Zai jian ba shao nian (2020) - full transcript

These two tickets

weren't easy to get

I am concerned...

About what?

If he doesn't sing

what should we do?

Yang will be disappointed

We've done what we can

If he doesn't sing

just think of it as me taking you to a concert

this will be the first time since we've been married

that we've gone to a concert together

You're ridiculous

Thank you

Encore! Encore! Encore!

Mr. Chen Chusheng

would you let me sing

this song I wrote

with you at the concert

No matter what happens next

I've already done what I set out to do

Encore! Encore! Encore!

Hi everyone

sorry, I'm a little nervous

I feel like I'm pouring my heart out

OK, I'm ready

Hey guys, I'm Wang Xinyang

My screenname is XY

I am a 14-year-old

junior high student

My dream is to make a famous Tieba

where I am the music expert

But I was a little far away

from being a Tieba celebrity

Back then, although

I didn't have any followers

and nobody paid attention to me

I had a way to

cheer myself up

I would listen to music

After listening to music

my world would transform

into a magnificent place

into a beautiful place


unexpectedly, one day

something happened

that made even listening to music lose its magic

Good morning, Cai

Good morning

Everyday you get better looking


Excuse me

I want a meat bun

I don't need bag



You're gonna be late. Hurry up!

What's your name? Which class?

I'm Wang Xinyang, from Grade 7 Class 4

Ah, the one from the broadcast station?


Why are you late?


My brother told me

this was his first love

so please take good care of it

Got it

Thanks for the 58 yuan

Eww, gross

Guys, I want to show you something

Wang Xinyang

please don't bring anything that isn't related to your classwork

You'll distract your classmates

What? I didn't bring anything

No one else sees anything

Where is your homework?

It's there

Quiet! Teacher is coming

Xiaoruo, have you collected everyone's homework?

Miss, today Wang Xinyang...

Wang Xinyang

Please don't tell her about the guitar

Please, please

This is all of it

Class is over


Excuse me

Bye Bye

Excuse me


Fellow students

welcome to today's music broadcast

This is your favorite DJ

Wang Xinyang

The song

I'm about to play

is one of my favorites

I also want to send this song to the person who helped me today

Wang Xinyang, look

How's that?

Check out what i got

Woah, this...

Where did you get it

Your nose

It's bleeding

Why is my nose bleeding?

Listen to the following announcement:

Auditions for the culture and arts festival

will be held next Monday at 1 p.m.

in the Jingxin building assembly hall

Any interested student is welcome

to sign up

What are you doing?

Couldn't you wait until the song was over?

Are you going to audition?


my guitar and I will both be there

This guitar?

Hey! Looks can be deceiving

Haven't you heard what a wise man once said:

A real singer

communicates to his audience through his soul

Get it?

Absolutely not

I'm going to go grab a bite to eat

Why are you getting home so late?

Wash your hands before you eat

Yang isn't home yet?

No, I thought you were him

Smells delicious

What did you buy now?

It's a digital photo frame, dear

If you connect it to Bluetooth

it will display the photos on your cellphone

It was originally being sold for 999 yuan

but I got it for 550 yuan

It looks cool and is useful

What do you think?

Couldn't you have used that money

to buy a pair of new shoes?

You are a manager now

But every day you're buying useless electronic gadgets

Especially that

earth thing

that turns and turns

It's the moon

You're back

Why are you so late today

Go wash your hands


what's that?

A guitar

I bought it from

Steven's brother

He was originally selling it for 60 yuan

but I bought it for 58 yuan

That's a pretty good deal

And where did you get the money?

Uh... dad gave it to me

That's right

That's right, huh?

I am going outside to wait, come out later

Good, thank you

Li Jiajia and Huang Jie

from Grade 7's Class 5

for the excellent Kunqu opera show


Please give a round of applause

for the traditional culture of China

and to the students who

performed that culture on stage today

Everyone should support them

I also hope that all of you get the results you hope for

Good job

Okay. The next performer

is also a talented student from our school

He has his own unique understanding of music

Let's welcome

from Grade 7's Class 4:

Wang Xinyang

Wang Xinyang

Here we go

Where is Wang Xinyang?

