Zakleté pírko (2020) - full transcript

In this Cinderella-like fable, a woman conjures a Prince from a bird feather. Aninka, the youngest of three sisters, deals day in and day out with her bullying siblings. When Aninka and the Prince magically fall in love, they must work to break a witch's curse together.

Where on earth have you been!?

The sun´s high, it´s a long way to
town, and you´re God knows where!

- We´ve told you we´re going to the fair.
- I visited dad´s and mom´s grave,

And I picked mushrooms on my way,
for your lunch.

Why not more?

It´s hardly enough for me.

Hitch up! Get the horse ready!

What are you waiting for? Shove off!

Just a moment, dear sisters.

Lazy slut!

She´s constantly off somewhere
and doesn´t look after us at all!

- We´ll be late anyway.
- The best goods will be sold out.

And just because of her!

Here you are.

Safely take my sisters to the fair
and don´t forget the way back.

And don´t dump them like you did
last time. You know them.

I´ll buy myself a silk scarf.
No, two scarves!

A silk one and another,
also a silk one.

And I´ll buy a necklace!

And rings for my ears,
to make me prettier.

Anna, come and tie this thing up for me,
it´s constantly flying around!

If you dump us again,
I´ll have you killed!

Where are you, lazybones?
Help me up!


I´ll get up myself.
I´m like a twig.

Yes, half withered.

- Ow!
- Move up!

You take up half the cart,
you´re as fat as a pig.

Stop gaping! Open the gate!

- Gee up!
- Oh God.

- Slowly, you clumsy clod!
- Yes, easy does it!

We´ll be back for lunch.
It must be ready, the table set!

Fresh and cold raspberry juice,
smelling of mint, so easy to choose.

Ain´t I a true-born poet?

OK, hurry up!

Off we go!

Hello, beautiful lass.
Sorry to give you a fright.

Greetings to you, dear sir.
Where have you come from so suddenly?

You have called me in yourself,
by waving that feather

and giving me a gentle kiss.

My name´s Guy, an enchanted prince.
One moment a man, then a bird.

Few know they can call me this way.

Forgive me, I didn´t know.
Hope I haven´t done anything wrong.

On the contrary.

I am glad to be with you
at least for a moment,

looking into your eyes,
taking you by your hand.

I know this is your favorite place.

I´ve often seen you from the sky,
as you complained of your fate.

Oh no, I grumble only now and then.

When I miss my daddy and mom.

My sisters are somewhat different.

They love entertainment,
always running off to dances.

And I...

And you?

I like it here best of all.

I never long for such merrymaking.

Excuse me, I don´t want to bore you.

Not at all.

You don´t know how often did I wish
you´d catch my feather

and summon me to yourself.

How come you are
half man and half bird?

A heavy spell was cast on me
by an evil woman

whom I had refused to marry.

Not knowing how to get home,
I keep flying around high up in the air,

only rarely can I walk in the fields
or ramble in a grove.

Is there a possibility
of ever breaking that spell?

- You´d help me?
- Annie!


Oh dear, it´s my neighbor Betty.
I promised her mushrooms for her soup.


Hello, neighbor!

- Stop the horse!
- Do it yourself!

Stop that animal or I´ll go mad!

- It´s crazy, out of control!
- Just like you!

Anna! Where are you, little wretch?!

We´ll buy a hefty whip!
Stop! Halt!

No need for that, my sisters.
A kind word will do, am I right?

Help me down!
Look, she´s snogging the horse!

Careful, I dont´want to fall down!

Oh, stop jolting me.

- Am I to stand here like a stick?
- You said you´re like a twig.

- Have you prepared the strawberries?
- But you wanted raspberries.

Maybe earlier. Now I want strawberries.
Stop gawking, go and fetch them!

- Ohh!
- Oh!

- Who was here?!
- Well?!

- Nobody.
- Two plates, two cups?

Where have you hidden your visitor?

- Whom?
- No lies!

Ha! He´s not here.


Get out! Where are you?

Here... He´s not there either!


- He escaped through the window!
- Yes!


But, my dear sisters, a child
could hardly squeeze through,

let alone a young fellow!



And what is this then?

I´ve prepared that for you,
when you come back from town.

You´re surely hungry
after the journey.

Carefully unload what we bought
and bring it in.

All the saints that are in heaven
should protect you,

if you drop a single thing!

- Move!
- Go!

I can´t call you just now,
my sisters are back.

Well, how do you like me now?

It´s gorgeous, sister. No girl
in the village has such a dress.

And nobody ever shall!

Do you know how much I paid for it?

- No.
- Five gold pieces!

- My God, that´s a small fortune!
- Why not? The money´s mine anyway!

Daddy gave it to me
to be beautiful,

to find a rich farmer
and to marry him.

Stop gaping! Fasten it at the back!

Well, now look at me!

This dress is also gorgeous, sister.

You have no match far and wide.

At least so. We´re off
to the village for a dance,

to sing songs with the girls
and flirt with the lads.

