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The son of Isban-based Hasanshah, multi-linguist healer, Zabak, who was born after his parents' Haj trip, falls in love with wealthy Zainab, the daughter of Hakim-e-Alla, much to the chagrin of Mirza Qasim Beg. He complains to her father, who has both father and son arrested and humiliated. Unable to handle the sentence of shaving his head and beard, Hasanshah kills himself, and Zabak is exiled. His mother, unable to bear the separation, blinds herself. Zabak reluctantly joins a group of bandits led by Usmanshah Saudagar after preventing the sexual molestation of his daughter, Sameena. When the group comes to know that Qasim is to wed Zainab, they attack and loot the community, and Zainab is abducted by a crippled bandit. With the help of Khacharshah and Salma, Zabak helps Zainab flee from captivity and both renew their romance. But not for long - for soon Zabak will be on the run from an enraged Usmanshah, while Zainab will be abducted by Shahzada Parvez - the only son of Sultan-e-Yaman - who wants to make her his Mallika by any and all means.

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The bird is beautiful. Free it.

Brother, you speak Farsi very well.

- Farsi is very good language.
- Right. Right.

- Right.
- Wonderful. Wonderful. What nice fruits!

Yes, it is very good.

Eat. If you don't
then you shall regret it.

Eat it.


Give me all that you've got, Zabak.

Oh, Katan, you wanderer, you thief.

- I've stolen from him. Did you like it?
- Very much.

But keep it away from my heart.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

- Greetings, mister.
- Greetings, Zabak.

- How is your wound?
- It getting better by the day.

Zabak, if your father
hadn't treated my wound..

I wouldn't have been
here but in the graveyard.

God has blessed my father's hand.

You're right.
But you're not bad either.

- Like father like son.
- Thank you for praising me.

- Allow me to leave.
- Goodbye.

Excuse me, sir.. excuse me, sir.

Were you talking to me? Tell me.

Great. You look like a jolly person.

You know all languages.

Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu.

Mishiri, Vamani, Turkic and all..

Then keep counting.

My regards to you.

- Salma.
- Tell me.

Give my regards to Zainab
and offer this flower to her.

They wobble at a glance of beauty,

- They wobble.
- Stupid, can't you see?

Commander, you can't see anything
when there is lightening.

What are you saying?
Where is it lightening?

Here, there.. There it is going away.

Imp, you'll know the brightness
of the lightening now.

Not sharp enough. Wait..

Take this.

This will make it sharp again.

- Where is Haji?
- Greetings.

Greetings to you too. Haji.


Haji. Haji.

Haji. Haji.

Strange boy.
Wonder where has he gone..

Leaving the customers alone.

- Who is Haji?
- My son.

- Zabak?
- Yes. When we went for Haj..

God answered our prayers.

That's why we call him Haji.

Hasan Shah, your son has
gone to malign your honour.

- What? I didn't get you.
- Then listen.

- God. God. What is this?
- Oh, gosh.

The beauty is praying
for the pride of God..

That too from the tombs?

Can I ask what you have prayed for?

That.. God, keep that boat
which is eager to reach ashore..

Away from the storm.

But I'm riding my boat in a storm..

Called love.

When a person is engulfed
in a storm, he prays.

Oh, God Almighty, in Your presence..

This being of yours only prays
for one thing.

You can test me anyway you want.

But make me reach my destiny
with my pious love.


What games is fate
playing with lovers?

It inculcates love in the heart
and then..

Says that keep the flower
away from the world..

Or else it will whither.

Zainab, how long will
we hide from the people?

You can hide from the people,
but not from God.

Hasan Shah,
saw what your Haji is up to?

An ordinary person is
committing the mistake of..

Falling in love
with a king's daughter.

All humans stand equal in love.

- There is no one big or small.
- Stop your nonsense.

Come with me.

You should remember your status.

Doesn't a commander's
love meet your standards?

Didn't you see how an intelligent
father slapped his son?

- Like this.
- Oh, no.

Did you hear?
Your son wants to touch the moon.

You've pampered him a lot.
Are you listening to me?

I've been listening since long.

You're taunting my Haji as if
he is not our son but our enemy.

We'll know.. when the tiger
and the elephant will fight.

He'll be ripped apart.

I cannot be ripped apart by anyone.

Wonderful, my son.
Who are you so proud of?

I'm proud of the power of God,

We toil hard and make a living.

We too stay in Iswahaan.

And he is the king of this place.

He must be the king in his house.

He has two hands and so do we.

But 10,000 men can launch swords
at one signal of his.

Can't you see that?

When he auctions the parlour..

And sets the house on fire
and your Haji will be..

This is not a good omen.


- Don't meet Zainab again.
- But Mother, I..

- I..
- What is this "I" that you're stuck at?

Look, Son. Your father's honour
lies in your hands.


Now, you should stop being
in touch with Zainab.

You're under the oath of your mother.

- What have you said, Mother?
- Your mother is right.

Our well-being lies in that.

Allow me to meet Zainab just once.

- What for?
- To bid farewell.

- That's impossible.
- Why are you always so cruel?

Nothing will happen
if they meet once.


The king has asked for you.

Okay. You may leave, I'll be there.

- Greetings, King.
- Greetings to you too.

- Where were you, Hasan?
- Well..

He is our guest. Royal merchant.
Usman Shah.

I've praised your parlour
and brought him here.

Thank you very much.
Tell me what I can do for you.

First, massage him.

He is going to go back
to Taharam tonight itself.

Please come.

How is that possible?
First, massage my generous King.

Then please come with me.

Look dear, it's not good
to argue with the king.

And it's not good to
refuse the guest either.

And you're elder to me.

- All are equal in our parlour.
- Wonderful. Well said.

This is called prompt answer.

- Who are you?
- He is the owner's son. Zabak.

- Very good.
- Usman Shah, you should..

Talk to people of lower caste
from a distance.

Right, if you talk to them,
they forget where they stand.

There is no one big or small
by profession, commander.

- Zabak.
- There are only two religions in this world.

Humans and demons.

The ones who do good deeds
are humans.

And the ones who do bad deeds are..

Worse than demons.

But Zabak,
it's difficult to distinguish..

Between the good and the bad.

But not impossible.

Men make the impossible possible.

They are not men at heart,
but they grow moustaches.

Those who stare have a keen sight.

Hey. Now,
you've crossed all the limits.

Bang on target.

Now, he's really head down in water.

Look, even the water is dancing
with joy on our meeting.

No, Zainab, it is squirming today.

In jealousy of our pious love?

No.. in the sadness
of our last meeting.


How should I explain
it to you, Zainab..

There is a stone wall of
riches standing between us.

It is not difficult
for us to break this wall.

I'll tell father
about our pious love.

And I'm sure that
he'll take my happiness to be his.

Zainab, don't forget
that your father is a king.

