Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) - full transcript

Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.

[electrical buzzing]

[yelling in pain]

[breathing heavily]

[continues yelling]

[breathing heavily]

[yelling oscillating]

[distant yelling,
yelling stops]

[gasps softly]

[muffled electrical whirring]

[whirring continues]


[powering down]

[distant yelling oscillating]

[electrical thrumming]

[distant yelling continues]

[muffled oscillating yelling]

-[yelling stops]

[electrical whirring]


[rattling stops]

[distant yelling]

[distant oscillating
yelling continues]

[yelling stops]

[all grunt in unison]

[all breathing heavily]

[rattling and pulsing]

[breathing shakily]

[rattling intensifies]


[electrical throbbing]

Alert the queen.

[orchestral music playing]


[horse snorts]


[orchestral music continues]

[breathing heavily]

[man] Bruce Vayne.

Bruce Wayne.

[speaking Icelandic]

[speaks Icelandic]

[in English] Talk.

I believe there is a stranger.

Comes to this village
from the sea.

He comes in the winter
when the people are hungry.

He brings fish.

He comes on the king tide.

That was last night.

[Arthur speaking Icelandic]

[in English]
You have eyes, so see.

Icebergs in the harbor.

It's four months since
the last ship got through.

Well, this stranger
doesn't come by ship.

[speaking Icelandic]

[in English] There are enemies
coming from far away.

I need warriors.

This stranger,
others like him.

I'm building an alliance
to defend ourselves.

It's very important
that I see this man.

If this stranger exists,

he'll give him your message.

$5,000 American.

Look, I'll give you $25,000

to talk to this man
right now, outside.

[speaking Icelandic]


[villagers laughing]

[in English] How dare this dog
speak to us like children.

Ooh, magical man from the sea.

We are poor, not stupid.

Get out.

I'm sorry.

Can't do that.

I'll leave after we've spoken.

He said, "Get out."

[speaks Icelandic]

[both grunt]

-[villagers exclaim]
-[Arthur breathes heavily]

Arthur Curry.

Also known as
Protector of the Oceans.

The Aquaman.

[birds calling]

[Arthur] So, let me
get this straight.

You do it dressed like a bat?
Like an actual bat?

Worked for 20 years in Gotham.

Oh, that shithole.

When the fight comes,
we'll need you.

-Don't count on it, Batman.
-Why not?

'Cause I don't like
you coming here,
digging into my business

and getting into my life.
I want to be left alone.

Is that why you do this?

Why you help these people out
here in the middle of nowhere?

I've read the stories.

Your good deeds
you think no one sees.

You'll join us.

"Strong man
is strongest alone."

You ever heard that?

[Bruce] You ever hear
of Superman?

He died fighting next to me.

My point exactly.

He believed
we were stronger together.

We owe it to him.

I don't owe anyone anything.

Dressed like a bat.

You're out of your mind,
Bruce Wayne.

[woman singing folk song
in Icelandic]

[women singing along]

[women continue singing]

[women continue singing]

Move over, Dusty.

[exhales sharply]

[Dusty whines]

[engine starts]

[Alfred] My God, Master Wayne,
but this is cold.

Maybe we can catch
the next king tide in Jamaica?

Might be
a metahuman or two in Fiji.

Costa Rica's nice.

I found him.

He said no.

So the draft stands
at naught for two?

Maybe a man who broods
in a cave for a living

isn't cut out to be
a recruiter. Hmm?

That's $10, please.

["Distant Sky" playing]

♪ Let us go now♪

♪ My darling companion ♪

♪ Set out for the ♪

♪ Distant skies... ♪

Good morning, Miss Lane.

Jerry, hi.


You don't miss a day, do you?

Like it here.

♪ They told us our gods
would outlive us ♪

♪ They told us our dreams
would outlive us ♪

♪ They told us our gods
would outlive us ♪

♪ But they lied ♪

[light dramatic music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

-[scanner beeps]
-[guard] Excuse me.

-[guard groans]

-[women scream]
-[man 1] Move!

[indistinct shouting]

[people screaming, clamoring]

[man 2] Move it! Move it!

-[man 3] No, mate, don't shoot!
-Move, move!

[man 1] Get the fuck
over there!

Move! All of ya!

[clamoring continues]

[leader] Line them up
along the wall.

Keep them quiet.

-[man 4] Keep quiet!
-[man 1] Shut up! Shut up!

Shut them up too!

[leader] We'll be making
a statement shortly.

Until then,
if I see any movement,

you'll have a lot of dead kids
on your hands.

[whimpering quietly]

[police radio chatter]

Should I take him?

[task force lead]
Hold your fire.

They've got kids in there.

[deputy] Yeah,
he's not bluffing, chief.

St. Brigid's had
a school trip today.

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[people scream]

Quiet! Shut up!

[breathing heavily]

Down with the modern world.

Back to the Dark Ages.

[all gasp]

[man 1] Quiet!


I said
shut your fucking mouth.


-Who are you?

The Lasso of Hestia compels
you to reveal the truth.

Now, who are you?

We're a small group
of reactionary terrorists

who wanna turn back
the clock in Europe

-a thousand years.
-Boring. Why the hostages?

We have no demands.

We're just stalling the police
while we do it.

While you do what?

[laughs] You're too late.
The countdown's already begun.

In a few minutes,
four city blocks...

[imitates explosion]

...while the world watches.

[continues beeping]

[breathes heavily]

[breath trembling]

[people scream]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[all grunting]

[beeping continues]

[beeping stops]


-[people whimpering]

[people screaming]

[people whimpering
and screaming]


[leader] Like lambs
to the slaughter.

[metal clangs]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[metal clangs]


[bullet clatters]

[people whimpering]

[panting] I don't believe it.

Believe it.

[people exclaiming]

[metallic humming]

[officers groaning]

[officers clamoring]

[car alarms blaring]

police radio chatter]

Is everyone all right?
Are you okay?

Good. It's okay.

It's okay. It's over.
You can stand up.

It's all good.

It's over now.
Are you okay?

You okay? Good.

Are you okay, princess?

Can I be like you someday?

You can be anything
you want to be.

Come on. Let's go.

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[horse whinnies]

[electrical pulsing]


Any changes today?

No, my Queen.

The Mother Box has awoken,

yet nothing has happened.

It has slept
for thousands of years

since the First Age.

Why did it wake at all?

[Mother Box powers down]

[Menalippe gasps softly]

This is the first time
it's gone quiet

since the crack appeared.

Maybe it's going
back to sleep.

Evil does not sleep.

It waits.

[Mother Box whirring]

Something is coming.

Prepare for battle!

[all grunt in unison]

[Mother Box whirring]

[whirring intensifies]

[all grunting]

[Amazons yelling]


[Menalippe] Amazons,
on your marks!


[electrical humming]

[parademons chirping]

[parademons snarl]


They have failed
100,000 worlds.

They always fail.

I've come to enlighten you
to the great darkness.

I will bathe in your fear.

Daughters of Themyscira,

show him your fear!

[Amazons] We have no fear!


Gather the legions!

Go with her!

You must seal the cage!


[Amazons shouting
and grunting]



[Amazons yelling]

[Steppenwolf] No!



[Menalippe] Behind you!


[breath trembling]


Honor us. It's right.

Seal it.

Ready the hammers!

[Amazons grunt in unison]


Seal it now!


[Amazons grunting]

[both grunt]



[soft ancient music playing]

Guard it with your life.

-Yes, my Queen.
-[Hippolyta] Keep it moving.

[Venelia] Hyah! Hyah!


[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[wind whistling]


[Amazon grunts]

[all grunting]

-[horse whinnies]

-[horse whinnies]
-[Hippolyta] Hyah!


-[Steppenwolf growls]


[Amazons grunting]

[continues growling]

[Amazons yelping]



[parademons screeching]




[Steppenwolf growls]


Got it! Go!


-[Steppenwolf growls]
-[both yelp]

[Euboea groaning]


[Steppenwolf] Oh, noble Queen.
Why do you fight?

You can't save her.

You can't save any of them.

The great darkness begins.

[Menalippe in distance]

[Amazons yelling]

Yes, we will find the others.

-[all grunt in unison]


[all grunt in unison]

-[all yelp]

[horses whinnying]

[labored breathing]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[wheezes weakly]

[Amazons urging horses]

He's gone back
to his universe.

[Hippolyta] No.

He's gone to the lands of men

to find the other two boxes.

We have to light
the ancient warning fire.

The fire has not burned
for 5,000 years.

Men won't know what it means.

Men won't.

She will.


[parademons chittering]

-[metal creaking]

It's toxic.

That's good.



Follow the scent
of the Mother Boxes.

Find the missing two.

Once they are found,
The Unity will be formed.

This world
will join the others.

He will be pleased.

He will see my worth again.

[Bruce] Hey.

Anything on that kid
from the liquor store?

[Alfred] Possibly.


If I had a dollar
for every "possibly."

Yeah, it would make you
even more insufferable.

Facial scan might have
got a hit on him,

our disappearing man.

One Mr. Barry Allen
from Central City.

Might be
another false positive,

you'll have to give me
a little time

-to confirm.
-We don't have any more time.

