Za ji wang ming dui (1979) - full transcript

The heroes pose as gun dealers and acrobats in order to get close to the bad guys so they can avenge the death of one of their brothers. In the end they lock the bad guys in a warehouse for a final battle to the death.


It's time to wake up already?

Can't be!

Who's knocking on the door at this hour?

What the hell?
This ain't some funeral home here.

Brother Chen, it's me, Yang Daying.


You really know how to poke fun
at your poor buddy.

You know that
I'm only staying here temporarily,

I'll get kicked out in the morning.

And to think
I just lied down & it's already dawn!

Get off.


I won't, make me.

Did something happen at home?

How's that possible?

Your dad is a Division Commander,
he's rich & powerful.

I warned him about
taking that bandit bunch in

as soldiers, he wouldn't listen.

It's only been six months.

The head of those bandits is Han Peichang.


An emergency?

Like in someone trying to
assassinate you, sir?




Daxiang...what happened?


It's a military coup, they've killed dad.

That bandit.

Don't! Come with me.

This is dad's bank book and seal.

Run! Now!

Han Peichang and his men
killed my whole family!

He's now an evil warlord
who would stop at no evil.

I tried very hard to escape here.

Don't worry.

Work with us as a street performer!
You will survive.


What else do you have in mind?

You won't? I'm sure you won't.

You want a revenge?

Sure, let's think up a plan tomorrow.

Young master.

Taking a nap while I'm not around?


Get up.

This broken chair is all we've got?

Yes, we sold the good chair.

Damn it! Why didn't you tell me earlier?

So? Where's my breakfast?

Why don't we sell this
for your breakfast? Come on.

I gave you two dollars last night.

The moment we stepped out there's a pub.

Shut up...

Master Fu, why in a bad mood?

I'm about to go out for breakfast,
care to join me? treat.

My treat.

Yang Daying.

Stop it! Something happened.

Yang Daying, your enemy
has an army under his command,

How can you take revenge?

I need your help.

Let's find Liang Guoren,
he has lots of ideas.

Zhen Yuan Security Escorts

To learn good kung fu,

you must train your back and feet.

Back then your grandpa kicked asses

all over the places, with his kung fu.

Moreover, your dad and I
have also fended off

many robbers trying to
steal the goods we escorted.


The escort business
isn't doing so well these days.

But as long as
you've got yourself trained up,

I'm sure you'll get the chance
to make your name known.

And now, time to train the waist.



Work harder, don't slack off.

Pity! Liang Guoren's dad
is forcing him in training,

the so-called top notch kung fu.

He isn't scared that
the people know him as a thief,

he got all his gear with him.

Whatever. The money I stole

also gave you a chance
to show off, Master Fu.

Let's go.


Alright, work harder.

Our escort service will rebuild its name.

By then, no matter who tries to steal,

if they see this flag.

My dad's getting old,
he's getting delusional.

I can't bear to leave him.

Never mind! Let's get to work.




Ladies and gentlemen...

Fellow villagers...

We're only performing real kung fu.

It's an exciting show,

don't miss it.

Come over if you want to
view real kung fu.

Come on, everybody!

Fellow villagers, we're about to
start our performance!

Don't miss it!

Fellow villagers.

Look at the loops on top!
It's real kung fu.

Let's go take a look.

Thank you...

Alright, that was nothing

compared to what we're about to show you.


Thank you...

Show us your support, mister.

Please, mister.

It doesn't need to be a lot.

Thank you.

Is that all? What a waste of time.

Thank you.

Come on.


Their turn.



Wait...a reward please...

Forget it!
It's not even enough for a cup of tea.

Whoever wins can keep this.

One having his fill is better than
all of us starving!

I won!

You're such a thief.

Shut up!
But now you could afford your tea.


And you?

The escort company isn't doing well.

We can't make enough
from street performances.


Don't think that I did it for you.

Yang Daying showed up last night,

we couldn't get him to treat us, right?

Come on...cheers.

Where are you going, young lady?

I'm not drunk.

Men, hold up a lamp.

Where are those losers?

See you later...

See you.

I must avenge for the death of my family.

I shouldn't drag you along into this.

So I've decided to
take care of it on my own.

Till the next time we meet...
that is, if I'm alive !

The bank book is for you four.

What are you doing? Sit...

I'll sit.

Well done.


Let's try something new.

Watch closely.