Wang Xinyang is out there

In the gloom of night, when there are few lights

life keeps moving on

In this strange alley

the person wearing a backpack is a piece of scenery

This end creates another opening

for memories to come rushing back

The sea breeze brings back your silent sigh

from another shore

Are you Wang Xinyang's family?

Please follow me

On the day of the audition, I had originally planned

to walk onto the stage from behind the curtain

But, I hadn't imagined that

before I even reached the stage

I would fall to the ground

I hadn't planned for that at all


Keep him here for further observation

We will perform a bone marrow biopsy

This can't be happening!


You are awake

It's okay

I guess my mom and dad were afraid I'd start to cry

so they kept saying to me:

don't worry, everything is fine


I asked them about my guitar

They told me:

don't worry, everything is fine

After that

I started my new life and

moved into the hospital

To be honest

other than the poking and prodding

from the doctors and the nurses

and other than being stuck with an assortment of needles

it actually wasn't that bad

Limited edition!

Eat them, I will buy you coke

Give them to me


I'm hungry

You can't eat

Mom, I want a snack

I can't live without snacks

Ow, that hurts!

But...but this was only the beginning

Later, it would seem that everything had changed

There are two abnoramlities in his hemogram


How come...

That's impossible

There are many factors

such as food, environment, physical condition

they all may cause the change

Don't be too worried

We'll do further observation

Don't worry

wait for result


Brother Chao

Where's your dad?

He went home

Wang Xinyang

Where's your mom?

She went to the bank


Have you eaten the snacks

your relatives gave you?

No, actually I don't really like snacks

That's fine

but I like snacks

Are you sure you don't want one?

No, they're all yours


I've almost got it

What's going on?

Hurry up

You're such a girl, you can't even open a bottle of water

You don't eat like you're supposed to

but you sneak snacks when you shouldn't

Hey, I just had an injection on this hand

I need some time to recover

I'm normally very strong

Is everything ok?

That bread was delicious

Look at him

Even if the disease doesn't kill him, he will choke to death eventually

I have to record this moment

One hundred forty-four yuan and forty cents

One hundred forty-four yuan and forty cents

Just a second

And this too



One hundred fifty-six yuan and seventy cents


Excuse me

How do I get to ward 10511?

Take the elevator to the 5th floor

Thank you

I'm sorry, but

you can't bring flowers

to that floor

Why not?

Because that's where the hematology wards are

You can leave the flowers here

and take them when you leave

OK, thanks

You're welcome


this gift is from

Steven, Xia Chen, Wang Ji

and the rest of your classmates

and hope you can recover very soon

We had also

brought flowers for you today

But, I didn't realize that

you are so sick

Flowers are taken by hospital

It's not allowed...

Ms. Li

Yang isn't that sick

The bloodwork

only showed a few abnormal indicators

He should be able to leave the hospital soon

That's great


he is quite worried about his studies

Because of this illness

He worried that he will miss many lessons

It doesn't matter

I have?

Tomorrow, I'll ask the students

who would like to help

Yang with his studies

Ms. Li

I'd like to help him

I am the study monitor

I can help Wang Xinyang

catch up with the work he's missed

That's great

Xiaoruo is a top student

in our class

and is also Yang's friend

I've asked three days off

While I am away

there are several things

I would like to tell you about this project

I got to take this phone call

Who is this

Is this Mr. Wang Ye'an speaking?

I am Xiao Liu, the car dealer

Oh, hi

Someone is interested in your car

could you sell it 20 thousands yuan cheaper?

20 thousands yuan?

No, this won't work

Your car is worn and old

it takes money to tidy it up

I know

But I need the money, otherwise I won't sell it

Xiao Liu, do me a favor

ask if anyone else is interested, this price is unacceptable


Well, I will let you know

Liu Zitong, it's time to take your medicine

Hurry, hurry!


Come in!

Hurry, come in!

Come in!

Zhuang, this is a really good secret base

Good for you

Wang Xinyang, don't walk around here

If they find us

we won't have access to it anymore

Here, have a snack

I only brought you here because

you shared your snacks with me earlier today


do you know other interesting places around here?

Wang Xinyang, it's like you think this is Disney Land

Keep dreaming

I don't want it, you eat it


I'm trying to lose weight

Like you need to lose weight?

