re lucky Fornalski didn't.
He threw Jacek out.

- That him?
- Know him already?

The new one's to work downstairs.

That you? At the double!

- Will l get an outfit?
- What outfit?

Like yours.

Not so fast, mate.

- What's your name?
- Roman.

They call me Romek.

Get going,
the kitchen's short of trays.

- Things must fly here.
- Fly?

Show him first how it's done.


Try now.

- Who was that?
- Pancer, the owner.

Carry the trays.

- Give me a hand.
- Coming.

Must've slipped.

- Are you hurt?
- No, l'm alright.

- When did you eat last?
- Yesterday.

God! Why didn't you say so?

There's always food
in the kitchen.


Famished. No one told
you to come here?

He was starving.

Go away all of you!

How do you cut onions?

Chop them up.

What's up?

Getting up at 6 a.m.

l always do.
At home in the country. . .

Trash! You must
change your habits now.

You're not in the country.

Here we want to get some sleep.

Stupid oaf.

So this blockhead does it!
Where to?

With the meat, eh?

- lt's only offal.
- Who are you taking it to?

- Where to?
- The garbage.

You're too stupid to take me in,

Who'd l give it to?
l just throw it away.

Throwing away good meat?

- Christ! How many times?
- 5 or 6.

Did no one tell you
what to do with it?

Fritz, he kept putting it
into the garbage.

Show him what to do with it.

lf l stay here a minute longer,
l might kill the bugger.

l'll deduct 10 zloties
from your wages for 6 month.

You'll get off cheap as it is.

You realy threw it away?

Hand me the stuff.

Put it in.

As much as it takes.

What do you make from it?

What are hamburgers made from?


We sell thing before
throwing them away.


You'll walk the ups,
you'll walk the ups

And l the downs.

You'll blossom into a rose,
you'll blossom into a rose

And l into a thorn.

You'll be a lady,
you'll be a lady

ln a grand manor. . .

Thet'd put me in the dining room
if l trained?

A smart guy to run the bar.

l said you'd do fine.

- What's her name?
- Zoska.

What do you say?

But you'd have to be quick.

Do things on your toes.

Even draw 6 beers with
one without a head.

What do you say?

l don't think he'll do.

He has no shirt or shoes.

He will have them.
lt'll be worth our while.

Give him shoes and he'll do more
than the chap who had them.

Here, give him 50 zloties.

Boryczko, come here.

Got no other shoes?
Or shirt?

- l have one but. . .
- Alright.

Here's 30 zloties.
Buy yourself a shirt and shoes.

You'll help Fritz at the buffet.

Go now.
Where to?

No tray washing any more.

Thank you.

What a mess you have here!

l gave in my coat, goloshes
and a brand new Borsalino

l paid 80 zloties for.

And he gives me a rag.

Thieves all around.

l'm terribly sorry, sir.

He'll buy you a hat if he
doesn't find it.

Did you look everywhere?

l never put guests coats there.

Stay where you are.
l never put guests coats there.

Stay where you are.

Come with me, please.

l am sorry.

You'll get your hat or a refund
tomorrow. Rest assured.

- Whose coat's this?
- l don't know.

He found 4 tins of sardines
in the barman's coat.

l bet he'll give him the sack.

What cheek to rummage
in people's coats!

We should report it to the union.

You're sitting a lot, Mr Grela.

Who attends to your guests?

lt's alright, sir.

l've stomach ulcels and can't
look at hungry people.

You should have treatment.

Your union should send you
to Karlsbad. We're no sanatorium.

Mr Balcer, this steak stinks.

lf it does l'll open
a flower shop today.

Tell it to the guest.

1 steak, 2 chops.

You're in lucky today.

Have you heard?
The boss kicked out the barman.

For 4 tins of sardines.

2 roast beefs.

You've got new shoes.

l'm to help Fritz at the
buffet from tomorrow.

Really? Good for tou.

What's this?

Never seen a pheasant?

l have but different ones.

- How different?
- Live ones.

Do they eat them?

They'd fly up from the
bushes at home.

ln my village too.
About autumn time.

Here you don't even know the seasons.

l knew you were a country girl.
Here you don't even know the seasons.

l knew you were a country girl.

Who'll clean the trays
for you, you sod?

l'm to work at the buffet.

From tomorrow.

Get back to the trays at once!

Go on, try it! l don't mind.

The old man's in a state.

