Zabriskie Point (1970) - full transcript

An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children: anthropology student Daria (who's helping a property developer build a village in the Los Angeles desert) and dropout Mark (who's wanted by the authorities for allegedly killing a policeman during a student riot)...

That's the same old jive that's been
run now for the past 300 years.

If you're all so wise and heavy,
why didn't you join the strike?

No, you just go back and tell them,
sorry, this motherfucker is closed down.

On strike, Jack.
We'll whistle when it's over.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Why doesn't the Strike Committee
add some of our demands?

- Like ending ROTC.
- Ha.

You wanna off ROTC?

All you have to do
is go down to the ROTC building...

take a bottle, fill it full of gasoline.

- Plug it with a rag...
- Yeah.

Yeah, man, but what if
you wanna end sociology?

Listen, man, a Molotov cocktail
is a mixture of gasoline and kerosene.

A white radical is a mixture
of bullshit and jive.

Right on, right on.

You know, I don't have to
prove my revolutionary credentials to you.

There's a lot of white students
who are already out on the streets...

fighting just like
you guys do in the ghetto.

And you know, there's a lot of unhappy,
dissatisfied white people...

who are potential revolutionaries.

Y'all are dealing with things
that are really irrelevant.

But you, you're going back
to the same thing.

You get busted for grass and that
makes you a revolutionary.

No, when the pigs
are busting your head...

they're kicking down your door...

when you can't get a job,
can't go to school, can't eat...

that's what makes you a revolutionary.

That's why black people are,
like you say, in another bag.

No, we're talking about
talking to white students, that is, right?

I think we understand... We understood
what makes black people revolutionaries.

But what's gonna make
white people revolutionaries?

Same thing to make
black people revolutionaries...

But it's not happening in the same way.

You just wait, it will happen.

You don't have to do anything to
instigate it. You can prevent it.

You can break it down,
you can do something.

But I think this country
is going pell-mell into fascism.

The pigs are on the campus now.
Where do you want them?

Sitting up in the classroom,
you want them in your door?

You want them standing on the
street every time you walk out?

Do you have to wait till we get to that
to be revolutionary?

But what we're saying is this school
is gonna close down, period.

There ain't nobody coming in this school
unless they come at their own risk.

And once they decide they want
their school back open...

they're gonna open it up
on our terms, period.

Why stop the students
that wanna go? I mean...

Because they're in our way.

Because they prevent us
from getting what we deserve.

We have tried all other means,
we negotiated, we pleaded...

we've written programs,
we haven't got anything.

- All right.
- Now you understand that?

Well, the whole point, a basic point
of any form of guerilla confrontation...

is that the enemy is
invisible, things happen.

They don't know where,
they don't know how.

People that do things...

and the people who they
have their attention focused on...

are being nothing
but attracting attention.

I don't think
that's the stage we're at yet.

We're just beginning to involve...

If you wanna shut this school down,
what do you plan to do?

We do not have white
support on this campus yet.

Wait a minute, the Black Student Union
is not running no performance.

We're gonna depend on that
to shut this school down.

This discussion about
the enemy being invisible.

You're wrong. In terms of white support,
I don't think it matters that much...

because if we're successful tomorrow,
what will happen is that the cops...

will consider every single student
whether he's on the picket line...

or whether he's one of us
or not, every student an enemy.

And once that happens...

if we keep up the pressure,
then it will be a popular white threat.

Black or white, leave it for
the other motherfuckers.

We've run out of coffee.
Could you fix up a new pot?

Can't a man make coffee
around here anymore?

- Yeah, good for you.
- Make it yourself.

I say that we form four- or five-man
attack squads of our own...

to be stationed outside of the campus.

When the cops move in
on the strike lines...

they move, form a diversionary
force behind the cops...

so the picket lines, they have
time to get out of their way.

- Wait a minute, now. Wait a minute.
- Aren't cars an effective blockade?

- Cars?
- MAN 5: Cars.

- On a campus?
- Sure.

- Strategically...
- Wait, how about your car?

It's a Ford Falcon, man. Go ahead.

You drive it up, Jack. I'll tip it over.

Well, I ain't gonna tip it over.

The reason why we're trying to
make change right here on the campus...

But we can't live
in the community, man.

What do you want?
What do you want us to do?


There's only one way to talk to
the Man and that's in his own language.

The Man's language is his guns,
you talk to him with a gun.

- It's very simple.
- That's right.

- Are you willing to die?
- Black people are dying.

A lot of black people
have died in this country.