Alright, fine

Chao, Chao, wake up!


There's something wrong with my son

Doctor, call the doctor!

Save my son



Save my son


Please wait outside

Please save my son

Calm down

Don't panic

Don't panic

Calm down

He is my treasure



Where were you just now?



Excuse me


It's ok

What happened?

It's ok




One of my friends died today

There are only two of us in the ward

Is anyone awake?

Hello fellow sick person

I've just read your post

Don't be sad, let me join your group


Why is your name "Sea-salt Cheesecake with No Added Sugar"?

To lose weight!

You can call me Tangtang

Tangtang, are you afraid?

Afraid of what?

I heard

the recovery rate of the leukemia I have is only 50%

I wonder if I will die

You are luckier than me

What I have only has a 20% recover rate

But don't worry

We are too young to die!

What does that mean?

What are you doing?

Why are you still up?

I...I want to

go to the bathroom

Morning, Mr. Qi

Morning, Zhuang



Take a look

Take it slowly

Do you like it?



His old one was broken

He loves it

Go brush your teeth


Thanks dad

I am going to brush teeth

My dad bought me a new guitar. I'm so happy!

I didn't know you can play the guitar

So cool!

I am the DJ of my school radio station!

Bed 32. Qi Dazhuang

I'm not

Time for the infusion

I don't want it

Zhuang, don't you want to play outside?


Oh, no. I don't want to

That hurts

Shh, it's okay

It hurts so much

It seems like you really like music


One day I'll take the stage

and sing my own song for everyone!

Wow, I can't wait

We're done

See, haven't I improved?

It didn't hurt at all, right?

No! I did feel pain

It hurts, save me!

Please stop

It hurts

It really hurts

It hurts

It really hurts

The case note for No.23

is too short

I have told you so many times

that we have to record every detail

What are you trying to do?

You want to start a band

You write the songs and I play the drum

But there's only two of us

Besides, can you write songs?

I should tell you that I can't play the drums

So where does that leave us?

Playing the drum

but also exhausting

Do you have any snacks?

Just hold them

and stop talking

Do you have snacks or not?

Here, now hit the drum

Where is the drum?

Here. This is the drum



Come on. Three, two, one, go

Can you follow the rhythm?

What rhythm?


Shh. what are you doing?

Stop it, kid

Stop playing, kid

You guys

are so noisy

Can't you just be quiet

and let me live my last dying days?

What disease do you have?

It's none of your business

Are you insane?

What do you want?

There is a zoo in my neighborhood

There is a zoo in my neighborhood

I like to spend time there all weekends

I like to spend time there all weekends


I love to watch the monkeys climbing around

I love to watch the monkeys climbing around

the monkeys sometimes fight

Let's take a break

Can I show you something?

Cabinet 33

You play the guitar here?

Let me share my latest achievement with you

You play it very well!

Thank you

I'll write a song as soon as I can

You work hard everyday for the things you adore

You've inspired me


when I play the guitar

I'll give you a signal to start playing, okay?


Zhuang, you ready?

Three, two, one. Go

Zhuang, please be serious

Three, two, one. Go



What do you want?

It's you again

So what?

I will report to the hospital if you continue making noises

This roof isn't your personal place

What do you want?

Don't come here

If you do come back, I'll have to beat you up


Wow, you're so cool!

You shouldn't play music if you don't know how to



you're really good

Why don't you join our band?

Call the doctor

This guy's name is Wu Han

He also had leukemia

You're fine

but be careful from now on

Don't stay outside too long

The same goes for the all of you


Not many people go to that rooftop

You should be thanking them

that they found you

Your father often asks me

to take good care of you

Please put me on the spot

Xiaozhang, take them back to their ward

I didn't ask them to save me

You're so ungrateful

I'm going to die anyway

If I die today or tomorrow

it makes no difference to me

So, if you're saying

everyone will die eventually

then, what's the point of living?

I don't want to talk about it with you


Your dad's on the phone

Pick it up


What's going on?

I've told you to

stay in your ward before the transplantation

I have so much to do

can't you behave yourself for me?

Fine, I'm still alive


What's the name of your band?