Sacked the barman and threatens
to sack us all for thieving.

Say, where do the
kitchen maids sleep?

- ln the attic. Why?
- For no reason.

One of them promised me
something. Never mind.

The old man blows up
if two of the stuff

start going steady.

He always sacks one party.

Why are you telling me this?
Who cares?


Looking for somebody?

A girl from the kitchen.


Her day off.
Went to the pictures.

- Want to leave a message?
- No, thanks.

Like it here?

Draw the beer, damn you!

l don't know how.

l'll teach you or you'll
go back to the trays.
l don't know how.

l'll teach you or you'll
go back to the trays.

- Where's my brandy?
- Here.

Get the Sauternes from the ice.

l don't know where it is.

- You'll pay a pretty penny for this.
- l saw what you did.

Did l train you to spy on me, swine.

Why did you push him?

What was the fight about?

Staszek, take care of the buffet.

Get even with him.

Heard me? Let him have it.


You do it then.

He did you over nicely.
lt goes with the job.

Come here.

Have a shot. Old brandy - Starka.

Quick, somebody might see.


Asking for more blows?
What are you drinking?


2 Sauternes.

lt's not all bliss here, eh?

6 beers and quick!


Nice music, eh? Liked it?

You never even heard it, l see.

Watch out, the old man's here.

Dry them, l'll fetch the vodka.

How're you doing?

l'd like a drink.

What should it be, sir?

What would you recommend?

Starka, sir. Fine stuff, 1 889.

lf so pour me some.

- What did he went?
- Nothing.

He found coffee and chocs
in the girls' quarters.

Did he ask anything?

Which vodka was best?

l said Starka, 1889.
Which vodka was best?

l said Starka, 1889.

What's the matter? Come here.

l'll kill him!

The old man?

Because he sacked her?
Plenty of them around.

She'd never steal a thing.

She'd not need your permission.

No one confessed,
so he sacked the lot.

l don't even know her village.
No one confessed,
so he sacked the lot.

l don't even know her village.

Never mind.
You'll meet many like her.

l told you to wash them up,
didn't l?

2 brandies.

- They said in the kitchen. . .
- You take orders from me.

Remember the 2 brandies.

Put this on it.

You'll be in for it
many times yet.

You're wanted in the kitchen.

l do this to him when
he beats me.

They'll know they're
1 0 zloties short.

They will and he'll
have to pay up.

Draw me 4 beers.

- How's he doing?
- He can't cope alone now.

l'd not have learnt sooner.

He's doing fine.

l see. You did train him well.

Come here, Romek.

Jacek's coat'll be done
up for you.

You'll go to the
dining room next week.

Nothing permanent yet.

- How about Fritz?
- He has to learn his Polish first.

He can't mix with people
with his accent.

You'd rather l took him perhaps?

Think it over.


Collect the coat.

l told him, Fritz.

- Rather to take you.
- Leave me alone.

You'll be transferred next month.
But you must improve your Polish.

- l'll have to train another bloke.
- A smarter one maybe.
You'll be transferred next month.
But you must improve your Polish.

- l'll have to train another bloke.
- A smarter one maybe.

So that he outdoes me as you did?

Romek, chuck out the beggar.

They can see him messing
with the garbage.

Take the bottles too.

Can't you deal with him?

Get out! Can't you read?

ls that how you watch the yard?

Stop it! Let me go!

- What do you want?
- Nothing. Leave her alone.

Oh, l see!

Forgive me, princess,
that l dares touch you!

- Already in the dining room?
- From Sunday.

- Are you happy?
- l don't know.

Paulina !


Look. . .

Would you come to the
cinema tomorrow?

Not tomorrow. On Sunday maybe.

l'll let you know.

Don't stand here, bo ys.

Baptism of fire.
Don't ask him anything.

See what people want and fetch it.

All tips are for you.

Provided you don't get Fornalski.

You're with Fornalski.
You've got guests.

You work with me?

Cherry brandy.

Hors d'oeuvre plates quick.

Did you mark it?

Remember what you serve.
Fornalski'll aks you.

Bring me a glass of vodka.

A new bo y?

Fritz, one vodka.

- You didn't bring the plates.
- New guests've arrived.

And you waited on them?

To serve them quickly.

You served one vodka instead
of suggesting a bottle.

He asked for one glass.

And you're asking for this.
To work!

Can l help you, sir?

l'm waiting.

