Zai na he pan qing cao qing (1982) - full transcript

Da-Nian is a young man from Taipei. He goes to a remote village and works as a substitute teacher. He and Su-Yun, another teacher at the school, fall in love. There are several students in his class who are like the naughty "three musketeers", and a sad, silent boy Xiang-Wang, who's parents are divorced. Besides, in order to support the family, Xian-Wang's father kills the fish in the river with electricity, which is against the law and causes a lot of damage to the natural resources. Because of this, Xian-Wang has been teased by other school children. At last, he becomes so upset and runs away from home...


When you get to the classroom,
tell everyone ifs self-study time.

Hurry up, or you'll be late.

Why cry over a 98?
I got a 68, and I'm laughing!

100! 100! Don't look at that one,
look at this!

Lin Wen-Chin got a 38 in Chinese!


You all made progress on
the last monthly test.

You must all keep trying,
especially Yen Cheng-kuo.

He failed all the previous tests.

He got a 67 in Science this time.
Give him a hand.

I have an announcement to make.

You may already know...

that I'm leaving tomorrow.

This is my last day at the school.

My husband was hired
by a cement plant in Indonesia,

and the whole family will
be moving there.

A few months are left
before the end of the term.

My brother will be taking over.
I hope you won't mind.

Hey, can you tell me where
the office is?

Do you attend this school?

Which way to the office?

Can't you talk?
- He's a deaf-mute! - A deaf-mute?!

Ta-nien! Ta-nien!

Hi, sis!

Come on.
I'll take that.

You dope!
That was the new teacher!

It's all your fault!

Mr. Li.
- I'm Li Chung-sheng.

How do you do.
- This is the principal.

This is my brother.
- How do you do.

Meet Miss Chang.
- Miss Chang.

This is Chen Su-yun.

My brother.
- Pleased to meet you, Miss Chen.

Those three are the wildest
ones in my class.

We call them
"the three musketeers".

The three musketeers, huh?
Small wonder.

"Neiwan Theatre".
I'll be living there?

What do I do when there's
a performance?

Other than at New Year,
we rarely have shows.

Don't worry;
Su-yun's family owns the theatre.

She'll tell you when there's
going to be a show.

She lives right across the street.
- Come on in. - Go ahead.

Come in.

It's just up the stairs.

Come on up.

This is where I'll sleep?
- Allow me. - Thanks.

I sleep here?

How do you like it, Ta-nien?

It's great! I can even be
the star of my own show!

What are you doing?

Thank you, thank you!

Dad, I need your seal
on my test paper.

Bring me the seal.

- Wen-chin was using your seal!

Wen-chin was using my seal?

A 58 here!

And a 48 on this part.

And a 38 on this!
- Everything's marked in red!

But I got 100 in maths!

What good is that,
if you fail everything else?

And stop pinching!

You even put the seal on
upside down!

Mr. Ta-nien graduated with honors
from Soochow University.

He passed up a chance
to study abroad...

and he has been teaching
up north ever since.

He represents the new generation
of educators here.

We are honored that someone
of his ability...

will be teaching in our school.

Let's welcome him.

This is our first class together.

In order to get to know you
as quickly as I can,

I want each of you to
introduce yourself.

Tell us your name,
your age and your hopes.

Let's start with...
the three musketeers.

My name is Yen Cheng-kuo.
I... I live with...

I live with my father, mother,
sister and brother. My...

My father drives a truck...

My brother is in school.

My sister plays all day.

I'm still in school.

I want to be a soldier
when I grow up.

My name is Huang Chin-shui.
"Huang" means "yellow",

"Chin" means "gold",
and "shui" means "water".

I live with...

My father, mother,
grandma and grandpa.

My father works at the
Asia cement factory.

My mom is a housewife.
I want to be a teacher.

My name is Lin Wen-chin.
I live with my grandma,

my father, mother,
sister and brother...