And a king only looks
at people of higher class.

I got to know of this in the parlour.

- Zabak..
- Try to forget me.

- But Zabak..
- Forget me.

"I'm going far away
from your world."

"I'm helpless."

"Always remember me."

"I'm going far away
from your world."

"I'm helpless."

"Always remember me."

"Wherever you go, my love."

"You're under my oath,
always remember me."

"Wherever you go, my love."

"You're under my oath,
always remember me."

"I'm going far away
from your world."

"When the springs will come,
they shall talk of you."

"When the springs will come,
they shall talk of you."

"In solitude,
your memories will make me cry."

"Will make me cry.
Will make me squirm."

"We would enjoy the spring."

"We would define love."

"Always remember."

"Wherever you go, my love.."

"You're under my oath,
always remember me."

"I'm going far away
from your world."

"Take my well wishes with you."

"Why complain to anyone?"

"Take my well wishes with you."

"Why complain to anyone?"

"It's neither your mistake
nor mine."

"What had to happen has happened."

"What had to happen has happened."

"Why complain to anyone?"

"My love is crying."

"My heart calls out,
always remember me."

"I'm going far away
from your world."

"I'm helpless."

"Always remember me."

"Wherever you go, my love.."

"You're under my oath,
always remember me."

"I'm going far away
from your world."

You foolish girl.

You want to tarnish my image.

Sir, Zainab is not at fault.
This worthless man is at fault.

The one who thinks
he is equal to the king.

Take this accused away, the court
of law will decide about him.

I've done my job.

I hope you too will
fulfil your promise.

Kasim, you'll get married to Zainab.

But had I not given my word..

I would have never
let my daughter..

Marry a gossiper like you.

I bow down to the decision made
by the king.

This world belongs to God.
The country to the King.

Justice will be done by the judge.

The order is given by the king.

Accused Zabak thought
he was an equal to the king.

And insulted his status.

That's why according to Suhan's law..

Zabak should be dragged
on his knees..

Beaten by whips
and debarred from the city.

The father of the accused purposely..

Helped his son
with his illegitimate deeds.

Hence, Hasan Shah is
to be made bald..

And is to be ridden on a donkey.

So that henceforth
no lower caste person..

Dares to insult
an upper class person.

Signed by the king.
Mahmood Shah Suhani.

My misfortune. God, have mercy.

Have patience, dear.
Have faith in God.

This is unjust. It is my fault.

Why is my father being punished?

You can kill me if you want.


Have mercy.

- Forgive me, Father.
- It's not your fault, son.

It is bravery to endure your fate
in silence.

Keep quiet, criminal.

Shave his head
and follow the King's order.

No.. no.

No, no.

I've always lived in honour.

I've given so much to the palace.

And I'm being humiliated for that.

For God's sake, instead of
this punishment, behead me.

It will be a favour.

Hasan, not even the King can
go against a judge's decision.

Then look at my final decision
with your bloodshot eyes.

God Almighty.

Oh, God.


God Almighty.


Wait, Kasim.

Now, Zabak will be punished
only after his father's funeral.


There is only one God
and Mohammad is His only prophet.

God is with the patient ones.

Have patience, dear.


- Haji.
- Mother.

My son. You're a child of Iswahaan.

Look towards the motherland
and go on.

So that you've the memory
of your country..

And I've a image of you
in my eyes.


- Haji.
- Mother.

- Son.
- Mother.


God Almighty,
have mercy on my Zabak.


Zabak. Zabak.

Zabak. Zabak.

Oh, my motherland, be witness..

To the fact that
I'm being forced to part with you.

- Father.
- Thank God.

Chief, look how bravely
is he fighting.

Come, let's see who he is.

Take him away.

I'll punish him such
that all disloyal men..

Like him will learn
a lesson from it.

Well-done, Zabak.

You're not only good at art of
conversation, but at fencing too.

How did you recognise me?

Merchant Usman Shah.
What kind of a secret is this?

Bang on target.

This is the first mask
I've unmasked.

But.. You are here,
and in this state?

I'll tell that later.
But who was he?

He was once my right-hand man.

But from today, he has become
a rogue and a disloyal.

He was kidnapping
my daughter Samina.

And then you came as her saviour.

And protected
the honour of our tribe.

I'll never forget
this favour of yours.

Make arrangements
for Zabak to stay with us.

He is my special guest.

- Come with me, I'll take care of you.
- Thank you. But who are you?

- I'm Mr. Khachar Shah, the royal Shah.
- What?

People often call me Khataralu.

Hey. You're humiliating me
in front of everyone.

I'll give you such a kick
which you'll never forget.

You made me fall and others laugh.

Come on, come with me.

The distance is as vast as
from the ground to the sky.

But I feel as if
you're sitting close to me.

You got so scared
as soon as you saw me.

- Why won't you?
- I didn't understand, dear.

The distance is as vast
as from the ground to the sky.

But I feel as if
you're sitting close to me.

Forgive me. I heard your feelings
expressed out aloud.

That girl must be very fortunate..

Whose memories linger on the lips
of a brave man as a poetry.

You're sharp.

That's because I'm a woman.

Here, I saw you and forgot,
father wants..

To hear your story from you.

- And I too.
- Even I would wish to know..

Why did Mr. Usman Aaga,
the chief of dacoits..

Come to Iswahaan in disguise?

Brave men of the tribe, Usman..

Today is the day of
double celebration for us.

Firstly, this brave young man Zabak..

Risked his life
and saved my daughter's honour.

You can say that he saved
the honour of our tribe.

Service to humanity is my prime duty.

Of course.

And the other good news is that..

The purpose for which
I went to Iswahaan..

In disguise, has been achieved.

Brave men, now we should
get ready to attack Iswahaan.

We're ready.

- Attack Iswahaan?
- Yes, attack Iswahaan.

You too will support us, won't you?

- But I'm not a dacoit.
- Bang on target again.

You're very naTTve.

Iswahaan is my country.

Where you were humiliated.

But I can't dishonour
my motherland for that.

Bang on target again.

I won't dishonour your motherland.

We'll just loot its gems and jewels.

And distribute it
among our tribe members.

- May the glory of our chief..
- Last forever.

Hail the chief.

- I'm coming from Iswahaan.
- What news have you brought?

- Entire Iswahaan is celebrating.
- The reason for celebration?

Tomorrow night, commander Kasim Baig
is going to get married.

- With whom?
- With the king's daughter Zainab.

With Zainab?

Heard that, brave men's?

Fate is favouring us.

Tomorrow night,
when entire Iswahaan..

Will be busy celebrating
the wedding, we'll attack them.

Chief, even I will come with you.

Well-done, this is
what I expected from you.

Prepare for the attack.

Loot them. Loot them.

And loot from them
as much as you want.

But as per our principles,
don't return alive unsuccessful.