Bring me a glass of rowan vodka.

One rowan vodka.

No, a whole bottle.

Fornalski gave me hell.

You have new guests.
l'll see to them.

What? l asked for a glass only.
Take it away.

You stupid boor!

Sorry, sir.
The stable boor's new here.

Doesn't know that you take
just one glass.

l told him so.

You made a fool of yourself.

He's an alcoholic.
Drinks 2 bottles by the glass.

The second table wants you.

You're lucky tha captain
has no gun on him.

He'd have shot you and
you'd have upset him.

Who d'you think'll clean up for you?

Put it away. For your service.

When you see cash, grab it.

Or they'll think you're
a fool or a thief.

Count them.
The youngest does it.

How long'll it take, eh?

Henek, l'm 2 plates short.

Chance it. No one'll count them.

- How many are there?
- 496, sir.

- Are you sure?
- Yes

May your mother love you
just as you counted them.

That means you're 2 short.

To be deducted from your pay.

- l didn't think of this.
- Never mind.

- Bye.
- Bye.

l managed, didn't l?

Only 3 tables, while l had 9.

l thought you weren't coming.

- But l'm here.
- l thought. . .

There's that film on
''Two on a Horse''. With Andy Gordon.

Would you care to come?

- How about Saturday?
- Maybe.

l just wanted. . . Sorry.

l forgot something.

Why did she go away?

l won't tell anyone.
Take no notice of me.

l'll be back at dawn.

Waiter, these chips are too dry.

We ordered 2 poppy cakes
and a nut pastry.

The nut pastries've gone, sir.

What if l asked the boss?

They may have them at the cafe.

He's sending me to the cafe.

No, sir. l'll see what l can do.

Wait. Hold this a minute.

Are you nuts?

A little change.

Let go, damn you!

He started.

Look what you've done.
Give it back!

Nothing'll surprice me any more.

- You did get it, eh?
- l was lucky.

Let's taste it.

That's the real thing.

Telling him off did the trick.

- Where's Henek?
- l don't know.

Find him, he has to
the store room keys.

Everything alright, sir?

Come. No one's here.

Damn it!

Expect me to do your work?
Where've you been?

- Getting the keys.
- l have them.

Get going.
2 coffees by the window.

You bugger!

No need to kick me.

Talking back, eh?
Remember this all your life.

All your life.

Who did it, buggers?

Who mucked up my checks?

No one, eh?

Mr Fornalski.

So it was you?

You think l don't know how
you robbed Palmiak?

Where's my check for 50 zloties?

Empty your pockets.

25. . .

Some change.

No more?

That's all.

The rest tomorrow.

Stop it! l did it!

You're too stupid.
But if you ask for it, there!

What d'you think you're doing?

l thought it was you.
l waited for you yo admit it.

Now it's alright.

You'll get even with him?

What's the use? lt's alright.

You'll refund me
and that'll be that.

Don't be so upset.

lt's not syphilis.

Only clap. Put it away.

Who from?

l won't say.
l can't.

l'll find out, never you mind.

Yes fellows, one has it

another had it and yet another
will have it. That's life.

Who from?

The bitch!

- l brought you the money.
- l'll kill her!

Coffee to number 5.
These for the baron.

What are you staring at?

Your cakes, sir.

- You're new here, aren't you?
-Yes sir.

- What's your name?
- Boryczko.

- Your first name?
- Roman Boryczko, sir.

- They call you Romek, l suppose.
-Yes sir.

What would you recommend, Romek?

A nut gateau perhaps.
lt's delicious.

Delicious. . .

l'll have it.

What else, sir?
Coffee or mineral water?

Mineral water? Fine,
that's just it, Romek.


Give it to me.

One mineral.

Did the baron invite you upstairs?

- He's never had a woman yet.
- He needs one urgently.

Take him places.

l can't. l have my exam.
Take him places.

l can't. l have my exam.

ln January when he's 18.

Fornalski not here?

Have you seen him?

l told you to stay at the register.

No wonder the suckers trick me.

Here, take it.

You have to do things
against your will.

l left a check for 2 brandies.

What're you staring at?

They want the bill at the second.

3 beers.

We may catch it from these.

Not from them. They're under
medical supervision.

Come on.

We have cash for a good time.

Will you buy me supper?

Get out your cash.
Love costs money.

Come on, stop fooling.

Why don't you undress?

Leaving already?