Black people have earned
this leadership in blood.

We're not gonna give it up.

- Well, I'm willing to die too.
- Alone?

But not of boredom.

Who the hell is he?

He's okay, he's my roommate.
I guess meetings just aren't his trip.

Look, man, if he didn't come to join us,
he shouldn't have come at all.

Why the hell not?
How else is he gonna determine...?

What is this, "meetings aren't
his trip"? What is that?

If he wants to be a revolutionary,
he has to work with other people.

This is why he had
to come and find out.

What was any revolutionary
without other people?

What was Lenin without his organization?
Castro without his organization?

Even anarchists spend most of their lives
talking in meetings.

You ought to take him and go back...

and start teaching him
on the red book.

Teach him that if he's gonna
be a revolutionary...

there must be a revolutionary party.

That bourgeois individualism that
he's indulging in is gonna get him killed.

Resolutely struggle
against bourgeois individualism.

We had an open door on the third floor,
but it's secure now.

Does the door open to the roof?

Could you...? Well, I mean,
could I go up?

Company rules.

I wanted to get a book
I left up there at lunch.

What book? Why don't you
eat in the cafeteria?

How were your days off?

- Fine.
- See you later.

Well, who could give me permission?

- Good evening, Mr.Allen.
- Hello, Tom.

Working late tonight?

Hmm? Oh, yeah, sure. Keeping busy.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I hope so.

I was taking the place
of someone's secretary today...

and I went up to the roof.
I mean, at lunchtime.

- And I left something.
- A book.

- You do secretarial work, do you?
- It's not something I really dig to do.

I just work when I need the bread.


What was that?

A girl from my long gone past.

- What's her name?
- Alice.

My sister.

What's that?

It's an OR form in case of a mass bust.

They release you early
if you fill one out in advance.

- Be prepared, is that your slogan?
- Got to be realistic about it.

Look, the day you don't count on losing
is the day I'll join the movement.

What if joining isn't a choice? For
lots of people it's a matter of survival.

- That's what I mean.
- What?

It's serious, it's not a game.

I'm tired of it, man.

Kids rapping about violence
and cops doing it.

That chick at the meeting said
people only act when they need to.

But I need to sooner than that.

Well, anyway, our line's gonna be in front
of the administration building all day.


Control 1 to 1L51.

You are now clear, 1L51.
Continue patrol.

Continue patrol, 1L51.

Ten-four, 1L51 out.

- Yes?
- A friend was arrested this morning.

I was wondering
if his case had been settled.

- From one of the colleges?
- Yeah.

Being booked now.

It will be a little while, take a seat.

- You know how long it will take?
- Maybe five minutes, maybe five hours.

Shoo. Thank you.

Empty your pockets.


- William S. Pollit.
- Put your hands up on the cage.

- Pollit?
- P-O-L-L-I-T.

Any other name, also known as?

- None.
- Take off your glasses.


1152 South Stoneman.

- What city?
- Alhambra.

- Occupation?
- Associate professor of History.

That's too long, Bill.
I'll just put down "clerk."

- Any money in that wallet?
- Two dollars.

Some of these people over here
need medical attention.

You didn't say you was a doctor.

- Who are you?
- You got a friend of mine here.

- Came down to bail him out.
- You're not allowed here.

Thought if you were coming to bail...

You thought? You thought maybe
the rules didn't apply to you?

You thought you're someone special?
Go on, move on.

Hey, man, anything I can do to help?

Now you get a chance
to see your friend.

Let me go.

- Pig!
- MAN 1: Pig.

Shit, full of crap.

Keep your hands up there.

Brutality. Busy day.

- Name?
- Karl Marx.

How do you spell it?

- Ha-ha-ha.
- All right.


- Ha-ha.
- He believed you.

Bye. Bye.

Help you, boys?

We need some guns right away,
for self-defense.

Well, the law is, you buy the guns now,
then we check it out with Sacramento.

See that the record is clean.
You can pick it up in four or five days.

But the law was made for peacetime,
this is an emergency.

See, we live in a neighborhood
that's, you know, borderline.

You know what I mean?
We gotta protect our women.

Sure as hell I'm gonna see
that you don't go defenseless.

For your purposes, fellas...

I wouldn't recommend
anything smaller than a .38.

Say, boys.

One other thing about the law,
it says you can protect your house.

So if you shoot them in the
backyard, drag them inside.

Okay, thank you.

Enjoy the full relaxation
of outdoor living.

Bask in the desert sun
by your own private pool.