To hook a man.

- Want to go with us?
- No, I have nothing nice to wear.

You´d only be a disgrace to us, anyway.

Right oh. You´re a silly thing
and you´ll stay a silly thing.

On second thoughts, my old dress
is there in the chamber.

I´ll give it to you to show you
I am your loving sister.

I´ll give you my red necklace,
I´m fed up with it, anyway.

I´ll buy a new one,
a blue one. Or yellow?

Or yellow-blue.

Yes! And I´ll...

- Ouch!
- Ow, mind!

I´ve been looking forward
to seeing you again, my dear girl.

I´ve been thinking of you too.

I couldn´t call you
before my sisters left.

So we´ve got lots of time
for one another!

Now when I´m with you,
my curse is endurable.

Tell me about yourself.

There´s nothing to say.

I´ve never been anywhere, haven´t seen
anything, haven´t left home.

I only go to the woods, fields,
to the cemetery and down to the river.

You tell me about yourself, dear Guy.
What troubles your soul?

My life is absolutely miserable.

But in the past I hunted in the woods,
swam in the lake, caught fish.

But then, a foreign princess
came to my castle.

True, she was beautiful and proud.

But there was something cold
and hostile in her eyes.

In vain did I tell her I´d only
marry a girl I´ll truly love,

and fall in love with.

"What would you say to a wedding?"

"No, I´m sorry, no."

She wouldn´t take no for an answer.

First she begged, then threatened.

One day she entered my chamber
and wanted to hear my decision.

I said I didn´t love her, had no intent
to marry, but wanted to enjoy freedom.

- "No, I´m sorry, my answer is no."
- "Want freedom? You shall have it.“

She said, turning me into a bird.

Is there any chance
of breaking that curse?

I´d give anything to know
how to help you.

I don´t know myself.

Nobody had known even in my
Camomile Kingdom.

But now I´m feeling fine

and every day I look forward
to hear you calling me.

What if I shut the window, the door
and locked up for you to stay?

- Annie dear, my curse won´t let me...
- Anna!

- Anna, where on earth are you?
- Where are ya?!

Goodbye. Tomorrow.

I would really like a nice lad

who´d have sweets in his pocket.

Trum ta ra rya, sweets in his pocket

Trum ta ra rya

Sweets in his pocket,
apples in a white scarf...

- and his mother wouldn´t know...
- What happened to her?

Don´t know. She´s been dancing
and singing since the morning.

Whoever heard people
singing at work?

She doesn´t seem to be our sister.

His mother let me know just yesterday

I should stop thinking of her son

Trum ta ra rya...

There´s something amiss,
she´s completely changed.

Ha! Isn´t she in love, then?!

She in love?!
The last thing we needed.

But who could be her sweetheart?
Tony the smith? He loves me,

Bill, the publican is in love with me...

- No! -What?
- He loves me!

He smiled at me yesterday. Twice!

- Keeps smiling at me all the time!
- He told me I am nice and plump.

He told me I´m his "petite".

I don´t know what it means,
they say it´s French.

- Stop your whoops of delight!
- We can´t stand it?

I just enjoy a lovely day.

That doesn´t mean you should
spoil our day with your howling!

And you know what,
prepare a square meal for us!

Did you hear?
Set the table outside!

Hey, just look at her!

She´s surely looking forward
to meeting someone.

I´m only curious which village lad
might be going to see her.

The sexton´s lame son Jack?

We´ll easily find out.

- Anna?
- Anna!

Come here!

Clear the table!

- Take it away and wash the dishes
- You know what to do, don´t ya?

- And we´ll get back quite late.
- Yes, sisters.

Won´t you come with us?
Now that you have your sister´s dress?

Lame Jack may like the dress.

No, thank you, my sisters,
I am quite tired today.

- I see, tired?
- Suddenly!

That comes from your constant
jumping around and singing.

Silly thing! Stick your feather
into your hair and show it off.

Or retreat to your little chamber
and keep your mouth shut!

Let´s go.

- Hey!
- Wait!

Let´s go!

- Where is he?
- Don´t know.


- What was that?
- The devil!

Annie dear...

- She´s talking to someone in there.
- But whom with? With a bird?

- I was looking forward to see you so much.
- It seemed to me...

- She´s got a man there!
- That´s why I fly over your house.

Aha! What a humbug! See?
She looks like a babe in the woods...

But she´s definitely no baby!

Let´s go!

I´ll see my godmother tomorrow.

She reads in old books
and she may have a remedy.

- Ha! Let me see!
- What is it?


- Oh!
- Open up immediately!

- We know you´re having a visitor!
- Anna, do you hear us?!


- Who is he?
- Who art thou?

Who are you?


And where did you...

how did you get in?

- Not through the door, we were there.
- But a bird flew in.

That was me.

- You mean the bird?
- Yes.


An evil witch cast a spell over me.
I´m a bird and then a man again.

And it´s only thanks to dear Annie
that my curse is much bearable.