Quickly go and seal the door.

We're quits today.

- Who are you?
- The one whom you thought..

As an ordinary
and a low caste person.

Zabak. A dacoit?

Sir. Sir. .what happened, sir?
Get up. Get up.

- He thought that he killed me.
- Who?

- The foolish Zabak.
- Zabak?

But he doesn't know that
Kasim can even cheat his death.

Leave me.

Wretch. You're hiding behind this.
Come on.

- Leave me.
- Shut up I say. Come on.


Don't worry, Mahmood Shah.
I don't wish to kill you.

- Why?
- Because I've been your guest once.

Who are you?

Merchant Usman Shah?

Yes. I've come to trade Iswahaan.

What's all this, Kasim?
Who are they?

They? They brought
an opportunity for me.


- Betrayal.
- Not a betrayal..

But a revenge for insult.
You called me a gossiper.

You didn't give your consent
for the alliance happily.

You were forced for it.

No one can live
after insulting Kasim.

Murshad. Sage Murshad.

- Greetings.
- Greetings to you too.

Why are you not facing me?

Because you're hiding your face.

- Who are you?
- The one who can't show you his face.

But Murshad, for God's sake,
tell me where's Zabak's mother.

- Why?
- I've brought her son's message for her.

He has brought my son's message?

My Zabak's message. Who is it?

Who is my son's friend? Who is it?

Oh, God.

She can't see. A pity.

She did this to herself.

Yes, what's the use seeing
the world..

For a woman who can't see her
husband and her son.

Why don't you say something?

Murshad, who is he?

- A dacoit.
- A dacoit? No. No, no.

He is not my Haji's friend.

The one who was born to me..

In Mecca, he..
He can't be a dacoit's friend.

But he has brought
your son's message, dear.

No. No.

He is a tormentor
who is stealing my son's body.

Look.. look.. even my blind eyes
can see an innocent being tortured.

I wish I couldn't hear too.

Or my Zabak would have been here.

Then he would have washed
the land of Iswahaan with your blood.

Go. Go away from here.

For God's sake, go away from here.

Don't dirty this pious place
with your presence.

Go. Go from here.

Come on.

People, we've got what we wanted.
Let's go from here.

Sir. Sir. Let's go.
Chief is going back.

How long will you keep examining me?

Two doctors are here and none..

Of you can remove a minute object?

Chief, if we make
even a small mistake..

It will be dangerous for your life.

And if its not removed,
the poison will spread and..

- I'll die. Right?
- Father. Don't say that, Father.

Dear, why do you cry?

Dacoit lives in the shadow of death.

But I won't let you die.

Can you even stop the angel of death?

No one can stop the angel of death.

But only a brave can fight it.

I'll remove this arrow.

But you're not a doctor.

I'm Jarah Hasan Shah Suhani's son.

And we've been
treating since generations.

Well-done, Zabak.
This is called bravery.

Make the preparations
to remove the arrow.

Langardeen, keep that
mirror in front of me.

Why, chief?

I want to see
how good Zabak is at this.

Wonderful, such are brave men.

May God be with you.

"What cannot happen if.."

". .A person tries hard?"

"What is it that.."

"Is impossible?"

"If the destiny wants.."

". .Destiny can change."

"The worst.."

". .Can change."

"A human is the one.."

". .Who can help someone."

"He can sacrifice himself.."

". .And save someone's life."

Well-done, Zabak.

Friends, celebrate.

Guardian angel Zabak has saved
our beloved chief's life.

So, dance.

Come on.

- Love live.
- Chief.


Give half of these to the poor.

And the other half
to our tribe members.

- Hail..
- Our chief.

- Hail..
- Our chief.



Give these clothes
and jewellery to my daughter.

Giving goods stolen
from a wedding to your daughter?

Bang on target again.

Zabak, the rich steal
poor person's destiny.

And we steal the wealth of the rich.

Father, even he is to be given
the honour for this loot.


I've been looted myself.

When will you understand, Zabak?

The one who fights
without fear wins.

Ask. Ask for whatever
you want today.

Not now.
I'll ask when the time is right.

As you wish.

What is it?

Hail the chief.

Taking so much trouble and pain..

I have brought her here.
She now belongs to me.

- He is a stupid king.
- I don't mind being stupid.

At least you agreed that I'm a king.

Khataralu, do you want
to keep her as your girl?

No, sir. No. I want to be her slave.

Okay, go. No problem.

But I don't accept it.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Nothing can happen now.
Chief has ordered.

Long live my chief. Live long.

Come on, dear.

What's so funny? Come on.

Look, one has left
and the other has come.

Come on. Come on.
Come on, stay there.

You talk too much.

Hail the chief.

I've arrested this beautiful girl.

Hence allow me to marry her.

If you've arrested her
then she belongs to you.

Hail to the chief. Get up. Come on.

Wait, Langardeen.

Remove her veil so that
we can see your bride.



Had I seen her first,
she would have been my..

- Chief.
- What is it, Zabak?


Chief, it's time I ask for my reward.

I never refused you. Ask for it.

She is king of
Iswahaan's daughter Zainab.


- So, is she your beloved?
- Yes.

Then she belongs to you, Zabak.

That's impossible.

If the chief doesn't keep his word..

Then the tribe members
will stop trusting him.

You're right.

You've given your word to me too.

You're right too.

I leave the decision
of that to this girl.

Zainab, you can marry
anyone you want.

The one who I loved was
not an enemy of our country.

The one who didn't
respect his motherland.

The one who covered
the land of Iswahaan with blood.

The one who saw women being widowed..

And children being orphaned,
I hate such a heartless person.


Instead of loving
a traitor and rebel..

I would prefer being
a slave to a dacoit.

Then come with me. Come.

- Look. Look. Look. Look.
- What?

- Hot water.
- Drown in it.

Oh, no.

Wash your face with the hot water.

- Why?
- Your anger will cool down.

- I won't.
- Then help me wash mine.

Come, what are you doing there?

You keep crying all day long.

Who does the household chores?

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Hey.. hey, you're crying.

Don't cry. I said don't cry.
Don't cry.

Hey.. hey.

Here. Here, more hot water.
Pour it on me.

- Why?
- Why? Because you'll laugh at me again.

- You're very nice, Khataralu.
- What did you say?

Khataralu? You called me Khataralu?

Enough. Enough. Now, I'm in heaven.

I'll be your slave if you marry me.

But I've one condition.

Why one, one million,
you can keep 1,000 conditions..

I will agree to it.

You'll free the innocent princess..

From that tortuous limp.

That's all? It is very easy for me.

But I need to think
of a very nice idea for that.

Hey, why do you come uncalled?

Can't you see
I'm thinking of an idea?

Come on, go and do your work.

He has come here to trouble me..
Making sounds.

What should I do?
What should I do, Salma?



Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

You've given me such a great idea.