Go on.
Tell us about your father.

My father is a farmer.
When I grow up I want to...

Be a farmer, too.
- Be a farmer, too.

No good, no good.

Go! Go! Go!

All right. How much?
- 2.8 metres.

Have another sip of cola,
I'll clasp tightly your hand

Get together often and
let our friendship shine

No need to say you like me,
if it's really true

And though / haven 't said it,
you know / like you, too

Mr. Lu, Mr. Li!
Dinner's ready!

OK, be right there.
- Coming!

Thank you, come again.

NT$100 worth of pork.

You must be the new teacher.
- That's right.

My little brother's in your class.

Oh, really?
What's his name?

Chou Hung-liang.
When he came home the other day,

he kept saying how
handsome the new teacher is.

Are you married, Mr. Lu?

No, not yet.
- Not yet?

Good morning.

Ta-nien, how much was that
pork you bought today? - NT$100.

That sure is a lot of pork
for NT$100!

I guess it wasn't too fresh.

Or the "beauty at the
butcher shop" must like you.

I'll bet she did him a
special favor!

From now on, let's send him
whenever we need pork.

Fine with me!
Hey, the rice's ready.

Does everyone have a container?


Each term, the Health
Department conducts a test...

to see if there are roundworms
in your stool.

When you get home,
put some stool in the container,

write your name here,
and bring it in tomorrow.

Does everyone understand?
- Yes.

Mommy, mommy, it fell in!

What fell in?
- My ca-ca jar fell in!


What is it? What's wrong?
- It won't come out!

So it won't come out!
What's the big deal?

I have to hand it in at
school tomorrow!

Mommy, where are the plastic bags?

What's that you put in the fridge?

- What?!

I have to take some stool
to school tomorrow.

So you put your ca-ca
in the refrigerator?!

I'm going to beat the
daylights out of you!


Just imagine!
Putting ca-ca in the fridge!

It has to be kept fresh and soft.
- I'll give you 'fresh'!

Here it is!

OK, pass it to the front.
Quickly, now.

Yen Cheng-kuo...
where's your container?

It fell in the cesspit.

What? It fell where?

In the cesspit.

Mr. Lu!

Huang Chin-shui handed
in duck droppings!

Chou Hsing-wang's dad is
electrocuting fish.

There are no fish left.
He electrocuted them all!

Why don't we use my dad's
electric rod on some fish?

No way! The police will nab you!
- No they won't, you chicken!

It's not that side, but this one.
You're connecting it wrong.

Right, on that side.

There's electricity now!

You got one!

There's another one here.

Let's electrocute it over there.

Got it!

Yen Cheng-kuo!

Bring him over here.

Yen Cheng-kuo!
Yen Cheng-kuo!

He's dead!
- I'll go call for help! - I'll go!

Help save someone's life!

Yen Cheng-kuo,
I didn't do this to you!

You got yourself electrocuted.
Don't fake it to freak me out!

Electrocuted someone?
That good-for-nothing kid!

Always just fooling around all day.

You gotta teach him right. Otherwise,
he'll electrocute someone to death.

Dad's coming!
Stop eating.

My daughter's health is poor,
and she's introverted by nature.

So after school, she just stays
holed up in the house.

With Taipei so hot, and with the A/C
blowing on her...

her respiratory system's no good.

That's why I want a change
of environment for her.

So every aspect of her life
is connected with nature.

Absolutely. I too grew up in Taipei,
so I completely understand.

The air's better in the countryside,
and there's open space to roam in.

We native Taiwanese have
a saying:

"A child who treads upon the soil
absorbs the energy of the earth...

"which is what enables proper growth."

That's why I've brought her to the
countryside for her studies.

Her writing is beautiful.
She herself is also beautiful.

Hung Pei-yu, from Taipei.

She's a new student in our class.

She's also the cousin of your
classmate, Lin Wen-chin.