I´d go to the end of the world
in search of a cure for your curse.

Would you?! Where
do you want to go, silly?

Even to the end of the world, she said.

- And who´s going to cook for us?
- And wash and clean up?

When you´ll be traipsing about in...

- What did she say?
- End of the world.

And everything for this nobody here.

- And what did you do to get enchanted?
- Turned down a princess.

You are a prince or what?

No lame Jack, the sexton´s son, then!

And if you get enchanted at the end
of the world, what will happen to us?

You´ll get married. You´ll get Tony,
the smith and you Bill, the publican.

And you´ll get a prince!? Ha! No way!

Ask him if he has any brothers.

- Any brothers? Two´d be enough.
- I have none.

- No brothers.
- No?!

That puts the lid on it!
Saving him´s out of the question!

Yeah, it shall be as we decide!
As the youngest you have to obey!

We´re sorry, find another window
to fly in. You´re finished here.

- We won´t have any magic here!
- Yeah! Not from him either!

- No! Please, give it back.
- No!

And that´s it!

Why have you done this?

- Serves you right.
- What´s happening to me?

Annie dear! Annie, good-bye!


- Guy, get back to me!
- He´s disappeared!

Guy, dear!

Guy, say a word, please!
Guy, come back!

- My dear Guy!
- Anna, get back!

- Do you hear me?!
- Get back immediately!

Or we´ll drive you out!

No need to drive me out.
I´m going myself.

Anna! Back!

Come back immediately!

Do you hear me?!


Dear Guy!

No! Help!

Help me, water! Water!

I´ll show you, green monster!

- Help!
- I´ll tie you to this tree,

- until you dry as dust!
- No, not dust!

I won´t do it again, promise!

You won´t do it again, you bet!

And when you´re totally dry,
I´ll grind you into a fine powder

and pour it into molehills.

No! Not into molehills!

- I need water! Water!
- Ahh!

Hey, you girl, give me a hand!

- Come here quick, run and fetch...
- Help me!

Another lime bast rope from the gate!
Go and get it, will ya?!

- Stop staring and run!
- Let me go!

- Let me...
- I won´t sing any longer!

Oh! I need water! Not this!
Water´s what I need!

- Water! Water!
- Never, you´re going to dry up!

Hey! Good man, please, let me go!

I don´t want to end up in molehills!

Not in molehills!

- To the river! Let me get to the river!
- Come to the tree!

What have you brought, you oaf?!
I said a lime bast rope, didn´t I?!

- I´ve found this one, nothing else.
- Alright, come here, hurry up!

Get here and hold him,
I´ll bring a proper rope.

Water! Water! I need water!

- Are you holding him?
- Yes, I´m holding tight.

Listen, girl, let me go please.

Otherwise the man will
let me dry up and give me to moles.

But how? The knots are tight,
I can´t untie them.

Take me down to the river, quick.

And splash water on the knots
and I´ll wriggle out.

Thank you, my dearest girl.
I´ll never forget what you´ve done for me.

Hold him, for God´s sake!

How did you hold him,
you damn silly clod?!

He was stronger than me.

He jumped into the water
and nearly threw me in.

He should have drowned you!
And you know what?

Get lost, go home!
Can´t you hear? Get out!

Quack, quack, that´s me.
The green one,

you have saved from that ruffian.

The white thing´s nice on you.
You look like Rusalka.

A water nymph.

But water nymphs are cold and chilly.
You are much prettier.

Where did you come from?

I was just swimming,

counting the tears you have
left on the river banks.

It seems we are both outcasts.
I was driven out by that ruffian. You?

By my sisters.
Well, I wasn´t driven out exactly,

I went on my own.

And whither?

Just anywhere, into the wide world.

Really? Then we can travel together.

I´ll go with you if you want.
At least we´ll have more fun.


These are really good, these.
Better than chewing sweet flag.

Eat them up, I´ll get you more.

Why did the man want to
dry you up in the sun?

´Cause I used to sing songs at night

under the window of his daughter Mary.

And he didn´t like my singing.

He even threw stones at me.

And the girl would close the window.

I´ll sing the song for you, right?


Mary, the peasant´s daughter

mind, your geese are gone...

OK, that´ll do! Enough! Stop!

You didn´t like it either, did you?

It´s no singing, it´s shouting.
You could drive away mice from a barn.

- The farmer told me that, too.
- I´ll teach you a nice song.

You´ll make up with the old man
and Mary will gladly open her window.

River´s running quite near

Water my horse, please, my dear

I won´t do it, not tonight

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Because I am so very small

I won´t do it, not tonight

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Because I am so very small...

The song is very nice.
Will you teach me the lyrics?

Gladly, water...

What should I call you?
What´s your name?

Well, I have different names.

My mom used to call me Tatty,

my dad Carpy,

my grandma Dummy and my grandpa...

Crazy bum.

- Bum?
- I know, it´s like...

I know, don´t tell me!

Well, I´ll call you Tatty
like your mom did. And I am Annie.