Master Wayne,

you've been working
as if there's no tomorrow

to build this team

of people you can't even find.

I found one.
I found two, including Diana.

Just because Lex Luthor says

the planet's
in danger of attack?

This has nothing
to do with Lex Luthor.

It has to do with him.

I made a promise to him
on his grave.

I spent a lot of time
trying to divide us.

I need to bring us together
and make this right.

Well, it's been some time
since Luthor's warning.

No attacks.
No barbarians at the gate.

Maybe these barbarians
don't use a gate.

Maybe they're already here.

Keep looking.
What else do you have?

Lab's all yours, Howard.

[Howard] 11:30.

Early night for you, Silas.

Yes, early night.

Tell your family I said hello.

[Howard whistling tune]

[soft rustling]

[Howard] What the...


[electricity crackles]

[muffled clang]


[Howard's scream echoes]

[upbeat drum music playing]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

The Arrow of Artemis.

It will reach
the lands of men.

Sky torch,

hero beacon,

scatter the darkness.

Burn as you burned
in days before.

Show her the darkness before
the daylight of history.

Warn my daughter
that war has come

and protect her.

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

Return to me, Diana.

[man] What did you do
this weekend, Diana?

Nothing very interesting.

[man chuckles]
That's all you ever tell us.

[chuckles] What can I do?
I'm not that exciting.

You might as well disappear
when you walk out of here.

[man 2 speaking French]

[in English] Again?

-What is it?
-Now what?

Budget cuts, tomb raiders.

Now add to the list "arson."

[reporter on TV]
Yes, good morning

-From the isle of Crete.
- [man 2 complaining in French]

[reporter in English]
As you can see behind me,

an enormous bonfire
is burning.

This fire has been burning
through the night.

We're now into the morning

and we are
at least five miles away.

And we can still
see it burning as we speak.

This has baffled locals and
government authorities alike

here at this historical site

of the so-called shrine
of the Amazons.

Now, locals and government
officials are baffled as to

-what may have caused this.

[indistinct chatter]


-Hiya, Doc.
-[Silas] Is the...

No damage
to the electron-laser.

-Uh, Dr. Silas Stone?

-Ryan Choi?
-[Ryan] That's us.

Um, who did this?
Did they steal anything?

They took
whatever was in here.

That? Oh, that wasn't stolen.
Was it, Dr. Stone?

No. That was misplaced
a while ago.

Object 6-1-9-8-2. Department
of Defense Archives.

-[Silas] Mmm-hmm.
-What was it?

I don't know.

[investigator] You don't know?

I don't know, which was why
I was studying it.

What's your rank, Doctor?

Ryan, would you, uh,
do the honors?

-Sure. Okay.

Civilian. STARLABS
is a private contractor.

We work for the DoD.

We advise them
on xeno-science.


Alien technology.

[doors whirring]

For example,

the Superman ship.

[investigator] Eight people

never signed out
of the lab last night, Doctor.

Cleaning staff, guards,

a few of
your research scientists.

They were abducted.

Are you sure?

Witness saw it all.
He escaped.

He's here in quarantine now,
working on an ID sketch.

Any idea who
or what that might be?

[EKG beeping]

[puts keys down]

[Silas] The box
isn't safe here.


they came looking for it
at the lab.

People were taken by some kind
of monster or something.

You know a lot about monsters,

don't you?

Especially how to make 'em.

[indistinct chatter]

-[birds calling]
-[indistinct radio chatter]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[soft dramatic music playing]

-[waves crashing]

Mayday! Mayday, mayday!

My hull is breached.
I'm going down.




Is there anybody out there?



[grunting and straining]

[light dramatic music plays]

[indistinct conversation]

[patrons exclaim]


[slow indie rock song
playing faintly on speaker]

Tell him to respect
the storm next time.

It's on him.

["There Is a Kingdom" playing]

♪ The starry heavens above me ♪

♪ The moral law within♪

♪ So the world appears ♪

♪ Through this mist of tears ♪

♪ There is a kingdom ♪

♪ There is a king ♪

♪ And he lives without ♪

♪ And he lives within ♪

♪ There is a kingdom ♪

♪ There is a king ♪

♪ There is a king ♪

♪ And he is everything ♪

[water bubbling]

[muffled boom]

[Vulko] King who would be man.

Son of a human father
and Queen of the Seas.

All the time I've wasted

trying to keep the promise
I made to your mother.

[Arthur] Are you finished,
old man?

[Vulko] You never sleep
in the same place twice,

yet you keep coming back here.

I like it. It's quiet.

It's your inheritance.

You're the rightful king
of Atlantis.

Our people suffer.

Your people.

A brutal, petty,
superstitious race.

Is the surface any different?

Nobody calls me
King of the Surface.

What do you want, Vulko?

[Vulko] Guards near
the stronghold

have been disappearing.

Snatchers from above.

[Arthur] Talk to King Orm.

-[Vulko] Your brother?

He's trying to fan the flames
of war with the surface.

He lies.

The snatchers have come
from the dark place.

They're looking for it.

The Mother Box
our people guard is not safe.

Go to the stronghold
of Atlantis.

Protect the box.

The time has come.

Take up your mother's trident.


You can't turn your back
on the world forever, Arthur.

Above or below.

[water gurgling]

[parademons screech]

[Steppenwolf] DeSaad.

DeSaad! I call to thee.

have you begun the conquest?

This world is divided.

They are a primitive species.

Unevolved and at war
with one another.

Too separate to be one.

Their free will
must be ripped from them,

like the other worlds.

Given absolution
in one glorious belief,

to serve him.

The Mother Boxes?

I have found one of the three.

The one that woke
and called to me.

The other two still sleep,

but the parademons
feel their presence.

They fly,

they search, they take
prisoners who carry the scent,

while I build a stronghold
in the name of his glory.


Mighty Steppenwolf,

who might have sat here
by the side of the great one.

But undone by his self-pride.


I fall before you.

Let me make a plea to him

that I may come home

after I take this world
in his name.

You betrayed him.

Your own family.

I saw my mistake.

I slaughtered those
who sought his throne.

You still owe the great one
50,000 more worlds.

He will hear your plea

when you pay your debt.

The Mother Boxes
will be found and united.

No protectors here.

No Lanterns, no Kryptonian.

This world will fall,
like all the others.

For Darkseid.

For Darkseid.

You know,
I paid millions of dollars

for this building's security.

[Diana] You got
your money's worth.

Took me almost a minute
to disable it.

Hi there.

A new toy?

Prototype troop carrier.

[sighs] I once knew a man

who would have loved
to fly it.

The best minds
at Wayne Aerospace

couldn't make it fly.

But you can?

I have no choice.

I need more range
and I need more cargo.

I think
there's an attack coming.

Not coming, Bruce.

It's already here.

From what I've learned,

they are things
from another universe.

They serve a dark power.

An old power.

[Bruce] What do they want?

[Diana sighs] To invade.
To conquer.

They came here once before,
long ago.

A great armada
appeared in the sky,

laying waste
to all who opposed it.

The leader of the invaders
was a being called Darkseid.

A name cursed and feared
in every universe.

Darkseid was met in battle
by Earth's defenders.

The old gods, men...

Atlanteans before
their descent into the sea...

Amazons before their betrayal
and enslavement

and guardians from the stars.

Their histories
had taught them

not to trust each other,

not to hope for an alliance.

To fight apart.

[door hisses]

[Darkseid breathing heavily]


[Diana] As Darkseid
waged war on Earth,

he found a secret there.

A power hidden
in the infinity of space.

He called forth mystics

who worshipped and controlled
three objects...

the Mother Boxes.

Wait, wait, wait.

"Mother Boxes"?

living machines,

made from a science
so advanced,

it looks like sorcery.

To conquer, three boxes
have to synchronize

and join together
into The Unity.

The Unity cleanses
a planet with fire,

transforming it into a copy
of the enemy's world.

All who live
become servants of Darkseid.

Alive but drained of life.


[horse whinnying]

-[Amazons shouting]

[Atlanteans yelling]

With me!

[all yelling]

[Zeus growling]

[parademons screeching]

[Amazons yelling]

[Diana] But before The Unity
could synchronize,

the defenders of Earth

and fought as one.

Amazons alongside Atlanteans.

Zeus and his son Ares

alongside the guardians
from the sky.

A golden Age of Heroes
fighting together

to defend life on Earth.

[men yelling]

[man groaning]

[Darkseid grunting]

[Darkseid grunting]


[Atlantean king yells]



[Darkseid grunts]


[both growling]


[Darkseid groaning]


[Atlantean king yells]

[Amazons grunting]



[parademon screeching]

[Diana] They did what no world
had ever done.

Sent the enemies
back into the stars.


The three Mother Boxes
never synchronized.

-The Unity never came to pass.
-[all yelling]

But, in their retreat,

the boxes were left behind
on Earth.

They grew weak.
Dogs without masters

falling asleep,

awaiting their return.

Fading from the view
of the enemy,

among a trillion worlds.

[Mother Boxes pulsing]

The defenders of Earth
made a vow.

Men, Atlanteans, and Amazons.