Cousins? One's so dark-skinned,
while the other's so fair!

Return to your seat.

Oh, cousin!

Let's continue with lesson 11

The big banyan tree and
the little boy.

There was a boy who always
went to play beneath a tree.

One afternoon, he bounced and bobbed
his way beneath the tree,

singing a song he'd made up himself:

"Big banyan tree with the beard
so nicely done,

let me count your whiskers,
each and every one."

This is about how banyan trees
have many aerial roots.

They hang down in strands,
like the whiskers of a beard.

The boy counted each and
every whisker.

Boy coz loves girl coz

The banyan tree smiled and
said to the boy:

"I have a question for you.
Answer me earnestly.

You often come to see me.
Why after all is that?"

The boy replied:
"Because I like your whiskers."

The banyan tree was
a bit disappointed.

The tree continued:
"Is that all?"

My dear cos!

The boy tilted his head
and thought it over.

"The trees keep out the sun,
casting cool, comfortable shade.

That's why I like to play here."

The banyan tree felt a bit bad,
and continued: "Is that all?"

It tickles! It itches!
What the heck is it?


Alright, class is adjourned.
- Rise!

- Thank you, Teacher!

You aren't allowed to leave.

What're you looking at?

Get lost!

Have another sip of cola,
I'll tightly clasp your hand.

"Clasp tightly."

I'll clasp tightly your hand.
- Teacher!

This is a letter my sister
wrote to you.

Who wrote it?

"The beauty at the butcher shop".

What's so funny?

Uncle Chou,
are you free tomorrow?

My dad asks that you come
reap rice tomorrow.

Don't do that!

This one's for you.

First, you poke two holes
for the eyes...

Mr. Lu!
- Mr. Lu!

Mr. Lu!
- Mr. Lu!

Who was that?
- I couldn't tell.

So why did you wave to them?
- If someone waves, you wave back.

What a phony!

Thank you.

I caught an owl!

Look! isn't he nice?

He's hurt.

Let's put some mercurochrome
on his cut. - OK.

Have another sip of cola,
I'll clasp tightly your hand

Hand-in-hand from now on
and 'till the end of time

Have a bit more cola and
put your hand in mine

Get together often and
let our friendship shine

No need to say you like me,
if it's really true

And though / haven 't said it,
you know / like you, too

Green grass, cool stream,
your hand in mine

Treasure them all:
we'll soon leave them behind

How come there are
so many dead fish?

Someone's using poison
to catch fish upstream.

They can't do that!
Let's go find them.

Don't you know that
poisoning fish is against the law?


You're killing all the fish
in the stream.

Soon there'll be none left at all.

So? Do they belong to you?

No, they don't belong to me,
nor to you, either!

They belong to everyone.
Or don't you care?

If you don't stop now,
I'll call the police.

Stop m

Stop complaining.
Two against one, and you lost!

I wasn't in the fight...

l jumped in the water,
and couldn't get back up.

We should've called the police instead.

What for? You want to bring
charges against him?

We should notify the
proper authorities.

Otherwise, there'll soon
be no fish in the stream.

Aunt Su-yun, Mr Lu!
Dinner's ready!


You're hopeless!


- Hello, Teacher.


All right.

Class, I'm sure you all find my appearance
a little unusual today, right?


Yesterday, I went fishing
in Neiwan Creek.

I saw a man poisoning the fish,
and I got mad.

I told him to stop,
he came over, and barn, barn!

This is what happens to
people who fight.

Fighting is not a civilized
thing to do,

so you should all learn to control
yourselves. Don't be like me.

Mr Lu, who was poisoning
the fish?

Someone from another town.
I never saw him before.

Poisoning fish is an unlawful
and immoral act,

because all the young fish
are killed, too.

So, if you ever see anyone
poisoning fish,

tell me right away,
or report it to the police.

Mr. Lu, I know who it was!
- Who?

Chou Hsing-wang's father!