This is "Flying rope across the Sky",

this isn't something I'd do often.

Watch closely, don't blink.

Don't panic, just a moment.

Oh my goodness! The rope is gone!

How come?

I'm not sure.

Pack up, I've news.


Yang Daying must have stolen my rope,

he's gone on his own.

Laian Inn

What do you think of
Deputy Yuan's skills, chief?


Deputy Yuan is your student, sir.

He's learnt well
from his excellent teacher.

No. 2

Not bad.

Get the table.


No. 3

They've been my bodyguards for years.

I'm very impressed.

Commander, you're in charge
of just one region,

why bother to train so hard?

You've got plenty of bodyguards.

Who would dare to hurt you?

Kung fu can be used at any time.

The bodyguards can't follow you
all the time.

That's true.






Come on...again.

Dad, take a rest.

I can train on my own.

I'll ask you if I get stuck.


No surprise attack.

Hold it.

Let me show you something cool.

You lot.

Catch! Come on.

Two on one? That's not fair.

Hey, why did you stop?

Or the three of us against you!

You're practising so that
you can help Yang Daying.

I can understand you two.

Xinzheng went to school with Yang Daying.

He rented Fu Quanyi's house for years.

You are good friends.

But your opponent is too powerful.

What's the use to fight recklessly?

It wouldn't work.

What then?

They have army, and guns.

If you want to help Yang Daying,
you need weapons.

That's easy for you to say,
where do we find those?

You mean those broken ones at your home?

But it's not possible...

they're just gathering rust.

That's easy enough.

It depends on
what your family has handed down to you.

My family? You mean to steal?

The 9th branch of
Military Supplies Department

You're drunk.

Stop drinking! You can't drink more


Coins...come on.

The 9th branch of
Military Supplies Department





Go after them!

Light up and see what we've got!

We almost got killed
for a box of water bottles!

Throw them far away

so that they can't find us here.

Hold on, let's check out the other box.

I guess those are probably
pots for peeing.

Wow! What have we here!

A machine gun.

The bullets?

Without bullets, what's the use?

Go steal your bullets if you dare!

We almost got caught just now.

If we didn't run quick enough,

we'd have plenty of bullets here.

I think we should keep this,
we could use it later.

For what?

I'll think that one up.

Right, think it up.

As if bullets will fall from the sky,

you better be careful!

I'm sure we'll think of something.

As long as we locate Yang Daying.

Let's split up to find him.



Stingy bastards.

It's not easy to make money.

Any news?

What would you like to order?

A bottle of wine,
two dishes and a soup, make it quick.


What news is there from the north?

Someone tried to assassinate
Commander Han that day.

Drink up.

What happened to the assassin?

He's really something.

Have some tea.

How about the Commander?
Did the assassin succeed?

Dream on.

The assassin ended up
like a beehive from the bullets.

A beehive? You saw him?

Of course.

His body was displayed in the street
for three days.

Everyone saw him, he is a young man.

I heard he's the son of
the former Division Commander.

Drink tea.

Yang Daying, it's my fault.

I didn't go with you.

What's the use to blame yourself now?

What should we do then?

Yang Daying couldn't get his revenge,

let's do it for him.

Yang Daying left us a bank account
with plenty of cash.

We could make use of that with the seal.

That's right.

Zhen Yuan Security Escorts

Dad, the two hundred dollars
will last you for a while.

Take care of yourself.

Deputy Zhang from the General's office
is here.

Deputy Zhang, please.

Deputy Zhang, I'll lead you
to the Division Commander.

Secretary Xin is here.


May I ask which division you're from,
Secretary Xin?

Today is the Division Commander's big day,

I'm taking two guests with me.

They are very good acrobats.

You're too kind, you are...

You must be Mr. Xu, the Chief of Staff.

That's right.

I've brought a present,

on behalf of Master Sun.

This isn't an ordinary gift; it'd be best

if the Division Commander
takes a look himself.

Commander Han, you needn't bother
see me off. Thanks.

You're representing General Luo,
I must be a good host.

The General speaks of you often.

It would be great if you could

put in a few good words for me.




Damn it!

He's just a deputy,
what's with the attitude?

Well, we're under
the General's jurisdiction.

Right, there are lots of guests today.

They're here because of you.

I'm just a Division Commander,

and they're all buttering me up.

Damn! What would it be like
as the General?

I'm sure there's a chance.