I got it. I understood the idea.

But we'll need Zabak's help in this.

Really? What say, Brother?
What do you think?

Yes? Yes?
Look, Salma, he too agrees to it.

Wonderful. Wonderful. What brains!

Come, let me massage your feet.

Who are you?

- We stay on ground.
- And know about the sky.

Ask. Ask. Ask about your future.

- Will you be a king..
- Or a pauper.

If you marry, when will you marry?

- Who will you marry?
- And how will you marry?

- Oh, are you astrologers?
- Yes.

Wait, I'll come right away.

Hey, gloomy face, smile.

I'm going to fix the wedding date.

Hey dear, the pride of India,

China and Japan. Be generous.

"Tell me, my love, who are you?"

"A fairy."

"Tell me where have you come from?"

"From the sky."

- "Will you tell the feelings?
- I will."

- "Will you show your magic?
- I will."

"So, tell me what his destiny is?"

"Wonderful. Wonderful."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

- "The star of your destiny..
- Is bright."

"You'll get what you want."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You've lost your heart."

"What state is this?"

"In someone's black tresses."

"In someone's crooked walk."

"Whom are you
dreaming about like crazy?"

"What trap are you entrapped in?"

"It is a big mess."

"How did you come to know
that I'm in a bad state?"

- "The star of your destiny..
- Is bright."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You'll get what you want."

"Look what my fate lines say."

"What is my destiny?"

"What should I do of my destiny?"

"Your prey will be in your custody."

"In the golden shackle."

"That's written in your destiny."

"Don't worry, dear.
It's a matter of a few days."

- "The star of your destiny..
- Is bright."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You'll get what you want."


You? Why did you come here again?

To repent for my sins.

Go back. I don't even
want to see your face.

I'll make sure
to hide my face next time.

But for God's sake,
come with me now.

I've made arrangements
to send you to Iswahaan.


There is no time to think,
Zainab. Hurry up.


"When am I going to get married?"

"When will she be mine?"

"When will I get her?"

"Apply this magical
kohl in your eyes."

"You should remove
your moustaches too."

"You should get rid
of your beard too."

"Then watch our wonders."

- "The star of your destiny..
- Is bright."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You'll get what you want."

"You'll get her. You'll get her."

- "Will I get her?
- Surely, you'll get her."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You'll get what you want."


"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"The star of your destiny
is bright."

"You'll get what you want."

I'm dead. I'm dead.

- Red chilli powder.
- What chilli powder, Langardeen, pick him up.

I've something in my eyes.
Chilli powder.

- Pick him up.
- Chilli powder.

- You've thrown chilli powder in my eyes.
- Throw him.

What are you doing?

Mr. Langardeen, not yours,
now our destiny is bright.

Let's go. Come on.

Come on. Come on, hurry.

There he is. Come on, come on.

Both of you come down.
Come down. Hurry up.

- Don't worry, hurry up. Don't make noise.
- Make the arrangements.

- Hurry up.
- Come, let's quickly make the arrangements.

- Come.
- Yes, come. Come, come.

Come on. Come on.

- Come on. Come on. Hurry. Hurry. Yes.
- Hurry. Hurry.

Change your clothes fast.

Trust me, he is still decent.

Oh, so, Zabak was forced
to become a dacoit.

Yes. He has endured enough
punishment for his mistakes.

So, I misunderstood him.

Zabak, listen.. What?

Salma. Hey. Where are you taking me?

What's wrong with you?

You're strange. Leave me, Salma.

Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

- Oh, gosh.
- God help us.

- Oh, gosh.
- Can't you see? You purposely bumped into me.

No, I didn't.
Khataralu did it intentionally.

I'm not at fault,
but would still like to apologise.


- But you too..
- You too what?

I mean you too bumped into me.

Why would I? Salma did this.


Why? Why did Salma have to do that?

- Yes, tell me.
- Okay, wait.

I'll go and ask Salma.

- Don't go to her.
- Okay, then I'll ask Khataralu.

You're so naTTve.

Don't you understand
they did it intentionally?

Intentionally. May I ask why?

You need not worry. I'll take you
to Iswahaan as promised.

- Don't worry.
- But.. but Zabak. Zabak..

- Salma has told me the truth.
- What truth?

- Don't make me feel ashamed. I misunderstood you.
- But..

No buts. Now, I know you.

"I know you.
Whether you believe it or not."

"That's generous of you, my beloved."

"I know you.
Whether you believe it or not."

"That's generous of you, my beloved."

"Walk careful."

"Look, it's not good to bump
into anyone in the way."

"Walk carefully."

"Look, it's not good to bump
into anyone in the way."

"How would you fall?"

"You need excuses
to meet beautiful girls."

"This was a nice opportunity,
I know it."

"I know you.
Whether you believe it or not."

"That's generous of you,
my beloved."

"I'm all yours."

"Whether you believe it or not,
it depends on you."

"I'm all yours."

"Whether you believe it or not,
it depends on you."

"All the desires in your
heart are now my desires."

"I bestow my heart
and my life to you, my beloved."

"I know you.
Whether you believe it or not."

"That's generous of you,
my beloved."

"I know you.
Whether you believe it or not."

"That's generous of you,
my beloved."

- Oh, God. They are all my beloveds.
- What did you say?

You shout a lot.

They are Samina's women army.

- Stop your nonsense.
- Oh, God, I'm scared.

Take them all to the princess.

You too turned out to be a traitor.

You helped an enemy's daughter flee.

Tomorrow, you all will
be presented to father.

And your crimes will be
decided upon in the court.

Samina. Samina,
I saved your honour once.

You can save our honour today.

Nothing will happen
to you, just Zainab.

And I'm pleading to you for Zainab.

You need someone else,
and I need you.

No, Samina.
I wish to wash off my sins..

By sending Zainab to Iswahaan.

Support me just once.

What will I get in place of that?

- I've nothing with me.
- You have a lot.

- A lot? Then ask for it.
- Really?

- Try me.
- Zainab can be free..

If you agree to stay back here.

I agree. But..

She shouldn't know
this secret or else..

What will happen otherwise?

She won't go to Iswahaan
all by herself.

I agree.

Zainab, Samina has agreed to us.

She has freed all of us.

But I'll have to stay here
for sometime.

Khataralu, you and Salma
take Zainab to garden of Zeal.

- But when will you come?
- He'll come.

I'm making him stay back so
that father's fears are assuaged.

Samina, you've fulfilled my desire.

God will fulfil your desire too.

Brother Zabak, come soon. Goodbye.

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"I've started enjoying
this feeling a little."

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"I've started enjoying
this feeling a little."

"When the hearts united,
the flowers bloomed."

"I got to know new secrets."

"When the hearts united,
the flowers bloomed."

"I got to know new secrets."

"I swear by you, my love,
I learnt new ways of life."