My daddy used to call me Annnie dear.

Alright, better start singing,


River´s running quite near

Hm, repeat after me.

- River´s running...
- Shhh...

Quietly, gently.

River´s running...

Like a waterfall.

Go to sleep, Annie.
I´ll be guarding you, to keep you safe.

How can I when my dear Guy
grieves so much?

And longs for you.
Just as I do for my Mary.

And where does he live?

- This is what I don´t know.
- How do you want to find him then?

Do you know how big the world is?
Which way will you go?

South or north, here or there?

Don´t know. Really, I don´t.

She doesn´t know!

He did mention a land
smelling of camomile.

In that case we´ll go downstream.
Plenty of water, plenty of food.

And maybe some camomile, too.

Hm, you may be right.

Well, I´m never wrong, really.

Hardly ever.

Good night, Tatty.

I´ll sing a lullaby for you, OK?

River´s running quite near

Quack, quack.
Close your eyes, my little dear.


I don´t know any more lyrics, quack.

Are you hungry?
Tell me, are you also hungry?

- No, just peckish.
- Peckish?

Well, I´m famished as a catfish.

- Do you know how famished a catfish is?
- No.

Just like me.

You´re right, we can´t live
only on strawberries.

Let´s go and meet some
good people and ask them...


Could I ever live among people?

They run away the moment they see me.

And start yelling:
"Hey, dear people, a water sprite!"

"Save your souls, a monster!
Water sprite!" Just like that.

You´re right, I didn´t think of that.
But where should I...

Good heavens!

- Hey, Tatty!
- Hide me, fast!

Good day.

Hello, my girl.

- Are you alone?
- Yes, I am. Why?

Well, I seemed to hear a voice
shouting something like:

"Dear people, a water sprite,
save your souls!"

How could a water sprite get here?
On such a dry spot at high noon?

- More likely by the river, am I right?
- That´s what I thought, too.

Or was it my phantasy
caused by the hot sun?

Is there a village nearby
where a servant might be needed?

This way you´ll get to town
where you could get a job.

But let me tell you, dear girl,
it´s a sad town.

Young Earl´s been ill for some time
and nobody knows how to help him.

Maybe if you smiled at him,

sang him a nice song,

you might cheer him up a bit.

Do you think so?
They won´t let me into the castle.

Well, you can always try,
you have nothing to lose.

I have to go before it starts raining.

- So good-bye.
- Farewell.

Wait, there is one left.

Take it.

I know without telling me that you
haven´t eaten since yesterday.

Thank you very much.

That was close. She surely saw me.

But the old woman was right
we must get to the castle.

Well, you´ll go and I´ll get carried.

What a heavenly smell!

- What is it?
- A bun.

With poppy seed filling.

With poppy seed it´s just...

It´s mouth-watering, this one.

One has to eat really slow,
it lasts longer then.

And it´s gone.

You know, I feel like a quack doctor.

I only know a few herbs.
Some for cough, for headache...

Do I know what is young Earl´s malady?

Be sure we´ll be told soon.
We may figure out a solution.

Come along.

See that dumbhead over there.


What do you want here?

I came to cure your Earl.

Follow me.


A healer.

So you dare to cure our son?

I´d like to try.

- I may know a herb that could...
- You may know?

Are you a herb doctor?

So young?

My godmother was a famous herbalist
and I´ve learnt something from her.

Just something?

Our son used to be merry and friendly.

But one day
a foreign princess came.

She was beautiful.

But her eyes were evil
and her looks made you dizzy.

Our son had refused her.

So she punished us by
taking away all his strength.

No doubt there was some
evil magic involved.

My dearest Guy!

But our son´s name is George.

Our spring of healing water
has disappeared with the princess.

I see!

Just give me some time
to look for the herbs in the garden

and then let me speak
with the young nobleman.

You´re a courageous girl.


we´ll see.

Show this girl her room
and how to get to the garden.

- Water, quick or I´ll die.
- Shh!

Did you say anything?

Water! Help!

I´m dead. Water, water!

This is the best wine!
For His Highness Young Earl.

It´s here, your room.

Then you´ll get to the garden
through the gate under the window.

- Thank you, dumbhead.
- Thank you!?

Quack! Where is he? Where is he?




- That drink was better.
- That was wine.

- Wine? And where does it flow?
- Well, not in a stream.

But I liked it immensely.

Just as the bun with poppy seed filling
or the strawberries in the forest.

So young and handsome, and yet he
looks as if his soul has left his body.

I sense evil in here,
possibly sorcery and magic.

That spring of water hasn´t
disappeared on its own, my girl.

Hm, you´re right.
We have to find the spring.


I´ll give you something

I got from my mother.

I greet you, dear sir.

I hate to disturb you, dear Earl,
but I´d like to ask you

if you´d kindly show me the spot
of the lost spring of healing water.

I´m too weak to get there.

I´ll help you.
Don´t worry, I´m strong enough.

Let´s see.

It´s a sad valley,
nobody comes here any longer.