Have you seen this?

Not yet, who is it from?

The Secretary of Master Sun.

He took two acrobats with him,

they are very skilled.

Secretary Xin isn't just
an ordinary person.

Well I'm sure he's up to something.

Open it.


I've only seen this once at the General's.

Who is this Master Sun?

I've asked several times,

but his secretary wouldn't answer.

Are they still here?

No, they're staying at the Laian Inn.

Send my invitation over.

I'm sure he's not just anybody
to send such a gift.

Laian Inn

Move the old stuff away.

How many times have I told you? Come on.

Pay attention.

What would the young master

think when he sees all these?


Secretary Xin

Commander Han sent me here.


Our young master leads
an extravagant life,

he wants the best in everything.

The inn has to adjust to him.


The Railway Department was helpful,

they let us use two carts
of the train for our luggage.

No, you can't go in...

I forgot to mention, Chief of Staff.

Everyone must be disarmed
before meeting Master Sun.

Sure, wait outside.



Young master.


Division Commander Han has sent over
his Chief of Staff

Send him in.


What an honour...

Why isn't Han Peichang here himself?

I'm not sure.

Maybe still entertaining guests
at the birthday party.


Chief of Staff, have a seat.

I've to finish reading my mail.

Have a seat...


Master Sun's father is...

Does General Luo

think that his turf isn't big enough?

I wouldn't know.

Div. Commander Han is General Luo's
helpful subordinate

does he go to visit the General often?


But I'm not ranked high enough
to see the General.

Secretary Xin,
Master Sun is in town because...

Master Sun was sent by his father.

Chief of Staff,
I might say something disagreeable.

Go on...

Division Commander Han is a talent,

the Field Marshal of the Combined Army...

Field Marshal? Mr. Sun?

What? Right, where was I?

What do you think of the two acrobats

the other day?

The young master is busy,
let's sit outside.

Master Sun, we're heading outside.



I saw General Luo's Deputy just now.

Chief of Staff,
I hope you won't tell anyone

about your visit here.

Why not?


Division Commander.

Division Commander,
a toast in your honour.


Have a seat...





Division Commander's reward.

Thank you, sir.


What? You're saying that
master Sun could be

the son of the Field Marshal
of the Combined Army?

That's right.

He's outranked me by far,

what is his son doing here?

I am not sure whether

he's indeed the son of the Field Marshal.

But he doesn't look like
an ordinary person.

Secretary Xin spilled it by mistake,

he wouldn't say anymore afterwards.

Did you give a gift to Secretary Xin?


What a fool, don't you know the rules?

Yes, fool indeed...

From what I heard,

Secretary Xin doesn't seem to like
General Luo.

Then go again.

Haste brings no success, sir.

Tomorrow is better.



He told you not to tell Deputy Zhang?


If the Field Marshal is unhappy
with General Luo,

and has sent his son over;

Guess what does this mean?

You're going to be promoted soon, sir.

When you go tomorrow,

take Yuan Biao and Lin Zhen with you.

Tell them to dress up as orderlies;
that way

they could try to dig something up
from the men there.

That's a plan.

Wait outside.


Chief of Staff.

Come on, let's have a drink.

Well, isn't it?

Forget it.

What a coincidence!


You're very muscular.


If you're working in the military,
you'd be something.


Who knows!

You might be a platoon leader
in a year or so.

He said you could be a platoon leader.

That would really glorify my family.

Stop kidding.

If you become a Chief...

Shut up.

Come on.




The young master...

He's resting.

He planned on staying for a few more days.

But, looks like it's bad timing,

he's heading back soon.

Secretary Xin, a small gift
from the Division Commander

What's this about?
The young master has everything.

This is for you.

Take a look.

Ten Thousand

You shouldn't have...

Division Commander Han
is in charge of two counties,

this is a generous gift.

Who'd guarantee that
the Commander would be promoted?

If he could, this really is nothing.

Take it...

I'm really flattered.

I don't know how to repay him.

Commander wants to know
the young master's identity.

He's the son of the Field Marshal.

I didn't realise.

And yesterday I thought...

Master Sun is here to...

To meet Division Commander Han.

He's been here for two days,
but still hasn't met him.

I'll report to the Division Commander
right away,

and send an invitation
as soon as possible.

Chief of Staff.

I'm not saying this
because I've accepted your gift.

Division Commander is
General Luo's subordinate.