That's not true! He helped us cut
rice yesterday. I was there!

Then he must've gone after all
the rice was cut.

I've seen his father fishing
with an electric rod.

Chou Hsing-wang's father
cut rice yesterday.

He didn't go home
'till after dark.

Liar! Your fathers good friends
with his father!

You're just protecting him.

All right, all right!
Stop arguing and sit down!

Hung-Hang, don't accuse
Hsing-wang's father...

if you didn't see him
with your own eyes.

We have proof that the man
was from another town:

even Mr. Li and Miss Chen had
never seen him before.

Also, Wen-chin says Mr. Chou
was cutting rice.

So, you should apologise
to Chou Hsing-wang.

I'm sorry!

Chou Hsing-wang, was it your
dad or not? Tell me.

Ou Hung-Hang!

Mr Lu said it wasn't him.
Why don't you stop?

You never saw his father
using his electric rod?

That's different from using poison.

Plus, my cousin saw him
cutting rice, too.

She's on your side,
just because she's your cousin!

You're full of it!

I'd just told you that fighting
is an uncivilized act,

and you're fighting already.

Two against one, to boot.

It wasn't two against one:
I went first, and then he went!

That's still ganging up!

I want you to hold hands.

Come on, now!

Keep holding hands.

Chou Hsing-wang, ifs your turn.

I want you to stand here
holding hands for an hour.

Mr. Chou, the one who
wove me a grass chicken?

Yeah, he's really something!
Haven't you heard?

I saw him get into a fight at the coal mine.
He took on two guys at once.

Your turn to feed it.
- Okay.

Don't listen to Ou Hung-liang.

He's a brown nose.

He's jealous, 'cause of
Chou Hsing-wang's marks.

Mama, time flies like an arrow

You left...

Chou Hsing-wang got into
a fight in class today.

He's a good student,
yet his dad's a lawbreaker.

Do you know his father?
- Sure I do.

Does he really fish with
an electric rod?

He does all kinds of work,
mostly short-term jobs.

He used to work in my
brother's mining company, but...

He was fired?
- For fighting.

After leaving the army,
he married an aborigine.

She was much younger than him.

Kids from such families
tend to be sensitive.

Also, his wife later left him.

Hsing-wang, do you think
Mommy'll get our letter?

Yes, I think she will.

I hear you got into
a fight at school today.

Is it true? Tell me.

Didn't I tell you not to
get into fights?

So why did you do it?

Who were you fighting with?
Won't tell me, huh?

Are you going to tell me,
or not?

Excuse me, miss. Which way to
the Neiwan Elementary School?

Neiwan Elementary School?

That way.
- That way? Thanks.

We'll demonstrate kung-fu
breathing exercises.

This one's called "slicing bananas
on the stomach".

Hold your breath and
concentrate your strength.

It's a still exercise,
to stiffen the stomach.

Next you do an 'active exercise'...

Mr. Lu!

What's the big idea,
driving onto the school grounds?

I was wondering why no news
from you for over a month,

so I decided to find out where
you were hiding.

Would you please get
your car off the field?

- I hear you live in the theatre.

Where's that?
- In the town.

Would you please leave?

I want you to take me there.

I can't. How can I leave now?

OK, then.
I'll wait for you here.

All right, I'll take you there.
Get in the car.

Bye, kids!
' Bye!

Watch now, everyone.
Eyes this way.

We're demonstrating kung-fu
exercises, remember?

In front of your very eyes,
I'm going to...

This is it. Wait for me here.
- What a quaint little theatre!

What are you trying to do?

Aren't you going to invite me in?
You expect me to wait here on my own?

They went inside.

They're coming back out.

What is it now?

It's dark and filthy in there!
I'll wait in my car.

It's up to you.


I want you to sit in the car
with me for a while.

Why are you in such a rush
to get back?

There's a pretty girl teaching
at the school?

Quick, hide!