My father says you are looking
for a herb in our park

that would rejuvenate me.

- A nice fairy tale!
- But I´ve found the herb.

- A common water lily.
- What?

If you think.

You are pretty.

A pretty crook.

Quite a few have been here,
but none so charming.

It´s probably here. I don´t know.

Wait, Your Highness.

I beg you, dear rock,

give the spring back to us,

endow it with your magic...

- and...
- Serve as you did before.

And serve as you did before.

Who are you? Tell me, please.

A pretty crook.

You are an angel, a miraculous fairy!

I really don´t know how to
thank you for my recovery.

Be my wife, lovely girl!

Don´t be cross with me, sir,
but that cannot be.

But I´ll love you dearly.
Stay with me, please.

It can´t be done, really.

I have my sweetheart somewhere,

and I must find him even if I
had to go to the end of the world.

I understand.

Dear George!

- My child!
- My son!

- Your Highness, we´re overjoyed!
- How many tears have I shed for you.

That´s him!

Here is a keepsake for you, my locket.

And some of that magic water.

- Thank you, Earl.
- I thank you, dear Annie.

Tell me please, do you happen to know
where is the Camomile Land?

The Camomile Land?

I really don´t know.

So, farewell.


I´ll be damned!
To be so blind to your own good!

You could be the lady of the castle,

I could live in the castle fountain,
I´ve already tried it,

and we wouldn´t have to
footslog God knows where.

The boy had eyes only for you.

And we are dragging ourselves along,

mosquitoes keep biting,

the sun´s scorching on my
head and no water in sight.

Hm, or rather no wine, eh?

Just as you say. What a life!

Dear Tatty,

I´ve promised my dear Guy
to find him wherever he might be.

I´ve already heard this. What else?


We can go our separate ways.

In fact, we are now quits.
I saved you from the ruffian

and you paid me off with
the magic of your water lily.

I won´t take it hard if you
leave me and go your own way.

But we would be sad without having

one another.

Really unbearably sad.

I know, we will be.

Alright then.
How do you say that?

- God be with you.
- Yup, and with you too.


River´s running quite near

Water my horse

My horse

I won´t do it, not tonight

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Your horse is big and gives me fright

Because I am so very small.

Well, finally!

Where have you been so long?

We´ll never reach the end
of the world at this pace.

My darling water sprite!

My dearest pal!

Good gracious...!


I got somewhat dizzy.

The wine did it.
Only water from now on.


What a hard life this is!

As our village mayor used to say,

"drink no water, it´s full of frogs´ farts.“

Couldn´t we swim for some time?

- My little feet hurt.
- Let me carry you as frog in a scarf.

In a scarf? In a dry one again?

That´s much worse
than in your pocket.

I´ll wet the scarf and
you´ll stand it for some time.

Or... That´s an idea!

- Alright, in you go.
- But not in a scarf!

Well, jump in!

What a great idea, this thing.

Have you thought of it yourself?
A scarf, no way!

How can you people stand
this hot weather? It´s beyond me.

How can you sit under water all day?

It´ll take us a hundred years.
I´d rather swim, it´s faster.

- But I cannot swim.
- That´s easy.

I´ll blow into your ears and nose,
and you´ll be like a fish in water.

I´ve promised my dear Guy to go
to the end of the world to find him.

And not to swim to find him.

Only the written word remains.
On foot just as in the water.

- Be glad I´m carrying you, no complaint.
- You´re right. I´ll shut up.

At least you could sing that song
about the horse in the river for me.

River´s running...

No, differently.

River´s running quite near

- What´s up?
- Water my horse, please my dear

- Help! Stop me!
- I won´t do it, not tonight

Your horse is big and gives me fright
Because I am so very small

Hey, get lost,
I´m staying here today.

Quick, quick!

Sleep tight, Annie, I´ll keep guard.

Oh my God, what a titbit!

I could do with a bun
with poppy seed filling and...

and a drop of white wine.

White wine, oh white...

When I find my sweetheart
you´ll have that every day.

I wish you´d found him soon.
Before I forget the heavenly taste.


- But where are we?
- Far away.

- There was no pond in the wood.
- There wasn´t but there is now.

Tatty, what´s the magic?
How have I got here?

Well, as a fish.

- Just add that you have...
- I could have turned you into a frog.

But frogs are very slow swimmers.

I did it in your interest

to find that Gilbert of yours
as soon as possible

and we wouldn´t have to plod
along from here to nowhere.

It´s Guy! You, scatterbrain Gilbert.
You´ve left behind the scarf and jug.

So much fuss! Because of a jug.

Something tells me,
here in my green nob,

that we should not come late.

What if there´s a girl, you know
what kind, who´d charm him?

And here it comes!

- But what?
- Hunger as big as a catfish.

I know. But where do we
get something to eat?

Let´s go to town and

ask people to get some work.
And we´ll earn money to buy food.

Buns and wine!