"I lost my heart to your charms."

"I had no control over it."

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"I've started enjoying
this feeling a little."

"My heart is naTTve."

"This night is beautiful."

"This is a wonderful
moment of our lives."

"My heart is naTTve."

"This night is beautiful."

"This is a wonderful
moment of our lives."

"How will the emotions
be controlled?"

"This is the trouble we've to face."

"I got pain which has no cure,
other than your love."

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"What kind of intoxication
of love is this?"

"I've started enjoying
this feeling a little."


- What a beautiful sight!
- And the water is so clean too.

- I feel like taking a dip into it.
- Do you wish to drown?

Yes. Yes. No, no.
Now, I can't go anywhere without you.

Now, if God wants
to send me to hell..

I will ask Him to send
my Salma with me.

So, you want to send me to hell?

- Yes, but we'll go together, no problem.
- Really?

What is this? What is this?
What is this?

You're going to hit me.
You're going to hit me.

You're going to hit me.
Save me. Save me.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, gosh.

Thank God that
I reached here on time.

- Thank you.
- It is my pleasure to be of use to you.

May I know who are you?

I am king of
Iswahaan's daughter Zainab.

But I'm surprised that
which heartless person..

Threw the beauty of
the palace into a jungle.

Help. Help. Salma, save me.

- Who?
- There. Where? Where?

You've come at the right time.

Arrest this ill-mannered person.


Prince, order me. I'll behead this
ill-mannered girl immediately.

- He is Prince of Yemen.
- Then we're doomed.

This beautiful face is worthy
to be stored in the heart.

Take her to the royal palace.

- Sir, take us along.
- And Prince, should..

We take them along too?

I'm interested in the flower
and not the thorns.


Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

- Don't you have manners?
- What are you doing?

You wanted to get wet,
right? Do that now.

- Now.. What will happen now?
- Now?

Prince of Yemen took Zainab away.

- What will happen now?
- Now, you too take me away.

- What?
- Yes. What did you say? You stupid.

So, that clever girl
ran away from your house?

And you didn't do anything about it?

Chief, if that person wouldn't
have thrown chilli powder..

In my eyes then I would have
showed him my muscle power.

That's bang on target.

But where's Khataralu?

Father, as soon as
I heard that Zainab ran away..

I immediately sent Khataralu..

And Salma to search for her.

This is called a woman's thinking.

Zabak. I want to give you
a special responsibility.

Tell me.

After Iswahaan,
we'll loot Yemen now.

- Yemen. Long live..
- The chief.

You should make arrangements..

To go there
in disguise immediately.

I'll make you the head of the tribe
if you're successful.

And I'll give you my
most priced possession.

- Most priced possession?
- Yes. My daughter.

And what if
I don't help you in this?

Bang on target again.

Zabak, a tiger always hunts.
And a dacoit always loots.

Everyone loves what they do.

It's a human's duty to be honest.

I love honesty and no one else.

The one who doesn't follow Usman..

Aaga's order loses his life.

I'm already dead.
Now, I wait for salvation.

Arrest this rebel.


- Chief.
- Leave. Leave me.

Oh, God! My leg.

What happened, Father?

I've injured my leg.

A prey escapes a tiger's clutches..

And he won't do anything about it?
This is impossible.

And I go and get him arrested.

- Chief. Chief.
- Don't go, chief. Chief. Don't go.

Chief, the wound is deep.
Your leg might become useless.

What about the reputation of
mine that he has maligned?

Father, I'm your daughter after all.

Zabak has not only insulted you,
but me too.

I'll seek revenge from him.
Allow me to go to Yemen.

Well-done, dear.

That's Zabak. That's my horse.

- Zabak.
- Here I'm, Khataralu.

- Where's Zainab?
- Zainab. Where is Zainab?

Why? Where's Zainab?

A pity. Prince of Yemen has
taken her to the royal palace.

Prince of Yemen took her away?

Oh, God, what kind of
tests are you taking?

Do you want me to become
the royal traitor too?

I'm pleased with your choice, Parvez.

Today, I know that
Mahmood Shah Suhani's palace..

Had such a light that
could put a moon to shame.

Your Highness, this light
wishes to extinguish now.

Oh, no, what are you saying?

Your Highness, please give me death.

Oh, no. Oh, no.
I believe Parvez has misbehaved.

If it is a mistake to bring
Zainab to the royal palace..

From the garden of Zeal
then I'm guilty, Father.

It is not your fault, Parvez.
It is of Zainab's beauty.

I give you a chance
to think over it.

But remember emperors'
decisions don't change.

But Your Highness, even what is..

Once decided by the heart,
doesn't change.

Wonderful. Well said.

But time changes the decision made
by the heart.

Maids, make Zainab stay in our
special guest house with honour.

And all her wishes
should be fulfilled.

Keep in mind, till Zainab
doesn't give her consent..

Parvez cannot enter that palace.

It must have been
an auspicious hour..

That His Highness give
in to Prince's request.

And agreed for the alliance.
Now, you'll be our queen.


So, don't you love the young
and handsome prince?

No. Someone else rules my heart.

- Who is that lucky one?
- Where is he?

Far away,
but his image lies in my eyes.

Thank God we're safe.

We've at least reached
the royal gardens.

But how will
we enter the palace now?

The one who has to go will go,
why should we go?

What say, Bahadur?

You stay here.
I'll go and meet Zainab.

"May you be blessed
with the old memories."

"May you be blessed
with the new beginning."

"Don't miss me if it's possible."

"Even if you miss me, forget me."

"The riches of royal palaces.."

"Have snatched my childhood love."

"My childhood love."

"Don't blame me, my love.."

"I beg you to trust me."

"I beg you to trust me."

"You're high up there,
beyond my reach.."

". .And I lie deep down in oblivion."

"How can you know my agony?"

"You're high up there,
beyond my reach.."

". .And I lie deep down in oblivion."

"How can you know my agony?"

"Even if you don't believe.."

"I am yours and only yours.."

". .Even though I reside
among the rich."

"Don't blame me, my love.."

"I beg you to trust me."

"I beg you to trust me."

"I want you to take me with you."

"My heart requests you this."

"I want you to take me with you."

"My heart requests you this."

"Your life is different than mine.."

". .And mine is different than yours."

"The riches of royal palaces.."

"Have snatched my childhood love."

"My childhood love."

"I don't want to be a hurdle.."

". .And an unfinished dream for you."

"I don't want to be a hurdle.."

". .And an unfinished dream for you."

"You would always reside
as my object.."

". .Of love and admiration."

"Don't blame me, my love.."

"I beg you to trust me."

"I beg you to trust me."

"The riches of royal palaces.."

"Have snatched my childhood love."

"My childhood love."


I knew that you'll come for sure.

But why do you look sad..

Instead of being happy?

What happened to you?