What are you doing?
- Going back to Taipei!

Back to Taipei?!

Mr. Lu's going back to Taipei!

That's great! Now we
don't have to go to class!

Let's go back and watch
the rest of the show!

Would you please let me go back?

I had no intention of tricking you.

I admit I haven't kept in touch,

but we've often been
out of touch for long periods.

Besides, I just got here.
I need time to adjust.

If you don't come back,
I'll drive off the cliff!

What's the point of all this?

I can still come back
after we get to Taipei.

We're not good for each other.

With so many guys to choose from,
why does it have to be me?

Besides, you know I never
liked your father...

or your mother,
nor either of your brothers.

Who else don't you like?

Why don't you come out
and say you don't like me?

Why? Why don't you just say it?

Typical man: afraid of rejection,
and afraid to reject.

I asked you out,
so you think I really like you.

Whats wrong with me?
Me, not my father or mother.

What makes you think they
like you, anyway?

OK, get out.

Get out!

Mr. Lu is back!

- No problem. - So long.

Hi, Mr Lu.

Lu Ta-nien!

Where've you been?
- Some other time.

What's the matter?

She let me out in the
middle of nowhere.

Who is she, anyway?
The whole town's talking about her.

Did Su-yun say anything?
- No.

She left in the middle
of the show, though.

We've told you time and time again,
you have to be careful...

not to start the neighbours

Mr. Lu is a very nice young man, but...

you have to remember that
city folk are looser. - Mom!

Miss Chen ignores Mr. Lu now!

All right?


Morality is very important
in a small town.

Everyone knows you're friends
with his daughter.

Then, when your girlfriend
from Taipei shows up,

naturally it causes a hubbub.
- She's not my girlfriend!

That's beside the point.
People will talk...

and if it doesn't work out
between you,

and you don't get married,
she may find that...

no one wants to act as
a matchmaker for her.

Where's the owl?

Where's the owl?


What happened to my owl?
Where's my owl?!

It flew away.
- How could he fly away?

I had him tied up!
He couldn't have flown away!

- All right, all right.

He attacked and killed a chick
this morning. Your father got mad...

and smashed it to death on the ground.
- Smashed it to death?!

How could he do that?

You little creep!
You're due a beating...


Shut up. Can't you see
I'm taking a nap?

Why did you kill my owl?
- What did you say?

Why did you kill my owl?!

It killed a chick.
What else could I do?

I don't care!
How could you kill him?!

Stop bothering me!

Damn it! I scold you and
you start throwing things!

Throw that again and I'll
beat you black and blue!

Goddamn pest!
What’ll I get hold of you!

Try that again!

If you come near me again,
I'll beat you!

Throw that again and
I'll kill you!

What's that you're carrying?

A friend asked me to take
two pigeons back with me.

I said no one would feed them,
but he insisted.

If no one'll care for them,
why not eat them?

Just pluck the feathers.

Add some herbs and spices,
and voila!

Dad! I know how to care
for pigeons.

Dad, I can take care of them.
- Who, you?

You have to study. When'll you
have time for them?

I'll take care of them
when I'm finished studying.

All right, all right.
You'll have to manage yourself.

I don't have time for this.


This is an edible pigeon,
not a racing pigeon.

Well, it's still a pigeon, isn't it?
Who cares what kind ii is?

- Hi, sis.

Here, I'll take that.

Some son! You don't come
home on holidays...

and now I have to come
out here to see you!

Who is this girl you're so
crazy about?

Wait 'till you meet her.

This way.


Lu is here with his father.

Grandpa, grandpa!
- What is it?

Mr. Lu's father is here.
Come outside!

All right, all right.

How do you do. - Pleased to meet you.
- Come on in and have a seat. - Thanks.

Have a seat.

Hello, Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen, I am Lu Ta-nien's father.

I'm very grateful for all
you've done to help...

Ta-nien and his sister Yung-hsin.