Farmer´s Mary, pretty maid

Fancied red apples in the shade

Every evening, dressed in white,

Mary picked apples to have a bite

Every evening, dressed in white

Mary picked apples to have a bite

Good heavens, we´ve gone astray.

Astray? We´ve lost our way.
We are going in cirlces.

You´re right, I think
we were here last year.

You know what? You´re a chatterbox.


Oh, dear me, it´s so high,
simply for bats!

Mary, I can see a light!
I mean, Annie.

Yes. A gingerbread house perhaps?

This one doesn´t look like
being made of gingerbread.

What a scary house!

Baba Yaga. The old hag.

I sense evil magic.
Let´s push off.

We don´t have to...
We don´t have to fear.

We are decent, honest people.

But do they know, too?

An honest water sprite, that´s me.

But a decent frog?


I wouldn´t go there.

Do you hear me?
There´s still time to escape.

I´m totally sick.

Good evening.

Sorry to disturb you
at such a late hour,

I´ve lost my way in the forest
and I´m afraid to stay out at night.

What are you doing in these parts?

No people come here all year long.

I´m looking for my sweetheart.
He got lost in the wide world

and I don´t know...

How could your sweetheart
get lost? I´ll be damned.

Come in and tell me your story.

And she leaves me here.
What a world!

Good heavens, she´s going to
blab out the whole story perhaps.

To that ugly hag.

I simply have to sneak in somehow.

And so I´ve been wandering...

But you could keep searching
for ever, my dear girl,

when you don´t know
which way to go.

- Thank you.
- Hm.

Aren´t you afraid, alone
and far away from home?

But what am I to do?

Well, at least you should have
someone to keep you company.

To cheer you up.

Who´d footslog with me?

I´ll show you your sleeping chamber.

It´s late.

You´ll tell me more tomorrow.

Come, here it is.


Thank you very much,
good old lady. Good night.

Good night. And sleep tight.

- Hello, mother.
- Hello, my dear daughter.

Dear daughter?

I´m bringing you my heart, mother.


Crowds of wedding guests
and onlookers are coming.

So many people in the castle!
I´m afraid someone might find it.

- My whole life´s kept in it, mom.
- Have no fear, my dear,

I´ll hide it to a place
nobody dares to enter.

- Crowd of ghosts on the Deadly Mountain...
- I´m scared stiff.

Will guard it better than the whole
hell guards a sinner´s soul.

And when the Prince is mine
I´ll seize his whole kingdom

and me and you, mother,
will be the only rulers.

That´s why I conjured him up
back to the castle

and removed his birdlike shape.

Through another magic I dazed his mind,
and he forgot everything he´d known.

And I succeeded.

- He didn´t recognize me, mother.
- You are so skilful, my honey.

How do I look, mother?

You are gorgeous!

The most beautiful one!

Nasty witches! Quack!


Quack, quack.

- Quack.
- Ha!

Hey, green monster,
what are you doing here?!

Just wait, I´ll show you!


Owch, straight in the head!

- I´ll get you! Ahh!
- Oh, a narrow escape!

- You disgusting monster!
- You missed, old hag!

Shoo, get off! Where are you,
where are you hiding?

- Disgusting greenish beast!
- Ouch!

Get off! Where are you?
You´re not getting out?

No? No?

Because of you, bastard,

I nearly forgot to hide it away!

This will be safer.

Well, I don´t get it.

You´re so good, old lady,

I don´t know how to
repay your kindness.

I´ve got nothing, perhaps only...

this picture.

- Take it, please.
- Well?

Such a precious thing.

And what a pretty face.

Where have you got it?

I got it from a young Earl.
I cured him out of his melancholy.

Well, then.

I´ll take it as a keepsake of you.

What should I give you?

You are so very kind, old lady,
but I really don´t need anything.

Won´t you stay here a bit, my dear?

At least a few days?
You´ll find it nice here.

You´ll clean up, wait on me
and I´ll gladly reward you.

Thank you dearly, good old lady.

I´d wait on you even
without any pay

but I must go and look
for my sweetheart.

Alright, I won´t keep you.

Here you are.

Something to bite.


So it was you who cured
that young Earl!


The hag wasn´t there alone.
There were two of them, intriguing.

Come on, you´re not yourself.
Have you bashed your head?

Yes, yes, yeah!

She hit me on my head with a log
and I don´t remember a thing.

- You see, and you keep blabbering.
- Blabbering?

Believe me, I have
a good nose for this.

Don´t be angry, Tatty. But I´m so happy.
The old lady was so kind.

Kind? She is a witch, ugly hag.

I didn´t like her at all,
there´s no good in her.

And she stinks!

Don´t say that!

You saw how she´d entertained me
and given a gift on my way.

I suspect this small loaf
is either stale or poisoned.

I wouldn´t put it past her that she
spat a poisonous spittle on it.

Snow White also got a red apple,
a lovely little red apple... And then?

She took a bite, fell and died.

Hey, get up, we have to go on.

Come on, hurry up.

If it were not broken, it might
show me the way to my sweetheart.