Why are you so gloomy
in such a beautiful night, Zabak?


This beautiful night is once
again playing with my fate.


I've come here to bid you goodbye
for the last time.

How can you say that?

I'm here to sacrifice
my heart at the feet..

Of the would-be Queen of Yemen.

No, no. Don't say that.

I wish to remain in your heart
and that's my bliss.

I am just yours, Zabak. Just yours.

You seem to forget
that I am a dacoit.

You own my fate.

I am a traitor.

You've paid for your sins.

I am not a prince.

But you're an honest man.


Zabak, now, I come in your refuge.

I beg of you.

Take me away from here, Zabak.

Take me away from here.

Oh, God. You're my saviour.

Please don't let me commit this sin.

Zabak, true love always leads you
to the right path.

Zainab, merciful emperor
is the protector of justice.

He wishes you to marry his son
and be a queen.

No, no. I can't marry you.

- Zabak.
- It's not possible.

I've got my countrymen's blood
on my hands.

I cannot touch you with these hands.

- I can't do it, Zainab.
- Zabak.

Forgive me.

- Forget me, Zainab.
- Zabak.

Listen to me, Zabak. Zabak.


Why have you come here?

His Excellency has forbidden you,
didn't he?

I tried my best to obey my father.

I tried to drown
the pain of my separation..

In this goblet of spirit.

But the more I drink,
the more I miss you.

If you want to protect your honour..

Then leave this place at once.

You look lovely when you're angry.

- What happened?
- What happened?

- What happened?
- What happened?

Prince. You're here?

Attention. Attention.

Royal court members,
be on your feet.

Behave properly.

Observe silence.

Bow down and pay respect.

Look down.

The King of state.
The merciful one.

The protector.
Sultan of Yemen has arrived.

Let today's proceedings begin.

Zainab. Daughter of King Mahmood..

The King of Iswahaan.

Zainab, you must have
thought about the decision.

Yes, Your Excellency.

So, shall we declare
the wedding announcement..

With Prince Parvez right away?

His Excellency is free
to do anything he wants.

But I always thought that
an Emperor's happiness..

Lies in his subjects happiness.

His Excellency wants to make you
his daughter-in-law.

But you in turn want to accuse him?

Ignorant girl.
You're refusing wealth and power.

But why?

Your Excellency,
the happiness of heart..

Is far more important
than riches and titles.

But an Emperor must
think about his son's..

Happiness as well as
the happiness of his subjects.

An emperor is like
a father to his subjects.

And he has no right to sacrifice
their happiness for his son.

Girl, you're disrespecting
the emperor.

Zainab, you've stopped me
from treading the wrong path.

The emperor had forgotten
about his duties..

As he was more worried
about his son.

Dear, I won't force you
to be my daughter-in-law.

But Father.
My decision is irreversible.

So that history won't
condemn me for..

Being selfish and sacrificing
a helpless subject.

The supreme ruler. Hail to him.

The supreme ruler. Hail to him.

Continue with the proceeding.

The commander of
Iswahaan Kasim Baig wishes to..

See His Excellency
and seeks his permission.

Permission granted.

Protector of state.

Commander of armies.

Mirza Kasim Baig.

The humble servant presents himself
in front of the emperor.

Tell me, Kasim.
How are the people of Iswahaan doing?

Your Excellency,
this humble servant wants to..

Tell you the hardships
that our people are facing.

When I was getting married
to Zainab, the daughter..

Of our beloved King,
that same night..

The dacoits attacked us suddenly.

How dare they?

How could they
disrespect King of Yemen?

Iswahaan was robbed
and its womenfolk..

Were rendered widows
and its helpless..

Children were subjected
to brutality.

It was sad that they
abducted my fiancee.

Kasim Baig, your fiancee is present
in the royal court at this moment.

God is merciful.

Chief minister,
please call back our armies..

From the border
to protect Iswahaan.

Kasim Baig, you can return
to Iswahaan after the army returns.

And tell King Mahmood
that emperor himself..

Would be present
at Zainab's wedding.

- But Father..
- Keep quiet. This is a royal summon.

Your Excellency,
I can't seem to bespeak as..

I tell you this dreadful news.

On the same wretched night,
our beloved King Mahmood..

Was murdered
at the hands of the dacoits.

It's quite true that
our sire is very lucky.

No, my friend. It's his intelligence
that has done the trick.

Now, I'm waiting for the day
when I'll make Zainab mine.

Before that, you'll have to
face the fury of my sword.

How lucky I am. That I'll be
facing the prince himself.

We'll decide the fate
our love ourselves.

Just remember,
the emperor must not know about this.

- I agree.
- So, it's decided.

Tomorrow, at the first rays
of the sun..

We'll meet at the top
of the black mountain.

God willing, we will.

Come on, move. Move I say, Salma.

- Just come with me.
- No, no.

I won't come. You will. You will.

How can you refuse me? How can you?

Come on, touch our master's feet.
What happened?

What's going on?

Only you can give us justice, master.

Salma has made my life hell,
it has caused me great agony.

Drink the water, you'll feel better.

Who will bring water for this mule?

Go and drink it yourselves.

Salma, be careful.
Don't call me a mule..

Otherwise I'll kick you..

Someone has lost his life
and someone laughs over it.

Hey, wait. Wait.

You don't trust my sword, do you?

You didn't trust my sword.

And you pushed me
when I was off guard.

Now, it's not feasible
to show mercy upon you.

I think he saved himself again.
Go and finish him.


We don't need to kill him.

But it's dangerous for us
if he lives.

No, Sajid. We need him to be alive.

Take him.

Take a look.

Yes, some man is being
carried by the current.

Hey, come here. Save him.

Save him, at once.

- Come on.
- Just see over there.

Come, fast. Come. Come on.

Come on, save him. Come on. Come on.

Come on, go
and save that drowning man.

Come on.

Who are you?

Who are you people?

Where am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

This is prince Yemen.

How could you tell this?

Because of the royal ornament.

Now, our task has become quite easy.

Your Excellency,
I am sorry that I couldn't..

Make it in time
with my two officers.

Dacoits fled as they saw us coming.

But our brave commander
put his life in danger..

And captured the leader
of those dacoits.

After that, we started
searching for Prince.

But sorry to say,
that prince's body..

Must have been carried
by the river.

Why are you quiet after
murdering my beloved son?

Why don't you speak?

Zabak, you can say something
in your defence.

Please say it.

His silence tells us that
he has accepted the crime.

Today, my world has been
hurled into the darkness.

I lost my beloved son.

You haven't lost your son.

Hail prince Yemen.

My son is alive.

He is alive.

Son. Son.

God is merciful.

Dear, I swear by God,
I'll torture the..

One who has tormented you.

What happens is God's will.

Your Excellency, till now,
I would think that..

Lord was tormenting
my sins in strange ways.

But no.