I hadn't thought of that question yet

it's so late, and you're still playing the guitar

Stop disturbing those around you

Yang is going to

start chemotherapy soon

It will weaken his immune system

He won't be able to go outside until

we finish the first round of treatment

because we need to prevent injuries, infections

and complications

In the meantime, try to make him happy

That's good

Again, again


Let's do it together


Three, two, one. Go


I can do that too

Everyone, please be quiet

Today, I have an announcement

To finalize our band's creation

our band will be called:

Too Young to Die

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

Too Young to Die!

I've started my chemotherapy

How are you feeling?

I just want to say the F'word


Here, I felt the same when I was at first round of chemotherapy

This was my patron

Take it and you'll feel better

Leave me alone

It's so boring being staying in the ward all of the time

Then, open the window

and listen to the rest of the world

Chemotherapy is too painful

and I keep losing my hair

Even if I am cured

I am definitely going to become ugly

I got solution for this

give me your address

How do you feel?

There's a package for you

It's already been disinfected

Who sent it?

A friend I met online

A friend you met online?

What kind of friend buys you so many hats?

Eat slowly

Slow down

Here's my gift for you

I think they will fit you perfectly

Yang, it's time for your blood drawing

Mom, I don't want to

I don't want to

Why do I have to draw blood every day?

It's so we can examine your health

I don't need any examination

Can't you see how I am?

I don't want to

I don't want to

Can we do this later?

Ok, but don't let him eat anything

Of course I won't eat anything

just look at my mouth

The doctor says

Yang should

shave his head


Mom, I want to sit up


Are you comfortable sitting like this?

I'm good

Son, the other day

Aunt Zhang told me something

that made me laugh

Do you know

the girls today

if they want to determine if an actor is handsome

they'll watch him in a TV show set in the Qing Dynasty

Do you know why?

Because they believe

that a man can only be considered handsome

if he still looks good

without any hair

What do you think?

Isn't that funny?

That's not funny at all

Stop lying to me

I have a very risky leukemia

The recovery rate is less than 50%

Who told you that?

I am 13 years old

I can figure it out myself

I'm very aware that

one day I'll be just like Brother Chao

I'll just die all of a sudden

I haven't done anything I want to do

and now you are forcing me to shave my head

I don't want to die

There are so many things that I haven't done

Why me?

Why not Steven?

Why not Xia Chen or Wang Ji?

Why am I the one who had to get sick?

Now I have to shave my head

I hate you

I think I have been too patient with you these years

Now, you won't even listen to the doctor

Do you think I want you to shave your hair?

Do you think that I want

to see you sick?

I'd rather it were me who was sick

I'd shave my hair for you

I would give my life for you

So don't you ever say such words to me. Ever!

You're going to be fine

I know it!

You have to shave your head

I'm good. You should check on him


look what I bought for you

It's a massage machine

You can massage your shoulders, neck

and legs

It was on sale at 40% off! Here

Enjoy it


I don't want to be bald

I don't want to be bald

Why am I sick?

I don't want to be bald

I don't want to be bald

Don't be sad

Don't be sad

In comic books they say that

having your head shaved is like

having a fresh start

From the moment my mother shaved my head

I became a full-time patient

From then on

I was no longer the person I used to be

Don't cry

There's no need to cry

You will grow new hair

It's ok

Even though I lost my hair

I'm determined to leave something behind

in this world


Come with me

What about your homework?

I'll do it later

Wang Xinyang

Stop making noise

It's ok

Why do you make so much noise?

It's ok

What are you doing?

There's so much noise

You're still alive?

How's the chemotherapy?

It sucks

After going through all this

I think I understand the way you felt a little bit more

You guys keep talking

I'm going back there to have a look

Are you still playing the guitar?

I haven't practiced recently

The chemotherapy was killing me

but luckily it's over now

I feel better

In fact, I plan to do what I really want

That's why I'm here

After this chemotherapy

we are sort of on the same side

So do you want to

join our band?

Wang Xinyang

before I came here

I played keyboard in a band

A real band, by the way

so much better than yours

After I suddenly got sick

they said they would

wait for me

But when I came to the rehearsal room

after my first round of chemotherapy

I saw a new keyboard player


Why did they find a new guy to replace you?

They don't have to wait

for a dying person

Do you get it?