Each would enshrine and guard

one of the three
sleeping Mother Boxes

according to the rites
and rituals of their culture

in case a box
should ever wake again

to call out
to the planet Apokolips

to return and conquer

the only world
Darkseid had ever lost.

Something woke the box
my people guard.

It called out
to the dark place...

to one of Darkseid's

The enemy is here.

If he's here, where is he?

He'll be searching
for the other two boxes.

Hiding until he has all three.
Until he's ready.

Then we have to be ready.
You, me, the others.

They said the Age of Heroes
would never come again.

No, it will.

It has to.

The others.
Where are they?

[Barry] Am I late?

No, I'm so late.
I'm very late.

Oh, hey, buddy. Hey.

-Oh. No.

-[woman] Okay, bye. Okay.

-I'm so sorry.

I'm late.

-Are you, uh...

I'm so sorry I'm so late.
I didn't mean to be so late.

I'm me and I'm here
and I'm so sorry I'm late.

the bus didn't come,

then the bus did come,

but then there was
this old woman

counting change for the fare,

like, nickel, penny,
nickel, penny.

Like, jeez Louise,
let this woman on the bus.

She's 107 years old,

these are some of her
last few moments of life.




[engine stalling]

[sighs] Come on.

-[engine stalling]

Come on.

From the French, of course.

"Resume," I believe,
is a past participle of...

Uh, wow. That's no good.

It's like, what lives
in my pocket, right?

"Paper monster hungry."

-[burger thuds]


[engine continues stalling]

Come on. Supposed to be
friends now.


-[engine starts]

Central City College,
I'm a criminal justice major.

[dog daycare owner]
You said you had experience

walking dogs.

[truck engine revving]


-[tires screeching]

[brakes squealing]


[metal crunching]

[electricity crackling]

["Song to the siren" playing]

♪ Long afloat♪

♪ On shipless oceans♪

♪ I did all my best to smile ♪

♪ 'Til your singing eyes
and fingers ♪

♪ Drew me loving to your isle ♪

♪ Did I dream
you dreamed about me? ♪

♪ Were you here
when I was forced out? ♪

♪ Now my foolish boat
is leaning ♪

♪ Broken lovelorn
on your rocks ♪

♪ Here I am
Here I am ♪

♪ Waiting to hold you ♪

[car alarms blaring]

[breathing heavily]

[electricity crackles]

[tires screeching]

[car alarms continue blaring]


[people murmuring]

[dog barking]

Oh, gosh,
I hope everyone's okay.

See, in times of crisis,
for dog work,

I always bring a meat snack.

'Cause it makes them
feel calm.

'Cause you never know
what's going to happen
in this city.

I mean, oh, my gosh.

Right? I start on Monday?

[Atlanteans grunting]

[parademons snarling]

[Atlantean grunts]

You have been
near a Mother Box.

The scent is on you.

Where is it?

No son or daughter of Atlantis
will ever tell you.

[Steppenwolf growls]


Our people have guarded
the Mother Box

for thousands of years.


I will never betray
my own people.


You already have.

[somber music paying]

[Diana] This was taken in
the deepest trench on Earth.

He must be an Atlantean.

A water-breather.

[Bruce] He was breathing air
when I talked to him.

Mixed-blood, then.

He said he'll fight with us?

More or less.

More more or more less?

Probably more less.

-He said no?
-He said no.

[sighs] Atlanteans
can be tricky.

My people went to war
with them once.

I'm not sure we can trust him.

if we're gonna do this,

you're gonna need to be open

to more things
that we didn't...

you know...

-I'm sorry. That's okay.
-Sorry. My fault.

Don't worry about it.
[clears throat]

-[Diana] Let's...
-It happens.

-[Diana] so...
-[Bruce clears throat]

[Bruce] This is the
third person. [clears throat]

Disappears for 1/30
of a second here.

One frame of video, see?

Barry Allen. Central City.

Go to him.

I'll work on number four.

Organic and biomechatronic
body parts.

[electricity crackling
on video]

He's a cyborg.

[boys chattering]

-[coach] Ready!
-[players] Break!

[crowd cheering]

[whistle blows]

[Victor] Three...


set... go!

[dean] Your son may be captain
of the football team

and a certified genius,
Mrs. Stone...

Dr. Stone.

...but that doesn't mean
he can hack into our system

to change his friend's grades.

[Elinore] Sarah's family
lost their house this year.

How could that child
pass her classes?

Victor helped her
'cause he's got a good heart.

What did you do to help her?

[crowd cheering]

[operatic choir music playing]

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering loudly]


-Your father...
-Mom, Mom, don't.

-He got held up at the lab.

Okay. He always does.

He wanted to be here.

You always say that.

Ma, you gotta stop
making excuses for him.

You're just as busy as he is,
but you still make the time.

[sighs] He just has difficulty
showing it, but...

I know he's proud of you.

We both are, Victor.

Hey, hey, hey.

With everything I know
you can do today,

I can't wait to see
what you're gonna be tomorrow.

-[vehicle horn blaring]
-[tires screeching]

[car crashes]

[doctor] Dr. Stone,
I'm sorry,

your wife didn't survive.

I'm afraid
your son won't either.


[voice breaking]
I won't let you die.


I won't allow it.

I won't allow it.


Victor, you're not
stuck in here.

You still have a life
ahead of you.

Your mother would have
wanted you to live that life.

[Victor scoffs]

If you were there,

Mom would still be alive.

All right, look,

you don't have to give me
a second chance,

but give yourself one.

If you can't stand
looking at me,

try listening.

[door opens and closes]

[Silas over tape]
What you can do now, Victor.

Your physical strength is
just the tip of the iceberg.

The tip of the tip.

[metal clanking]

-[blasters powering up]
-[exhales nervously]



[breathes nervously]


[Silas] In the world
of ones and zeroes,

you are the absolute master.

No firewall can stop you.

No encryption can defy you.

We're all at your mercy, Vic.

From our power grids
to our telecommunications,

everyone's lives
are controlled

and dominated
by complex digital networks

that will bend
without effort to your will.

The fate of the world

will literally
rest in your hands.


Its entire nuclear arsenal,

you could launch
with a thought.


-[bear growling]
-[metal clanking]

The world's monetary systems

and its complex interactions

will seem as easy
to manipulate for you

as a child's plaything.


The question...
No, the challenge

won't be doing it.

It will be not doing.

Not seeing.

It is the burden
of this responsibility

that will define you
and who you choose to be.

[woman] Now, make a wish.

[child blows air]

One more time.

Good job. Wave to Grandma!

Hi, Grandma!

[squeals] What?


[laughs] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

[Silas] Victor...

Victor, these are the words
and deductions of a scientist.

That's how I've been
speaking to you.


[continues over tape] let me
speak to you from my heart,
not as a scientist,

as a father.

[parademon screeches]

[man] Hey.

Hey, you!

[hand blaster charging up]

[siren wailing]

[parademon snarls]

[hand blaster powers down]

[Henry] Because you are
holding yourself back.

You're going in circles, man.

Holding down
three dead-end jobs,

going on four.

Where do you
even find the time?

[Barry] I make the time.

-I just need one more gig...

...then I'm gonna pay
for my own tuition.

[Henry] You can't.

[Barry] Like I always said
I would.

You cannot keep
doing this to yourself.

Okay. I really don't wanna
talk about this again.

-Please, we have 10 minutes.
-And this is all to pay

for a criminal justice degree,


For what?

Huh, let's see.
As I talk to my father,

who's still in prison
for the murder

of my mother,
which he didn't commit.

Yeah, how did I get interested
in criminal justice?

I can't remember.

Oh, boy.

This path has clearly
chosen me, Dad.

Give me your hand, man.

[sighs] I want you
to listen to me, Barry.

I want you to listen to me,
because I mean this.

I want you
to give all that up.

And I want you to stop
coming to see me.

I am a drag on your life.


Okay. Um...

Please don't ever
say that to me again.


Hey, you know what
criminal justice

would be for me?

My son not wasting his life.

You can be
whatever you wanna be.

You're brilliant, man.

Absolute best of the best.

I can't sit here and watch you
run in place in Central City

for some old dude

who's not going anywhere.

-Dad, that's not true.
-[prison guard] It's time.

That's not true.

[prison guard]
Let's go, Allen. Allen!

I want you
to make your own future.

You're living in the past.
Make your own future.

[prison guard] Open gate.


[gate buzzing]

"You're living in the past.
Make your own future, Barry."

[prison guard] Clear.
Close the gate.

[gate closes]

[train horn blaring]

[locks door]

[opens electric panel]

[system powers up]

Barry Allen. Bruce Wayne.

You said that like it explains

why there's a total stranger
in my place

sitting in the dark,
in my second favorite chair.

[paper rustles]

Tell me about this.

This is a person
who looks exactly like me,

but who is definitely not me.

Somebody... I don't know.

Hippie, long hair.

Very attractive Jewish boy.

Who drinks milk,
I don't drink milk.

I know you have abilities.

I just don't know
what they are.

My special skills

include viola, web design,

fluent in sign language,
gorilla sign language.

[Bruce] Silica-based
sand quartz fabric.

Abrasion resistant,
heat resistant.

Uh, yeah, I do
competitive ice dancing.