Please sit down.
- After you.

I've come to make a request.

My son, Ta-nien,
grew up in Taipei,

but he's still very conservative
in many ways.

Have some tea.
- Thank you.

He likes your daughter,
and wishes to court her.

He insisted that I come to request
your permission,

and to assure you of his sincerity.
May I ask how you feel about this matter?

He told me a girl came down
from Taipei to see him,

and it caused a stir here.
I know the girl.

She's been after him for a long time,
but he's always avoided her.

Please set your minds at ease
on that point.

Such respect for one's elders
is rare these days.

They have my permission
to go out together.

That's wonderful!

At Hui, tell your Aunt Su-yun
to come out.

Aunt Su Yun!
Grandma wants you!

My son was so anxious calling
me to come, it worried me!

How do you do, Mr. Lu.

No wonder he was so impatient
for me to come!

If I had met her, then I'd have been
even more impatient than he!

The grass is so green,
hey, stay a while, Spring

Fish stop and listen as the
clear water sings

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Bu! soon fleecy clouds flow,

flowers tenderly call

Riverbank so green,
you bring happiness supreme

Riverbank so green,
you'll always be in my dreams

The grass is so green,
hey, stay a while, Spring

Fish stop and listen as the
clear water sings

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Chrysanthemums are so passionate

Mr. Lu!

Mr. Lu! Hsing-wang's dad's
using his electric rod!

He's killing the fish!
Look! Over there!

Look, Mr. Lu!
See, I wasn't lying!

It's his father!
It's his father!

Mr. Chou.

Mr. Chou.

I'm your son's teacher.

I've told the students many times...

that ifs wrong to fish with
an electric shocker.

Could I ask you not to do it?
Set a good example for the children.

Mr. Principal...

I have here a newspaper
article published in April.

It's about a schoolteacher
who started a movement for...

fish and stream protection
in the Chingshui river.

It became the first river
to be protected by our government.

The local residents enforce
the conservation laws.

Fish have been poisoned
in Neiwan Creek, near here.

Mr. Principal, I propose
that our school...

start a movement to
protect Neiwan Creek.

I think Mr. Lu has an excellent idea.

The Conservation Corps team
is coming next week.

I think this is a very
meaningful activity.

Mr. Principal. The school treasurer
is away, doing a study.

As acting treasurer, I must know
this project's cost.

It'll cost hardly anything.

We can have a plate made up
and print leaflets that the students...

can take back to their parents,
asking them to join in.

Miss Chen's brother,
the Village Representative,

said he'd take me to see
the Village Manager today.

Good idea! I'll ask the
Country Manager at once.

I'm sure he'll approve.

What do you think,
Representative Chen?

Very good.

Have the Projects Office
write up a plan,

then we can study the idea
in detail, all right? - OK.

Thank you.

- The teacher's coming!

Mr. Lu!

Hsing-wang left home!
- What?

Chou Hsing-wang ran away
from home! - He ran away?

Mr. Lu.
- Over there, Mr. Lu!

Mr. Chou. Hsing-wang didn't
come to class today.

Do you know where he is?
Please, where did he go?

He was afraid to go to
school this morning.

He said my fishing makes
everyone look down on him.

My own son hates me for
trying to make a living!

I'm sorry, Mr. Chou. It never occurred
to me that this might happen,

but electric shockers are illegal!

So I'll be arrested and go to jail!
What do you care?

You made them insult my son.
Some teacher you are!

Papa, / took sis with me to look
for mom. Please don't be afraid.

And please don't electrocute fish anymore.
Respectfully, your son Chou Hsing-wang

Kaohsiung Station

Here, I'll lift you.

Hey, Chu, you have visitors!

Uncle Chu.
- What are you two doing here?

Looking for Mom.
- Looking for your mother?

But your mother's in Taipei.

Your mother isn't here,
she's in Taipei!

Where in Taipei?
- In Sanchung.