Wait a second!

I don't understand

but I can tell you

our band, Too Young to Die

won't abandon you

Do you know why?

Because we're not going to die

We will write great songs

and sing them to the world

We'll sing them to everyone

Let the past be the past

Please think about it

And don't forget

I saved your life once

so you owe me a favor


Finished talking?

Yes, let's go

Wow, what a surprise

Will this look too exaggerated?

Ok, now we have something important to do

Tie them to this

Pass me that, Zhuang



It's down there

Come on, follow me

One, two, three, go

After Brother Han joined us

our band is getting better and better

Great, I am happy for you!

Brother Han improved my song

he's so talented!

The guitar will start first

Listen to the first part

with the guitar

What do I play?

Don't eat like pears

We haven't found the right match for Yang

I'm afraid we have to wait

For how long?

Be patient

It's not easy to find the right match for transplantation

We'll try our best

So many wrong answers

What should we do?

Don't worry

I will help him with studies

after he recovers

Today the doctor told me about

an imported drug

Each injection costs more than 2,000 yuan

More than 2,000 yuan?

It works well

Soon we're going to

run out of our savings

If it works, buy it

We'll figure out a way

Can you ask your brother to return the money

you lent him?

The other day

I tried to ask him

He can't return the money now

He's my brother

He didn't have money to get married,I had to help him

We've talked about this before

What about our son?

Don't you care about him?

Of course I care


We are trying every possible way to give him

the best treatment

Which ways?

I was thinking about...

How can we afford his treatment?

I have borrowed money from all my relatives

Ask your parents for money, okay?

What are you talking about?

I haven't told them about Yang's illness

They have heart disease, you forgot?

I know

So what now?

This won't work, that won't work

Should we just give up?

Honey, honey, honey

Don't be mad at me. Don't worry

How can we afford treatment?

Say something!

I will figure out something tomorrow

I'll think of a way

We aren't suitable transplants for Yang

don't you know?

Let's have another child

Another child?


You're back

Where is Zhuang?

What happened?

You should work harder on your studies

Too many wrong answers

Are you going to abandon me?

What are you talking about?

You were talking about having another child

Yang, we were talking about having another child

so that maybe they can give us

another chance to be a match for you

Don't be silly

Haven't you always wanted

a little sister?

Forget it

This isn't fair for Wang Ziqing

Wang Ziqing?

Who is Wang Ziqing?

It's the name I'm giving to my little sister

You've done my job

I want her to know that

she wasn't born to save me

but that she came into this world

because her family

loved her


what if...

what if you don't love me anymore

after she is born?

What would I do?

Am I being selfish?

We will always love you


Why haven't you gone to work?

Why are you back?

Who will take care of Yang?

Yang is asleep

I left in a hurry yesterday

and forgot to bring my laptop

You didn't sleep well last night?

You don't go to work today?


We keep asking for time off to look after our son

This can't be our long-term plan

Are you willing to do that?


I've figured out that the money

we would get for selling the car

won't be enough for Yang's treatment

I want to sell the house

We have to sell it

What do you think?

You always liked the open kitchen


We will buy a bigger one

after our son is recovered

A bigger one

Be careful with the moon

I'll take it

It's ok

How's your waist?

It's ok

The bike

I'll get this, you go first

Do you need help?

No, I can handle it

Now that Brother Han has joined us

our band has leveled up

Shouldn't we celebrate?

I have an idea

Come here, guys

I think

we can hold a Too Young to Die concert

on the rooftop

A concert?

The hospital will have

a celebration over Spring Festival

Here is the application form

but you need a lot of signatures

I'm not sure if this will work or not

Nurse Zhang gave us the application form

Please sign it

It's getting colder

The wind is very strong on the rooftop

I'm worried that you'll catch a cold

We won't catch cold

You can't do this, Zhuang

Yang, your mom is right

Although it's summer, it's still cold outside

It's especially cold at night

It's not cold

It's not a good idea to hold a concert

given their health condition

I know

But while they've been in this hospital

the children have formed very strong relationships

And we, as parents, want to help them

accomplish their goals

Our band can put on a concert!

Brother Han's dad will sponsor us

You guys are so awesome!

We are still practicing

I hope we don't screw up

Help yourselves

It's my treat today

Which is your son?