- How much shall l give her?
- l always ask. 10 or 15.


Well, l never.

Get out of there.

He's nuts. Showering for 3 hours.

Too late now.

Kiss my arse.

Take it to the baron.
He'll offer me a drink again.

You'll find some excuse.

Go away!


Christ, what happened?

Water, quick.

Must've hit the counter.
Don't touch him.

He slipped on some lemon.

Ladies and gentelmen,
is there a doctor here?

Doctor Traube's over there.

lf only l knew who dropped
the lemon and left it there!

Must've cut his head at the register.

You did it, Fritz?

l wanted. . . lt was Fornalski.

Him. l wanted to pick it up.

But he came by and kicked me
behind the counter.

What's this? To work!

You can't help him. Go!

How dare you send somebody
else to do your job?

Stop it or l'll tell who's
responsible for the lemon.

l'll get you yet!

And give you the works!

- Didn't you have enough?
- No.

Don't count on me, because l . . .

You'll deny it?

l have an exam.

So what?

Fornalski's on the board.
He can beat me until l pass.

lf we complained the union'd
remove him.

That's what you think.

My eye's bad. Grela says the doc'll
give me a week's leave.

And the union'll summon Fornalski.

He'll get away with a fine.
The boss'll see to it.

Even if he's removed, l won't pass.
He'll arrange that.

Wait and see,

Off to your exam.
You're late already.

Show me your eye.

Nice, very nice.

Listen. . .

We won't discuss that thing.

l had nothing to do with it.
You can talk your head off.

No one'll believe your fantasies.

As to the beating,
l overdid it a bit.

OK. You'll get sick leave and
l'll be summoned to the union.

What's in it for you?
50 zloties for you pain.

What can you buy for it?

And you'll still be working with me.

You have your exam in January.

l'd better give you
the 50 zloties now byt you

won't spite on me. While l . . .

OK, here's 100.

l won't get in your way.

Excuse me.

Don't be a fool. Take it!
1 00 zloties is a packet.

You haven't a chance.

Why did he come to me then?

l must onlighten you. Leave us.

lt's not so simple.
Know what his family life's like?


l heard him talk when he was drunk.

His wife's sleeping around.

She says the bo y's not this either.

l felt sorry for him.

- Why doesn't he divorce her?
- Who knows? Maybe he loves her.

Go to him.

This isn't the right opportunity.
You'll get one yet.

Romek's made up his mind.

l want no money.

Rather what you promised.

OK. You have a witness.
l won't be in your way.

l must go to the exam.

Where've you been? Did you pass?

Like hell.


The swine!

He was quite decent.

He asked the difference
between rye and whole meal.

Who then?

Myself. l was so scared
l forgot.

Even the things l knew.

- And Adam?
- He passed.

Henek and Zbyszek too.

Only Fritz failed.

You'll do better in January.
Cheer up.

lt'll be tough for the third time.

Come off it. We'll go together.

They examine everyone separately.

January's far away. Cheer up.

We can do nothing just now.

l'll kill myself if l fail again.

Come here, bo y.

Go to the cellar and tell Florian

to send me up 2 bottles of old Mumm.

Vintage 1915.

l'm keeping it for a special occasion.

There'll be one in a moment,
dear ladies.

We have only cold food, sir.

- How come there's nothing hot?
- l'm sorry.

Sorry, sir. lt happens sometimes.

Yes, but you used to
have better service.

He didn't even apologize.

The President of the Chamber
of Commerce. Apologize.

- What for?
- For spilling the wine.

- You're mistaken.
- Shut up! Apologize, l said.

Happy New Year!

l won't be a minute.

Where's my champagne?

Here they come.

The staff wishes you
a Happy New Year, sir.

Happy New Year!

Thank you, friends.

l too wish you all the best.

Sack this one.

Thank you once more.
Now to work.

Come here.

Come on.

l said out with him and that's that.

- Up to now. . .
- Listen.

Fornalski had some trouble with him.

lt's been cleared up.

He's to sit for his exam shortly.

For one month only.
lf he gets into trouble again. . .

He'll be sacked immediately.

Tell him that.

You see?

- Fritz's been there for an hour.
- Take yourself in hand.

Mind Fornalski.

He promised. . .

You know things about him,
so he won't leave you alone.

That's why he kicked out Jacek.


Take a chair and sit down.


What's your name?

We'll aks you in turns.

Can you serve white wine
from the left side?