Why be caught up
in the rat race of city life...

when you can enjoy life
the Sunnydunes way?

Play tennis on emerald green lawns.

Drink fresh mountain water
from oaken buckets.

Breathe the unpolluted air
of the high desert.

Take your son quail shooting
in the wide open spaces.

Who knows,
you might even bag a mountain lion.

Get out in the sun
and water your own private garden.

Become an independent man.

Forge a life of your own,
like the pioneers who molded the West.

You girls will really enjoy
the fully equipped Sunnydunes kitchen.

Plenty of space for cooking for junior
and for that man of the house.

Play a round of golf on the regulation-size
Sunnydunes 9-hole golf course.

And you can putt to your heart's content
on the special practice putting greens.

So stop driving yourself crazy
in that miserable crowded city.

Move out today and start your life over
with our Sunnydunes house in the sun.

- Are you taking up flying, Bob?
- No, Jane.

That's me personally scanning the desert
for potential Sunnydunes lots.

Just call Sunnydunes 848-68.

What's the number again, Bob?

That's Sunnydunes
Land Development Company...

Box 82, Los Angeles, California.

The freeway
connecting Los Angeles to the foothills...

has moved 50,000 residents
to other locations...

while the homes and businesses
have been moved or destroyed...

according to figures received
by the Housing Administration.

With hundreds...
Thousands of our young men return...

- Did you see this?
- What's that?

We have seven centimillionaires now.

- Who's we?
- California.

Texas just had four.
New York still has the most.

Well, so far, that is.

Heh. That's right.

Although a disturbance near the cafeteria
brought in over 200 campus policemen...

highway patrolmen
and sheriff's deputies.

Twenty-five students were arrested
along with three faculty members...

believed to be members
of a militant organization.

The governor spoke
at the businessman's luncheon...

and said the time has come
to remove the campus problem students.

Kaynox checks the weather
from the Kaynox weather tower at...

I've gotta go down there
and see for myself.

After that call, keep the line free,
I might have to call back.

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, Tom. How are you?

I'm glad you returned my call.

You called a few days ago.

I talked to you
about square B composition...

on the New York Stock Exchange?

Well, it's getting real active now
and l'd like to see you pick up some.

Uh... Care to see them again?

No thanks, Tim. We'll call your boss
if we decide to make any changes.

Morning, boys.

- Wanna see these?
- Later, I've got that conference.

- What time is your plane?
- Couple of hours.

- Yes, sir?
- Natalie, where's Daria?

I don 't know, sir. I haven 't seen her.

- Try her at home, will you?
- Yes, sir.

I called Daria's home, sir,
but there's no answer.

- Perhaps she's sick and she doesn't...
- That's all right, Natalie.

- Goodbye.
- What?

Hello? This is Sunnydunes offices calling.

Do you know where I could reach Daria?

No idea, I'm crashing here.
She left really early this morning.

She left? What flight did she take?

Flight? She took my car.

You mind telling me who this is
I'm talking to?

Yeah, I mind.Hello.

Three million
more people in the next 10 years?

Standard research
shows this to be even higher.

Yes, I've heard that.

- These figures for the whole state?
- Just Southern California.

- You know what that means?
- What?

That means development of at least...

Oh, at least a quarter of a million acres.

Yeah, well, now
our position in the market...

would create a capital expenditure
of 5 billion for us over a 10-year period.

- Yes, it's pretty fantastic.
- We can handle that.

This doesn 't consider
the state and federal expenditures...

cost of living index or inflation.

Move back. Move back.

Come on, move back.

- Split.
- Get the film.

I've got some barricaded suspects
inside the library.

Possibly armed.
Request assistance, Code 3.

Power to the people. Power to the people.

Power to the people.

Clear the area around this building.

Block off the entrance.
Everybody, back up now.

Take it easy.

You men, come with me.

This is Lieutenant Bell,
Metropolitan Police Department.

You are in violation of Section 415
of the penal code.

We know you're armed.

If you don't throw your weapons out
immediately and give yourselves up...

we'll be forced to get
you out by other means.

Get down on your stomach.

Put yourselves down on the sidewalk.

Face down.

He's got a gun.

Stay down on the sidewalk
and don't move.

Get on the radio
and call for reinforcements.

officer involved in shooting.

Request additional help, Code 3.

Broadway and Prairie. End of the line.

What kind of bread?

I don't know. Hero bread.

Make mine rye.
A lot of mayonnaise, huh?

Hey, why so light on the meat, pop?

I ain't on no diet.