God can honour anyone He wants to.

And humiliate the one He wishes to.

Prince himself will
give a statement..

About who had attacked him.

Was it me or was it this brute?

Idiot, I'll pull out your tongue.

Stop right there.

The justice asks for patience.

So rightly said, Chief minister.

Dear, which brute had attacked you?




Speak clearly, Prince.


Who am I?

Who am I?


Samina, what's all this?

Oh, dear God.

Prince has lost his memory.

Your Excellency,
the real culprit is not..

Commander Kasim, but this man.

Gypsy girl, how can you so be sure?

I had witnessed this
from a distance.

I was strolling near
the river bank with my friends.

Suddenly, I heard few noises
from the mountain top.

I saw this brute
fighting with Prince.

- He pushed him.
- Samina.

And then Prince let out
a scream and fell down.

But as this brute was there,
so was the God.

But Your Excellency, I..

Keep quiet, you brute.

I don't wish to hear
anything from you.

Your Excellency,
sorry to interrupt but..

Everyone has a right to justice.

Tell us, what did you want
to say in your defence?


I'll let fate decide
about my innocence.

It means you haven't
got any evidence.

Take away this brute.

And hang him in the square
the next week.

I think our sire's luck
is absolutely brilliant.

Hats off to you, sire.

The prince has lost his memory.

And the girl has lost her head.

After all, she is an ignorant.

"When someone laughs at me.."

"For being an ignorant.."

"Even I feel like laughing
at his own ignorance."

Samina, so, you lied for a reason?

Think what you wish to.

But why did you save me?

I could fulfil my wish
by saving you.

Tell me clearly what do you want?

I can make you a king if I want to.

A king?

So, tell me quickly,
how can I become an emperor?

- Just follow my orders.
- I agree.

Isn't there any solution which
can bring back Prince's memory?

Pardon me, Your Excellency.
There's only one solution.

Tell me.
Please tell me for God's sake.

Prince was in love with Zainab.

If Zainab would be presented
in front of..

Him in a special way,
then he might recover his memory.

Samina, I give this task to you.

Make the arrangements.

As you wish, Sire.

- Samina.
- Please rest. I'll be back.

Samina, how could you do this?

How could you blame Zabak
for nothing?

So, you crave for him, don't you?

Craving is inevitable in love.

Samina, you know very well
that Zabak is an innocent.

How can you say that Zabak
hasn't attacked Prince?

You were in your palace resting
I assume.

My heart says that Zabak can't
have anyone's blood on his hands.

It's true that Zabak
has proved to be a cheat.

Have mercy, Samina.

For God's sake, have mercy.

Mercy? Why should I
show mercy to him?

The one who has broken my heart..

No, Zainab.

Zabak won't belong to anyone
else if he can't belong to me.

Samina, I beg of you.

Even you are a woman.

Don't worry.
You won't be married to Prince.

I.. I didn't understand
what you said.

There's a lot that
you can't understand.



Beloved Samina.

Prince, this is Zainab.

Zainab? Who?

Samina, who is she?

Who is she?

all the efforts are useless.

The disease became worse
from bad even after the cure.

Your Excellency,
only lancet can achieve..

The result and not the medication.

- But..
- What?

Healer like me is of no use, only
an experienced surgeon can do this.

So, declare that in whole city..

The person who brings
back Prince's memory..

Will get anything
that he asks for.

Zabak, tell us if
you've any last wish.

It'll be fulfilled for sure.

My mother resides in Iswahaan.

Tell her that her son
is getting punished..

For the crime he didn't commit.

But my conscience tells me
that I'm paying for..

The sin of attacking
my own motherland.

It's God's grace
and the emperor rules.

Every subject is informed that
King of Yemen's beloved son..

Prince Parvez has
a mental disorder.

The person is will able
to treat him..

Will be given
whatever he asks for.

Is there anyone
who dares to save the..

Sole heir of Kingdom of Yemen?

Oh, God, you have strange ways.

Sire, if I am given a chance,
then I can treat him for sure.

Sire, this idiot is playing
some trick to save his neck.

I value my promise more
than my life.

I've learned this art
from my deceased father.

What was his name?

Hasan Shah Iswahaan.

That one?

The famous surgeon and the healer?

A man who would run
a parlour and was..

Punished for his crimes.

We're not concerned about the past.

If Zabak is his son then
he can surely treat Prince.

But you've been given
a death sentence.

I can only leave
if someone gives a bail for you.

I'll do that.

There is one more condition.

I am ready to accept
thousand conditions.

Listen, if Zabak is
unsuccessful then..

Even you'll be hanged with him.

Even I will be hanged.
Sire, I take my words back.

Even your father will
agree to these terms.

Then call my father.

Sire, if this man is not ready,
then I am ready to do this.

I'll give him the bail.

No, no, Salma.

If you're hanged
at the scaffold then even..

I'll suffer for all my life.

Sire, I agree to this.

Free Zabak.

Zabak, are you sure
that you'll be successful?

Sire, man's efforts go in vain
if God is not with him.

Just listen to him.

He's trying to save his neck right
from this moment.

God has shown me the way.

- Sire, I needed these clouds.
- Clouds?

Yes, sire.

If these clouds produce
lightening then I'll behold..

That lightening and bring
back Prince's memory in flash.

Oh, Lord of skies, help me, please.

"Oh, protector of the poor."

"You remove everyone's obstacles."

"You help the sages.."

". .And save orphans."

"You heal the wounds
of your own and.."

". .Those who doesn't belong to you."

"We ask for your help.."

". .Oh, Lord of two worlds."

"You're our only hope.."

". .Oh, Lord of two worlds."

"We ask for your help."

"We all are helpless."

"You're powerful and able."

"We all are helpless."

"You're powerful and able."

"You're the cure that can.."

". .Cure any ailment."

"You know our pain.."

". .Oh, Lord of two worlds."

"We ask for your help."

"There's no obstacle.."

". .That you haven't trampled."

"There's no obstacle.."

". .That you haven't trampled."

"Anyone who has come to you.."

". .You have helped him."

"You're ocean and the shore."

"You own the two worlds."

"We ask for your help.."

". .Oh, Lord of two worlds."

"Oh, Lord of two worlds."

"Oh, Lord of two worlds."

His heartbeat seems fine.

God willing,
he'll gain consciousness soon.

Healer. What's going on here?

God is merciful.
Your memory is back.

Where is my father?

Prince, you must be patient.

You need to rest.

Congrats, Your Excellency.

The Prince has got his memory back.

God is merciful.

God is merciful.

Shower him with pearls.

Donate money to the poor.

Light lamps in the royal mosque.

Bathe the entire city in lights.

Arrange for the grand event.

Go and celebrate.

God has heard our pleas.

- God is merciful. God is merciful.
- There is only one God.

- God is merciful.
- There is only one God.