What do you think?

l can.

ln what case?

lf the guest speaks
to somebody on his right,

l wouldn't push the bottle
between them.

Very good.

You tell me what's beer made of?


What else?


What would you say?

Beer's a low-proof drink made of
a malt extract,

and a hop extract that
make up the brew.

Can you gamble, drink vodka
and pick up sluts?

lf you can't follow our exam.

When you learn to gamble, to drink
and to pick up sluts,

you may be president of the union.

lsn't that so?

What kind of talk's this?

ln front of the bo ys too!

You've passed, bo y.

You stay yet a while.

An unnecessary incident.

She's not bad.

Stop it.

My darling!

My tin of sardines!

My original sin!

Let me see too.

Don't be so shy.

We could do with some more.

Cold. . . cold. . .



You should've taken some Mumm.

3,4,5,6. . .

The new waiter'll speak now.

- Where's Fritz?
- Gone.

- Where to?
- No idea.

Has he gone nuts? Romek!


Something's wrong.

Romek, what is it?

He's alive.
Ring the ambulance service.

Call Mr Albin.

He'll be alright but
he'll have to leave.

The old man sacks people
who make trouble.

He couldn't for this.

Even for people loving each other.
Don't look.

Mr Boryczko, tha baron wants you.

He's in Henek's part.


Who's serving here?

- Have you good coffee?
- Delicious, sir.

- How about your tee?
- l'll have a good lemon tea.

With 2 lumps of sugar.
And a roll and butter.

- A very fresh and crisp roll.
- Certainly, sir.

How are you, Rommie.

Have you a table
for an old friend?

l'm sorry, sir.
You can see for yourself.

We're in lucky, Rommie.

- What'll it be, sir?
- Bring me some coffee, Rommie.

lf only you knew. . .

Look, he'll cry in a minute.

Hasn't seen him for ages.

- Anything else, sir?
- No, that'll be all.

l seem to know none of the
younger bo ys but you.

One coffee, one lemon tea,
sugar. . . Damn it!

And a roll, but crisp!

Crisp, eh?

What did the baroness say?

You take it to him.

Don't upset yourself.
We know you're not that sort.

He probably never had a girl yet.

Not your business.

You'll get him yet, never worry.

You're neglecting me, Rommie.

l'm sorry, sir.

Why didn't you serve him his coffee?

Take off your coat at least.

Shall we dance?

You don't like dancing?

Miss Hela !

l must tell you something.

What'll it be?

lt's so nice here.

lsnt't it? And the rent's low too.

- No more records, please.
- Don't you like music?

l do, but l'd rather
hear you speak.


Cheer up, Romek.

What's the matter?

l don't know how to say it.

Black as usual for you, madam?

The same for you?

A nice bo y, isn't he?

3 black, 1 white.

Where's Hela?

The old man sacked her.

- When are you to go?
- On the first.

But why?

Why? You know what he said to me?

''Love's a pretty thing
but not in business''.

''ln my business love's forbidden''.

Who could've told him?

You're always such a good bo y.

You never cheat nor lie nor steal.

You think he has no informers?

- What'll you do now?
- l don't know.

Probably go back home.

You're never out of trouble.

Albin's leaving,
somebody must take his place.

Fornalski's to take over.

And his place. . .

You're right.
He certainly won't choose any of us.

D'you know who told the old man?

No. Or l think l don't know.

Does it matter?

Not really, but l'd like to know.

- When's she going?
- Tomorrow.

l know you won't write.

You're glad l'm going.

l'm not. What nonsense!

Write and come to see me, Romek.

Hi, Romek!

ls that you?

What're you doing here?

l'm at home here. You can
sleep in the waiting room.

Come on, let's have a chat.

How are things?

Let's sit here.

Was it Hela?

Waiter, two more vodkas.

Look at him!

Palmiak once spat into
a customer's soup out of spite.

And stirred it with a spoon.

lt made no difference even if
he said ''Your soup, sir''.

''l hope you'll enjo y it, sir''.

Thank you.

lf he'd have said:

''l spat into your soup, sir''.

That'd have been more
to the point.

They won't even let you perish there.
You can die at home.

How right you are, Fritz.
Drink up.

All of it.

''You want to fall in love?
Go ahead but get out of here''.

That's how it is.

Look, take this.

For the time being. Shut up!

You can always come to me.

l've got a job. l really have.

Starting tomorrow.