You want extra, you pay extra.

We're paying, don't sweat it.

- Hello?
- Morty?

- Where are you?
- Tampa.

Better cool it, somebody said
you're on TV. Was it really you?

- What?
- On the news.

- Are you sure?
- He said the guy looked just like you.


Hello? Mark? Hello?

Hey, can I ask a favor of you?


I was wondering if you'd trust me
for the price of a sandwich?

Not that I don't trust you personally...

but if I trusted you, I'd have to trust
everybody in the whole world.


- Where do you think you're going?
- Just a little scenic flight. Wanna come?

- No, thanks.
- Okay.

Lilly 7, Lilly 7, Hawthorne Tower.
Abort your takeoff. Abort your takeoff.

Traffic landing opposite direction.
Cherokee 06, Hawthorne Tower.

Turn off as soon as safely able.

Traffic departing opposite direction.
Lilly 7, traffic landing...

Well, I don't know. Are we
satisfied with the cost projections?

- Yes.Yes.
- Steve can answer that.

Yes, we funded for 200 million.
Set aside 40 against contingencies.

Oh, no, wait a minute.
Why tie up $40 million for contingencies?

I mean, what contingencies?

We found certain
areas where there are...

- differences in the water table.
- Hello?

- Tests have shown factors....
- Hi. I'll take this in my office.

We haven't been able to figure
the cost of blasting the rock slopes.

When will we have the figures?

Oh, Edie. We can't make exact estimates
until phase one is 65...

- What's up, Daria? Where are you?
- I'm in some ghost town.

I just called to say I may be a
little late in Phoenix.


I'm looking for a little town...

that sounds like Glenville or Balliville
or something like that.

Something with a "ville" in it.

You know the desert. That ring a bell?

A ville? Wait a minute, hold on.

A ville.

What do you mean? Like a Danville?

Somewhere in the desert, man.

Danville's in Connecticut.

Or maybe it's "hill." Something Hill.

Hill. Hill. Why do you wanna go to a
town you don't know the name of for?

Have you got somebody to meet?

My friend said it's a fantastic
place for meditation.

- What do you do on a meditation?
- You think about things.

You think about... Daria.

Give me the number
where you're calling from.

I'll find out the name and call you back.

No, you'll probably have
a helicopter sent out here to pick me up.

- Come on, Daria.
- Heh-heh.

Thirty cents,
please, for the next three minutes.

Just a second, operator.

Look, give me the number,
then hang up and I'll call you back.

That way, I can pay for the call.

See you in Phoenix.

Say, do you know of a place around here
called Glenville or Balliville...

or something like that?

- Ballister?
- That's it.

Sure do.

- You're standing in it.
- Oh, yeah?

You didn't come here to see
one James Patterson, did you?

How do you know?

You look like the type.

Well, you can tell him for me
he's gonna be the death of this town.

He's gonna ruin a piece
of American history.


Do you remember Johnny Wilson?

Johnny Wilson? No.

That's me.

I was middleweight champion
of the world in 1920.

- Middleweight champion of the world?
- That's right.

- That's great.
- Thank you.

On account of being a do-gooder.

He brought these kids out here
from Los Angeles.

Said they were sick. Emotionally sick.

You know what that means?

But if Los Angeles don't want them,
why should we want them?

Goddamn it.

Goddamned criminals.

Come around here again and I'll....

So I guess you've seen for yourself.

That window cost me 30 bucks.


Hey, listen.

Hey, come back.


Hey, kid. Where's Jimmy?

Where's the man who brought you here?
Doesn't he stay with you?

Can we have a piece of ass?

- You'd know what to do with it?
- Yes.

What are you doing?


Jesus Christ! Who the hell was that?




What the hell was that?

Thanks for the nightie,
but I don't think I can use it.

How come? Wrong color?

Wrong sex. Heh-heh.

- Which way you headed?
- Phoenix.

Phoenix? What for?
There's nothing in Phoenix.

Look, l'm in a little trouble here...

and since you've come along
with a car...

give me a lift
so I can get some more gas.

- How far?
- I don't know.

This gentleman says maybe 20 miles.


The radio said somebody stole a plane
in L.A. this morning.

Did you really steal
that thing? How come?

I needed to get off the ground.

Stop it.

"This is an area of ancient lake beds
deposited 5 to 10 million years ago."

"These beds have been tilted
and pushed upward by earth forces..."

"and eroded by wind and water."

"They contain borates and gypsum."

Borates and gypsum?

Two old prospectors who lost their way.