It's what they use
on the space shuttle

to prevent it from
burning up on re-entry.

I do very competitive
ice dancing.

Look, man.
I don't know who you are,

but whoever
you're looking for,

it's not me.

[electricity crackles]

[exhales sharply]

You're the Batman?

So, you're fast.

That feels
like an oversimplification.

I'm putting together a team.

People with special abilities.

You see,
I believe enemies are coming.

Stop right there. I'm in.

You are?

Just like that?

Yeah. [hesitates]

I need friends.

Great. Great.

Can I keep this?

It's like this layer
of dimensional reality,

and it seems
to manipulate space-time.

I call it the Speed Force.

Causes me to burn a tremendous
amount of calories

so I am just a black hole
of snacks.

I am a snack hole.

How many people are
on this special fight team?

-Three, including you.

Against what?

I'll tell you on the plane.


What are your
superpowers again?

I'm rich.

[engine starts]

[tires screeching]

[car horn blares]

[kettle whistles]

[whistling stops]

Oh, Miss Prince,
let me do that.

[Diana] No, that's okay.
I can do it myself.

[sniffs] Would you like
to have some?

Uh, no, thank you.

If you put the water in first.

-[Diana] Of course.
-So we don't scald the tea.


No, that's probably
enough tea.

[Diana] All right.

Are you sure you don't
wanna have some?

I won't, thank you.
And then leave it to mash.

I will.
I will, definitely will.

Uh... What are you working on?

It's a gauntlet

lined with specialized
polymer solar cells.

-Here, let me show you.

We borrowed this from
the Kryptonian scout ship.

[Alfred chuckles]

Oh, maybe you should, uh...

a fraction.
Thank you, thank you.

Of course.

[buzzing and crackling]

[Alfred] Ah.

Ah, now,
let's see how that did.

-[device beeps]
-Ha! Yes.

Not to be sneezed at.

A gauntlet that captures
and dissipates energy.

It's Master Wayne's idea.

Maybe you should work
on a lasso, too?

-In black, of course.


-All right. Victor Stone.


Something is not working.

[Alfred] Mmm.

[system warbling]

Looks like you have a date,
Miss Prince.

[car door closes]

[electricity crackles]

Why are you looking
for me, Diana?

You know who I am.

I know more than you
can possibly imagine.

Then maybe you already know
I need your help.

The world does.

Fuck the world.

[Diana] You've obviously
been through a great deal.

I can't begin to imagine what.

But whatever happened to you,
you have gifts now.


What part of this
looks like a gift to you?

We need you, Victor.

And maybe you need us.

I don't need anyone.

Not anymore.

I told myself the same
for a long time.

I lost someone I loved once.

I shut myself off
from everyone.

But I had to learn
to open back up again.

The truth is,
I'm still working on it.

And if you asked to meet me...

you're working on it, too.


You were right
about the metal sample

from the Superman ship.

When we bombard it with X-rays
from the electron-laser,

look what happens.

[computer beeps]

[laser whooshing]

3.5 million kelvin.

The inner core of the metal
becomes superheated.

Hot, dense matter.

You're looking at
the hottest thing on Earth.

Exact words I said
to my prom date.

She dumped me anyway.


[laser shuts down]

Hey, Doc,

do you think
Batman is connected

to the object
the CID is looking for?

You know, 6-1-9-8-2?


I don't.

Oh, Victor.

[parademon snarling]

-[parademon screeches]

[both grunting]

[officer] All right! Let's go!

[female officer]
Commissioner Gordon?

[officer] Come on!

Your messages.

[officer 2] Hey, hey!

[thug grunting]

Don't have to see the sky
to know it's a full moon.

Half of Gotham's
community showed up.

Say they saw flying monsters
by the harbor.

You were right, Ma.
Police Academy.

What's wrong
with dental school?

"Attacked by
a flying vampire."

"Looked like a giant bat
with huge fangs."

On a possibly related note,

sketch of the suspect
in the abductions

at the lab across the harbor.

-Looks like...
-I know what it looks like,

Come on, you think he fights
criminals for 20 years here

and then he goes to Metropolis
and kidnaps eight people?

I'll talk to him tonight.

How, Jim?

How do you think?

[parademons chittering]

[Silas whimpering]

[Silas yelps]

[scientist] Silas?

[Silas] Hey, hey.

Hey, hey!

-[Barry] Oh, my goodness.
-[Bruce] Where's the cyborg?

His name is Victor.

We met, spoke.

Give him time.

You must be Barry. I'm Diana.

Hi, Barry. I'm Diana.
That's not right. Great.

-[sighs] So, this is us.
-[Bruce] Yeah, this is us.


Awesome! It's the Bat-Signal.
That's your...

Oh, sorry.
[softly] That's your signal.

That means we have to go now.

-Yeah, that's what that means.
-It's so cool. [chuckles]

[Mother Box pulsing]

[Mera trilling]

[Atlantean soldier trilling]

Commander Mera,
I told the king

the perimeter guards
were taken.

He won't send reinforcements.

He says all the reserves are
needed in the rebel regions.

He's as shortsighted
as he is cruel. [sighs]

All right, take what men
we have left

and form a phalanx
around the Mother Box.

[loud thud]


[pulsing intensifies]



[Atlantean soldier screams]


[Atlantean soldier screams]

-[laser firing]

[Mera groaning]

You can't escape.

I'm not trying to.

[Mera grunts]

[Mera groans]


[both grunting]

[portal booms]

[Mera] Vulko told me
you would come.

The firstborn
of beloved Queen Atlanna.



I knew her.

Well, that makes one of us.

My parents died in the wars.

She took me in.

What a saint.

You dare speak
of Queen Atlanna that way?

Your queen left me
on my father's doorstep

and never gave me
another thought.

Your mother left you
to save your life.

You cannot imagine
how it hurt her.

What it cost her.

But you're not
a defenseless child now.

It would have been
her responsibility

to follow that monster
to the surface and stop him.


it's yours.


[Victor gasps softly]

[sirens wailing at distance]

[Mother Box sizzles]


[Mother Boxes warbling]

[DeSaad] Steppenwolf,

tell me what you've learned.

[Steppenwolf] Two boxes
found and awake.

With the combined power
of the two Mother Boxes,

I've been able to finish
the stronghold's defenses.

Where is the third Mother Box?

The parademons
sense its presence

and search for the third.

They have taken prisoners

who carry its scent.


Interrogate the prisoners.

Find the third.

They will tell me
what they know,

or I will rip it from them.

[thunder crashes]

[thunder crashes]

[electricity crackles]

How many of you are there?

Not enough.

[Gordon] Dozens of witnesses
all over Gotham.

matches the suspect

in the Metropolis abductions.



The demons must have caught
the scent of a Mother Box.

[The Flash] At the lab.

They carried people away
to find out what they know.

So the eight
may still be alive.

[Victor] Nine.

[The Flash gasps] Oh.

The head of STARLABS
was taken tonight.

Wow, okay.
So, another scientist.

So, how do we find him?

There must be a nest nearby.

I plotted all the sightings
in Metropolis, Gotham.

No discernable pattern
I can see.

The lines on the map
don't converge.

On land.

These lead back
to Stryker's Island,

between the two cities.

These are air vents.

They all lead
down to the tunnel

to a Metropolis project
that was abandoned in '29.

[Wonder Woman]
The nest could be there.

[The Flash] Uh,
is he coming with us now,

because we're not all
gonna fit in your car.

I have something bigger.

Do you really think that...

Oh, wow, they just...
They really just vanish, huh?

Oh. That's rude.

[rats squeaking]

[door whirs]

[dramatic rock music playing]

We're close.

The scent of the enemy.

Of absence.



Where are we, Alfred?

[Alfred over radio]
Stryker's Island.

You should be directly under

the venting tower
for the tunnel.

Now look to your left,

you'll see a staircase
to the machine room.

Thermal scan shows
a cluster of people there.

[Batman] That's it.

Let's go.

[dramatic rock music resumes]

[The Flash] Right.
Is there... Is there a plan?

Either of you?

[Wonder Woman]
Don't engage alone.

We do this together.

I heard about you.

Didn't think you were real.

I'm real when it's useful.

I grow tired of your silence.

Now tell me,
where is the Mother Box?

[parademons chittering]

[hostages whimpering]

Please. We have families.

Then you have weakness.


Okay, I'm guessing
that's the bad guy.

Good guess.

I'm really, really missing
Superman right now.

Circle to the other side.

We'll surround them
and surprise him.


You have been
near a Mother Box.

The scent is on you.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

-Where is it?
-[Silas] Leave him alone!

He... He doesn't know.

[hostages exclaim]

[man] Wait, please, please!

[hostages whimpering]

[Silas grunting]

[Steppenwolf] You carry
the scent, too. But stronger.

I will die before I tell you.

You'll die if you don't.


[all exclaim]


[Steppenwolf] Kill them both.

[weapon whirs]

[Wonder Woman grunts]

Ah, Amazon.

But not like your sisters.



[ancient lamentation music

[Steppenwolf sighing]

[Wonder Woman grunts]




Amazon. [grunts]


This one will be mine.

I belong to no one.