Hey! Quick, catch it!


Tatty! It fell down there!

- Look!
- Wait here!

- What are you doing here?
- Coming along.

- You´ll be scared.
- I won´t.

So, come along.

Where are you?

I cannot swim.
Nor walk on the water.

You´re constantly keeping me.

Jump, come on.

- Oh!
- I´ll carry you to the feather.

- Thanks.
- Hm.

What are you mumbling?

Naff, naff.

Caught in a trap? This way?

We thank you. Annie, let´s go.

Wait! Can you hear?

This way.

Come on.


This way.

Poor thing.

It´s trapped.

Poor wretch, wait I´ll
disentangle you.

What did she say?

That she´s grateful and so on.

That she´d like to
repay our kindness.

Ask her if she knows how
to get to the Camomile Land.

Doesn´t know.

But wait a moment. What?

I see, down beneath the tower...

This way down...

I see. So...

Wait here, I´m back in a minute.

You won´t get out of this!

Wait here, I´ll get back soon.


- You won´t get out of this.
- Let me go, I´ve nothing for you to steal!

That will be tight enough.

How come you´ve got
nothing valuable on you?

I´m a poor apprentice and
I only had those two cents.

- Two cents?
- Yes? And where are they?!


- He took them from me!
- I didn´t!

You have his two cents?

No, no, no, he lies.
He had no money!

- I had!
- He didn´t!

I had! I had five cents altogether!

- Five?!
- No, you didn´t!

- OK, we´ll search you properly.
- Catch him!

- Just you wait!
- Wait!

Let me go!

Leave me alone!

Let me go!

Well, do you see that?

Shh! Don´t be afraid.

Let me go!

Let me go!

We´ll be off before they end fighting.

- So you wanted to run away?
- And look and behold, what a beauty!

- Where did the fair maiden come from?
- And what did the lassie bring us?

- Give us everything you have!
- Or we´ll cut off your ears!

Bread! Bread! Bread!

What´s the hubbub? What
a good-looker have you got here?

- Well, this is...
- I´m Simon, an apprentice

with the grocer in the square
near the church, down in the town.

- Don´t be afraid, it´s a water sprite.
- Water sprite?

He was ambushed by the robbers
who then captured me as well.

- When she wanted to save me.
- Hm.

- Robbers?
- Well, they are...

Rather they were.

They had a bite off that loaf
of bread and turned into stones.

Remember, I told you!
What a kind, nice little old lady!?

A witchy bitch or bitchy witch she is!

They are a sight to see.

Ouch! I say!

Here you are,
these are probably yours.

Yes. Thank you, dear water sprite.

Hey, look what I´ve found
down there under the tower.

Wow, that´s nice!
Probably precious too.

The owl says you should go
with the ring to the castle gardens

and when the bride-to-be goes by
and wants the ring, be smart.

Thank you, dear owl.

I thank you once again.
This is the way to the castle garden.

You´ll find me in the square,
if you need me.

- Good-bye, Mr. Frog.
- Farewell, Mr. Simon.

- Good morning, neighbor.
- Hello, Simon, have a cake.

- Buy my cakes!
- Betty!

Come to the fountain in the evening
I´ll tell you something.

It is hereby announced

that tomorrow Prince Guy
will be leading to the altar

his beautiful bride Princess Ebenia
from the Land of Magic Shadows,

who freed him from a magic spell.

All the people in the kingdom

- are ordered to rejoice, cheer and sing.
- Long live our Prince!

Dance and drink wine and cheer
the bride and the bridegroom!

Long live our Prince!



The gentle sounds of lute
are heard in the castle park.

And misty days are gone.

The great festive day has arrived.

Birds are singing sweetly by the river.

The prince gives to his white bride

a red rose to show his love for her.

- Through the gorgeous...
- What are you waiting for?

Sit here and do something.
Be discreet.

To the roses.

These old French songs are so moving.

Good gracious!

The ring! The ring!

Where did you get those flowers?

- I picked them in the meadow, my lady.
- Show them to me!

- Hm. It´s really beautiful, isn´t it?
- It is.

Could you make the most beautiful
wreath for my wedding day?

Yes, my lady.

- And where did you get that ring?
- Received it as a gift.

- But this ring is mine.
- Yes!

My dearest.

I lost it during a walk among
the ruins. Give it back to me!

I´ll gladly give it back
to you, my lady,

- only...
- Oh!


Tell me

what would you like to get in return?

Please, allow me

to spend at least a moment
with your future husband.

You know him?

Slightly. He was once
infinitely kind to me.

I would like to...
I would like to thank him.

I´ll tell him myself.

What is your name?

Maybe he won´t remember me.

Allow me at least
to see him, just once.

Alright, I agree.

Come to the summerhouse
in the garden one hour before sunset.

My groom-to-be will be awaiting you.

The ring.

Thank you, my noble lady.


I think I know her.

But where from?

I´ve seen her somewhere,

or rather heard her.

I´m going to see
and hear my beloved Guy.