Go. Come on, move. Come on.

Come, sire.
Let's congratulate Zabak.

Let's move.

We're doomed now.
What should we do?

Samina, what do you suggest?

Don't be afraid.

We have still got our final plan.

Just follow what I tell you.


- Parvez. My son.
- Father.

- My darling son.
- Father.

God is great.

Your skills are proven beyond doubt.

Yes, why not? Why not?

He's our guardian angel.

We could have been hanged
till death..

If he would have failed.

What can I do without God's grace?

Your Excellency, you can ask Prince
who had attacked him.

Who else can he be?

Traitor Kasim and his henchmen.

They had pushed me off the cliff.

Now, I am going to exact
my revenge against him.

No, Prince, you should rest now.

Zabak, please take care of him.

Prince, please rest. Lie down.

Chief minister,
I want to give severe punishment..

To the brutes who attacked my son.

- He's here.
- Come on.

Kasim, I've recognised
your true identity.

Get lost! How dare you?

You're a traitor.
I won't let you go.

I am going to tell your
secret to the emperor.

Get off me, girl.
Otherwise, I'll kill you.

- Let go of me.
- Get away.

Traitors have escaped.

Samina, what's all this?

Forgive me, Your Excellency.
Forgive me.

I am your culprit.
I have committed a sin.

Please forgive me.


What's all this? Tell me clearly.

I want you to confess it.

Your Excellency,
when you were being ushered..

Inside, I overheard
Kasim and his..

Henchmen whispering
about something.

Then I realised that
my eyes had deceived me.

It was not Zabak
but that idiot Kasim..

Who had pushed Prince
off the cliff.

I tried to stop him so that
I could payback for my crimes.

But unfortunately, I couldn't do it.

Forgive me, Your Excellency.

Forgive me.

I think it was a grave mistake.
And because..

You're ashamed of your deed,
I forgive you.

May His Excellency live long.

I think something's fishy here.

Why don't you use that
lancet for my heart?


This is for the ones
who have suffered.

Who must have suffered more than me?

How can you say that, Zainab?

You can take out an arrow
from man's heart.

Can't you take out my heart from me?

God himself resides in the heart.

But it's also filled with love.

If it's devoid of love,
then what's the use?

Well, the truth is that
you're the would-be queen of Yemen.

I am nothing more than a toy
at the hands of destiny.

Zainab, how can you
expect something from me..

When His Excellency has
already decided your fate?

Zabak, I agree to his decision.

Then what can I do about that?


I didn't get you.

Promise me, and then
I'll explain you.

You can rob a treasure
for Usman Aaga.

You can sacrifice your love
for the emperor.

Can't you make a promise for me?

Stop it, Zainab. Stop it.

I promise.

Tomorrow, there's gala
arranged to celebrate..

For Prince's speedy recovery
and I want you to..

Ask for your future bride
from the emperor.

Why are you so quiet?

How can you forget
your promise so soon?

I will ask for my future bride
from the emperor.

"The desires glow."

"And lovers lost their lives."

"How could you not know?"

"This sad little story of lovers."

"The desires glow."

"And lovers lost their lives."

"How could you not know?"

"This sad little story of lovers."

"The desires glow."

"May you have pleasant nights."

"And sensual days."

"They pray for you.."

"Your own ardent lovers."

"May you be blessed with.."

"Immense happiness."

"The desires glow."

"And lovers lost their lives."

"How could you not know?"

"This sad little story of lovers."

"The desires glow."

"My desires.."

"They make me crave.."

". .For the whole day."

"You've given this pain."

"May you take it away."

"That's how you care.."

". .For an ordinary people like us."

"The desires glow."

"We burn like flame."

"And think about you."

"I agonise in craving."

"But I admire the one
who did it to me."

"Your charm thus has.."

". .Defeated me all the way."

"The desires glow."

"And lovers lost their lives."

"How could you not know?"

"This sad little story of lovers."

"The desires glow."

That was brilliant, girl.

I was extremely pleased
with your dancing skills.

Samina has not only
showed her skills..

But also brought together friends
and foes alike.

But Zabak, this happiness
was not possible without you.

You can ask anything that you want.

Your Excellency,
I want to ask for something..

Which will honour my state
and your love too.

I want to ask for my bride.


- But Father..
- Have patience, dear.

- Let me fulfil Zabak's wish.
- Thank you, Your Excellency.

This is my bride.

Zabak, how can you say this?

My fate has forced me to say this.

I give you the bride.

I will personally arrange
for Samina and Zabak's wedding.

No, Your Excellency.
No. This is not possible.

I am a culprit.

But I have forgiven you long back.

Zabak, you're an angel,
and not a man.

Your Excellency,
I was blinded by lust.

I became traitor. I betrayed
you in return of your favour.

I called upon the foes
of our nation.

Stop them.
Stop them, Your Excellency.

Otherwise they all will be here.

They're already here, I dare say.

Kasim, you're a traitor.

A man who takes over the power is..

Called an emperor
and not a traitor.

And now, this throne belongs to me.


Kasim, back off.

I will kill him.

Fate has brought us together again.

Kasim, your death is
calling you today.

Stop it.

Stop this fight.

Throw down your weapons.

Samina, dear, don't leave me.

Samina. I won't let you die.

I am going to keep you alive.

Open your eyes, Samina.

You opened my eyes..

When you sacrificed your love
for our motherland.

Now, I am going
to close them forever.

Goodbye, Father.

I strived to achieve
the wealth for her..

But unfortunately
she has left me.

All my ideas are in vain.

You forgot that ideas
are nothing before fate.

But my idea has defeated fate.

No. No.


- Zainab.
- Zabak.

Zabak. Zabak.

Let go of me.



Zabak. Zabak.

Zabak. Zabak.

I realised today that
humanity is the greatest..

Strength in this world.

Please forgive me, Zabak.

May you be happy with your love.

Chief minister.

Escort Zabak to Iswahaan.

Haji. Haji.

Lady, where are you going?

To my beloved Haji.

You're blind, you might fall down.

My son is coming.

Wait, lady.
Something untoward might happen.

- Mother.
- Haji.

- Haji.
- Mother.

- My beloved Zabak.
- My dear mother.

- My mother.
- I've got back my son.

Not only that.
Iswahaan got its new ruler.

Hail the new King.

Come, Mother.

Lord, your grace is great.

God's justice may be delayed,
but it's never denied.

Great patriot Zabak
has removed all the..

Dangers that were looming
large over Iswahaan.

And our state was blessed
with peace and prosperity.

May God bless beloved
Zabak with long life.


Hail the motherland.

Hail King Zabak.

Hail King Zabak.

Wherever you go,
Zabak is being praised.

As if we didn't do anything.


Brothers. King of mules.

The mule king. Hail him.

That's great, my friend.

Only you care for me
in this whole state.