[both grunting]

[Batman grunting]

Guys, this is not together.

Help get those people
out of here.

I'll make sure these things
follow me. [grunts]



[Cyborg] Everybody, move!

A little quicker.

-Are you good?

I've got this. Keep moving.

[The Flash] This way.


[both grunting]



[Steppenwolf grunting]

[Alfred] The energy
is dissipating.

My gauntlet worked!

Celebrate later, Alfred.
I need the Nightcrawler.

Thought you'd never ask.

Crawler's on the way.
Initiating remote mode.

[both grunting]

[engine revving]

Thank you, Alfred.

Don't mention it.

[Steppenwolf chuckles]


[Steppenwolf grunts]



They're safe.
Get back to the tunnel.

Tunnel. Right.
Aliens, bad guy, sword lady.

[both grunting]

[parademons screeching]

My turn.

[pants, grunts]


[ancient lamentation music

[dramatic orchestral music



[Alfred] Catastrophic failure
of all systems.

Are you all right,
Master Wayne?

Are you all right?



[ancient lamentation music

You have the blood
of the old gods in you.

[both grunt]


You okay?


Wasn't sure you'd come.

You're my father.



[yells in pain]

[parademon screeches]


[The Flash screams]

[parademon screeches]


[Cyborg] Relax, Alfred.
I'll take it from here.

Uh, do I know you?




What are we under, right now?

Gotham Harbor.

[orchestral music playing]



Who is that?


[Cyborg] Come on.

Diana, get on!



[The Flash panting]




What is it?

Show me.


[grunts softly]

It is here.

On this world.


[breathing heavily]


[helicopter whirring]

Sir, you're gonna
be in quarantine

for possible alien microbes.

U.S. government protocols
require that...

I know the requirements.
I wrote them.

[Wonder Woman]
It called to him.

The Mother Box.

The one he already has.

He has two. He took
the Mother Box from Atlantis.

All he needs now
is the lost Box of Men.

If he doesn't already have it.

He doesn't have it.

I do.

Have you finished
the conquest?

Not yet, DeSaad.

Then why do you summon me?

I bring news.

Before mighty Darkseid
came to the throne,

he searched the universe
for the ultimate weapon.

The Anti-Life Equation.

The key to
controlling all life

and all will
throughout the multiverse.

He found it hidden
on a primitive planet,
but before...

The story of the defiance
is well-known.

I have found
the primitive planet.

The world that fought back.

It is Earth.

The Anti-Life Equation
is carved

into the surface
of this very world.


Are you certain?

I have seen it.

I have looked
with my own eyes.

[speaks alien language]

[Steppenwolf speaks
alien language]

[speaking alien language]


[parademons chittering]

[dramatic orchestral music


My lord.

Oh, Steppenwolf.

[Steppenwolf] My lord, I am
but your humble servant.

Can it be true
that you have found it?

I have, great one.

The lost world is Earth.

Anti-Life is here.

If it is redemption you seek,
find the third box,

synchronize The Unity,
and when this world
is scorched,

I will come
for my great prize.

You will come to Earth?

I have turned
100,000 worlds to dust

looking for Anti-Life.

Looking for those
who robbed me of my glory.

I will stride
across their bones

and bask in the glow
of Anti-Life.

And all of existence

shall be mine.

[grunts softly]

It shall be so, my master.

[Barry] So cool.

From the outside,
it looks like this building
was abandoned.

It wants to fly.

You talk to machines?

[Victor] I speak
to intelligence.

This one's saying
she can't fly

because of a software issue,

but I could fix it
with a little time.

There's a dark spot
in my data stream.

I could feel
the other two boxes.

I know they're awake,

but I can't see
where they are.

Well, we can't attack unless
we know where the base is.

Even if we knew,

I've never seen a being
as strong as Steppenwolf.

Maybe one.

Hmm, Superman.

[Victor] As long as
the third box is asleep,

they can't see it,
only sense it.

We need to keep moving
so they can't catch up.

No. That's just a strategy

to lose more slowly,
not to win.

Remind me, are flamethrowers
not a thing?

Why don't we just destroy it?

Fire doesn't
destroy the boxes.

They're an unknown form
of matter.

Oh, they love heat.

They absorb it,
hold it in their cores.

Well, you know
a lot about these boxes.

Makes you think.

Where'd you find the box,

Are you trying
to say something?

Oh, I'm saying it.

How do we know you're not
working for them?

It's a long story.

You got somewhere else to be?

The Nazis found the box

at the end
of the Second World War,

buried under
an Italian monastery.

The Allies intercepted it
on its way to Hitler.

They brought it back
to the States in '44.

Unknown object 6-1-9-8-2.

It collected dust
in the Pentagon archives

for 70 years

till DoD began to study
the Superman ship.

A researcher at STARLABS
made a connection

between the ship...

and 6-1-9-8-2.

He understood they were
both alien technologies.

Different civilizations,

similar properties.

And though the box had slept
for thousands of years,

the researcher formulated
a theory on how to awaken it.

And so did.


I had an accident
that should've killed me.

But in an act of desperation
or madness,

the researcher harnessed
the power of the Mother Box.

[powering up]


He unleashed
an alien technology

he didn't fully understand.

He used that power
to keep me alive.

-[power turns off]


but turned into this.

The box went back to sleep

and he never returned it.

That researcher
was Silas Stone.

My father.


your father saved your life
with one of these things?

Aren't they
psycho murder machines?

They're change machines.

The boxes don't think in terms
of healing or killing,

alive or dead.

They rearrange matter
at the will of their masters,

regenerate, reinstate.


[Victor] A box has the power

to reinstate anterior
particle relationships.

So, you mean in the way
that particles of matter

can't be created or destroyed,

their relations
just transform.

Burn down a house,
the particles still exist.

Particles of house
become particles of smoke.

Anybody with a match
can turn a house to smoke.

But a Mother Box...

...turns smoke
back into a house.


I know we're all thinking
the same thing right now.

Who's gonna say it?
I'm not gonna say it.

[orchestral music playing]

[Lois] Who is it?



[softly] Hi.

I went to the Daily Planet

to finally pick up
Clark's things. [chuckles]

I don't know why,
nowhere to put them now.

I lost the farm.

I'd been behind on
the payments for a while.

Truth is, the house is too big

for me to live in
by myself anyway.

Well, you know you're welcome
to stay here any time

for as long as you need.

Thank you, Lois.
That's very kind.

But I've found a little place
that suits me just fine,

right by the diner.

I'm not here for help.

I'm here because

when I saw Mr. Perry,
he told me that

you haven't been to work
since Clark died.

[sighs softly]

I can't.

The whole world is mourning.


Grieving over a symbol.

Everywhere I go, everywhere
I look, I see that "S."

I hear what people say.

They talk like they knew him.

But they didn't know Clark.

And I can't stop them

and look at them and tell them
how proud I am of my son.

You're the only one who knows.

Who feels what I do.

Burdened by a secret
on top of grief.

I came all this way
because I wanted...

because I wanted to see you.

Tell you...

I understand.


will never love anybody
the way that I love your son.

And I just miss him.

I miss him so much.

[Lois sniffles]

So do I, sweetheart.


Martha, you know if there's
anything you need, I'm here.

There is something
you can do for me, honey.

Come back to the living.

[door opens]

[suspenseful music plays]

The world
needs you, too, Lois.

[Arthur] The dead are dead.

The box brought Victor back.

Victor wasn't dead.

Life is either one or zero.

It's to be or not to be.
Not both.

Can you operate this box,

[Victor] Of course.

But we don't know enough
about Kryptonian biology.

There's no telling
what's gonna happen.

-[Diana sighs]
-[Barry] Okay, but...

I mean, we have to try.
Don't we? We have to try.

What do we have to lose?

We cannot try
unless we activate the box.

As soon as it wakes up...

...the enemy sees it, comes,

activates The Unity.
The end.

So, what we have to lose
is the entire planet

to a bunch
of genocidal aliens.
That's good to know.

Even if Superman could return,

who's to say
that he could defeat them?

The Mother Box did.

Victor's father
activated a Mother Box

more than a year ago
when Superman was still alive.

Didn't call out
to Steppenwolf.

None of the boxes did.
Not until...

Not until Superman died.

Not until Superman died.

It's like they were
afraid of him?

[Bruce] Yes,
they were afraid of him.

This is the only way.

There are six, not five.
There is no us without him.

[Barry] Cross this one off
the bucket list.

Exhume Superman
from the grave. Check.

You know we could do this
in a nanosecond, right?

We could.

He was my hero.

All right.

An Amazon
working with an Atlantean.


How many thousands of years
since our people spoke?

I don't know.
I'm not exactly close to mine.

I hate Atlanteans as much
as you Amazons do.

Hate is useless.


No, thank you.

You know, my father told me

there's a saying
in Atlantis...

"None are taken back
from the darkness.

"Not without..."

"Not without
giving one up in return."

We say the same thing.

How about that?

Wonder Woman.

What do you think, man?

You think she'd ever
go for a younger guy?

She's 5,000 years old, Barry.

Every guy's a younger guy.

[Alfred] Jesus.

[steam hissing]

Oh, Christ.

-Oh, bloody...