Read this.

You don't say!

A widow.

Her late husband passed away.

Left her an inn. She won't sell.
l'm to run it.

A village inn?
You've no idea what it means.

ln a mountain village
where you know everybody.

Chickens in your yard,
pigeons on your roof.

Rabbits in the nearby wood,
carp in the pond.

Trout too?

Trout? That big!

- Waiter, two more vodkas.
- We're closing.

You'll sleep at my place, Fritz.

At the ''Pacific''?
At that prison? Never!

You come to my place.
The waiting room's big.

l must be at the hotel before 2 a.m.

Or l'll have to climb the wall.

See? You can't even get
home when you please.

Come with me.

The widow'll do the cooking,
l'll serve beer.

and you'll be the cashier.

l can't, Fritz. l can't.

l'd come with you but l can't.

What's keeping you? Fornalski?

Go back to him then.

To hell with you all !

He'd take no money.

You climbed the wall
when the gate was open.

l didn't know the time.

Mr Boryczko, the guest
at number 3 is stone drunk.

Let someone else serve him.

He ordered 2 brandies
but his wife cancelled.

Excuse me, sir.
You ordered brandy.

But madam cancelled the order.
Excuse me, sir.
You ordered brandy.

But madam cancelled the order.

Yes, we want to pay.
But madam cancelled the order.

Yes, we want to pay.

What a gem of a waiter.

''Excuse me, sir, but
madame cancelled the order''.

The other chap's stupid.

You had steak tatar. . .

A gem of a waiter.
He deserves a sweet.

Have a sweet. lt's good.

Stop it, dear!

l'm doing nothing wrong.

Have a sweet, colleague!

You bastard!

You think you're in a brothel?
And we are your sluts?

You think you can do
as you please, swine?
You think you're in a brothel?
And we are your sluts?

You think you can do
as you please, swine?

You blubbering, drunken pig!

What happened?
Calm down.

l'm very sorry.
Such things never happen here.

Good show. Next thing they'll
want us to shine their shoes.

Now you're in for a show down.

To your posts, men.

l kept my word.

But that was too thick. A guest!

A swine not a guest.
l won't stand. . .

He was joking.

Pushing the sweet into
my mouth as if l were a horse.
He was joking.

Pushing the sweet into
my mouth as if l were a horse.

We'll see what the boss says.


l'd rather lose the job.

lt's beneath human dignity.

Human dignity's a nice thing
but not for a waiter.

Boryczko, the old man wants you.
Human dignity's a nice thing
but not for a waiter.

Boryczko, the old man wants you.

l wish to say in advance
that l won't apologize.

What're you talking about?

The inspector wants a word with you.

Your name?

Which of you was
friendly with the cashier?

- What cashier?
- At the restaurant.

Who had an affair with her?

lf you prefer to put it that way.

With her? l don't know.

You don't?

Look, if it comes to your head,

let me know, will you?

Send in Grela.

Can we trust him?

lt's a trifle.

The new checker
discovered the trick at once.

A small bit of tin
in the register.

You pressed it and it covered
the check.

So you could keep the money.

The cashier and former
checker are in for it.

But they didn't squeal.

Their accomplice
must've paid them well.

They made a pretty
penny all these years.

You could've done with some, eh?


But l think l know who it was.




Surely him. That's why he left.

Off the mark.

You can tell me l won't talk.

Sorry, but l really can't.

Fornalski !

Does he know you're in the secret?


l'll see to it that he does.

Don't be a fool. Take advantage
when he's at your mercy.

That makes it rather
difficult for me.

You could drive anyone crazy.

You got ahead of us again.
But l don't envy you.

Let's have another round.

Here's to Fritz.

How much did you give him?

To Fornalski that he
stopped informing on you?

He did about Hela.

But the boss outdid him
and sacked her not you.

Excuse me.

- l'll be back.
- Wait, we'll tell you some more.

What do you want?

Did you tell the boss
about me and Hela?

Somebody had to do it.

She wasn't good enough
for you, don't you see?

l do.

- Then why this investigation.
- l like to know things.

Did you think it over?


- Are you quite sure?

Now when you have such
a position in my business?

You stupid ass! You bloody sucker!

You have the cheek to come
and say. . . Get out!

You swine!
You ungrateful bastard!

ls this how you reward
my kindness?

l gave you a job you'd have
waited 10 years for.


l didn't tell him.

l just gave notice.