May I invite you to our concert?

Three, two, one


promise me you'll come to our concert

Sorry, I can't make it this time

Would you sing for me when we both are recovered?

Hi everyone

We are the band Too Young to Die


we will perform the song

"When I grow up" for you

The song represents

our wish that all of us will

be happy as we grow up

The guitar plays

in a chaotic rhythm

It's my first song

I'm a carefree


with a young heart

I don't understand

what's in front of me

I bravely run towards it

without fear

come on

We shall keep in touch

after all what we've been through

Promise me you'll remember

the song I wrote for you

In the years ahead

I will

grow up with you

In the big city

there is a little me

Time slows down

the cloud sings

with the sun

Don't fear loneliness

Heal the wounds

Become stronger with a big smile

I will embrace the sun

and the blossoming flowers

We shall keep in touch

after all what we've been through

Promise me you'll remember

the song I wrote for you

In the years ahead

I will

grow up with you

Promise me

we'll sing this song together

when we grow up

Zhuang, wake up!


Electrical defibrillation, 200J


Call the doctor!



Zhuang, are you ok?





please save my son

Zhuang, wake up!

Be quiet

Mom, what happened?

what happened to Zhuang?


Please wait outside


You need to calm down

We'll try our best

Calm down

I'm begging you. Save him!

Epinephrine 1mg

Epinephrine 1mg

One more

One more

Rescue invalid death


Where is Brother Yang?

Bye, Zhuang

Bye, Zhuang

Bye, Brother Zhuang

Brother Han will have the transplantation surgery soon

He's staying in the asepsis ward

He's so lucky

We don't even have the chance to enter that room

How are you?

I'm doing chemotherapy again

I think the world is so unfair

don't you agree?

Of the three main indicators

his hemoglobin levels are slightly lower

the other two are within the reference range

Which means...

This means that Yang is recovering

after the chemotherapy

Make sure that he maintains a healthy diet

Thank you, Doctor Liu


Thank you, Doctor Liu

Thank you

Thank you



How do you feel?

You will recover soon

Good boy


Step over it

Everything will be fine after we're home

Step over it

Here, good


Put those away

Your son left the hospital?


That's good to hear

Yeah, thank you

Tangtang, I left hospital

and returned to a strange home

Do you like it?


This is your room. Have a look

Your mom and I decorated it

to make it look the same as your old room


our old house was too far away from the hospital

it wasn't convenient for us to come and go

while you were under treatment, so we moved here

Will we move back to our old house?

You still need to have follow-up visits to the hospital

When you are completely recovered

we will move to a new house

bigger than our previous one

Yes, bigger

Tangtang, I can't go back to my old home

It makes me sad

Tangtang, I've returned to school

I'm a little nervous

What are you listening to?

Do you want to listen?


Tangtang, my school seems different from before

No, I'm different from before

We need to care about what we eat from now on

I've been following many online accounts by experts

Their suggestions

are very useful

But the dishes are so bland

There you go

From now on, we will have bland dishes


everyone in the family will be healthy


drink it


Why do you eat so much?

My body is growing

Yang, do you want a rib?

There's no meat in your dish

No, thanks

I'm on a diet

What diet?

He can't eat meat because he has cancer

He'll die if he eats meat

Shut up

Tangtang, have you had lunch?


was born in a noble family in India

He liked to write poems

In school he liked doing what he wanted

he hated rules

Read some lines from his poetry

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers

and death like autumn leaves

For such a short life

Tagore wrote

The world has kissed my soul with its pain

asking for its returning songs

This is one way to regard life

the best proof

that we lived once

You don't talk to me

I feel alone


put it on

No matter where you are

or what happens

this will keep you safe



when I was in the hospital

I met a girl on the internet

We used to talk a lot


after I told her that

I was discharged

she hasn't spoken to me

Do you think

she is a little jealous of me

because I was discharged, and she wasn't?


Don't be silly

It's time to bed

Good night

Go to sleep

Good night

Has he felt uncomfortable recently?

No, everything's fine

He seems good

Tangtang, which hospital are you at?

How about I come visit you?