Any luck?

If by "luck" you mean

"chance in hell
we'll get it flying today,"

then, no. No luck.

[Bruce] It's okay.

It doesn't matter.
We're just gonna take the body

to the Kryptonian ship.

It's basically
an organic computer.

It can talk directly
to the Mother Box.

What? The way it talked
to Lex Luthor?

[Bruce] Something like that.

[Alfred] Huh.
What could possibly go wrong?

[Alfred sighing]

Master Wayne...

you did it!

You put the team together
to fight this war.

You've fulfilled your promise.

But to try to do that...
I mean...

your guilt's
overcome your reason.

Not all the king's horses
nor all the king's men...

Alfred, for once,
I'm operating strictly
on faith,

not on reason.

But if you start playing with
this little box of tricks,

I mean, it could be
the end of everything.

How do you know
your team's strong enough?

If you can't bring down
the charging bull,

then don't wave
the red cape at it.

You do
when it's this red cape.

This red cape charges back.


You were right, Dr. Stone.
The tests came back negative.

Everyone's clear,
including you.

Just to be on the safe side,
we swept the entire facility.

Well, thank you, Thomas.
That means I'm free to go?


-Listen up, everyone.

You're all clear.
So, gather your things.

If you need
more medical attention...

Arthur, yes, your opinion.
Less preposterous. Option "A"?

-Definitely not "A."

Or... "B"?

Let me see "A" again?

Right. We should get dressed.

I'm always dressed.

[dramatic music playing]

[soldier] ID?


Aye, aye.

[softly] "Aye, aye"?

[system buzzes]

[electrical whirring]

[soldier] Okay.

"Okay"? Oh, gee, okay!


They let you out
of quarantine.

Yeah, I finally got them
to listen to reason.

Now, let's take a look and see
what progress we've made

with the electron-laser.

We've made some real progress.
Let me show you.

[Batman grunts softly]

Victor, clear this place out.


[electrical whirring]

[alarm blaring]

[PA announcer] Code Red.
Contamination breach.

All personnel
evacuate immediately.

-[people murmuring]
-[Ryan] Bio red five.

The sensor's picking up
a microbe of alien origin.

A microbe of alien origin?
That doesn't make any sense.

It's gotta be a false alarm.

All right, people,
shut it down. Let's go.

-Ryan, we just had it swept.
-We have to go, Doc.

Think about it.
It's gotta be a false alarm.

-Let's go, Doc.
-Think about it.

[woman] Full base evacuation!
Everyone out!

Look, wait! Wait! Shit!

[PA announcer] Remain calm and
proceed to the nearest exit.

[scientists clamoring]

Attention, all personnel.

Go! Go! Everybody out!
Come on! Move!

Move! Come on! Go, go!

Everybody out! Go!

-[system beeps]
-Yes! Gotcha!

Post Commander, this is
Dr. Silas Stone, do you read?

-[man] Go ahead, Dr. Stone.
-This is a false alarm.

Someone has hacked into
the system. We must alert...

[door opens]


[man] Dr. Stone, you there?
I don't copy.

I was mistaken.

The alarm's legit.

Everybody out.
And nobody, I repeat,

nobody comes back inside
without my say-so.

[man] Roger that, sir.

[officer 1]
Get the civilians out!

[officer 2] Let's go! Let's go!

-Everybody got out okay?
-I think so.


[electrical hum]

[clears throat]

This way.

It knows he's here.

[exhales heavily]
Ooh, that's intense.

This is amazing.

This is crazy.

Oh, what? Now it's crazy?

You two lunatics
better know what you're doing.

[soft orchestral music

[grunts softly]


[breathes deeply]

[switch clicks]

[soft orchestral music

[ship AI]
Systems coming online.

[glitches] Welcome, Victor.

Would you like
to assume command?

I'm in.

The ship says
the Mother Box is hostile.

I can override
the security protocols,

but there's no time to repair
all the electrical damage

that Luthor's
power surges caused

to the primary capacitors.


There's not enough charge
to wake the box.

[inhales sharply]
I might be able to do it.

I mean, I might be able
to jump-start it.

I don't like
to break this rule,

but when I approach
the speed of light, I...

Look, crazy things
happen to time,

but if I do it, I create
massive electrical power.

I could backtrack,
if I can get enough distance,

I can conduct a significant
electrical current.

I might be able to wake
the box, if that's...

still what we want?

It is. Do it.

[inhales sharply]

[officer] Hey, Miss Lane.


I didn't think
you were coming.

[sighs] One last time.

[somber orchestral music

I see engines, so this must be
the end of the line. So I'm...

[over radio] I'm in position.

[electrical hum]

[ship AI] Ready to initiate
drop sequence.

The Mother Box is ready.

[somber orchestral music

The ship's begging me
not to wake the box.

[ship AI] This action
is irreversible.

[Cyborg] It's afraid.
It knows Steppenwolf
will come for it.

We know that already.

[ship AI] I strongly advise
against activation.

Barry, I'm initiating
the countdown.

[ship AI] This action
is irreversible.

-[ship AI] Five...

-Apokoliptian technology

-is hostile.
-This is a bad idea.

No, it isn't.
Keep going.


-[ship AI] Four...

[ship AI] I strongly advise
against activation.

-We need to abort, now.
-Just do it.

-[Cyborg] Three...
-[ship AI] Three...


-[ship AI] Two...

-This course is irreversible.

-[ship AI] One.


[ship AI] This action
is irreversible.

[electrical whirring]


[dramatic orchestral music

[electrical trilling]

[breathes shakily]


[dramatic orchestral music


-[The Flash on radio] Victor?



[orchestral music playing]


[water bubbling]



[Mother Box powering down]

[ship AI] The future
has taken root in the present.

-[Mother Box powering up]
-Get down!

[all grunt]

[all gasp]

[people murmuring]

[Mother Box pulsing]

[electricity crackling]

[somber orchestral music


[somber orchestral music

[breathing heavily]

He's back.

[static crackles,
indistinct radio chatter]

-[siren wailing]
-[rapid heartbeat]

[Cyborg] Something's wrong.
He's scanning us.





[continues grunting]

-What are you doing?

It's my auto-defense system.

It senses danger.

Victor, no! Victor!

-I can't control it.
-[The Flash] Don't!


[breathes heavily]

Kal-El, no!

[Cyborg grunting]


He's confused.
He doesn't know who he is.



we need to restrain him.

[all grunting]



the last Son of Krypton...

remember who you are.

Tell me who you...

-[Wonder Woman yelps]

[all grunting]

[slowed electrical warbling]

[The Flash grunting]

[The Flash yelps]




Let's go! [screams]

[breathes shakily]

[Cyborg grunts]

You should probably move.

[officers shouting

-You all right?

Get up.
Take cover back there. Go.

[tense music playing]


[both straining]

[metallic thud]

[dramatic music playing]

[both grunt]

Please don't make me do this.



-[Wonder Woman grunts]
-[breathes heavily]



Clark, no.





This world needs you.

[Lois] Clark.


Whoa! Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!

[Lois panting]

[Lois] Clark.

[soft music playing]


[exhales deeply]



[Lois breathing shakily]


Just go.


Let's go.

[Clark inhales deeply]

[distant thud]

[The Flash groaning]

[breathes heavily]

I'm so sorry.


[indistinct shouting]

[man] Take cover!

-He's coming.
-The Mother Box.

Where is it?

Come on.

Come on.

-[Steppenwolf grunts]
-[people screaming]

breathing heavily]

[roars angrily]


[keyboard clacking]

-[electricity crackling]

[automated voice] Attention,
security breach detected.

Sector Four, Level Three.

Implement lockdown
procedures immediately.

[Steppenwolf roars]


[Steppenwolf growling]

Give me the Mother Box.

[Cyborg grunts]

No, no, no.

Dad, wait! Don't!

-[Steppenwolf grunts]
-[Cyborg groans]

[grunts, breathes heavily]

[electricity crackling]

So begins the end.

[portal booming]

[The Flash] Victor?

Vic... Whoa, Victor.
Are you okay, man? Come on.


He's dead.


My father.

I didn't save him. I couldn't.

[The Flash] Oh, my God.

[breathes heavily]

His father's dead
'cause of us.

I told you waking that box
was a bad idea.

It wasn't a bad idea.

We needed Superman.
We still do.

Well, whatever returned,
it isn't Superman.

His body and powers, maybe.
But it ain't him.

[Batman] It is him.

He recognized Lois Lane.

-The woman he loves.

-He remembers her.
-[Aquaman] Nah.

He went to her 'cause
she wasn't afraid of him.

It's called instinct, Diana.

[Aquaman sighs]

[The Flash] Wait,
where did Steppenwolf go?

[Wonder Woman]
He's gone back to his base

to assemble the three boxes.

[Aquaman] And we don't know
where his base is.

-Or how long until...
-[Batman] Hours.

The boxes synchronize,
Unity forms,

we don't get there in time
to stop it, the planet dies.

[whispers] This is not your...


He knew.

He knew, he knew, he knew.

He wasn't trying
to destroy the box...

he was trying to superheat it.

He made the core
the hottest thing

on Earth outside
of a nuclear reactor.