The news that the Field Marshal

isn't happy with General Luo
was leaked out.

The young master is actually in danger.

Relax, I guarantee you
Division Commander wouldn't.

Master Sun has
only two unarmed bodyguards,

I hope the Commander's bodyguards
are unarmed too.


Let me check if the young master is awake.


Chief of Staff, how did it go?


Young master's awake but
doesn't want to see any guest.

Master Sun said thanks to you, so...

Fifty Thousand

It's getting a step closer.

Have to send someone
to inform Deputy Zhang,

that there's news of Han Peichang
trying to kill him.

Tell him to confront
the Division Commander.

Are you nuts?
Deputy Zhang knew the Field Marshal.

He had no chance to talk then.

Why is he scared of me?

Well, sir

you're working for General Luo after all.

Lin Zhen told me

the two acrobats are
skilled martial arts experts.

We almost got into trouble.

We can't hurt Master Sun's subordinates.

Master Sun only has two bodyguards.

How much did he pay you?

Division Commander.

Master Sun said this is for me.

But you'd be making a hundred times more.

I've shown this to
the Head of Military Supplies.

He said this is a bank's cashier cheque,

it pays the cash.

It's different from
the General's personal cheque.

Very generous indeed.

Division Commander,

for a person of that status, of course.

Very well, send the invitation over.

But I guess they could
wait outside the hall, okay?

Certainly, just in case.

Don't let the young master spot them.

Secretary Xin.

Sorry, the young master is arriving soon.

I hope none of you...

They are unarmed.

I need to check.

Check, how?

A search, you could search me first.

We could work this out.


If I can't make sure that no one is armed,

the young master wouldn't be here.

Commander Han, you better get used to it.

Once you get promoted,

you'll have lots of chances
to meet the Field Marshal.

This is standard procedure
entering his residence.

That's true.

Send for Master Sun.


Send for Master Sun...

Commander Han, let me introduce.

They are the young master's bodyguards.

I brought them here last time
to take a look around,

and didn't reveal their true identities.

I had to be careful with
Master Sun's safety.

Forgive me.

Come on, search.


Don't worry, they won't have anything.

We all practise martial arts,

we always bring our weapons with us.

Division Commander,
you're a very seasoned expert,

you don't need anything except your fists.

Master Sun is here.

Please have a seat, Master Sun.

Please, Master Sun.

Wait, you haven't been searched yet,
Master Sun.

I already searched Division Commander Han.

Very well, who'll search me?

Excuse me, Master Sun.


Please have a seat.

You too, Division Commander.

Chief of Staff is Mr. Xu, right?


Have a seat.


Secretary Xin.

Did you bring the wine
from the French ambassador?

Why don't you bring it out to share?

Yes, I've brought a bottle here.



Agreed that
the Commander works under General Luo,

but we all look up to the Field Marshal.

It would be our honour to
work for the Field Marshal.

Is that right?

My father thinks highly of you,
Commander Han.

Last month he sent a statement
to the provincial govt.

to promote you,

but alas it got held up
at the General's residence.


My father often said that
with your talent,

you're more than capable of
ruling one more province.

Could you tell me
what the Field Marshal means?

Division Commander Han,
you're a frank man.

What my father meant was,

if you could attack from the east,

and us from the west;

Since General Luo doesn't have
that big an army,

it shouldn't be a problem.

And you'll be General Han.

Young master, but...

What are your worries?

I've enough troops to do the job,


Not enough weapons?

One should know his opponent well.

Master Sun wouldn't be here

without research.


We brought something here,

and left it outside the door.

Would you like to take a look?

Get it.



Let's eat.

Made in Germany,
the newest model of machine gun.

It could fire forty bullets a minute,

only my father's guards regiment
is equipped with this.

We have a thousand in total.

Are they in transit?

Chief of Staff, that's a silly question.

Even if our master had lots of luggage,

we would not need two train carts.

That's true.

They've arrived?

It's so...

Speed is precious in war.

Yes, indeed.

With the thousand machine guns,

you've got everything you need.

Sure, I'd be more than happy
to work for your father.

If that's the case,

you could go check those guns tomorrow.

Then later we could set a date
for the uprising.


What is it?

Don't you know who I am?

The Division Commander
won't refuse to see me.

I don't know what he's doing here.

Let me take care of it.

Peichang, what on earth are you doing?

Where did you get this?