How do these plants
make it in the sand?

They're so beautiful.

What do you do besides fly airplanes?

Until yesterday, I drove a
forklift truck at a warehouse.

Done other things.

- Been to college?
- Some.

Why did you leave? Grades?

Extra-curricular activities.

Like what?

Like stealing hardcover books
instead of paperbacks.

Making phone calls on the chancellor's
stolen credit-card number...

whistling in class.

And bringing illegal things on the campus
like a dog, a bike, a woman.

What's wrong with that?

- We did it in the road.
- Ha-ha-ha.

They finally kicked me out
after I broke into the dean's office...

and reprogrammed the computer.

Put them uptight.

You know why? I made all the
engineers take art courses.

- She's gonna follow me down.
- Okay.


So tell me the rest
of your criminal record.

Once I changed my color, but it
didn't work, so I changed back.

Did you hear that the Mexican air force
is bombing the grass along the border?

I wonder what else is going on
in the real world.

Hear any news about the strike?

Not much. I prefer music.

It's like they don't even report it unless
two- or three-hundred people get hurt.

Yeah, some kind of record.

Or a cop.

Oh, a cop did get killed
and some bushes were trampled.

I was trying to find a rock station.

I think they said the guy
who killed the cop was white.

Oh, white man taking up arms
for the blacks, huh?

Just like old John Brown.

Wanna go down by that riverbed?

- See you at the bottom.
- Wait a minute.


Hey. Hey, whatever-your-name-is.

Hey, tough guy.

Are you all right?

Want some smoke?

You know you're talking to a guy
who's under discipline.

What's that?

A joke, I guess...

but this group I was in
had rules about smoking.

They're on a "reality trip."

Hmp. What a drag.

Let's go find some shade.

What do you mean, reality trip?

Oh, yeah, they can't imagine things.

Were you in with that group?
Why didn't you get out?

I wasn't really in the group.

I just couldn't stand their bullshit talk.
Really bored the hell out of me.

But when it gets down to it,
you'd have to choose one side.

There's a thousand sides,
not just heroes and villains.

Stow that rap.

- What's your name?
- Daria.

Point is, if you don't see them
as villains, you can't get rid of them.

You think if you can get rid of them,
we'll have a whole new scene?

Why not? Can you think of
any other way we can go about it?

Who's we? Your group?

You and me, babe.

You and me?

Don't you feel at home here?

It's peaceful.

It's dead.

Okay, it's dead.

So let's play a death game.

You start at one end of the valley
and I'll start at the other.

And we'll see who can kill the most.

We'll start on lizards and snakes
and then move up to mice and rabbits.

At the end, we'll count up
how many deaths each of us has.

And the winner will
get to kill the loser.

Did I make a mistake?
You don't wanna play that game?

I don't wanna play any games at all.

It was nice of you to come with a guy
that doesn't turn on.

I'm pretty tolerant.

What are you doing here?
Phoenix, was that real?

My boss wants me there.
Some conference.

You are pretty tolerant.

Pretend your thoughts are like plants.


What do you see?
Neat rows, like a garden?

Or wild things,
like ferns and weeds and vines?

I see sort of a jungle.

It'd be nice if they could
plant thoughts in our heads...

so nobody would have bad memories.

They could plant, you know,
wonderful things you did...

like a happy childhood,
real groovy parents...

only good things.

Yeah, to make you forget
how terrible it was.

That's the point, nothing's terrible.

Far out.

Sometimes I feel like
screaming my head off.

Well, now's your chance.
Go ahead. There's nobody around.

Look, no man's land. Nothing.

- But someone...
- Who?

A ghost? A dead pioneer?

Hoo! Hoo-hoo!



Whoa! Ha-ha-ha!

So anyway....

So anyway....


"So anyway" ought to be one word.

The name of some place or a river.

"Soanyway River."


- All that's left of that poor old prospector.
- Hmm.

- Borates?
- Mm-hm.

Is that gypsum?

Well, it ain't table salt.

Would you like to go with me?


Wherever I'm going.

Are you really asking?

Is that your real answer?

You can't do that.

Oh, of course not.
You're not the boss of me.

Take your clothes off.

I always knew it'd be like this.


The desert.

Oh, they should build a drive-in up here.
Ha. They'd make a mint.

- Why don't you do it?
- Me?

Oh. Ha-ha. No.

That'd be something else.

Having trouble?

Oh, no. I was just going
to the bathroom.

Where's your car?

I left it along with my driver's
license, BankAmericard...

traveler's checks, social security
number, birth certificate and....