Now, anything that hot
would have to...

Blink off the charts

on a thermal imaging system.

Your father sacrificed himself
to mark that box.

We have to get back to my lab
and use the satellite

to scan the Earth
for thermal anomalies.

I'm already on it.

I'm sorry. [hesitates]
You have a satellite?

I have six.


Let's go find
the son of a bitch.

[birds chirping]

[soft music playing]

You brought us here.

You remembered.

This is home.

You spoke.

Did I not before?

Your mother got behind
on the payments.

She never told anyone.

I don't understand.

She's a proud woman, Clark.


She loved it here.

[birds chirping]

So did I.

So did I.

[Clark sighs]

[The Flash] Wow!

This is awesome.

[Bruce] Brought some friends.

Oh, gosh, yes! Yes!

Everyone, this is Alfred.
I work for him.

-Good day, ma'am.

[Alfred] Oh...

[Alfred clears throat]

It's badass, Alfred.

Well, I'll put on the tea.


I don't know where
we're gonna find the cups.

[Bruce] There's the
Mother Box, right there.

[Wonder Woman]
Go to visible spectrum.

[sighs] Pozharnov.

Ghost city
not far from Moscow.

It's been abandoned since

the nuclear accident there
30 years ago.

Not even the army goes in.

[Barry] Right, it's probably
so radioactive

that you grow an extra foot
outta your neck.

Not anymore.

He's harvested the radiation
to build his base.


[keyboard clacking]

What the hell is he building?

[Cyborg] The Unity's in there.

We'll attack from above.

Explosives won't
separate the boxes,

only strengthen their bond.

[Barry] What?
So we can't blow it up?

[Cyborg] Not from the outside.

I want to plug into
The Unity, one-on-one.

Fuse with it.

Weaken its bond
from the inside

so we can break it back
into three.

No, you don't know
what you'd be up against.

You'd have to stream
into The Unity by yourself.

These boxes together
are world destroyers.

A billion years old.

They'll get inside you
and find your weaknesses

and your fears,
and use them to destroy you.

Just get me in
and get me time.

You could die, Victor.

If I don't, we all die.

I got nothing left.

You wanted me
to use these gifts, right?

That's what I'm gonna do.

[Barry] Okay. So...

if Victor wants
to try to save the world

by fusing
with the doom boxes,

I say we put him
in the doom boxes.

But getting him in
means attacking that base.

Fighting the devil
and his army

in hell.

[Barry] I mean,
this guy's probably fought

hundreds of thousands
of other superbeings

on the other planets
he's destroyed, right?

And we have to assume
he's won.

I don't care
how many demons he's fought

in how many hells...

he's never fought us.
Not us united.

[hopeful music plays]

[soft music playing]

Take that as a "yes."

[Lois] What?

The ring.

You're really back.

I have a second chance, Lo.

And I am not gonna waste it.

[gasps softly]

-[Martha laughing]

Are you really you?

I'm really me, Ma.

[Martha laughs]

Listen, Ma.

They wanted me back
for a reason.

I need to find out why.

[Martha sighs]

How's Victor doing?

You know,
wanted to be by himself.

We're asking a kid
who just lost his father

to go up against
the most powerful machines

in the universe.

It's not fair.

I thought you didn't care?

I never said that.

What is it?


I had a dream,
like, I don't know,

almost like a premonition.

It was the end of the world

and Barry Allen
was right here

and he said to me,
"Lois Lane is the key."

She is... to Superman.

Every heart has one.

I think it's something more.

Something darker.

Master Wayne.

Master Wayne!

You need to see this.

[triumphant music playing]

You fixed it.

It wanted to fly.

Flight is its nature.

Yours, too.

He'll be here, Alfred,
I know it.

What makes you so sure?

Faith, Alfred. Faith.

At last.

Prepare for his arrival.

My redemption is nigh.



[distant explosion]

[ancient lamentation
music playing]

[distant explosion]

[Alfred humming]

[distant explosion]

[Mother Boxes pinging]

The satellites revealed

he's created a defensive dome.

It's a design flaw.

Take out the tower,
the dome will fall.

The enemy never anticipated
a frontal assault.

[The Flash] Right, probably
'cause he didn't think

anyone would be that nuts.

Bruce is right.

We've got to destroy
the defensive dome

so we can reach The Unity
before it synchronizes.

What if the dome's
not destroyed?

It'll be destroyed.

[Wonder Woman] Once Victor
is linked with The Unity

with Barry's help,

he'll break through
The Unity's defenses.

[Aquaman] Remind me,
how's that again?

Uh, with the power of love.

-With a catastrophic
energy surge.


You'll have to run faster
than you've ever attempted

to generate
a charge of that size.

And then you make
physical contact with Victor.

That force should propel him
inside The Unity.

And, Victor,
it's all up to you.

Take it apart from the inside
before it synchronizes.

[The Flash] Whew. We actually
finally have a plan.

[Bruce] We have a plan.

[soft music plays]

[Jor-El] The symbol
of the house of El means hope.

Embodied within that hope
is the fundamental belief

in the potential of every
person to be a force for good.

[Jonathan] Clark...

[Jor-El] That's what
you can bring them.

[Jonathan] were
sent here for a reason.

[Jor-El] You will give
the people of Earth

an ideal to strive towards.

And even if it takes you

the rest of your life,

you owe it to yourself to
find out what that reason is.

[Jor-El] They will stumble,
they will fall.

[Jonathan] You're gonna
have to make a choice.

[Jor-El] They will join you
in the sun, Kal.

[Jonathan] A choice
of whether to stand proud

in front of the human race
or not.

[Jor-El] You will help them
accomplish wonders.

All the hopes and dreams
of Krypton live in you now.

I'm so proud of you, son.

[Jor-El] Your mother and I
loved you.

Your mother and I knew

you would change the world.

[Jor-El] Your heart was tested.

[Jonathan] I know
it's been hard, Clark.

[Jor-El] But you gave hope
to their world.

[Jonathan] You need
to show them who you are.

[Jor-El] Love them, Kal.

The way we loved you.

[Jonathan] Fly, son.

It's time.

[upbeat music playing]


[exhales deeply]

I'm gonna take out that tower

and knock down
that shield dome.

Whatever you see,

stick to the plan.

It's why
I brought you together.

[clicks button]

[rapid electronic beeping]

Bruce, pull back.
You're not gonna make it.

[grunts] Just have to knock
a little louder.



Kill him!

Get to the carriage.
Defend The Unity.

Oh, shit.



[parademons screeching]

The tower's down.

Do you read me?

Uh, yeah, loud and clear.

[over radio] Are you okay?

Bruce? Bruce?

Get to the reactor.

I'll lure as many
of these monsters

-away from you as I can.
-What does that mean?

Don't worry about me.
Get to The Unity.

-[door clanging]
-[parademons snarling]

They're here.

[The Flash over radio] Bruce?

Comm went dead.

Let's go.

[metal creaking]

[parademons snarling]

[engine revving]

[machine gun firing]

[tires screeching]

[parademons screeching]

Come on, follow me,
you damn insects.

[engine revving]

[missile whooshes]

[tires screeching]

[parademons snarling]

-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]

[automated voice]
Critical damage.

[parademon snarls]

[Batman grunts]

[ancient lamentation music


You really are
outta your mind.

[Aquaman grunting]

[Aquaman grunting]

You're welcome.

My man.

[Aquaman whooping]


[Aquaman chuckles]


[Batman grunting]

[parademon screeches]

[Aquaman grunts]


[Aquaman growls]

Yeah, we got this.

You go do your thing.

[The Flash grunting]

[Wonder Woman grunting]

[beeping rapidly]

[Batman grunts]

-[loud thudding]
-[drink splashes]

I'm assuming you're Alfred.

Master Kent.

He said you'd come.

Now, let's hope
you're not too late.

[Aquaman grunts]

-[Trident clanging]


Remember me?

Round two?

Hell yeah.





[ancient lamentation music

Shall we?

Tell me, Amazon,

why did you
abandon your own sisters

only to cast your lot
with these creatures

clinging to their puny lives?

You weren't there
to protect them from me.

And, sadly, you could have.


[Wonder Woman grunting]

-[Aquaman grunting]

[ancient lamentation music

[Wonder Woman grunts]

Barry, I'm in position.



[echoes] Okay.
I built the charge.

[over radio] You call it.


Barry, on one.

Three, two...

[Cyborg yelps, grunts]

Get the hell off me!


[grunts and yells]

-[Steppenwolf roars]

[axe clangs]

-[Wonder Woman yells]
-[Aquaman grunting]




I watched your island burn,

your sisters
begging for their lives.

As did your mother.


[Steppenwolf grunts]



[both grunting]

I can't maintain this!


[grunting, yells]


Victor, I can't hold this!

[Cyborg shuddering]

For Darkseid.

[axe clangs]

Not impressed.


[triumphant music playing]


All right.



[Aquaman grunts]

[Steppenwolf groaning]




[Superman grunts]

Barry, I'm connected
to The Unity.

I need the charge
to get inside.

[The Flash screams]



Barry, are you okay?


[Batman over radio] Barry!

I got the wind
knocked out of me.

Need a few seconds,
that's all!