Tangtang, don't be sad

Otherwise your mom and dad will be worried

I'll also be worried

Someone just fainted! Call the teacher

Come on, get up

Doctor Liu

Can you tell us

what is

going on with Yang?

Yang's blood test


a reduction in CBC

his PLT is only 70

his blood coagulation function is abnormal

with alveolar hemorrhage

and lung infection

Don't use those terms with me

I don't understand medical jargon

I just want to know

what is happening to

my child

Yang's condition is very serious

But you don't need to worry

We are trying our best to save his life

Trying your best?

How is this your best?

We've been following your advice for his treatment


He's never

missed his medication

I wake him up at 7 every morning

and he goes to sleep at 9 every night

I don't give him any food that could be irritative

because I worry that could worsen his condition

I've done everything

you told me to

What else could we do?

Please calm down

I've sold my house


You need to calm down

I've quit my job

You need to calm down

What else do you want me to do?

Yang's mom

Doctor Liu

tell me why he is sick again

You need to calm down

Why is he sick again?

I've cared for him the best that I can

How is he sick again?

We'll try our best to save him

Could you calm down a little?

Yang's mom

Sorry, Doctor Liu

Yang's mom

Doctors have been doing their best to rescue

Don't get too excited


Doctor Liu

Doctor Liu

Calm down

Tell me

what can we do

to save our son

Yang's mom, please listen to me

Just tell me

how to save my son?

You have to stay strong

Please save him

We will do our best

Tell me what I can do to save him

Zhou Lan, stop it


Today is the third day of the emergency treatment

His vital signs are stable

Measure his temperature every 30 minutes


Give him 300ml more





Why is your name "Sea-salt Cheesecake with No Added Sugar"?

To lose weight!

You can call me Tangtang

After that, from now and then I wake up in the hospital

each time proves me that I am still alive

I feel like I am growing up

Eat first, then return to your research

You look very handsome with that hat today

Did your mom buy it for you?

No, it's from a girl I met online


is she your girlfriend?

I don't have a girlfriend

She's just a friend

OK, fine

Why haven't you eaten?

Eat something

No, it doesn't taste good

But you have to eat something

I want to eat the steamed bun from the market

I don't want to eat this


I'll go and buy some for you

What are you going to buy?

I'll go and buy some steamed buns

Whatever he wants you will buy for him?

He doesn't want to eat this

Fine, go


if I did have a girlfriend

would you ask me the question?

What question?


you and my future girlfriend

both fell into the water at the same time

who would I save first

Don't save anyone

Why not?

What if the current is too strong

and drowns you?

I just want you to have a peaceful life

If you died

there would be no reason for me to live

there isn't anything else doctors can do

we won't stay here and suffer

The three of us

can go abroad

and find a beautiful cliff

We could jump off together

Did the peanut skin water you gave him


Of course

it will cure him


This notebook is a present for Yang

Please write something to him inside



You too, please

I like Guo Qiujin

but she doesn't like me

what should I do, buddy?

I hope you get better soon

I want to hear you sing

You always make everyone happy

I'm sure you'll get better soon

Good luck

Why do you help me with my studies?


I'm the study monitor


Thank you for your help

Thank you for the notebook from our classmates

And thank you for...

Wang Xinyang

Promise me you'll get better


Can you do me a favor?

Here's my favorite secret base

I haven't been here since I was sick


what do you want

for your birthday this year?

Tell me

not too expensive though

I don't think

I'll need any birthday presents

this year or any year after

Don't say things like that

Take it back

Take it back


I didn't mean it like that

What I meant was

that being your son

is the best birthday gift

you ever gave me

I feel

very blessed


you're the best gift

that God ever gave us

Every year, about 40,000 children

die from leukemia around the world

And I

am one of them


Please don't do that

Our son has passed away

but I am still here

We should stay strong



I miss you

I miss you so much


Do you miss me?

Why did you leave me?


Aunty Zhou

Yang asked me to

give this to you


And this letter

What is it?

Mom, I miss you so much

Mom and dad

long time no see

How are you doing?