Man, you're really crazy.

Is it loaded?


Digging for water?

I'm gonna bury it.

Why did you ask me about the strike?
Were you there?


The guy who killed the cop....

No. I wanted to,
but somebody else was there.

- But they said that...
- They? Who's they?

On the radio.

I never got off a shot.

You'll need them. You're gonna have
a hard time making them believe you.

I ain't gonna try.

Why? I believe you.

Let's go back to the car.

We can drive out of here.

If you cut your hair,
they'd never recognize you.

Do I need a haircut?

No, you look beautiful.

They might not even think it's a plane.

Strange prehistoric bird spotted
over Mojave Desert with its genitals out.

You are just crazy enough
to take this thing back to L.A.


You don't borrow
someone's private plane...

take it for a joyride, and never
come back to express your thanks.

It's nice to see a young man
who shows some respect.

- That's a great thing, man.
- Sure is.

Do you really think you have a chance?

I'll set it down far enough from the tower
so I can make it into this field.

From there, I got it made. Back
before they know what's happening.

But why take it back?

Just ditch it here
and ride with me to Phoenix.

- You don't have to take the risk of...
- I wanna take risks.

Well, isn't she beautiful?


Did you use the plane very often, sir?


Was it insured for liability and theft?

Of course it was.
It was a small plane...

but they don't come cheap,
I can tell you.

My wife was in love with that thing.

In fact, I had it painted
her favorite color: Pink.

So you actually talked with the kid?

- Yeah, I talked with him.
- What did he say?

He asked me if he could go for a ride.

He acted like it was his plane.

And you believed him?


Then why did you let him go?

Oh, I don 't know.

- Do you remember what he was wearing?
- Yeah, he had on a shirt and dark hair.

About how old would you say he was?

Oh, about 30, I guess.

Or maybe younger. Twenty, 21?

The Four-H Club...

is sponsoring a rodeo
in Kakoak Sunday afternoon...

at the Shepper High stadium.

There will be lots of horses
and dusty fun for all.

And cotton candy too, I'll bet, huh.

This kid's gotta be out of his head
just to bring it back.

Cherokee 06, you're cleared to land.

Cherokee 5-Niner...

Tower has just spotted Lilly 7
coming in for a landing.

He's nearing the pattern now
from the south.


That's a big no.
Incoming traffic's in a holding pattern.

KHT 759, this is KHT 652.
Come in, please.

KHT 652, this is KHT 759.

You should see this thing.
You wouldn 't believe it.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.

It's got all those funny jokes
painted over it.

Call an ambulance.

Get a tire iron from the car.

All airliners.

An apparent hijacking attempt
has ended with one youth dead.

After repeated attempts by the police
to block the plane without success...

several shots were fired into the cockpit
by an unidentified police officer...

killing the youth immediately.
Stay tuned for full details...

as they are received
at Keynox News Central.

We turn you now to John Faney.

Oh, what was it like anyway?

Don't ask her.

- Don't ask.
- What?

I wonder, yes.

Oh, someone would call.

Well, he's coming right now.

Oh, yes, yes.

He's gonna tell us everything
that happened the other night.

I can find a place for that.

- Yes.
- Light your own.

Very interesting. Nicky, you know,
said she wasn't there.

But I walked out by the pool.

Well, Lee, if these are
your final conditions...

I don't see how I can possibly
submit them to our associates.

This proposal is just unacceptable.

You know as well as I do that the price
of anything is never high or low...

except in relation to
its potential use, right?

Well, the only question for you is, is
this land of value to your people or not?

Frankly, I don't think that it is.

We don't wanna get in over our heads
any more than you people do.


He talked about potential use.

This is speculation.

We shouldn't pay any more
than speculation prices.

What do you think, counselor?
Shall we call their bluff?

How are you, Jack?



Well, what...? What happened to you?
Did you try and go swimming?

Anyway, you arrived finally.
That's the important thing.

Now, listen.
Go downstairs, change clothes.

Your room is the first on the right
at the bottom of the stairs, okay?

Now we realize it's got great potential,
with the marina, with the pier, et cetera.

It blends itself with casual living
and yet it's affluent.

As a matter of fact, I'm quite
enthusiastic about this project.

But the next thing you know we'll be
finding gold on this property.

So if we find water there,
we can certainly find gold.

Well, in this country, water is gold.

Development of an airstrip or roads.

The marina development
and the shore areas...

would, of course, be a subsequent
facet of the entire project.

William wilson