[gasps and groans]

[Superman grunting]





Barry, where are you?
It's almost synchronized!

Okay, okay.

[inhales sharply]
Oh, my God. Gotta heal, Barry.

Heal. Heal.


[portal warbling]

[shouts] Barry!

[Cyborg grunting]

It's too late.

Oh, no.

He's here!

[charging up]

[Wonder Woman grunts]


[groans in pain]

[gasps and winces]


Just gotta go faster
than the speed of light.

Far beyond the speed of light.

You gotta break the rule,

and you gotta do it now.
[inhales sharply]

[echoes] Dad...

whatever happens,
I want you to know

your kid was one of them, Dad.

One of the best of the best.

[triumphant music playing]

Make your own future.

Make your own past.

It's all right now.

[breathing heavily]

We've been waiting
for you, Victor.

My broken boy.

You don't have to be
alone anymore.

We'll be together again.

[Mother Box as Victor]
we can put it back, Vic.

Make you whole again.

I'm not broken.

-[distorted voices]

And I'm not alone.

[distorted warbling]

[Cyborg straining]


[Superman straining]



-[Aquaman straining]
-[Steppenwolf roars]

[ancient lamentation music

[Wonder Woman yelling]

[Wonder Woman growls]

[electricity crackling]


I told you

Steppenwolf would fail.

Yes. Yes, you did.

My master,

now that the Mother Boxes
have been destroyed,

how will you retrieve
your great prize?

Anti-Life is found, DeSaad.

And we will stop
at nothing to possess it.

Ready the armada.

We will use the old ways.

[triumphant music playing]


[tape recorder clicks]

[Silas on tape]
Your father twice over.

[tape rewinding]

Now, let me speak to you
from my heart,

not as a scientist,

as a father.

Your father twice over.

I brought you into the world
and back to it.

You can't imagine how proud
I am of who you are.

Have always been.

[chuckles softly]

So many years
with you I wasted.

So many wrongs
I've left un-righted.

Everything breaks, Victor.

Everything changes.

I gotta go see my father.

[engine starts]

[Silas] The world is hurt.



[man] Ship's
all yours now, kid.

You're the boss.

"Ryan Choi,
Director of Nanotechnology."

That's your thing.

Uh, yep. [sighs]

That's my thing.

[Silas] But the world's
not fixed in the past,

only the future.

The not yet. The now.

[Bruce] Wow.
Must be 100, 150 feet.

[Alfred] Must be.

Big round table.

Six chairs, right there.

But room for more.

But room for more.

God help us.

[pigeons cooing]

[Silas] The now is you.



It's actually the worst job
you can get in a crime lab.

But, uh,
my foot's in the door.

This is like a "job" job?

"Job" job.

Your foot's in the door.

Isn't that a thing people say?

Your foot's in the door.

Yeah, that's something
people say, man.

-His foot's in the door!
-[prisoners cheering]

-That's my boy, right there!
-Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh.

Taught him nothing he knows.

-[Henry] Yes! [laughs]
-Dad, you're gonna

get maced again.

No stopping you now.

[Barry chuckles softly]

Thanks, Dad.

[Silas] Now.

Now's your time, Victor,
to rise.

"Thank you" is not enough
for what you did.

I just undid a mistake,
that's all.

[Clark chuckles]

How did you get the house
back from the bank?

I bought the bank.

Congratulations, by the way.

[Silas] Do this. Be this.

The man I never was.
The hero you are.

Take your place
among the brave ones.

The ones that were, that are,
that are yet to be.

[engine revving]


It's time you stand,



heal, love,


The time

is now.

[doors buzzing]

[prison guard] Ready?

Come on, Stevens.

[prisoner chattering

[prisoner 2 hyperventilating]

[prison guard] All right,
let's keep it moving.

Keep going.

[prison guard 2]
Come on, Luthor. Let's go.


Open up two, Carl, please.


All right,
stop jerking around, Luthor,

or I'm gonna
have to come in there.

[laughs maniacally, growls]

-[continues laughing]
-[prison guard gasps]

[alarm wailing]

[prison guards
shouting indistinctly]

Ah, there he is.

Welcome aboard.

Care for a glass
of Gout de Diamants?

I was just celebrating
God's return.

Out of the ground
and back up into the sky.

[Deathstroke] I heard
you were a few clowns
short of a circus.

[chuckles] I was, thank you,

until the good doctors
at Arkham helped me

find some much needed clarity.

Now, you volunteered
to destroy the bat

free of charge.

Why the pro bono work?

[sighs] It's personal.

Ah, let me guess,
an eye for an eye?

You said you had something
I'd want?

You'd better not be
wasting my time.

Ooh. And endure
your wrath, Mr. Wilson?

No, I wouldn't think of it.

Uh, I have too much
to live for.

And more important things
to do.

But if you want the Batman,

here is something
that can help you.

His name is Bruce Wayne.

Hmm. On second thought,

we do have something
to celebrate.

Good boy.

[parademon chitters]


How much further?

We're almost there.

Well, we need to hurry.

We can't be out in the open
much longer.

He'll come for us.

[Mera] Let him come.

Let the bastard come.

I'll stab this
through his heart

for what he did to Arthur.

I want to make him pay.

I understand
how you feel, Mera.

You have no idea how I feel.

But we have to
stick to the plan

to have any chance
to make this right.

[Mera scoffs]

Who have you ever loved?

[man cackling]

[man] Au contraire,
my little fish stick.

He knows exactly
what it's like

to lose someone he loves.

You know, like, uh,

a father,

like a mother.

Be very careful
with the next thing you say.

Like an adopted son.

Isn't that right,


Maybe, in a way,

that smelly
old flounder is right.

Because how many
can die in your arms

before you grow numb to death?

That's not very careful.

And how many dead eyes
can you look into

before you die inside

I've been dead inside
a long time,

but even I have a limit.

And if you cross that line,
I swear to God, I will...

Before what, Bruce? Kill me?

You won't kill me.

I'm your best friend.

Besides, who's gonna give you
a reach-around? [chuckles]


you need me.


need me to help you
undo this world

you created
by letting her die.

Poor Lois.

How she suffered so!


I often wonder

how many
alternate timelines

do you destroy
the world because...

frankly, you don't have

the cojones to die yourself.


So, as usual,

I'll be the bigger man.

[blows air]

A truce,



As long as you
have this card, a truce.

But all you have to do

is tear it in half

and I'm happy
to discuss with you

in any way you like,
why you sent the Boy Wonder

to do a man's job?

You know, it's funny

that you would talk
about people

who died in my arms

because when I held
Harley Quinn

and she was bleeding
and dying,

she begged me
with her last breath

that when I killed you,

and make no mistake,
I will fucking kill you...

that I'd do it slow.

I'm gonna honor that promise.

Oh. You're good.

You almost had me.


[Joker continues cackling]

Where are we holing up?

Somewhere he'll never suspect.

Still think it was a good idea
bringing him along?

-[Joker blows raspberry]
-what do you think?

[armor beeps]

[distant explosion]

He's found us.



[breathing heavily]

[distant explosions]

Can I help you?

I'm sure you know Darkseid
is not finished with Earth.

The Anti-Life Equation
is here somewhere.

We have to find it
before he does.

There's a war coming.

And I'm here to help.

I'm sorry, who are you again?

I've gone by many names

and taken many forms.
And like you,

I've realized I have
a stake in this world

and it's time
I started fighting for it.


Well, we could
definitely use the help.

So, glad you're here.

You know, I never thought

I'd see
the defenders of Earth

united and fighting as one.

It wouldn't have happened
without you, Bruce.

Your mother and father
would be proud.

I hope so.

Well, I'll be in touch.

Oh, and some have called me

the Martian Manhunter.

I guess I'll see you around.

♪ I've heard there was
a secret chord ♪

♪ That David played
and it pleased the Lord ♪

♪ But you don't really care
for music, do you? ♪

♪ It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth ♪

♪ The minor fall
The major lift ♪

♪ The baffled king
composing hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Well your faith was strong
but you needed proof ♪

♪ You saw her bathing
on the roof ♪

♪ Her beauty and the moonlight
overthrew you ♪

♪ She tied you
to her kitchen chair ♪

♪ She broke your throne
and she cut your hair ♪

♪ And from your lips
she drew the hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hey baby
I've been here before ♪

♪ I've seen this room
and I've walked this floor ♪

♪ I used to live alone
before I knew you ♪

♪ But I've seen your flag
on the marble arch ♪

♪ And love is not
a victory march ♪

♪ It's a cold and
it is a broken hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah♪

♪ Hallelujah♪

♪ Well there was a time
when you would let me know ♪

♪ What's really going
on below ♪

♪ Now you never show
that to me, do you? ♪

♪ Remember
when I moved in you ♪

♪ And the holy dove
was moving too ♪

♪ And every breath
we drew was hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Well, maybe there is
a God above ♪

♪ But all I have
ever learned from love ♪

♪ Was how to shoot somebody ♪

♪ Who outdrew you ♪

♪ It's not a cry
that you hear at night ♪

♪ And it is not somebody
who's seen the light ♪

♪ It's a cold ♪

♪ And it is
a broken hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