I brought it.

You are?

True, we've once met
at the Field Marshal's residence.

I'm surprised that you still remember me.

I remember.

Han Peichang, make up your mind.

Han Peichang, you're trying to revolt?

The Field Marshal trusted the right man,

Commander Han is really
a potential big shot.

But we can't keep this a secret for long.

Very well, let's get to work.

Secretary Xin will take you to check

the machine guns tomorrow morning.


No need, we want to keep a low profile.

And your belongings?

Master Sun has plenty, that's fine.

Have you noticed that

Han Peichang's soldiers
are hiding at the back?

Tomorrow is the day.

I've found a location.

We'll borrow a place tomorrow morning.

You lead Han Peichang here.

Let's practise again what

we plan to use on Han Peichang.

Let's begin.

Pierce and thrust, jump.

Saddle, Hands, Back kick.

Hand fork, Roll,

Tumble, Somersault.

Jump over, Leaning kick.

Triple Tumble.

Shoulder throw.

Somersault, Frogleap.

What am I supposed to do on the side?

Wait for the moment,

and give him a kick.

Very well.

Our turn, go!


That's it!

Pierce the heart.

Freeze, what are you doing?
Gambling in the day?

Us? And who are you?

Xinchang, you and Chen Feng
lure them here,

I'll wait for him here with Fu Quanyi.


They must stay.

Secretary Xin.

They are
Division Commander Han's bodyguards,

they escort the Commander everywhere.

I'm aware of that,
they're hiding outside last night.

Commander Han,
I accepted a generous gift from you,

I should watch out for your interests.

The young master wasn't very pleased
last night,

but he could see that you're very sincere.

That's why he didn't get mad.

If you bring your soldiers along,

he'll turn his back and walk away.

Commander, or you wouldn't

care what Master Sun thinks

once you get a hold of the machine guns,


Of course not.

Master Sun has worked alongside
the Field Marshal.

He is very cautious

Even the guns are here
but the bullets still on the way

He could send the load of guns back
in an order,

there won't be any bullets for you.

Secretary Xin, please give us a minute.

We'll be right back.

Alright, you work it out.

I wouldn't dare to take you
if you bring your soldiers.


I worry there's a problem, sir.

I think it's best if you won't go.

Don't go?
What about the matter of Deputy Zhang?

I think it should be fine;
he's a rich man's son,

he has two skilled bodyguards,

that's all.

We can deal with them.

You have a point.

But we need a backup plan, you stay.

If I'm not back in an hour,
you take the troops over.

Yes, sir.

And we can keep Secretary Xin here
as a hostage.

If he makes up an excuse
about not staying,

then we should be careful.

Yes! That's a good plan.

Bring all your weapons!

Secretary Xin,
the Commander won't take the troops.

Is an hour enough?

I guess so.

I need to take care of something
before I go,

could you wait here with me?

Could he show the
Division Commander the way?


You go ahead, sir.

I'll be there within an hour.


Please have a seat.


Master Sun.


Master Sun, you...

Han Peichang.

Do you remember
someone called Yang Daying?

Let's go.

Shoulder lift, Front kick,
Back kick, Tumble,

Backward somersault.

Doughnut twist, Roll, Jump.

Side roll, Back roll, Front jump.

Somersault, Tumble.

Front jump.

Separate them.


Come on.

Split up!

Thanks, you two.

Tumble, Back jump.

Fairy carrying the turtle,

kicking the black bear.

Go to hell.

Come over.


What's the rush?

It takes a while to go through
a thousand guns.


I'd like to speak to the Chief of Staff.



What is it?

Goodbye, Chief of Staff.

Secretary Xin, we have a problem.

What? Something happened at the warehouse?

That I'm not sure yet.

But there's another problem.

I've just received a report

from one of the military supplies branch,

two guns and a machine gun were stolen.

Is this a coincidence?

You mean I stole them?

Of that I'm not sure yet.

But I'd like you to go
to the warehouse with me,

meet the Division Commander.




Jump up, Side roll, Twist.

Jump, Back roll.

Back flip.

Double Back Kick, Tumble.

Shoulder Kick, Double Kick.

Don't shoot!
The Division Commander is inside.

Blow up the door!


Side Roll.

Double Back Kick.

Triple Tumble.


No, we need someone to
block off the soldiers.

OK, the drill.




Don't let him run!

I should have opted for "scissors"!