My dear friend, if you only knew...

As our village mayor used to say,

"don´t count your chickens
before they hatch.“

I don´t like that woman at all.

That´s all. You may go.

All of you!

Quite a good hunt, I say.

Eat and drink to your hearts´ content.
You must be tired after the hunt.

We went hunting far beyond lake.
Hares, pheasants, quails.

Now you should rest and I´ll
make sure nobody disturbs you.

Sleep, my sweetheart, sleep.

I wish you sweet dreams.

As I promised, you have a chance
to see my future husband.

For a moment.

Just as you wished yourself.

And don´t forget my wedding wreath.

Bring it to this garden at noon.


and nicer.

My dear Guy, I´ve come to you,
as you asked me and as I promised.

I´ve crossed nine hills
and passed through nine forests,

waded across seven rivers.

I kept looking for you day and night
in all corners of this world.

And now I´ve finally found you

and you are asleep
and cannot hear me.

Dear Guy, wake up,
this is me, your Annie!


Dear Guy!



That´s the end of everything.

What am I to do now?

There is nothing left for me
but to jump into the river.

And I´ll have to pull
you out, no way!

I´ve found my sweetheart
and he´s still miles away.

He´s getting married to that
beautiful lady tomorrow.

Maybe he isn´t. Nothing´s lost yet.

Maybe I have a solution.

I don´t know whether you´ll have
courage, with those tearful cheeks.

I will.

Stop crying, look at yourself.

Your nose is running.
He won´t like you like this.

Oh, yes.

This is part of tomorrow´s
wedding decorations.

I wanted to show you myself
but I didn´t dare to wake you up

from your sweet slumber.

- I´ve seen such a wreath somewhere.
- In your dream, my dear.

Its fragrance enchanted your dreams.

Yes, enchanted my dreams.

- Somebody was here.
- Dear Guy!


Even though it´s a short journey,

we may meet our...

death at its end.

This is the thirteenth day after
the Walpurgis Night.

And only few people know that
strange things happen after midnight.

One horror after another.

At the stroke of midnight evil powers
lose their might for a moment.

And at that moment you may
change and gain a lot.

- I´ll do everything you say.
- But really.

Alright, let´s go.

Here. That´s it.

But now you have to go alone.

And remember, take no notice
and trust only yourself.

Otherwise you´re finished.

Stop, girl!

Give me back my heart and I´ll
fulfill your fondest wish.

I´ll take you to your Guy myself.

And I myself shall put your
hand into his palms.

Yes, I will leave him to you.

Only be so kind and
give me back my heart.

I didn´t know about you.

I had no idea there was a girl
who loved my Guy more than I did.

Please, be merciful to me.



Finally! I thought you
were dead and gone.

Yes, I see. Well, that´s me!

Look, that´s me,
your Tatty, your water sprite.

What an idea to give the glass
heart back to that hellcat?

Do you know what was
in the heart? Her life!

That´s why she begged and promised
the moon and God knows what else.

And the white monsters were keen on
pouncing on you and tearing you apart.

I was the one who prevented that.

Is that clear to you?

- Have you found her?
- No, Prince, we haven´t.

- Nobody has seen her.
- Nothing, sir.

- She´s nowhere to be found.
- She must be somewhere

around. I know for sure.

She was last seen yesterday evening,
as the Princess drove her away.

- Where has she gone?
- Who, the Princess?

No, I mean Annie!

That old witch also enchanted
our young Earl

and sealed water into the rock.
And you know why?

He didn´t want to marry her
daughter just like your Guy didn´t.

That´s the same old story.

- My dear Tatty, my beloved.
- Suddenly!

- How could I ever cope without you?!
- With another water sprite, perhaps?

- No!
- With another Tatty then?

No, no. You´re
the world´s best water sprite.

Finally. It´s taken you so long!

Look. The old hag´s coming back!

Who gave away the secret
of the glass heart to you?

Speak or you won´t live long!

I won´t tell you anything!


Annie! What have you done,
you old hag?

Annie, my love,
please look at me.

That´s me, your Guy.

Annie dear.

You can´t do this to me!


OK, just go ahead and sit on me.


So it´s you, Gilbert, her sweetheart,
or what´s your name?

Here you are...

Sprinkle this on her face.


What are you waiting for, for Sunday?

Dear Guy!

My Annie!

Nothing but "Guy“ and" Annie“,

and nobody notices me,
they simply don´t care, I´m afraid.

My dear Tatty!

This is my dearest water sprite.

Do you know how many tears
she´s shed for you?

But I protected her day
and night, you should know.

- Thank you, water sprite.
- You´re welcome.

This will be a rather long chat, I fear.

Hey, boys, let´s go,
or I´ll die in the sun.

Let´s push off and leave them alone.

- Hey, give me a piece!
- No, this is mine, you´ve eaten yours!



Ouch, you slapped me!

And you bit me!

Ouch, ouch...

Ouch! Ouch!

- Here you are.
- Phew!