I am doing well


I don't need to

go through any painful treatments anymore

But I miss you very much

And there's one thing

I'd like you to help me do

Thank you for helping Wang Xinyang

make his dream come true


Let's write to Chen Chusheng

Mr. Chen Chusheng

Wang Xinyang was an

optimistic and strong boy

He used his love of music to

show us how full of life he was

On this USB

there is a song I wrote

a song that I didn't have the chance

to sing to you

Two, three, four

Being the clever boy I am

I had an idea

to release this new song

You know Chen Chusheng?

I hope

one day he can sing my song

Grandma, I've finished

I'll read it for you

Brother Yang was a good person

He listened to his mother

to shave his head

My last wish is for

my mom and dad

to personally deliver

this USB to him

I also hope you like this song

I love you

Miss you so much, Yang

This child is never reassuring

Excuse me

I want to give this to Chen Chusheng

Is he here?

Mr. Chen has recently released an album

So he hasn't been in the office lately

I can help you give it to him

Thank you, but I want to give it to him in person

How can I contact him?

Check out his recent events

He should be at his events

What's going on?

I'm sorry

The flight is delayed

because of the weather

This autograph session is cancelled

If you want to participate in the next session

please wait for

further notice

When is the next session?

I found it

Come here

Come here

Found it?

"Chen Chusheng will hold

a concert at the end of this month in this city

We will organize a reception team

to welcome him at the airport"

We can go to the airport


We can see him


only the members of the fans club

can join the reception team

We don't belong to the fan club

Who hasn't been a fan before?

Just join the fan club

Join it!

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Excuse me

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng

Hang on

You don't need to sign it

This is from my son

Please check it out when you have time

Please read it! Thank you

Please don't forget

Please read it!

Please read it! Thank you

Please read it!

Hello Mr. Chen Chusheng

I'm Wang Xinyang

I've been a big fan of yours for a long time

But, I'm a little different

from your other fans

By the time you read this letter

and watch this video

I have already left this world behind

I'm writing this letter to

ask you for a favor

When I was sick

my mom

told me very seriously

that if I were to die

she wouldn't want to live anymore

Because of what she said

I tried my hardest to stay alive

Unfortunately, I failed

To help my mom

continue living alongside my dad

I asked them to do something

I asked them to give you this letter

and this USB

in person

Such difficult task

will definitely take them several months to complete

No matter what happens next

I've already done what I set out to do

I hope by that time

they will be able to accept

that I am gone and let go of their pain

Thank you

At the end of tonight

At the end of tonight

I'd like to introduce a friend to you

His name is Wang Xinyang

Hi everyone

sorry, I am a little nervous

I feel like I'm pouring my heart out

OK, I'm ready

Hello, everybody

I'm Wang Xinyang

My screenname is XY

I am 14 years old

I am a junior high school student

Life is like this

we can be happy

we can sing out loud

we can jump up high

we can live the best we can

In the end

I am proud

I'll sing this song for you

On the blackboard at school

I saw the sentence

which says

"The world has kissed my soul with its pain

asking for its returning songs"


I'll sing this song for you

to express my love to you

Thank you

Thank you for loving me so much

I'll sing the song Yang wrote himself with him

and dedicate this song to his mom and dad

and I hope they can

lead happy lives in the future

Are you ready, Yang?

Are you all ready?

I fly away towards the light

I fly away against the wind

When I wander about in the clouds

you'll remember that I can't forget

your shoulders and arms

we all remember the days

when I grew up

freely and wildly

I fly to a far away place with your love

Look up to the sky, you can see me sing

with tears

and my wings open wide

We've had our best moments

I flap my wings

to make the wind blow against your face

When I wander about in the clouds

you'll remember that I can't forget

your shoulders and arms

we all remember the days

when I grew up

freely and wildly

I fly to a far away place with your love

Look up to the sky, you can see me sing

with tears

and my wings open wide

We've had our best moments

I flap my wings

to make the wind blow against your face




My life was kind of short

but it was fulfilling

I feel very happy


I want to use this song to

thank my mom and dad

and people who loved me


this beautiful world that I've belonged to

when I grew up

freely and wildly

I fly to a far away place with your love

Look up to the sky, you can see me sing

with tears

and my wings open wide

We've had our best moments

I flap my wings

to make the wind blow against your face

There's a question that I've been wanting to ask you


How long will you remember me?

Why do you call yourself

"Sea-salt Cheese Cake with No Added Sugar"?