Here, I'll give you her address.

Mr. Lu, why protect
fish and streams?

I'm not sure how to answer
that question.

If our streams are kept unspoilt,

you can all go fishing and
swimming in them.

That way, everyone will
have a happy childhood.

And that can be very important
for your later growth.

We are often told to preserve
and appreciate nature,

but what does nature do for us?
That's hard to say.

Because the benefits we get
from Mother Nature...

don't manifest themselves immediately.

Another thing:
in our streams and rivers,

may be a very valuable fish
or other creatures,

that may be useless to us now,

but which might be very
valuable in the future...

say, in the treatment of
a new disease,

or which may have another use;
no one can tell.

Ta-nien! Telephone!
Chou Hsing-wang's been found.

Yes? I'm Mr. Lu.

He's a student of mine.

OK, I'll be there right away.
Thank you...

Well? - I'll go tell
his father. - OK.

Over there.

Can I help you?

I'm Lu Ta-nien, a teacher at
Neiwan Primary School.

You called me on the phone.
ls there a child... - Over there.

Thank you.

These are some letters that
your mom wrote to you.

Her address is in there, too.

I kept these letters from you...

because you were still
too young then.

But now that you're grown-up,
you can write to her...

and visit her, too.

Your mother and I are too
far apart in terms of age.

I don't understand her way of thinking,
but I'm not angry at her.


Protected Zone for
Fish and Shrimp

What are you doing?
- Come on.

What are you doing?
- Come on.

Say it!
Say how you really feel.

Say it! C'mon, say it!

I'm sorry. I ought
to mind my own business.

Hug each other!
Tighter! Tighter!

Citizens of Neiwan Village!
The classification of Neiwan Creek...

as an officially protected
aquatic life preserve...

is the direct result of the
efforts of Lu Ta-nien,

a teacher at Neiwan Primary School.

He also planned today's
fund-raising performance.

As Village Manager,
I feel terribly ashamed...

Perhaps we should make him
Village Manager instead!

Beautiful waterways should
have beautiful fish,

so the proceeds from
today's performance...

will be used to purchase fry...

for the reseeding of Neiwan Creek,

so it'll be even more beautiful,
our pride and joy.

Thank you, thank you...
Thank you, Mr. Lu.

Sky is grey, rain today,
Fishy takes a wife today

Mayfly, Turtle, Puffer,
all are busy and gay

Lead the way with pride,
Catfish is the bride!

Hal Hal Catfish is the bride!

That sounds like a fanfare;
what a funny affair!

Sky is grey, rain today,
Fishy takes a wife today

Mayfly, Turtle, Puffer,
all are busy and gay

Lead the way with pride,
Catfish is the bride!

Hal Hal Catfish is the bride!

That sounds like a fanfare;
what a funny affair!

The grass is green,
hey, stay a while, Spring

Fish stop and listen as the
clear water sings

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Listen up, now!
Each fish costs NT$2.

Contribute NT$10 and you can
release five fish.

So, the number of fish you release
depends on how much you contribute.

Mr. Lu, Yen Cheng-kuo paid
NT$5 and took three fish!

One of them was smaller;
it was only worth NT$1!

Fish stop and listen as the
clear water sings

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Bu! soon fleecy clouds flow,
flowers tenderly call

Riverbank so green,
you bring happiness supreme

Riverbank so green,
you'll always be in my dreams

The grass is so green,
hey, stay a while, Spring

Fish stop and listen as the
clear water sings...

I'll come for you next month.


I'll see you to Hsinchu.
- OK.

Riverbank so green,
you bring happiness supreme

Riverbank so green,
you'll always be in my dreams

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Bu! soon fleecy clouds flow,
flowers tenderly call

Riverbank so green,
you bring happiness supreme

Riverbank so green,
you'll always be in my dreams

Oh, the wind might blow,
a little rain might fall

Chrysanthemums are so passionate